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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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donald trump could lock up the nomination tomorrow in indiana. first, our weather. we're tracking the threat of strong storms tonight. some of you already seeing rain and a severe thunderstorm warning is posted for parts of the region. >> doug, this could be a rough one, huh? >> it could be a rough one tonight. we've seen a lot of rain and clouds the last couple of days. today we got into the sunshine and that helped to destabilize the atmosphere. take a look at the radar right now. the area in purple, that's the severe thunderstorm watch that includes loudoun county, montgomery county, prince george's county, and places down to the south. this is around the city of fairfax and manassas. manassas right under the gun. i'm going to show you exactly where this storm is. notice the lightning associated with this storm too. there has been a lot of lightning within the past half hour and also the potential for
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region, so we are watching this as it moves off to the north and east around 20 miles per hour. it will move right along 66. if you live in and around the city of fairfax, you're seeing the dark skies. you're probably already hearing the thunder too. get the kids inside. make sure you're inside. another lightning strike just to the west of 95. each one of these yellow boxes is a severe thunderstorm warning and numerous storms are in fact moving our way. we'll continue to keep you posted throughout the night tonight. we do think this could be a long duration between 10:00 and 11:00 tonight. now to the fight for votes in indiana. it's a dead heat among the democrats. our poll shows hillary clinton with a slim lead that is within the margin of error. if the polls are correct on the republican side, donald trump is ahead by 15%, but senator ted cruz is hoping five campaign
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today. steve handelsman is where a trump rally just wrapped up. >> reporter: donald trump is in a hurry. he left this rally that had a pretty big crowd here just outside indianapolis. he's headed off for one more rally before tomorrow's vote. the republican frontrunner, he leaves behind him these guys that sell make america great t-shirts and hats. donald trump in indiana where tomorrow he vows to kill off his competition and pivot to the general election. >> i would like to get on to hillary. we've been all these others. indiana is very important because if i win, that's the end of it. >> reporter: only ted cruz is campaigning here against trump, vowing not to quit. >> i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to
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i am competing to the end. >> reporter: trump leads cruz by 15 in the latest poll. despite cruz naming carly fiorina his running mate. >> i'm a little more interested in cruz's campaign now because carly has a good finance background. >> what i love about donald trump is he has created a great awakening. >> reporter: is trump the inevitable nominee if cruz-fiorina lose tomorrow? is he? >> conventional wisdom has been long every step of the way in this race, so why should we believe it now? >> if he wins by double digits, ted cruz has to stop talking about a contested convention. >> reporter: today cruz was confronting pro-trump demonstrators, going all out like he did back in iowa when cruz
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trump. hillary clinton is eager to move on to november to the general election. her lead over bernie sanders going into tomorrow's vote is now 321 delegates. i'm steve handelsman, news4. our first look now at the csx train derailment in northeast d.c. you can see something happens that forces one of the cars to derail and then the domino effect begins. this was captured from a surveillance camera near the rhode island metro station. another angle shows the ensuing pile up as the rail cars begin bouncing off each other. mark segraves is near the scene now. have they figured out why this happened yet? >> reporter: hey, jim. i can tell you federal inspectors as well as d.c. inspectors have been on the scene since yesterday. they say it is
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say what may have caused this derailment. you can take a look down behind me and you can see work is still under way. as to that video that we were showing you earlier, very dramatic video of the derailment and all of the cars piling up. during that video, one of the angles shows sparks flying from beneath one of the tankered cars. i actually asked one of the csx officials here and a federal inspector about that video. they say it is too early to read anything into it. it will be part of the investigation. they are looking at that video and they are inspecting these tracks. they're interviewing the crew of the train. it could be up to a year before they can say what the cause of this derailment was. >> these tracks are inspected visually several times a week. they are inspected between three and 12 times a year by a system that uses ultrasound to examine the internal characteristics of the steel rails to int
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defects. >> reporter: so jim, you just heard the csx official talking about the inspection of these tracks. they say that is routine here. they exceed the federal requirements for inspections on the tracks on a weekly basis. >> when are they going to restore service, mark? do you know? >> reporter: that's the million dollar question for so many commuters. we asked eleanor holmes norton who was down here talking to inspectors today. she said they wouldn't tell her the answer to that question either. it will be several days at least until normal rail service is restored along these tracks here between cumberland and virginia. we're following breaking news in prince george's county. over the scene of a man who was shot and killed in brandywine. it happened on general lafayette boulevard. that is just off route 301 not far from the brandywine
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police still looking for suspects. shomari stone has just arrived on the scene there. we'll bring you any new information as soon as we get it. a new york man was killed overnight driving the wrong direction on the beltway. it happened near alexandria. the driver hit another suv head on and a third vehicle was damaged by debris from that crash. three people inside those cars were hurt, but they're going to be okay. there's no word tonight on why the driver who was killed was going the wrong way. it could be weeks before an assisted living in facility in laurel can be opened. flames raced through that home today. half a dozen residents and patients were there at the time inside, but they made it out safely thanks in part to the home sprinkler system. meagan fitzgerald is there with more on this. >> reporter: jim, firefighters say it was actually that sprinkler system that exting
