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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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video of the accident scene, to show you just how violent the crash was. take a look at that car there. looks like the roof was ripped off. what we're learning about this crash that left a man dead in montgomery county. but first, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the conditions you'll be dealing with over the next few hours. not so great, tom. >> yeah, we've got some dense fog around. so yeah use the low beams and slow down because you won't be able to see pedestrians or maybe even a deer jumping out in front of you. the densest fog in these county gray, prince william, spotsylvania culpepper and counties as well, shenandoah valley. visibility down to quarter mile, even zero in shenandoah valley. south down 95 and up 66. there is one of the tower cameras where you can actually see the ground a few minutes in. it was socked in by fog. low 80s by 10:00, by noon time, sunshine out and mid-80s while
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continuing to climb into the afternoon. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. your drive time forecast. aaron. tom thank you. right now you can expect big delays if you're driving to work on interstate 66. vdot crews are making repairs. kristin wright is there. kristin? >> reporter: it could be a slow-go for some of you coming from western virginia to d.c. this morning. we want to show you where, it does look like in the past minute or so they have started to open up part of the stretch that was closed. you can see traffic's actually moving pretty good where we are. but it's behind us between nutley street and the beltway and eastbound lanes of 66 where it is still slow because the x lane is closed. parts of the "x" lane between nutley and beltway are closed for some road repairs. traffic already bad, you know, this time of the morning in this
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area. so this morning, expect it to be even worse. until they do completely open up that "x" lane. it was supposed to be throughout the morning rush. but it looks like maybe they're ahead of schedule and it may not be so bad for some of you leaving a little bit later. it's part of a larger project. a 34-mile project on 66 which v-dot says will eventually ease congestion and improve safety. so, you know, just keep this in mind this stretch could be a problem. but we're going to toss things over to melissa with a look at how things look. >> our, kristin. so again 66 that "x" lane shut down from nutley street to the beltway. she was seeing some stretches where it looked like it was open. i would avoid it just in case because you never know what they're doing in those lanes. and they are supposed to be shut down for the next couple of hours. now, as far as traveling into town there, very slow this morning. a four-mile backup on 66. westbound at nutley, two left lanes blocked box of a crash
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there. the slowdown and opens up after that, no major problems. a look at the beltway and travel times in a couple minutes. >> thank you melissa. right now, an intersection in bethesda is closed because of a water main break. this is happening at bradley boulevard and huntington parkway. remember, we told you this yesterday morning with breaking news. they'll be out to pave the roads and do other repairs. that's expected to happen around 7:30 thirst morning. the repair is taking this long because pepco and washington gas have lines in that area. police are trying to figure out what led to a crash that killed a man in clarksburg. we learn that a 54-year-old lost control and hit a utility pole. the crash happened just before 9:30 on clarksburg near price's distillery road. you saw anything, call montgomery police. a high-ranking state
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department employee is headed to court in d.c. d.c. police say again rosen stalked women and secretly recorded them in the adams neighborhood. rosen is the director of counterterrorism for the state department. he's also facing charges for soliciting a minor in fairfax county but those charges are not part of the hearing today. police arrested a man for a deadly shooting near nationals park in the district. 37-year-old darin proctor is charged with murdering 47-year-old jerome diggs. police found diggs yesterday afternoon. she'd been shot in the chest. >> there's a call for a choking child, he's three blocks away, get out out of the station and get there. >> with the technology, one could assume the closest could be selected properly. >> an investigation into incompetence at a d.c. fire department.
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the department said a fired lieutenant violated policy in march. and he didn't realize the call for a choking toddler was just three blocks away. he sent paramedics from farther away and the boy died. the system failed to show there was a paramedic in tenleytown. they say a software glitch is to blame mere. this morning, we're watching for a full court press on capitol hill to try to win snarts over. secretary of state john kerry, and ash carter, martin dempsey and the secretary of energy are all testifying the a hearing. the deal gives iran economic relief in change for proof that its nuclear program is peaceful. today's hearing comes as a new poll shows just over half of americans don't like this deal. five minutes after the hour. a new plan going in effect to overhaul the seven corners area in northern virginia.
