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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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police are calling a domestic incident. offices were called to chase tree place where the incident turned physical. investigators have not said whether either woman is facing charges. the incident happened about half a mile away from where ashley guindon was shot and killed in february. guindon was one of the officers remembered during a ceremony last night. ♪ this week tens of thousands will come to d.c. to honor officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. fellow officer david mccuen and was wounded. >> i remember playing in the front yard after being shot. i had the terrible feeling of not be able to help ashley or jesse and needing help myself. >> the crowd paid contribute put to 17 prince william county officers who died in the line of duty over the past century. police confirmed a missing
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virginia woman is dead. the medical examiner officially identifi identified la seth lopelopez. police say she was murdered, but are not saying how she died. back here at the live desk, we have dramatic new video just in. take a look, this is out of wynnewood, oklahoma. wow. a tornado just ripping through part of a house there. also caught on cam, you can see powerful just crumbling to the ground the fun he will cloud and then moving on ripping through an open field destroying pretty much everything in its path. this thing is massive. power lines were sparking left and right. we know that several homes were hit along the way. the winds continued to roar. two people ended up dying in this severe storm. today's the latest from the live
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck bell is in the "weather center" now with four things to know about our forecast. >> and you can guess what the first thing will be, more rain chances coming your way and that is a record. yesterday officially now at national airport, 12 days, today will make 13 days in a row with measured rainfall. that's the wrongest stretch in record keeping history at national airport and that goes back to the 1870s. so our longest stretch of rain in 140 years. some sun where art thou, no sun coming your way today. we're about four degrees cooler than average temperature-wise. next chance of having a pure sunny day doesn't show up until sunday. in a few minutes we'll give you a check of the radar and let you know when the rain will be the heaviest. for now though it's construction delays from melissa mollett. construction time here in the traffic center. 395 south after seminary road and then northbound after duk
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blocked in each direction. we see this almost every morning. 95 in maryland, you can see from about 32 all the way down to the beltway, are you on time. don't have any big be problems north or southbound right here. and beltway itself overall no problems inner loop or outer loop. inner loop after colesville, two left lanes getting by that work zone and outer loop after new hampshire, two right lanes getting by work zone there p live look at 66 coming up. the three people killed in the maryland shopping center shootings are being remembered as a good samaritan, hero, happy chemistry teacher and woman from bolivia who achieved the american dream. >> i will miss her a lot because shivs very nice and very sweet person. >> at a vigil last night, molina's co-workers said someone who made
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glad diseulalio tordil was shot outside the high school and malcolm winffel died after run to go a woman's aid at the mall. >> we always knew he was a hero and we always knew that if somebody was in need or danger, he would not the run away. he would run towards to help and protect. >> the victims rights foundation is trying to raise money to help the victims' families. this is the same organization that raised money for victims of the beltway snipers. suspected gunman tore gil o eulalio tordil may have stopped his crime spree because he lost his glasses. prosecutors say tordil lost them in a violent struggle with molina outside of giant. he is now charged with three counts of first-degree murder, two in montgomery county. he was ordered held without bond. right now d.c. police want your help to find 24-year-old lee o
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he shot and killed richard so that back in large. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. 4:35. a week after a waldorf man was found shot to death, three men are now charged with that crime. they face first-degree murder charges. officers say the shooting stemmed from a marijuana-represemarijuana-relad robbery. this morning a closer look at the devastation from that raging wildfire out in canada. take a look at this. yes, it is homes charred, utter devastation, buildings leveled to the ground. 2400 in total including a hospital. now, the images are dramatic, residents have been warned. this is the hardest hit part among the 395,000 acres that have burned. officials saying some good
