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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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rain. more started to come in toward the west. let's zoom in on this area. waldorf, around charles and st. mary's county. heavy rain continuing. this is an area that did see heavy rain yesterday with that storm. no severe weather but there is lightning and thunder just down to the south of the northern neck. there is a tornado warning not in our area, however. just down to our south. more showers and thunderstorms around hagerstown. a couple of showers and thunderstorms here too we are not done just yet. still calling this a weather alert day. most of the severe threat is exiting the region. a fairly rainy pattern that looks to continue over the next couple of days. a dramatic scene that played
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a guy hijacked a metro bus after attacking the driver with pliers. they say he side swiped a van with senior citizens on board and ran over a guy outside of the gas station. >> we have team kofrm coverage e hijackers. let's start with pat collins. what are you hear sng. >> reporter: chris, a guy assaults a metro bus driver and then steals the bus. he side swipes the van. it was a strange procession, police cars front and back as they towed away this stolen metro bus from the death scene. >> reporter: this metro bus, the striking vehicle in a bizarre bus
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in the parking lot of this crown gas station in northeast. >> it is a bizarre incident, very uncharacteristic for someone to try and take a bus and attack a bus driver. >> reporter: it started a few blocks away when a man using long needle nose pliers attacks the bus driver. the driver manages to break away and stumble off the bus. the passengers race out the back door. >> reporter: a lot of cops? did they have their guns drawn? >> yeah, when they first got n he was still on the bus trying to move the bus. >> reporter: start to finish, it took about three minutes. police say it began when a man used some needle nose pliers to attack the bus driver and steal the metro bus. a short time later, he drove the bus into the gas station and ran over a man taking out the trash. how would you describe him? >> he is honest,
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good guy, good customer. >> reporter: for him to die this way? >> yeah. i am not feeling good. >> reporter: on the scene today, police chief cathy nier. >> reporter: it is a bizarre incident, very uncharacteristic for someone to try and take a bus and attack a bus driver. >> reporter: the suspect is said to be known to the police. he was taken in for observation. chris, back to you. >> thank you very much, pat. some drivers say metro isn't doing enough to keep them safe. the agency has installed protective shields on some new buses but not all the vehicles have them. mark segraves continues our team kofrm wi coverage with reaction on the dangers they are facing every day. >> there has been a debate over where the bus driver should be shielded by some sort of protective cage to prevent assaults like these. >> today, the
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on more than 200 metro buses, there is a device that may have at least slowed the suspect down. these new protective doors, they can only be opened from the inside and they offer at least some protection for the driver and the passengers on board. >> that seems like that kind of shield would have prevented something like that happening this morning. so if you can prevent something from happening instead of reacting to it once it does, that sounds like a good idea to me. >> there are currently 362 metro buses with the new shields. by the end of the year, 531 buses will have the new safety devices. about a third of the more than 1500 buses that metro operates. now, today, after this incident, the union representing metro bus drivers issued a statement calling on metro management to increase the number of police officers they have protecting them. a metro spokesperson tells us they acty
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office s officeers where they see spikes in crime. attacks on bus drivers have declined by about 30%. an official with metro who is not aut rye todhorized to speak camera tells me the metro union and officials since the general manager took over have been working together on new safety training and protocols. they also note that the metro union has been pushing back on the mandatory use of those shields that protect the bus drivers. that's the very latest here live. chris, back to you. >> great context and insight, mark. bus driver assaults are nothing new for metro. a report a couple years ago by the news 4 i-team found at least 170 assaults on bus drivers over a three-year span. scott mcfarland's report included this powerful toot annal of some of those attacks. passengers lunging at drivers. a woman chasing a driver out of the bus with pepper sp
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most of them were trying to avoid paying their bus fares. you can read more about today's hijacking and see scott's full report on the nbc washington app. to the presidential race now and the fight for indiana. today, where bitter accusations reflect the stakeses on the republican side. there are enough delegates to keep ted cruz' campaign alive or speed donald trump's campaign. we have details. >> reporter: it could be the last day ted cruz has a real shot at the republican nomination. primary turnout is heavy for donald trump. >> i'm voting for trump. >> i voted for trump. >> reporter: you as well? >> i voted for trump. >> cruz, because i don't want him to back out. >> reporter: cruz says he will not and went on a tirade against trump. >> this man