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according to "the washington post," fairfax county supervisors voed 8 to 1 to add new housing and restaurants and shops to the area. the plan has worried some people because traffic can already be a mess there. fab neighbors think the plan will make it even worse. fairfax county leaders said they made several compromises to crazy community concerns. the naacp and fairfax county students want the name of jeb stewart high school changed. the civil rights group and students met to put together a petition. they will propose changing the name to thurgood marshall high school. there's a counterproposal. stewart was a confederate general. the students' petitions started before the church shooting. and a council in leesburg voted to keep its courts
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downtown. this reverses an earlier decision that would have protected four older buildings from demolition. the vote followed months of back and forth, loudoun county will be able to expand its coursehouse complex in downtown leesburg. and i'm really turning to you guys and asking for help. >> an emotional plea from a local golfer to help find his missing father. what we're learning about the disappearance. and right now, some big backups on 66 inbound. we're talking about a four-mile delay. details coming up. the window opening in about 20 minutes to land. >> i don't have 20 minutes. >> not the kind of conversation you want your pilot to be having with air traffic control. the investigation that's now under way. after a passenger flight is left dangerously low on fuel with nowhere to land. the time right now is 6:08.
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breaking news right now, on the 66 inbound, that "x" lane we still have some sections shut down between nutley and the beltway. they are clearing this away as kristin wright told us driving live this morning. still a four-mile backup. bradley boulevard at huntington parkway still shut down to evening commute. and 270, outer loop moving along pretty well. 66 inbound very slow. remember to listen to our friends at wtop 105 fm when you're driving in your car. driving around this morning, you may encounter patchy fog. by patchy, i mean this tower cam view totally socked in by fog couldn't even see the ground
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five minutes ago, now, the fog has lifted. culpepper, orange, shenandoah valley under a dense fog advisory until 10:00. under a quarter mile visibility. caution for that. should be okay driving in the afternoon. midday, we could get showers coming through. some roads may be wet as we get around 90 degrees. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. aaron. >> tom thank you. you have to hear the in which airplane call in north dakota that had to deal -- take a listen to this. this is not the thing you want to hear when you're on board. >> from fargo, we don't have enough fuel to go anywhere else. >> yep, out of gas. >> no. >> the allegiant airline flight was coming into fargo when that happened but the airport was closed. this happened last thursday when the navy blue angels were practicing there.
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the flight did land. everyone was safe. the faa was investigating what went wrong with communication in this case. changing the way they upgrade their schools. how a new policy in montgomery county could impact future renovations at your child's school. when i get those hands i will be proud of what hands i get. >> you got to love that. an amazing little boy. >> you can feel the heart swelling right now. >> he just made medical history. the revolutionary procedure that
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and i'm really turning to you guys in asking for help. >> an emotional cry for help from pro golfer and leesburg native billy hurley i ii who is looking for his missing dad. this weekend is supposed to be an exciting time for the golfer playing in the quicken loans national tournament. but hurley is asking for your help to find his father. his father's name is also bill hurley. he packed up and left ten days ago. no one in the family has seen him since. the golfer says he will play this weekend in hopes that someone will reach out about his
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father. >> maybe he goes to to check my tee time or to check my score and sees this. and understands that, dad, we love you. >> police say bill hurley used a credit card to buy gas in woodstock, virginia, the day he left home on july 19th. he also stayed at a hotel in texas. if you have any information police would like to hear from you. the controversial secret video showing planned parenthood staff talking about fetal organ has prompted new investigation information the state of virginia. it's calling for a criminal investigation. it is illegal to sell fetal tissue from abortions. in the day ahead, the united nations will decide whether or not to set up an international criminal court to prosecute the people who shot down a plane. all 298 people on malaysia airlines flight mh-17 died when
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a missile hit that plane last year. the plane was flying over ukraine at the time. ukrainian leaders say they believe russian soldiers or rebels supported that russia and carried out that attack. 6:18. a large tree fell on eight children in california. the accident happened at a children's museum in pasadena. that's near where the rose bowl was played. the kids were there for a summer camp. they range in age from 6 to 8. a child said he heard a crack and then saw a glimpse of the tree falling down. the kids ran in every direction. a 7-month-old baby in critical condition this morning after being left in a hot car in illinois. police say the mother of that baby thought the boyfriend had had taken the baby out of the car when she attended a meet in chicago. she returned to the car several hours later.
