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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 1, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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we've had mostly light rain falling since late last night, but now moderate to even briefly heavy rain about to sweep through the metro area coming in from the south and west. you can see that line there beginning to form in central and south central virginia. that is t
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north and east. the northern edge of that is just now into prince william county and farther south, that line will sweep close to us another three, four hours. but this is the leading edge of some of that more moderate rain. the core of that is about 40 minutes away of getting into central fairfax county and then a little after that coming right into the metro aerk we'll get that wave of moderate rain coming through. then it will settle down in the a afternoon. maybe heavier downpours later tonight. we'll look at that hour by hour coming up. sxroo we want to get you updated on the breaking news of the morning. a csx train has derailed in northeast d.c. it's causing a bit of a hazmat situation. you can see the pictures here on your screen. this is happening in the 900 block of rhode island avenue. that is close to the rhode island avenue metro station. d.c. fire has shut down rhode island avenue itself between fourth and 10th
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p. >> ten railcars overturned ability at least one is leaking hazardous fluids. krc csx said they had 95 cars carrying materials, only one leaking the sodium hydroxide. but we did talk with doug would you cbuchanan and he says they'e working to contain it and there is no risk to anyone living by. >> no shelter in placed ones or evacuation orders. they say they have a pretty good handle on containing whatever spilled and we do want to let you know that the federal railroad administration has been called into check out what was happening here and investigators are on the scene. so just to recap, c train derailment, rhode island avenue closed, red line metro service suspected between noma and brookland and the nbc washington app will have everything you need to know. buses have been cle
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everything back to where they need to be. taken by malkin. malkin in front. score! and it's 2-1 penguins. >> yeah, the other big story. it was down to the wire, but the caps could not pull out the win. they lost 2-1, just one goal. the series tied up at one game a piece and the series heads to pittsburgh where the caps will have their work cut out for them. carol maloney explains what the team needs to work on now in their quest for the cup. >> reporter: a problem that plagued the caps all season long is now a part of the playoffs. slow starts. holtby helped the caps kill off five penalties. caps only trail 1-0 until they convert the power play. marcus yohansen ties the score
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an old friend got the game winner and caps lose 2-1. >> getting embarrassed out there and we were only down a goal. so it was a positive thing. but too late. >> i think we got a little mad and we just said we can't control what we can't control and put our heads down and went to work. and i think it showed. it would have been real nice to have that one, but first two periods just weren't good enough. >> we had periods six minute games and can't give it to a team like that. had much time and space and we'll go in there and it will be a good thing to get on the road and play more of a simple style. seems like the road does that to you. >> reporter: caps lose the game and they may lose more than that. orpik with a late hit and elbow to the head on maatta who did not return. the league will review the hit.
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if you know anything about brooks, he plays hard and clean. he's not a dirty player. pittsburgh people know that. he plays the game hard, but the right way. so whatever the league cities, we'll just deal with it. >> reporter: the series now shifts to pittsburgh. and the caps hope the momentum does, too. at verizon center, carol maloney, news 4 sports. an ambulance screw assaulted by the patient they were trying to help about it happened in langley park this morning. the family of the teenage male patient thought he had too much to drink and needed medical assists tan. when the crew arrived, he grabbed and hit the female crew member. both crew members were able to get away from him 37 police also responded to the scene. the female crew member was not hurt. no word yet if any charges will be placed against
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ted cruz won pig big in vira this weekend. sort of. get the delegates but only in the case of the contested convention. gop delegates were selected on saturday. at large bids only come into play if trump does not receive the necessary 1237 delegates before the convention. still, trump supporters are outraged there is not more support in the party for the people's choice. >> the people of virginia have spoken, you overwhelmingly backed mr. trump as our nominee. >> again, cruz's victory in virginia will only matter if he can block trump from clinching the nomination before the convention in july. he only needs 240. changes in virginia's r.'s next race for governor. wtop is reporting that corey stewart is
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he's also chairman of the prince william county board of supervisors. we've also learned that former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli will not run again. cuccinelli lost to mcauliffe back in 2013. and former gop national committee chairman he had gillespie and congressman rob whitman are also running for governor so far. we had to check whether they wanted san diego oig or fish, but instead a whole bunch of you wrote in paul ryan. >> he's a funny guy. president obama holds nothing back at the white house correspondents dinner. we'll show you some of the political jabs. nd at latest on the breaking news in northeast d.c. we're following the csx train derailment this morning. we know hazardous materials leaking from at least one of the cars. ten cars are off the tracks.
