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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: that struggle was with a 65-year-old carjacking victim and during that struggle the suspect lost his glasses. now he apparently needs these glasses in order to drive. we also learned today where he went between the time he allegedly killed his wife and the showed up shooting at the montgomery mall. in this wanted poster you see eulalio tordil wearing glasses. but in his mugshot after he was arrested for murder he's not. that's because authorities say he lost his glasses in a violent struggle with his last victim, 65-year-old claudina molina. without his glasses his alleged crime spree came to an end. >> he didn't feel because his glasses had been lost in the struggle he didn't feel he could adequately see to drive. >> reporter: he's accused of shooting and killing his estranged wife thursday
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he didn't show up again until friday morning when he allegedly opened fire in montgomery mall shooting three people in a carjacking attempt. so where was he in between the crimes? authorities have also determined using license plate readers like this one that tordil was on the move. >> it did appear to be some indication that mr. tordil following the shooting of his wife did drive around various parts of montgomery county and into the state of virginia. >> reporter: tordil was a federal police officers for 26 years and suspended after his estranged wife got a protective order against him. his wife gladys was his first victim. then police searched his apartment and found what was described as suicide notes with a prediction ever dying in a suicide by cop. >> some notes were seized after the first killing in prince george's county that indicated that the defendant might be suicidal or might attempt to be involved in a shoot out with
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police. >> reporter: we're told that police recovered the 40 caliber glock handgun that was allegedly used in the mall shootings inside the suspect's car. we're told today that he did buy that gun legally back in 2014 in las vegas but he was supposed to surrender that gun in that protective order against him. >> we're learning more tonight about the victims in those shootings. tordil's estranged wife gladys tordil was a chemistry teacher. malcolm winfell was shot and killed on friday morning as he rushed to help a screaming woman during a carjacking attempt in westfield montgomery mall. he was married and had two children opinion claudina molina was shot and killed at the aspen hill shopping center. she worked 16 hours a day for 25 years. she was just months away from retirement. >>
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senseless killing. you know. it's wrong. >> my mother called me crying. and my heart just dropped. i just went cold, went numb. >> claudina molina was a nursing assistant. she was at giant toby ingredients to make a smoothy for her daughter. coming up tracee wilkins reveals what happened after the protective order was issued against tordil and how the gun turn in was handled in the weeks before the crime. that's at 6:30. it has been another frustrating day for metro riders on the blue, orange and silver lines. a train got stuck between the stadium armory and minnesota avenue station this morning. that train has been moved out of the way now but delays continue even at this hour. tonight we've been asking you to weigh in and after recent safety issues and service disruptions the question is are you riding metro rail less? mo
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responded say yes. others say they don't ride metro at all but the bottom line is that all the problems could lead to some big staff changes. transportation reporter adam tuss in northeast d.c. now at the site of the breakdown today with more on that. adam? >> reporter: that's right. trains continue to operate pretty slowly in this area because there was a second issue not too long ago. let me show you what's actually happening here on the tracks right now as you take a look at that train up there. that's the blue, orange and virtually line where all the trains come through. just sitting there. as all of these problems mount now there's a question out there are there going to be firings at flow. one source tells me tonight that firings are going to quote rock the place. issue after issue, incident after incident, and it's reaching a boiling point for metro. are your going to have to fire people? are there people who are going to have to lose theirb
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metro because you're talking about changing the culture and the way to do that is to cut-out the rot and you are the guy who has to cut-out the rot. will you have to fire people. >> i may have to. >> reporter: a shake up is in the works all of this happening as safety issues mount. today a train stopped in its tracks for hours along the blue, orange and virtually line. >> last couple of weeks have been rough. >> reporter: this metro rider says unfortunately delays are now hand-in-hand with transit agency. >> what's a day like for a regular metro rider. your constantly seeing if there's a delay or a breakdown. >> yeah every morning before you leave and before you go home. >> reporter: metro's gm says he has to take the unprecedented steps of major shut downs. today he met with the mayor. she's said to be content with his new maintenance plan. for riders metro isn't an alternative it's her only way to get around.
