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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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and one thing this does not do a good job of picking up, there's a lot of drizzle and howard county towards ballot nor and down to the south there is still drizzle there and we're seeing lighter rain in and around the d.c. metro area and that's where we will continue to see it, too. making your way out and about tonight and you're maybi makingf the commuter forecasting. showers likely tomorrow between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. same deal. more showers on the way and keep the umbrellas handy and you'll need the big umbrella and i'll show you which day has the heaviest rain at 6:25. >> see you then, thank you, doug. to the other top story, the college student who ujumped ove the white house fence draped in an american flag. he's been released from custody. he walked out of court and was ordered to live with his mother in connecticut. >> tonight we have team coverage on that case and the call for tighter security. scott macfarlane reports on the
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plans for the executive mansion and the delay in executeding those upgrades. >> let's go to meagan fitzgerald. she's live outside the courthouse as the suspected jumper reveal yes he did it, meagan? >> reporter: the district attorney says he jumped the white house fence because he needed to send a message to the federal government and he's been charged with one count of illegalencery on restricted ground that comes with a maximum one year in prison. >> why did you jump the fence? >> reporter: joseph caputo didn't have anything to say as he walked into court this morning, but his attorney said he had a message for the federal government which is why he hopped the white house fence on thanksgiving with a binder in his mouth. >> he is a politically conscious young man. some of the things that he wrote in his re-written constitution of sorts include the need for change and education, separation of powers, voting and that type of thing. >> reporter: over the summer,
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spikes were put in place over the white house pence as a temporary measure to increase security. he doesn't believe his client was ever a security risk. >> without a weapon and without a vehicle he jumped a fence with a binder that contained those expressions of his own thoughts in his hand. >> reporter: according to court do you mean it was a plan caputo was willing to die for. they found a suicide note from a home where he was staying in virginia and they uncovered a will, but seeger insists his client is not suicidal. >> he left instructions if are his family so they would know what to do in case anything happened. >> he is not allowed to return to d.c. until he heads back to court in january. >> a judge ordered caputo to wear an electronic monitor and he put a curfew in place from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and he ordered a psychological evaluation in connecticut.
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he is due back in court here in d.c. on january 12th, jim? >> thanks, meagan. >> as meagan noted. those spikes were installed on top of the white house fence to make it more difficult to climb over. they did that last spring. they made those changes quickly and called it a temporary fix, but the national park service said larger, more permanent security upgrades were being planned and a preview was expected this month, but that's now been delayed until next year. our team coverage continues now and scott macfarlane from the news 4 i-team. there are major changes coming to this area. the white house ellipse and president's park south, south of the white house and changes to the fence and to the security post, but the question is tonight, how long is it going to take? >> the christmas tree is here now and see, too, are the tourists on the south side of the white house. he immediately noticed the new spikes atop of the security
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fence. >> in some ideas i would expect the fence to be bigger andio can't take security lightly these days. >> reporter: for at least five years the feds have been planning security upgrades to the 52-acre space south of the white house more permanent blockades of vehicles to change how tourists on foot move through the areas and new signs to redirect them. >> we do want to strike the right balance because sometimes too many signs become confusing and we don't really need a sign saying, you know, this is the white house. the feds are expected to formally submit their plans by the end of this year and news 4 learned the plans are not expected until early 2016. why is the time line slipping? >> the national park service is allowing more time to plan permanent, larger changes to the white house fence. documents obtained by news 4 shows some of the ideas that were at one point considered, but rejected including a electrified rail and a moat around the perimeter.
