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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now police are calling it a targeted attack. i'm barra harrison with information on two men murdered in a car sitting in district heights. and a hearing taking place on capitol hill that could lead to new sports betting laws in the united states. and here's a live from our live city camera showing the 15th consecutive day of rain. how long showers stick around today and when the sunshine finally returns coming up in my updated forecast. news 4 midday starts now. developing right now, an investigation into a targeted attack. multiple people killed in district hets
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news 4's erika gonzalez is live and can tell us what's going on out there. >> reporter: hey, barbara. we can confirm there are at least two people dead in what you mentioned was police are calling a targeted attack. still this morning so many more questions than answers. police say it was a robbery that escalated to a homicide. >> this car and the individuals in the car were targeted. >> reporter: around 4:30 this morning police were called to this neighborhood in district heights, reports of gunfire. police found a car crashed into a tree and at least one victim inside. >> inside of the car we found one individual who has since been deceased. also, there was another individual who we determined from our investigation had gotten out of the car and was subsequently found in the 6500 block of
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>> reporter: upon hearing the news loved ones began grieving on scene. while investigators are staying tight lipped about a suspect, it seems more details could be coming soon. >> our investigation is continuing. and as events present themselves we'll share them later. >> reporter: prince george's county bureau chief tracy wilkins is now on the scene and working the story. from what we can see from this vantage point there are a number of people going in and out of this one house just down here on the lef hand side and may in fact be where one of the victims' lived. tracy as i mentioned is on the scene and is following the story. we'll continue to update you first at 4:00. live in district heights, erika gonzalez, back to you. >> thanks, erika. and hours before that murder a man was shot dead in southeast washington. d.c. police say they got a call around 10:00 last night for a shooting on wheeler road. the victim was rushed to the hospital but died. no word on any suspects at this time. right now we are waiting for the region's latest
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to be released. the metropolitan washington council of governments will release the new numbers this afternoon. in recent years the region as a whole has seen a decrease in homelessness. this morning thunderstorms are on their way to the same places where people are cleaning up from tornadoes. one tore through kentucky destroying buildings, ripping up trees and flipping cars. this video is from southwestern kentucky where the twisters came through with large hail and powerful wind. eight people were hurt here. multiple states in the midwest and the plains are bracing now for even more weather just like this. again, our area is avoiding the severe weather today, but not avoiding that never ending rain. >> you can see radar here not a lot of rain for us, but we are certainly not dry out there. aamelia is in the storm team weather center and can tell us what to expect the rest of the day. >> hey, barbara and aaron, right now on storm 4 radar i'm tracking storms a
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if you're not seeing light to moderate rain, you're dealing with misty drizzle. this is the 15th day we've been talking about rain here in the district, but we still need the rain. here you can see some heavy rain back around the lou ray area moving toward fredericksburg and scattered showers in the d.c. metro area. this rain continues to push in during the afternoon hours. currently we're at 56 degrees. highs today in the mid to maybe upper 60s, looking continued track showers this afternoon, the chance of a shower by 5:00 p.m. otherwise overcast skies. we do start to dry out a little bit as we look toward the weekend. i'll have more on that coming up at 11:25. and developing right now, two bombings in baghdad. isis is claiming responsibility for one of them saying it blew up a car at a crowded outdoor market today. at least 63 people died. the second bombing was reported less than an hour ago now. officials say 11 people were ll
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i'm melissa at the live desk. new federal charges have now been filed against a police officer who shot and killed a man in south carolina last april. patrolman michael flager scheduled to be in court this afternoon, he's now charged with violating civil rights laws in addition to murder. on april 4th, 2015, during the traffic stop you see here walter scott got out of his car and ran. flager told investigators he had to fire his gun because scott was coming at him with a taser. according to the indictment though slager repeatedly fired at scott while scott was running away. he's charged of using a firearm and committing a crime of violence and obstructing justice. today memorial services began for a man who died in a shooting spree in maryland. tried to stop a carjacking in bethesda on friday. he was shot and killed. today there will be two visitations at st. rose of
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ga catholic church in gaithersburg. g gladys was the first victim. tonight her students will hold a vigil for her at 7:00. police say her estranged husband shot her outside high point high school in prince george's county. her family now wants her body returned to the philippines for proper burial. they also want the couple's two daughters to live there as well. the children are now in foster care. a federal appeals court is hearing arguments on maryland's ban on assault weapons and large capacity gun magazines. a three-judge panel had concerns about its constitutionality back in february and sent a lawsuit back to a judge who then upheld it. right now hundreds of giant grocery workers are rallying in landover to prevent eight stores from
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maryland. it all has to do with a proposed corporate merger which federal regulators still have to approve. an american brand getting a new look. we're going to show you the beer cans that have a patriotic theme. >> and bernie sanders and donald trump are the big winners this morning. after the break where trump
