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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 19, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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someone shot and killed a man on suitland parkway. police found a honda civic nearby. they believe it may help them identify a suspect. and a homicide investigation hours after a deadly shooting in southwest d.c. the d.c.-own senior citizens complex is in mt. pleasant. police are offering up to $25,000 to anyone who can help them lock up the person responsible. a lot going on on this saturday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm adam tuss. >> it sure has been busy early on. i'm angie goff. so glad to have you join us for news 4 today. we want to start off with this weather. >> tom kierein here with the forecast. >> enough for patchy, dense fog that's formed since predawn and over the last hour. some of the fog beginning to break up a little bit. live from the steam team 4 tower
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camera. sunshine breaking through, the fog kind of rolling on through the metro area now. that sun is breaking out. over the fog it's a mostly clear sky. so once this fog does break up we'll have quite a bit of sunshine breaking up. all these areas in gray under this dense fog advisory until 10:00. along the 95 corridor, includes southern maryland as well. some of the visibility is under a quarter mile. watch out for that for the next couple of hours or so. temperatures right now are cool, in the mid-60s, montgomery county and prince george's county. much of the vest of virginia and north and west of us, south and east around the chesapeake bay. mid-60s. big change moves in beginning tomorrow. a lack at how long that will last in a few minutes. we're working to find out more about an overnight crash that killed a woman in ft. washington. prince george's county police say two cars crashed on old fort
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police have not released the name of the person who died. pope francis is on his way to havana this afternoon for a four-day visit. then he heads here to d.c. well, tomorrow, pope francis will celebrate mass at revolution square and meet with cuban president raul castro and his brother, fa deidel. president obama and castro talked on the phone yesterday about the progress towards normalizing relations. we want to show you a closer look at the pope's d.c. schedule. take a look here. president obama and the first lady will greet pope francis at joint base andrews tuesday afternoon. on wednesday it gets really busy. the pope will meet the president at the white house followed by his pope mobile parade, a visit to st. matthews and his outdoor
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mass at the basilica. the thursday agenda starts with a speech to congress before speeches to st. patrick st. patrick's & catholic charities. after that he's on his way to philadelphia. we have an updated list on what you can and can't do while the pope is in town. open our nbc washington app in a special section. a prince george's county man is accused of beating his mom to death with a rolling pin. charles crockett repeatedly hit his head last weekend. a relative stepped in and hit charles with the rolling pin and held him until the police were able to get there. the mother died yesterday after spend a week in the hospital. charles crockett faces murder charges and is being held without bail. a look at how a thief in southeast was able to get away with an entire atm machine. surveillance video catching this
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man wearing that motorcycle helmet, walking into a convenience store on mlk avenue. this happened around 9:00 p.m. about a week ago. he goes straight to the atm, amyou can see, he slides it right out the front door. there was a getaway car waiting. if you know anything about the thieves or the white bmw suv they used to escape with, please call police. justice, that's what state police say are coming to a mother and boyfriend both charged in the murder of a 2-year-old that captured so many hearts over the summer. a computer generated image of baby dough is a boston area toddler called bella bonn. a woman walking her dog along boston harbor beach found the girl's body in a trash bag back in june. >> 83 days after we found this little girl on the shoreline, we're, at least, able to speak of baby bella. >> police charge bella's mother with accessory to murder. her boyfriend faces murder charges as well. investigators say the two are
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blaming each other for that toddler's death. >> well, it's a big moment today for the u.s. air force and your family can be a part of it. >> yes, gates open up in about an hour for the first thunderbird air show in years. nbc 4's derrick ward joins us. it looks like the fun is about to get started. >> reporter: indeed it is. you might have seen in the past week or so fighter jets overhead or a low flyover the beltway. no need to be alarm. this is where they were heading. this is joint base andrews, getting ready for the air show that will get under way in about an hour from now. the last time they had this air show was 2012. we have video from that event. that was supposed to be every other year. but some wrangling over the budget and congress caused them to cancel it in 2013. here we are in 2015, the first time we've seen this in white a while. it's a 50-year tradition that's been going on here.
