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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> we shouldn't just pretend that our party is unified when we know it is not. >> trump tweeted i look very much forward to meeting with paul ryan and the gop party leadership on thursday in d.c. together, we will beat the dems at all levels. trump is closer, but trails hillary clinton nationally by five in today's nbc news survey monkey poll. >> a five-point win if that actually occurs in november will be a truly big win for democrats who will allow them to pick up numerous senate seats and house seats, but senate republican leaders sounded upbeat. >> we know hillary clinton will be four more years of barack obama and that in the end will be enough to unify republicans across the country. >> still senator ted cruz in washington after being beaten by donald trump is not urging his supporters, at least not yet, to back trump. >> there will be plenty of time for voters to make the determination who they're going to support. >> reporter: west virginians are voting today on the primary where on the democratic side
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he's beating trump nationally by 13 in the nbc news poll, far more than clinton. >> if you want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, that's us! >> reporter: republicans figure whoever they face, they need unity. unity is the goal of the thursday gop summit, actually summits. they're going to have two, first ryan, trump and reince priebus and chairman and more will be involved in the second meeting and unity is the goal, but the question is what donald trump might demand to make that deal. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. steve, thank you. now to a closer look at primary night in west virginia. polls close in less than 90 minutes. more than 30 delegates are up for grabs in both parties. news 4's scott mcfarland has been traveling the state where they've been patiently
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for a say in the white house. >> this is the headquarters in martinsburg, west virginia, berkeley county. there is so much attention at the voters is fixated at the top of the ballot. on a huge family farm near the fields and crop dusters in berkeley county we found mike folk, one of the names on donald trump's slated names for delegate. >> i'm interested in being a delegate to the convention first to make sure the process is fair. >> reporter: more so than any one candidate? >> yes, but of course, now it's pretty clear that trump looks like he could be the nominee. >> a former rand paul supporter from a family who was democratic for generations and he is now in the trump camp. both parties are choosing candidates here today and at an airport hangar they're using as a polling place, young voters were coming through at lunchtime. >> yeah. i think they're getting involved. i think donald trump is actively trying to get young people
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involved in the voting. >> some of the vacant downtown businesses have been transformed into presidential campaign offices. inside hillary clinton's space volunteers worked the phones through dinner timing can supporters to mobilize relatives and friends to vote. >> i'm calling to get you out to vote today. >> reporter: and one side note, donald trump isn't the only famous, wealthy business executive on the ballot here today. so, too, is jim justice, owner of the greenbriar resort, so popular with people in the d.c. area and jim justice trying to win for governor of west virginia. >> live in martinsburg, scott mcfarland, news 4. >> thanks, scott sgroo one man opened fire in an ambush-style attack as his brothers recorded the shooting on their cell phones. tonight all three have been indicted in the death of a prince george's county police officer. pat collins in upper marlboro with more on
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>> reporter: jim, if you add up all of the charges in these indictments it comes to 121 felony counts. 121 charges that carry some maximum jail time. we begin our story now with states' attorney angela alsobrooks. >> all of the defendants in these cases face multiple life sentences, the attempted murder each carry life sentences. >> the ford brothers, 22-year-old michael, 21-year-old malik, 18-year-old elijah. the ford brothers indicted on attempted murder charges in connection with the shooting death of prince george's county police officer jacai colson. tonight the statement from police chief, he says this decision is another step in the process of ensuring justice is served on behalf of the colson
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it was a bizarre, violent incident that unfolded back in march outside a police station in landover. in a planned assault they say michael ford walked up and began firing off shots. they say his two brothers were there and one videotaped the attack. officers came out of the building to confront the gunman. as they did, undercover officer jacai colson arrived at the scene. he was in plain clothes and not wearing a vest. he was mistakenly gunned down by friendly fire. now the ford brothers are being held without bond as this case makes its way to the courts. jim, back to you. >> reporter: pat collins, thanks, pat. a young man is recovering tonight in the hospital after he was jumped in d.c. it happened this afternoon along northeast d.c. just off south dakota avenue. police say
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attacked the man and at some point somebody stabbed him. fairfax county police are increasing transparency after a deadly police shooting that happened three years ago. a police research and policy organization has been taking a closer look at how the department releases information to the public. the group detailed its final recommendations today and they include a time line for releasing details of officer-involved shootings including the officer's name. the police executive research firm also wants the department to add a civilian employee with media knowledge to its public affairs department. police were criticized for not releasing information after an officer named adam torres shot and killed john gere as he stood unarmed in the doorway of his home. he pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and he'll be sentenced in june. we're talking weather now. man, is it grungy out there. more rain and can you believe 14 days so far in a row? b