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new developments this midday in a deadly stabbing spree in massachusetts. the family of the suspect, arthur dero sa says he was suicidal and had just been released from a psychiatric facility. police say the 28-year-old stabbed four people at two scenes last night. this all started when he crashed into a home in taunton 45 minutes south of boston. he stabbed two people there, an 80-year-old woman died. he then drove his car through the front entrance of a macy's at a nearby mall. >> and we saw the car just dove right in and after that is when my mom like hurried and dodged the other way. it honestly happened the fastest thing. >> everybody started running including the macy's employee, so we started running. >> police say derosa assaulted several people inside the store killing a high school design teacher. he was shot and killed by an offduty sheriff's deputy. we're working to learn when three maryland brothers charged in a police officer's death will go to trial. a grand jury indicted michael, malik and elijah ford yesterday for the march 13th
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left officer coleson dead. prince george's county police say michael ford opened fire in an ambush attack outside the district three police station and his brothers recorded the shooting on their cell phones. coleson died after a fellow officer mistook him for a suspect in that shootout. turning now to decision 2016. bernie sanders and donald trump were last night's big winners, no surprise trump won nebraska and west virginia while sanders pulled off an upset in west virginia over hillary clinton. although he still lags far behind her in the delegate count. nbc's edward lawrence has a look. >> reporter: waking up from a fresh set of victories in west virginia and nebraska, donald trump now works to unify a very divided republican party. he will start during a meeting on thursday with house speaker ryan and other republican leaders. >> we can't fake it. we can't pretend. we have to actually unify and do it. >> reporter: this as senator ted cruz dropped out last week hint
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a candidate. >> suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course if that changed we would reconsider things. >> reporter: as the presumptive nominee trump is moving onto search for a v.p. he says there are five candidates he's looking at now. he'll announce his final choice at the convention. >> i am, if i'm fortunate enough to be the nominee, i am looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. >> reporter: both trump and senator bernie sanders are now after the same target. >> let me be as clear as i can be, we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: sanders won the west virginia primary yesterday, but is still behind in the delegate count. hillary clinton is in a tough spot. she can't ignore the amount of votes that senator bernie sanders is getting, yet she wants to be done with the primary and focus on the republicans. in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news.
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was the big attraction on the top of the ballot, voters in west virginia cast ballots for other important races in the state as well. one state house race featured a 19-year-old running for re-election. sarah blare won her primary and says holding such a high office at her young age isn't uncommon in west virginia. right now lawmakers are taking on issues that could be important to you, your mail service and fantasy sports betting. you're looking live at the hearing on the postal service right now. the postmaster general is there. she's talking about the financial challenges that the service faces. she wants reform that could include a postal rate increase that was done away with on april 10th. the other hearing whether fantasy sports should count as gambling. specifically congress is talking about how legal daily fantasy sports sites are, websites like fandual and draft kings were accused of effectively functioning as gambling sites. >> however, to the extent daily fantasy is or
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it ought to be run fairly with appropriate consumer protections and appropriate level of regulation. >> both fan duel and draft kings declined to testify but have said they offer games of skill, not chance. nbc 4's parent company, comcast, is among the investors in fan duel. well, the decision could end up on you about a new tax ongoing out to eat. the fairfax county board of supervisors is considering putting a meal tax on the ballot. it would add a 4% tax to all the pre-prepared foods and drinks you buy. that in addition to the county's 6% sales tax. "the washington post" says the tax would generate nearly $100 million for county services and schools among other things. and this summer budweiser is going patriotic. in just a couple of weeks the company will rename its beer america. the new cans will include passages from the pledge of allegiance and america the beautiful. the america label will appear on 12-ounce cans and bottles. the campaign will
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november. well, apparently being a loyal customer may have saved an oregon man's life. he ordered from the same domino's pizza shop almost every day for seven years. so the manager and the delivery drivers noticed when he went 11 days without calling. they sent somebody to his house to check on him then called 911. medics found the man on the floor in need of immediate medical attention. they took him to the hospital. we understand he is in fair condition right now. some good news for a woman whose purse and college tuition were stolen from a local donut shop. >> i remember that story. and a stress reliever, look at how teens are turning to an ancient practice toeep from kf
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i'm melissa at the live desk. right now a recall to tell you about. giant food is recalling walnuts due to potential listeria contamination. they're telling anyone not to eat woodstock brand walnut halves and pieces with expiration dates between april 1st and 15th of next year, so 2017. so far there has not been anyone who reported getting sick. now, there are a lot of other sub brands covered by this. listeria can cause serious health problems of course. barbara. thank you. the capitals now have the offseason ahead of them instead of game seven. they made a big comeback to tie the game last night. the caps scoed three goals in about 20 minutes.
