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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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minnesota avenue station, and these were the stations that we were just in a couple of days ago monday, and the same place where the train got stuck. if you are looking over, you can see how slow the trains are passing through right now, because they have to is single track through the area. take a look, ron, can you take a look in there and is see the passengers on board the trains? these trains are kom plecomplet packed with people who are waiting for trains to get in there, and actually take a ride. so this is another day of the delays for the blue, orange, silver line riders as they are investigating another track problem, and it is a problem with the riders who don't want to hear about it, because they want to get to point a to bb and this is why you are seeing the new directives coming from the fta and others. adam. >> of the fta letter that was sent today, what does that mean for the company? >>le
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over metro safety, and they are looking at everything safety wise, and they say they found certain sections of the rail line that urgent repairs have to be made. they were on the red line, the blue line, and in this particular area here, and a section of the orange line as well. so what that means for metro is that the general managers new safe track plan that he laid out last week, the big plan to fix the system has to be put on hold, because federal inspectors say that the sections of the rail line have to be finished first. >> and they are delaying the new safety upgrade program before they can start. what are they doing in the meantime, and what kind of safety fixes are they making now? right now, metro said that they are going to be reporting the porcelain insulators where you stau smoke and fire last week at that station, a
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replacing all of those insulators that could be a problem, and they are saying that they have to slow downtown now, and it will reduce the draw of the power from the third rail so it won't promote some smoke or fire event, and this is the current state of the nation's subway system here in the nation's capital, and guys, something feed to be done fast. >> adam tuss, so discouraging for all of the passengers in the delays day after day. thank you, adam. >> a swell of emotion today as the residents were killed in a double murder in what authorities say was because of a robbery. bureau chief tracee wilkins is there in prince georges county. >> well, investigators were there quick tloin scene after the shots rang out, and shows ow
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taking this. >> reporter: the police officer goes door to door with the flyers to ask residents for information of the murder of one of their own neighbors. >> if it is the man i hope it is not who i think it is. >> reporter: members of the tight community are reacting that one of their own kevin muse was shot and killed in a double mu murder. >> i raised the kids up here, and he was living right over there, and always talked and good friends and everything. >> reporter: the police described wa happened this way. at 4:20 this morning, reports of guns and when the police arrived on the scene, they found a vehicle crashed into the tree with the driver 27-year-old samuel page of suitland road shot and killed. then less than a block away, muse was found shot and killed on the street, and police say he, too, was this the car, and transported to the hospital where he died. >> our investigation determined
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individuals in the car were targeted. >> sources close to the investigation say that there was a third person inside of the vehicle who survived the shooting. >> this morning, prince georgs s chief was there to examine the blown out windows, and detectives went door to door immediately to talk to neighbors about what they saw and heard. >> real good guy and never caused anybody any problems. >> again, prince georges county police are looking for suspects in the case, and offering a are reward for anything that can lead to the arrest and conviction, and we did try talking to kevin muse's family, but they were not interested in comment i commenting. reporting live from district heights, tracee wilkins. >> thank you. three people killed after a crime spree was linked to one s
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tonight, friends and family are saying good-bye to one with of the victims. he is the man they call a hero when he went to the woman's rescue at montgomery mall last week. jackie bensen at a service for malcolm willfel. >> tonight, this is part of the journal that malcolm com -- michael malcolm winfel that he left behind a wife and two children. he loved sports and he had the nickname "the tank" because of the size and the strength on the rec league soccer team. we talk ted to the victim right foundation, and he said that his group plans to help all families affe affected by t
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helped by the group ta was formed after the d.c. sniper killings. >> they show the terrible pictures and the family has to go through it, and in some cases we say, you don't want to be here, and we will come to get you and tell you when to come back in. >> that is why i referred to the viewing and the funeral as part of the journey that the family has to go through, because all three of the affected families will need the community's love and support for a long time. live in gaithersberg, jackie bensen, news4. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. prosecutors say a man who terrorized riders in a deadly stabbing is facing for mall charges. a grand jury has indicted jasper spires on murder and other charge, and prosecutors say that il
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july and then spires robbed an assaulted other riders on the train. >> less than 24 hours the go now until the high profile meeting for donald trump and the republican leaders and tensions that have been simmering for months appear to be boiling over until the polls and the primaries are boiling over. steve handelsman has more. >> yes, it made the difference, donald trump campaigned against congress in part when he triumphed in the primaries and called lawmakers including republicans stupid, but it is going to be forgiven and forgotten if he can win in november and help them win. some republican leaders are less worried about donald trump not because he won last night twice, but in part, because the democrat hillary clinton lost to hillary clinton for 20th time. he is asking for the superdelegates to run against
