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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that was an arcing insulator earlier today. this is the second arcing insulator in one day. now we're getting some look at some video from up top above that station, aboveground. emergency responders, first responders, police there all on the scene. chec the big news, the station completely shut down now. what's going to happen is the silver line is only operating i'm being told between wheely, reston, and boston. checky benson is there. we're going to send it to her. >> reporter: we're going to show you what it looks like here. you can see over there the metro transit maintenance and repair crews asl
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police officers. you can see people coming up to the federal center southwest station and realizing it is closed. as you said, for the rest of the day for that maintenance. no transit service between eastern market and l'enfant plaza. also silver line operating between wheely, reston, and boston only. i can tell you that the ripple effect of this -- i know we've had some people who have tweeted pictures. we've seen incredibly crowded platforms at the downtown stations. now, the main fire department activity, the fire engines, the vehicles that they sent earlier, no longer here. that leads me to believe whatever fire situation
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talked about earlier that caused the smoke, that's over with. federal center southwest closed here for the rest of the day. when we get more details, we'll bring them to you. live in southwest. >> jackie, can we assume they're providing bus service for those passengers who might ordinarily use those stations? >> reporter: yes, that is absolutely what metro does. we have seen time and time again there is often a lag in communication in telling people where those buses are, where the buses are going, where at the station, how to get to them. i anticipate that is going to be the next wave of this as people try and figure out how to get around this major closure. >> jackie, talk about a lag in communication. just to be clear, that video that we're seeing of the sparks and what looks like an explosion, that's from this morning. they just within the last 90 minutes or so closed the
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station, correct? >> reporter: that's correct. who is to say whether there is a connection between the two things. there's so much going on with this right now. someone on wtop was talking earlier they thought this problem, the insulator problem, had been addressed in the big shutdown for the day earlier last month rather. right now it's a fluid situation, but anyone who is commuting home by metro, you absolutely want to let them know about this. sometimes the bus bridges are very efficient. everybody knows where to go. sometimes there's a lot of confusion. it can get so frustrating for people. >> indeed. we're looking at presidential politics now. hillary clinton and donald trump both calling for party unity tonight. >> but it looks like the task is tougher for trump at least right now. he's facing party defections and some republicans are even threatening to vote for clinton. an
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capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: add center john mccain to the growing list of republicans who say they'll skip the convention in july. the former nominee says he has to fight to keep his current job, but this is another notable snub. now unchallenged for the gop presidential nominee, donald trump has to find a way to win book republicans who are jumping ship. house speaker paul ryan, who will gavel in the gop convention, tells cnn tonight he may not be able to support trump. >> at this point, i'm just not there right now. it is time to go from tapping into anger to channelling that anger into solutions. >> reporter: trump is looking for a vice presidential pick who will win back trust, perhaps one of the 16 candidates he defeated in the primaries. >> i've gotten to be friends with a lot of those people and perhaps enemies with a couple, but i've got to be friends with quite a few.
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both presidents bush say they're skipping the convention in july. if trump can't connect with latin latinos, women, and latin americans, the republicans are bracing for a rough ride. >> there is enormous challenges because of the turbulence that we see in the political aree into. >> reporter: a new hillary clinton web ad rolls out a who's who of trump haters. >> this guy is so unfit to be commander and chief. >> his policies would lead to recession. >> reporter: she is trying to win over disaffected republicans and independents in the fall, but she still faces one big hurdle -- bernie sanders. >> the only way changes takes place, people come together, stand up, and fight back. >> reporter: exactly what sanders says he'll do until the last vote is counted. meanwhile, hillary clinton is telling democrats she will work to unify the party just like she did after her loss to then candidate barack obama back in 2008. doreen?
