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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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shower activity could last. >> brand new video showing the moment a man was taken in to custody by police. >> shomrai stone has information on the victim and the suspect. shomari. >> good evening. we
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because she said he was a great guy and enjoyed working at that gas station. tonight, this video shows what happened after the bus hit him. >> new video shows d.c. police with their guns pointed at a hijacked metrobus this morning. moments later, police arrested the suspect, 30-year-old keith loving. police safe he attacked the bus driver with needle nosed pliers, took control of the bus and cached in to a gas station parking lot, hitting anthony payne who later died. >> oh, my god. >> tonight, payne's neighbors are heart broken. >> he was a nice person. he always like that. i tell anybody and everybody. >> reporter: this bus ran over him while he was taking out trash at the crown gas station in northeast d.c. he worked here. >> it is a bizarre incident, very uncharacteristic for somebody to take a bus and attack a bus driver.
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to get off the bus and passengers raced out the back leaving loving on board. police say loving jumped behind the wheel, stole the bus and hit a van with senior citizens on it. >> ma'am, news 4. i'd like to ask you about keith. >> reporter: we tried to talk to the suspect's relatives at a southeast d.c. apartment. they didn't want to talk. back at the scene, witnesses were in shock. >> we looked and it was just chaos. this bus did not have a protective shield separating the driver from passengers. tonight, metro officials tell us that new buses will have the protective shields. live in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. back to politics and a big night for donald trump. the likely presidential nominee
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tonight causing ted cruz to drop out of the race. steve handelsman is live on where both parties stand now. steve? >> there were cries of no, don't do it here at ted cruz's headquarters in indianapolis and republicans an the nation were passionate about donald trump not being their nominee are both unhappy. >> losing the last chance to stop donald trump, ted cruz told supporters in indianapolis, his path to the nomination just closed. >> with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> reporter: mission accomplished for donald trump. >> when i won with women,
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with men. we won with hispanics. >> reporter: like the the gop nominee trump wants the backing of ted cruz. >> cruz, i don't know if he likes me or not but he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. >> reporter: a huge turnaround from yesterday. >> honestly, i think he's crazy. >> reporter: cruz had savaged trump. >> this man is a pathological liar. >> reporter: out of the brawl walked a winner. democrat bernie sanders scored a surprise victory in indiana. >> the ideas that we are fighting for are the ideas of the future of america. >> reporter: hillary clinton remains on track for the democratic nomination and a seemingly sure general election night with trump now that ted cruz is out. the focus shifts almost entirely now to the clinton-trump battle. jim, remember all of the predictions of a bruising floor fight at the republican convention in
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well, forget about it. back to you. >> all right. steve handelsman in indianapolis. thank you so much. in fairfax city t scott silverthorn wins another term as mayor. he beat thomas ammazzalorso. this will be his third term as mayor. several other virginia towns and cities held elections today. go to the nbc washington app and search virginia election for leng to more results. witnesses say 14 shots rang out at 8th and decatur streets in the petworth neighborhood. no one was hurt but it's the second shooting within hours in the community. >> the other was a half mile away on illinois avenue. now we have learned the man who was shot there as died. news 4's jackie bensen is live at the murder scene with the latest on the violence in the community tonight. jackie in. >> two shootings, four
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one leaves a man dead. people in this area are extremely concerned. 14 gunshots. that's how many neighbors say they heard around 8 p.m. at 8th and decatur streets northwest. d.c. police officers blocked off the area with yellow tape and collected evidence, lots of it. it does not appear anyone was hit. it is not clear whether there is any connection to a fatal shooting that happened a few hours earlier and a few blocks away in the 4500 block of ill til avenue northwest. >> anyone that saw someone running from the scene or matching the description we are looking for additional information. >> reporter: a bicycle that had fallen to the sidewalk was taken in to evidence. investigators spent time looking at a white ford mustang parked in the block and later had it towed for further examination. ward four council member todd came to the scene.
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to neighbors and be certain they knew what was happening. it is an active investigation. details are limited. >> reporter: the man who was killed here this afternoon is said to be in his early 20s. his name has not been released. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. we are working to learn more tonight about a report of a dog attack on 14th street near florida avenue in northwest d.c. witnesses told news 4 it was a pit bull that attacked a man in the area. d.c. police will only confirm a person was injured and taken away by ambulance. metro has a learning disability. those words toepd from ntsb investigators in a blistering and humbling day for the transit system. today's hearing was primarily to release the official cause of the dead l'enfant plaza smoke incident. a smort circuit that wasn't addressed because of lax inspections, but the bombshell, a revelation that metro n the past, routinely used trains
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and fire issues. >> i mean, this just seems reprehensible. >> something is fundamentally flawed. >> my first reaction is for the valleys and the victims. that's what i feel. you know, clearly, it reinforces the challenges that i'm up against. >> ntsb says the only way to get metro on track is to substantially ramp up strong oversight of metro's safety. chris lawrence back at the live desk where we just learned the biggest recall in american history is about to double in size. government sources tell nbc news it involves an additional 35 to 40 million air bag inflaters. federal investigators say the ammonium nitrate inside of them becomes unstable and can make the air bags explode. this will be a fazed in recall.