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you see some of the most amazing aircraft up close. vintage aircraft from world war ii and the f-35, one of the newest aircrafts that is rolling out. probably the one they have here probably hasn't been completely outfitted to be in service yet. that's how new it is. a lot of interesting reasons to come out here as we hep from one of the people about what you can expect this year. >> a joint service open house which people will be most familiar with, a joint base andrews air show. it's a little bit different construct with how it's set up. the performances, ground static and all the other entertainment we have on the field, it should be exactly the same. >> well, you won't be able to see the blue angels. they wouldn't be here this year. the thunderbirds will be here. they still alternate between them. they're just as exciting and always interesting. the gates open at 9:00. you're encouraged to take public transportation. there are shuttles running from fedex field and the branch
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avenue metro station. they will bring you here to andrews and back out to your car once this is over. it's all expected to run until about 3:00 this afternoon. live at joint base andrews, derrick ward, news 4. >> and it's free. >> got to remember that. looks like a great time. this weekend, thousands of cancer survivors an supporters are biking across merrill and the district to raise money for cancer treatment and research. this is the second year the ride to conquer cancer will be supporting johns hopkins kimmel cancer center, memorial suburban and howard county general hospitals. thousands leave mlk for mount airy. passengers walk off a plane li this, bandaged and bruised but their flight didn't crash. we'll tell you what happened that led to their injuries. coming up, a bizarre story about a woman taken hostage. how police say she escaped, how she knows her captor and what
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the subject used a blow torch for. fake i.d.s so good, they're considered a national security threat. how they wound up on a local cop's door s
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welcome back. at least 17 passengers on a flight from hawaii to the philippines are recovering after getting hurt when their plane went through bad turbulence. one passenger says heç felt a sudden jolt. those who didn't have their seat belts on got hurt. clear air turbulence as it calls happens when there are no clouds. it can't be detected by site or weather radar. a 21-year-old man is behind bars this morning, charged in connection with a series of freeway shootings thatter it fired people across phoenix last
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month. s.w.a.t. officers arrested him at a walmart in a city suburb last night. you might remember that story. bullet holes in seemingly random cars as people drove along interstate 10. police say that the man in custody owns the gun linked to four of those attacks. officers could not rule out, though, the possibility of another suspect or copycats. the nation's top investigators want to know more about what was inside this little pink box that showed up in front of a former police officer's house. jackie bensen reports as fbi and secret service agents begin their case. >> the homeowner tells news 4 the u.s. postal service delivered the package with his address on it yesterday to the door step of his d.c. home, a few blocks from american university. the return address, china. the recipient's name, no one he knew. more than enough to arouse the suspicions of the former cop. he opened it to find a pink cardboard box containing a pearl
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necklace neither he or his wife orred. in a false bottom were wrapped packets of fake i.d.s, dozens of them. >> if you want a fake i.d., all you need is a grp of people and only one person needs a connection. it's all about a network. >> reporter: this american university student says students are well aware of the best i.d.s come from china. they find the ads online and there are even websites devoted to reviewing the various card's quality. >> i got ripped off my freshman year. i sent money to somebody on the internet, along with five of my friends and lost about $300. learned that it was a bad idea. >> reporter: other college state of the union who we're not identifying because they're under age, say the fake i.d.s from china are very popular. >> the risk of getting caught isn't that high which promotes ç more people to buy more fake i.d.s. >> people talk about places that it's easy to use a fake i.d. >> well, investigators tell news 4 these expert fakes, usually cost about $300.