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firefighters did manage to revive the baby. in leesburg, police are investigating a truck police say belongs to a hit-and-run suspect. police say it longs to jose hernandez reyes. that man is in critical condition right now. police say they found the truck in hamilton virginia. they're still looking for hernandez-reyes this morning. 6:19. in the day ahead, there will be a ribbon dutting ceremony for a new firestation in prince george's county. that station not from from brandywine. we're getting new reaction to a story you saw first on 4. the prince george's police station will not open for another year even though it will be completed within a month. opening that station requires 50 police officers and seven civilians. county executive baker said the
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delay is no surprise. >> i told you if you pass this budget this is what will happen. these are the cuts you can expect. >> we promised over and over that it will be bit and it will be staffed. >> the police force will be stretched thin once the mgm casino opens next year. montgomery county schools is going to reprioritize which schools will be renovated or expanded. schools admit the system they used to create the list was flawed. it was unintentionally schools closer to d.c. a new list will be created by october. >> this morning proof that there's no business like show business. a deer with a flair for dramatic crashed into the signature theater in arlington. the employees there were working on a set for one of the upcoming productions and the animal just
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wandered into the stagedoor. the publicist for the theater said the deer got into the building by jumping into a loading dock. they were able to shoo the deer down the hallway and right back outside. >> turned away. no callbacks for him. >> no. we might see a brand-new washington nationals player in uniform. tonight the philadelphia phillies just traded jonathan papelbon to the team. these a six-time all-star including this year. he will be the team's official closer going forward. we don't know what his number will be. happy to have him. welcome to washington. weather and traffic on the 1s. we've been warning you, heat humidity, all the stuff you don't like continues. >> you know it's bad at 6:21 it's feeling bad, right tom? >> yeah, it is thick humidity. in fact, it's caused some fog to form around -- especially northern virginia and the shenandoah valley where the counties in gray are understand a dense fog advisory until
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account this morning. visibility has been reduced to zero shenandoah valley, prince william, stafford spotsylvania, and culpepper counties. watch out for that, pedestrians or maybe a deer jumping out in front of you. and the feels like temperature you add humidity to the heat, it will feel like 100 this afternoon. the peak on thursday, 103, weather alert day because of that heat and humidity, as well as strong storms tomorrow afternoon. lower humidity a more comfortable condition on friday and saturday, as we'll have that feels like temperature in the 90s. right now, it's right near 70. nearby suburbs and the rural areas right in washington and near the bay. it's in the mid to upper 70s. later today hitting around 90 degrees. maybe an isolated thunder shower popping up. then tomorrow, a greater chance of afternoon storms as the dry air does push into the humidity. maybe strong storms with damaging winds.
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highs reaching the mid-90s. mid-90s on friday and saturday it will feel more comfortable with lower humidity. and a very small chance of storms likely dry friday all the way into midweek next week with moderate humidity. coming up at 6:31, we got model timing coming in. i'll show you that hour-by-hour storm timing. breaking news on the roads with melissa. >> breaking news right now, we have two different patches of three-mile backups on 66. let me explain. eastbound, the "x" lane is now reopening between nutley street and the beltway. we'll be at a three-mile backup roaching nutley street. and another three-mile backup approaching 223 because of a blocked right lane. wide look at the beltway. innerloop and outer loop. 95, going 42 miles per hour. not bad at all. taking a look at knife bw parkway and everything rolling along nicely.