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doesn't have enough replacement pieces. 29 million air bags have been are you recalled. only one if four replaced. a life or death study on antibiotics, nearly one in three dolled out in the u.s. called inappropriate. >> we don't want to be faced with a situation where we are trying to treat an infection that is so resistant we don't have any antibiotics to use. >> a heated debate over development in montgomery county. why some say new shops and restaurants aren't welcome in their neighborhood. i'm chief meteorologist doug kammerer. we are tracking the rain don't
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right now, police want you to be on the lookout for wheel thieves in loudoun county. the sheriffs office tells us there have been 11 cases of wheels and rims getting stolen so far this year. suv and gmc pickups have been the biggest targets. most of the thefts happened in ashburn and broadlands. deputies say to keep your vehicle off the street in a well-lit area and keep your wheels turned at an angle when you park and install wheel locks or security system if you have custom rims. in news for your health tonight, a new warning about the overuse of antibiotics. they say a third of those drugs prescribed every year are unnecessary. that's about 47 million prescriptions. the concern is that dangerous super
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and john john 0 has been ordered to pay her 5d $5 million. she used the powder for 40 years and claims johnson and johnson knew its products could cause cancer and didn't warn customers. one of the jurors said there was no single factor that swung the jury in her favor. >> i don't know there was anything overwhelming. i think it was the accumulation of evidence. >> health experts
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hard evidence the powder cause cancer and they will appeal. they offer a version made with cornstarch. the shower to shower contains talc and cornstarch. tonight some residents in montgomery county are not happy about a plan to redevelop bethesda's west barred community. the council passed it. the plan will renovate the westwood shopping center, add new townhouses and high-rises and set aside space for housing. supporters argue the project will transform that part of the county. we are about three months away from the summer olympics in rio. today the brazilian torch relay began in brazil's capital. the country's president lit the torch. the flame arrived on a flight from switzl
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country the next three week and make stops at 329 city apps carried by 12,000 people before the opening ceremonies on august 5th. rain or shine that flame continues to stay lit. >> we need a water proof torch if it was coming through our area the last couple of days. are we in the clear yet? >> not as far as rain. today is the eighth day of rein in a row. eight wet days tomorrow will be nine and i think we make it to ten and 11. a fairly wet pattern. we saw it yesterday, and won't see it again. the next couple of days shower ak teft. showers an downtown. 59 degrees. winds at 8 miles an hour. cool night but temperatures shouldn't fall that much. look at the rain. this is a line making its way earlier. it is starting to expand in coverage and moderate tohe
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look at what is going on in montgomery county, loudoun, faulkier county, those three getting hit hard. gaithersburg, rockville, potomac across the river. reston over to sterling and ashburn seeing rain. to the south, warrenton, east of -- west of manassas, it will come through your area. than thunderstorm will come through southern prince william county and make its way to woodbridge and quantico and another area of rain in to saint mary's, charles county, northern neck. this area is moving out. we saw a good line of storms earlier today. that brought severe weather in fredericksburg. even a couple of trees down. that moved out. this one is moving through. now we have to look to the west. i want to show you what is happening to the north. look at the storm here. you can see this spin. it will move to our area and then sit here.
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which means it will sit for a couple of days. what will bring us is clouds and showers and much cooler weather the next couple of days. future weather, timing it out for us. around 3:00 a.m., still seeing shower activity t. 7:00 a.m., showers not widely scatter but take the umbrella just in case tomorrow. more rain and scattered showers around 1:00 in the afternoon. same deal around 5:00. it won't be reining everywhere all day but we will see periods of showers. tomorrow's impact forecast on the low to moderate side. ninth straight day of rain during the day tomorrow. i think we get to 10 and 11 on thursday and friday. i have 64 on thursday. 62 on friday. these temperatures might be too warm. many of you may stay in the 50s as we see a lot of cloud cover. friday the coolest day and the system ejected to the ocean. that's good news. go out and enjoy. saturday, 73. 73 for saturday and
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75. there will be a storm coming through sunday morning. sunday morning, we could have some shower activity. but i have kept that off. i think it will be out of hoar by 8:00, 9:00, so moms can -- >> sleep in. let them sleep in. breakfast in bed. >> exactly. no problems. the weekend looks good. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the nats look to
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nats. >> started off a great night and then next thing you know kansas city are walking off. bryce harper will talk about the national league mvp. he followed hupp up his mvp season by named play other the month. lately he's having a hard time finding his groove. harper one for 23 at the desh. the crazy part, the nationals have picked him up. that's the exception of his closer tonight. go to in game. a word before it got going. the offense was hot early on. anthony, first inning, this ball sails over the fence. solo shot. his first homer of the season. good to see him swinging a good bat. the nationals take the 1-0 lead. nats down 3-1. murphy has the highest battling average in the national league and that will help it out. a solo shot.
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chris is going deep to center field. ramos comes around and will score easily. heisey digging in for a triple and gets it. >> straight away center field. >> first triple of the season for heisey. nats up 5-3. jayson werth providing more in the eighth inning. insurance here. a solo shot of his own. the nats are on top at this point, but again, jonathon blew the save. the royals scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth and walk off as winners. moving up to baltimore, orioles hosting the yankees. one of the all time greats in alex rodriguez. orioles fans say hello to mark trum bow. bottom of the second, a nice shot there. monster
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the yankees the worst team in the american league east. he wasn't done. almost in the same spot, this one in the bottom of the fifth, a two-run homer. birds beat the yankees. their final score 4-1. moving to hockey, the capitals facing adversity. they trail their series against pittsburgh 2-1. if they don't win tomorrow, it would be extremely difficult to beat a quality team like the pens three games straight to take the series. last night i said game four is not a must win. tonight i changed my mind. it is a must win. the good news, ovechkin playing his best hockey. snoop he led the team with nine hits. he had a goal about assist last night following seven. frustrating the pengns
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need ovechkin to be at the top of his game for the series. >> great thing about ove is there's one of him in this league. we've got him. he's very physical. he's a sniper. he's quick. talk about skill, power, determination. all of those things. he's got a lot of that. last night he showed why he's a force. got to get it done tomorrow night. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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one incredible teacher in montgomery county. michael williams, named teacher of the year for the county. he teaches ap history at jfk high school in silver spring. also started a minority scholars program to close the
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