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>> brian moore, thank you. tonight we're investigating a bombshell claim from the hacker who first exposed hillary clinton's private e-mail address. he's a romanian and he's currently serving time in a prison in bucharest. he found clinton's e-mail account after hacking into the e-mail of her friend cindy blumenthal. he said clinton's server was completely insecure. we invite you to watch the interview with the hacker tonight on "nightly news." that's right after this broadcast. the manhunt for the man who abducted a 3-year-old little boy from his mother has ended. that man is the boy's father. he was arrested just a few hours after the child was safely reunited with his mother in spotsylvania county, virginia. meagan fitzgerald was there and has this report. >> mr. williams
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previous threats to seriously injure or kill the child. >> reporter: investigators say on wednesday night zion's father, 28-year-old joshua williams, severely beat his ex-girlfriend, who is also zion's mother. captain jeff pierce says the assault happened inside a car while the toddler was in the backseat. the mother got out and that's when deputies say williams drove off with zion and an amber alert went out. an hour later, the vehicle williams was driving was found on the 400 block of cleveland court where deputies say he used to live. then this morning zion was dropped off at his grandmother's house. his mother arrived moments later. >> we don't know who dropped the child off at the house, but he was returned to her safely unharmed. >> reporter: our cameras were rolling when zion and his mother were met by deputies who
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less than an hour later after interviewing several people, investigators were able to arrest william s who was hidin in a home a few miles away. >> surveillance was conducted. when it was confirmed that he was in the house, we made contact and he came out and surrendered. >> reporter: pierce says virginia state police and secret service officers and other agencies worked around the clock following leads until they were able to take williams off the street. williams is facing charges of abduction and malicious wounding, both felonies. to our weather now. there's more rain on the radar, but we could finally see some changes. we head into the weekend. doug, what's the good word? >> the good word is the weekend should be okay. we're not seeing a perfect weekend, but it's not going to be bad, especially for mother's day. tomorrow a compley
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story. we're going to see a lot of rain. you can see the rain moving back in across our region right now. we have rain through parts of montgomery county and the poolsville area just through 270 down towards loudoun county and falls church. more rain this evening. more showers really. the main is down to the south. all of this rain is going to pin wheel around this system and move right back into our region tomorrow. we're talking the potential for some fairly heavy rain. take the umbrella tomorrow. yes, we are looking at a better weekend. that's the only good word i have. >> that's a good, good word. thanks, doug. new information tonight about how people who call themselves friends of a young man reacted after he had been stabbed. the victim was found dead in his home in centerville, virginia, a few weeks ago, but bureau chief julie carey reports that's not where he was attacked.
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county courthouse. >> reporter: the victim steven lee was viciously beaten and stabbed at a weekend party. but instead of calling 911, his friends drove him back to his centerville townhouse, put him in bed, and that's where his family found him dead later that day. friends at george mason university where he took classes know him as steven lee. one writes he was someone that had the kindest heart and was a blessing to those around him. he was also someone who was always willing to help anyone in need. some of his friends didn't help him at his time of greatest need. investigators report lee went to a large party the night of april 23rd that lasted into the early morning hours of april 24th. there he was physically assaulted by a mob of 10 to 15 individuals. a witness tells
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people stomping, kicking, and punching lee while he lay motionless on the kitchen floor. he was then stabbed. but instead of calling 911 for help, his friends reportedly put him in the car and drove him bleeding back to his townhouse where they placed him in bed. last week police went to serve a search warrant on this townhouse looking for possible evidence connected to the attack. the front door at that home still ajar. one of lee's friends tells me at the party were some gang members and that lee might have angered one of them when he tried to defend a young woman a few days earlier. as police continue the investigation, hundreds came together a week ago for the funeral to mourn the loss of steven lee. the youth group reports on his facebook page that lee was a volunteer and a small group leader. one of his closest friends has set up this gofundme page to raise money to help his family through this
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this case. police refused comment on those friends who failed to call for help may be in trouble. we're staying on top of the breaking news. a double shooting at a high school in prince george's county. one person killed, another wounded. reports of smoke at the federal center metro station.