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>> the feds did agree that it must include an anticlimb feature, possible including those spikes. four different federal agencies have a say in this project and the u.s. secret service and two more that have to approve it. the national capital planning commission and the u.s. commission of fine arts king it even harder to know when the actual work will actually begin. at the white house, scott macfarlane, news 4. french police now say they arrested 317 people overnight during protests at the world climate change summit that's under way in paris right now. more demonstrations are expected tonight despite the city's temporary ban on large gatherings after the terror attacks earlier this month. all of this comes as world leaders meet to talk about climate change. pat lawson muse is in our newsroom with the developments. pat? >> more than 150 world leaders are attending the conference and
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new images will give you an idea of how tight security is. take a look at the heavily armed convoy that escorted president obama and other members of the u.s. delegation to dinner with the french president. you could actually hear helicopters overhead as the two met at a restaurant in paris. earlier at the climate conference, the president offered conversadolences and pr to the people of paris. >> we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference to go on, an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. >> on the sideline, president obama and russian president vladimir putin met privately. according to white house officials mr. obama made it clear that russia's help is welcome in the fight against isis and that syrian leader bashar al assad must step aside and they have to tamp down the tension that has grown because of the downing of the russian
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military jet by turkey. the u.s. has independently confirmed that the russian warplane did, in fact, violate turkish airspace and that's according to the state department. today they refused to disclose how the flight path was confirmed. back to you in the studio. doreen? >> pat, thank you. pope francis is on his way back to rome after wrapping up a visit to the african montt nent. he visited the most volatile neighborhood in the central of the capitol african republic. he rode in his popemobile through a muslim neighborhood that is blockaded by armed christian militia fighters. at a mosque he urged muslims and christians to end the civil war that has killed thousands in recent years. this visit marks the first time a pope has visited an active, armed conflict zone and his visit included stops in kenya and uganda. politics now and what might be another shake-up in the republican race for the white house. former front-runner ben carson
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fading now in most polls. support is growing for ted cruz and marco rubio, and then there's new jersey governor chris christie. as steve handelsman reports, christie's campaign just got a critical boost. >> chris christie is polling just seventh in new hampshire. >> it's game time now, everybody. christie claims his endorsement by new hampshire's most powerful paper reflects one that's rebooting with ben carson losing support. >> it's fabulous. and then when you need experience we go, it was tarnished and tested. >> reporter: experts say the republican race is wide open. >> chris christie proved it. he's in this game because he could be the hot candidate. >> donald trump, leading in new hampshire tweeting how is chris christie running the state of new jersey which is deeply troubled when he's spending all of his time in new hampshire. >> we will be working very, very closely. >> some conservative
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african-american ministers endorsed trump today. >> we're willing to get off of welfare and we feel that can be done through the information, the knowledge of a person like donald trump. >> reporter: but ted cruz running second to trump now in iowa declared the outsider's days done. >> let me make it very clear, i don't believe donald trump will be our nomly and i don't believe he's going to be our president. >> reporter: marco rubio's new ad targets donald trump. >> send them a conservative president, marco rubio. >> rubio is running second to donald trump in new hampshire. >> chris christie weighed in against donald trump on the 9/11 controversy. he knows today that it didn't happen and that thousands of muslims in the state did not cheer the collapse of the twin towers as trump continues to claim that they did. >> i'm steve handelsman, news 4. bernie sanders taking a short break from the campaign trail. the senator from vermont had
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elective surgery today at george washington university hospital here. he had the surgery on repair a hernia. his office says he will be back to work tomorrow. it's been a long, grueling day of questioning for a potential jurors as the first police officer goes on trial in the death of freddie gray. william porter is charged with involuntary manslaughter as potential jurors were questioned inside. protesters gathered outside demanding justice. news 4's chris gordon is in baltimore where the challenge of picking an impartial jury became very clear. chris? >> reporter: doreen, you cannot find a potential juror who hasn't heard about freddie gray. so the jury selection process is continuing at this hour. it is focusing on finding jurors who can be fair. demonstrators chanted on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse.
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william porter is on trial charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault. freddie gray was dragged to a police van last april where he was allegedly injured in transport and later died. >> i think you would have to go to another country for somebody not to know about the freddie gray incident and even the riots that happened, unfortunately. >> reporter: in court judge barry williams asked approximately 75 potential jurors has any member of the panel not heard or read about the case? there was no response which means they all know about it. they are all aware of the riots after freddie gray's funeral and the curfew that followed. they also know that the city of baltimore paid freddie gray's family $6.4 million. >> do you think the civil settlement with the city will affect the jury's view of guilt or innocence of this officer? >> i would hope not because they're different systems, this is a settlement and it's not a finding in a court. >> i asked maryland law school professor doug colbert might
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make jurors think that the city feels the police did something wrong. >> settling with the family is a private matter and they're represented by the state's attorneys office and they are here to make sure that the jury respects life and liberty of others. >> reporter: well, the judge today told potential. >> arors that they will have to clear their calendars because this trial, he believes will last until december 17th. that's the latest. live in baltimore, doreen, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. >> next, new developments with the man accused of murder at a planned parenthood office and all of this as we learn about the victims and the heroics that likely saved lives. a man's confession to the police and now the mother of a young murder victim plans to deliver a message to the judge as that gunman is sentenced.