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they even made it here. the patients that live inside that assisted living facility are elderly. some of them disabled. if it wasn't for that sprinkler system, it's possible some folks wouldn't be alive. firefighters rushed to this home around 12:30 this afternoon. >> then they came in and got me out of my room and brought me downstai downstairs. >> reporter: firefighters escorted patients out of this assisted living facility after a fire started inside the kitchen. >> the fire grew in intensity enough to the point that the residential sprinkler system activated and actually extinguished that fire. >> reporter: mark brady says it's likely the sprinkler system inside the home saved the lives of the residents who live here, which is why he says this fire should be a lesson to all residents and a reminder
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year. >> it's a good idea to get them checked out. make sure there's no air in the system. >> reporter: they discovered the business was in violation with both the county and the state. >> we checked the permit status of this particular home and they do have a permit on display. however, it expired last month. >> reporter: while residents like milton morgan are happy to have made it out safely, he's disappointed it will likely be weeks before he can return. >> i'm lucky to be alive. >> reporter: now the caretaker says that she is working right now in trying to comply with county and state officials. in the meantime, all the caretakers that work here at the facility and the patients will temporarily stay at a hotel until they're able to make it back inside here. doreen? >> thank you. we're working to find out if capital murder charges are going to be brought against a man accused of killing a prince
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william county police officer. today, a grand jury met to consider six charges against ronald hamilton. he's accused of killing ashley guindon on her first day on the job. hamilton is also charged with killing his wife crystal. if the grand jury returns indictments, a trial date will be set next. baltimore police released more details about three s.w.a.t. team members who shot a man outside a tv station last week. together, the officers have 58 years of experience among them. alex brizzi walked into the fox station last thursday wearing an animal costume over a life jacket disguised to look like an explosive vest. he wanted the station to broadcast recorded rants about the end of the world. the officers shot and injured brizzi. those officers are now on
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there's a city offering to pay for some of the costs of that, but that comes with a catch. attorneys for a university of mary washington student admit he strangled and killed his housemate grace mann last year, but they say he was insane at the time. i'll tell you who got his first text right after the murder. plus, a closer look at the potential changes on metro as federal officials get ready to reveal the cause of a deadly smoke incident on the rail. this is right around manassas over towards the city of fairfax. we have some hail out of the sky, so watch out. if you live around manassas just down to the south or if you're in fairfax county especially around burke or clifton, this sto moving your way.rm
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up here and around the city, dark clouds starting to form over us all because of this storm just down to the south. it's right now the only one in our area, but starting to see some around culpeper county. a lot of lightning around the springfield area along 395 and the beltway and then back down to the south right around
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this is what's called the hail core here. that's what i'm watching in manassas. very heavy hail could be falling this this area. this whole storm moving to the north and east rather quickly here, 20 to 30 miles per hour. it will be in fairfax county. this is also montgomery county. let me go back two slides. it does include the arlington area around the clarendon region. you can time that out. a severe thunderstorm warning
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way towards the north and east at that 20, 30 miles per hour. heads up around reston and great falls and around bethesda around 6:30. we'll continue to keep you posted. i'll be back in five minutes with the latest on the radar. want to get back to that story in prince george's county where police are investigating a homicide in brandywine. shomari stone just arrived on the scene and has more. >> reporter: i'm here on general lafayette boulevard, 15100, in brandywine in prince george's county. you look right down there. you can see that there's crime scene investigators there. you have forensics. there is a body of an adult male. police tell me around 1:50 today they received a call about a shooting out here. police respond and over there that is where they found the body. now, we know this person, according to police, has been shot at s
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police are in the process of tryingo identify who this man is. they're waiting for the medical examiner to arrive here. then they will touch the body and see if this person has a driver's license or any other type of id on the body. now, moments ago there were two people who drove here to the scene. i asked them -- they looked very upset. i said is that your relative perhaps over there. they said that they believe so. i'm giving them their privacy. it's a really tough time for the family as i'm sure you can understand. police have not identified the body. they have not told us if they have identified any suspects or persons of interest. keep in mind, this is preliminary in the investigation. police right now are trying to understand what they're dealing with here and are gathering details. i'm shomari stone, news4. a major milestone. it's been five years since the death of osama bin laden. it was may 1st, 2011 when navy
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pakistan. bin laden was killed that night. his body buried at sea. yet it was not the end of islamic extremism. here are three developments since that time. the terror group isis surged on to the international stage two years ago. they carried out a series of public beheadings and other atrocities. then they moved into the arena of international terrorism. while isis is dominating headlines, experts worry al qaeda affiliates may be working under the radar to build human networks that will outlast isis.