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the forecast that might create some challenges as you head to work tomorrow. >> we have the rain coming back in tomorrow night and some fog could be quite dense early tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning's rush may not be very nice at all and this evening's rush no problem and we saw rain move through and now you can take a look at the radar and we are all clear around the region and just down to the south and west you're watching this line right down toward our region and i'll zoom in on this region and show you what we're looking at here and roanoke coming toward charlottesville and west virginia. we will see those showers making their way back in here right around the 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 hour on into the early morning hour and something else we've been watching all day and this is western kentucky around paducah and look at the tornado warnings and this is the same storm system that brought 23 tornado reports yesterday including numerous tornadoes
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we have brand new video of a tornado that was on the ground around paducah, kentucky and chris lawrence at the live desk with more on that. chris? >> doug, last night you and i were marveling at some of the video that we were watching. these new images from kentucky are just incredible and the threat's far from over. here is the video just coming in from the town of mayfield. the tornado touched down just about an hour ago and several people were taking cover when they saw this firsthand. the wind is a shredder, just ripping right through buildings at this dealership and we haven't heard reports of people getting hurt and the highways are completely backed up and that's causing problems for the crews who are trying to get in there and assess some of the damage. today's storms are coming on the heels of monday's outbreak and a lot of families trying to be hit today.
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in the southern part of that state and those lucky enough to debate were combing through the debris. >> they were obliterated by the twisters. so far officials have reported 19 tornadoes across the plains and a lot of them have been captured on video. one man got caught outside as a twister blew through nebraska and he only survived by grabbing hold of a tree. >> then it headed our way so we headed for the house and he went under the deck and it picked me up and threw me against the tree and i just held on. >> you literally hung on. >> his legs were up off the ground. >> like in the movie "twister." >> it's hard to believe, but amazingly enough he walked away with only a few cuts and scrapes. doreen. >> incredible video. thank you, chris lawrence. still ahead, a warning for
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the troubled agency ahead of a potential staff shake-up. i'm julie carey in woodbridge, virginia where this neighborhood and police had a frightening situation last night. a domestic violence victim trapped up on the deck there, a woman inside with a shotgun. coming up i'll tell you how it all played out. and a robber almost killed her dreams of going to college, but you find out tonight who is now stepping in
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>> prince william county police are crediting neighbors for their help in rescuing a woman during a domestic violence attack. the victim was bleeding and trapped on a second-story deck. the armed suspect was inside the townhouse. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us with the new details on the frightening scene. julie? >> reporter: well, doreen, as police rushed to this woodbridge neighborhood last night some had to be struck by the similarities with the tragic incident in february. that's when three police officers were shot responding to a domestic violence incident and one of them was killed. last night's call to the very same subdivision, but this time police and neighbors were able to work together to save lives. quiet had returned to this town home community today, but l
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beneath this deck responding to the screams of a 50-year-old woman who had been beaten over the head with a shotgun. several neighbors called 911. here's some of the information between the dispatch center and officers headed to the scene. >> stand by. i'm trying to get clarification. one person saying she was shot. another saying she was not. a neighbor can hear a female screaming she's been shot outside. >> this neighbor made some of the 911 calls. >> she heard voices saying help, help, help and she heard some bang, boom, boom. >> police and tactical teams rolled into a potentially deadly situation with an armed suspect. >> this incident was strikingly similar to what we went through just in february with ashley being killed and dave and jesse being injured. it was definitely one of those cases where we were going to take our time and be methodical and figure out what we had. >> with
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from the ground, a ladder was extended to the bleeding victim so she could be brought to safety. >> thankfully, a neighbor allowed us to use their residence to make contact to make sure she was okay. >> they provided cover in case the woman with the shotgun emerged. >> once the victim was rescued, tactical teams went into the townhouse and found her 53-year-old wife had turned the shotgun on herself. she is expected to recover from her injuries. >> now the woman who was beaten, her injuries were treated and she was able to return home today. police say charges are pending against the woman who had that shotgun once she's released from the hospital. back to you now in the studio. >> thanks, julie. president obama will make an historic trip to hiroshima after the g-7 summit in japan this month. on august 6, 1945, the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on