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overtime. it's the fifth time they've lost in the second round in the playoffs since alex ovechkin joined the team. >> doesn't matter what happens. sucks. >> after the game the caps tweeted out this thank you to fans saying it was an amazing season. and it was for everybody. >> it really was. just a good go during the regular season for sure. and even though we know now the quest for the cup is over, the quest for the best playoff beard has ended too. you may have noticed the beards on our chief meteorologist and our transportation reporter adam tuss. >> they were growing them to raise money for charity. you donated more than $2,700. so we thank you for that. it was all part of the capitals beard-a-thon initiative which raised more than $41,000.
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>> some good came out of it. >> some good did. sorry that it's over. good next year. >> there you go. >> and the bride is back. >> welcome back. >> thank you guys so much. >> you had a wonderful wedding we hear. >> i got married on saturday. it was a lovely event. i married my best friend, so even better there and talking about more rain. >> that's good luck. >> i had no rain. it was cool and damp, so that's fine. today not the case. we're tracking showers across the area right now. so you want to keep that in mind as you travel dealing with damp wet roads. by the 15th day that we're talking about rain if you like to exercise outdoor i think you've figured out the routine, get the rain gear out, you'll be just fine. heading out and about have that small umbrella handy. we're not talking about any heavy rain in the forecast. here we are with future weather 2:00 this afternoon notice we're still tracking scattered showers across the area. 5:00 during that evening rush we do start to dry out. then as we head into the overnight hours, maybe a chance of a shower now some good news
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just cloudy. so here we are at 6:00 a.m., notice we're waking up with clouds and of course news 4 today on at that point. stopping at noon maybe a few sprinkles around, but for the most part it is looking dry. and as we head on into the evening hours still looking mainly dry. so school tomorrow at the bus stop a temp around 59. giving recess an a, although we won't have any sunshine out, it is again looking mainly dry. temperatures in the upper 60s by dismissal temperature around 72. now, dining out for your friday night there is a chance of a shower, temperatures not too bad in the 70s. a high today of about 66 to 68 degrees. we'll continue to track scattered rain showers on into the afternoon hours. it looks like we'll start to dry out this evening. tomorrow a cloudy, dry day 72 for a high. on friday some rain is likely, especially around the midday and afternoon hours with a few rumbles of thunder possible. we could see that rain clearing out by friday evening. again, i'm going to keep a chance of a shower in just
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saturday some rain potentially in the forecast, but the possibility is pretty low 30%, temperatures in the low 70s on saturday. more on sunday coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. see you then. thank you amelia. happy ending this morning for a student whose money -- whose tuition money was stolen. you might remember this video of a woman picking up a purse then leaving a dunkin donuts in falls church. this is back in february. that purse actually belonged to maria estevez. they were on their way to penn state to pay her daughter's college tuition. the company called course hero heard what happened and gave the daughter a scholarship. as this school year wraps up it is test taking season for a lot of our kids, final exams, college entrance exams and other tests too. a very stressful time for teenagers. one thing you might want to try, meditation. ne
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explains. >> can feel like you're being chased by a bear, but you're not. >> reporter: jen is explaining the difference between fight or flight to this group of students. and she's using the s.a.t. as an example. >> we don't need like the blood to rush to our legs in order to do well on the s.a.t. >> reporter: that's because most of the kids in this meditation class are facing tests and college applications and a whole lot of stress. meditation can help them calm down and focus. >> a few classes and applying to colleges, the s.a.t., just all of it is extremely stressful. coming to meditation class, it's a safe space where i can really fully relax and kind of come back to center and focus and be more relaxed and less stressed facing the start of my week. >> reporter: 18-year-old rachel told us she feels even less
11:24 am
she just chose bran diaz as the college she'll attend in the fall, but for modern teenagers the workloads and expectations can feel like a lot. >> i do think that our culture has started to push kids more and more towards this feeling that they need to be good at everything all the time. and i think that it feels very high stakes. >> reporter: jen dillon started adept prep to help kids understand expectations, cope with stress. and as she puts it, survive high school. >> close the other nostril off and breathe out. >> it actually does really help. i feel a lot more relaxed. i can kind of see it in my peers. like they seem very stressed about school and colleges and that kind of stress. >> reporter: although it's s.a.t. and final exam season, jen dillon emphasizes meditation is not just for test taking. it can help everyone. and in all areas of life. >> in meditation what you're trying to cultivate is a relaxed
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do anything well. right? to do a math problem well, relaxed attention is what you need. to play sports well, relaxed attention is what you need. >> now, this first class is usually free. and after that $50 a class, though a sliding scale is offered that will make it more affordable for some. but there are a lot of opportunities to learn about meditation in our area. you can experience the benefits at any age. frustration building at airports around the country, how long waits are forcing changes in security. plus, a test taking place in just a few hours that could lead to travel at superspeeds. imagine getting to l.a. or san francisco or between the two in 30 minutes. that's compared to a six-hour drive. we'll explain what's happening today.