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liar. if indiana does not act, this country could well plunge into the abyss. >> reporter: trump who is charging ted cruz' father knew j jfk aassassin lee harvey oswald. >> reporter: trump could win every congressional district and all 57 delegates paving the way for him to secure the nomination. hillary clinton has a tough fight in indian a bernie sanders is such a long shot for the democrat democrat democratic nomination. >> i've been thrilled by the response to his negative comments, because most women see it not just as about me. they see it as about themselves. >> reporter: the focus, as usual, on donald trump. >> take a look at the ad spend ng the race. in indian a
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supporting ted cruz and opposing donald trump spent more than $6 million on advertising in indiana. by comparison, trump's campaign spent $960,000. on the democratic side, bernie sanders presidential campaign spent $1.5 million on the air waves. hillary clinton's campaigns and the groups that support her spent zero in indiana. will it pay off for ted cruz? we invite you to follow the election returns by downloading our nbc washington app. we will bring you the numbers as soon as they come in this evening. >> here at home, the polls will be open until 7:00 for several races in virginia. elections for mayor are under way in fredericksburg and voters in several communities are choosing city council and school board members as well. >> it was a short circuit that went overlooked that caused the deadly smoke incident at the lafont metro last year. we are seeing how a similar scene unfolded only a fewks
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adam tuss has the troubling details. >> a huge spark that just seemed to grow larger and larger. this was just a few weeks back at mcpherson square. it was the reason metro decided to shut the system down for an entire day. it was too similar to this event, the deadly lafont plaza smoke episode. today, metro taking the brunt of a lashing by federal investigators. >> this just seems reprehensible. >> something is fundamentally flawed. >> reporter: the cause revealed a huge short circuit in the tunnel that burned up equipment, a problem that wasn't addressed because of lax inspection and maintenance. in the course of the investigation, this bombshell. in the past, metro has hugh
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teen routinely used trains with passengers to p investigate reports of fire or smoke instead of stopping all trains and using a qualified person to follow up on a report. >> reporter: the ntsb delivered safety lapse after safety lapse statement after statement showing that metro and even the ream yun were not prepare for a smoke and fire event in a tunnel. metro's board chair, jack evans, telling news 4, big decisions are coming about closing sections of the system to fix them. >> i am trying to prepare everybody in the reasonable yun for the fact that we need to do this. >> reporter: it is now recommended that incompetent credibly strong oversight be ramped up. the only way to get back on track according to the ntsb. >> the traveling public deserves no less. h. >> reporter: even tonight, metro officials seem caught off guard by some of the revelations. they disputed that trains full of passengers were ever used to find smoke and fire
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>> some of this information is pretty shocking? did they get all the blame for what happened last year. >> reporter: certainly not. the one thing everybody can take away from this incident t was a perfect storm of failures. you had criticism of the d.c. fire officials, ntsb officials saying they were in no way prepared to go and deal with an issue in the metro tunnel. the 911 call system got the blame. a lot were heavily criticized for the procedures and the response on that day. >> now, to breaking news in d.c. jackie bensen just got to a shooting in the pet worth neighborhood. what's going on. >> reporter: it is a very active scene. we want to show you. homicide detectives are down the street there. they are looking at two vehicles, a white
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white mustang that were shot during this. the mustang has a window that is blown out. we believe the victim was in her early 20s, walking down the street and shot multiple times. crime scene investigators are here. we have had a lot of residents come out and ask us, what's going on? they are standing around, very, very concerned about this broad daylight shooting. i believe it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. there is a large d.c. police presence here as well as most of the top officials of the department here on the scene answering questions from residents and trying to give them updated information about this shooting. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. chris and doreen, back to you. >> thank you, jacque. we'll stay on top of that story. a navy seal has been killed in
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moments before that coordinated attack by isis fighters in iraq. >> an iconic image from world war ii. a possible case of mistaken identity could change the story behind the photograph. nbc's pete williams will join us next. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of at least five homes in prince george's county after the storm came rolling through. firefighters say, storm damage can be inevitable. coming up, we'll tell you the advice they have to try and help you protect your property. storms moving through here again just before the evening rush.