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in colorado tonight, the man accused of opening fire on a planned parenthood office made his first court appearance today. >> police say robert dear killed
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three people and injured nine others last week as 7h)"nbc's le gregg reports he could get the death sentence. >> can you hear me okay? >> yes. >> appears before a judge via closed-circuit television 57-year-old robert dear was advised of the initial charge against him. >> the initial charge is murder in the first degree. the penalty for that charge is minimum of life in prison and maximum of death. >> dear is accused of killing a police officer and two civilians at his planned parenthood clinic in silver springs. >> the rampage set off a five-hour standoff and shootout friday that left nine others injured. among the dead jennifer markovsky, a mother of two who was at planned parenthood with her friend. her father writing life is too short. ke'arre stewart a father of two at the clinic with his girlfriend who was pregnant.
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she stepped outside to make a phone call and went back inside to warn others. >> i believe this is military instinct and that was his main priority. >> reporter: and police officer garrett swasey one of the first responders where he was co-pastor as kind and selfless, the former champion figure skater was a father of two. robert dear remains jailed without bond as the investigation into the shooting continues. >> leann gregg, nbc news. >> congressional investigation of planned parenthood will continue despite that shooting in colorado springs. republican leaders want to know whether that group profited by selling fetal tissue to researchers. house majority leader kevin mccarthy said he did not believe gop criticism inspired the shooting on friday and he called the alleged attacker a very evil, crazy man.
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>> new at 6:00, a maryland woman charged with leaving her babe owe the side of the road will not be going to prison. sandra mccleary pled guilty after leaving her 6 week old in a baby carrier on july 4g9. a bishop found the little girl after an hour and she survived and mcclary was sentenced to time served and five years' probation and she has three other children and must take a parenting class and get drug and alcohol treatment. a new law was supposed to be on the fast track and the d.c. council, a law that would offer 16 weeks of paid family leave for any worker in the district, but today passage of the law hit a snag. business leaders say a 1% tax to fund the program would hurt small businesses in the city and would make the district less competitive for ons and d.c. council chairman phil mendelson scheduled several hearings, the first hearing will be wednesday. a new law meant to protect your car and your money took
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effect in montgomery county today. that law will keep towing companies from hooking up your car unjustly and it is an issue our i team reported more than a year ago. pat collins in bethesda now with what you need to know. pat? >> jim, predatory towing is like a cottage industry in montgomery county, but now there are rules to try to put an end to that. >> this law is supposed to be about parking not a hunting license for tow truck operators. each year there are 30,000, 30,000 unconsensual tows of cars in a practice known as predatory towing. >> this is how they say it works. you park your car in a lot and you don't pay too much attention to the sign and you walk away and say you go to the post office and you come out and
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before you can say predatory towing and your car is off in some far away lot and it cost $150 just to get it back. it was a big problem here in montgomery county. >> today some tough new laws to curtail that kind of towing. that prohibits the use of spotters to target cars. it requires parking lot owners to authorize each tow in writing. and it requires photo evidence of the violation. >> nothing will kill a business district in wheaton and silver spring and rockville, bethesda more than someone who thinks they've been unfairly towed. >> now even though we have this new law and even though its ineffective it's still a good idea and read the signs and be careful where you park. you want that car there when you're ready to go home. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thanks, pat. >> the tractor trailer and the
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suv collided in maryland today and one woman killed. we'll report what led to the moments that led up to that crash. i'm julie carey in manassas where a teenage victim's mother pled guilty to first-degree murder. >> he didn't deserve to be shot eight times. >> coming up, the special request she plans to make of the judge when the killer is sentenced. a major storm slams the midwest and we'll take a look at the areas hardest hit and tell you how the system
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well, no. it's not officially winter yet, but a deep freeze is settling over the heart of the country tonight and an ice storm knocked out power to thousands in oklahoma and black ice has led to five deaths in kansas. five people also died in texas from a different type of extreme weather, flooding there. >> it's rough out there, not so rough there. that's minneapolis, minnesota. quiet now, but thaw aey are expecting some snow, up to six inches of this stuff, but i have to think that six inches of snow in minneapolis is a cake walk for them. what do you think? >> they have not seen much in the way of snow so far this season and six inches for them,
