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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00 and first on 4, transportation reporter adam tussing asks metro's g.m. the tough questions about the troubled transit authority's future. as the suspect in the shopping center shootings waits for his court paerps, you're going to hear from one shopper who feared she could are been one of the victims. and find out the one gop leader who was able to surprise donald trump. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 starts now. in this period of six months where you first started, have you thought about walking away? >> well, it's been five months and eight days, but who's
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counting? >> metro's g.m. discusses metro's uncertain future and his own. after a scathing report from the feds, metro is facing new questions about its safety and re reliabili reliability, and the g.m. is admitting his maintenance plan is going to greatly disrupt travel in the region. adam goes on the record with paul wiedefeld. >> that unbelievable sight of an ploegs and fire at the station last thursday. metro's leader now admits it may not have properly been addressed by his staff. >> so the pages i'm getting, it's an insulator. >> but then it was kind of a missed diagnose by your -- >> it gets back to how the culture of the agency is. so when you see something like that somewhere in the agency that people aren't reacting a certain way. >> it took hours to close the station after that event. should something have happened earlier?
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something earlier? most likely. >> so you're saying you should have done something earlier on thursday? >> most likely to find out what was going on with that. >> what needs to happen if employees aren't acting with safety top of mind? are you going to have to fire people? are there people who are going to have to lose their job at metro? >> i may have to. but what you have to do is you've got to get the organization again to perform the way it should be performing. >> wiedefeld tells news 4 that this week for the first time in metro's history, he'll gather all 650 of metro's managers for a meeting. on the subject of his maintenance plan, he warned it's going to be a huge challenge. scale of one to ten, ten being the most disruptive not for for metro but for our region. where would you put it? >> probably around a seven. >> this is something that's going to start in a month? >> it is. finally we asked the g.m. if he's ever thought about walking away from metro? his response, my wife has asked me that question several times as well. and he left it at that.
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the other big story that we've been following this weekend, the latest on the deadly shopping center shooting in maryland. eulalio tordil will make his first court appearance tomorrow in rockville. yesterday police said the motive for the murders at the montgomery mall and the aspen hill giant was carjacking. police believe tordil was trying to cover his tracks after allegedly killing his estranged wife thursday. yesterday we talked to a giant shopper who says it could have been her. >> i was just running late yesterday is the only reason i wasn't here. i'm just so, so upset, and i wish they'd do something about gun control. this man should not have a government job and have a gun if he's this ill. >> tordil was a federal protection officer on administrative leave because of several protective orders against him. he was not supposed to have guns because of that order. and now your
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forecast. >> well, finally we got some sunshine. thank goodness we got some sunshine for this mother's day. you may have noticed a few high clouds out there today. we're actually getting a little bit of the cloud cover from canada. there's some wildfires burning. obviously it's not raining right now. that temperature is 69 degrees. it's been a little breezy. have you noticed the fact that the pollen is whipping around out there? yeah, temperatures in the upper 60s right now, will eventually drop into the 50s tonight. clouds are going to increase. hopefully you enjoyed the sunshine today because we've got rain and we've got cloud cover for much of this week. we're going to time it out for you coming up. >> thanks, lauren. in northeast d.c., a man was stabbed outside a metro station and police are still looking for the person responsible. this happened outside the minnesota avenue metro station. the victim was stabbed at the bus bay near the station at around 12:30 this morning and is expected to survive. meanwhile metro transit police released this picture of a man
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we have now learned the name of the man shot to death in the district just before 2:00 this morning along nelson place in southeast. when officers arrived, they found don williams jr. emts rushed him to the hospital but was not able to survive. police need the public's help to find his killer. they have not released a motive in this case. on "meet the press" this morning, donald trump discussed the lack of support from gop leaders. the presumptive presidential nominee calledeb jus bh and senator lindsey graham dishonorable for backing out of the pledge that they signed last year to support the eventual nominee. trump also talked about speaker paul ryan refusing to endorse him. >> i like paul ryan. i think he's a very good guy. he called me three weeks ago and was so supportive. >> so you're stunned. >> i got blindsided by this. >> on cbs's face the nation this morning, hillary clinton promised not to run a, quote,
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polls show she trails senator bernie sanders in tuesday's west virginia primary. police are still trying to figure out who killed a man last night in lan ham on green field drive. police say they got a call for an assault, and when they arrived, they found the man seriously injured. he dater died at the hospital. right now police aren't say how exactly he was killed. in the terrifying moments after the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil, how exactly did president bush respond. we're going to show you some powerful images just released that shed some light on that critical time period. tens of thousands of people expected in the district for national police week. you'll see how organizers kicked off the celebration of law enforcement. and no one in our area bought the winning ticket for the $430 million powerball jack b p
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♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays i can't believe after all these years... people are still listening to this song!
