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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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yesterday. officers say the victim and two other teenagers were walking along the track. for some reason, the 16-year-old went on to the track into the path of the train. the accident caused long delays for amtrak and marc trains yesterday. today, jury selection expected to wrap up in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a d.c. police detective who was also his stepfather. antwaan james charged. prosecutors say he shot his father several times after the two argued about mowing the lawn at their home in upper marlborough. he was a police officer for more than 20 years. five students charged with the death of a freshman after a hazing ritual head to court today. fraternity members from the college and charged with the death of michael stang. it happened in 2013 when the students were on the trip to the poconos. hazing ritual included being
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repeatedly knocked over. a group of advocates is outside of the district waiting to march on washington. the naacp's journey for justice started it in selma, alabama, early in august. they'll reach the capital today after walking nearly 1,000 miles. they have a list of goals for congress that includes equal pay and education rights, and standards for the use of force across all law enforcement agencies. this could impact your drive around the district too. we'll send you an alert on our nbc washington app. 4:31, overbe bell checking the forecast. >> a big cell of high pressure in charge of our weather, not just for today but several days. nary a drop to be found within hundreds of miles of the dmv. off to a dry start under a clear sky. current temperatures 62 in washington now. 48 martensburg. 48 lori. 46 in fredericks, maryland.
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cool spots to be found. by 7:00 a.m., temperatures low to mid-50s. by noon time, low to mid-70s. later on this afternoon, low to mid-80s with plenty of sunshine it is going to be a beauty of a day to be outside today. high temperatures around 79 degrees and beautiful gaithersburg. slow in bowie. we found out all lanes are blocked. talking about the same problem here. it is northbound 301. crane highway. as you're trying to get on to 50 there. lanes are blocked because of this overnight road work, hoping that it is out of the way soon. not an emergency situation. scheduled to be there. hoping a good detour for everybody on the scene. 395 northbound king street had police activity to the right side of the roadway. that has cleared out of the way. the road was shut down. now open, don't have any problems at king street southbound. construction cleared as well. inner loop and outer loop, rolling alongwell here on the beltway. don't have any issues there. 66 nice and green, so is 95 in
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virginia. eun? >> we have gone through so many reports, so many meetings, how can they do that? >> there is just a sense of dismay this morning after an emotional and sometimes angry exchange over the use of police force in fairfax county. the community is challenging the taxes used in february. natasha mckenna was behind bars. police tased her in the process of moving her to a different jail. no law enforcement forces faced any charges. >> we heard the police and the commonwealth attorney say what happened to natasha was an accident. even if that was possible, that kind of an assault could be an accident, the outcome was deadly. someone should be responsible for that. >> wtop says fairfax county will host another meeting at 7:00 tonight. this is part of the county's effort to reduce the number of people with mental illness in jail. the goal is to move nonviolent
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offenders to treatment facilities instead of locking them up. it is now 4:34. another meeting today in the district where you can voice any concerns about policing in your neighborhood. it is being held by the american civil liberties union. tonight's meeting runs from 6:30 until 8:30. if you would like to attend, go to impact on seventh street. another discussion planned for thursday if you can't make it tonight. the prince george's county council will hear about the closing of lowell regional hospital. they will present the plan to the council at 11:30. the company decided to close the hospital and open a walk-in center for patients. news 4 broke the story on twitter. the maternity ward will be the first thing to go, will happen on october 11th. hundreds of workers losing their jobs. we're up to 70 possible cases of salmonella linked to a trendy center city d.c. restaurant. all 70 people ate or drank at
