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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. one of the most wanted terrorists in the world captured. the only surviving plotter from the paris massacre taken alive in a dramatic raid in brussels. tonight how they found him and what he can tell investigators. spring snow storm. a big nor'easter bearing down on millions right as things are supposed to be warming up. targeting trump. mitt romney's big announcement as he tries to derail the front-runner. also a scare for trump's family. threats to his children. dangerous mix, the new warning about a spike in patients unknowingly sabotaging their own life-saving treatment because of something they don't tell their doctor. and little kid, big hit, and millions of families who can't get enough.
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a success against terrorism. the words of belgium's prime minister after announcing a few hours ago that the only surviving attacker in november's terror attacks in paris has been taken alive. 130 people died in that awful night last november when isis terrorists massacred concert-goers and patrons at a restaurant. all but one of the attackers were killed within days as the last slipped across the border into belgium, and it was there in a dramatic police raid today that elusive suspect was shot and wounded and taken into custody. nbc's keir simmons has late details from brussels. >> reporter: gunfire >> reporter: gunfire. on a sidewalk special forces aim at a suspect. th
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police car. he's falled and then bundled into the back, and a crowded street close by people flee as more gunfire erupts, and live on belgian television an explosion. the dramatic police raids capturing europe's most wanted terrorist, 26-year-old salam abdeslam, on the run since the paris massacre which killed 130 people. tonight president obama called to congratulate belgium's prime minister who appeared with the french president announcing the news. abdeslam, one of ten isis members identified by investigators as taking part in the paris attacks, all now either died carrying them out, were killed or captured. he had been on the run from police for four months. the morning after the attacks he's seen on surveillance video in northern france at a gas station. he caught a ride with friends and then making it through a border checkpoint and into belgium. the manhunt accelerating when hi
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suspected suicide vest was found abandoned in paris later that month. twice since, once in december and again tuesday, prosecutors said his fingerprints had been found in raids in brussels, and the key breakthrough was that tuesday raid in the brussels neighborhood of alambique. a suspect is shot dead after abdeslam was thought to have slipped away, but finally tonight police closed in on him. the top terror suspect who was able to avoid capture for so long, even in a major european capital, now potentially providing investigators with an intelligence gold mine. >> this case is all about intelligence, the ability to look and see if there are other pending attacks or those that are in place right now. additionally, they will be looking at other co-conspirators, whop are other members of this organization. >> reporter: abdeslam was found in in neighborhood, just streets from his childhood ho
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french president saying there were many more people involved in the paris attacks than was first thought. lester? >> keir simmons tonight in belgium, thanks. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel has covered this manhunt from paris to brussels and beyond. richard, what do you make of this takedown? >> reporter: lester, i think the most revealing aspect of all of this is location. why did he go back to his home neighborhood, and i think it reveals how isolated he was. you see, from isis' perspective abdeslam was a failure. the other attackers all died in the attack, and if you're an isis suicide commando, the group does not expect you to survive. he couldn't go to syria now having failed in this attack. he couldn't slip away back into isis-held territory, so he went back home where he still had a network of friends and supporters who were able to shelter him. perhaps the belgian authorities should have been looking in the most obvious place all along. lester? >> and the question, of course, what can he tell authorities? richard, thank you. let's turn now to
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a late-breaking political development here at home. just two weeks after his scathing public dressing down of donald trump, mitt romney has announced he'll vote for ted cruz in next week's utah primary. the 2012 republican nominee is not calling it an endorsement, but he's being quite open about his motivation. hallie jackson is covering the cruz campaign. tell us more about this, hallie. >> reporter: sure, lester. this move by mitt romney is like a bat signal to the rest of the establishment to get on board behind ted cruz who is campaigning along the border in arizona today, but in utah where romney's influence with the mormon community to make the most difference. they have modeled the path to the nomination not just on winning utah but winning big and cutting into donald trump's lead but don't call this an an endorsement. mitt romney isn't. instead, he said conservatives should unite behind cruz to force an open convention, and that tells us two things. first, that the
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necessarily hon who it is for though it knows who is against and, second, how serious party leaders are that a contested convention is the most plausible way to stop trump. >> listen, in my book when someone says i'm voting for you and i encourage everyone else to vote for you, that's pretty darn good, and i'll take that and take that happily. >> reporter: all of this a blow to john kasich, lester, with romney calling a vote for him a vote for trumpism. >> all right. hallie jackson tonight, thanks. we're going to get reaction to this from the trump campaign. nbc's katy tur has that for us. katy, what are you hearing? >> reporter: lester, donald trump is responding in typical donald trump fashion tweeting that mitt romney is a failed presidential candidate, a mixed-up many man who