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dragon: me neither! (laughing) ♪ music plays ♪ bagpipes at the law enforcement officers memorial on the mall. today marks the beginning of national police week. police departments from around the country coming to d.c. to remember fallen officers. today's event started with a motorcycle ride to the memorial for a wreath-laying ceremony. >> we
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surrounded by so many names of men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. we remember them this day not for how they died but for how they lived. >> a candle light vigil for fallen officers will be held at 8:00 on friday. it will be on the national mall between 4th and 7th streets, and everybody is welcome to attend. tonight there is a person in new jersey who is very happy. they are almost $430 million richer, and that person is holding on to the winning powerball ticket. lottery officials say it was sold in mercer countiener trenton. the 420 million odd jackpot is the largest since you remember that record $1.4 billion payout? january. only one winning ticket was sold last night. no jackpot winners in our area, but there was a $1 million winner in mcclain. officials say it was purchased at the 7-eleven. it was
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richmond area as well. sun came out, perfect for mother's day. will it stick around for the week? lauren's got your forecast coming up next. observing mother's day and recognizing the pght ofli
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 6:00. som
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first moments after the 9/11 attacks have just been released by the george w. bush presidential library. the photos show the president using a room at the elementary school to make calls shortly after the attacks. another photo shows the president watching news coverage and being consoled by a military officer aboard air force one. and finally this picture of the president getting ready to deliver a speech from the oval office on the night of 9/11. a moving mass today at the american veterans disabled for life memorial on the national mall. veterans, their families and advocates coming together to bring attention to the issue of veteran suicide. eric ward shows us they chose mother's day to bring even more attention to their cause. >> reporter: it started with a mass at the american veterans disabled for life memorial. >> here in this city, our capital city, we pray for our governmental leaders. >> reporter: it came at the end of what's been called the spartan weekend, days spent bringing attention to the plig
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inordinately high suicide rate among them. 22 veterans a day. mother's day, recognizing the toll that sad statistic takes on others. >> my son, keith, took his life on september 1st, 2015. he was 22 years old. >> reporter: the veterans goop spartan alliance teamed with disabled veteran americans and a dozen other vet groups on mother's day chose to enlist veteran's moths, gold star moms, blue star moms. it was a heartfelt mother's plea to those at risk. >> you took a solemn pledge to take our country. take that same pledge, the spartan pledge, and protect yourself. say, i will reach out for help. >> we're trying to buddy up and have a close friend that understands and has been there. >> reporter: dennis joiner has been there. he lost three limbs 30 days into deployment in 1969, and he, like others wounded in battle, left his comrades in arms to
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comrades in healing. >> it's their families, you know, their friends. no matter, you know, what they do, it's always there. >> reporter: and this effort was all about ensuring that. >> there will always be someone there who cares and is willing to help you through your struggles. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. these are often times some of the coolest images and some of the scariest images at that. this is out of colorado, a huge tornado touching down yesterday in yuma county. it's right on the kansas line. but at least five people were hurt. the good news here is that they are expected to be okay. the sheriff's office says the path of destruction is half a mile wide andix miles long. >> announcer: and now your storm team4 forecast. >> pretty incredible pictures there coming out of colorado. thank goodness we're not seeing anything like that today. we saw the sun shine today. you may have
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severe weather pretty much through this weeks. we have thunderstorms, definitely have rain chances. a few high clouds have moved back into the area. a lot of this high cloud and haze is from canada. they're burning some wildfires up there, translating down to the mid-atlantic. this is the most depressing weather headlines ever. sunshine back on vacation for this week, maybe a little bit tomorrow morning. the clouds move back in. we also have some rain chances every day this week and even into the weekend. then here's the icing on top. we've got a big cool down coming towards the end of next week toward the beginning of the next work week, so next monday into tuesday. temperatures may not get out of the 50s, so enjoy today. hopefully you did. even though we had aa lot of pollen around. we'll fall into the 50s tonight. some areas into the upper 40s. all in all, not a bad night. we could have a little light shower by daybreak tomorrow morning. there's a little piece of energy coming through. an isolated shower, increg
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tomorrow. we'll end up mostly cloudy throughout the day. let me show you here on our future weather. eve got a few clouds out there now. we've got a few clear spots. we'll start to see more clearing as we go into the late evening. then the clouds will come back in and maybe a chance of rain towards day break. just some light stuff. keep that umbrella with you because we've got a chance of scattered showers through much of the day tomorrow. we had a frontal system pass through the area today. it stalled to the south of us. it's just going to be hanging around once again in the mid-atlantic. se would have rain chances and clouds each day this week. each day we're going to have to see where that system lines up because it's really going to dictate our temperatures and time out that rain. we have an isolate the shower tomorrow morning and then some scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. we topped out in the low 70s today. here a look at your hourly forecast. again, it is going to be a little on the cloudy side. keep that umbrella with you. so mild pretty much throughout the day. we should b