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this is holocaust remembrance week. the museum invites members of the public to read the names of some of the men, women, and children who were killed during the holocaust. during that time, the nazis systematically persecuted and murdered 6 million jews. new at 6:00 tonight, security cameras do a lot to catch criminals. there's a popular new program in the district that will actually reward you for buying and installing the technology. >> reporter: caught on camera. businesses, schools, most everywhere, crime watch 24/7. d.c. police chief. >> it's almost impossible to commit a crime these days and not be caught on somebody's video. >> reporter: that somebody's video includes wanda hawkins. she installed security cameras around her home in northeast washington. >> i feel better. i just needed a little bit
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security protection, and the cameras were the best solution. >> reporter: good security cameras are expensive. more than 200 people like plz hawkins and businesses so far have applied for rebates up to $750 to install the cameras in the city. d.c. police can have access if needed to the video. >> the benefit to us is knowing that you have the cameras and that we can access it if a crime occurs. >> reporter: at fort lincoln, mrs. hawkins mainly worries about deer eating her flowers. >> the city has pockets of crime. >> reporter: she can bring up the cameras on her phone anywhere. >> i really feel a little bit more comfortable just knowing i have that extra piece of security. >> reporter: a council member came up the camera idea after dozens of community meetings. >> we kept coming back to security cameras. >> reporter: it's a $500,000 rebate program. he'll ask for more if that money
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news4. caps in pittsburgh tonight getting ready for game three against the penguins. >> carol maloney is in pittsburgh to get us ready for game three. >> reporter: it is a critical night here in pittsburgh. the winner of this one between the caps and the penns wthe pen the series 60% of the time. it was a light hearted workout. ov showing off a nifty goal scoring move. slow starts have plagued this team all season long. they're vowing to fix it and fast. looking for the third period intensity right from the get-go tonight. that'll be the big challenge.
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it falls on a special day for one washington capital. we'll have that story for you in just a few minutes. starbucks in hot water because of its iced drinks, but it's not the first time the coffee chain has been
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and still tracking that severe weather across our region right now. fairfax county really under the gun right now. you're under the gun right now for sure. take a look. this is our tower cam looking off in the distance. you can actually see the rain coming down from there storm just past tyson's corner in the distance. a little bit farther to the west, you see the storm moving on in. you can see where it is on storm team 4 radar. most of the area right now in through fairfax county, a little bit of prince william county too. those are the two counties under the severe thunderstorm warning. heads up down towards this region too. all eyes around
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fairfax between fairfax and the herndon area. down to the south just north of woodbridge east of manassas making their way towards burke and clifton. heads up, if you're in this region, get the kids in. get inside too. we have some lightning and thunder associated with that, but also some hail. any time you see the purples this is actually hail. that's where you see the best chance for hail now making its way toward parts of southern fairfax county. a little hail core here west of v vienna. once again, let's go and zoom on out on this guy. this is the latest storm that we were watching around the vienna area over towards four corners. this is going to make its way towards the dulles toll road and down toward oakton. we haa
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watch until 10:00 tonight. numerous severe thunderstorm warnings to our southwest too. this is what we're going to have to deal with tonight. if you're going to be out, if you're thinking about it, these are the risks that you're taking. severe thunderstorm risks tonight. high winds for sure. potential winds 50 to 60 miles per hour. hail is going to be a threat tonight. flooding, not too worried about that, but a threat. a very low risk of tornados. future weather timing this out tonight. numerous storms around the area around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, even 11:00. overnight tonight, we'll see more of that rain move in. the potential for very heavy rain into early tomorrow morning when you wake up and step out the front door around 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow. temperatures only in the 60s. i want to take a look and see what this is. let me
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[ beeping ] >> hoping this is not what i think it might be. i just want to check and look just in case. the alert is not coming up. that is a new severe thunderstorm warning. that's good. this is for prince george's county. this is also for northern portions of charles county. you can see around the waldorf area. this storm now moving off towards the east. in through arlington county, in through alexandria, waldorf, the severe thunderstorm warning has just been issued. most likely issued through at least the 7:00 hour. heads up around mount vernon. we'll continue to keep you posted on these. this is a pretty good storm system right here. guys? we'll be right back.
