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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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diner. investigators zero in on a motive. police say a man was high on drugs when he hijacked a bus. looking deeper into that suspect's past. and there's more rain on the storm team 4 radar and it's not done with us yet. >> we have reporters working new leads on all the day's top stories, but we begin though with politics. >> eight months ago there were 17 republicans running for president. yesterday the field was down to three. now donald trump is the last man standing. >> and as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> and with that, we are now calling donald trump the presumptive nominee. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with what happens next. >> reporter: what happened last was john kasich. he had fewer delegates than marco rubio had.
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his home state of ohio. he's the governor there. but kasich, who was harshly critical of donald trump, hung in trying to be sure donald trump fell short of the delegates he'd need for nomination last night in indiana. trump won the primary, so kasich's out. his dream died in the indiana primary that donald trump won giving john kasich no way to win the nomination. >> and as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> reporter: one man is left standing, trump, now called the presumptive nominee by the republican party. >> we wanted to make sure that we started focusing on the general election, uniting the party so we can focus on hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump talked
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terms. >> the party will come together. i think it is imperative that the entire party come together. i don't want everybody. i don't even want certain people. >> reporter: some republicans burned their membership cards. many reject the party choice. >> if they want to go to the way of trump, i don't want any part of it. >> reporter: kelly ayotte and john mccain signaled support for donald trump. he wants to pick a d.c. savvy politician as his running mate. 64% negative with women voters. 74% with non-whites. hillary clinton battling poor approval among men suggested trump would be dangerous on cnn. >> i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. >> reporter: she is on track for d
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the general election between clinton and trump is beginning already. >> that brings us to our flash survey. we want to know if you think the republican party will unite to rally behind donald trump. more than 60% of the people who voted said no. what a dramatic scene outside the silver diner in tyson's corner during the lunchtime rush today. an suv bursting into flames after an employee allegedly rammed the vehicle into the front door. pat collins is gathering details about that employee and about what may have triggered this. pat? >> reporter: doreen, a hummer rammed into the silver diner, backs up and rams into it again, backs up and does it a third time. behind the wheel of the hummer a cook who works here. aol
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smoke reaching high into the air. a hummer on fire at the entrance to the silver diner in tyson's corner. it may be more than just an accident. what do you make of this? >> it scared me to death. i thought the whole building was going to go. he just didn't stop. >> reporter: the driver of the hummer deliberately drove it into the diner not once, not twice, but three times and at one point pinning a customer against the door. >> hwhen he got pinned against the front door, it was really horrible. it was full force on, and it looked like as soon as he got hit he kind of passed out. >> reporter: rochelle rigwright she came to the aid of that injured man. >> could have been us. >> reporter: scary. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you make of it? >> tha
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and that he was watching out for us. >> reporter: then came that fire, that roaring torch-like fire that appeared to start in the front between the driver and passenger's seat. >> you could see it flaming up right near the driver, and that's where the fire first showed up. >> reporter: diner workers moved quickly to try to drag the driver from the hummer. witnesses say he yelled things like don't touch me, leave me alone, but they got him out before the entire truck was engulfed in flames. a spokesman for the silver diner says the driver of the truck is a cook at the restaurant. he's worked there for about two years, that he's been on bereavement leave since april 5th. the silver diner said it fired that cook. four people injured here today, all of them are expected to be okay. jim, back
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>> pat collins. thanks, pat. return to weather now. nine straight days of rain and it shows no sign of letting up. doug, what in the world is going on? >> it happens to be a couple of areas of low pressure, jim. i want to make it ten. let's just make it 11. then we'll call it a day. make it 11 because then we'll be good to go. looks like the weekend is going to be okay. we have rain around leesburg back towards martinsburg and hagertown. some of this rain moderate to heavy. we are watching these showers come through. you can see some of that heavier rain right towards woodbridge and quantico. guess where there's traffic. right in here just to the north of fredericksburg. 95 going to be a slow go tonight. watch out for that. much more on the way. tomorrow not a lot of rain, but on friday we'll see a lot