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piece of cake and temperatures on the mild side up toward minneapolis and our temperatures have been on the cold side all day today and that coming with the rain that we've seen and ou there is a very gloomy, dreary, wet, raw night, but temperatures are moving in the right direction. we are at 40 degrees around 1:00 this afternoon and we've gone up over the past couple of hours and up to 44 degrees and rain is what to expect right on through wednesday and that is what to expect. periods of rain and so bring the umbrella with you. if you don't have it now get it if you'll be making your way out. storm team 4 radar still showing the rain coming on through the region and even when we're not seeing the rain coming down around baltimore and we're still seeing areas of drizzle and you can see it around the fairfax county area and herndon and reston and tyson's corner and very rainy conditions and that will continue along 495 and
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along the dulles toll road and everybody seeing that rain tonight. so give yourself extra time. the wider view showing that storm and you can see behind it around minneapolis and back toward portions of the dakotas and we are looking at that snow coming down and some locations have picked up eight inches of snow into parts of iowa and that storm system will move to the north and east and eventually give us more rain during the day wednesday and that's when we have the heaviest rain, but first we get this and this is just rain, rain, rain, right on through 11:00 and right on through early tomorrow morning and here's 8:00 a.m. and the morning commute will be slower because of the rain that we have and tomorrow afternoon maybe a break and that's the only real break i've seen and here comes the next wave right off 10:00, 10:00 tonight and into the day on wednesday, 6:00 a.m. and we have more rain coming on through and that could be on the heavy side with the actual cold front that comes in and even around 5:00, we're still dealing with some rain. how much can we see? maybe an inch and some looks between two inches between now
6:27 pm
and wednesday. we're talking about a lot of rain. your impact forecast because of the rain and chilly temperatures and a moderate impact for sure over the past couple of days and it's not the umbrellas and it's the coats and the temperatures moving in the right direction and temperatures will rise during the day tomorrow and continue rising right on through wednesday and high of 59 degrees and rain 100% both tuesday and wednesday. tuesday and friday were just on the cool side. high temperatures only in the 40s. i'll take you hour by hour wednesday afternoon and we'll talk about that weekend forecast, too and more rain there, too. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> coming up, a candid confession, the victim's mother is planning to deliver a strong message to the judge that's going to sentence that man. the vehicle is a tangled mess. i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news 4, we'll hear from beenes
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who saw the morning's crash involving a u.s. postal truck. >> america's most famous high school senior is preparing for son, the holiday season'sg for just like football season...
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genetically altered by scientists. news reporters: it's a fish, abut it's been changed. critics call the process creepy, and label it frankenfish. narrator: genetically engineered salmon was just approved by the fda - no labels required. disturbing, right? get this. if your state wants to label gmos, congress is trying a year-end sneak attack to block your right to label. call congress. demand clear labels, not high tech gimmicks. don't let them overturn state gmo labeling. protect our right to know. now at 6:30, a man admits to murdering a high school student and for the first time we're seeing video of his confession. >> how do you shoot someone
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you've never met and then go and say he deserved it. >> a woman killed in a violent crash and injured. what we're learning about the victim and the postal truck involved in the accident. a dramatic rescue caught on video. >> i don't think she should be alive today. there is definitely someone watching out for her. >> the miracle that saved a woman and her two dogs. >> metro's new general manager takes over and we'll tell you about his first order of business and how it may affect how much you pay to use the transit system. some satisfaction tonight for the family of a woodbridge high school student who was shot and killed near the campus last year. >> the 16-year-old's killer pleaded guilty to murder and tonight for the first time we're hearing the killer's confession to police, but as bureau chief julie carey reports the victim's family is worried that a plea deal won't bring enough prison time. >> i'm happy he's not walking around the streets killing other people. >> reporter: the reaction from a
6:32 pm
still-grieving mother after her son's killer, 21-year-old kawain smalls pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. the victim brenden wilson was a 16-year-old high school student. >> everyone that meets brenden likes him. he didn't deserve to be shoot eight times. >> reporter: prosecutors say kawain smalls had never met the victim when she decided to avenge a confrontation between smalls and his brother. smalls' little sister told wilson she wanted to buy a small amount of marijuana and arranged to meet him at the cut next to the school. smalls tells detectives he started shooting because he thought the 16-year-old was reaching for a gun. >> and i just pulled the trigger just to put him down just one time. >> reporter: wilson's gun turned out to be a bb gun. this was the response that horrified the victim's family when the detective asked smalls if his teenage victim deserved to die. >> i don't feel like people deserve to die, but if you were to ask me if he deserved to get