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over the last few hours, we've seen rain moving through northern virginia, d.c. metro, sunshine coming out. heavy rain towards southern maryland. rain moving in toward frederick county, merrill. we are seeing more showers. southern maryland getting hit hard. this is only rain. we will continue tomorrow. i will see you back here in a minute with a full seven-day forecast. >> the rain is only complicating the cleanup from the heavy storms last night. homes and cars show the scars from the severe weather. a lot of hail too. sometimes the only thing you can do to stay safe is get out of the way.
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challenging. meagan fitzgerald reports on what you need to know to prevent damage the next time around. >> the prince george's county fire department says this home is one of five that was damaged after a tree came crashing down. they say while storm damage can be inevitable. they also say there are some things residents can do to protect their property. >> last night it was thunderstorming pretty bad around 10:00, 10:20. >> reporter: if you anywhere in the dmv, this is a familiar sight. lightning and strong gusting winds. firefighters say some damage isn't avoidable but residents can cut down dead trees before they are forced down. remove items like furniture that could fly through a window. they admit, it is advice that won't help everybody. >> all the leaves fromhe
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trees. they have a big hole here. >> reporter: she lives here and was home. >> i heard a really big boom sound. i thought it was a thunder. i came upstairs to come see. >> reporter: this is what she saw when she looked outside. until she realized the tree's branches tore through the kitchen ceiling. >> it was a really big hole. we cleaned up. >> reporter: jose rios and his restoration crew are cleaning up and patching things up outside while neighbors try to find some good in an undesirable situation. >> i am kind of happy this is all that happened. it could have been worse. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> a lot of wind and rain last night and hail pounded a lot of neighborhoods. many of you are left figuring out how to pay for all of it. the damage, consumer reporter,
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you how to avoid expensive repair bills. >> we are learning more about a navy seal who was killed while fighting isis militants in iraq. he was in northern iraq to advise and assist kurdish peshmerga forces. several hundred militants used truck bombs and small arms fires to breakthrough the peshmerga's line. they penetrated several miles and we have learned the s.e.a.l. was using this vehicle before he was shot and killed. it becomes the third u.s. combat death in iraq in the past seven months. it was one moment in time and a terrible battle. a single snapshot of that moment rallied a war-weary nation. the image of the flag raising in iwo jima has become an enduring american symbol. the marine corps is looking into the facts surrounding that photo. it is possible that some of the
6:20 pm
misidentified. it started with an amateur historian recovering from surgery. >> nbc's pete williams is work thg story for nightly news. we know it is five marines, one navy coreman. what have you learned? >> the marines have said for the past 70 years the one navy corpsman was james bradley, who is -- john bradley, the navy corpsman, who was the father of james bradley who wrote the book "flags of our fathers" that was made into the movie by clint eastwood, directedly clint eastwood and produced by steven spielberg. that's bradley roughly in themile. it appears and bradley's own son tells us that he now believes na his father is not one of the six men cast in bronze. why the confusion? this picture by a.p. photographer on iwo jima, the highest point of
6:21 pm
was stormed by the marines in 1945. that was the second flag raising that day. just two hours before, a smaller flag had been raised by a group of marines. now, the amateur historians that have gone back and looked at photographs from the time and compared them to what pictures people were wearing at different points on mount surabachi believe that the marines have made two mistakes. they failed to name some of the men who were involved in raising the first flag including navy co corpsman, john bradley and then put bradley by mistake in the second group that actually raised the flag the second time when joe rosenthal captured that picture. the marines say they are taking another look at this. it is a big change for the marines. many amateur historians can come forward. the actual names were chaed between '45 and '47. the marines have said they
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they got it right and now they are taking another look. >> hard to imagine how you can identify anybody from the grain any old photos. a good reaction from families yet. >> very important to the families. very few survivors are plest from the iwo jima battle. it is important to them to get the credit. many have died without getting the credit. some have died getting the credit for the wrong place. bradley's father has always said he participated in the flag raising. james now says he thinks his father was referring to the first flag raising and not the second. >> it certainly doesn't take away from bradley's service in the least. >> if you are as fascinated as i am, you are going to want to stay tuned. pete is going to have more details on "nbc nightly news" right after news 4:00 at 6:00. the massive cleanup still under way. find out when trains may start running again through this part of town. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in
6:23 pm
learning new details about text messages between a killer and his mother before and after he strangled his housemate. what his mother says abou her son's mental health in the days before the murder. >> reporter: the montgomery county council votes on a new plster an.