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city and demanded that japan surrender to end world war ii. when japan did not surrender a bomb was dropped on nagasaki. those bombings killed more than 100,000 people. president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the white house says his trip highlights the longstanding commitment to promoting the peace and security of the world without nuclear weapons. >> they sacrificed for their country and now they're asking for some help in return for the sake of their families. wounded veterans and their spouses were on capitol hill urging lawmakers to pass legislation on benefits for reproductive services. right now the department of veterans affairs does not cover costly procedures like in vittio fertilization. 13 veterans organizations and sent letters asking lawmakers to pass an amendment that would change that. they say ivf coverage is critical for vets who have sustained combat injuries that can ma
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conceive a child naturally. >> we don't need to be embarrassed. this is what war did and does and this is what war costs and it needs to be taken care of. >> the jay family lives in maryland. they're expecting a baby after undergoing ivf. the amendment recently passed the senate appropriations committee and will soon head to the senate floor. a happy ending to a story we reported earlier this year. >> it's about a cllege freshman whose tuition money was stolen while she was on her way to penn state university. millie farafino's $10,000 tuition was in her mother's purse which was accidentally left at a restaurant in arlington. a chief was caught on surveillance video stealing that purse before the family could return. tonight, from thousands of miles away, the online provider of the educational technology called ue
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that group wrote a check to penn state to replace the $10,000 and allow lilly to continue with her education. >> good news. >> glad to hear that. doug is back now with a look at our weather forecast. >> aren't we sending some kind of a record with the rainy day and consecutive rainy days, doug? it feels like we ought to be. >> i'm all about setting records. >> not this kind. >> if you're going to do it, go big or go home. that's what i always say. >> officially at the airport and i'll show you this in just a second and no measurable rain and we're stopping at 13 and that is a record measurable rain at the airport and take a look at what we're dealing with and temperature wise we're at 63 degrees under mostly cloudy skies and that's why temperatures have been kept down and those darn pesky northeast winds at 7 miles an hour and look at the numbers to the north and only 58 in
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in frederick and this was the last place to see some good rains as well as cloud cover down to the south into the low 60s and temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average. how much rain? a tenth of an inch to martinsburg and down toward fredericksburg and nothing official in d.c. and gaithersburg and we did see showers here and it was not much at all. even though we're seeing rain and we're not seeing a ton of it and only three inches over the past two weeks and two weeks worth of rain, that's not a whole lot and it's not doing a lot and the tree pollen is still on the high side and grasses and mold is up to moderate as a result of the rain and especially the mold pollen up. right now the radar is showing the showers that we saw earlier coming through frederick around baltimore. and right now we're on the clear side. we're not seeing showers. the next chance is to the south and west. we're watching this boundary make its way to the north and a
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warm front moving through the area and down to the south some shower activity and we do expect this to move back in. >> down toward kentucky, this is the area under the gun again. these are the same storms that produced the big tornadoes and tornado warnings in towards portions of kentucky and they're monster storms. you've seen reports out of western kentucky. that tries to move our way and as it does it will encounter the cooler air with the shroud cover and we're not going to stay warm. >> 8:00, on the dry side and look at 10:30, starting to see some showers and they continue through 12:30 and 1:00 in the morning and tomorrow morning around 8:00, isolated showers and i don't think it will be that wet for the morning rush and we'll deal with fog early in the morning, too, and that's something else i'm watching. speaking of the fog, here's 5:00 a.m. and below a half-mile
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around a third and by 7, 7:30 that's when the fog can be dense and give yourself extra time and scattered showers, areas of fog and temperature around 83 degrees and tomorrow afternoon, just clouds and the temperature around 66 and i do expect it to see right on through noon and clearing kind of like today. 70 on thursday and we've kept thursday dry for now and yes, there could be an isolated shower and most of us should stay on the dry side and a high of 75 with scattered thunderstorm activity and on saturday, a chance of a storm late in the day. most of saturday looking dry, hopefully we can get our games in. it's now been two weeks in a row that our games have been canceled, at least my games have been canceled. >> my son's game, not mine. i don't play anymore. >> let's hope for the best this weekend, doug. coming up, a beloved teacher and mother murdered outside a local high school, but what has happened to the two young girls she left behind?