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bethesda, bradley at huntington parkway shut down all the way to tonight as they repave from that water main break. alternates, river road or old georgetown to get you around. it's 6:24 later today president obama's new pick to run the transportation security administration will face tough questions. peter messenger just took off this month and is also dealing with a fallout from tsa failures. that report shows screeners missed weapons and restricted items 95% of the time during an investigation by the department of homeland security. also just this week, a man made tell through security and on to a plane in dallas, without a ticket. pretty soon you can get a new medical device to help you lose weight. federal health regulators approved reshape medical's balloon to treat obesity. doctors insert a medical balloon into your item mick and fill it with saline solution to take up
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space. the procedure takes less than 30 minutes. the weight loss balloon is an alternative response to gastric band that shrinks the size of your stomach. >> you are going to love this little boy from outside baltimore. he's making medical history by receiving the first ever child double-hand transplant. 8-year-old diane is getting used to the hands when he was 2. doctors amputated his hands and feet after a bad infection. the surgery happened at philadelphia hospital. zion already knows his favorite thing to do. >> take off my bandages and running with my hands and pick it up. >> oh come on. >> his mom says he's been a real trouper. look at that. he said he's -- 8 years old he's figured out everything he needs to do with the hands. now, he said it feels weird to
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have them at first but now they feel good. >> how do you not love him so inspiring at that age, the joy and happiness on the face even without the hands, and how much more he expects to do. i cannot wait for what the future holds for him. >> yes. visit our facebook page if you want more on the story. you have to see the next story. a london based artist pay have the solution on how to keep you or your loved ones from taking a long shower. it's to encourage you to stop wasting water. after four minutes a water tap sensor triggers these spikes to inflate. the spikes are harmless. the artist said she got the idea by studying medieval torture devices. right now, the shower curtain is only a prototype. the artist said, though, she would be interested to see it on storm shelves some day. >> that's a little drastic, don't you think? i take about four minutes to
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wash my hair, what about everything else? it doesn't take you four minutes? >> total. with the water shut off. a party is just getting started in northeast washington. you can see a number of people have gathered inside union market for what they're calling a morning rave. the event you can take part in. a wide look outside if you encounter fog on the roads, what it looks like and weather and traffic at 6:41. we're learning several more people were watching a
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trouble spot in northern virginia that could mean a long commute for you today. take a live look here. this is 66 in fairfax county where we're told emergency repairs are wrapping up right now. they had that shoulder lane closed. and we're tracking the closures and impacts and other
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problems, melissa. >> good morning, guys. this morning, we have two different patches of problems on 66. eastbound x lane now reopened between east street and the beltway. this is another area that is nasty, east at 123. because of a problem here in the left lane. a three-mile backup there as well. prince george's county no major problems. 270 moving along fine. things are changing quickly. some of that dense fog in the metro area 25 minutes or so ago is now lifting. storm team 4 in the sky, no you shoulds, no thunder showers. timing hour by hour in the afternoon, a similar pattern to yesterday when we got those showers developing around 2:00, shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia, they did move off to the east. it's similar to what's going to happen. patches of green. metro area, a little thunder between around 4:00 p.m.
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by 9:00 or so after that it will be really dissipating. next weather and traffic on the 1s and walk to work forecast. it's now 6:32, now from a developing story in the district. new from overnight, police are looking into four new robberies, including three at gunpoint and they all started after midnight. police are already looking for two armed gunmen, wanted in connection with three armed robberies yesterday morning. those incidents happened in upper northwest near chevy chase. police say as many as two gunmen assaulted the victims. they stole phones and wallets. frightening new details on how an unknown man tried to use money to lure a girl at herndon parkway july 15th. the police say the girl was at a bus stop, a man approached her and offered her money to wash dishes at his house. first, he offered her $100. then $200. the girl said the girl was
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uncomfortable and tried move away. she ran home. arlington county jail under investigation. the federal government investigating how the jail cares for deaf documents. the doj is launching an investigation after a deaf inmate was handled in jail. abraham zemedagegehu said he spent months in the jail being before provided an interpreter. the navy and coast guard search for two missing teenagers is holding out hope they will be found alive. take a look this is a vigil for austin stephanos and perry cohen last night. the boys went missing during a fishing trip last week. crews have found their capsized boat 170 miles from where they started.