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commute. >> metro is all you have. you have to grin and bear it. what else can do you. >> you can hope. >> for the best, always. >> reporter: now as news4 was first to report tomorrow metro's general manager will collect all 650 plus metro managers, get them together and talk to them. he wants to drill down the message of safety. >> has anybody said why that train was stuck there for so long? >> reporter: metro says the cause hasn't been determined. let me show you what happened up there on the platform. there was a small fire that caused the train to get stuck in place. you can see there's still a little charred section up there and there's a missing piece of the chain link fence. there was maintenance work done over the weekend. they didn't say what happened with train although they do believe that it was related to the maintenance and repairs that were supposed to fix this section
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>> adam tuss, thanks. adam sat down with paul winfield yesterday and how disruptive safe track repair plan can be to the commute. can you watch that entire discussion in the nbc washington app. just search metro interview. one day until the west virginia primary and there's a civil war raging in the republican party. donald trump versus house speaker paul ryan. party insiders are hoping they will make peace but now there is a new battle over taxes. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: republican washington trying to get used to this huge change, one man now will lead the republican party. and whether the top legislative leader here in the gop here on capitol hill likes it or not that man's name is donald trump. more proof donald trump is taking
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official house speaker paul ryan telling the milwaukee sceentenc sentinel. no tax hikes. >> we have to negotiate. >> some truch sound on sunday like a democrat. >> for the wealthy i think frankly it will go up. it should go up inner loop today trump tweeted i'm lowering taxes far more than any other candidate explaining the tax cuts on the wealthy might be less than he wanted. hillary clinton today was talking women's issues in the swing state of virginia. >> child care needs. >> trump went after her husband's infidelity on cnn. >> he said nothing happened with monica lewinsky then he said sorry folks it actually did happen. the guy was impeached
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>> did hillary enable bill? that's trump's charge? i'm running my cain. i'm not running against him. he's doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> hillary clinton is now still running against bernie sanders who is leading clinton in polling in west virginia where the primary is tomorrow. >> hillary clinton still firmly on track to win the democratic nomination but she still can't pivot fully to the general election. that could be helping trump. i'm steve handelsman, news4. we have been tracking the rain all day and the good part is most of it is out of here. a lot of us are seeing sunshine across the region. that's how temperatures have climbed a few degrees. look at all that rain through about 1:00, 2:00. all lifted up to the north as a warm front tries to lift to north. still a few light showers around if you're thinking of heading to the nats game you won't have any problems with that. few light showers. most of us
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tonight and this evening, back tonight we'll get in on this action. more rain making its way on through. a very we want overnight period. temperatures in the upper 60s. this is our weather underground temperatures. 67 capitol hill. leesburg coming in at 63. much different conditions than last week but still keep the umbrellas handy. much more on this in a minute. >> solemn tribute for lives lost on capitol hill. the color guard marched through the congressional auditorium as u.s. capitol police remembered their four officers who died in the line of duty through the years. sergeant clinton holts died of a hearing in 2014. two officers were killed in the attack at the capitol back in 1998 and an officer was killed in a training exercise in 1984. next week thousands of police officers from around the world will come to the
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national police week. today local police officers took time to remember those who died protecting the public. mark segraves how today's service brought closure to the family of one of those fallen officers. >> today is an opportunity for us to come together and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: a solemn tradition honoring the men and women who died in the line of duty. today four names were anticipated to the list on the washington area law enforcement memorial in front of police headquarters. >> those who make that sacrifice are a special group of people. and it's incumbent upon us to never forget. >> reporter: among those caroline cross who worked for years in the department of corrections. she was murdered in 2014 in her alexandria apartment. her daughter said having her mother memorialized next to police officers who died in the line of duty was a special honor for their family. >> so
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of those who died are read aloud. each year the list gross longer. >> these were good cops doing good things keeping our communities safe. >> reporter: for the cross family today's honor came after the man who killed their mother was found not guilty by reason of insanity. >> that will never be closure honestly but i've made peace with it and i can't really say that i'm angry about it because it wasn't my battle to fight. i had to finally let it go no matter whether i wanted him to be in jail or not. so i had to dome base that. >> reporter: next week another event honoring law enforcement officials from across the country at the national law enforcement officers memorial. at that event they will be honoring 252 officers who gave their lives. in the district, mark segraves, news4. new evidence collected from the crime scene how it c
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shed light on what led to this fiery crash at a pope lular din. >> an armed robbery foiled in this bloomingdale alley. two guys literally sit on top of the suspect until police get here to make the arrest. that story coming up. >> reporter: nova creeper and volleyball perp. names a virginia man gave to himself. but it's whatnvestigators i guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins.