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for your friday and your weekend and your mother's day in the forecast. i'm adam tuss. just in to the live desk, met metro's leaders getting ready to make a major announcement about a new maintenance plan that could shut down sections of the system for extended periods of time. the announcement could come as early as friday. the metro board will be briefed on that plan in the coming days. the general manager has said he doesn't think large sections of the rail line will have to be closed, but parts of track in between stations could be closed. another possibility is that metro may open later or close earlier on the weekends so that maintenance crews might have more time to work in the system. no timetable for when that plan will actually go into effect, but we'll stay on top of it for you. developing tonight, two virginia preschool employees are facing charges of assault and battery after a child was found with
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lisa campbell is a teacher at james and juliet mcneil preschool academy. she and her teacher's assistant are accused of abusing a 4-year-old girl. both have been fired from the preschool. the hunt for a murder suspect took d.c. police on a child chase this morning. it took them into prince george's county. police thought they spotted the suspect on buchanan street in northwest d.c. police chased him to route 50 in bowe. that's where officers stopped the car and took the suspect into custody, but it was not the guy they wanted for murder. a wild outburst in the courtroom today by the man of accused of killing a pedestrian while behind the wheel of a stolen metro bus. keith loving was ordered held without bond. shomari stone is outside the d.c. courthouse with more on what
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doing right before the hijacking. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. well, we now know that keith loving is a father of two kids, and he wanted to be with his kids today, according to the lawyer south ameripeaking to th the courtroom, and that did not happen. there was a warrant out for his arrest for a probation violation. roll some video. prosecutors say keith loving was smoking pcp and k2 before he allegedly hijacked the bus. this video shows police arresting him. according to court documents, loving boarded the bus with a ski mask heavily breathing. he refused to sit down. the bus driver asked if he was okay. he yelled and lunged at the driver with needle nose pliers. the four passengers on the bus ran out the back door and the court documents say loving pushed the driver off the bus. he hopped behind the wheel, drove the bus hitting a van carrying
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after that, he crashed into a gas station and allegedly turned the wheel towards 40-year-old anthony payne and ran him over. payne later died. he worked at the gas station. the judge ruled no bond. he is 30 years old. his next court appearance is on may 26th at 9:00 in the morning. news4. there's a closed door meeting on capitol hill today. it was about last week's csx train derailment. those tracks have now been repaired. csx, amtrak, and marc trains are all back to full service. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton met with officials from the federal railroad administration. >> my major concern about csx is
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it discuss have to travel through the csx tunnel which is being rehabilitated. >> congresswoman norton plans to introduce legislation that would prevent trains from carrying hazardous material through heavily populated areas. a total of 16 cars derailed in that accident last sunday. they're still trying to figure out how it happened. question. was this man a cold-blooded killer or a man suffering a mental breakdown? that question is at the center of a murder trial that is now the hands of a jury. a star athlete chose a career fighting terrorists. what we're just learning about the navy s.e.a.l. killed in an intense firefight with isis in iraq. changes at the tsa. 'll tellwe
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the largest recall in american history is getting even bigger. federal regulators are ordering the japanese company takata to recall as many as 40 million more air bags linked to a defect blamed so far for 11 deaths. some observers estimate that up to a quarter of all vehicles now on the roads in
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to see if your car is part of the recall, we invite you to open our nbc washington app and search takata. a new plan unveiled by the transportation security administration today to speed up lines at airports while still keeping us safe. officials are adding more officers at security checkpoints for the busy summer travel season ahead. they're also encouraging travelers to enroll in the tsa pre-check program. it will get help from airports and airlines on non-security screening operations. >> adam tuss joining us now. how is this going to help speed up the process? >> they're just going to led you walk through, jim. no. i think we touched on it there. they've gotten more funding to make this happen. they'll increase the staffing at certain checkpoints, and they will also increase the overtime for people who are already there. i asked the tsa about this today. they said in no uncertain times they're going to try to hire more people to make this happen. it is all bus