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this morning, a 911 operator is on administrative leave after hanging up on a caller who is trying to keep a 17-year-old gunshot victim alive. >> is he breathing? >> he's barely breathing how many times do i have to [ bleep ] tell you? >> you know what ma'am you can deal with yourself. i'm not gonna deal with this okay? >> you can hear the caller trying to help her friend shot at a house part in new mexico you can hear her saying he's dying. the operator became frustrated after she cursed. the teen did not survive. the albuquerque fire chief has launched an investigation. the teen's mother just wants to know how this could happen. >> i just don't understand. i don't understand why he did what he did. and it's -- it's just very, very upsetting. >> when asked whether there are any other calls where the dispatcher responded to a caller in the same manner, a fire department spokesman said that is part of the investigation.
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today an awesome annual event happens out in virginia. the chincoteague pony swim happens today. they take the ponies during low tide. the pony known as surfer dude actually died this spring. he led that swim for more than 20 years. in just a few year loudoun county will open its doors to its first whole foods. the store in ashburn will take off with a bradyead breaking. the whole foods also features a pub, a two-story cafe and in-house shar cuterry program. you can believe a morning rave starts about 30 minutes ago. northeast washington. i love that.
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it's so much fun. news4's zachary kiesch is there. are you doing any yoga this morning? >> this is the place to be. 6:00 a.m., usually when the lav raves are ending. they're flipping the sbich,witch a little bit. trying to infuse positive energy. they started with yoga. they're about halfway through the yoga session. after this gets wrapped up they'll have a two-hour dance party. again this was designed by two young men out of brooklyn who thought there could be a better party out there. no drugs, no alcohol. they'll be serving tea and coffee. and in granola bars but really out here having a good time. it's designed for millennials, but they're encouraging people of all ages to get out here, eun and aaron, i think this might be
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a good look for you guys. >> i think you can go out and have a little fun. i'm trying to get aaron to practice yoga with me. i'm not sure that's going happen. >> did you say cupcakes were there? >> reporter: i don't know if aaron can do that yoga. i don't know if he can do it. >> we're going to test him. >> probably not. it is a story that sparked outrage on social media. a minnesota dentist kills a popular lion in africa. how those upset by the news are getting their revenge on the hunter. right now, two different problem spots on 66. one approaching 123. and the other, trying to get some lanes clear again because of closures from overnight. details coming up. plus news that may you shopping for snorkeling gear. the new report that says d.c. is sinking into the sea.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements
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and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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breaking news on 66, we are
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really slow eastbound here. a four-mile backup as you're approaching 123 because of a crash in the left lane. just ahead of that, that "x" lane now reopening so things are loosening up between nutley street and the beltway. and outer loop slow, 17 minutes, 66 inbound, slow here this morning at 95 north quantico to the beltway. remember to listen to our friends at wtop 105 when you hop in the car. tom. watch out for pedestrians and dense fog mainly south an west. from the live tower camera showing that the fog has lifted. these areas in gray, shenandoah, virginia, under dense fog advisory. walking to the metro and the bus stop the walk should be dry. upper 70s and quite humid. walking back home have an umbrella handy. next weather and traffic on the
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1s, 6:51. the lincoln memorial, the washington monument, the white house will all be about six inches lower in the coming year. that's according to a new study that says land under d.c. and the chesapeake region is sinking. the land is sinking about six inches over the next 100 years due to a prehistoric ice sheeting melting. the study was done by the u.s. geological survey and the university of vermont. we have a developing situation now we're watching as they scramble to find survivors in india after a building collapsed overnight. we're also watching a traffic situation this morning. live look at i-66 in fairfax county, where we are told emergency repairs are wrapping up. the impact that work is having on your commute.