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2012. now, although romney's support could help ted cruz in iowa, it is important to note that this is a very conservative state, much like iowa, much like oklahoma. both of which ted cruz won and donald trump lost. still, trump is campaigning there, even amid news and some serious security concerns for him and his family. >> reporter: security around donald trump tightening as new threats target the gop front-runner and his family. the joint terrorism task force now investigating a suspicious envelope filled with white powder delivered to trump's son eric in his new york city home. preliminary tests show the powder was not hazardous, but police sources tell nbc news the letter, postmarked massachusetts, demanded donald trump drop out and threatened the contents of the next envelope won't be fake. >> this is a call to arms. >> reporter: and now the hacker group anonymous declaring total war on trump. >> we need you to dismantle this campaign and sabotage his brand. >> reporter: the group promising to expose the billionaire, now posting personal information, including his social security number. so much of that information was already available online. still, the secret service is investigating
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presence around the candidate himself after a man tried to jump a barricade to rush the stage at a rally in dayton, ohio. >> you have counterassault assets and countersniper assets. this says to me that this is a grave threat. >> reporter: trump is back on the trail in utah and so are the protesters preparing to disrupt the candidate in salt lake tonight and arizona tomorrow. katy tur, nbc news, new york. >> just in time for the start of spring, a big snow storm is barreling across the country from the rockies to the mid-atlantic and all the way up to new england, but how much impact it's said to have depends on which super powerful computer is right. for years the u.s. has lagged behind in the technology to keep up with european forecasters, but as al roker reports, this season that's about to change. >> here's the storm time line. we're going to see the snow mixing with some
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rain sunday morning. >> reporter: the east coast bracing for a potential nor'easter this weekend. >> we're definitely getting snow on sunday into monday. into monday. >> reporter: the forecast from d.c. to boston, snow, on the first day of spring, but just how much? that's the million dollar question, why? the models. the european model, new york city, around 8 to 10 inches of snow. up into new england 12 inches or more. the american model, almost nothing. so which is right? >> the actual positioning. front -- >> reporter: his torically the european model. it predicted the track of sandy and joaquin thanks to a superior super computer. just outside of london at the european center for medium-range weather forecasts, they take a ton of data, crunch it through a supercomputer, one of the fastest in the world, producing what many say is the gold standard of weather models, the european model. >> what we are doing is we're
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is we're adjusting the whole trajectory of the model in time over 12 hours, every 12 hours, using observation so it's a continuum, more continuous fit of the model to the observations. >> redevelops. >> reporter: but back in the national weather service, they are doing their part to close the gap. urgent efforts to ensure more accurate forecasting. they now have two new supercomputers of their own. >> you need the world's fastest computers because we are talking are very complex formulation of the atmosphere and we're lagging significantly in the computing power. >> reporter: now, lester, they are catching up, and this storm may be one where we see parity has been gained. you look at what's going on. the american model and the european model, the european model is coming closer to what the american model originally showed. on saturday rain and snow in d.c. and philadelphia, and heavier snow as you get into the appalachians. as we get into sunday evening, snow increasing from new york city to new england, heaviest during sunday night, and then by monday it's just about over. a lot of strong wind and much colder and the snow ends by afternoon and look at
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[000:10:59;00] the european, about 2 to 4 inches from new york city to boston the heaviest and the american model much less and it seems like the european model with each one is coming closer to what the american model says. says. >> and we don't get a vote. >> exactly. >> happy spring, by the way. >> you bet. we turn now to a troubling story developing out of wiping where more than a does u.s. airmen are suspended amid reports that they are the subjects of drug scandals. jim miklaszewski has the report. >> reporter: they guard one of america's most powerful nuclear >> reporter: they guard one of america's most powerful nuclear arsenals and are now under investigation for alleged illegal drug activity. the 14 airmen are part of a massive security norse for the 150 nuclear missile silos at f.e. warren air base at cheyenne, wyoming. all 14 were suspended from duty earlier this week after reports they were involved in
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illicit drug refused to reveal the nature of the offense or the drugs involved but said the activity occurred while the 14 junior airmen were off base and off duty, and it had no impact on security for the nuclear arsenal. >> this is something that the air force has been trying and failing to address for years, and they do need to get to the bottom of this to correct these problems which do compromise the security. >> reporter: it's the third scandal in nine years involving the air force nuclear mission. nine nuclear weapons officers were fired in a cheating scandal at mal strom air base in montana, and four nuclear commanders were ousted after the air force lost track of six nuclear weapons at minot air base in north dakota. this time the air force quickly launched an investigation, in an effort to quickly erase still one more black mark on their nuclear mission. lester? >> all right, jim miklaszewski, thank you. bail has been
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revoked for a former prep school student when he was convicted last year of misdemeanor sexual assault against a fellow student. a judge says owen labrie repeatedly violated the terms of a court-imposed curfew and sent him straight to jail to begin serving his sentence. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the story. >> i'm going to revoke bail. >> reporter: own labrie no longer a free man led out of a new hampshire court this afternoon. >> guilty. >> reporter: labrie had been out on bail under strict conditions while his case was appealed, having been convicted of a misdemeanor sexual assault of an underaged classmate when the two were at an elite prep school. after a reporter tweeted about labrie visiting a girlfriend at harvard last month, the prosecution investigated whether he violated his 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. curfew. the defense admitted labrie had missed curfew but argued he was visiting with lawyers or taking classes.