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doing well and people are flying more. we actually talked to the tsa today about it. take a listen. >> as you know, we're seeing an increase in the passenger flow because of prices of air fare have gone down, the economy is good, we're seeing more people taking leisure trips. that's great for the economy, and what we're doing is we're seeing unfortunately a back up at the checkpoint as a result. it's good and it's bad. >> good and it's bad. i think the important thing is they at least recognize the fact that the lines have gotten too long and it's at a point where they need to do something about it. >> it's may and if they're starting to hire new tsa agents now for the summer travel season ahead, they're kind of running out of time. where are the new agents going to go first? >> that's the big question, which airports actually get all the new agents. once they bring them in, you can decide what they're going to go. chicago, miami, d.c. the busy
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spots that you see will get those increased agents first. it's a good thing, but the tsa actually says that they recognize the need that they need to beef up the security, but it's also about making sure everybody gets through safely. there's this balancing act of getting everyone through safely and making sure you check the bags and you're doing everything you need to do. >> tsa pre-check is the way to go. >> we do want them to get it right. >> adam tuss, thank you. i want to go on the record as saying i like your beard. >> yeah? what say you to our weatherman? >> the playoff beard contest, you and doug are in a contest. you have done a little beard grooming. doug's has fallen short on that. >> he looks like wolverine. >> what say you to that? >> i did trim a little
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earlier today because some people were saying it was starting to get out of control. i understand that. adam and i raising money with the capitals for wounded veterans. we would like you to donate. that's why we have the beards. it's our playoff beards. go to we're in a race against each other to see who can raise the most money. one of us will get lunch on the other if we're able to raise a little bit more. adam tuss, i'm just a little bit ahead. >> rock the red. go tonight. you have to win caps. you have to bring it home 2-2. >> stay tuned. >> a little trimming goes a long way. some of you were saying you cannot even trim a playoff beard, bute
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tv as well. yes, we did have a trim just a little bit. let's take a look and show you what's happening out there weatherwise across the area. it looks a little bit better, but still not great. 58 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. very cool conditions, very dreary, some drizzle at times. that's what we're seeing right now. 55 only in batgaithersburg. not a lot of rain today. many of you, especially in maryland, have stayed dry. they've been back to the west. they're very slowly moving east around hagerstown and martinsburg. let's zoom on in to this area right here. always a mess this time of day, but because of the rain even worse around quantico and woodbridge. some rain in towards the leesburg area and loudoun county. more rain, some
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rain along i-81. our friends over towards the shepherd's town area and falling rivers area seeing some rain. it is a very slow-moving system moving off toward the east and behind it i want to show you the wider picture because this is really cool. look at this area of low pressure just sitting up here and spinning. it's cut off. what that means is it is not moving. normally these move very quickly through our region, but this one is not going to move all that much. that's why we're looking at more rain for days. that's why it's looking like seattle. the cool pattern sticks around. shower chances each day. the best chance will be on friday. some of that rain on friday may be on the moderate side. we're not talking storms, just rain. most of us dry
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it's friday that i think most of us see the rain. temperature around 58. we're at 73 on saturday. starting off to some clouds, but then seeing some sunshine. sunday a high temperature of 75 degrees. mother's day looking really, really nice. at least that part of the forecast is looking good. >> thanks, doug. still to come tonight, the news4 i-team looking through thousands of e-mails to reveal how officials scrambled after that tiny bit of moisture crippled the city back in january. ahead, police officer noah leotta's family reacts after his name is etched in
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just a couple of hours now the puck will drop the caps against the penguins. carol maloney out in pittsburgh. this team is counting on a number of guys to step in this one. >> reporter: a number of guys for sure, but just spitballing here, probably counting on most the greatest hockey player in our generation, alex ovechkin. he's been stepping up his game as the caps try to take the
6:25 pm
his team talked about being a witness to the ov show. >> it's always nice to see them at a higher level. that's a good moment for us. >> he's one you see every game. he's on top of his game. he's playing a really strong game. he's doing a lot for us. it's fun to see our captain doing his job out there. >> reporter: does it spark you to see him going out there and flying around like that? >> yeah. we have to play better. we have to help the first line and we have to score too. >> reporter: ov's inspiring everyone. a repeat performance tonight. more than possible. the pens without their best defenseman. kris letang suffering that suspension. in tonight in just a little
6:26 pm
