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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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this video just in from rockville shows a car getting towed after the water receded. >> in prince georges county, the rains were torrential and drenching. our crews shot this video in brandy wine earlier this evening, really putting a damper on the commute. >> and a lot of you have seen huge hail, baseball, tennis ball size in woodbridge, virginia, where some of you saw hail since 7:00 this evening. >> back here in the district, rain poured for hours over the capital, and it's not completely over yet. >> our team is tracking the weather and what we can expect overnight and into the morning. doug and veronica, can we put away the rain gear yet? >> yeah, we can. you can put
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gear. the rainy period is going to last the next couple of days. the storms that came through today -- >> we're not going to see anything like that over the next couple of days. but one thing for sure, the flooding, the hail from this event, the hail really falling into the upper 3% of the hail events that we get around here because of the size of it and just how much fell throughout the area. >> i want to thank them for that shot right there. we have the rain, st. mary's county seeing the very heavy rain, but even through waldorf, still coming down and lighter rain coming down through the rest of the air yeah. the rain's not done yet. this is one of the areas that has been hardest hit, down towards portions of st. mary's county. we're going to continue to see this rain. we have seen water rescues in and around parts of calvert county. never drive through floo
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here are the flood concerns. around sunder lynn, and then that flash flood warning from month come gri county goes until 12:30. numerous water rescues around the rockville area. we're not done with the rain yet. we will see more develop over our area, but the severe weather is out of here. we talked about the hail. and b.j., we saw two distinct storms move through. these were some really big hailstones. >> really crazy sizes, 1-3-incised hail. anywhere from golf ball to baseball-sized hail, and that meant that the atmospheric conditions were prime for the strong updrafts, 70-mile-per-hour winds and that meant the hail was falling fast. take a look at this picture, rockville, 1 1/2 to 3-incised hail. old ridge
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take a look at that from kevin lacey, large-sized hail. the hail over but we're still seeing rain falling out there. >> our complete forecast in just a minute. our live team coverage continues now from maryland. shamari stone joins us. >> what are you seeing right now. >> reporter: it is raining right now. it is very wet. i'm along route 301. this storm swept through parts of prince georges and charles county. viewers were following the storm on our nbc washington app. many of them shared their photos and videos. light nip and rain forces people to take cover in brandy wine maryland. that severe storms tear through maryland and virginia. take a look at this hail. it hits this
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white marbles. viewers send us these photos of clouds. at a grocery store, shoppers watch the storm as the heavy rain pounds the parking lot. in arlington, virginia, lightning lights up ominous clouds. and take a look atwood bridge. more hail. some people stay inside until the storm passes. describe the hail that you saw. >> oh, it was coming down. the heavy rain, you could hear it bouncing off the roof, off the cars. >> the wind was whipping. the water was rising. and so we just waited it out. >> reporter: you can see she just waited. in fact, we're here by a gas station, and there are folks who are now coming out to get gas for their morning commute tomorrow. you can continue to share your videos and photos on our app. you can see it right here, and it is free, and we welcome your, y
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just send them to us. we'll air them. live here in st. charles, shomari stone, >> thank you. and we've been keeping a close eye on the states to our south where the storms are not only destructive but deadly. look at what torrential rain has done to some areas of lake charles, louisiana. the floods have submerged entire neighborhoods, and rescue teams have been out trying to get people to higher ground. in atlanta, it was the wind that did the damage, ripping huge oak trees out of the ground and slamming them into people's homes. indianapolis was hit by a hailstorm. and some folks had several inches of ice piled in their yards. the hail was so dense police had to call in some snowplows to clear it. and in kentucky, the search is over for a man swept away in the floods. he went missing over the weekend
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and his family found hissed about -- his body today. >> you can track the storms on radar and get breaking weather alerts from storm team 4 with our app. here we are down to the wire again. they tried to make a come back. game three in pittsburgh, and it made a difference to be there. >> almost doesn't count though at the end of the game, jason. >> that is exactly right. this is one of those games where the capitals didn't catch many breaks against the penguins. they outshot pittsburgh and outhit them. the most important stat was not in the caps favor. we're going to skip ahead to the second period. penguins already up by a pair of goals. nate schmitt with the turnover, nick banino. and that proved to be the game winner. t
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they take a 2-1 series lead. we'll have more on this loss and how it changes the dynamic of this series coming up later in the show. new at 11:00, a brazen armed robbery at a local mcdonalds that started with a white suv in the drive-through lane. three men jumped through the drive through win die. it happened at the mcdonald's on i street. the group forced the employee to unlock the safe and cash register, grabbed the safe and ran out. police want to know if you recognize these men or the suv. he had no wife and no kids and lived alone until his death in december. his remains unclaimed. but last month, andrew moore got a hero sendoff, a proper burial at arlington national cemetery. jackie benson talked to the neighbors who made it happen. >> and we pray today in a special way for andrew moore.