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sfx: clap, clap, ding
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after he and his brothers foiled a would be armed robber. it happened in an alley in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood. pat collins is at the scene with new reaction from people who live nearby. hi, pat. >> reporter: doreen he took a bullet to face but he and his brothers still managed to foil a robbery in this alley. they pried the gun away from the robber's hand. they sat on top of him until the cops got here. it happened close by this park, a hi
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the bloomingdale neighborhood. this man was here when it went down. he asked not to be identified. >> i was in the park and i heard yelling, voices, commotion. i looked down the park and saw an altercation. one guy grabbing and trying to wrestle with another guy and then i heard a shot and then i realized this was a pretty big deal. >> reporter: this handgun was used to shoot the victim in the face after he tried to rob him. the victim is a construction worker and special forces soldier with the guatemalan army. he managed to resist the army. his two brothers also working nearby ran to the scene, disarmed the robber and held him for the police. >> they were sitting on him, had somehow struggled and actually got the gun away. at
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came. >> yes. >> what do you make of that? >> it's great. folks joining together and trying to help one another out. >> reporter: now police say the victim is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. he is expected to make it. police say he may be eligible for $10,000 for foiling this robbery. in the meantime police have a 23-year-old man in custody. he's expected to be officially charged in the case tomorrow. jim, back to you. >> thanks, pat. police were able to salvage some forensic evidence numberer that a man drove into the silver diner in tysons corner last week. a search warrant revealed investigators seized three plastic bottles, three liquid samples, burned debris and three floor mats. a named samuel abutoh intentionally drove his hum near to the restaurant and then set the vehicle on fire. threop
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investigators are hoping that the evidence seized will help them figure out what was used exactly to stop that fire. a northern virginia man who calls himself a creeper on social media is facing child po pornography charges. and some women are calling his posts very scary. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: a common reaction to a twitter page filled with photos snapped of unsuspecting women of their back sides and chest area. this is the mandateors say is responsible. 37-year-old matthew bishop actually refers to himself as nova creeper. we aren't mentioning his actual twitter hand p.m. the giant grocery store at greenbriar shopping center a favorite stalking ground. >> last thing you want or think somebody will take pictures of you and then post it to other people. and like that's just disturbing. >>
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page called volleyball perv stock with teen girls playing the sport. he took that one down. on the page still up he took shots at the play ground, fast food places. >> if i were to be filmed i would feel violated. >> reporter: a loudoun county detective discovered bishop didn't stop with twitter photos. he was sharing child porn and child erotica images with others. the investigation began after loudoun authorities busted another man for child porn possession then went undercover to take over his twitter account. they discovered bishop was sharing dozens of images of child porn on the kick app. >> able to follow exactly what he was doing on his account and see the porn graphy that he was doing. >> last month investigators seeds electronics and other items from bishop's home. today he turned himself in to face ten counts
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pornography. he posted bond so didn't spend any time in jail today. i went by his home to see if he had any comment but the person there told me he wasn't around. local cemetery cancelled a funeral because of a billing issue. tonight nbc 4 responds to help bring closure to the woman's family. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news4, before the shooting here at high point high school and before those shootings in montgomery county alleged gunman tordil had a peace order taken out against him and he was supposed to turn over all of his guns. so how was he able to keep one. >> hillary clinton visits a coffee shop in battleground virginia. why shse'