we'll hear from doc emrick on what to expect in this pivotal game four. next at 6:00, it's now up to a jury to decide whether a university of mary washington student is guilty of murder or was insane at the time of the murder. remembering a local police officer killed in the line of duty. >> i know he's honored and he's proud. he loved track and he was engaged to be married. tonight, the story behind the navy s.e.a.l. who was killed in a battle with isis. and remember that small storm before the big blizzard that left our region gridlocked? >> to go to the meeting, it took me about 20 minutes. to get home, it took me about
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a jury now deliberating the fate of a former university of mary washington student whose accused of killing his housemate. >> the victim grace mann was a well-known activist on the campus. now the jury must decide if briel is guilty of murder or if he is not guilty by reason of insanity. julie carey joins us. >> reporter: those deliberations
6:30 pm
minutes now. briel's attorneys have made it clear from the start he did strangle and kill grace mann, but they said he did it while in the grips of a psychotic delusion. for the prosecution, it provided a powerful piece of final evidence to try to convince jurors that briel was and is completely sane. in her closing argument, she urged jurors to reject the insanity defense saying, to make an excuse is inexcusable. for a jury to accept that excuse would be dangerous for all of us. on the stand today, duel diagnoses from sigh psychiatrists. ryan says briel suffers from schizophrenia that worsened in the weeks before the murder. she testified briel became
6:31 pm
called the organization that was out to get him, that it tasked grace mann with killing him, then making it look like a suicide. he even carved the words not a suicide into his skin in case he were found dead. when grace came home the afternoon of april 17th, 2015, and walked closely by him, briel became convinced she was moving in to kill him. he pushed her away. she fought back. he strangled her. he believed he was incapacitating grace in self-defense. the prosecution called its own forensic scientist who testified he believes briel was sane at the time of the attack and does not exhibit signs of schizophrenia. a jailhouse phone call from briel to his parents recorded just two weeks after the murder. jurors heard a completely normal sounding young man chatting and joking with his parents about
6:32 pm
now the choices before the jury. a death on the tracks is delaying the ride home for people who use the marc train through montgomery county. service is delayed along the brunswick line now. a person was hit and killed by a train as it passed behind a target store in rockville. there's no word on when service will return to normal. metro is honoring brunswick line passes to help ease the travel crunch. tonight, we're learning more about the navy s.e.a.l. who was killed during the battle with isis in northern iraq. he's been identified as navy petty officer first class charles keating iv. he was part of a quick reaction force, a force that moved in to rescue u.s. military advisers
6:33 pm
and kurdish forces yesterday. keating was hit during a raging battle that went on for hours. he was evacuated by a medical helicopter, but he did not survive his wounds. keating was only 31. he was engaged to be married and he was part of the generation that came of age during the september 11th terror attack. his high school track team was at practice when they learned the extent of the losses that day. >> the boys on that team, charlie included, were so impacted by that that a lot of those boys decided to serve their country after that. >> charles keating was from arizona. his grandfather charles keating jr. was at the center of a savings and loan crisis back in the 1990s. montgomery county honored its fallen heros today. [
6:34 pm
the newest name added to the honor roll of police who have died in the line of duty, officer noah leotta. >> reporter: montgomery county remember its fallen heros, the police, the sheriff's deputies, and corrections officers who died in the line of duty. >> this is the most important ceremony that we do all year because we're honoring the people that made the ultimate sacrifice when they're doing their job. >> reporter: his parents, sister, and grandmother were called forward to light a candle. police officer noah leotta's name has been added to the granite memorial. after the service, his sister made copies for every member of the family to remember this day. >> i think it is nice for everyone to be there and just seeing the support they have for hind
6:35 pm
>> reporter: noah leotta was struck by a drunk driver last december. his family is working for noah's law, to require ignition interlocks for all drunk drivers. there was a 21-gun salute and taps. the ceremony ended with these words. take care of yourself, take care of each other, and get home safe every night. news4. detective jacai colson will be honored tonight. a memorial service for all
6:36 pm
george's county is being held at the county administration building. that will be at 7:00 tonight. his name will be added to the memorial plaque. donald trump's staying power. and we're talking rain, clouds, showers. look at this shot out there right now. drizzle starting to make its way in
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
just short of 11 months from the day he announced his presidential candidacy, what seemed like a long shot is now a reality. donald trump the presumptive nominee. think about this. a man who has never held elected office, never held any position inside the republican party, bested over a dozen candidates. nine current or former governors.
