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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:24pm EDT

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suicide by cop, so the p ul alt want anyone else killed. let's take a look at that security cam video. it shows the takedown. it shows the suspect walking across the parking lot. he has a bag in his hands. looks like a normal friday here, but it's not normal at all. scores of cops have their eyes on him as he goes towards his car, as he is all alone. then the cop cars move in. they corner his car. guns are drawn. they make their move. they order him out. he puts his hands up. he getscuffed. he is taken off into custody. now there were a number of people around here when all of this happened. this is what they had to
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fire, the bullets would have been coming it didn't take them too long to catch him. it was maybe like an hour or two. as long as it didn't go on all day. >> reporter: terrific work by the police department today. they saw the suspect. they had their man, but they waited. they were patient and the
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meagan fitzgeraldee atching the police investigation unfold at fielst montgy >> she's in bethesda right now with more on the effort to unravel the chaos that started there this morning. me>> reporter: yeah, jim and doreen, in fact, this nearly six-hour long investigation just wrapped up here about an hour ago. police took down that crime scene tape that taped off a good portion of this parking lot as they worked to try to get to the bottom of what happened here. they were here at around 11:15 or so shortly after this shooting happened. police say they got the call for shots fired. we want to show you some video of the image we saw when we on scene here. there were articles of clothing it appeared on
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like opened fire. two inci condition. the wom told, non-life-threateningpe was on a deadly crime spree. >> potentially, the one in prince jor prince george's county was related. >> reporter: now police tell us this is still a very ongoi
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active investigation. there's still a lot of questions investigation continues to play out. back to and were able to get out of the way. >> chris gordon talked to some witnesses after the tense moments at the montgomery mall. >> reporter: montgomery county police officer wearing his street clothes was actually here in the parking lot when the shots rang out. he responded and he was one of the many 911 emergency calls that summoned place to the scene. they got here and they set up a perimeter and ordered the media and everyone not involved to get back. a n i
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>> we were rht that side with a gun in his hand just slowly walking back to his car with a . he looked up at us and we said keep going. we have kids on the bus, kind of thing. so we called 911 immediately. >> reporter: there was fear throughout the area. montgomery county schools, walter johnson and other middle schools t and in aspen hi
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shooting. it happened less than ten miles the parking lot behind e. we're at connecticut avenue and aspen hill road. the scene cleared here just within the last hour. to give you some perspective where the suspect was caught, right at the shopping center
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many people telling us it broughtth area wa to her car. montgomery county police put up a tent over the suv as they investigated and tried to preserve evidence in the pouring rain. children were told to stay inside during the manhunt. >> i have a little 12-year-old sister still in school. they just called my mom saying everything is locked down. i'm shocked this happens right close to my house and everything. this is dangerous. >> reporter: the suspect eulalio tordil appant
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after the shooting spree. >> ev. it's not necessary outside. >> reporter: le that lives. for many, it was a scary reminder of the sniper attacks back in 2002. >> it was very scary. >> my grandparents used to live right up the street. i remember them being scared to go to the grocery store. i'm from gaithersrg
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tordil.lly started she was a chemistry teach er at parkdale high school. >> reporter: yes. she was a chemistry teacher here at parkdale high school, a beloved teacher. she took out a stay away order against her estranged husband eulalio tordil. let's take a look at
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44-year-old teacher, mother of two. an innocent bystanparkdale high when it was in session and also at high point highho we spoke with the ceo superintendent of prince george's county schools. >> i can tell you she's been with us awhile. she's just an excellent teacher. i was over at parkdale for a while today.
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federalrotective order came out, it actually cost him his job. he was put on administrative leave. he lost his weapon and his job and badge durin
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order, some of wha the homeateh. there are allegations of sexual abuse of minors in there and forcing minors to watch pornography. all of this is believed to be what cause him to go up to high point high school and fire that gun. everything is still under investigation. gladys lost her life. parents and teachers and very close friends are mourning her life. up next, a live report from suburban hospital as we learn about the survivors of this random attack.
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he haunted us for hours. a man wanted for murder now in custody, but still a lot of serious questions. >> our tisha thompson has put together a timeline to show us how this all unfolded today. >> people are trying to figure out if the series of shootings are all connected. here's a look at how it all started yesterday african. at 4:30 thursday afternoon,
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toil several times killing her. montgomery mall in man g and started shooting. two men who tried to help her were also shot. at 11:50 a.m., a woman was shot in a parking lot outside of the giant. by 12:30, nearby montgomery county schools were sheltering in police as police reported they were still actively searching for the shooter. by 1:00 p.m., all montgomery county public schoo
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tordil half houraf that at in a parking lot in a shopping mall. police kept him under surveillance until he walked back to his car when at 2:55 ol custody owealize of course many of the shelters in place and lockdowns were being lifted when police had tordil under surveillance. police say we have three fatalities. tordil's wife, one of the men who tried to help at westfield montgomery mall, and the woman inecond man at westfield montgomery mall who is currently in grave condition. all three of the people who were shot at
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hospital. >> reporter: because of strict privacy laws, we can't justlk h to find out exactly who the three victims are at this point, but here is the latest information we have about howwa brought here. he at last check was in grave condition. we know that a woman was brought here as well. she was shot.
