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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'll tell you how big delays are in your future. rain and rain and guess what. more rain. right now at 4:00, a 3-year-old safe and back with his mother after being missed more than 12 hours. >> this was an amber alert case. police have arrested the father and say he abducted the little boy, but there are a lot of unanswered questions in this case. >> meagan fitzgerald is live in spotsylvania county. >> reporter: pat and chris, right now spotsylvania county deputies are working to get some of the answers to some of those questions that they have in this investigation, but joshua williams was arrested just after 1:00. we're told that his 3-year-old son zion and his ex-girlfriend are both doing
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last night at around 7:00. they say william and his ex-girlfriend were driving blocks away from cleveland court when they started arguing. william severely beat the woman before driving off with their 3-year-old son zion, who was in the backseat. >> we determined that we needed to have an amber alert because it was also determined and discovered that mr. williams had made previous threats to seriously injury or kill the child. >> reporter: jeff pierce with the spotsylvania county sheriff's office says an hour later the vehicle was recovered. this morning 3-year-old zion was dropped off at his grandmother's house by an unknown person. we were there when the child was met by his mother and deputies. we just had an opportunity to speak with deputies. they tell us they're still trying to determine what dropped zion off at his grandmother's house and who the
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were that were with williams at the time he was arrested. we spoke with neighbors who knew the family who lived in the neighborhood that they used to live in, and you'll hear from one man who describes his last encounter with joshua williams. back to you. well, it's been a day that feels more like march than may as we track even more rain. there's another big story this afternoon. the big chill. >> if you didn't grab it on the way out the door this morning, you're going to need that jacket tonight. let's get to doug kammerer. >> we're talking about the rain. we're talking about the cooler temperatures. there is this pattern that is just stuck in place. today day ten of our rain. it's been drizzle. right now some of those showers coming back towards culpeper
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down to the south. it is really coming down over alat raleigh over towards norfolk. tomorrow is going to be one wet day for sure. a little bit of a washout on our friday. more rain some of it heavy overnight into tomorrow. take the big umbrella. we're looking at a much better weekend. we'll have much more on that coming up in a minute. we have some new information on a story we brought you yesterday on news4 at 4:00. police have just identified the man who was run over by an amtrak train in rockville. investigators aren't sure why he was there in the first place or where he was from. there were big delays along route 50
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truck turned over and landed on its side. maryland state police say a car traveling in front of the armored truck. the truck driver lost control, crashed into a guardrail, and then flipped over. we're learning a lot more about metro's plan to rehab the system and keep you safe. adam tuss broke this story. he's been tweeting new details about it all day. and tomorrow morning metro will lay out its plan. >> it's expected to cause major delays that could last for months. mark segraves is live with what all this is going to mean for people. mark? >> reporter: good afternoon. whether you ride metro or not, it is going to impact you. tomorrow metro's new general manager is expected to roll out a complete top to bottom rehab of the metro rail system. much of that system dates
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the result we'll see much of the underground system will be played out over the past years. unreliable service and fatalities. the general manager will announce a plan that will include the closure of some portions of the system. larger portions of the system could be reduced to single tracking, which will also create serious delays. the chairman says while this is going to be painful for the entire region, the alternative is much worse. >> you know, we don't have to do any of this. we can just do what we're doing and it can catch fire in four days and people's safety will be unreliable. >> reporter: we expect to get details tomorrow morning when the gm has his press briefing at 11:00 a.m. back to you. >> what are other local leaders saying about the prospect of
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will impact everything from local businesses to the federal government? >> reporter: you'll remember back when the gm closed the system for an entire day. he didn't talk or consult with local leaders or governors. they were a little upset about that. they all know this is something that has to be done, but what mayor bowser and the district has said is she wants to be consulted before she puts up millions of more dollars into metro. >> how would you like to see metro complete all the repairs it needs? it is our nbc washington flash survey today. call or text the number on your screen or cast your vote on the nbc washington facebook page. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we just got a sketch from montgomery county police of a man they say tried to sexually assault a 16-year-old girl. this man followed the girl into her apartment complex on
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boulevard in the briggs cheney area yesterday afternoon. he grabbed her, exposed himself, and tried to pull down her pants. the girl's brother heard her screaming. he came to help and that made the suspect run away. the man got away in a blue compact or mid size four-door car. pat? live right now, you're looking at the picket lines outside of a verizon wireless store. verizon strikers are calling today a day of action to turn up the pressure on verizon as the company held its shareholders meeting today. the communications union workers of america wants a contract for better wages for employees. the strike is now in its fourth week. first at 4, i noticed it earlier today, a slowdown for
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what apple says wasn't quite working right on your iphone this morning. we'll tell you how long it took to iron things out.