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85% of the alberta province is still intact. now, officials plan to announce within two weeks a plan so that the more than 80,000 who were forced to leave their homes can finally return. as for the fire itself, it has moved to more rural places and right now though it's still considered unpredictable. george mason university police are looking into two cases of sex tore shan. victims say the suspects record acts and threaten to post the video unless the victims can pay up. it's 4:36. and it's a must win game for the caps tonight. they're playing the penguins in pittsburgh at 8:00. if the caps lose, they are eliminated. one big thing that could help the team, defense pan orpik mank
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on orpik is back on the ice. >> i don't think it looks any different than any owe plther pf game. >> he played for the penguins for the 11 seasons. le it would be really nice to bin and bring it back home. >> another three months left of hockey season? we'll see what happens. don't put away your kid's rain coat just yet. by the look of the radar, they will need it. hu chuck bell will be back with a look at that. and at least we're dealing with rain and not snow. could you imagine snow in may? just how much did it cost on dig the district out of the blizzard of 2016. the lawmaker now requesting an investigation. and a police officer makes a gruesome discovery when he rolls up to a car fire. the incredibleescue we're just r
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a florida man has one person to think for being alive this morning. this sheriff's deputy, dash cam video shows that deputy responding to a car crash and walk up to that burning car and butting the man to safety. >> the driver was airlifted to the orlando burn center where he's still being treated. this is the second heroic fire rescue for the indian river county sheriff's office in the last two
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things started on this tuesday morning. >> chuck bell here now with more on what we can expect in the day ahead. uh-oh. >> i wish i had better news for you. the mention of sunshine would sure be nice, but that won't be the case today. no heavy rain inside the beltway just yet, but just down the road along i-95 here south of fredericksburg out to charlottesville, these are moderate rain showers lifting authority bound here, so already heavier rain in parts of southern charles, st. mary's county. that is headed for the eastern shore. but these showers in central virginia are coming your way, everybody. so keep that in mind. school day forecast then, wet again. temperatures mid to upper 50s at the bus stops, recess will be filled with puddles, so we're giving it an "f" today and showers and temperatures only in the mid-60s later on this afternoon. we'll take a look at the "7-day forecast" which i promise, melissa, has at least one sunny day in it. >> at this point that's all we need, just a little bit of hope. 66 at west ox road, you can see
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problems. having volume headed eastbound. totally normal here. northbound 95 quantico to the beltway, going it take you 18 minutes here this morning. so looking quite good here this morning. don't have any worries there on 95 in virginia. taking a look elsewhere, prince george's county overall looking good. 50 in and out of town is rolling along nicely. to have this road work 395 south after seminary and north after duke street, some lanes blocked. decision 2016 is heating up, but has donald trump goes after hillary clinton, hillary clinton prepares to go after something else. a closer look at that in a live report from capitol hill. sploo and it can wait. the new campaign to encourage drivers to stay off their cellphones and why it is targeting a certain group of people.
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it is decision day for voters this west virginia and nebraska, but frontrunners are looking past a today's contest. tracie potts, donald trump looking beyond even the general election? >> reporter: well, he is. he's already targeting hillary clinton and bill clinton this an interview with cnn. he talked about bill clinton's infidelitie infidelities, hillary clinton saying in response that she wasn't going to deal with that, she was going to focus on her own campaign. and how are the testimodemocra responding? >> reporter: hillary clinton says she will focus on women and families right now. and also she will be focusing on kentucky. west virginia today, the campan
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loss for her, but they're already aggressively adding kentucky, new ads coming out later this week. >> and bernie sanders still saying don't count me out. >> reporter: he think he can win seven of the remaining ten con tests including california which is a big haul. he also thinks he will win west virginia and he's pointing out the fact that there are polls out there that show him a much better competitor for the democrats against donald trump. >> a lot to watch. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. 14 before the hour. and three brothers put their lives in harm's way to stop a would-be robber. this morning one of those brothers is recovering after being shot in a face. this happened will in an alley bloomingdale neighborhood. a gunman ride to rob a construction wo