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650-plus metro managers gathering together today? i'll tell you what that was all about and the message that was delivered to them. this controversy has been simmering for months. details behind the new celebrity chef who is taking on a big role
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all right. the quest for the cup. >> that's our plan, a huge game six in pittsburgh. that's where we find jason pugh. too many heartbreaks already. this has got to change tonight, right, jason? >> yeah, doreen. the capitals are well overdue for a few breaks to go their way especially in this series against the pittsburgh penguins and it will be a tough matchup tonight in game six. they're bracing themselves for an electric atmosphere. not only are they taking on the penguin, they're taking on this crowd tonight here in pittsburgh and that's where the capitals are bracing themselves for because you know what? they're preparing for the most hostile environment they've seen all season long and they're not making excuses and they completely understand the challenge that they're up against tonight >>. >> i don't feel sorry for the position they're in and we have to be determined and we have to come in here tonight and see
6:26 pm
think too far ahead. i think we try to stay in the moment. >> we have to bring our best game tonight and game seven and you notice that's part of hockey. i mean, there's no better time to play hockey and i think we're all excited for the opportunity. >> now the last elimination game brought out the best in the capitals and we'll see if that's the case tonight on the road here in pittsburgh. also, busy day in baseball and we'll hear from stephen strasburg on his new contract coming up in the show and also more on tonight's game six. doreen, back to you in the studio. >> looking forward to it. thank you, jason. nfl players do not appear to be at a greater risk for suicide. that's from the findings for the centers of disease control and prevention today. researchers conducted a study to whether the higher rate of concussions leads to a higher suicide rate. after studying 3,000 retired nfl players they found suicide rates
6:27 pm
among the rest of the u.s. population. the link between concussions and the suicide of football players has made headlines over the past few years and is partly why the cdc conducted this study. next at 6:00, metro's leader calls together a first of its kind meeting. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you what it was all about and what the managers here had to say. >> this is chris gordon at high point high school. ahead, how the daughters of gladys tordil who was shot in the parking lot here last week plan to follow in her foot steps and carry on her legacy. a 16-year-old girl gets off of her school bus and moments later she's attacked by a man who tries to sexually assault her. >> i'm mark segraves and i'll tell you how she bought fought back and who came to her rescue. >> the traffic group testing impaired drivers. she sang on the steps of the lincoln memorial. ♪ ♪
6:28 pm
smithsonian museum plans to honor the legacy of this civil
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metro's general manager took an unprecedented step today. he called together all 650 top managers in the transit agency and he got them into one room. >> the meeting was so large they had to hold it at the strathmore music center. it sets the
6:31 pm
change at metro. transportation reporter adam tuss is at the station now where the meeting was at. adam, what was your take away from the meeting? >> and the key takeaway, gym is something that the general manager has been trying to drill down into his employees and that is that safety now has to trump service on metro and for so often when we've been dealing with these crises and these issues with metro, you heard that safety was not the key focus. if there's ever something that needs to be investigated out there you need to make sure that everything is taken care of before you return any sort of train or bus to that area to make sure that everybody is following the proper procedure. he said, basically, you need to be on my team and we all need to move forward as one with metro. adam, is wiedefeld n
6:32 pm
come? absolutely, doreen. talking to metro insiders, one of the things that they're saying around metro headquarters is an interesting thing. basically you have to execute or be executed and that is really some of the things that metro staff are dealing with at the moment and they're starting to realign physically and the top staff people who are around him starting to streamline the people who are there and this meeting today, 650 of metro's top managers, it's really a baffling number when you think about it, but metro itself is an agency of 13,000 employees. so that's something that people have a hard time getting their hands around, but we are told that in the coming days and the coming weeks you are certainly going to start to see some big changes from a staff perspective at metro. >> the gm wasn't the only one talking to managers and they asked their own questions.