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some chilling testimony in a college murder. the suspect's mother was on the stand talking about his bizarre behavior and offering new details about the effect messages he sent in the moments after a young woman's death. things slowly get back to normal after the train derailment. why some say new retail shochs and restaurants are going to ruin the feel of their neighborhood. those stories and more coming up at 6:30. first, doug with a check on our weather. once again, we call today a weather alert today because of the heavy rain we have seen across the reasonable yun. most of us seeing some sunshine. down towards southern maryland, way back towards the west, parts of the blue ridge, seeing more storms. this is from our tower cam, looking down toward the
6:27 pm
that's where the rain is, down towards prince george's county and points to the south. around the d.c. metro area, you see that line of clouds and sunshine. 66 degrees, winds out of the east, 7 miles an hour under mostly cloudy skies. here is what's going on. we have a lot of rain down to the south. severe storms. even a tornado warning for parts of the northern neck just down to the south of the northern neck here. that's something we are continuing to watch. it is out of our area. we are watching these showers and thunderstorms developing back here towards the blue rim. these will also move in across our region. we are going to be fairly wet over the next couple of days. the heaviest weather is moving out. this is the heaviest now. calvary county, you seek it down toward route 2. seeing some heavy rain down toward the northern neck. king george's county for the most part. this is king and queen counties down nearlo
6:28 pm
warning now. back to the west. seeing more showers and storms developing, hagerstown, martinsburg. we will continue to see these making their way off to the east. it will be a fairly wet night tonight off and on. it will not be raining the entire time. take the umbrella just in case. i do not expect any more severe thunderstorms in our area. you can see the line. that line is now moving well to our south and east. back behind it, an area of upper level disturbed weather moving our way. that's what's going to help to continue the rain chances through the next not only few hours but few days. here we are tonight at 8:00, 11:00. more showers and storms developing back to the west. nothing strong. by 7:00 a.m., more shower activity. you will need the umbrellas tomorrow and through the day on friday. here we are at 1:00 on wednesday. scattered showers developing. this is going to be around with us for quite some time. tomorrow, take the
6:29 pm
to the bus stop. 58, tomorrow morning. 67 with a few showers during the afternoon. as we move on through the next couple of days, this area of low pressure sits on top of us for tomorrow, thursday, and friday. because of that, temperatures lower. cloud cover abounds and we are talking about the chance for showers each day. a 40%-50% chance of rain across our erarea. period of rain. saturday, a temperature of 73. saturday looking like a great day. sunday is mother's day. much more on that and the rest othe weekend coming up f in
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the mother of an accused killer is explaining why she texted her son to get to the train station shortly after the murder. the defense called steven brio's mother to the witness stand hoping to show he was insane when he killed the student at the university of mary washington. >> bureau chief, julie carey joins us from the courthouse in fredericksburg with the latest. >> reporter: defense testimony is expected to continue into the evening as the judge tries to get this murder case into their hands by tomorrow. the defense began to build its case that the accused was suffering from paranoid
6:33 pm
schizophrenia when he attacked and killed his housemate. >> steven brio drifted in and out of jobs in college before he ru returned to the university. rent a room shared by grace mann. he tried to show the 30-year-old was insane when he strangled her. mary brio testified she started to worry about her son in the weeks before the killing when he sent his parents a rambling, troubling e-mail. the way i read t it was like he was going to kill himself. he had also started to express concerns about his roommate. he recalled a visit home just five days before the crime. he mentioned he felt the girls were going to kill him and make it look like a suicide. his parents urged to give him roommates notice an move out. he confirmed plan toss take the train home. in the afternoon, he initially texted to say he is cleaning the