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more like march again instead of may. it was dramatically cooler today. our temperatures only in the 50s. for your evening rush here,
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impact forecast on area roads just some drizzle and mist primarily. we'll be at 54 degrees and not change very much as we push it toward the 11:00 hour. more opportunity to get some rain after midnight. there is an area of low pressure that'll be making way its northward. you can see the big rains and thunderstorms over eastern north carolina and southeastern virginia. here it is after midnight. more showers and a pretty wet rush hour coming our way tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about that and the timing of it all in just a few minutes. developing right now in houston, not a word yet on what caused this massive warehouse fire. check out the video from the height of the fire. you can see huge flames, thick black smoke everywhere. it took nearly 200 firefighters to get this under control. fire officials ordered people in nearby homes, businesses, and schools to stay inside. investigators are trying to identify the chemicals and the products that burned during this fire. if you're
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celebrate cinco de mayo, there's a local service operating. taxi covers the first $30 of a fare. anything after that you're responsible for. mixed reaction from all sides this afternoon after a big announcement here in washington over who can buy controversial e-cigarettes. when you deal with banks, there's usually a lot of fine print. why one of the
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first at 4, rain on the radar. storm team 4 tracking when those showers arrive and whether it will dry out for the weekend. plus, feeling lucky? we have hundreds of millions of reasons for you to stop by a convenience store over the next few days. a developing story now. health advocates are applauding, but the vaping industry is criticizing new federal rules for e-cigarettes. erica edwards reports on changes that some say many could put many companies out of business. >> reporter: the food and drug administration has announced sweeping new tobacco regulations. the action will ban kids
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age 18 from buying cigars, hookah, and pipe tobacco, as well as electronic cigarettes. >> this will help us tackle youth use by further restricting sale to minors. >> reporter: it stops short of flavoring in e-cigarettes, flavors critics say are enticing to young people. >> the most important mission in the fda plan is the failure to address the marketing and use of flavored e-cigarettes that has caused so many young people to start using them. >> reporter: 17-year-old ryan began using e-cigarettes a year ago. >> i used to chew tobacco. i do it as an alternative to that. i think it's a lot safer. >> reporter: results have been mixed. under the new rules, manufacturers will have to submit new products to the fda for a safety review. in a statement, the sm
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alternatives trade association criticized the fda plan, writing in part that it pulls the rug out from the 9 million smokers who have switched to vaping putting them in jeopardy of returning back to smoking. the ban of sales on minors goes into effect in 90 days. apple says it has restored service after problems affected its app store. a lot of folks said they couldn't use the search function. it wasn't working properly. the company says everyone was experiencing problems from about 5:00 in the morning until about 11:30 this morning. many of you can't stop talking about this. janet jackson is pregnant with her first child. this is according to enews. sources also say she's in her second trimester. this news came only a month af
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"unbreakable" world tour. she is two weeks away from her 50th birthday. >> there's been a lot of people saying oh, my gosh, she's too old to become a mom. i'm so happy for her and her family. that name needs some good news. >> i agree with you. if she's 50 and she wants a baby, she should be able to have one. >> doug can weigh in on this as well as a dad. >> i have talked to janet. obviously, congratulations to her. she's in for a different world that's for sure. we all know that. >> sure. >> as the kids are getting home from school right now, for the most part you may be able to send them outside a little bit to play, but they're going to come back in. my daughter came back in complete mud covered. blamed it on the dog, but a lot of mud going on out there. it's been very, very wet the last few
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right now just some drizzle around town. 57 degrees. winds out of the north at 12 miles per hour. 55 in leesburg. temperatures not moving much in any direction over the next couple of days. some showers moving in from the east. they're actually moving in from the atlantic. this is what happens when we get some of our cooler air in here. it's all thanks to an area of low pressure. yesterday this area of low pressure was up here. i showed you this awesome spin. now it is down here. it is snowing in some of the mountains of the carolinas, even around snowshoe, west virginia. some snow there. as this area of low pressure shifts off the coast and moves back in our direction, say hello to the rain. it will become heavy rain and not just the rain, the cool temperatures. 57 in d.c. 52 in raleigh, north carolina. feeling more like seattle along the east coast. the showers, the cool air, with the area of low pressure.