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at the live desk just into the news room, a woman killed in a bike crash in woodridge early tuesday morning was a suspect in a robbery that happened just before the accident. now, the accident happened around 1:00 a.m. at dale boulevard. the driver of the striking vehicle an early 2000 minivan did not stop. bicyclist was identified of allentown, pennsylvania, police say
11:29 am
actually assaulted a woman and stole her cell phone just before this crash happened. barbara. thanks, melissa. right now a robbery is being blamed for a double murder in district heights. district heights police say two people were shot and killed this morning. >> they were inside a car on hall ex street apparently. no word on a suspect. for several days tornadoes have caused lots of damage in the midwest, and that area could get more severe weather today. oklahoma, kentucky and nebraska were all slammed by the weather, some by tornadoes too. right now powerful winds and big hail are their biggest concerns. today, the first public test for a hyperloop fast transit system will happen in nevada. you may soon be able to travel from san francisco to los angeles in just 30 minutes instead of six hours. nbc's schwartz has the latest. >> reporter: faster than a ee
11:30 am
powerful than an airplane, that's what e lon musk was hoping for when he unveiled his idea for the hyperloop back in 2013, sparking an intense competition among rival firms to build the first working model. later this morning one of those companies will unveil its version in the las vegas desert and demonstrate how it works. >> hyperloop is immediate, safe, efficient and sustainable. >> reporter: l.a.-based hyperloop one is presenting a 10-foot long sled they say will reach 350 miles per hour in just two seconds. >> we do this and we do it well, it will take this design, we'll build two kilometers worth of it, we'll put it inside of a tube and accelerate a vehicle about ten times heavier to a speed about twice as high. >> by the end of the year we'll hit the moment and do the full scale hyperloop test. and they'll be able to handle cargo and people. >> reporter: some skeptics call the design impractical in terms of moving people over long distances. elon musk is not affiliated wth
11:31 am
company, spacex, is hosting a contest among college students to design and build a hyperloop pod. other competitors are working on their own prototypes, all players in a race to zoom us into the future of travel. and if this test is successful, hyperloop one might be in the lead. >> we believe we're the one company that is actually building this, not just talking about it. and we're showing that today with the live test of propulsion system. >> wow. >> yes. this test is going to happen today at 1:00 our time. it will be interesting. >> experts say it has to be on a straight track, i guess. you can't have it, you know, going in all kinds of -- that's not going to be easy between here and new york city, in california maybe. the hyperloop will travel more than twice as fast as any of today's fastest bullet trains. >> 350 miles an hour in two seconds. why do you need to move that
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really. slow down a little bit. talk about mobilize your head in the car in order for it not to whip you back. >> you probably have to wear a helmet i guess. strap in. anyway, fight about your flight. d.c.'s attorney general says too many planes are flying over southwest d.c. and it's led to thousands of complaints, thousands they say. "the washington post" says new flight patterns out of reagan national caused this problem. he's asking the faa to make it right, however airport officials say more than 6,000 of those complaints came from one single person. long airport security lines can snarl your travel plans. it's gotten so frustrating some major airports now threatening to fire the tsa. nbc's joe froyer has details of that. >> reporter: at chicago o'hare today an hour-long wait to get through security. >> it's really long. not looking forward to it. >> reporter: now travelers are sharingph
11:33 am
lines using the #ihatethewait. images are p poing up across the country. chicago midway, st. louis, washington and orlando, described by one traveler as cattle call insanity. caroline recently snapped this picture at jfk. >> i got to the airport three hours early and i still barely made it on time. >> reporter: in some places time spent waiting in line may rival time spent flying in the air. the problem is so bad the port authority that runs newark, jfk and laguardia airports sent a letter to the tsa warning it could use private security screeners if wait times don't improve. we can no longer tolerate the continuing inadequacy of tsa passenger screening services, the letter says. >> they take a lot into consideration before they make decisions like this. so this is huge. this will have ripples across our industry. >> reporter: 22 airports across the u.s. currently use private security. most of them are small, but two are not. san francisco and
11:34 am