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victim was shot the when he tried to disarm the robber. his brothers who are were working at the construction site ran to the scene, police say they sat on the robber until help arrived. >> it's great. talk about folks sort of joining together and trying to help one the another out. >> i am my brother's keeper literally. investigators have not yet released the name of the alleged robber. new findings in the controversial death of a man in winchester. the 20-year-old minifield shot himself in the head confirming the initial report. his family and friends do not believe the report. winchester police asked virginia state police to conduct an investigation. two students are recovering after they were stabbed with scissors at a montgomery county school during lunch period yesterday at churchill high school. a 15-year-old attacked two 1
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why wou 17-year-olds with a paver. >> shon: and a tool used to work with clay. the victims were not seriously hurt and were sent home with their parents. it's the kind of crime people don't often think of, but now help for victims of human trafficking right here in our area. the university of maryland safe center is open now, it offers legal services, counseling and medical care for survivors. at its opening yesterday, maryland senator ben car dip said umd is an ideal place to offer these services. >> this is one of the great resource universities in the world. and you're going to use that talent on figure out how we can do a more effective i don't job to end modern day slavery. >> open the nbc washington app and search safe center. the chief executive of alexandria public housing authority will retire at the independent of the year. you may remember roy priest was heavily criticized by the city counsel over the redevelopment of thera
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homes with apartments and shops. he has led the agency -- he led the housing agency for nine years, no word yet on his possible replacement. former virginia supreme court justice jane roush is starting a new job after losing her spot on the bench. rousch will work as mediator for a richland based law pirm. last year terry mcauliffe appointed her to the state high court angering republicans who said they were not consulted. after a partisan battle, the legislature eventually elected a different judge to the high court. roush is most well-known for presiding over the trial of lee vow malveaux. at&t is launching a spanish language version of its it can wait campaign. recent research has shown that hispanics are more prone to using their smartphones behind the wheel.
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phones while driving compared to the national average of 71%. as part of its campaign, drivers can try out virtual reality goggles that shows what happens when you pick up your phone. it's going to show you in real time what an accident would look like if you texted. or if you took a picture. and the outcome that could happen, which could lead up to death. >> you can use at&t's virtual reality distracted driving goggles today, the event begins at 11:00. did the district spend too much during the blizzard of 2016? d.c. council member mary cheh is calling on the city auditor to investigate storm spending. she said she's concerned about how much money the city paid contractors. she wants to know if the amounts charged for emergency services were reasonable. it is just about 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. i won't even say anything any more because we kind of no what is
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all-time record now. yesterday we closed it in and it's now been 1 3 days in a row with measured rainfall. that's the longest stretch in the 140 years of record keeping. >> all-time record for the longest stretch of rain in this area. >> this is officially as gloomy as washington can possibly be. >> wow. >> no longer stretch of ugliness than this. we did need the rain, but it would be nice to have at least a little bit of sunshine from time to time. what to expect for your tuesday? you know the drill already. cloudy and cool. periods of rain. grab the umbrella, temperatures will be in the 60s once again. most of the rain is likely to happen in the first half of the day today. still some shower chances later on this afternoon and into the evening, but most of the rain should come before lunchtime. what about tomorrow? periods of just light rain coming through. so even though we've had a long, long stretch of rainy days, we haven't had that mucin
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across the stretch of the days. rain this morning and outdoor plans, not all that good for outdoor activities today, tomorrow or even thursday. most of the rain chances are today and tomorrow. thursday looks very, very cloudy, but not a whole lot in the way of rain during thursday. that doesn't mean you'll get the sun. it may be the weekend before we get the sunshine back. for now raindrops in southern maryland and central virginia. these heavier steadier showers west of the richmond area, that is coming north up i-95. so rain chances will be highest here this morning from washington southbound, but everyone has a chance for rain because the main area of low pressure is still way back to our west. and look at all that moisture still coming in our direction. here is today's chance for rain and here is tomorrow's chance for rain. thursday will sort of be the transition day from one chance to the next one because there is another good storm coming our way on bring.