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that's really affecting the entire country. this is what's called an omega block. big trough of low pressure, huge warm air ridge. it's 91 degrees in winnipeg, canada right now. then the cool air comes back down. that's what we're seeing around our area. that blocking pattern -- that's what it is called -- it is very hard to move. it will be sticking around through the day on saturday and then it gets much nicer. future weather showing what's happening around our region overnight tonight. the showers coming in right around 10:00, 11:00. then watch this. by tomorrow morning, rain likely. some of this heavy rain and then here comes big time rain by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 in the afternoon. it sticks around just about all day tomorrow, even tomorrow night. saturday will be dry for the most part. if you have any plans, expect clouds early, but then
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sunshine late. wear jackets and umbrellas tomorrow. you'll need those for the next day or so. saturday 67. cooler saturday because of more clouds, but sunday 75. 30% chance of some early showers, but most of mother's day looking really nice. i'm ready for power ball. >> yeah, i'm sure, doug. it's been more than two months since anybody has won the drawing. now you have another chance to be a big winner. saturday's jackpot has gone up well over $400 million. now look, a far cry from january's record $1.6 billion jackpot, but still a lot of money out there. odds of winning more than 1 in 292 million. a health clinic goes on the defensive over the way it responded to prince in his final hours. what we've learned about who the singer was trying to contact just before he died. talk about construction
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construction crews are confusing a lot of drivers trying to get to the metro administration. they had to close an entrance ramp at reston station boulevard. anyone trying to park has to
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the main entrance next to kiss and ride. staying in northern virginia, state transportation officials want to hear what you think about transforming the i-66 into the beltway. it will hopefully reduce congestion. a day of remembrance on capitol hill. today the u.s. holocaust memorial museum held a ceremony memorializing the 6 million jews killed during the holocaust. israel's ambassador to the u.s. spoke at the ceremony. he said the world must never forget the atrocities carried out 71 years ago. well, it's commencement week at howard university. the school honored 114
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and ph.d. graduates during its annual awards and recognition ceremony. hundreds gathered for the program at crampton auditorium yesterday. there were a lot of awards given out, including an award named in honor of the first woman dean of the school of social work. >> president obama is giving the commencement address on saturday morning at 10:00. traffic around that area is going to be -- >> gridlocked. it will be pretty tough to get around. donald trump is cruising toward the convention with the republican nomination in his pocket. >> however, can he bring the whole republican party together? first at 4, who is throwing their support behind the billionaire nominee and who is keeping quiet. just feels like we're stuck in the showers. it certainly doesn't feel like may out there. we're timing some heavy rain and
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when things are going to dry out first at 4:00.
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now at 4:30, a 3-year-old boy reunited with his mother. police called off the amber alert for zion williams after someone returned him to his family and spotsylvania. his father, who police believe took him, is now
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metro is set to announce its unprecedented maintenance plan tomorrow morning which could include single tracking for long periods of time and shut down some parts of the rail line. we are water logged and getting ready for more rain. storm team 4 is tracking what looks like a very wet friday. veronica johnson is timing it all out for us. >> all we have to do is reach out and turn it off and we'll be able to do that as we make our way through the weekend. friday late, i think. most of this rain will be over. we've got more rain to talk about for tomorrow. more widespread for your morning rush. 52, 55 degrees. it is going to be raining, but i think the harder rains will come during the afternoon hours. let me show you what i'm talking about. here we are at 11:00. that's more moderate rainmaking i -- rain making its way in. we're just on t
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from light rain to moderate rain for the evening rush. the weather will have a bigger impact on your area tomorrow. the rain likely tomorrow if you're keeping track is our 11th straight day with rainfall. we have some sunshine coming our way for the weekend. now that donald trump is the republican's pretisumptive nominee, he's picking up as opposed endorsements, but there's also some revolt. >> reporter: let's start out with a little breaking news. house speaker paul ryan, who will gavel in the gop convention in july in cleveland, has just announced that he may not be able to support donald trump. he says he wants a standard bearer who bears the standards of his party and that demonstrates trump's problem here. if trump wants to win, he and the party have to figure out a