6:33 pm
robbed, well you get shot, get shot. i would say yeah. >> the comments infuriate the victim's family. >> how could he make a statement like that? >> reporter: under the terms of the plea deal, kawain smalls faces 25 to 50 years in prison when sentenced in mid-march, but the victim's mother is seeking a different outcome. prosecutors will seek no less than 50 years. wilson's mom will ask for much more. >> i hope the judge gives him life. because he said my son deserved it, you know? i deserve him to go to jail for life. go to jail for life. >> in manassas, julie carey, news 4. >> chargers still pending against four other defendants including the killer's sister and brother. >> police now say that speed was a factor in a bus crash that injured dozens of college students. the charter bus flipped over
6:34 pm
near richmond last night. 35 people were hurt and one of them quite seriously and 50 virginia college students were onboard after the holiday break and the driver was charged with reckless driving. closer to home today a terrible scene when a tractor trailer collided with an suv. the driver of that suv was killed. we now know she is a recent graduate at the university of maryland. the collision with the u.s. postal service truck startled the neighbors on cherry hill road in silver spring. as tracee wilkins reports it is still not clear who or what is at fault. tracee? >> reporter: jim, it's very confusing because this tractor trailer actually rolled on top of the suv. so what caused it and who, if anyone, was at fault? i can tell you this much. police are saying when it happened it wasn't wet and rainy like this. it's just begging for more questions. 24-year-old, a recent graduate
6:35 pm
of the university of maryland was killed in a violent crash involving a u.s. postal tract trailer. it happened around 3:00 a.m. >> i've seen many accidents, but not one like this one. >> the people who ran to the accident say it was hard to watch. >> an infinity suv somehow collided with the united states postal tractor trailer. >> the lady in the back was leaning back and the guy in the back was completely got him and he was shaking with anxiety and he was, like, help me, help me and he couldn't get him out. >> the person yelling was identified as a friend who was following the vehicle involved in the crash. he was trying to pull the victims out. >> he was saying help me! help me! they're stuck. >> it took fire and ems to remove her and her passenger from the vehicle. >> the passenger who has not been identify siied is recoveri from life-threatening injuries.
6:36 pm
he's expected to be okay. an investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing. >> our investigations are very complex and they take a lot of time so right now it's premature to discuss who would be at fault. we have been talking with the u.s. postal service to try and find out more about this driver. we wanted to know how long he had been with the u.s. postal service. we do know that he was going from one facility to another with the truck full of mail, but not much more than that. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, jim, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, tracee. president obama's oldest daughter may not be staying in washington much longer. malia obama's top college picks do not include any schools in the d.c. area. she has toured more than a dozen campuses so far. they include columbia, princeton, yale and nyu, new york university. malia obama has also looked at
6:37 pm
berkeley and stanford in california. according to a profile in "the new yorker," she plans to study film in college and malia will graduate from sidwell friends in d.c. in the spring. >> still ahead. the climb unfoaled in a matter of minutes and this voidio could be the key to helping local police track down the suspect. >> and a dramatic rescue on the ice when a man who was running late for work saved a woman's life after she fell in some frigid water. >> and we're tracking the rain across our area right now and most of it on the lighter side and there's heavier rain just to the south and west and it's all moving our way and i'll watch as this next airing mov
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
the most cold and dangerous rescue in utah and some people are calling it a miracle. this is video from the body cam
6:40 pm
from an officer who helped save a woman and her two dogs when they fell through the ice yesterday. a city worker was making his rounds at an isolated reservoir when he spotted the woman and called for help. he says he was running late at the time and that is what likely saved that woman's life. >> normally my rounds are done by 8:00. i decided to sleep in a little bit. had i come earlier and done my rounds and been home she would have been dead. >> that woman and both dogs are now said to be okay. rescuers are calling it a miracle that they survived. >> wow. new video shows five people stealing from a store. the suspects walked through the store several times and tried on some clothing and stuffed items into a bag and walked out. this happened november 17th, but police just released the video hoping it will lead to arrests. still to come tonight, a new era for metro. customer saefgsz has hit a new
