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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight cruz confrontation. a heated exchange with trump supporters in indiana, as trump picks up another famous endorsement and takes aim at cruz's reaction to a nasty fall by his running mate. no end in sight for cities and towns across the flood zone. a great-grandmother and her four great grandchildren swept away. misery for millions as a big threat barrels east. a better night's sleep. stop the tossing and turning, watching the clock as the hours go by. the new advice from doctors to tens of millions sleepless in america. how to fight insomnia without first reaching for pills. and coffee controversy. a lawsuit against starbucks, and a customer crying foul. have you noticed something in your cup? "nightly new b
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. we start with a rare, uncomfortable, and maybe enlightening moment on the campaign
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zoom out and back up to this area through montgomery county that we have been watching. maryland 200. again, that's headed north to norwood. only in the next couple minutes.
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it's moving to. the hail potential with this particular storm. i'll put this on. reports of one to two inch size hail. this is showing inch and a half. there could be two inch size hail hitting areas west of peach orchard heights right along maryland 200. >> as we continue to watch this moving toward the south, one thing i want you to keep in mind, it's not just the tornado storm. that one has rotation there. it's this one down to the south. once again, between la play da and waldorf, if you live in this area, make sure you are in the house. do not look out the window. don't try to get it on your cell phone. this is going to move over 301 right now. it has a hook here as it's moving on through. take a look at what's happening. here is the hook here. notice this patch of dark red
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get the heavy hail to the north. in a thunderstorm like this, see, she just put the hail on. it's to the north of where a possible tornado would be, south of waldorf. we have seen hail reported the size of tennis balls. tennis ball size hail will dent your car, breakthrough the windshield, potentially. please be careful. this is moving toward route 5. the tornado warning is untilg 7:00 here or until 7:30, another 15 minutes, just to the north. if there was a tornado, it would be right in this area, right in this nodule we are looking at around this region as it makes its way to the south and east. heads up around bryce. this is billingsly road here. put this in motion, you can see 7:16 around bryce. in bryce you have two,
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moves on in. a lot of people say it sounds like a freight train coming through. don't wait for that sound. get inside right now. stay inside. this is just south of waldorf. extremely large hail associated with the storm. more storms toward fairfax county. they are starting to drop hail. we are looking atmore hail to the south and west. not even close to being done with this. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. it's this storm we have been watching. very rare, very rare in our area. widen up again, veronica. right here. notice, one, two, three, four. normally, in our region, these storms are linear, meaning a line of storms. now we have multiple storms. each one is going to have a little bit of rotation to it. each one is going to have hail. this is something that you normally see out west where you get big time severe thunderstorm outbreaks. you don't see individual cells like this, many
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region. that's what we are seeing now. this is a dangerous storm system. i told you earlier, we were looking at the tops of the clouds, up to 50,000 feet. could be higher with this storm. this is a supercell making its way through parts of charles county. this is northern charles county. here is waldorf. here is where the strong hail is. you can see that there. go ahead and put on the composite for me fast. this is what happens when you put the composite on. anywhere you see the pink, the pink area is where you have hail. southern portion of prince george's county, you can see the very intense hail. anytime you have pink in there, you know you are getting the hail. that's what we are seeing there. take the composite back off. go back to the scan. that little nodule, that hook is still there on the latest scan we are seeing here. around waldorf, right along 301, just
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it's just north of there. if you live in bryce, this looks like the area, in and around bryce that you have to take precautions. if you are inside a mobile home, get out. if you have a building near you, get out of the mobile home and head to the closest building. veronica is looking at how high the storms are. 40,000 feet, 50,000 feet. the higher you go in altitude, the stronger the storms can be, the more hail the storms dump. that's what we have been looking at here, the 40,000 to 50,000 cloud tops. look at the curvature with this one. here is one, another one back here trying to reform a possible tornado. there may not be anything there. say one more time. let's take pictures from la playda and show you what's happening here. this is the storm moving in. you see a shelf cloud there and underneath that, the very heavy i