6:39 pm
collectively 130 years of political elected experience and now donald trump has bested them all and taken over the party. we are in for quite a wild ride of a general election between trump and hillary clinton. >> that's chuck todd reporting. lester holt is interviewing donald trump right after john kasich announced he has suspended his campaign. you can see the exclusive interview on night"nightly news after this broadcast. in fairfax, scott silverthorne has won another term as mayor. this will be his third term as mayor. in fredericksburg, the incumbent claimed victory with 61% of the vote. go to the nbc washington app and search virginia elections for more results. more and more schools all over the country are turning to surveillance cameras to help keep students sa
6:40 pm
the federal government that reveals 75% of schools throughout the country use cameras. the national center for education statistics says that is a threefold increase from a decade ago. the report says an overwhelming majority of public schools run school lockdown safety drills. the news4 i-team says there have been 30 school lockdowns in the d.c. area in just recent months. it was a disaster for many drivers. many stuck in traffic for many hours during a winter storm. tonight the i-team has an inside look at the decisions made before the first snowflas even ke
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so we've got trees blooming. we've got the weather warming up just a little bit. but remember just a little while ago all that snow earlier this year? doesn't it seem like it is so far away? >> some of us still remember it well. it was a night in january. we got stuck on the highway for hours. not the big blizzard, but a couple days before. tisha thompson and i-team sifted through thousands of
6:44 pm
>> reporter: it was just after 9:00 p.m. on january 20th when jerry tried to drive home from a meeting. >> to go to the meeting, it took me about 20 minutes. to get home, it took me about seven hours. >> reporter: a quick snow squall that brought the d.c. area to its knees with dozens of crashes and thousands of commuters still on the road at 3:00 in the morning, including garcon, the transportation chair. >> this 1 1/2 inch snowstorm was probably one of the worst i'd seen. >> reporter: to find out what went wrong that night, the i-team obtained internal e-mails from the highway department. more than 5,000 showing hoe all the agencies were gearing up for the big blizzard that would hit on friday when just before noon on wednesday the national weather service warned to prepare for a half inch of snow starting in the vicinity of 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. with cold road temps
6:45 pm
it won't take much to cause icy on the roads. the virginia department of transportation decided to mobilize skeleton crews. by 9:00, the agency was scrambling, trying to pull in another 200 trucks because there was a 10-mile backup on interstate 66. one vdot employee called it a fias fiasco. one never made it home. >> i want to apologize to the thousands of residents that were impacted by the unfortunate event of january 20th. >> reporter: he showed us vdot's mobilization plan. >> this little ones are very, very difficult to forecast. a lot of times a forecaster will say you'll get 1 to 3 inches of
6:46 pm
the difference between 1 inches and 3 inches is a thousand of vehicles. >> reporter: about 40% of the storms they respond to never actually materialize. for this storm, he put more trucks on the road than the plan required because it was too cold to pretreat the roads. >> anti-icing is 20% salt, 70% water. we put that down so we have a light coating of salt. for that to work, the water has to evaporate. when you get really cold temperatures below 30 degrees, you don't do that because if the water doesn't evaporate, we have created a real problem. >> reporter: but ramped up to at least 147 as employees reported crashes everywhere with gridlock on all the interstates and vehicles sideways everywhere. in an e-mail, the state's customer service
6:47 pm
it a disaster for motorists. by 5:00, virginia secretary of transportation demanded an explanation for why we got so behind the curve on this storm. >> motor greg johnson said it boiled down to more snow than expected hitting right at the peak of rush hour. >> if a storm is coming in right around the rush hour, which is the absolute worst time for anything to happen, let alone a snow and ice storm, is to make sure that we stage vehicles more heavily along the beltway. >> the state highway administration basically gambled this was not going to be a major snowstorm. >> reporter: garcon says even though the snow has long since melted it is important to keep up the heat so they'llo
6:48 pm
prevent this from ever happening again. we have only just glanced the surface at what we found in those e-mails. we created this special website so you could see what was happening on the highways during the storm and compare how each of the major transportation departments and the national parks service responded before, during, and after the storm. click on these little dots and read what they said in their e-mails. go to our website, >> doug called that storm right on the money in spite of what some of those guys said in terms of not being alerted to what was coming. he called it hours ahead of time. if you have a tip for them to check out, send the team an e-mail. just click on investigations.