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>> reporter: inside the cathedral, proof that the most important city in the free world is filled with real people who care about each other. last deecember people were shocked to find out that this man was headed to a pauper's grave. but some knew he had served in the philippines in world war ii. and he was qualified to be buried at arlington national senl te cemetery. >> i started the boll rolling. >> reporter: residents came together. >> they made up a sheet of paper, nick and i put it under everybody's door, and immediately the donations started coming in. >> reporter: a few weeks after the military burial was accomplished. some
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andrew moore. joining them, an official from the u.s. coast guard. >> i'm here representing the admiral of the coast guard, and we understand this gentleman was a coast guardsman in world war ii, spent 15 years active duty. >> reporter: the apartment friends say they want to acknowledge the help they received from one particularly compassionate d.c. government employee. her name is mrs. love. in northwest, jackie benson, news 4. >> a wonderful community there. to the presidential campaign. all eyes on indiana tomorrow. donald trump and hillary clinton could be cemented as their parties' nominees. trump is ahead by 15 points in the latest indiana poll, but ted cruz says a loss tomorrow doesn't mean he'll exit the race. the polls have clinton in a statistical dead hit with bernie sanders. csx are working to clean up this
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surveillance video shows the 16 cars that derailed as they came off the tracks on sunday morning. two of those cars spilled hazardous materials. the spills have been contained. but some of the soil was contaminated here. >> we're going to remove all of that soil, take it off-sighte a dispose of it and replace it with clean fill. >> the operation center is expected to remain near the derailment site through at least wednesday. tomorrow we should learn exactly what caused last year's deadly smoke event at the metro station. they're expected to address faulty insulation around power cables at the tracks. investigators will also talk about poor communication and lack of proper protocol during that incident. today we also learned metro will fully staff a fire liaison, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help with fire situations on the
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identity theft. millions of us are at risk. and most of us know what to do when it happens, but what do you do if your car's identity gets stolen? >> they just push the button, unlock the car and they're gone. >> the news 4 i-team uncovers the new way crooks are stealing wheels. and still tracking rain moving through parts of the area and dealing with flooding
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know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. it's identity theft of your car. an investigation by the nws 4 i-
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newer, bolder attempt by crooks in the d.c. area to cover their tracks. scott mcfarland and the i-team take us along for the ride as police bust a suspected car cloner. >> a buffet of luxury cars any car thief would crave. look at the line at lucky line motors, but luck wasn't on their side one night last summer. >> they just pushed the button, unlocked the car, and they're gone. >> reporter: a crook slipped into a white corvette, drove down an embankment and on to route 1. he hasn't seen the $30,000 corvette since. >> i had a special name for her. >> reporter: what did you call her? >> black mamba. >> reporter: she suspected crooks we
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she asked us not to show her face. police say both of these crimes are the work of thieves who cloned the cars they stole, creating new vehicle identification numbers and new vin plates for the vehicles, masking the car's true identity and making the vehicles much more difficult to find. >> it's the reason we have the numbers and license plates on cars to show that this is unique to the owner for better or for worse. >> reporter: lieutenant david coleman is with the police. >> many people are affected. >> reporter: they found car cloners have struck hundreds of times along the east coast, including recent incidents in virginia and maryland. some later selling the illegally cloned cars to unsuspecting buyers. >> everybody we're dealing with in these vin cloning operations are for-profit thieves. >> reporter: an increasingly lucrative scheme as more people try to buy cars
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>> they will get vins from cars that have been wrecked or totaled in fires. >> reporter: police with the washington area vehicle enforcement team helped take down the crooks who stole candace's car and many other vehicles in prince georges county, a crime ring called simple city with some members eventually prosecuted for $5 million in thefts. the i-team tagged along as they tracked down another suspected cash thief. they stopped the driver of this lexus that turned out to be stolen with a bogus vin. but the real discovery came back at the driver's house, this stolen chevy avalanche also with a bogus vin. >> they can be written by hand, you can automate it. as many ways as you and i could discuss and think up, it's probably been done. >> reporter: and guess what else police found outside his house? a white corvette, the same
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miles away. once again, the vin number changed. that man arrested for stealing the corvette is facing several charges, scheduled to be arraigned may 20th. >> this story started with a tip. if you have something for the i-team to investigate, visit our nbc washington app and click on investigations to send them an e-mail. we're getting new video in just now from our storms. if you live in montgomery county, you may be familiar with this spot, golds borough road and massachusetts avenue, several vehicles stranded in the high water. it's a place that floods often. by the time we got here, most people were getting through okay. but they had to -- >> don't do that! >> turn around! >> geez! we can't say it enough. so many people drive through there, it just has to get under your motor a little bit and your car stalls.