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that storm system moving over la playda right now to the north. extremely heavy rain. the hail two to three inches in diameter. not just golf ball sized hail, but tennis ball sized hail here. extremely dangerous storm moving through charles county right now. that tornado warning in effect until 7:30. there's one right now. that's what's known as a walk or skud. not too scary there. that is something when you see that. that means you have a lot of vertical movement inside the storm. that's something we are going to continue to watch. as we move through the rest of the evening, forming the hook echo in and around la playda. if you are in this region, please, please, please z be careful. stay inside. even if you have to turn the tv off to get into a room that is inside the center of the house, do it now. wait for the s
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you will know when it passes, you will hear the storm move over you. you will be able to get out. wait. wait a long time. they say wait 30 minutes until you hear the last lightning strike or last portion of thunder before you step out and venture outside. that's what we'll continue to watch. here is the hail south of waldorf. here is the possible tornado south of la playda. veronica, you want to take over for a second? >> absolutely. we mentioned to wait until the warning before you come out of your shelter. we have another warning there. let me go ahead and open that up. good time to download the nbc washington app. with that, you get the warnings for the area, your location. we can take the lightning off and the hail. let's see, that is -- >> howard county, that one there. >> of course, we are watching numerous storms right now. the one that just made its way
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way north up route 29 in maryland's 32. so, into howard county now. a new severe thunderstorm warning. this one will continue until, let me check the time on that. this one goes up until 8:00, until 8:00, howard/montgomery county. areas impacted with high wind and hail. waterloo, clarksville, pipers corner, columbia in maryland as well as ellicott city and catonsville. numerous storms are forming, popping up with the potential of high winds and spin. out of all the storms we are watching right now, there are many, with more popping. howard county in columbia. let me circle them so you can see all the storms we are monitoring right now. the new one that is just fired off in
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howard county, eastern howard county. also in fairfax and the western portion of d.c. this one shows signs of intensifying. around waldorf, the tornado warning and through prince william county, eastern prince william county, all these with spin. the storm track on and you can see that the one down south that we have been monitoring for quite some time, since 7:00 when the tornado warning popped, they go up to 7:30. for ten minutes, not looking as though it was quite intense as it was earlier. nonetheless, if you are in the area, stay put. stay in your sheltered area. we continue to track it. potential of spin with it and very high winds. white plains toward bryce off to the east and southeast. other locations we'll be
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maryland 5. that includes areas around bryce as well as 488 in a couple minutes. again, we have had a lot of large hail, something we don't typically see. one to three inch size hail reported from the storms today. let me go ahead and put on the storm reports from earlier today. you can -- there you go. you can see the hail reports throughout montgomery county, fairfax, prince william county, wood bridge. again, large size hail, one to three inches that have been covering decks, covering sidewalks, covering some neighborhood roads. take that off here for a moment and we'll focus on the storm system that tornado warning do south. just now east of waldorf where we are seeing the highest wind through that area in dark pink. i'll go ahead and put the hail marker on again. you can see how we are tracking the hail that's been around the size of one to thre
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and hail out of this storm. >> what are the winds up to right now? >> haven't seen that. easily, 50 to 60-mile-an-hour winds out of the storm. we are going to continue to watch that as they move through the region. can we get that picture, guys? take that picture full here. if we can get it, we will take it full. in a second, i will explain what you are going to see. others will see that, too. here is where the tornado is. it only goes for another eight minutes or so. if the national weather service continues to see the rotation -- can i put it behind? that's what i meant to say. if not, no problem. we'll continue. we go back to the radar and show you what i'm looking at here. see the picture there? if you see something like that coming at you, that means you have the wind and the heavy rain moving your way. the wind and heavy rain moving your way. make sure you get inside right away.