6:49 pm
you as carefully as we do, doug. >> you've got us. >> at least you guys do. lately, it's been about taking the umbrellas. >> i'm kind of tired of it. >> we are. it's not a washout couple of days. friday, however, we do think will be a little bit more of that washout with more rain on the way. your evening planner tonight, 58 degrees. temperatures dropping. 56 with some showers. we are starting to see drizzle now work in with that northeasterly flow. temperatures on the cool side for at least this time of year. 54 college park. 56 down towardi ining ins hunti. now moving in towards charles county, but quantico some showers there. 95 is more of a mess towards
6:50 pm
fredericksburg. more rain in clark county, virginia, leesburg seeing some rain. look at the wider picture. look at this storm up here. looks like a real strong storm. it's not that strong. it's just not moving all that much. we have more chances for rain over the next couple of days. isolated showers tomorrow. friday a better chance of rain with a high of 58. much better for the weekend. both saturday and sunday look good. we get into some sunshine. we get into some 70s and some 80s. >> that'll be welcome. just minutes ago, nbc "nightly news" anchor lester holt sat down with donald trump. >> in terms of the republicans coming in and voting for me in the primaries, i have many, many millions of people. i've gotten millions more than anybody else
6:51 pm
i think it's up over 70%. >> you can see the interview at 7:00. coming up right now, a sports crucial game four for the caps. guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue,
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together, all the way. that term must-win game is thrown around a lot. might be appropriate this time. >> it's going to be overused by me here. >> okay. >> how will the capitals respond tonight in a must-win game? pittsburgh, they are down two defensemen, including kris letang. the pens are not the same team when he's off the ice. our record with carol maloney, undefeated. she's in pittsburgh for tonight's game four. is it fair to call this a must-win game for the caps? >> reporter: well, the guys are admiin
6:55 pm
mentality for tonight. but for fans who are thinking is it do or die, it's really not. he likes the caps chances tonight. here's a portion of our chat. >> you have the number one team in the entire league and after you saw what we saw in the third period, i don't know that i'd be tremendously worried about this. they're going to come out with a probably very impressive ten minutes. normally, we say this happens to the home team and the visitors are worried about the first ten minutes, but i think tonight it's going to be the reverse just because of how the game finished the other night. >> letang's suspension surprised a lot of folks in the d.c. area. what were your thoughts on his suspension for that hit? >> it did graze the
6:56 pm
number only because he's not a past offender. they are going to be a different team without him, and they're going to try to play very well defensively. they'll have to adjust. i don't think consciously they want, but i think subconsciously they will. >> reporter: we would listen to him read the phone book. wait, there's more. we have linked the entire interview on the web. just click on the puck drops at 8:00. back to you, jason. are you ready? >> i'm ready, carol. i'm still calling this a must-win game. i don't care what you or vance says. we're going to talk some baseball for a moment. this has been a pretty remarkable road trip for the nationals. today, they took their series against the defending world series champions. along the way, bryce harper broke out of
6:57 pm
stephen strasburg is off to the best start in his career. the nationals trying to take this game against the royals. two on and he comes through again. the nationals, they're up 4-0 at this point. they scored six runs in the first inning today. they forgot about last night's loss very quickly. fourth inning. it's a 10-2 game. more from murphy. he was 4 for 5 on the day. his batting average .398. next inning we talked about bryce harper. just 2 for 26 coming into today's game. you knew that wasn't going to stick with him for too much longer. here, takes a nice little swing and that ball is out of the park. harper coming through. his tenth home run of the season. ep
6:58 pm
one. >> go ♪ stand by me
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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tonight, from trump tower, the presumptive nominee. donald trump joins me live after a resounding win. cruz and kasich quit, as trump and clinton gear up for a general election for the ages. towering inferno. frantic evacuations as a massive wildfire explodes out of control, torching entire neighborhoods. even the emergency operation center staff forced to flee. exploding air bags blamed for a string of deaths. the largest recall in history. now even larger. 17 automakers, tens of millions of cars. is your car one of them. and prince bombshell. the music legend one day from getting emergency treatment for a reported addiction to painkillers. a tragic twist. the man who found him and called 911.


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