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if you're just joining us, we're following two breaking stories right now. police are investigating if a shooting at high point high school in beltsville is a domestic situation. two adults were shot on that campus. one is dead. the other is in good condition. this is not an active shooter situation, although they don't have anyone in custody. shomari stone will join us at 6:30 with a live report. also breaking today, another closure at metro. we're told there was no service between eastern market and l'enfant plaza on the blue, orange, and the silver lines. we're told that there is smoke at the federal center southeast station. it will be closed for the rest of the day for a full third rail insulator replacement. back to presidential politics now. donald trump is now the
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republicans presumptive nominee. he's throwing out some hints about his possible running mate. chris lawrence is tracking that side of the story. what are you learning? >> trump is telling msnbc he'll likely go with someone who has political experience and it may be one of the rivals who ran against him. >> i've gotten to be friends with a lot of those people, and i guess perhaps enemies with a couple, but i've got to be friends with quite a few. i would say there is a good 40% chance. >> a lot of names in the mix. here are a few. chris christie has political experience and expertise in running a state. newt gingrich has publicly supported trump and has shown some interest in the job. rudy giuliani was an early trump supporter and is informally advising the campaign. then there's nikki haley. she is a rising star
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accusations that he's a mysogn s mysognist. just a few minutes ago, trump announced he probably won't announce his pick until the convention in july. in the meantime, he's going to stay busy trying to fundraise. he told lester holt he's trying to help the republicans raise a billion dollars for the general election. jim? >> thanks, chris. still to come tonight, history on display. we go back in time to show some of the incredible artifacts inside the knew african-american museum months before it opens to the public. the silver diner one
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the cleanup, the investigation, the search for a motive. the story coming up. a shopper
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scott maacfarlane. d.c. metro rail announces another station is closed for the rest of the
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the capital south station, orange, blue, and silver line. it is closed much like federal center southwest. the neighboring orange-blue line station is closed. this was a separate arcing insulator issue this morning. federal southwest closed for the entirety of the day. so is capitol south. >> thank you. back to doug in the weather center. what is this 11 days straight of rainy weather? >> are you counting? >> yes. >> we're all counting. we're all counting on you to tell us when we're going to get a break. >> we talked about hitting 12 days of rain. that's going to be the end of it, i think. by saturday and sunday we're looking at much nicer conditions.
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nothing but clouds and rain and cool temperatures. right now out towards reston we have the cloud cover. no rain around reston yet, but it is coming. take a look right now at our city cam. a couple of showers and rain drops on the camera. temperature of 56 degrees with that light rain coming down. winds out of the northeast at 14 miles per hour. that northeasterly flow giving us the clouds and the cooler air. average high today 73. we should be 15 to 20 degrees warmer this time of year. here is the current area of showers in through fairfax county, over towards frederick, gaithersburg seeing some of those showers. we'll continue to see this rain move on down toward the south and east. rather south and west. this is the area of low pressure down to our south that's bringing all of this air right off the ocean here.
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this moisture to come up, over, and then back into our region. we're talking one wet day tomorrow. look at the spin in the atmosphere. that's an area of low pressure, an upper level low, that really is not moving. there's a reason for that. first off, it is producing very chilly temperatures. 49 in charleston. 57 hagerstown. snow in the mountains of west virginia. this is a blocking pattern known as an omega block. we've got the cool air, the showers. they are sitting here. that area of low pressure not moving anywhere fast. back to the west, an area of warm weather, big ridge of high pressure. it is 93 today in winnipeg, canada. we talked about those wildfires up there. back up to the west, we have very cool air with more rain. it makes an upside down "u" or omega. they do not atte t
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easily. that's why this is going to be a hard thing to move, sticking through saturday, and then much nicer weather. it will finally get out of here. take a look at the rain. tonight showers around 10:00 or 11:00. here comes the rain tomorrow morning. we're talking a lot of rain. look at around noon and 1:00. boom, rain all day tomorrow. even on saturday. we could see rain early on saturday. maybe some isolated showers during the day, but most of the day on saturday is looking dry. if you have any plans, maybe carry the umbrella, but that's going to be about it. 75 on sunday. mother's day looking pretty good. an early shower, but most of the day looking pretty good. we are staying on top of the breaking news. new reaction after a double shooting at a prince george's county high school. one person killed, another wounded. also reports of smoke at the federal center metro station. it comes just hours after yet another scare at