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officials in arizona say they are so good, they are a threat to national security. 8:13. coming up, police are putting businesses on notice in one northern virginia community. what officers say is making restaurants a target for burglars. let's open up the window. yes. dealing with a little bit of haze. >> little bit. >> patchy fog this morning. tom, though, tracking a cooldown for the second half of your weekend. and it's going to be a nice day for these community events on your screen. check out the fall festival preview at cox farms in centreville. in the district, the fiesta dc parade starts at 1:30
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geico has sent me to washington d.c., our nation's capital, to ask this question:
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what presidential race is run right here in washington 81 times a year? that's right! the washington nationals geico president's race. geico is washington's hometown insurance company, and a proud sponsor of the washington nationals.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. a woman held captive and threatened with a blow torch is safe this morning. police say that the man who kidnapped her should be in court on monday to face charges. they say the oregon mandated the woman he kidnapped on and off. officers also think she was able to get away weeks after he started aassaulting her with that blow torch and locked her up in this cabin. they go in and they're gone that quick. >> thieves targeting asian restaurants are on the run in loudoun county. crooks have broken into half a dozen businesses in the last week. the crimes look the same. it starts when they smash the glass front door. >> they took my cash register.
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the whole cash register, which is really old and heavy. they just took it andç out the back door. >> they think thieves are look for shopping centers and businesses that don't have security cameras or very few of them. well, have you heard? pope francis is on the move. and today he arrives in cuba. he'll visit three cities over the course of four days and is expected to meet with the castro brothers. >> news 4's david culver recently traveled to havana and shows us how many there are awaiting the pontiff's arrival. >> reporter: they present through the havana streets in prayer, singing,en chatting, following behind a statue of their local church name sake, lady of mount serot. >> castro takes personal command. >> reporter: post revolution the catholic church saw its way
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among the cuban people essentially elled, atheism became the way of many. for nearly half a cell, scenes like this one, banned until 1998 and this historic visit by pope john paul ii. pope benedict's trip further expanded religious freedoms. the parish priest tells me they did this for many years up until the revolution, then it stopped. they began the tradition once again just last year. >> america is different. >> reporter: for devout catholics, having a pope from latin america brings added significance to pope francis's visit. they affectionately call him el papa francisco. >> you'll wait here until he comes. >> yes. this is the only country in the
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world, thee papas come here. >> reporter: we saw that same deep devotion 500 miles southwest from havana in one of cuba's most religious sites. in addition to havana, pope francis will also celebrate mass here. this church is the virgin of charity. this is the patron churci0here in cuba. people come from all over the island. they come here asking for miracles to be performed. back in havana, we met many nonreligious. luis valdez among them. >> i don't participate in catholicism. >> reporter: you don't participate in catholicism? >> no. >> reporter: after his leisurely morning swim, he confessed while not catholic in practice, he's thrilled for the pope's visit. you will be there. >> yes, i will be there. >> reporter: most here cautiously optimistic about what further changes this papal visit will bring. david culver, news 4. now, all this week you can find everything about pope francis's visit right here on
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news 4. we have a full event schedule along with road closures and a special section on our app, just click papal visit. lots going on. everybody wants to know what's the weather going to be like when the pope comes here? of course he's here tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> so are we going to feel some september weather? >> sumner september. that's for sure. >> the real september, though. >> and a lot of people will be out and about. you can check the latest forecast. we'll be heading out, check out the nbc washington app. see the latest forecast from storm team 4. right now we have fog to deal with. storm team 4 cameras capturing that. just a couple sections ago we could see the sun breaking through. it's playing peekaboo with the fog. the fog is densest in the areas in gray. visibility is under a quarter mile. watch out for this. it's going to be around for another couple of hours. temperatures around the bay, mid
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to upper 60s as well as much of the metro area and nearby suburbs. right now, low 60s in much of the rural areas. it's beginning to show some sunshine, warming things up there, too. the hour by hour forecast this fall should be gone by mid-to-late morning and bright sunshine by noontime hitting the upper 80s by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon with a few high clouds coming in. we are dry.ç i took this picture of dry grass on friday. we've had 1.43 inches of rain since august 1st at reagan national. that's almost 4 inches below average and as a result, look at the potomac. i took this picture on thursday. this is at great falls. great falls not looking so great. just not much water coming through there. great afternoon for the blue bird blues festival. prince george's county, community college will be hosting that noon to 6:00. i'll be out there, come on out and say hi. i'll be there this afternoon.