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fig and olive. six people have confirmed cases of salmonella. health officials took food from the restaurant but all came back negative. they're conducting more tests. the restaurant has been closed since last week but hopes to reopen sometime soon. new this morning, mexico's foreign minister will fly to egypt to figure out how police can mistake tourists for terrorists. egyptian officials say on sunday security forces shot at four cars they were pursuing for, quote, terrorist elements. it turned out they were tourists, a group of travelers from mexico on a safari in the desert. 12 people died and nearly a dozen others were hurt. >> my pledge today is to make this change as easy as i can. >> tony abbott is out this morning. there is a new australian prime minister, just heard abbott swear to make malcolm trunbolt's
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assent as easy as possible. he will be the country's fourth leader in a little more than with years. websites selling tickets to see the pope say they're going to stop selling them. many of the 80,000 free tickets to the see the pope are for sale. free tickets for a religious service shouldn't be used for profit. they are popping up on craigslist and ebay for hundreds and thousands of dollars in some cases. we'll have a section dedicated to all you need to know about the pope's visit. all you have to do is head to the nbc washington app. flying above our heads now, two astronauts spent six months in space, a long time. nasa astronaut scott kelly and russian cosmonaut mikhail kornienko are spending the extra time up there to find out how space affects the human body over a long period of time. nasa is finding out whether we
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could ever fly to mars. >> there are a lot of effects of this environment that we can't see or feel like bone loss, effects on our vision, effects on our jennegenetics, dna, rna protein, things like that. >> kelly has a twin brother, probably remember him, retired astronaut mark kelly. nasa is testing him here on earth to see how their bodies changed over his brother's year in space. easy way to compare, right? >> get your earth legs back. live at the current temperatures, kids might need a jacket. what about recess? he was one of the first to know what was happening on 9/11. now an airline manager is getting ready for a federal court case. the shocking charges he faces. have you seen this video? a lot of folks talking about this. that's a whale there. we'll tell you what was on the other side. pretty incredible.
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you can add federal child sex crimes to the list of a man already in trouble for his knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. he pled not guilty to the sex crimes yesterday. an undercover agent arrested him in june. she says holland tried to convince a 10-year-old girl to engage in some sort of sex act. his trial on the 9/11 charges has not started. prosecutors say he took some of the first panic calls about the first hijacking and told other
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employees not to report the alerts. got it check out this video here. watch closely. that's a humpback whale slamming into a kayak. this happened off the coast of california. the folks in the kayak, they survived. look at that. >> wh >> whoa. >> the whale was feeding in that area. there is a slight grin of the folks on the people's face. probably shocked they survived. too close for comfort. want to go whale watching, they want to be close. >> that's as close as they can get. once my heart started beating out of my chest, i think that's the coolest thing. what an amazing experience. >> pictures to prove it. >> yeah. let's get a check of the forecast. >> they're going to need a bigger kayak, no doubt about it. temperatures outside this morning are in the cool 50s again. most of the suburbs, 52 gaithersburg. 55 in rockville. milder inside the urban center, 62 in arlington, virginia. 60 degrees at camp springs.
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bus stop weather, sun up at 6:49. early busgoers, temperatures around 53. we'll give recess another a plus today. a plus traffic, i hope. >> a minus traffic. a little volume here at 95 northbound headed to stafford. it clears after stafford and southbound you're okay. this is late clearing road work causing a little bit of a slowdown here this morning. otherwise, in major problems there on 95. 66 at fairfax county parkway, everything rolling along fine eastbound and westbound. 270 middle brock road through germantown north and south looking good. bowie, crane highway, the ramp at 50, we have that blocked at this point this morning because of road work there. prince george's county, lower part, overall looking good and nice and green. see you at 4:51. just into the live desk, threatening words from north korea.