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station. we'll hear from metro's general manager tonight to get some an stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me breaking news still at 6:30. one person dead and another wounded in a shooting at a prince george's county high school. >> both of the victims are
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high in beltsville with more on this. shomari? >> reporter: right now, we're hearing that this is -- police are searching for a shooter. however this is not an active shooting situation. there is not a shooter here at high point high school in beltsville, maryland. police are searching, however, for a suspect. one person dead. one person is injured. let me move out of the way. this is the school on the ground. i'm now showing you some video. we're hearing that prince george's county police said that they are searching for a suspect. again, not an active shooting situation. a spokesperson for prince george's county police and ems said that one person died at the scene and another was taken to a hospital. nbc news has confirmed that both victims and injured persons are adults. over the course of i'd say 30 minutes, there are parents here who have been waiting for their students. one man was able to pick up his daughter. let's hear what she has to say. >> eon
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we can we didn't know what to do. we were just crying. i was about to start a softball game. i was down at the field. we have a crate where we put all of our equipment. they rushed us in there. after about half an hour, they moved us to a locker room. then they kept us in the gym after that. >> reporter: now an update for you. the person injured we're hearing is in good condition. also worth mentioning is that police say this shooting appears to be domestic related. i'm now going to be joined by my colleague tracee wilkins here. she is the prince george's county bureau chief. i understand that you actually went to school here, graduated from high point high. >> yeah, absolutely. some years ago, but i was talking with some folks inside of the school. i'm heari ining whoever has bee shot here is not staff at the high school. the investigation is ongoing. just spoke with prince
6:30 pm
county police spokesman who said they're going to be doing a press conference soon. they have two scenes. one person who was shot and then transported. then the other person who was shot and killed. all of the anxious parents. in addition to the media, we also have parents who are standing out here waiting to hear from their kids, waiting to find out exactly what happened inside of this school. i talked with one mother who told me her son was at football practice and all of the players were rmoved to the school. this was a lockdown situation initially after the shooting happened. a lot of folks upset and on edge. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, this happened after school let out and the kids on camp w
6:31 pm
there for athletic stuff? >> reporter: yeah. there were various afterschool activities going on here. the school lets out around 2:30. school was not in session when this happened. we do believe one of the scenes is in front of the school. the other one possibly behind the school as well. >> thank you. also today right now the federal center station metro line is closed. all the rail service between l'enfant plaza and eastern market has been suspended until further notice. jackie bensen is live with more. >> reporter: we've learned this station is going to be closed for the rest of the day. the station itself is closed and then you can see we've got the bus bridge right here. people are waiting to get on board that bus. just a short time ago, we talked to two ladies from chicago. here's what
6:32 pm
>> we're from chicago. we don't have these problems usually. therefore, we're trying to get to the airport. >> this is our country's capital. i thought this wouldn't be an issue. so now we're going to have to take a taxi probably. >> i hope so. >> reporter: i'm joined now by news4's mark segraves. you've been doing a lot of work on this. you have a lot to tell us right now. >> thanks, jackie. we have the general manager who just showed up on the scene. this is the second time today that we've had this incident here. what can you tell us about what happened this afternoon here? >> it appears to be a debris fire. it happened at the same location where we had an incident earlier this morning, where an insulator went up. i was shutting this station down anyway because i have to get in there and
6:33 pm
porcelain insulators. >> you were going to shut this down as a result of this mornings -- have you seen the video? >> that's what i saw late this afternoon. i'm shutting it down. >> that seemed incredibly dangerous. if there had been people on that platform -- >> that's why we have to get the porcelain insulators out there. the older fiberglass ones, you saw what they can do. we haven't had one of these at a station. that's what was so alarming. that's why we have to close it down. >> is this the only station shutting down? >> the other capitol south is for us to turn the trains around. that's being shut down because of that issue. nothing to do with the -- >> for how long will these stations remain closed? >> we're going to get this through tonight. >> tomorrow morning rush hour you expect this to be open? >> to be open. >> literally catching fire. >> these porcelainns
6:34 pm
decades. i'm going to start to attack this. we have to attack it aggressively because we can't go through this day in and day out. >> can you give us any hint as to what you're doing to tell tomorrow? there's going to be closures and single tracking, that it could last for months. >> i'm going to lay for people from a customer perspective where they get on the system and what the impact will be on them. that's what i'm going to show them, but we have to condense this operation, make it much quicker. >> when we see these arcing insulator incidents in the future, will that mean a resulting shut down? >> there's nothing unique about that here. the frequency is unique. a lot of it is due to the porcelain. some of it is due to the drainage and the dirt. al