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>> he chose wrongly, your honor, admittedly, to try to >> reporter: labrie's case gained national attention when the trial revealed an alleged ritual at the st. paul school known as the senior salute when seniors ask out freshmen, sometimes for sex. labrie now faces up to a year in jail. his attorneys deciding whether they will appeal the bail revocation. >> never in 17 years have i seen someone violated on bail for going to college, for going to life. >> the message is bail orders have to be complied with and when the court issues a bail order non-compliance is subject to penalties. >> reporter: so tonight the 20-year-old is behind bars. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, concord, new hampshire. still ahead here tonight, risky combination. how you may unknowingly sabotage your medical care with something millions of american adults take every day. also, you never know what they will say next. kids cracking up the country on tv's newest runaway hit. [000:14:55;00]
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and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. we're back now with a warning from doctors for the tens of millions of americans who take dietary supplements. perhaps you're one of the two-thirds of adults who takes at least one supplement every day. researchers are finding many of them can interfere with prescription meds, especially cancer drugs. yet as nbc's tom costello reports, patients often forget to tell their doctors
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they are taking them. >> reporter: for 42-year-old shelly newhouse a devastating diagnosis, facing nc mastectomy and then on the advice of holistic practitioners loaded up on any dietary supplement that promised to build her immune system and fight the cancer. >> i was taking 60 pills a day. >> reporter: 60, 60 supplement pills a day? >> yes. >> reporter: but when she went back to dana farber cancer institute to begin chemotherapy, her white count was too low to start, likely due to all the supplements, say her doctors. >> she didn't realize it was important for me to know what she was taking when she was on chemotherapy as it wasn't a prescription medication. >> reporter: it took weeks without supplements before her white count was high enough to begin the chemo. now new research indicates it's becoming more common. the biggest concern many supplements can interfere with cancer drugs, either lessening their effectiveness or make being them more toxic and many prescribing doctors never know the patients are taking the supplements. supplements like echinacea and kava can impact breast cancer drugs and other
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supplements can interfere with a wide range of prescriptions from blood thinners to cholesterol and anxiety meds, even >> people think, you know, it can't hurt, but biggest problem is that there are active ingredients in dietary supplements that act same way that medications do in the body. >> reporter: many want the fda to regulate supplements. >> that just because something is natural doesn't mean that it's safe. >> reporter: the supplement industry stresses they can be health and as long as patients tell their doctors what they are taking. shelly now takes six. >> i believe in taking the vitamin supplements because i wanted to do anything that i could to beat cancer. >> reporter: the good news, today shelly learned she's cancer-free. tom costello, nbc news, boston. we're back in a moment with the proud new parents in a suddenly very busy nest at the national arboretum. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me
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actor dillon o'brien has been seriously injured on the set of a new "maze runner" movie in vancouver. the young star was some sort of mishap during filming though the film studio, 20th century fox, did not release details. production has been shut down while he recovers. history in the military tonight. defense secretary ash carter says president barack obama will nominate the first woman to head a major combatant command. if confirmed by the senate air force general, lori robinson would head the u.s. northern command which was created after 9/11 to coordinate and improve our homeland defenses. the newest resident in our nation's capital has finally come out of its shell, a baby bald eagle hatched on a live web cam this morning at the national arboretum, and viewers who stayed tuned also got a peek at its very first feeding. a second eaglet is expected to hatch this weekend. when we come back, the adorably funny
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kids on the new tv breakout hit for the whole family. ♪ what you want, baby i got finally tonight, the little kids with big talent on tv's newest hit show. millions are tuning in for "little big shots"
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sunday nights right here on nbc to see what these kids can do, but it's what they are saying that really has famies our kevin tibbles has more. >> welcome to "little big shots," everybody. >> reporter: the only thing little about "little big shots." >> that's enough. >> reporter: are the pint-sized prodigies. ♪ >> reporter: nearly 15 million people tuned in to watch host steve harvey introduce some very talented kids. and somehow navigate some quirky conversation. >> where are your balls? >> reporter: his facial expressions take over when words just won't do. >> you can't produce a 6-year-old. he doesn't remember what you told him to say. he doesn't care, and neither do i, so that's the magic. >> reporter: "little big shots" is the sleeper success of the season, tapping into that tried and true tradition of something the whole family can enjoy together. >> oh.
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>> reporter: the show's co-executive producer is ellen degeneres. >> it's a talent sw but not a competition. everyone's a winner. >> art linkletter and the kids. >> reporter: in the '50s and '60s folks were glued to the tube and art linkletter's "house party" where kids often said the darnedest things. >> what's the hardest thing about school for you? >> buttoning my pants. >> reporter: and perhaps there's another reason we're watching. >> it's during this election year where adults are behaving badly. here you can actually see the future of the country through the kids as opposed to the politicians. >> reporter: this teeny tiny talent time is clearly a hit with kids of all ages. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> and that's going to do it for us on a friday night. a quick program note. this broadcast will originate from cuba beginning sunday as president obama becomes the first president in more than 80 years to visit that
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country. we'll see you from there. i'm lester h
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watching and good night. watching and good night. lights, camera, access. >> you went to your son's berth day party dressed as batman? >> it's not that i went there. it was at my house. >> jennifer had her say about


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