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what the country just announced that has some tensions here in the u.s. running high. the countdown is on. when you can use the silver spring transit center. 4:43. ♪
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i'm molette green following a developing story. north korea just announced it is firing up its atomic bomb program after revamping and restarting all of its fuel production plants. this news comes after a warning monday from the north about launching satellites aboard long range rockets. the move just basically turns up the tension with the outside world and some say it could be part of a plan to pressure washington to restart talks. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you, molette. in decision 2016, donald trump is ahead in the polls leading into the second gop debate. hillary clinton is eapp keeping
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a close eye on the republican while fellow democrat bernie sanders is gaining some ground. tracie potts has the latest from washington on who is watching who. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: a lot of people watching donald trump. he solidified his lead since the last debate, on stage again tomorrow night with ten competitors including carly fiorina. she's making comments -- his comments about her face, but last night it was all about donald trump, big crowd, almost 15,000 people at last count in dallas where he said they are going to be going after me at the debate. whatever was his response. hillary clinton also targeting donald trump and dealing with her own sagging poll numbers. she's in iowa saying that trump is entertaining but that what he's putting out there is not realistic. finally, ben carson, who is a strong number two now behind donald trump responding to him, trump calling him an okay doctor. he hopes in this debate he says he can prove that he knows a lot
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about the issues and more than just being a doctor. finally, bernie sanders also still drawing really big crowds including one in mo nnasses las night. >> a potential scramble for power in virginia. a nonprofit group filed a new lawsuit challenging the commonwealth's 2011 redistricting line. the group says the boundaries protect incumbents and in doing so file the constitution. prince william county, mo nasses and other counties. terry mcauliffe's supreme court pick made her first appearance on the bench this week. but it could be one of her last. you're looking at justice jane roush serving on an interim basis. her appointment expired tomorrow. the governor says he plans to reappoint her. republican lawmakers row je s r
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electing judge roush to the high court. employees will keep their jobs. the department will restructure the human resources division to avoid layoffs. the 26 people who were going to lose their jobs will be reassigned to other parts of the agency. larry mohogan announced he was cutting the budget. the police commissioner could take over as the top officer in the city. that's what mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said she wants to happen. kevin davis took over in july after the mayor filed anthony batts. been a quick move up for davis. he started as deputy commissioner in january. before that he spent time as assistant chief in prince george's county and chief in anne arundel county. officials want to make sure changes made to older guardrails will keep you safer. officials are traveling to california this week to begin crash tests on new guardrails. the older guardrails from trinity industries impaled vehicles rather than doing what you see there, buckling up or collapsing. the company was ordered to pay
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$663 million as part of a lawsuit last fall. virginia has been working to replace the faulty guardrails since last year. and the wait is finally over, silver spring transit center, set to open. >> can't even believe it. >> can you believe it? >> set to open on sunday. $50 million over budget. just four years behind schedule. metro is taking ownership of the building. it will open on sunday. the transit center will be a link between buses, taxis, metro and marc trains and the future purple line. >> interesting to see what happens when it opens. happening today, more than 100 fourth grader will receive a free pass to all national parks as part of the every kid in the park program. the national park service will hand out passes at the rock creek park nature center in northwest washington. so many beautiful parks right here in our area, right? >> hopefully this will be a good week prapdz to gerhaps to get o and use it. >> flawless. >> so nice, out running yesterday, stopped to get water
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down by the lincoln memorial and two australian visitors came over and wanted to know what kind of dog -- >> did you say she's your show dog? >> she's my running buddy. they were blown away how clean and beautiful washington was. well done on the park service along there. just about everywhere, pretty clean area around here. we appreciate them. i told them to give a shoutout this morning. we'll see if they're up this morning. time change being what it is. i don't know they're up this early. welcome to our fair city. beautiful day outside today. little cool early this morning. but nu@p0ñ quite as chilly as i was yesterday. now at 62. at this time yesterday, 58. on average, probably 3 to 5 degrees warmer in your backyard this morning than yesterday. no matter what the forecast looks lick, officially, summer is coming to an end around here. summer vacation is over for sure. what to expect for today, another cool start, but another
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fantastic day to be outside. 100% sunshine, nice and a little warmer today than yesterday. most neighborhoods back into the 80s this afternoon. current temperatures though in the cool 50s west of i-95. 52 gaithersburg. 55 leesburg. 50 in coal pepper. keep the pace up, everybody. temperatures nice and cool for the next couple of hours. by 9:00, mid-60s. 11:00 a.m., up to 75. if you run today, get it done before noon time if you can. 81 this afternoon. 79 in gaithersburg. another day filled with sunshine. get the car washed. i did mine yesterday. after the run, good day to do it. great evening to be outside, so why not barbecue in the backyard? temperatures about 80 degrees at -- >> coming right over. >> good. just remember to bring the food. that's the only thing you need to remember. outside temperatures dropping back down to the low 70s by
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8:00. seven-day forecast, nothing but sunshine and warm weather all the way through the rest of the workweek. sunshine lingers in saturday. next little chance for showers shows up sunday on into monday. we do need the rain. we don't need delays on the roads. do we have any? >> i was going to say you're welcome to come over if you can get rid of my mosquitos. i'll supply the food. branch avenue southbound between the beltway and allentown road, two lanes getting by because of the overnight road work. here is a live picture of branch avenue, beltway, looking good inner loop and outer loop of the beltway this morning. 301 at crain highway, ramp to 50, we have all lanes blocked in that area right now. police directing folks around that because of that road work. montgomery village avenue and montgomery village, some construction. 95 northbound, looking better than it was. stafford, we're green instead of yellow. no problem after that. and southbound also rolling along quite nicely.