and others like seattle and atlanta are considering the switch. the tsa admits it is understaffed. >> we are consolidating our hiring and we're targeting that hiring for the airports of highest volume. >> reporter: despite the long waits, some travelers are packing patience. >> it's frustrating, but everybody here rather be safe than sorry. >> that was joe fryer reporting. now, two u.s. senators say one way to reduce long security lines is for airlines to drop their checked luggage fees. homeowners feeling burned. tonight the news 4 i-team investigates local cases involves viewers who say they've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of losing their homes and precious memories to fires. one viewer in prince george's county told us she gave one contractor nearly $300,000 of her insurance money to get her house rebuilt after it burned down in 2014. but a year and a half later her house is still just a frame ve
11:35 am
and she says she is running out of time to find out -- to find somewhere else to go after her temporary housing runs out. >> after july i'm going to have to find some place to go. all i want to do is get home. you know, i was told i was going to be made whole after the fire, but he is not making me whole. he's just taking advantage of me. >> now, the news 4 i-team found out gardner's case is one of thousand of complaints the state gets each year. more on what led up to her ordeal and the one thing state officials say you should do after a home disaster. that's coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00 and 11:00. youtube has new competition. we'll tell you about the new service coming from amazon. and the mosquito trap getting the approval of the cdc. stay with us.
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at the live desk, take a look at this video j
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newsroom. four people wanted for stealing computers and that copier from a d.c. school. this happened on a saturday april 2nd in the 400 block of decatur street. all captured by cameras. police haven't named the school but barnard elementary school is in the area. police are offering a reward so if you have any information, definitely call. celebrity chef david burke coming to the pennsylvania avenue hotel. he'll run the blt prime restaurant. andreas withdrew from the protest last year after donald trump's controversial comments about immigrants. burke has received numerous awards and appeared on "iron chef." the hotel is expected to open this fall. looks like amazon is getting into the online video service game. the service called amazon video direct is something like youtube and would let people upload original or their own
11:39 am
video clips. then they can designate whether it's free, available to rent or own, viewed via a subscription channel or whether it would be placed behind amazon's prime $99 a year pay wall. >> that's interesting. >> nice to have options. yeah, i wish we could have something outside to shoot other than the rain falling. >> and clouds and cool. i mean, our average high is 75 degrees. right now we're only in the 50s. >> i love how even the meteorologists are frustrated. like it's that bad. >> i'm impressed with how persistent the pattern's been. we've been talking about this now for over two weeks. in the long-term it was like, okay, looks like the pattern is going to start to change and that just hasn't happened yet. this is the 15th day of rain here in the district. we do need the rain. we are still looking at a rainfall deficit for this year. but it is going to be mainly dry tomorrow, so much so i think you could leave the umbrella at home. as we look to the weekend some rain is possible on saturday. sunday is looking to be b
11:40 am
this some sunshine in the forecast. right now temperatures as i said are in the 50s, generally mid 50s from 56 in the district to 54 in gaithersburg. so 2:00 the temperature around 63:00, 4:00 p.m. temps in the mid 60s. we will continue to track scattered showers this afternoon. 6:00 p.m. cloudy skies, cool, temperature of 66. that will be your high for the day. and then the chance of showers again this evening, but i think during that evening commute it is looking mainly dry. now, tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. temperatures in the low 60s, clouds in place, but again mainly dry. lunchtime tomorrow around 70 degrees. so not too bad. and notice sky cast 4 actually predicting some breaks in the cloud cover tomorrow around 3:00 with highs in the low 70s. tomorrow evening 8:00 p.m. temperatures in the upper 60s for the most part. so tomorrow all in all relatively speaking not looking too
11:41 am
on friday a good likelihood we're dealing with some more rain, maybe a few rumbles of thunder, a high of 77. saturday a high of 71. sunday mostly sunny, high of 67. i'm going to have another check of radar just at the end of the show, guys. thank you. a developing story for you now. it's a low tech mosquito trap, but it may help you fight mosquitos and the fight against the zika virus too. according to the centers for disease control and prevention the trap helps dramatically reduce the number of mosquitos carrying another virus. what's surprising is the trap doesn't use pesticides or other chemicals, it uses water and hay to attract the mosquitos into it, and glue to make sure they don't ever leave the trap. new tests may be able to diagnose the zika virus faster using urine instead of blood. zika can be found at higher levels in urine than in blood and stays there for a longer