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>> we will 1.24 inches of rain over towards dulles. some areas were getting 1- 2 inches per hour. it was coming down very, very quickly. 62 degrees. the rain just about done no the city. temperatures all across the area. we hit 70s and 80s today, and that primed the inferiatmospher some of these storms. here's storms right here, making their way through. now you can siee the heaviest rain down towards the south. we had two storms develop, right here, and they went in opposite directions, and take a look at this. this is really amazing. look at these severe weather impacts. you can see those, and one more storm came through this area. each one of these little circles is a severe weather marker, whether it be hail more wind, winds upwards of 60
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area. we saw flash flood warnings, baseball-sized hail in rockville, i've never seen that. i've lived here more than half my life and have never seen baseball-sized hail in the metro area. we saw it today. heavy rain down towards the south. don't drive through any flooded roadways down there. the northern neck will get hit again. this rain will continue tonight. the heaviest is moving out, but we still have an upper level system that will enhance this area of rainfall and we can expect more rain by tomorrow morning. here we go, by 3:00, starting to develop. much by 7:00, 7:00 a.m. at the bus stop, you will most likely need that umbrella. chance of showers for sure, maybe moderate rain. you'll need the umbrella at times during the day. so even a few showers around 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. so that impact forecast tomorrow, we've got it on the low side because any rain tomorrow should be scatter
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showers and should be mainly light, but carry the umbrella just in case. and maybe the jacket too, because we're back into the 60s, 65 tomorrow, 60 in d.c. on your thursday. remember, 60 in d.c. means an58n some of the cooler suburbs. you can see the next couple of days unsettled with some showers likely. >> all right, thank you, doug. coming up, the caps fall to the penguins, but they're
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game three not a charmer. hey, pittsburgh was a little tough on us. we've got one more, wednesday, right? >> yeah, you have to get come here to d.c. with the series tied. otherwise you're in real trouble against pittsburgh. game four isn't a must-win game on wednesday, but it will feel that way. tonight the capitals played their best hockey from start to finish, yet they still came up short, much like game two, a little controversy came, this time it was the pens top defenseman who may be facing a suspension from the nhl. the caps hoping to get a quick start against the penguins in game three, and they did. t tj oshie. and this shot, sends this one over to
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much summed up the night. he takes a huge hit from chris le tang. and the pens made him pay. you see the goal coming up, 3-0 pitts be pittsburgh. caps are on the board, it's now 3-1. later on, under a minute. justin williams puts that one home, but that's as close as the caps would get right there, 47 saves for matt murray, the p penguins take this one 3-2 and with that they take a series lead. with that, we bring in carol malo
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this heart-breaking loss to the penguins? >> they had their heads held high because the caps were white knuckling all night in a gold rush for the pens, but the furious final frame kept the caps encouraged for game four. >> good job by the guys. not letting off the gas. i think pretty energized effort for us. made a couple mistakes that they scored on. could have easily been 2-0 in our favor. >> we played better than we did in games one and two, but to win we're going to have to play better than we did tonight in game four. you're holding for a split. they got one, now it's our turn. >> reporter: we ex-more of the same for game four. that is here wednesday night. we're going to move to the baseball diamond. the nationals were in kansas city taking on the defending world s
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they have been outstanding our excuse me, they won this game 2-0.
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two special guests helped open tonight's live episode of "the voice." did you see it? michelle obama and joe biden were on hand. they were there to talk about an organization that supports service members and their families by offering employment,
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opportunities. there will be more events to mark the organization all week. we cover a lot of crime on our news, but we don't think we've ever heard of a bathtub bandit before. montgomery county police are asking for your help to find this guy and the
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- louis c.k. questlove.


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