6:41 pm
low. we'll take a look at potential changes for riders as the new general manager takes =qz%h @r(% a rocky start to cyber monday, the glitch that
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
metro's new leader took on his first day of work today and he's already starting or staring, that is, at a new
6:44 pm
report at a new report about how unhappy customers are with delays and disruptions. that may be leading to a decision not to raise fares. transportation reporter adam tuss first broke this news about this new report. he is in vienna right now with more. . >> reporter: that's right, jim. if you ask metro riders if they feel they're getting what they pay for, a lot of them will say no. we are learning a fare hike is not part of the immediate future for metro riders. >> when you hop onboard you want a smooth trip and some do find it. no delays and for the most part in my ride i felt that we accomplished that today. >> reporter: so many say they aren't getting it from metro on the rails. >> a lot of construction, the weekend and a lot of delays and it's really tough to get around and the prices are still going
6:45 pm
up. >> now as metro tries to also get its finances straight it says it will not be looking at any sort of fare increase for riders. paul wiedefeld tracking that idea. >> i don't think this is the time to ask people for more money when we're not performing to the level that we expect. >> reporter: metro's own analysis shows satisfaction on the rails is way down. take a look at this chart over the past two years, satisfaction was as high as 84% and now, however, it's plunged to just 67% and metro concedes that may be costing them riders. one way metro could be give back a proposal to give riders their money back when we decide to leave the same station they just entered because there's a huge delay and right now you still have to pay if you want to leave. a lot of frustration and a full plate for the new gm. >> reporter: now we should say that we are going to interview the new general manager tomorrow one-on-one. it's going to be his first
6:46 pm
sitdown, television interview so you'll want to stay tuned for that. jim, back to you. >> thanks, adam. before you go, i heard you say there was no consideration of a fare increase, but didn't i hear you say earlier that metro rail is one of the most expensive in this country anyhow? >> reporter: yeah, it really is, jim. the max rail fare for metro rail is almost $6 for a one-way trip, second only to san francisco. so raising fares right now or any time in the near future is not going to be a popular idea at all. >> adam tuss. thanks, adam. cyber monday in full swing tonight, but the day got off to a rocky start for some. target's website crashed earlier today because of all of the traffic. paypal was also down for a short time, but both sites are back up and running right now. retailers are expecting a record breaking day with more than $3 billion in sales and that doesn't include those who logged on early. for the first time ever more people shopped online than stood in line on black friday.
6:47 pm
how about you? did you spend more money today or on black friday? that was the focus of our flash survey. take a look at the results. more say they spent on black friday than cyber monday, but the big winner here, neither! 67% of you say you spent money neither day. >> that's because the rest of us wait until the day before. >> last minute. >> when the bargains are really -- rock bottom. >> at least a few of us, but it ain't because the bargains aren't rock bottom. it's just because we are procrastinators big time. >> no one wanted to go outside shopping today. today was a good day to be online. >> it's not just the rain. we talked about this last week. we had rain, but it was nice and warm. >> not today. >> it is so much different and so nasty because temperatures today were only in the 30s for many of you. the good news is temperatures are starting to rise right now. out there across our area and currently, 44 degrees and when i came into work it was around
6:48 pm
four degrees and 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, we're talking showers and it's more of a steady, light rain than showers. look at the temperatures and 37 leesburg and cooler south and east of the i-95 area and a little bit cool tore the north and west and warmer to the south and east. >> the rainfall intensity and overnight tonight in through tomorrow and you'll need to take the small umbrella. light rain for sure and i think that will continue through tomorrow. wednesday is the day i expect heavier rain and that's the big umbrella day. here is the rain across our area and just about everybody is seeing the rain even where it's not picking up much rain around prince george's county and the clinton area and that will continue, too. and then we look back to the west and bringing the snow back to the midwest portion and what's going on right here around the memphis area? this is the next little wave
6:49 pm
that will ride right into our area and right into tomorrow morning and tomorrow's forecast definitely calling for that rain and this is through wednesday. one inch plus and everyone in the purple has between one to two inches of rain and we are talking about a pretty good amount of rain and 48 degrees on tuesday and now the heaviest rain will come early on wednesday and later as the cold front moves on through and then the temperatures get better and it might be closer to average. average high temperature is 50, 55 degrees and average temperatures with plenty of sunshine and we'll take that. guys? >> thanks, doug. we've got sports coming up. guess who's in a tie for first place in the division? >> wow. >> stay tuned, we'll talk about it. >> first here's lester holt with