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well, it is the end of an era for president obama. last night he attended his final white house correspondents' dinner and provided plenty of political punch lines. >> they might actually invite him pack. >> he also joked about the anxiousness some are feeling to leave the white house. >> but the prospect of leaving the white house is a mixed bag. you might have heard that someone jumped the white house fence last week, but i have to give secret service credit, they found michelle, brought her back, she's safe back at home now. only nine more months, baby. settle down. >> secret service guy not even cracking a smile. he also talked a bit about the other candidates in the race for the oval office. >> hillary trying to appeal to
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signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? is it appearing on your wall? i'm not sure i'm using this right. love aunt hillary. >> nice. the president said this after calling bernie sanders the, quote, bright new face of the democratic party and clowning donald trump for not being in attendance, he of course left the stage at last night's dinner with that mike drop. he's good at that for sure. >> and that's been a trending topic on twitter. a lot of celebrities came in p will smith, kendall jenner. it's been days since many of us have seen the thing called the sun. tom is updating his forecast
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forward to in the week ahead. >> and we continue to stay on top of the breaking news in northeast d.c. the csx train derailment, ten cars reportedly off the tracks and hazmat teams are working to contain hazardous material. no evacuations have been ordered, but we're seeing a big traffic impact. stay with us.
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washington. we know ten railcars have overturned and are leaking hazardous materials. this is all happening in the 900 block of rhode island avenue right near the rhode island metro station. the spill was contained to the track bed and what we've found out is that there is no impact on waterways or storm drains or any risk to public health. cleanup, though, this is important, we've learned that it could take more than two days or one to two gadays. red line service is suspended between noma and brookland. they are bringing buses into help out the situation. they don't mean that metro station will be shut down for two to two days, but we'll stay on top of that. and some more moderate rain is about to move into the metro area after we've had generally light rain since late last night. now looking at storm team 4 radar, close-up view showing patches of yellow where it's coming down a little
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the metro area. it will be right into the district here in about another 15 minutes or so. and then some more maybe a little bit later on around noontime. then drying out this afternoon. a look at when we'll finally see the sun, that is coming up. now to politics. president obama took as many shots as he could at the presidential candidates at the correspondents continue he. >> and chuck todd joining us live. did he take a shot at you? >> oh, yeah. a big one. no i did a quick little thing in the video. not every day that the leader of the free world says certain words. >> and it was bleeped out. >> i have in order why what he said. i think he said fine job, chuck todd. >> that' what he said. >> watch "meet the press" at 10:30 on channel 4, chuck todd. >> do you think he will miss doing that? because he's pretty good at it. >> he's have good at it. actually, our last three
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presidents have all been very good. bush was good. it's something about -- and you wonder is it something that you just sort of -- maybe successful politicians in the modern era develop timing. because what is amazing about all three is how good they were with timing. president obama even with the video with speaker boehner, you gets the look, he can speak without talking. with the way a good actor can. >> and sound effects and everything that goes along with it. >> but i would say best supporting actor to john boehner. >> sure. >> that was good stuff. got to say, that was good stuff, too. >> when they offered him a cigarette, his whole facial expression. >> they have good writers. i'll say that. >> you have to be able to deliver, too. real quick, though, want to talk about then because all eyes are on the state come tuesday. ted cruz, is this this make or break for him? i know he won't say it, but -- >> his actions are saying it. they cld
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they got that agreement done. and whether it's a pact that is worth anything, kasich is not campaigning there. he announced a running mate in indianapolis. yes, not getting national buzz, but perhaps local buzz. he has the endorsement of the state's governor. so he is acting as if it's make or break. of course he one of the say it because politicians, they can't make themselves say something definitive anymore. it's obviously a frustration. you'll pick up on that. my frustration in our interview -- but it is. what's the rationale if you lose. how does he keep going forward. >> and the fiorina to me didn't -- i know that's a strategy that reagan had used, but -- >> but the reagan strategy in ' '76, it was with a specific goal in mind. getting delegates. he picked a senator from pennsylvania because the delegates, most up bound delegates that he could find were pennsylvania delegates. so the problem with the carly