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sunny, rather humid. it will be in the 80s. prince george's community college. beautiful weather for the andrews air show, a bit more humid, temperatures in the upper 80s there. dining out, partly cloudy and in the 70s through this evening. tomorrow, great weather for the skins game. during the afternoon, a bit of a blustery wind. temperatures in the 70s for tailgating and through the game, getting increasingly sunny. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. monday, cooler weather, more clouds, into the low to mid-70s. might get an isolated shower. just a small chance unfortunately. the grass will stay brown throughout much of the region through all the way into the end of the week when we might get rain to help out for the pope's visit on wednesday and thursday. it looks good wednesday. thursday and friday, though, we might get a few passing showers with highs in the 70s. >> all right. we'll keep our eye to the sky. thank you, tom. >> 8:22. using botox to get over a breakup. how do
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you're watching news 4 today. >> this morning, there's a seemingly quick fix to an ancient problem. >> doctors say patients are using botox andç other cosmeti procedures to heal their broken hearts. doreen gentzler walks us through it all.
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>> i was a train wreck after that breakup. >> reporter: she had just broken off a relationship and was miserable. instead of eating ice cream and listening to sad love songs, she made an appointment with her doctor to get botox. >> it built my confidence to get back out there. >> when you field good about yourself outside and you look your best outside, it's going to make you feel better inside. and gives you back your self-esteem, your confidence. >> reporter: this doctor is an of cour ocular plastic surgeon in tyson's corner. neurotoxins work for many reasons. it can also help with other people's perceptions of them. >> and usually inject it in the upper third of your face where your emotions shows the most.
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if you're angry, if you're happy, that's where it shows. and people look at you and they can tell how you feel by the way your eyes look. >> reporter: in fact, some studies have shown using botox to decrease wrinkles and ease facial muscles can actually help to increase serotonin in the brain and that can fight depression. and feeling good is just one of the reasons why annie says she still gets botox injections years after that heartwrenching breakup. >> you look in the mirror and you feel like i look more refreshed or i look more youthful. and sort of that in and of itself is energizing. >> doreen gentzler reporting there. what do you think about this? >> i think it sends the wrong message, honestly. if there's a medical reason for it and that will help you out, i can see that. >> feeling good starts fromç within. >> vut absolutely. it's not about what's on the
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outside. >> fair enough. getting around the district next week will be a challenge with the pope's visit. what metro is urging riders to do this weekend to ease that headache. >> let's take a look outside the window. things are looking hazy on this saturday. we can't even see anything out there right now. there you go. the washington monument is in there somewhere. tom kierein will track hon hot it will get in your neighborhood. that's coming up. we are going to take you also live to andrews air show where the thunderbirds are getting ready to take flight. there's still time to get a good spot.