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welcome back. at 6:46, if you're heading out the door to work right now, you might want to leave as soon as you can. >> emergency repairs causing big delays on eastbound i-66. news4's kristin wright live on the highway with how this is affecting you right now, kristin. >> reporter: yeah, the good news is things are moving again. the road work is done and the "x" lane is back open. but some people had had to deal
6:46 am
with pretty nasty residual delays. we're on eastbound i-66 at nutley street right before the beltway. things moving quite nicely, you can see after a three to four-mile backup this morning. what happened was the "x" lane was closed between nutley and the beltway for repairser earlier this morning. things started opening up around 6:00 this morning. this is all part of a project on 66. vdot said it will eventually ease congestion and improve safety. melissa has a look at residual delays. >> good morning, kristin. right now, this is another problem where we have in front of where kristin is. skishgs east 66 eat at 123 a backup. bradley boulevard still shut down this afternoon. it's coming up on 6:47. right now a main is closed
6:47 am
because of a water main break. this is bradley boulevard at huntington parkway. crews will be back out to pave that road and do some other repairs. that's expected to happen at 7:30 this morning. the repairs are taking so long because pepco and washington gas have lines in that area. overnight, we learned that a 54-year-old lost control and hit a utility pole. take a look at the damage there. this crash happened around 9:30 near clarksburg road and distillery road. a high ranking state department employee is due in court. daniel rosen is director of counterterrorism for the state department. d.c. police charged him with stalking women and recording them. police say it happened in at dams morgan neighborhood. rosen is facing other charges
6:48 am
for soliciting a minor. police arrested a man for a deadly shooting near nationals park. 37-year-old gary proctor is charged with murdering 47-year-old jerome diggs. police found diggs in a home on first street monday afternoon. she'd he'd been shot in the chest. >> there's a call for a choking child three blocks away, get out of the station answer get there. >> intense arguments on both sides of an incompetence investigation into the d.c. fire department. a 1-year-old boy died in march after choking on a grape. the d.c. fire department said a lieutenant in tenleytown violated policy because he didn't realize the 911 call from three blocks away. the lieutenant they did not name sent paramedics from farther away. the union said a glitch in the
6:49 am
department's dispatch system was to blame. the system failed to show there was a paramedic in tenleytown who could have attended to that call. we have a search on after a two-story building in india tumbles to the ground. take a look at this video. you can see the panic and frantic scene where the building collapsed. nine people confirmed dead. more than that at the hospital right now being treated. others are believed to still be trapped in that rubble. the building was reportedly in terrible shape and gave away following days of storms and heavy rain in that area. aaron. >> angie, thanks. right now, a florida man is in custody accused of an isis-inspired plot to bomb a beach. he is from key west. and police said he told an fbi source in a recorded call that he plans to bury a backpack bomb on a beach and set it off with a cell phone. the attorney said flores isn't a
6:50 am
terrorist and is confused. a big day for microsoft as the software giant releases its latest version of windows. you won't have to pay for an expensive upgrade. cnbc's morgan brennan is live with that story. good morning, microsoft is rolling out windows 10. that's a free upgrade for people using windows 8 or older versions. microsoft focused heavily on features for tablets. the windows 10 brings back the old start menu and lets users pin items to the task bar. it incorporates for voice including court tane ging cortana. back to you. there's a lot of social outrage aimed at a dentist out of minnesota who killed cecil the lion. walter palmer said he didn't
6:51 am
break any law when he shot and killed the lion. hunters lured cecil out of the park. palmer closed the doors to his dental practice yesterday. people from around the world are flooding palmer's business with negative reviews. his yelp review has been bombard bombarded with one-star ratings. they've shut down the page. i want to turn to tom kierein. there's got to be some positive that you can come up for us today because what we're feeling outside is not good right now. >> there isn't, sorry? >> okay. >> at least you're honest, right? >> at least the sun's breaking out now after we had dense fog. that's one bright thing to consider. >> all right. >> just a few minutes ago we couldn't even see hardly the ground. now that sun breaking out. that's a live view from the tower camera. by 8:00, it will be in the mid-70s. hazy, sunshine, mid-80s by noon