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good one in a general election, may make a lot of sense in october. did he get the delegates? what state does she help him win between now and june 7 and how many delegates can she bring to him. hub would have brought 150. john kasich would have probably 120. those would have made more sense in this moment of need. >> talking about bernie sanders who was actually at the dinner last night, a lot of jokes made about him will and he's such a good sport about it, but we know that he's dialed back his campaign. first sign of an exit strategy? >> i would say a wind down strategy. i think he's going to go through to june 14 thanks to the district of columbia voting a week after all the other primaries on june 7. but i think it's a tone down of the rhetoric. he might win indiana on tuesday. the problem is if he wins he will win it by three points and he won't make a delegateim
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he know it is. so how does he reconcile with clinton. that to me is going to be what we have to follow the next six weeks. how does clinton get him on board with her campaign. and i'll have john brennan, director of the cia. five years today of the bin laden raid. >> it was on a sunday. >> on a sunday, too. there is the president laughing it up at the dinner and literally within six hours, he's giving the final go-add to this raid th that capped off probably the five strangest days in the obama preside presidency. but we talk about the threats in europe, rise of isis. how it was missed. and, boy, do we get in to saudi arabia and this issue of do we release these redacted pages. >> a lot of ground to cover. and you can se
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every sunday right here on nbc 4. receipts let's turn our att the weather. it's soggy out there. need the umbrella all day? >> not all day. it looks like it will taper off and getting questions about what about the game in baltimore for the orioles. it looks like there may be a little bit of drizzle. p they play in that. between now and then, moderate showers coming through. the pockets of yellow is where it's coming down pretty hard generally from richmond down to north carolina. that is going to pass just south and east of the metro area. and we're getting one pocket of moderate rain, this area in yellow now just coming into central fairfax county, and that will be tracking right across falls church and then come inside the beltway through mclean and then get arlington and then right into the district here just in the next ten minutes or so, it will be rolling right on through. and there is still quite a chill in the air. we're just in the 50s from the
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chesapeake bay. here is the timing on the showers coming through. there is that one wave this morning. and then as we go across the eastern shore by 2:00, 3:00, beginning to pull away. and the round of showers and thunderstorms coming in this this evening by 9:00, coming into the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. and between 10:00 and midnight rolling right through the metro area, heavy downpours with thunder and lightning, and then it moves east of the bay after that by dawn tomorrow, just clouds around the hour by hour forecast, we stay in the 50s through the afternoon and this evening as we get the showers and thundershowers coming on through. and then they'near 80 tomorrow afternoon. maybe more showers tuesday and again wednesday and thursday. recapping, csx train has derailed. at least ten cars have gone off the tracks. hazmat teams working to contain that situation. no evacuations have
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the latest on the breaking news. csx train derailed in northeast washington causing this hazmat situation. we know ten cars went off the tracks around 7:00 this morning on rhode island
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>> and this also faepaffecting o and some roads. let's get more from derrick ward who is live on the scene. >> reporter: we understand that things are pretty much static down there on the tracks and stable at this point. going to direct your attention down there again. as you can see, this is sort of looking at the northern end of this. this is the southbound train we're told headed for north carolina. this derailment happened at about 7:00 a.m. this morning. there was a release of what we have been told is hydrogen -- hydroxide, sodium hydroxide. we're told it's not an immediate threat to people away here. we have seen some csx workers down on the track walking around and trying to assess the damage there. again, 7:00 people reporting hearing loud boos and they closed off a significant area traffic-wise and here, they shut down the rhode island avenue station. we haven't seen a subway train come through on the
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track since then. later today we'll a an update and bring the information to you as it's available. back to you. thanks so much. and we know that this is a big mess to scene up and they're saying one to two days to get it under control. but that didn't necessarily mean that the metro station will be shut down. >> federal investigators are the scene. and a news kchconference is jus about to start. you can get all the updates on nbc washington app and also say tuned for
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this sunday is donald trump about to wrap up the republican nomination? >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> ted cruz is making a last stand in indiana. he belittles trump. >> the only thing he knows how to do, yells or screams or curses or insults. >> will cruz endorse trump if he loses on tuesday? >> why won't you answer that question straight forward, black and white. >> let me finish the point i'm making. >> my lively interview with ted cruz. plus, it's been exactly five years since the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the lead every of al qaeda. my exclusive sitdown


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