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listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in the car this morning. slam dunk. the practice facility in the works for the washington wizards. >> and how you can help maryland governor larry hogan take a stand against blood cancer.
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cam now of a getaway car.
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montgomery county police were chasing a repeat offender. it ended in a crash and ended up sending enick nelson to jail again. nelson was already on probation when he decided to rob his own family members. police say nelson and an accomplice broke into an apartment in silver spring, armed with guns and two tied up their victims and stole sneakers and a high definition tv. neighbors say they saw the robbers running out of the apartment. this woman asked we not identify her. >> just heard screaming and, you know, rumbling. when we opened the door, we saw the guys running out with the gun. >> the accomplice and he went in, put the bags over their heads, put them on the floor at gunpoint. >> nelson was on probation for five years after stealing dirt bikes three years ago. now he'll spend 12 years in prison. yet another health reason you may want to start taking daily aspirin. an everyday low dose aspirin can
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help prevent afirst hea fisrst attack or stroke. the benefits aply to folks in their 50s. researchers did stress that taking a daily aspirin is not recommended alone for cancer prevention. you can give blood today in annapolis, maryland. larry hogan holding a blood drive at the state house. governor also declared september as national blood cancer awareness month within maryland. the drive begins at 10:00, will last until 3:30 this afternoon. hogan says though his own cancer treatment, he's seen how blood donations can make a difference. that's through his own cancer treatment. he sees it has a positive impact. district leader close to a deal that would bring a new multimillion dollar arena to the city. the practice arena for the wizards. the d.c. government would pay for the $55 million venue. it would hold 5,000 seats and similar to the one where the washington capitals practice in
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boston. district officials hope it helps with development along ward 8. >> they have been planning a hotel out there for years and never had the demand for it. now you'll have that demand. >> the new facility should be easy for you to get to too. the plan is to build it in walking distance from the congress heights metro station. great for that area. >> a lot of change. 4:58. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. good morning to you. i'm youeun yang. >> i'm david culver. aaron has the morning off. molette green is keeping busy at the live desk, tracking several developing stories. what are you starting us off with? >> we just got our hands on some breaking news. desperate calls for help to 911. let's take a listen to some of that right now.
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this morning, we have learned that eight people are dead, five still missing along the utah/arizona border. and also, rescuers we learned will resume looking for the missing after a wall of water just overcame two cars in the storm system along the utah/arizona border. we'll have much more throughout the morning. >> thanks, molette. now over to chuck bell. another cool start to the day. >> you bet. temperatures back down to the 50s in many of the suburbs. clear and chilly start to the day. sunny days are here to stay. at least for the foreseeable future. next chance for rain doesn't move in until the second half of the weekend. right now, it is 48 in martinsburg, west virginia. 50 in front royal. 60 degrees downtown. 60 in annapolis at the naval academy. 53 in hunting town, maryland. hometown forecast, chantilly, virginia. 50 degrees at 7:00 a.m.
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may be light jacket first thing out the door this morning. 75 at noon time. 78 degrees by 6:00. so maybe a little jacket first thing this morning. otherwise, shorts and short sleeves for later on this afternoon. traffic with melissa. >> 95 in maryland, skaggsville road, everything flowing nicely this morning. looking at b.w. parkway, same area, also nice and green and no problems there. 66, 95 in virginia. 95, close southbound at dale city. little volume, no construction there. everall things looking good in that area. branch avenue southbound still two lanes getting by between the beltway and allentown road. 27 at old hundred road, flowing quite well. no issues in that area. back here at 5:11. live picture of 66. >> thank you, melissa. more now on breaking ws


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