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your top stories at 8:30. a man is eseriously hurt after someone shot him in the head in east washington. police found him this morning breathing and unconscious. another shooting overnight. this one killed a man. the gunfire started around 1:00 this morning on 28th street near alabama avenue. officers think a honda civic they found near the scene may help lead them to a suspect. thousands of cubans are anxiously waiting pope francis's arrival this afternoon. the pope will meet with cuban
8:32 am
president raul cats trstro and brother fidel. a lot of people excited this the thunderbirds air show after a few years without it.ç derrick ward will give you the inside scoop in about 15 minutes or so. >> just going to the see the planes even on the grounded is so impressive. >> so cool. >> 8:32 right now. if you have outdoor plans you'll want to keep them. >> i think so. it will be a nice day. tom, it's pretty hazy outside around. >> i'm out here on the storm team 4 weather deck. overhead, low clouds. they're rather shallow. blue is showing through to the south and east. temperature now is at 71. there's the view from our tower camera. looking down, see the low clouds and little bit of fog we do have around. that fog is going to be with us here as we get into the afternoon hours. we'll see the sunshine breaking
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out and we'll have temperatures as well, beginning to climb quickly as we get into the rest of the afternoon. right now all those counties you see in the gray, that's the area we are getting some of the dennest fog along the 95 corridor in southern maryland near the bay. temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. near 70 in washington, upper 60s right around the chesapeake bay. big change is on the way, coming in, beginning tomorrow, look at how long those will last as we look at the week ahead. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> donald trump taking his campaign to iowa today as his republican opponents head to michigan. trump continues to face fallout after not correcting a man at a town hall meeting who called president obama a muslim and not american. jeb bush is trying to use that to his advantage. made the point to call the president an american and christian. more republican rivals are saying trump made a mistake. >> i think it really shows he
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doesn't have the character and doesn't really have the gravitas it would take to be president. >> if you want trump to pay attention to a question, you have to mention his name. he doesn't care about anything but himself. he's a narcissist. >> josh earnest says he isn't surprised about trump's çcomme. a train ran into 15-year-old john de-reggie monday afternoon. he was taking pictures near boyds with his girlfriend. the church hosted a vigil tuesday. the service begins at 6:30 on slidell road in boyds. the herndon community is coming together to honor kyle mathers, dale neibaur and holly novak died in a car crash last month. two of their betweens were also hurt. the goal is to raise money
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foreign bad scofor band scholarships. >> we want to remember them and bring the families together to understand how sensitive life it and how fragile it is. have fun with your kids. >> the scholarship fund-raiser will be held today from 11:00 to 4:00 at woody's golf range on leesburg pike in herndon. fund-raiser but want to donate, visit and search band scholarships for a wlink. today kicks off the first of three important meetings in arlington county. they're open to the public. you can be part of the conversation as early as 8:30, right about now. some of the topics on the list, creating more affordable housing, expanding abingdon elementary school and maintaining water pipelines. some important perspective ahead of next wiig's paeek's pa
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visit. we are only three days away. will pope francis impact the race for the white house in 2016. >> i think that his presence here is going to open an opportunity for more voices like bush and marco rubio. >> dr. enrique brumar says he expects pope francis to address racial and socioeconomic inequality inç the u.s. >> load your smart trip card this weekend. avoid the brook land station saturday. travel light and be prepared for long lines, packed trains and bus delays with all the road closures on top of pope spectators next week, ed sheeran will hold a concert next weekend.
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you can find anything about the pope's visit by checking out the special papal visit section on the nbc app. a teacher is in trouble for leaving a 6-month-old in the back seat of a car. rear learning why the child was there in the first place. that's coming up. >> more trouble for a kentucky clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to gay couples. what she's accused of doing after being back on the job. >> this weekend as far as track work goes on metro, three of six lines will be affected. a little better than normal. red, blue an yellow lines will be running every 24 minutes this weekend. metro on sunday will be opening at 6:00 a.m. because of the navy/air force half marathon in the district. the closest stop wi
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police in florida are looking into why a 6-month-old
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boy was left alone in a car. he died. investigators say the boy was left in the back seat at a middle school by a teacher who was supposed to be taking care of him. deputies are investigating but no charges have been filed yet. >> the story surrounding the kentucky clerk who wouldn't sign off on same-sex marriage lines may not be over. kim davis is back on the job but she may not be doing that job. in a court filing, an attorney for one of dace's employees says he believes za s davis has, ag gone against court orders refusing to sign the paperwork. former congressman jesse jackson jr.'s home confinement is now over. he served his time but his wife's sentence is just about to start. she will serve one year on a tax conviction related to her husband's crimes. a judge sentenced jackson to two years in prison for spending ç $750,000 in campaign money on personal items. jackson was allowed to serve the final six months in home
8:41 am
confinement here in washington. well, it's going to feel like summer in september. at least for one more day. so when is it going to start feeling like fall? tom says sooner than you think. >> it will be a great day to get outside for the eighth street festival in northeast. there will be food, art and fun spanning ten blocks.