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warning is until 7:30. only another eight minutes. we are going to wait and see, does it continue to the south? do they still see the rotation with this down around the area. if you live in those regions, please, please, please be careful. let me look at the picture. you see a storm making its way your way. we have the clouds to the north. this is a shelf cloud. underneath it you can see lightning. that's very heavy rain. this is not the rain. you are not raining here. if you see this coming at you and the shelf cloud, you are going to see the heavy winds come through. once the shelf cloud moves through, once you get the shelf cloud passing you, the heavy rain comes down and you feel the cool air come down from the middle part of the storm. that's when you see the hail as well. still getting reports of extremely large hail. the possibility of that
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north of la playda working to the south and east. last look moving at 20 miles per hour. on that path, moving right towards cuesville. tornado warning until 7:30. it goes for another six minutes. this is along 301. extremely heavy rain and hail on 301. i told you about the tennis ball sized hail, the baseball sized hail thchlt is what we are watching. this is at bryce right now. 7:24 around brisz. we have a warning here. you heard a beep. is it an extension? nope, in effect for fairfax, montgomery, prince george's and the district until about 8:00, maybe around 8:10. v.j., did you see where that is? >> looks like 8:15. >> that's until 8:15. this one, too, has the potential f
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we don't zeroation with this one right now. we see the potential for very large hail. download the nbc washington app. that's the way to find out exactly where these are. look at the radar, just like this. look at the lightning with this. the lightning on the increase. that happens a lot with severe storms as they make their way toward the north and east. this one is moving over tyson's corner. the hail will dent your car. if you can get it in a garage, that's a good move in bethesda or rockville. don't go outside because of the potential for the lightning around, too. numerous storms. this one until 8:15. we have the tornado warning until 7:30. i'm going to take a look. see if i can see more data here. >> one of the things we have been mentioning, there's another ding, so another warning coming up. this is a severe thunderstorm warn thag includes the rest of northern charles county here as
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of northern st. mary's and western calvert county. >> it does not have the tornado warning moving south. the storm moves south and east. it is now a severe thunderstorm warning, not a tornado warning. this may be good news. i'm checking it now. >> may not be seeing rotation with it. certainly high winds. we have been talking about the high wind potential with some of these storms up around 45-50 miles per hour. we are taking a look at the storm sheer throughout the afternoon as well. there is still the chance the storms could be producing winds up around 30, maybe 40 miles per hour. of course, still the hail. that has been the story throughout the news. the video, the images we have been getting of one to three-inch size hail. look at this. put on the hail marker, once again. i'll go ahead and pop on my information here
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particular. up to two inch size hail potentially moving right along areas. take a look at the last 15 minutes here from areas of bailey's estates, right eastbound, right over maryland 5 here in the next couple minutes. folks on the road, they are really going to see the heavy rain and the hail coming just off billings road and crossing over maryland 5 in a couple palestini minutes. two-inch size hail here. we have seen this continue with the storm system. likely the fact that we are seeing it put out large size hail and high winds, the reason the national weather service extended this or put up the severe warning for the rest of charles county, st. mary's as well as calvert. >> southern portions of prince george's county as well. the good news, they are going to allow the tornado warning to expire at 7:30. they are not
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rotation. the storm still has rotation in it, but no longer getting close to the ground. it may have moved back up to the clouds. see what we are dealing with here. around 7:30, two minutes until 7:30, numerous warnings going through. two toward fairfax county. two storms here. one around tyson's corner here. this one down to the south. again, this is extremely rare for our area. these storms moving this way. this storm is moving that way. anytime you have storms moving in different directions you know there's turning to the atmosphere. again, we are watching the storms. look at the storms firing back up near northern fauquier county. this would include leesburg. leesburg, you have one storm around you now. you are going to get another big one in 20 to 30 minutes. please stay alert. we are going to go off the air in a
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download the nbc washington app. follow me on twitter and facebook. veronica is on there as well. you can follow us for the information. any new warnings that come out, i am going to update you as fast as i can. the storms around woodbridge, zoom in here, v.j., if we can. right into fairfax and the entire -- right there. right there. move south a little bit. these two storms, one two the south and one around fairfax county move this way. it's amazing to see. again, something that doesn't happen often. these are moving to the north and east. other storms to the south and east. that's what we'll continue to watch for. so, extremely heavy rain here and lightning. we are continuing to see the reports of two to three inch hail. tennis ball sized hail. baseball sized hail. hail that we don't see often in this region. it will not only dent cs,
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you are going to have the leaves on the trees coming off. your road is going to be a mess. if you are looking at me now, you know what i'm talking about. your street is now a complete mess with the debris on the roadways. that makes it slick as well. around the quantico area and fairfax, another storm moves through. the roads are going to be extremely slick. be careful on the roadways this evening. really, once again, i can't say it enough, how amazing this is to see in our area. these two storms, this one here and this one to the south. these were together a minute ago or an hour ago. now, they are moving apart. that shows we have that rotation in the atmosphere. you can see there is no longer that tornado warning there. as i mentioned, it has been allowed to expire. around the bethesda region, this storm around rockville. you are going to get hit again. they already had one to two inch hail. l


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