6:50 pm
a look at what's ahead on nbc "nightly news". >> hi, doreen and jim. ahead on nbc "nightly news" for the first time since friday's planned parenthood shooting we see the man accused of killing three people and wounding nine. we are there as he appears in court. american shoppers have just made history, why everything you thought you knew about holiday shopping trends just changed and we have a sobering account of the mass extinction happening right under our noses.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
the danger of being overconfident getting ready to play the cowboys, i'm thinking to myself over what? >> over five and six. >> who believes over confident? how about oversurprised that they're in such good position at this point of the season. >> no one thought this team thought they would be in this position before the season kicked off. >> the redskins are in complete control of their playoff destiny. they have five games remaining on the schedule and all five of those opponents are below 500 football teams and carol maloney is out at redskins park on this victory monday and what did head coach jay gruden had to say about the season for his team
6:54 pm
yesterday. jason, i'll paraphrase a little bit. he said get over it, basically. >> in first place in the division. remember in the preseason, nobody expected it and in the preseason many media outlets predicted the redskins to finish last in the league, espn, and now they're atop the division. how long will first last? time will tell, but having a strong run game and a strong defense, certainly, that's the winning formula on paper. against the giants skins were committed to the ground with 37 carries for 105 yards and good to see, alfred north break through with 78. two in the first half and also burning eli manning with three sacks and first multi-sack game of the season for the showstopper. the feel-good sunday. he warned the only way to make it last is to let it go. don't get too excited reading the paper and don't pat yourself
6:55 pm
on the back over a win and don't beat yourself up too bad over a loss and we have to stay consistent in our approach and we have been for the most part. we have to figure out how to put back-to-back gains for a while. making sure they practice hard and understand what's at stake here and the importance of us getting the most out of every individual and continue to stay on them and just playing fast and having fun doing it. >> so what or what stands in the way of the redskins and the division title? the schedule includes three nfc east teams and it's a road game in chicago back at home against the bills and two division road games wrap it up at philly and dallas. so as you mentioned, jason, not one team remaining on the schedule has a record better than the redskins. so you're saying there is a chance. you remember what the redskins
6:56 pm
did to the boys last year? you know revenge will be on their mind. back to you. >> that game was in dallas. colt mccoy, he started and played phenomenal. they went to dallas and shot the cowboys. carol, thanks so much. the redskins will play the cowboys next monday night and tonight's showdown matchup will feature the baltimore ravens and the cleveland browns. >> moving over to college football now and virginia tech introduced its new head football coach today. that would be justin, and the man on the left all smiles with hokeys hd with babcock. he spent the last four seasons at memphis and the tiger s win their first conference championship since 1971 and big shoes to fill coming out of frank beamer and it's what drew fuente to blacksburg. >> the tradition and this is big-time college football and we all want our shot at coaching at
6:57 pm
the highest level and this is obviously a program that's had tremendous success, and you do have to follow a legendary coach, however, but i really believed in everything i've heard about the way this place went about its business, and i wanted to be a part of it. >> the wizards have released forward martel webster. he was with the team since 2012. that year webster put up his best numbers and injuries have held him back and his back and hip have slowed him down tremendously. he had hip surgery on november 20th and the organization, ryan hollins to a non-guaranteed contract. >> before the season, the wizards were the third best team in the east and they might be the sixth or seventh best team in the eastern conference. >> you know what i think about when wye get ready to meet the cowboys and i think it was jimmy johnson's first year and they
6:58 pm
were 0 and 15 or whatever and then on thanksgiving day, lord, have mercy, who did they play but us and we were smoking at the time and they smoked us and
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, search for a motive for the time the first suspect in the deadly siege at a corado planned parenthood appeared in court. while so many questions remain over what could have driven him to do it. missing evidence. 86 minutes of video footage are gone after police are seen examining surveillance tape that could shed new light in the fatal police shooting of a chicago teen. what happened to it. killer storm. a system that left 14 dead is putting millions more at risk. whole neighborhoods coated in sheets of ice and major snow expected tonight. and record sales. american shoppers just made history. why everything you thought you knew about holiday shopping has changed and how to keep your information safe when so many of us are buying online.


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