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welcome back. if you don't already have plans for today, we've got a good one for you. >> that's right. what about checking out the thunderbird air show at joint base andrews. this is a pretty big deal. it's the first show like this in our area in years. news 4's derrick ward is there right now. gates open up in 15 minutes, right? >> 9:00 is when they will actually start the gates opening at 11:30 is when things get under way. take a look at some of the things you will see on the ground. you look at the civil aviation. that's a big important part of this as well, cessnas and small planes are part of the civil air patrol. they play a vital role in our defense and helping out with weather and national disaster-type incidents. there are the military aircraft that is here, too. of course this is supposed to be an event that happens every other year. we haven't had one since 2012. take a look at some video from the last air show. there's actually a lot to see when it comes to town.
8:45 am
you get up close and personal. you will see maybe on the history channel or military channels or things like this. here you can get up close and personal. you know, this is exciting for the peopleç who come out but is also exciting for the people who take part in this as you hear from one of the paracommandos who will be here. >> absolutely amazing. the drop zones with tiny and at night. very, very cool. just the city at night in washington, beautiful starry night. what else can you do? what else is better, right? >> he's talking about actually doing a drop into bowling air force base off 295. haven't flown anything out of there since the '70s. they do this and give them a chance to do something they wouldn't normally do. and a lot of the things you'll see here, the operations, those paracommandos, there are people doing that in the theater of war.
8:46 am
any place around the world where the u.s. in operations now. there are practical applications to a lot of the stuff going on here. a lot of time people like to look at aircraft. that's a big reason to come. gates open at 9:00. the actual ceremonies and activities start at 11:30. there are free shuttles running from fedex field and the branch avenue metro station. they'll bring you here and take as always, it is free. you might not get a chance to see this again, perhaps 2017. come on out if you can. live at andrews air force base. back to you. >> sold. we're sold, derrick. it will be nice to see the birds back up in the air. as long as we can get this fog to burn off. >> yes, hazy out there. >> there was a quarter mile visibility last hour. it has improved based on the live pictures we just saw. the low clouds hanging around the metro area, along the 95 corridor. the sun trying to break through, live view from the tower camera.
8:47 am
you can make out the national cathedral in the middle distance. downtown still obscured with the low clouds. that sun beginning to break through now. we'll see visibility improving. there's another view from our other tower cam looking down from nebraska avenue. you can see low clouds and light fog here in the northwest as well. by 8:00, 9:30, ç10:00, we'll b hovering in the 70s and jumping into the 80s by noontime. high clouds drifting over by the afternoon. we ought to be making it into the upper 80s by afternoon. the fog is densest along the 95 corridor, south and east of washington, southern maryland around the bay. some of the visibilities are under a quarter mile, just an eighth mile in some spots, too. mid-60s, upper 60s elsewhere, southern eastern suburbs near 70 in washington. right now we're in the low to mid-60s farther west. shenandoah valley in the mountains, beautiful day there. dry grass all around the region.
8:48 am
i took this photo on friday afternoon. only about 1.4 inches at reagan national since august 1st. that's 4 inches below average. yesterday i biked around the antietam national battlefield around sharpsburg, maryland. beautiful day for that. blue bird blues festival, prince george's community college. i'll see you there around 1:00. come on out. looks like great weather for the blue bird blues festival in prince george's county at the community college there. temperatures in the mid-80s during the afternoon. then for the wonderful air show we've just been hearing about, great weather by the afternoon, they'll be able to fly will be in the upper 80s and a bit more humid, too, at the andrews air show. dining out tonight, partly cloudy in the 70s. as we're heading out for this saturday night, football on sunday at fedex field should be great weather for the game. we'll have blustery wind,
8:49 am
temperatures in the mid to upper 70s during the game. increasing sunshine as the afternoon goes on. monday, back to work and school near 60 in the morning, afternoon highs reaching the mid-70s and we'll have a small chance of a shower to help out our dry lawns. only a small chance on monday. then tuesday, pope arrives late in the afternoon, we'll be in the mid-70s and partly sunny. partly sunny wednesday for the papal visit. we'll be in the mid-70s. on thursday, some of the events might be interrupted by showers. looks like showers are possible on thursday and, again onç friy is the way it's looking right now. highs mid-70s on thursday. friday reaching the upper 70s and, again, chances of showers toward the end of this coming week. that's certainly going to be helping as this is not quite a drought but it's abnormally dry. as this keeps up, we'll be into a drought situation by the time we get into october. long-term trend is really looking dry all the way into next month. >> all right, tom, thanks.