6:35 pm
with this plan i'm coming out with. >> we appreciate you taking time with us. we know you're very busy. you're hearing directly firsthand from the general manager about the situation down here at federal center. reporting live in southwest, mark segraves, news4. back to you guys in the studio. the silver diner in fairfax county says it will compensate workers for lost wages and tips as it tries to reopen. somebody slammed a car into the front of that restaurant yesterday that caused flames and smoke to go shooting high into the air. it happened yesterday at the tyson's corner location. that's where our pat collins reports. >> reporter: the silver diner one day of the hummer assault. a big effort under way to reopen and recover from this bizarre fiery attack. today, i talked to a woman who said she was on the p
6:36 pm
a carryout order when it happened. she said she heard the boom, that she heard the screaming inside, and the voice on the other end said i've got to hang up. i've got to call 911. lunchtime yesterday. a cook at the diner rammed his hummer into the entrance not once, but three times. at one point a man was pinned against the door. and then came that fire. the fire that may have been started by the driver himself. the flames reaching high into the sky. employees from the diner pulled the cook from the suv, but he resisted. don't touch me, leave me alone, he said. now the cause of his medical condition, police say they're holding back on charges for now. and today as the cleanup and repairs got under way, some customers came by that scorched scene. >> the whole front is kind of
6:37 pm
devoured, destroyed. i wasn't paying that close attention. i actually walked in and they were definitely shut down. >> i feel sorry for the people that were involved. not just the business, but whoever was involved in it. i feel bad for them to be having such a hard time to end up doing this. >> reporter: tonight this sign outside the silver diner. they say they're hoping to reopen for mother's day. in tyson's corner, pat collins. news4. if you have a consumer problem, our news4 team wants to hear from you. find out how we're helping people who have been ripped off by scams. lessons learned from
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are providing an extra $30 million to cover the cost of this winter that we just went through. today a county council committee approved emergency funding to pay for all of the snow and storm cleanup from this past winter season. the storms were worst than expected, including that historic blizzard back in january. a county official says they'll find money in a reserve fund. the full council is likely to approve the move later this month. today, we would like to introduce you to a new commitment at news4 called nbc 4 responds. it is a consumer initiative based on one promise. susan hogan is leading the team and she joins us now with more. hi, susan. >> hi, doreen. we're so proud to offer this to our viewers. you call us with a consumer question and we'll call you back with an answer. that is our pledge to you. today's launch of nbc 4 responds continues our commitment of working for you. what ye
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we want to update you now on all the breaking news. police are investigating whether a shooting at high point high school in beltsville, maryland, is domestic related. two adults were shot on the campus after school let out for the day. one is dead. the other is in good condition. so far no one has been arrested. also tonight, we just spoke with the metro general manager who says federal center southwest station and the capitol south station, they will both be closed through the night as they replace porcelain insulators. those insulators are what caused an explosion and arcing of those insulators at the federal center this morning. he planned to shut down the station when debris caught fire this afternoon. it has been more than a decade in the making now, and now we are just months
6:46 pm
museum of african-american history and culture. >> but tonight, we're giving you an exclusive first look inside. barbara harrison has the story you'll see only on news4. >> reporter: unless a truck passes or a tour bus pauses for picture-snapping tourists and totally obscures your view, it would be hard to miss this decidedly different presence on the national mall. it stands in stark contrast to the earth tone rod iron lattice work of the brand-new museum of african-american history and culture. >> i wanted a build that spoke of spirituality, resiliency, and uplift. i wanted a building that is a bronze corona. there's always been a dark presence in america that's been undervalued or overlooked. >> reporter: he's been
6:47 pm
painstakingly planning, persuading, and fundraising and following leads to the historical treasures that are beginning to fill the enormous 400,000 square feet of this $540 million soon to open smithsonian museum. >> to the right will be africa. to the left will be europe. you're drawn by a media from a distance looks like the angry ocean. >> reporter: it is laid out to allow the visitor to follow the slave ships from africa across the atlantic ocean. >> in here, this will be kind of an emotional look like you're inside a ship. you'll have a piece of wood that we brought up from a sunken slave ship off the coast of cape tow town. >> reporter: then the
6:48 pm
>> it was a place that was a rice plantation, a cotton plantation. >> reporter: many of the larger collected artifacts like this other home, a log cabin where freed slaves lived in maryland, a plane flown by tuskegee airmen, and the mothership of the music great funkadelic. >> we have give people a narrative where they can walk from slave to freedom. >> reporter: construction manager and the collection supervisor for the museum are working hard with an opening date of september 24th. are you getting excited? >> i'm about as excited as a man can be. >> reporter: are you going to be ready on the 24th of september? >> piece of cake.