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70s this time of year. average temperatures 73 degrees. a chance of showers on tuesday. wednesday i'm keeping dry. i do believe there's maybe a slight chance of a shower. that warm front will start to lift back to the north, so that's why those temperatures go back to that 70 degree mark. we're in the mid-70s thursday and friday. we have a chance of thunderstorms saturday night. it looks like that sun will return by sunday. >> so you're saying it's going to rain, right? >> so i'm saying, yep. we've got one chance for some sunshine and that will be on sunday. so that's about it. >> so generous. thank you. >> you're welcome. mother's day celebrations started a day earlier with a mother-daughter fashion show, and you may recognize some of the faces on the runway. on saturday, our very only doug kammerer hosted the tickled pink fashion show benefiting the make a wish foundation. there's our angie goff and her beautiful daughter. they took the runway with eun yang and her daughter there. gorgeous. the event was held at the fairmont in georgetown. happy mother's day to al
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mommies out there. coming up in sports, it is no laughing matter. bryce harper a thend
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> the nats doing everything they can right now to hold off the cubs. are they going to be able to do it? >> this road trip started off so great. now it turned depressing the second they got to chicago. they need to desperately within this game. dusty baker wanted to make sure his team finished strong on their first ten-game road trip of the season. but three days into chicago, the nationals did not play a very good series. they need this win today. we'll get to that game in just a few moments. that game is in extra innings right now in the 11th inning, they're tied at three apiece. but let's head over to baltimore right now to check out the orioles and the a's because that game also a thrilling one for both teams. a little mother's day throwing session before this game. we'll pick it up. manny
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machado with a two-run shot here to right center. one of two home runs in the game for mr. machado, and the o's are down just a run at the point. the long ball was the theme of the day for baltimore. pedro alvarez launched this one to the warehouse, his second of the season. we are all tied at 3. the moms love that one. very next baetter, jonathan scope. more of the same. his solo homer gives the orioles a 4-3 lead. they would hit six home runs in this game. baltimore, they win this one by a final of 11-3. up next, a three-game series with the twins in minnesota starting tomorrow night. now let's head back over to chicago and talk about those nationals. jake arrieta, one of the best pitchers in major league baseball on the mound tonight for the cubs. ryan zimmerman does not mind. nice piece of hitting there to the hot
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horse. harper would beat the throw. nice base-running there by the national league mvp. later on, it's wilson ramos at the dish. the buffalo. pink bat and all. that would drive in a run. the nationals looking good early on. they're up 3-1 in this game. tanner row ark, he had it going. give him credit. strikes out kris bryant there. the bull pen for the nationals could not hold this game. they blow the lead. it's currently tied up at 3 apiece right now in the 11th inning. we're going to move on and talk some hock can. the capitals taking it one game at a time against the pittsburgh penguins. last night it was all about relief and believe. the guys were relieved the series did not come to an
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>> only the guys? >> hello. everybody was like, oh, thank god. >> everyone relieved the capitals' season is still going on. here's the thing. they believe in each other in that locker room. they have plenty of reasons to believe. at verizon center it was a pretty fun night. the -- they lit the lamp on the first opportunity. number 8, alex ovechkin with the slap shot there, giving the capitals a 1-0 lead. they would go on to win 3-1. game six tuesday night in pittsburgh. now, penguins still lead this series three games to two. with that victory, the guys have a lot to build on. >> that was really the first bit of adversity that our team has had to face and i think we learned we can handle it. we just learned that we're really, really tight, and no one wants to be finished playing right now. >> we know it's not going to come easy just because of our regular season. we know every game, ev
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challenge no matter what, we're prepared to just keep our mind in the moment and trust ourselves that if we play our game, we're going to come out on top. >> more from braden hopepy tonight on sports final. his thoughts on how the caps created opportunities in game five. tonight, 11:35. you can check that out on nbc 4. let's move on to the nba playoffs. game four between the hawks and cavaliers. cavs trying to sweep the series. we'll pick it up in the fourth corner. it's a one-point game. dennis schroder with the drive here. that one goes. under a minute to go. you see lebron coming up big-time with the three-pointer there. james just shy of a triple-double. he had 21 points. final seconds, paul millsap shot for three off the mark. the cavaliers, they hold on and they sweep atlan
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your final score for today. big ten women's lacrosse. second half, terps up three. here comes maryland. this is junior defender nadine hag nettie, and she has a full head of steam going the length of the field. nice move here for her first career goal. terps win 12-9. they're your 2016 big ten champions. >> congratulations to them. that is the news for now. nightly new
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on this sunday night, dangerous storms. severe weather tearing through part of the country on this mother's day weekend, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, and it's not over yet. out of control. that wild fire in canada is still growing, dangerously shifting in different directions, well over 1,000 homes destroyed, more threatened. on the attack. exactly six months from election day, donald trump now attacking hillary clinton, as never before. hackerville. inside the town in transylvania that is not only ground zero for cyber crime, but also for fighting it. and the golden years. checking in with recent retiree american pharoah, living the good life and still earning millions, a year after winning the triple crown.


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