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her lr she may nm beusee'sey'll information they're able to get here at
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triggering the
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under a coastal flood advisory in the green. you could see some areas around high tide. that is around 8:40 tonight. some areas could be flooded. this is not a huge concern. just something to know if you're in one of those areas that does flood. 54 in quantico. temperatures 20 degrees cooler than average for this time of year. this evening will be a cool rainy night. take the umbrella. take the jacket. temperatures only in the low 50s. and we've got rain at 7:00, but as i mentioned, more showery as we move through 9:00 and 11:00. this is more showers. not all steady rain here. by around 11:00, notice some of the area out of the rain, but it comes right back in overnight tonight into early tomorrow. notice tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. i still think we'll see rain early on your saturday, but then watch what happens around the noon hour. it is just about gone.
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definitely theabt water67 most of sunday looking great. monday and tuesday, back to an unsettled pattern. 30% chance of showers each day. at least we get to the 70-degree mark. we do have some better weather moving our way. he's calling it safe track. metro's leader releasing an aggressive maintenance plan that will be disruptive for all commuters on all parts of the rail
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it is going to include late nights on that's why ssive. with so miee, should you have to pay full price? metro's board chair says yes because you'll still be able to ride trains and buses, just not in the same way. >> this is a much more aggressive plan, but at the same time it still allows our riders to use our system.
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between and springfield. over the course of the en plan, these sections of rail line will be completely closed for ae
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national airport to saadis thero much time and money wa ht et pushed to the streets whe driving, walking, taking a
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whatever. this ishuge. >> adam metro'sarr ted and accused in t deadly shootings outside school, a mall, and a supermarket. still to come tonight, new eyewitness accounts as the police try to piece together ces from all those diffluer
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two others store. hee
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michae store.te attorney john m was here today. he talked about then. he talked about now. >> when the sniper committed those murders in aspen hill, they went and did not leave in the area and they ate in the same restaurant where they were having the surveillance here today, which was an irony that was not lost on me. there's some information that the suspect that is in custody oint in time, so he came back to a neighborhood, i believe, that he was familiar with. >> reporter: so theo
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patientbeel you. those shootings certainly estranged wife, but what about today? shooting at a mall, then coming here. shooting a woman outside of the giant's store parking lot. right here. the scene was cleared within the last couple of hours, but this is where it all unfolded. let's show you some video. the victim's suv was towed in the last couple of
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have not reas this was the second shooting scene here in
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it gripped the cmuni for by hoot a wan and then the two men who tried to come to her aid. an eyewitness who wants to be identified only as he saw and h. >> we were right here and we heard pop, pop and we turned our heads. there was somebody on the ground. there was a guy walking from this side to that side with a un
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walking back tow hie 911 immediately. >> reporterjoing my husband is going t was mupposed to have go work and she came to the mall. >> reporter: jose gomez told me that he kept pressure on the woman's wound to stop the bleeding until the ambulance crew arrived and transported her to the hospital. she has non-life-threatening injuries. jose gomez is from el salvador. he's live
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s when police saynity isllying tracee wilkins is outside parkdale high school where the teacher is being remembered tonight. >> reporter: she's being remembered here because this is where she wo. f there's no way we could have imagined when we were on the murder scene outside of high point high school that the suspected gunman in that shooting would have gone on to have more shootings the next day. let's take a look at gladys tordil. she is the first victim in all of this. 44-year
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a great disposition. is now from the ceo ge quite devastated by this. >> she was a happy teacher. she would always sing. she would sing to katy perry. she was just a happy teacher. >> and you hear that she was gunned down. >> yeah. it was crazy. >> would you have ever imagined there was anything going on
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he incding hd
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his punishments to her
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killing his estranged >> reporter: in wisconsin, house speaker paul ryan had no comment on the firestorm over his
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unwillingness to support donald trump as t to get there. i think heethid very special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it. i won it with millions of voters. >> he expanded the base of the republican party. >> reporter: but the party's old guard isn't yet sold. lindsey graham is the latest gop leader refusing to back trump. >> he needs to change his behavior so that the republican party and all of their candidates aren't costly ct
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thing do t,000eople who have served their s the lawmakers announced they have hired a lawyer to challenge the governor's action. here at the live desk, we're updating our breaking news in maryland. police have their suspect in custody after a dric
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take aord at them. hisman, and a woman. he's going to be in court monday afternoon when he will be arraigned in rockville. i'm chris lawrence. >> thank you, chris. we're starting our weekend . i'm glad i'm not going to the prom tonight. >> prom is tonight. howard university graduation tomorrow.
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a nice picture there. ugh leesburg, going down through parts of prince william county and down around warrenton. there's more to come. this is in the north. we will see some rain
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muchte still quite nice with that
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it was a wonderful moment. it's helping neighbors. know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know.
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yes, the penguins h
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going yard nats fall you guys. "nightly news" is going to pick up coverage of that deadly crime spree in maryland. police caught the gunman at about 3:00 this afternoon
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he created havoc in the and
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a gunman os say they will never support donald trump, and president obama comes out swinging. running for their lives. the monster inferno caught on camera, everything they have rn. nbc news exclusive, bombshell allegations that more people at penn state including joe paterno knew about jerry sandusky decades earlier than previously known. and uncontrollable urges for sex, shopping, binge eating or gambling. a new warning about a well-known prescription drug so many depend on.


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