11:42 am
infectious disease experts say the new tests could make it easier and faster to test more people for that virus. could be a breakthrough in tough to treat cases of depression. the drug now being tested. plus, a tribute to one of the most celebrated singers of the civil rights era, how her gown will be featured inside the new museum of african-american history and cult ur
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may is mental health
11:45 am
and one of the most common and debilitating psychiatric conditions is depression. although antidepressant medications can help, as many as one in three people will continue to experience symptoms of depression despite taking those drugs. dr. joshua weiner here to talk about a study of another drug that could briefly help. >> so it depends on the level of depression we're talking about. so somebody has more mild depression, generally what you're looking at is therapy first. i also really recommend exercise. studies have shown exercise is an incredibly potent antidepressants, almost as effective as medication. but when you're talking about more moderate and severe levels of depression, particularly if somebody's having suicidal thoughts, you absolutely want to look at taking medications. and generally studies show that the combination of taking medication plus therapy is going to give you the best results. >> now, we noted there are many different antidepressant drugs on the market right now. are they all equally effective? are they for different
11:46 am
they're not for different types of depression. they all work and they're all equally effective. i have lots of patients all the time say there is a new medicine or best medication and the answer is no. all these medications are equally effective. the main difference between them and the different side effect potentials that some have. some are more likely to make you tired, some are more likely to cause you to gain weight or have sexual side effects. so base the decision on which medication you give based on potential side effects you want the person to have. you might want them to have a sedating antidepressant to help them sleep. one of the main things you think about as a doctor is what have they taken in the past and what have direct family members taken and responded to? that's going to give you the best idea as to what might have a positive impact for them. >> are there some people who are not responding to this plethora of antidepressant drugs out there already? >> yes. so there are about a third of people who actually just won't remit, certainly will not have a complete remission of their depression but will be left with
11:47 am
lingering symptoms of depression. that's where this medication comes in, this parkinson's medication, it's called myrapex. this medication just studied showed incredible effectiveness. when we talk about people who have something called treatment resistant depression, these are people who have tried several antidepressants and not gotten better. well, this medication was shown to work in 75% of these people. so this is really remarkable. this is as effective as electroconvulsive therapy, which is generally considered the most effective antidepressant available. and what's also nice about this medication is that it worked pretty quickly within two to four weeks. so this medication's been around for a while. there have been some studies looking at its use in depression. this particular study looked at using slightly higher doses than some of the previous studies. and this is when they saw this robust antidepressant effect. >> for people who have this treatment resistant depression, is there anything else that they can do other than a drug? >> well, yes, so the
11:48 am
magnetic stimulation which is where you're going every day to see a doctor, getting a magnetic pulse delivered to your brain. that's been shown to help about somewhere between 30% to 50% of people with treatment resistant depression. electroconvulsive therapy, what i just mentioned, that still is considered a highly effective treatment. and that works in about 70% of people with treatment resistant depression. >> now, this is a question a lot of people are probably thinking with all the rain we've been having, is this weather, can there be depression related to the weather conditions? >> absolutely weather can play a role in mood. we talk about seasonal effective disorder, that's when people get down or depressed at certain times of the year or even manic at certain times of the year. typically when people think about seasonal effective disorder they're thinking about the winter months. these last couple weeks of the weather being really lousy, i don't think that's causing anybody to go off the deep end. i think it's making a lot of people annoyed like myself i want to see some sun, but beyond that i don't think we're ta
11:49 am
psychiatric issues. >> thank you so much. dr. weiner, so great to see you. we're hoping for sunshine around here. >> i'm for it. >> back to you. thanks, barbara. today we are giffi ingiving you new look at a piece of history that will be displayed inside the new african-american smithsonian museum. we look at how singer mary ann anderson will be honored. >> i couldn't believe i was in her home, chatting with her. >> reporter: star denise grave visiting the connecticut home of mary ann anderson her performance on the steps of the lincoln memorial helped set the stage for the civil rights era. ♪ >> this day that i was visiting her at her home