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now at 6:30, a college student murdered. her housemate on trial. tonight, the emotional testimony the jury is hearing. one day before a federal meeting on last year's deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza. a not so clean getaway. >> when i got upstairs and we figured it out, it was gone. you have probably heard about that lawsuit against starbucks over too much ice in the ff
6:32 pm
lawyers are saying a university of mary washington student killed his housemate. >> the victim grace mann was a popular student activist on the fredericksburg campus. julie carey has today's dramatic testimony. >> reporter: holly tearfully recalling what started as a beautiful spring day on april 17th, 2015 that turned tragic when she returned home to find her housemate grace mann dead. she testified she and another roommate first encountered steven briel drenched with sweat spre speaking very quickly. he said, grace and i got into an altercation. she hit me, so i had to defend myself. she bit me. what would you do if she weren't here anymore? i pulled the comforter off, testified alex, and grace was there with a plastic bag over her head. i pulled it off and screamed and ranro
6:33 pm
hearing from briel's defense team about a possible motive for the killing. briel at age 30 had returned to the mary washington campus in january to try to finish his degree. defense attorneys say briel was also beginning to show the signs of paranoid schizophrenia. he believed there was a global conspiracy. the night before the murder texting with his mother she told him to calm down and say some hail mary's. he texted back, so it's hail mary full of grace. he to his attorneys say he took that as a cue that grace was trying to kill him. briel did run, but not before first changing his clothes and shaving off some facial hair. his defense attorneys will ask jurors to find him not
6:34 pm
reason of insanity. prosecutors argue that actions he took after the murder aren't those of someone who was insane. an autopsy was performed today on a woman from northern virginia whose body was found last week. lizeth lopez was last seen april 17th at a cvs store in woodbridge, virginia. her body was found on friday a mile from that store that a drainage ditch. lopez's family tells us she had just graduated from the university of maryland. here's a crime story we don't recall ever running across. tonight, police in montgomery county are searching for a bathtub bandit. it was pretty pricey. there are still a lot of questions about how the guy pulled it off. news4's pat collins has the story in
6:35 pm
>> i just didn't like how it felt. >> reporter: that's ross. he's been selling high-end plumbing supplies for more than 20 years. but last week he had a sale he'll not soon forget. >> i feel hurt. i'm 63. it's just something i still will live with for the rest of my life. >> reporter: police say this man came into union hardware and bought this designer bathtub. it retails for $13,000. it was on sale for 6700. ross swipes the guy's credit card. it comes back denied. the guy pulls out his cell phone, dials the number. he gets a woman on the line. he hands the phone to ross. the woman says punch in these numbers. ross punches in the numbers and before you can say bubble bath the deal's approved and the guy makes off with the high-end bathtub. >> but the time we got upstairs and we figured it out, he was gone. >> reporter:
6:36 pm
come up with the credit card and what were the magic numbers that made this go from a deal denied to a deal approved? >> detectives are still investigating the services around the credit card. the suspe >> reporter: what happened here is a slick, sophisticated scam. there may be more victims. there may be more suspects. police, they want to know. in bethesda, pat collins. news4. we know some rain is all around us, but doggone, you're seeing some hail out there? >> yeah, that's right, vance. we're seeing some hail. this is in the prince william county area and southern portions of fairfax county as well. ping-pong to golf ball-sized hail. this is a severe thunderstorm warning now for prince william
6:37 pm
george's, fairfax, and northern charles county. severe thunderstorm warning for fairfax and montgomery countiec. anytime you see the purple, i know we have hail. we're seeing reds. this has the potential for three-inch hail. that is baseball-sized hail. we could see near golf ball-sized between woodbridge a and lorneton. take a look at some of the hail. this was around parts of our region that we sent into our twitter account. this was the hail around the manassas area a little bit earlier. hail really coming down from this storm. it will continue to do so. that severe thunderstorm warning in effect for these a u
6:38 pm
we'll continue to keep you posted. i have the radar in the next five to ten minutes. another legal battle is brewing against starbucks. why some say the chain is cheating customers. the day before a huge safety hearing from the national transportation safety board on metro, metro stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain...