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friday. future weather carries the ra through here by 7:00 and later this afternoon, mainly cloudy skies with a hit or miss little shower. but not a whole lot of sunshine. here is your "7-day forecast." 60s with clouds and rain today. 60s with clouds and rain tom. we're keeping the rain chance off of thursday, though it will still be lent of cloudy. and then friday risk of some thunderstorms around. sunday, melissa mollett, sunday will be the day i think that we get to see the most amount of sunshine. >> i'm going to hold you to that. i'll text you on sunday. northbound georgia avenue after university boulevard, left lane getting by that work zone here this morning. so a tad slow, but really no major problem there right now. as we sort of zoom out and take a big look at the beltway, the other earlier construction inner loop and out aer loop is now ou of way. still have a slowdown here just before the american legion bridge on the inner loop of the beltway. don't have anything reported there, so not exactly sure what is going on. but i will keep you updated if anything changes.
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parkway, looking good about that top of the beltway, all those routes also rolling along just fine. no problems right now in prince george's county. live look there coming up. he is a self-proclaimed creeper and this morning he is no longer in jail. what a northern virginia map is accused of doing and how you can be a victim without even knowing it. controversy over north care car carolina's so-called bathroom bill continues. and it's supposed to help young minority boys in the district, there is one problem. who some say a new program actually hurts. ♪ flip your way through your last 9 shows with the tap of a button. change the way you experience tv. xfinity x1.
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we're staying on top of the possible shakeup that could be on the way to metro. what could happen as well as the major meeting getting under way in just a few hours. fwloo a and two weeks, that's how long we've been dealing with all the rain. chuck bell says the end is near. when we could expect to see some dry weather ahead at 5:01. the justice department is fighting north carolina's controversial bathroom law. both sides are suing each other over the law that restricts transgender use of public restrooms. the feds argue the law discriminates paced on sex. north carolina's governor wants the law kept in place. >> obama administration is by passing congresson sex. north carolina's governor wants the law kept in place. >> obama administration is by passing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set basic
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>> the justice department is threatening to take away billions in federal aid for the sta state. north carolina's governor says his lawsuit asks a federal court to krar gclarify the law. and taking aim at the plan to pump $20 million into a program to boost the academic achievements of minority males. white students outperform plaque students in the district on standardized tests, but the am clu is questioning its legality arguing their study found the city did not give enough reasons to divide the program that excludes female students. the self proclaimed nova creeper is out on bond this morning after he was arrested for sharing child pornography on social media. loudoun county detectives say 37-year-old matthew bishop runs a twitter page with provocative pictures of unsuspecting women in public places. they also say he was sharing images of child porn using the
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one of his favorite stalking grounds, a giant grocery store. a situation that has a lot of people nervous. >> you go to the store and buy stuff, last thing you want or think is is that someone will take pictures of you and post it to other people. like that is just disturbing. >> loudoun county detectives found bishop after busting another man for child porn earlier this year. students want to go on summer vacation with good memories, but this morning there is outrage over a year book mispriptsing. a california year book identified a muslim student as isis and now that is now her name. there was a student named isis phillips at the school, but she was transferred to somewhere else. the school contacted both family and apologized. council on american islamic relations says it is investigation fatiinvestigat investigating the situation. a large employer planning to offer buyouts. the move by discovery communications could lead to layoffs. according to the "washington post," this move is part of the cable channel's plan c
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discovery currently has about 1500 local workers and 7,000 worldwide. the company helped spark the revitalization of downtown silver spring when it built its headquarters there. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff here at the live desk where we just got new details on a deadly knife attack at a german train station. this is a look at the scene. investigators there. witnesses saying the suspect a 17-year-old german national was shouting god is great in arabic during that attack. police say he expressed political motivations, that's all they would say. the man was arrested shortly after, but not before stabbing four people, one person is dead. we are working to getting more details now. back to you. it is coming up on 5:01. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist.


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