6:33 pm
what did they say? >> reporter: i thought that was a very interesting part, jim and we got free access to the managers and metro told us go talk to them and see what they had to say and some of the manages are managers were asking the general manager why over the last couple of years have there been so many metro general managers and the gm had a very interesting answer for all of them and he said it's not the general manager that's the most important part of metro. it's the managers at your level that are the most important part of metro and you guys basically have to get it right so that we could be in a position to support you. this general manager taking this unprecedented step and a historic step for metro getting everyone in the same room at the same time. >> hopefully something good will come out of it. adam tuss, appreciate it. >> thank you, adam. >> a beloved teacher and mother of two, gladys tordil was the first victim of that shooting spree in maryland and she was
6:34 pm
high point high school where she was picking up her daughters. they want to carry on her leg y legacy, but first they'll have to deal with the challenge of burying her. >> reporter: after the fatal shooting of gladys tordil, her family in the philippines wants her daughters to leave the u.s. and accompany her mother's body home. >> their first wish is to have the remains of gladys be repatriated back to the philippines. >> gladys tordil was a beauty pageant winner in the philippines and valedictorian of her high school class. when they moved to the u.s. her and her husband were pictured holding a banner for the international club the town where they lived before moving here, but thing his soured. mrs. tordil got an order of protection alleging eulalio abused her and her step daughters. last thursday her estranged husband allegedly came to high point high school and
6:35 pm
daughters. friday he was arrested after murdering two people in montgomery county and wounding two others. the director of migrant heritage commission says mrs. tordil's daughters may want to follow in her foot steps. >> my understanding is they are now scheduled to study in the university of maryland in taking different courses that includes bachelor of science and computer science and engineering and probably to become also a teacher. >> there are fund-raising activities on behalf of all of the families from last week's shootings. if you want to help you can go to our nbc washington app and search donations. that's the latest from high point high school in prince george's county, chris gordon, news 4. here at the live desk we are following breaking news that relates to the death of prince. there are more indications now that the singer may have been experiencing some sort of medical emergency in the weeks before
6:36 pm
the associated press got a hold of a search warrant that shows a doctor in minnesota saw prince twice in the month before he died and did prescribe medication to him. of course, this is all happening after the u.s. attorney's office and the dea have formerly opened an investigation looking at the possibility of how prince obtained certain prescription medication and from whom. we do know that prince's team called an imminent addiction specialist in the last couple of days before he died. that doctor was not able to get to minnesota in time and he sent his son and it was his son who was at paisley park and called 911 when prince had that crisis. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. back to you. >> thanks, chris. it was car trouble that helped police break up a major credit card fraud ring. a man named khalid morsi's car broke down in springfield
6:37 pm
the officers who stopped to help say they noticed drug paraphernalia in morsi's car. they searched it and said they found dozens of credit cards and gift cards. after a nearly two month long investigation morsy and a man named brian bogan. they had more credit cards at their homes and readers and enco encoders. police believe the two made victims of as many as a hundred people. the trump international hotel on pennsylvania avenue reeled in a big fish to replace chef jose andres. david burke will be chef of the blt restaurant under construction. burke has won numerous culinary awards and has appeared on "iron chef andette" and top chef masters." the firm operates
6:38 pm
after donald trump's controversial remarks about immigrants. the hotel is set to open this fall. a teenage girl targeted after she held the door open for a stranger. tonight, new search for clues and an attempted sex assault. >> the growing threat on the nation's roadways and the potential trouble to determine whether someone is driving while high on marijuana. >> and right now, pretty tranquil across the area and if you take a look across the potomac and not much going on and the clouds still remain and the showersnd they'll move a
6:39 pm
guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay.
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on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding a teenager managed to fight off a guy who followed her home after school and tried to sexually assault her. today the police beefed up their efforts to find that suspect.