6:49 pm
but we'll be ready on the 24th. >> he has to contain his excitement because there's still so much to be done, but it will be opening on september 24th. it better open because they're already preparing an impressive grand opening with the president and an unbelievable star power lineup. we have some exclusive behind the scenes photos for you on our nbc washington instagram account. make sure you're following us for this sneak peek. >> not just a museum, but a whole experience. >> that's exactly what it will be. >> we're very happy it is about to come to fruition. >> so is he. doug is back with a check on our weather. you haven't changed your mind about tomorrow, have you? >> no, i haven't. but i'm still thinking mother's day is good. out there today -- bill has to do something too, right?
6:50 pm
cover across the area. sunset tonight at 8:05. 56 degrees. temperatures dropping through the 50s. we have a couple of areas of showers that will move on in. 52 in gaithersburg. here's where the rain is. it is moving in from east to west. notice it's starting to increase in coverage now. that's the plan as we move on through the night tonight. most of this rain in and around the metro has been fairly light in through fairfax county and around leesburg. up towards frederick, that's where some of the heavier rain is. now, this whole system you can see it kind of spinning around our region. this all will come to our north tomorrow. that means a very rainy day tomorrow. tomorrow morning we'll see light to moderate rain. the heaviest rain most likely around 11:0,
6:51 pm
afternoon. rain, rain, rain, and showers. take the umbrella to work with you tomorrow. you'll need it all day long. she's got the smaller umbrella. take the big umbrella. tomorrow is going to be one wet, nasty day. 67 on your saturday. a little bit nicer. maybe an isolated shower early. sunday afternoon, 75 on mother's day. 30% chance of an early shower. that's mostly before 8:00 and 9:00. next week, much warmer. temperatures into the 80s on tuesday and wednesday. thank you ,
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fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. okay. remember i was talking about that must-win thing? >> now, we have a really must-win. i know. i know. i don't get it either. you can argue the capitals have played their best two games in the series against the penguins in pittsburgh, but where it counts and hurts, the
6:55 pm
losing. they're being overshadowed by a 24-year-old backup goaltender who has the capitals backed up and facing eliminations. now down three games to one to sidney crosby and the penguins. the turnover in overtime gives the penguins the goal. it is do or die. yeah, the guys know it. >> looking forward, our back's against the wall. >> no one will say it is ideal, but at this point we've just got to reach back and grab more and grab more. i think we're capable of it. >> there's a reason that we won. we won 56 games. that didn't happen by accident. there was a lot of good work put
6:56 pm
there was a lot of belief in the group. there was a lot of response after maybe a loss or two. that's where the belief comes in. >> all right, gang. don't give up now. you can catch the caps and penguins saturday night. that game immediately following the kentucky derby. the coverage begins at 4:00. a breakout season for jordan reed. he'll be entering his fourth season for the redskins armed with a multiyear contract extension. worth $50 million, 22 million guarantee. that ties him with the seahawks jimmy graham has the highest paid tight end in the league. receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, his 11 tds tied him with gronkowski. reed is set to make a million more a
6:57 pm
gronkowski. over to the wizards. john walls in recovery mode after undergoing surgery on both knees this morning. soreness. team expects wall to be available the start of next season. three-time all-star. we hope that he's healthy and ready to go. again, congratulations to dean. he is our newest coach of the arena football team. 50 yards. you can play that. >> no, i don't think so. good for jordan reed. >> happy for him. >> prince george county police are holding a press conference right now on that shooting in beltsville. one person killed there. another person wounded. >> we're streaming it live on the nbc washington app. we're going to want to stay
6:58 pm
be metro stations closed for the morning rush tomorrow. "nightly news" is coming up next. we'll see you at 11:00. ♪ stand by me
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developing news tonight. bombshell announcement from the speaker of the house, paul ryan, not ready to support his own party's presumptive nominee, donald trump. as trump sparks a new uproar with a tweet about tacos. the monster inferno exploding now bigger than new york city. tonight we go behind the fire line, an astonishing scope of devastation. e-cig crackdown. major new rules and warnings as use skyrockets among young people, the feds move in. grim sleeper guilty. judgment day for an infamous serial killer after a decades-long misstwri. how a bite of pizza helped catch him. and the hacker who first exposed hillary clinton's private e-mail accounts while secretof


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