6:34 pm
house. 30 minutes of text silence. that's the time grace mann was strangled. he writes the next message to mom, as he stands over mann's body. hey, made a mess, someone's at do? run. his mother texted back r you serious? don't answer. a few minutes later, she writes, what the hell are you on? this is not funny. he texts, i know. i'm scare. soon after, his mother writes, pack your clothes and get to a coffee place until the next train comes, stat. >> the defense attorney says, did you have any idea why he was scared? >> no. her son texted one final time after he fled as a manhunt was underway. hey, i'm in the woods, writing, what should i do? >> his mom, get to the bus. you still have time. >> reporter: mary brio says it wasn't until sometime after that final text when she went home and found a message on the answeri answering machine that she knew her son was accused of rd
6:35 pm
>> by tonight or tomorrow morning, csx trains are expected to start running again through northeast washington. right now, the crews are backfilling and rebuilding the tracks near the rhode island metro station. they have already removed the soil contaminated by the sodium hydroxide that spilled out of afraid train during sunday's derailment. they are working with amtrak to get the trains back up and running. >> reporter: a shopping center in bethesda looks pretty much like it did in the 1960s. that's about to change. 22 acres at the site of the westwood shopping center will be turned into new housing and a retail center. chris gordon has the heated debate over the development. >> all in favor? raise your hands. >> with that, the montgomery county voted to approve the new westwood master plan. >> as a vision for 30 years. that's the challenge. >> reporter: it calls for
6:36 pm
center, building new townhouses and with 15% set aside as moderate housing blchlt sd it wibble a more live community, a greener community, a more prosperous community. >> there has been strong opposition from some resident that is carried signs saying save westbard. they feel the influx of people could cause problems with density, traffic and overcrowding of schools. >> naturally, we are disappointed. we have spent the past year and a half begging in council it listen to the citizens. they will not listen. they do what they want to do. >> reporter: i called equity 1, the developer of this new master plan that will begin with the renovation here at the westward shopping center. it sent me this statement. it says, we look forward to the next stage as we move towards a new mixed-use westward that is
6:37 pm
modern, convenient and community friendly. >> nthis shopping center is so antiquated. i think it will enhance shopping. >> reporter: it is a project that they say will transform this part of montgomery county. chris gordon, knew 4. >> we are still keeping an eye on the weather. the showers are still hanging around our area. what can we expect, say, over the next several hours. >> the area that already saw the rain, now that rain is gone. we'll see more as we move on through the overnight hours. that's kind of the theme. showers will be all over the place next few days. right now, the heaviest rain down to the south in through st. mary's county, the northern neck. heavy rain around calvert beach and huntington. back to the west can looking at rain coming through winchester and parts of page county. in and around d.c., we saw the rain. driving back to the station, you n
6:38 pm
across the area. more rain likely. take it slow. i'll have more on how it affects your weekend coming up in a minute. caps drop their second game in a row to the penguins. another hit that has everybody talking. today, the league suspended kris letang for one game for his hit on the caps marcus johansson last night. the caps are without one of their top defensemen after brooks orpik had a three-game suspension for an illegal hit in game two. the teams face off tomorrow at 8:00 and the penguins are without their most important player sfwlchlt can. >> new concerns with the zika virus. why we could see an increase in the coming weeks? could
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a highway worker was killed on the job. officials unveiled a plaque honoring leo brooks. a woman's said talcum powder caused her to develop ovarian cancer. johnson&johnson has been ordered to pay her $55 million. she says she used it for 40 years and claims johnson&johnsson knew the products could cause cancer and never warned customers. they say there was no single factor that swung the juror in their favor. >> i don't think there was anything overwhelming.