6:41 pm
the brigs cheney community of silver spring not far off route 29. mark segraves has our report. >> reporter: today montgomery county police detectives were back in the silver spring neighborhood hoping that residents or businesses can help them find this man. they say last wednesday a 16-year-old girl got off of her school bus in this neighborhood and was followed back to her apartment building by this man she told police he followed her into her apartment building and into her stairwell. first he tried to take her phone and then he tried to take off his pants and tried to take off her clothes. the girl struggled with him and she began to scream and finally her brother came out of her apartment and scared the man off and now police want your help in locating the man that was trying to prey on a 16-year-old girl. >> he was last seen leaving in a blue, four-door or
6:42 pm
mark segraves, news 4. just like alcohol, driving under the influence of marijuana can be dangerous. six states used a blood test to decide whether someone is too high to drive, but a new study from aaa says those tests are not very accurate. the tests measure for thc, the chemical that makes you high, but the study says sometimes people with lower levels of thc can be more impaired than people with higher levels of the chemical. that's why aaa says the laws should be scrapped. still to come tonight, a tribute to one of the most celebrated singers of the civil rights era. the story behind a gown that will beeatured f
6:43 pm
stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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tonight, a look at a piece of history that will be displayed inside the national african-american museum. >> news 4's pat lawson muse is here with details on how singer marion anderson will be honored here. >> from the closet of marion anderson to the closet of denise graves. this is the story of a ground that has found its rightful place in african-american history. >> i just couldn't believe it that i was in her home, that i was sitting across from her, chatting with her. >> it was the early '90s. mesosoprano star denise graves was visiting the connecticut home of marion anderson,
6:46 pm
piercing 1939 performance on the steps of the lincoln memorial helped set the stage for the civil rights era. ♪ ♪ >> this day that i was visiting her at her home the room was filled with many different awards and all of her achievements and that sort of thing, and we started talking about concerts. >> their talk eventually turned to concert gowns. she showed me this one gown and asked me if i wanted it and i said what? she offered it as a gift. >> she wore the gown in april 2009 at the 70th re-enactment of anderson's performance, wearing anderson's gown, she felt the weight of the history anderson made that day. >> what was going through your
6:47 pm
grace. don't mess this up. ♪ my country >> i just wanted to do justice to who she has become. >> it was one of the few times graves wore the simple, elegant, satin gown before a seamstress suggested she donate it. she did, to the new national museum of african-american history and culture. >> anderson's dress is one of several items being prepared in the suburban maryland warehouse. they'll be part of an exhibit called musical crossroads. together, they'll tell the rich story of african-american music. ♪ ♪ it tells the story of marian anderson and her impact and links her to other singers like miss denise graves. >> graves' gown will be rotated with the outfit anderson actually wore at the lincoln memorial. ironically, it was
6:48 pm
donation of the gown given to her that helped the museum find the 1939 outfit. >> it's miraculous because i didn't think that anything from that concert existed. let behold an outfit that she actually wore. >> graves seized the gift of the gown as a link to a legacy, and she knew she had to pass it on. >> it just came through me, just like music. it doesn't belong to me. it passes through me, and i was charged to be the one to shepherd it to its rightful home. >> of course, we're expecting denise graves to be right there with many other big names for the grand opening of the museum september 24th. the president will cut the ribbon and it will be quite a star-studded opening weekend. >> and i'm sure you'll be there. what bigger star do we need? >> you'll be there, too. >> we'll be there together. >> so much to look forward to and interesting to know that denise graves wore that dress at a special occasion.
6:49 pm
you know -- >> problems with giving it up and she said oh, no. no, i wouldn't want it back. it's where it belongs. >> she can visit it. >> good for her. >> as we all can. >> that's right. >> thank you. you can now take a look behind the scenes of the museum in the nbc washington app. barbara harrison took an exclusive tour there and you can see that footage during the break or any other time. just search african-american museum. doug, if this rainy, cloudy weather ever send ends we'll be able to enjoy all of the lush greenery and flowers left behind. >> everything, that's for sure -- >> it's growing up over the windows and things. >> whenever you need somebody out there. >> let's show you what we're dealing with and the rain has moved on for now and yeah, a very green picture this evening and the sun goes down tonight at 8:10.