4:32 pm
now unchallenged for the gop presidential nomination, donald trump has to find a way to win back republicans who are jumping ship. >> i think donald trump should not be president of the united states and should not be commander and chief. >> reporter: as the establishment snubs pile up, trump is looking for a vice presidential pick that will win back trust, perhaps one of the 16 candidates he defeated in the primaries. >> i've gotten to be friends with a lot of those people and perhaps enemies with a couple of those people. i would say there is a good 40% chance. >> reporter: mitt romney and both presidents bush say they're skipping the convention in july. if trump can't connect with latinos, women, and african-americans, down ballot candidates like arizona senator john mccain are bracing for a rough ride. >> there is enormous challenges because of the turbulence that we see in the political arena. >> reporter: a new hillary clinton web ad
4:33 pm
who of trump haters. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. >> reporter: she's trying to win over disaffected republicans and independents this fall, but she still faces one big hurdle, bernie sanders. >> the only way change takes place is when people come together, stand up, and fight back. >> reporter: exactly what sanders says he'll do until the last vote is counted. the breaking news at this hour house speaker paul ryan saying at this point he cannot or may not be able to stand behind donald trump as the party's nominee. that is a shot across the bow as donald trump looks to sail into the convention this july in cleveland. i'm brian moore. pat, back to you. donald trump is getting mixed reaction from his cinco de mayo post. he put this up on facebook and twitter. quote, hap
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the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. on twitter, he's being criticized for celebrating mexican history while promising to build a wall along the border. it's been a busy week in politics from trump's surge to president obama visiting flint and the white house correspondents' dinner. let's start with the presidential race. we just saw this interesting post on facebook. what are your listeners saying about trump's win? >> this is the outcome that many expected. they expected donald trump. not a surprise from folks that i've talked to, but they feel like he's got a lot of work to do if he wants to reach african-american voters. they're not forgetting about the rhetoric he was using in the primarie primaries. he disparaged hispanics.
4:35 pm
reaching people in the right way. then they remember how african-americans were treated at some of his rallies during the primaries. they're not sure he's going to address the issues that african-americans are concerned about in a sincere way. it is kind of like a wait and see attitude with the folks i talked to. >> president obama was in flint yesterday to talk about the water crisis. what are your listeners saying about this little girl who wrote him a letter talking about how it is affecting our hometown? >> they love the little girl. they love the fact that she's able to speak up and speak out as one person told me on this critical issue. it hit home for a lot of people. she is now the face of this crisis in this city. it is making them think about their own children and here's a young person with thousands in that city that are facing problems that could create long-term issues for their health. so they certainly are glad that she's the face
4:36 pm
they're applauding her mom as well. one person was saying, you know, this wouldn't have happened essentially without her invitation. the president would not have been there yesterday if it hadn't been for her sending a letter. she gets points for actually writing a letter. >> that is the most surprising thing of all. >> a millennial writing a letter, imagine that. >> i can't tell you how many posts i saw in my facebook feed. people still buzzing about the performance at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> the closing line i'll get to in just a moment. he talked about this in an interview in "the washington post" today. he says he knows he lost the room with the routine, but he felt like he said what he wanted to say. that's what's resonating with what folks i talked to. they felt like he
4:37 pm
from the angle this may be my last time, so let me go ahead and do what i want to do. with that perspective, they felt like he was saying things that a lot of people -- >> what was the last line? >> we're talking about the n-word that he used in addressing the president. there was some issue in that because people are saying that this is a president of the united states, and they weren't really feeling that. they understood he was there to make some controversial comments. he's there to be provocative, but they felt like that may not have been the best way to do that. the president even acknowledged that he was surprised that it happened, b happened. rain, rain, and more rain. we are sick of rain, but no the cooler temperatures have settled in, so we're dealing with that. doug has an update for us. plus the noise doug has an update for us. plus the noise thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14.