6:42 pm
of evidence. the number of studies that had shown a connection. the pathology from her. >> health experts say there is no hard evidence that talcum powder causes cancer. it also offers a version made with cornstarch. the shower to somehow version contains both talc and cornstarch. rehema ellis is work thg story. more ahead on "nbc nightly news." new developments on the zika virus. a connecticut woman has been diagnosed with the virus. it is the third confirmed case of zika in connecticut. scientists say the mosquitos that carry zika could be coming to the u.s. and soon. experts are meeting in atlanta to address the concerns. had they say the south is
6:43 pm
highest risk. warmer weather and recent rain are perfect conditions for the mosquitos to breed. >> i think the risk of zika virus beginning to circulate in the united states on the mainland. it is already in puerto rico, of course. it is going to be peeking through the next few weeks. >> experts are also calling on congress to approve funding for research and prevention. the national institutes of health is currently work on a zika virus vaccine. human trials could begin in september. call it a lucky break. the one thing a maryland man credits with saving his life as strong storms blew in. costlycleanup.
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well, tonight's rain is slowing down the cleanup from last night's severe storms. a tree fell into a home in upper marlboro and crashed right through the master bedroom. neighbors say it happened just as a gust of wind blew through. lest lester he canals told us he would have been in bed if he weren't out paying his tax bill. >> this would have been my bedroom. there is my bed. i would have been -- oh, i would have been -- god, i would have had stuff stuck all through my chest. >> that's scary stuff.
6:47 pm
home when the tree crashed through but they were in a different part of the house. they weren't hurt. the family has lived there for 25 years now. >> the first time he was ever grateful to pay his taxes. not just home that is were damaged last night. some drivers are dealing with pitted and rain-soaked cars. susan hogan has more on what you need to know to avoid costly repair bills. >> imagine a golf ball or baseball plummet tog the ground at 70 miles an hour and hitting your car. that was the report of some of the hail that was reported last night and the damage extensive. so take a look at this. if you got caught up in last night's storm, then you know exactly what i'm talking about. our meteorologist, calling it a rare event. the large size hail, 1-3 inches in diameter can cause dents in cars, massive puddles, stranding cars can cause extensive water damage. if you have comprehensive auto insurance, you shul
6:48 pm
contact your insurance company immediately and find out whether your car is a total loss or if it is recoverable. if it is a total loss and you want to repair it, remember, you now will need to have a salvage title which could be a problem if you want to sell it. if hail damaged your windshield, your insurance company may actually drop that deductible for you but you have to ask. if your getting your dents repaired, make sure to get everything in writing. make sure to ask about warrants should something go wrong, specially in terms of a paint job. if you don't have comprehensive auto insurance, unfortunately, any damage to your car, whether it is hail or water, is coming right out of your pocket. i'm susan hogan, news 4. >> we are not going to see any of that tonight, are we, doug? >> that event has only occurred five times since 1950 in
6:49 pm
large hail. we have not seen much today. you can see the clouds are very low. temperatures, 64 degrees. i think the temperature may go up over the next hour or so or the next few minutes. up to 67 now that we have some sunshine. 65 by 9:00 and 64 by 11:00. we are still track ting this ar of rain. that's the heaviest. more rain developing back to the west. a little bit of lightning. mostly, heavy rain. southern st. mary's county, all of calvert county, seeing rain over toward portions of the eastern shore and northern neck. back to the west, d.c., high and dry right now. there are more showers and more storms moving in. nothing strong or severe. we have seen a lightning bolt here or there but heavy rain along 66. rain is going to be the only factor we have for the rest of the night. it is all because of a
6:50 pm