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elp. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me coming up in our next half hour, a man linked to three murders a few hours apart. how police say he was able to get a gun. >> local college students extorted out of thousands of dollars after posti
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provocative pictures online. >> those stories coming up. first here's doug with a check on our forecast. >> just like yesterday, and really just like saturday too we started off today on the gloomy side with showers. today pretty much rain through 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. then we cleared out nicely. take a look at our city cam shot. beautiful evening across our region. a plane landing there towards dca. no problems as far as the greenery. look now green everything is. it shows us what we've seen with this rain. 63 trees. within out of the south at 8 miles per hour. partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures have come up from where they were earlier. everybody is in the 50s with that rain but now in the 60s. warrenton coming in at 62. on the radar what we were looking at over the last four hours rain moving up to the north. some scattered showers around. not seeing much. i don't expect much through the next four, five, six hours. then we'll see a change
6:26 pm
important showers coming through our way. but i want to show you what's happening back down here towards oklahoma and what's happening right around oklahoma city. this is just to the east of oklahoma city. numerous tornado warnings and this storm right here, a tremendous tornado, i want to show you some video first. this was within the last hour or two hours. this is a picture or video of a tornado that was a half mile to a mile wide. half mile to a mile wide. now the very good news about this you can see some of the damage there, the trees. these storm chasers were following this. the best news so far i've only heard of one home destroyed from this. this is not a very heavily populated area. but it just needs go through one town and we'll see a lot of problems. we've been watching this feed live. numerous tornado warnings. five different tornado warnings from our station down there towards portions of oklahoma city that continues to watch this storm. so we'll have much more on this coming up tonight at 11:00 hopefully this will stay in
6:27 pm
here's one very close to oklahoma city. for our weather no severe weather at all. we've been very stable. because of that we've seen lighter rain. watch what happens overnight around the 4:00, 5:00 hour. rain moving back in. by 4:00 a.m. got some rain opinion 8:00 a.m. tomorrow everybody seeing rain. tomorrow morning will be one mess of a rush hour and then tomorrow afternoon just like today we may clear out just a little bit. umbrellas will be needed during the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning stepping out to the bus stop, temperature around 54 degrees. temperatures getting up to low 60s tomorrow afternoon. clouds for the afternoon. chance of a shower comes back during the day on wednesday. thursday looks good with a high of 72. we go 75 on friday and heat could produce thunder. noted expecting anything too strong. much
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he's accused of killing three people during a two day shooting spree. tonight we're digging into the suspect's past. what we know about that protective order against him and the way his weapons were seized. >> two local high school students stabbed during lunch. a classmate accused of using scissors among other things in that take. hillary clinton travels to battleground virginia for some coffee talk. what she's promising if she wins the white house. local cemetery cancelled a funeral and left the family in disbelief. new report how news4
6:31 pm
i thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. right now at 6:30 our reporters are working new leads on the day's top stories. we begin in maryland. >> the man accused of carrying out two shootings at local shopping centers of not supposed to have any guns. tore had a protective order taken out against him. his wife was afraid he would hurt her. last week gladys tordil was killed, shot outside high points high school in beltsville. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live now with lingering questions in this case. >> reporter: according to the montgomery county states attorney the gun that was used in the shooting spree and here outside of high point was bout legally by tordil in 2014 in las vegas. he was supposed to turn that gun and all other guns that he owned over to the prince george's county sheriff's department. so show you was he able to keep it? the bottom line is he just decided to.