8:50 am
coming up, help for a local high school student in need of a new wheelchair. wait till you see how community
8:51 am
8:52 am
a prince george's tradition continues with the blue birds blues festival. this is the 23rd year of the
8:53 am
music festival at prince george's community college. it is free if you want to stop by the largo campus from noon until 6:00. hear music from phil wiggins, tom larson, darryl davis and more throughout the day, including tom kierein on his air guitar. >> i'll be tuning in for that. evidence of the transformation of an arlington neighborhood. 100 volunteers will do landscaping and renovations at hume springs park. much of the equipment is geared to children under 5. but there's also equipment for adults. we have an incredible update to share about an inspiring young teenager living with cerebral palsy. >> earlier this çweek, melissa mollet introduced us to a
8:54 am
teenager. >> are you doing already? >> reporter: he has a smile that illumina illuminates the halls and transformed hearts here at watkins mill high school. >> given his situation and the pain he goes through every day and the pain and trials he's had in his life, he continues to smile. >> reporter: and right now, a reason for ibir's gorgeous grin to stretch even wider. >> i don't know what to say. it's amazing. >> reporter: a fund-raising campaign started this summer by teachers and classmates, the goal, $25,000 to get ibra a new power wheelchair. >> i watched this chair for five years go into the dump pretty much, the brakes are falling apart. there's no foot rest for him. it's way too big. it's not supporting him at all and it's making his body worse. so we needed to take action.
8:55 am
>> there's consistent, constant pain but ibra doesn't talk about. he doesn't talk about it. he just deals with it. >> reporter: the campaign started with a bake sale and pep rally, this online video and go fund me page. students here are all over social media with #chairforibra. >> we wouldn't let any other student go through what ibra is going through. we do what we can to help. >> in a big comprehensive high school, you might think there's nobody that really cares but our kids really care. >> reporter: when ibra came to the u.s. six years ago, he didn't have a chair at all. his father would carry him from class to class. >> hi, ! >> reporter: this chair was donated. >> a power wheelchair would allow him to be independent, potentially to look -- when we
8:56 am
look further, because he is 19, the ability for him to get aroundç in the world beyond ju watkins mill. >> reporter: hitting their goal of $25,000 doesn't mean these students will stop. ibra's parents work multiple jobs and could only dream of a medical van to help get ibra and his five siblings around. the extra money could be used for that or anything else to help with ibra's medical needs. even give him. i love him to death. i really do. we're going to be best friends for life. there's no question in my mind. i think about that every day. >> reporter: in gaithersburg, melissa mollet, news 4. with the $31,000 they raised so far, that's more than enough for a new chair. they're now working on other medical need s to him and possibly a van for the family. which would come in extremely handy. >> it's so great there are things like go fund me now where everything can donate easily and good things can come out of it.
8:57 am
>> everybody can make a difference. a lot going on around the area, tom. what should people expect. >> a lot of outdoor events. great weather for that. low clouds around right now, live view from the tower camera showing that the low deck of clouds beginning to break up a little bit. a few glares of sun coming through the overcast. later today, more sun, highs reaching upper 80s, breezy, cooler sunday, getting sunny in the afternoon highs and upper 70s. keep up with it all, nbc washington app. thanks for joining for news 4 today. >> back at 6:00 tomorrow. see you then. >> the air show.
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