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not a lot of rain today, but not starting to see some of those showers moving across our region. right here through howard county and carol county, they're going to make way their west right along 270 in about an hour. more shower activity down to the south. then we look at the system that is just down to our south. a ton of rain down here. all of this is going to be
4:41 pm
swirling our way during the day tomorrow. we're going to see the potential for some heavy rain. tomorrow morning light to moderate. moderate to even heavy rain after around 11:00, 12:00. veronica is back with more on what this means for your weekend, especially mother's day. churches, synagogues, and other places of worship across the region are opening their doors today and holding special services in honor of national day of prayer. it is an annual observance urging people of every faith to pray for the nation. local leaders say it is also an opportunity to pray for yourself. >> i think people still want rest for their soul. the message of jesus is still so clear and so relevant. >> we tend to push prayer aside and only go there in times of crisis, but we need to be more proactive and lift prayer up. >> when you talk to god, talk to
4:42 pm
what are the issues that really concern you. >> the u.s. has held a national day of prayer since president harry truman signed it into law back in 1952. flying with a crying baby on board can be stressful for any parent and also for passengers. >> i'll say, but on a recent jetblue flight the baby's tears had the whole plane cheering. [ crying ] passengers were on a flight from new york to long beach, california. the crew told them whenever a baby cries they'd get a 25% discount on every flight. after four babies started wailing, it went up to 100%. i think my kids could have got them all a business class trip to europe. >> sweet. happy
4:43 pm
when you sign up for a bank account or credit card, there is a lot of stuff you're agreeing to in the fine print. >> one of those things that could haunt you down the road could become
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4:45 pm
first at 4, mass exodus. officials order entire cities to evacuate and fast. the families who had to jump in the cand
4:46 pm
nature moved in. why government regulators want to make it easier for you to sue your bank. rain chances go way up before they come down. more dramatic details have emerged today about the doctor and son who were asked to help prince shortly before his death. the doctor who specializes in addiction told his attorney he wished he could have gotten to minnesota sooner. in the past 24 hours, the california clinic recovery without walls that got an urgent call about prince the night before he died responded to questions about the work it does, stating in a facebook post that the facility is an outpatient clinic that provides treatment for chronic pain, chemical dependency, and prescription management issues. when dr. howard cornfeld got the call for help, no one
4:47 pm
known that prince had less than 24 hours to live. cornfeld couldn't travel himself, but he acted quickly, according to his attorney in minneapolis. the first step booking an appointment for prince with a local doctor. >> he set into motion a plan to deal with what he felt was a life saving mission. >> reporter: then cornfeld put his son, who is not a doctor, on an overnight flight to meet with prince early the next day april 21st. when andrew cornfeld arrived at paisley park, no one could find prince. >> one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator where he saw that prince was unconscious. >> reporter: cornfeld placed the 911 call. when investigators arrived, his lawyer says he turned over a small amount of the drug
4:48 pm
bupronorphine. >> there were no pills, any type of medication, given to prince by andrew or by howard. >> reporter: after being questioned by police, cornfeld flew back to california. the federal drug enforcement agency is assisting in the investigation of prince's death and says dr. cornfeld's expertise could be helpful in this case. meanwhile prince's attorney denies the singer had any addictions at all. i'm scott macfarlane. trains are being reversed from and there are service delays at metro rails at southwest station. it's an orange-blue-silver line on the new carrollton side of metro center. just getting this from social media from metro itself saying it is trying to determine if it is a track problem due to an insulator
4:49 pm
this is a track problem and concluding there will be some significant delays right now possibly through the afternoon rush at federal center southwest. more information as it comes in, but for now i'm scott macfarl e macfarlane. storm team 4 is tracking what else. more rain. the showers just won't let up around here. v.j. is back with us. any light at the end of the tunnel? >> yes, there is. i'm smiling because it is going to come this upcoming weekend. what it looked like today is what it looked like the day before that and the day before that and the day before that. you get the idea. we've just been in it, but now we can start smiling because we're at the end of it. tomorrow will be our last soggy day. here's a look at the weather pattern and when it is going to start breaking. rain chances friday way up here. 90% chance. the weekend we flatten out
4:50 pm
fairly low through into the mid part of next week. for your morning rush, here's the impact forecast. minimal impacts for the friday morning rush. that's what's changed from the last 24 hours. our more moderate to heavy rain is later in the day. right at the start of the afternoon and evening rush it's really going to be coming down. don't think that we're really going to have any thunder, but watch this. you can see the rain, moderate, heavy, the yellow and orange pushing if fr-- in from east to west. even at 11:00, it's going to still be wet. early saturday morning a few showers in the area, but ending down to the south. look at the 2 inch rains there. a few pockets off to the west,
4:51 pm