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more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected.
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clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. remember when people are suing mcdonald's because the coffee there was too hot? now people are suing starbucks because there's too much ice in the coffee. >> we are not making this up, folks. susan hogan joins us now on what was alleged in the lawsuit. >> now this lawsuit just filed against
6:41 pm
they underfills their cold drinks by adding too much ice. the lawsuit was filed by a chicago woman who says her coffee is packed with too much ice. now she's demanding $5 million from starbucks to pay everyone back. she claims starbucks is misleading customers. the lawsuit includes a fphoto with a starbucks cup. they are instructed to fill to the top back line with the liquid and then fill the rest with ice. >> the plaintiff admits this is an admission that starbucks knew they were doing something wrong. is ice a fluid or is it going to be considered a solid? >> the $5 million question. starbucks tells news4 the claims are without merit and customers understand that ice is a
6:42 pm
beverage. in march, two california customers filed a lawsuit against starbucks alleging that its lattes are approximately 25% underfilled. starbucks told us this lawsuit too is without merit. their lattes are hand crafted and customers want their foam on top. >> starbucks has us all hooked on coffee. >> that's for sure. one year after the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza, metro planning to make serious changes to keep riders
6:43 pm
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by this time tomorrow, we should know what caused smoke to fill a metro train near l'enfant plaza last year. the national transportation safety board is also expected to issue a slew of safety recommendations. transportation reporter adam tuss tells us what this report could mean for metro. >> reporter: tomorrow for the first time we should hear the definitive cause of the deadly smoke incident here at l'enfant plaza. 61-year-old carol glover died in that incident. she was an alexandria resident. during the hearing
6:46 pm
ntsb is going to lay out a host of issues. things like faulty power cables, problems with communication, a lack of following the proper procedures. metro took an important step today. they actually fully staffed a fire liaison position 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. there's a new step they have taken. metro's new chief safety officer is going to be present at that ntsb hearing. we're going to be following all of the developments for you all day long, bring you any updates as they become available. at l'enfant plaza, adam tuss. millions of people in the south are cleaning up after a weekend of deadly storms. six people died in flooding in texas, including four children and their great grandmother. a kentucky man drowned after he left his house to get something out of his truck. he was swept away in a flash flood from
6:47 pm
storms. in louisiana, neighbors are helping neighbors after flash floods hit the city of lake charles. we have a new thunderstorm warning here. >> reporter: another severe thunderstorm warning just issued for montgomery county and extreme northern portions of prince george's county. we've been getting reports of hail to the south and a lot of you have been giving us those reports on our twitter page and our facebook page. we really appreciate that. i've gotten reports out of this area down here toward prince william county of very large hail around woodbridge. upwards of ping-pong to golf ball sized hail. that is actually a coating of hail, folks. look at how much hail has made its way through. we thank you for sending us this video.