6:52 am
time. late afternoon, they'll be up around 90 or so. about a 30% chance of a passing thunder shower late this afternoon. we still have dense fog from the panhandle of west virginia shenandoah county, prince william spotsylvania culpepper and orange county where some of the visibility is down to quarter mile or less. watch out for pedestrians in that dense fog while driving. low 70s in prince george's, montgomery fairfax county, nearby suburbs mid to upper 70s. around the bay, upper 70s right now. for the feels like temperature, peaking at about 100 this afternoon. the average humidity to the temperature may get to 103 or so tomorrow. a weather alert day because of that excessive heat and humidity. in addition to some strong storms tomorrow. then finally more comfortable weather. lower humidity arrives feels like temperatures low to mid-90s on friday and saturday. as we get the humidity out of
6:53 am
here, though some of those storms are strong but then in place. low humidity, friday saturday, sunday, moderate humidity. mid to low 90s next week. melissa has breaking news. breaking news, 66 eastbound, a 4 1/2-mile backup taking up the left lane there with a crash. the "x" lane is now open and you're okay after this at least. bradley boulevard and huntington parkway still shut down this morning and afternoon and evening. river road old georgetown or wilson can be alternates. 270, montrose out of the beltway looking good as well. prince george's county overall looking okay. a tad slow there at the beltway.95 virginia through stafford, a little slowdown.
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angie goff at the live desk here with breaking news. a british airways flight from las vegas to london has made an emergency landing in mondaytreal, canada, this after claims a bomb threat. they have spoken with british airlines and they diverted this plane a 737, box of a security matter. 312 people are on board. a new plan is going into effect to overrecall the seven corners area in northern virginia. according to "the washington post," fairfax county supervisorser voted 8 to 1 to add new housing, restaurants and shops to that area. it worries some people that traffic could be a mess there already with big intersections. neighbors thing the plan will make it even worse. fairfax county leaders said they made compromises to plan to address community concerns. that's according to the report. and today, you can buy a piece of maryland's history, the
6:55 am
barbara fritchie house in downtown frederick is scheduled for the auction block. the home was build in 1927 as a museum. it's a replica of fritchie original home. she became a legend for standing up to a confederate soldier and refusing to put down her union flag. she was 91 years old at the time. brady's four game suspension official now. take a look at the "boston herold" cover now. a big picture of nfl commissioner goodell who upheld that decision. it says "goodell goes to war." the nfl players union expected to fight the decision. we'll hear also from bill belichick, the first news conference from training camp. a new investigation found that brady quote, at least was generally aware of the deflated footballs earlier this year in
6:56 am
an afc championship. also the report says that brady destroyed his cell phone before the investigation. bob costas will talk to matt lauer with what's neckxt at 7:00 a.m. a few things to know before you go out the door. a rave is under way in northeast washington. people are wrapping up yoga. the dance party starts after that. this is an alternative to the overnight raves for us morning folks. a hearing for high-ranking state department employee starts in a couple hours. d.c. police say daniel rosen stalked women and secretly recorded them in the hughes street adams morgan neighborhoods. police say a 54-year-old richard cusick lost control of his car and died in clarksburg. another issue right now, inbound 66 at 123, very slow.
6:57 am
a four-mile backup because of a crash there. bradley boulevard and bethesda still shut down all day. take river, old georgetown, wilson. >> that is the news today. >> "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes. >> have a great day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybo
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good morning. breaking news is moa omar dead? reports that the reclusive head of the taliban is dead. we are live with the breaking details. summer scorcher. the mercury rising across the u.s. 40 million americans facing excessive and in some cases dangerous heat. if you think relief is coming soon, think again. a huge tree comes down at a camp in california. at least eight children injured. >> they were just screaming. >> emergency crews using chainsaws to free victims. what caused the tree


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