an inch of rain with this system. like today, we started out at 50. we got up to about 55. same time deal for tomorrow. 50 to 55. saturday is a big day. it's the day when the embassies open their door. i just love that day. 71 by 3:00. mild conditions. you can see more of the sun starting to come out, so cool. maybe an early day shower. it's going to be very isolated across the area. 75. we start out in the 60s with a shower chance ending sunday. it's not part of the same weather system on sunday. early part of the next week from the 70s to the mid 80s. it's going to be toasty warm as we make it feel even more like may and june. tuesday and wednesday, 83, 85. i like that we're at the very
4:52 pm
>> thank you, veronica. first at 4, big changes coming to the credit card industry that could soon allow you to sue your bank. >> government regulators are pushing to make it happen. susan hogan has been digging into this. what have you learned? >> many people have no idea when they sign up for a credit card or bank account very deep inside the fine print are what are called mandatory arbitration clauses. what this means is if you have a dispute against a financial company like your credit card company, it bans you from bringing group claims or joining a class-action lawsuit against that company. today the consumer financial protection bureau wants to put an end to that. they're proposing a rule that would prevent companies from putting these mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts. class actions succeed in bringing hundreds of
4:53 pm
dollars in relief to consumers each week. but of course the financial industry disagrees, saying, arbitration is more cost effective in addressing consumer disputes and the real winners of today's proposals are trial attorneys, not consumers. the public is invited to comment on these proposed regulationreg. you have 90 days to do so. >> you've got some big news coming up today, right? >> we do. we are so proud to present this, to launch this new program, to all of our viewers. it is called news4 responds. how it works is simple. it is our pledge to our viewers that we will answer any and all of your consumer complaints and problems. that is our consumer investigative center. we are literally here for you. our team right there, we're going to listen to your consumer complaints. w
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on your behalf. your calls will always be answered. it is extremely unique to this area. right there is where you can find the phone number. you can call us. coming up at 5:00, we'll have a lot more behind the scenes and what this means for you and how we're helping you and working for you always. >> great to have a resource when people have problems. you wonder where am i going to go. >> now they have a place. families uprooted. entire towns evacuated. people told to run for their lives. why this scary sit
4:55 pm
i can't believe after all these years... people are still listening to this song! dragon: me neither! (laughing) ♪ music plays
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4:57 pm
entire communities on the run in northern alberta, canada, as raging wildfires continue to close in. >> some of these folks had to run out of there with only the clothes on their backs. we have more on what's being described as a heartbreaking fire. >> reporter: the view from above still appears hopeless as flames continue to spread, and on the ground the remnants of entire communities laid barren by the searing heat. those who got away are strong in their resolve. >> things happen. weather changes. winds change. it's not going to get good. it is time to leave. my house is in town. it may be gone. it may not be, but it's okay. we're all alive and it can all be
4:58 pm
their homes, residents faced heart wrenching and surreal decisions. jayson blair raced to get his son from day care and grab his 2-week-old baby and wife to flee. they tore their home apart looking for a few precious items, then escaped. >> you're looking for anything you can't replace. i'm looking for my son's first pair of shoes. my mom passed away ten years ago. i'm looking the one shoe box i have. >> reporter: the fire is still spreading. people who fled their homes to the evacuation center were forced to relocate again because the fire was getting close. 2500 refugees loaded onto buses at night heading further from the danger zone carrying their only remaining belongings. in the house of commons this morning, the prime minister announced the federal government will match dollar for dollar any donations to the red crossfire --
4:59 pm
efforts. >> we'll assist with evacuation efforts, deliver essential aid to effected regions, and transport fire equipment and personnel to these regions. >> reporter: it will remain windy and dry with no significant amounts of rain. and good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. we're working two big breaking stories for you right now. >> we're going to start with what appears to be a shooting at a high school in prince george's county. [ no audio ] it appears we have one dead and one injured at a high point high school in prince george's county. scott is getting
5:00 pm
on right now. we have crews heading to the scene. let's go to scott. >> my apologies. juggling a lot of information here. it is a double shooting. one person dead. one person wounded on the grounds of high point high school. you have an image there that shows you the proximity to powder mill road near i-95 in beltsville. two people shot on the grounds outside high point high school. one dead, one wounded. this school let out at 2:25 this afternoon. that's the normal bell time at high point. the reports are coming in of a double shooting sometime late this afternoon. we have several crews en route, but now we can tell you emergency medical services crews are telling us two people shot outside high point high school. more information as it comes in. >> scott, do we know what time school let out and if either of these victims was a student in fact? >> we don't know the age or the demographics of the students. school let out


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