6:50 pm
weather this evening and cool by around 9:00, and i think the showers start to move around 11:00 and head's up, and take the umbrella if you're headed into the area and just off to the west we're tracking a couple of systems and this is the system bringing severe weather toward kentucky and numerous tornadoes reported in kentucky. for us, i'm watching this area right here. we're not see anything severe weather in our region, but there are big storms down to the south and those won't move in and it will be this area that moves in over the next couple of hours by 10:00 or 11:00 and we expect to see some rain and the bigger deal in the morning will be in the fog and head's up. the fog could be dense for the commute. 11:00 a.m., more showers and maybe a break and another chance for showers tomorrow evening and we're not done with the rain just yet and yeah, the umbrella and the rain jacket early during the day and high temperatures around of 66 and on thursday, 70. and we have thursday dry and could we see an
6:51 pm
it's possible and the high of 75 with a good chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. saturday, a high of 71 and next week, guess what? starting off cool, but we're not predicting rain. at least for now. we'll be ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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carol maloney in the news 4 studios and emotions running high in today's sports cast and superstar ejections and extensions for the nates and we start with jason pugh live in pittsburgh for a do or die game six for the caps. jason, how are you feeling? >> reporter: carol, i'm a little cold and a little nervous, but thankfully i'm not playing tonight here in game six. the capitals feel just fine. i had a chance to attend this morning's skate around and the guys couldn't tell and you thought it was a regular season game and how loose they were and how they played last in game five. it was an hour away from playing the most important game of the season. saturday, they got the job done behind
6:55 pm
alex ovechkin. all year long the caps have been saying this team is different. this is not your same old caps. well, tonight, we'll find out exactly what they're made of. >> you have the special feeling all year and it doesn't change and the guys have done a good job, and like i said, when you put your backs against the wall and you have to put your best foot forward. >> you're a little nervous about being down. i think it's an accepted fact right now that you don't know how the series is going to end, but you want to leave your best game out there and when our backs are against the wall a little bit we have been able to do that and there is a comfort level that we can respond. >> reporter: the puck drops tonight just after 8:00. the capitals will have one of the top defensemen in the game and out three games serving the
6:56 pm
it should be a fun one and an exciting game and we'll see if the caps can bring it back loam and force game seven. carol, back to you. >> jason, now we're talking. many of you weighed in on the nbc washington flash survey. over 70% are positive and saving the caps win today. guy, raise your hands. who's with me? game seven? >> oh, i think they win. >> on teleprompter and the caps score first. >> i'm not shaving this thing yet. not tonight. >> come on! >> a surprise deal that will impact the nats for the long term. stephen stasburg is in d.c. to stay and the new deal is for seven years, $175 million. he has been great this season. 5 and 0 currently with a 2.76 e.r.a. he was set to become a free agent this off season and the two sides started
6:57 pm
he says his love for the area is a big reason why. >> i think the timing felt right and the grass isn't always greener and the city of d.c. has grown on our family and we're very comfortable here and i feel like this organization is going to be winning and succeeding for many years to come and you know, i definitely want to be a part of that. >> also today, a lot of drama surrounding bryce harper from voicing displeasure on danny espinosa and harper is back on the field shouting an expletive at the home plate ump while the walk-off win. no word yet on the fine and suspension. >> he deserves something, a fine or something to me, and i like emotion. there are enough emotionless people in the world. will
6:58 pm
time? maybe. >> i love it! >> too many emotionless people!
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, blown away. tornadoes turned deadly in the heartland, and new twisters forming right now. how one boy survived as his house was ripped away all around him. trump's short list. late word donald trump has narrowed down his pick for vice president. who made the cut, and the current vp raising eyebrows about comments about hillary clinton. facebook under fire. the bombshell allegation that has a powerful u.s. senator demanding answers. prince's doctor identified. and police get a search warrant. breaking news about a physician who wrote the singer's prescription. new details about the day he died. and firing the tsa? nightmare lines and passengers losing patience. major airports now threatening to get rid of the government security we'vead


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