it is going o continto continue our way. moderate to high. storm chances, heaviest rain through 11:00. light to moderate rain tomorrow. tomorrow's impact, not quite in the red. we are low to moderate. we have more showers. tomorrow, it will record rain at the airport, the 9th straight day in a row with rain. we were talking about how much we need the rain. we are making tit up quickly. another chance tomorrow and thursday and friday. 12 days in a row with rain. temperatures in the 60s. the weekend looking great. 73 on saturday. maybe some early showers sunday. but, then, increasing sunshine. high of 75 for mother's day. thinking about taking mom out or just letting mom have the afternoon to herself. looking pretty good. warmer to start next week. >> both of those are good ideas, by the way, doug. coming up in sports, you can call it a must-win for the
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just when people stop talking about brooks' three-game suspension, there was another hit. >> that got everybody doing a double take. >> people want to compare kris letang's hit to bruce orpik. orpik's hit was so much more later. i think he deserved the three games as opposed to one. >> was it three times worse? >> i don't know if you want to go that far. besides the loss, the biggest story line from last night's game was obviously that kris letang hit on marcus johansson. the league has suspended caps defenseman, brooks orpik, three games for a late hit in game two. caps wanted the same number of games for letang. they announced he received a one-game suspension for that hit. letang called for interference for that late hit on johansson. the first
6:55 pm
return to the game but did not practice today. his teammates, less than thrilled with that hit. >> i would love to go out and drop the gloves and grab letang. it is a new age, not old school hockey. the league is going to take care of it. hopefully, we can keep the rest of the series clean and hard. >> today, the capitals eyes focused on game four. the mood at practice, not what you would suspect despite falling down, two games to one. carol maloney has more. >> reporter: in this capitals locker room, the day after a loss, the most upbeat atmosphere. knowing and admitting that tomorrow night's game four is a must-win. >> i think there is zero frustration in our room. to be honest, i think that's where we have come as an organization or the group we started with last year. when things didn't go our
6:56 pm
we would change the plan. >> we always find way toss stay positive and encourage each other and move forward and get better. when we have a little adversity, that's when we play our best z part of that positivity, 49 shots on goal. they need a few more to go in. >> a lot of good chances. not easy to do. we found a way to carry the majority of it. >> they were opportunistic on their bounces and the chances they have had. >> if you are playing the wrong way and you get a loss, you would see a different group. the way we played and took it to them, we want to continue that on into game four. we embrace the challenges too. we love it. >> a lot to love about game 4 in pittsburgh, carol maloney, news 4, sports. >> thanks, carol. many of you are probably familiar with this individual joe by now. maryland basketball players and the running man challenge. it has become huge. professiol
6:57 pm
latest internet sen tation today. they were on the ellen degeneres show. >> jared showed me the instagram. we dance every day for our teammates in the locker rooms. we are the goofballs. >> basketball is such a grind, specially at the college level. we try to keep our teammates loose in the locker room. >> the players can't accept gifts due to ncaa rules. ellen did make anymore some special underwear for game days. they got to perform the dance. they were in college park with jared and jaylen and the terps. zi was excited to go out there and be on the show. watching her show from time to time with my mom and stuff, she has popular people on there all the time. to be a part of it is just great. >> when they called, me and jared were like, we to have do a phenomenal job talking to her.
6:58 pm
was on the ellen show. i thought that was fun. >> what was that, cpr? >> i haven't danced in a long time, '96. >> now is your chance. go ahead. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart...
6:59 pm
it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
7:00 pm
decision 2016. here's lester holt. >> good evening. we're joining you with breaking news in the race for president. nbc news projects donald trump has won the republican primary in indiana. a major victory for the front-runner. the democratic race at this hour, too early to call. let's bring in chuck todd now. barring some major collapse by trump, is this gop primary season essentially locked up? >> it really is. i think it's effectively over here. the rationale for ted cruz after tonight, he put everything he had in gib. he named a running mate, got the endorsement of the governor, convinced john kasich to get out of there. now we're projecting at poll close, what does that tell you, not just a trump victory, it's going to a


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