6:32 pm
>> she did everything she knew to do. >> reporter: gladys tordil did all the right things when she went to court and electrifiesed her husband eulalio tordil the man who she said threatened to harm her if she ever left him. >> everything was done correctly by the victim. >> reporter: before shooting four people and killing two of them in montgomery county on friday morning he's accused of driving to high point high school in beltsville thursday afternoon and killing his estranged wife as she waited to pick her daughters up from school. he's also accused of shooting and injuring an innocent bystander. his being on that school property was a violation of a stay away order taken out by his wife. according to the prince george's county sheriff's department on march 6th a temporary protective order was served at his job, the federal protective services. his job in internal affairs immediately relieved him of his service firearm. on march 17th, he responded in court to the prti
6:33 pm
things company not do including having firearms. a few hours later at 6:00 p.m. he surrendered seven guns to the prince george's sheriff's department. according to the montgomery county state's attorney tordil may have held on to the gun used in his shooting spree. here's how that could have happened. the stay away hearing was a civil order held in family court not criminal court. the judge required guns be surrendered and tordil appeared cooperate. so the judge never issue ad search warrant or back ground check into how many guns he actually owned. although this was a civil dispute, i'm told by the prince george's county sheriff's office that the judge could have said we want to do a search warrant or we want to check the background of how many guns this man owns if he felt there was reason in this case to do so. evidently that have not the case here. tordil did not have a criminal background before this shooting
6:34 pm
in prince george's county on first degree murder charges as soon as his trial in montgomery county is wrapped up. that could be a year or more. reporting live in beltsville, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> two students in montgomery county are back home tonight recovering after they were stabbed with scissors at school today. it happened during lunch period at churchill high school in potomac. police say a 15-year-old attacked two 17-year-olds with a pair of scissors and a tool used to work with clay. those victims were not seriously injured. they were sent home with their families. fairfax county police are asking for help in identifying some people who attend a party where a young man was mobbed and then stabbed to death. this photo shows people police are looking for. the party took place on oxon road in herndon on april 23rd. 21-year-old boy was attacked by 10 to 15 people. instead of getting
6:35 pm
friends drove him home and put him to bed. his family found him dead the next day. a warning now to other students at george mason after two separate sextortion cases. two students met people online to broadcast sex acts over the internet. they threatened to post it on the internet unless they turn over $5,000. >> to politics. hillary clinton turning her attention to the general election and virginia. she stopped by a coffee shop in loudoun county today to talk about the struggles that local families face every day. tom sherwood is in stone ridge, virginia now with more on how mrs. clinton is trying to connect with voters. tom? >> reporter: jim, i'm not sure what this means but i walked all around this big park lot today at ste
6:36 pm
county. not one car, not one car i saw had a bumper sticker for anybody. hillary clinton came here today to a coffee shop to stir up some votes. the mug n muffin just another coffee shop in northern virginia. but for two hours today an invited audience for hillary clinton's campaign for the democratic nomination for president. >> whether they work full time or part time they work. >> very transient county and we've gone from republican to democrat in the last couple of elections and i would definitely support her over trump. >> reporter: not all of the crowd outside were for clinton. loudoun county and virginia are seen as toss ups in november if clinton faces presumptive nominee donald trump. >> i firmly believe that donald trump is a better -- he's a better candidate for this country at this point in time. >> reporter: one voter said
6:37 pm
trump's cause right now. you think they should circle the wagons. >> they should if they want to win. >> everybody is in an undecided corner. >> loudoun county is like many places in america right now where paying for child care is really expensive. >> reporter: hillary clinton easily won the virginia democratic primary in march. one guess today loudoun county democratic supervisor. >> loudoun is moving towards our side. >> reporter: clinton's national battle with bernie sanders continues but no one mentioned him here today. i'm tom sherwood. back to you. tom, thanks. the caps one last practice today before they went up to pittsburgh. game six tonight is one of those, you know what it's called, must-win game tomorrow is. appears the team is not letting the pressure get to them. all smiles from the ice earlier and they a
6:38 pm