11:50 am
awards and all of her achievements and that sort of thing. and we started talking about concerts -- >> reporter: their talk eventually turned to concert gowns. >> and she showed me this one gown and asked me if i wanted it. and i said what? she offered it as a gift. >> reporter: graves wore the gown in april of 2009 at the 70th reenactment of anderson's lincoln memorial performance. wearing anderson's gown, singing her song, graves felt the weight of the history anderson made that day. what was going through your mind? >> just don't mess this up, graves. don't mess this up. i just wanted to do justice to who she has become. >> reporter: it was one of the few times graves wore the simple elegant satin gown before a seamstress suggested she donate it. she did,
11:51 am
museum of african-american history and culture. anderson's dress is one of several items being prepared in this suburban maryland warehouse. they'll be part of an exhibit called musical crossroads, together they'll tell the rich story of african-american music. ♪ >> it tells the story of her impact and also links her to other singers like miss denyce graves. >> reporter: it will be rotated with the outfit anderson actually wore at the lincoln memorial. ironically it was graves donation that the gown given to her that helped the museum find the 1939 outfit. >> it's miraculous because i didn't think anything from that concert existed. holding the outfit she actually wore. >> reporter: graves seized the gift of the gown as a link to a legacy. and she knew she had to pass it
11:52 am
like music. it doesn't belong to me. it passes through me. and i was charged to be the one to shepherd it to its rightful home. >> now, we expect denyce graves to be right there with many other big names for the grand opening of the museum set for september 24th. the president will cut the ribbon that day. and you can take a look mind the scenes of the museum in the nbc washington app. just search african-american museum. so amazing to hear those two voices. i grew up with my mother talking about mary ann anderson and how important she was to america. >> yeah. great to see that history continuing. >> then i got to know denyce graves when she was in high school here and i followed her as a friend ever since. amazing. amelia is coming back after the break with a look at ahead some sunshine can you believe it coming tomorrow. and we'll show you a wild anim al
11:53 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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11:55 am
grooving it to the music. a wild alaskan moose caught on camera playing with some wind chimes and seemed to be enjoying the jam. it happened around 10:30 at night. the owner of the house heard the chimes and a sudden thump on her porch. she managed to catch the animal on camera without
11:56 am
away. it really does seem to be having a good time. >> looked pretty deliberate too. well, if you haven't been able to snag tickets on broadway, you can try your luck here nbc when the show comes to town. the kennedy center will host the broadway smash hit "hamilton". >> there's always a but. >> yes, there is a but here. >> here's the but, you'll have to wait until 2017-'18 that season. it says the guaranteed way to get some tickets is by signing up for season sub skpripscripti >> but it's a lot of money. but i think it's a smart way to get people back into the theater. >> those season subscriptions cost at least $500. you can buy season tickets starting this next week. >> i've seen it, but i'd recommend to anybody
11:57 am
seen it, to see it. the book is so good tells so much about what was going on in that period. >> another option. >> let's check on weather. here's the latest check of storm team 4 radar. remember you can always download the nbc washington app and get the radar right there on your smartphone. just about everybody seeing light showers. we'll continue to track showers for the afternoon hours it looks like as we make our way into the evening hours we'll be mainly dry as the nat game gets under way can't rule out some showers there but i think they will get the game in. a high today of 66. cloudy, dry tomorrow, 72. some rain likely on friday. high of 77, maybe a rumble of thunder. sunday looking like the better of the two weekend days with sunshine in the forecast and high of 67. thank you. and that is it for news 4 midday. thank you for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. we hope you have a
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> announcer: today on "the meredith vieira show," we're talking what is hot now! a mom publicly shames her own son for bullying. did she take things too far? you won't believe why one former student is suing her law school. and valerie harper, her inspiring health updates. >> oh! >> and her important message for all women watching. clay aiken is dishing about the end of "american idol" and how he really feels about his former celebrity host, donald trump. it's all on "meredith." [cheers & applause]


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