6:48 pm
that looks like it is about marble size hail. take a look at these storms. storm team 4 radar tracking them for you. here is the big one. i was just looking at how high these storms go. to get hail, you need to go way up in the atmosphere to get cold. here's the severe thunderstorm warning that includes parts of prince george's county and northern portions of charles county. this area down here around the pink, that's the area that you have the hail. now i'm looking at just hail. this is the purples. any time we have purples, that's hail. red inside the purple, that is very strong hail. that is moving over the potomac. if you live in this region, you're going to see hail in the next 15 to 20 minutes. then we move to the next storm. this storm has a severe thunderstorm warning in bethesda. let's zoom inthi
6:49 pm
right around portions of the wheaton area and rockville pike, you can see where the storms are. this one has not seen much in the way of hail, but we could see some hail out of that too. winds potentially 50 to 60 miles per hour with those. the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 10:00. we're going to go a lot longer than that. look at all the storms down to the south. the severe threat may come down a bit, but this is what we can expect until 10:00. high winds and the potential for some very large hail. we'll continue to watch this too. it's going to go right on through early tomorrow morning. take the umbrella to work with you. the impact for tomorrow will be on the low side. tonight on the very high side with these storms. next couple of days, 65 on your tuesday, 67 on your
6:50 pm
these will be showers for the most part. we're not expecting much in the way of storms. e best day on the seven-day forecast looks to be saturday. it just happens to be the weekend day, but another chance of showers or storms coming up on sunday as we get back into the 70s. a very busy night tonight. we'll continue to keep you posted on my twitter page and facebook page. >> you should take pride in the fact that your beard looks really good, bro. big game for the caps. they're planning to avoid a letdown after a big hit on their roster. carol has all the news you need to know from pittsburgh. here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nightly news." >> we'll show you the remarkable interaction between ted cruz and some trump supporters. we're in puerto rico where a financial crisis hits critical services just as the zika virus takes a worse
6:51 pm
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i'm so sorry i had to go out of town on saturday, but doreen was at the game. her mojo is way better, more powerful than mine. it still wasn't enough. carol is in pittsburgh now. jason is here to tell us why we'll win this game. >> they need to win one of the two games in pittsburgh. the penguins definitely have the capitals attention in the series. it is tied in the nhl. home ice no longer an advantage for the capitals. carol maloney is in pittsburgh with more on this critical game three. carol, how do the caps plan to make up for a guy like brooks orpik, one of their top players? >> reporter: yeah, he's one of the more reliable defenseman. guys like dimitri, they know how to step up. we have the capita
6:55 pm
three-game suspension on brooks orpik. not too happy about the length of the suspension after the hit. the caps vow to stay alive so he can return next week. orpik calls it a bad decision, a regrettable, split-second decision. >> it was late. obviously no intention to hit him in the head. that was the result. that's why i'm not playing. >> reporter: meantime, keeping the ice loose today is jason. it is his birthday. he has no problem letting everybody in the locker room know about it. >> he is so excited all the time. he's always got a lot of energy. great guy to be around. when it comes to his birthday, you hear from him a little bit more. >> reporter: he's 37. doesn't he get 37 whacks
6:56 pm
>> i'm not going to be the first one to bring up he's 37. >> he's stopped having birthdays? >> yeah, he doesn't get any older. >> once you get over a certain age, you don't count. these guys keep me young in here. >> i can think of a really good way to celebrate tonight. >> there's no better way to celebrate than with a playoff win. that's for sure. >> reporter: chimera has played on his birthday three times before. tonight, it is the pens and it is here in pittsburgh. live in pittsburgh. back to you guys. we're going to move on the football now for a moment. earlier today, curt cousins told 106.7 the fan if he doesn't play well this season he doesn't deserve to be back with his team and he doesn't deserve a long-term contract with the redskins. the coach is sold on
6:57 pm
just not at the price he wants. >> the optimism is great because i want him part of the organization for a long time. i would love to get something done, but you can't force it. it is about 53. it's not about one, but yes, we want him here. he's our leader on offense. he's our quarterback. he won the east last year. that's pretty cool. the team has released corner back chris culliver. culliver signed a four-year contract worth $32 million last offseason, but he only played in six games due to a suspension and an acl injury. the nationals start a three-game set against the kansas city royals. bryce harper and manny machado named player of the month in their representative
6:58 pm
>> what a surprise. how could that be? knocking the ball out of the park into the atmosphere. >> it's true. >> that's our broadcast for now. come on caps. >> we'll seeou for news y4
6:59 pm
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tonight cruz confrontation. a heated exchange with trump supporters in indiana, as trump picks up another famous endorsement and takes aim at cruz's reaction to a nasty fall by his running mate. no end in sight for cities and towns across the flood zone. a great-grandmother and her four great grandchildren swept away. misery for millions as a big threat barrels east. a better night's sleep. stop the tossing and turning, watching the clock as the hours go by. the new advice from doctors to tens of millions sleepless in america. how to fight insomnia without first reaching for pills. and coffee controversy. a lawsuit against starbucks, and a customer crying foul. have you noticed something in your cup? "nightly new b


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