for that game tomorrow night. we'll have more on that coming up in our sports report. friends and family came in from all over the country only to find out the funeral was cancelled. the reason behind the delayed burial and what happened when nbc 4 responds steps in. >> your driver's license may get revamped. to protect you against identity theft while paying tribute to maryland's rich history. a little bit of a break in the weather. this is future weather. tomorrow at 7:30 notice the rain, some of it could be heavy at times. wow tomorrow morning's rush hour not looking good. how about the ra chancesin
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maryland unveiled new driver's licenses and
6:41 pm
theft. the new cards features the maryland flag as the background and have several layers of security to prevent i.d. theft and fraud. the new cards won't be issued at mva office, they will be mailed out seven to ten business days after you renew or apply for a license or i.d.. starting today students at forestville high school can apply to transfer to another high school in prince george's county. the district is closing forestville at the end of the year because of the declining enrollment. >> this story now that you're looking at the pictures of has to do with some lucky dude in new jersey. we don't know who it is. i said dude could be a woman. we know whoever it is bought a ticket at a 7/eleven in trend on the, new jersey and picked all the numbers on their own they didn't let the machine do it. the jackpot there is worth nearly $430 million. the
6:42 pm
collected a $30,000 check for selling the winning ticket. that owner said she hopes the wealth brings only positive things for the winner. just goes to shine her words anything can happen. >> and does. >> yes, it does. >> still ahead a local cemetery cancelled the funeral one day before a woman was supposed to be buried. nbc 4 responds to find out why it happened and find some peace for the family. i just
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6:45 pm
a local cemetery cancels a funeral leaving the family outraged. >> when relatives couldn't get a straight answer they contacted consumer reporter susan hogan for help. they got it. susan >> thaers. your loved one dies, you make all of the arrangements for a proper burial. imagine this. the day before the funeral you're told it's cancelled because of a dispute. >> we had a beautiful service for her. >> a beautiful service but no funeral. >> when did you find out she wasn't going to be buried? >> actually the day before. >> friend and family had traveled from all over the country to attend doris smith's funeral a beloved teacher of the district for years, doreen's niece knew her funeral would be well attended but now had
6:46 pm
a funeral all because of a billing issue with the cemetery. >> i just want her in a final resting place so she can be at peace. >> doreen told us her aunt had a pre-paid funeral contract with hard noni cemetery in high hyattsville. when she died the cemetery said her plot was no longer available. >> told me it was gone. >> her aunt was delinquent on payments and lost the plot, her money and the account was terminated according to the contract. the cemetery can retain all payments made prior to such termination. leaving doreen no choice but to use her aunt's insurance known pay for her funeral but doreen said the cemetery claimed there was a beneficiary issue that needed to be resolved before they allowed her to be buried. >> she's been at where she
6:47 pm
still now stewart funeral home. >> not wanting to wait any longer doreen took out a personal loan to pay for the funeral herself but the cemetery she said wouldn't accept her money and insisted the insurance issue be resolved first. >> this is my aunt. >> dorene earn mailed news4. >> once you guys got involved, things started happening. >> the company that owns harmony cemetery said it would not discuss specific client concerns with the media. instated is their policy to work to resolve any possible concerns directly with client families. shortly after we received a statement doreen told us harmony allowed the insurance paper work to finally go through. and days later on a rainy tuesday morning surrounded by her friends and family doris smith was finally laid to rest. >> i thank you. i thank you so much from the bottom of my
6:48 pm
>> and some even better news. doreen was able to keep her $3,500. the cemetery used her aunt's insurance money to pay for the funeral. depending where you live now there are laws to help ensure prepaid funeral funds are available to pay for the funeral service when they are need. and if you need some help with a consumer issue contact us at nbc 4 responds and we'll thereabout to help you out as well. >> i'm sure they were very grateful that you responded in this case. it's a shame. good they got closure on that one. >> i agree. >> don't mess with someone named doreen. >> that's right. doug is busy looking at pictures of tornadoes over here. >> it's unfortunate right now oklahoma city that area in oklahoma seeing numerous tornadoes on the ground and now looks possibly the first houses are now being destroyed. this is in an area that's not very populated in oklahoma city
6:49 pm
tonight at 11:00 and i know after this show on nightly news they will talk about that as well. for us no severe weather in our area. we've seen very stable conditions. that means we've seen steady rain across roirj. no lightning or thunder. reston showing cloud cover. we saw a little bit of sun earlier. there's a little bit of sunshine. just a little bit. trying to peek through on our city cam. temperatures dropping but not too fast. notice nice cool. no chance of rain through 11:00. it's after 11:00 into early tomorrow morning we'll start to see the rain come back in. we've dried out. saw a couple of showers earlier. we're on the dry side for the most part. i'm watching this area back here. again this is what's happening. front moves north and then comes back south. north then south. as it does it moves across our area and little waves moves along that front. that's why rain tonight. rush hour tomorrow could be a mess, again, 7:00.m
6:50 pm
moderate to heavy. 54 degrees. 56 by 11:00. should be out of here by 11:00. by 3:00 like today maybe we see a little bit of sun and back into the clouds and another chance of shower activity. what to wear tomorrow? just like the past two weeks rain jacket, umbrella and yeah even the rain boots early because we're talking that much rain will be out there us a make your way out. four day forecast has a good chance of showers if not rain now early tomorrow. 6 on wednesday. slight chance of a shower. thursday 72. 75 on friday. friday not a chance of rain but a thunderstorm or two. nothing severe. stay on the 71 degree mark on saturday. saturday another chance late in the day. guys one thing for sure keep the umbrella handy. >> it is what it is. sports coming up. the question is it good strategy or what some might call a coward's way out. bryce harper has become a walk
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stop the presses, bryce harper has walked again. >> i love it. >> yeah. so great, i love it. >> what do you do? >> wouldn't you know, is that good baseball strategy or they just punking out? >> what they did with basketball. >> that's what i was going to say. >> making a confession on live television my major league temperatures ended when i was the 9 because i couldn't hit the ball. bryce harper wants to hit the ball trust me. as vance said if you're is going to toss the toss you have to walk the walk. bryce harper can do more than talk. because of that he keeps walking. yesterday in chicago he was issued six free passes. three of them intentional walks. we get the latest on should we say
6:55 pm
>> reporter: not if this will happen again but when. and what to do about it. that's what nats park is buzzing about. bryce harper's seven plate appearances in chicago and not one at bat which is a major league record. harper did not speak with the media today and his teammates did and they said next time it's up to them to respond. >> if teams do that now go ahead but i have confidence in the world for these other guys to get in there and get runs. >> reporter: the protection isn't there. baptisting behind harper ryan zimmerman, went 1 for 7 yesterday. many feel moving daniel murphy behind bryce will help. he's batting .395. >> do i tear up my whole lineup for degree days? -- three days? >> i think people are panicking earlier. >> reporter: nats hoping some home cooking will do them some good trying to stop a four game losing set as they open
6:56 pm
no matter the approach with harper, nats no game will be a walk in the park. i'm glad she said that. a familiar face. we know jordan zimmerman will always be a figure for his no-hitter two seasons again. he signed a free agent deal with the tigers and pitch against matt scherzer. zbhoo you won't hear the capitals say then the penguins right where they want them. they are down 3-2. now capitals travel to pittsburgh for game six hey there's help on the way. brooks orpik is back from a three game suspension. caps lost two games without him. 1-2 when he missed time in the flyers series because of injury. now he's ready
6:57 pm
blue line and spoil the party in pittsburgh where he played for 11 seasons. >> it's the week i didn't think i would miss. so try to stay sharp in practice that i had and guys did a really good job and pushed to it six. we have an opportunity tomorrow to keep the season long. >> a lot of guys are willing to do a lot for each other. if we play our best we're a pretty tough team to beat. >> this is the way to travel. kentucky derby winner nyquist touching down in baltimore less than 48 hours after winning the run for the roses and to borrow an election term, he arrives at pimco as the presumptive winner. i'm disappointed suddenbreakingnews didn't win. >> tha o
6:58 pm
"nightly news" coming up next. >> we hope to see you for news4 at 11:00. so weird to see a horse coming off a plane.
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breaking news tonight. massive, potentially catastrophic tornadoes exploding on the ground right now. a major new outbreak caught on camera with millions on high alert again. the feds go to war on a blockbuster battle over north carolina's controversial bathroom law. a governor refusing to back down. the u.s. attorney general invoking jim crow in a passionate response. getting personal. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton over her husband's past. and trump caught in a web over shifting positions on taxes. and hospital shock. you think you're covered by insurance and then the bill comes, and you're on the hook for thousands. avoid surprises. the questions and answers every patient should be asking. "nightly news"


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