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him. >> i have a better chance of beating donald trump than hillary clinton. >> and they are virtually tied nationally in the ipso/reuters poll. that is reassuring to lawmakers, but they are demanding for donald trump to work with them. >> first to be successful as nominee and then president. >> reporter: and they are warning for him not to mock congress and the republicans, and look for unity. >> after a tough primary, it is tou tough. we are part of the commitment to be for the unifying process. we are at full strength for this fall is the way we will win. >> we want to make a deal, and if we don't, we will trudge forward like i have been, and winning all of the time. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman pushed back any rerelease of the tax returns until after the e e lek
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hillary clinton jumped ob. >> so you to ask yourself why doesn't h want to release them? yeah, well, we will find out. >> reporter: clinton has relees released three years of returns. >> trump's tax returns might coming up in the meeting here, but mostly, they are shaping up as get to know you sessions. paul ryaner for one, the speaker has only met trump in person one time. i'm steve handelsman news4 live at the hill. doreen. >> thank you. the district's democratic presidential primary is held june 14th. it is a closed primary meaning that you have to be registered to cast your vote, and monday is the deadline to change your party affiliation before the primary and you may notice new voting pa sheens at the polls this time. >> and judge marek garland has shaken hands with 51 united states is senators
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president no, ma'am named him to the supreme court back on march 16th. he was on capitol hill again today where the first handshake of the day was with maryland senator barbara mikulski. and so far, she has met with 36 democrats or independent senators, and with 15 of the 16 republican senators who are willing to meet with hum. republican leadership is refusing to allow hearings on garland's nomination. turning now to the least favorite subject, 15 straight days of rain, and it is not over yet. let's go to doug with more on the the weather pattern with the clean shaven face. >> well, doreen, if we are going to be breaking a record, do it big. it would have been horrible to get to day 12 and missed the day 13. >> no, we would have been okay with that, doug. >> oh, you would have is been all right? >> yes, you shave the hair off of your face, and you have lost your mind. >> and
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record and not just broken it, but shattered it. it is the rain across the u da, and heavy rain is tapering off, and most of us should see a much drier night. still a couple of showers through montgomery county and the spinning low coming by, and you can see the temperatures now on the high which is 60 degrees, and 72 in new york, and 80 in raleigh and charleston, and the warmer air, when is this pattern going to break? again, let's get going to 20. >> let's not. >> anything i can do for you. >> it has been dismal, but not as horrible as the nation's heartland. severe weather including tornadoes have ravaged torna communities in the midwest and southwe
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tornadoes ripped are through mayfield, kentucky yesterday. >> when i walked up on the place, i started crying. i mean, it is heartbreaking. >> the damage is extensive and widespread. we are so lucky that we didn't lose any lives. >> reporter: and the threat is not yet over. people from the midwest through mississippi valley are on high alert for more severe weather before the storms move to the south. >> caught in the act. the new evidence just released by the police as they are trying to track down the thieves who targeted a local elementary school. hair pulling, fist punching, chest kicking, teenaged girls fighting and then videotaping it, and putting it out for the world to see. that story is coming up. news4. they are using dna ed to put a face on crime, and
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>> the man accused of pointing a gun at police and creating a major security scare on capitol hill is facing more than 50 years in prison. larry dawson is formally charged with the incident that happened in late march. scott mcfarland explains why it took six weeks for him to appear in court. >> he appeared what is a black handgun and
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capitol police officer. another officer opened up fire to stop him, according to the court filingsb and he has been hospitalized since. with the use of a wheelchair, he appeared before a judge in hospital garb, and formally charged withs assault and resisting police. we wanted to ask about the condition, but the attorneys declined to talk to news4. and h did enter the capitol en center saying that children had to crouch gaiagainst walls to ad being hit by the gun fire, and that a body stood near the scene with his hands covering his ears a. lockdown was ordered on the campus following that day, and the judge has ordered larry dawson to be held in custody as the case progresses. he is scheduled to appear again in d.c. federal court again. jim? >> thank you. the violence in and around d.c. public schools is a growing
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the kids are recording the fights on the cell phones. tonight, we are hearing from a parent who says that he is concerned about the fights escalating into something more. we go to pat who is outside of mckinley school. >> some of the fights are so bold that they are videotaping the v the victims. i talked to one father today, and he is most upset. teen the aged girl d girls fi near mckinley middle school. the fight is recorded and posted on instagram. destinae says she was involved in two fights near the school and including one monday when she was jumped by five girls, and she says a man came to the rescue. >> a man driving by he ordered them off of me and asked me if i was okay, and i told
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>> reporter: she is 14 years old, and with her father's permission she talked to us about the fights in and around the school. >> what are these girls fighting you and why are you fighting them? >> well, because i don't want to be their friend. >> reporter: is that the reason that the fight broke out? >> yes, thapd are still holding a grudge that i am by myself and so they can pick on me. >> reporter: this morning she says that she was suspended ten days for fighting after she says that she hit a girl who threatened her inside of the school. >> she said, i will kill you and your father, and after she said that, i hit her in the face, and we started to fight again. >> reporter: terry is her father, and he is concerned about the fights, and he is concerned that somebody is going to be seriously hurt. are you worried about your daughter's safety? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: because of these fights. >> breaking out at the train station, the metro stops, an constantly fighting going
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the school on a routine basis. >> reporter: and the school officials would not comment on the case, but the school has group mediation, counseling and conflict resolution programs here to try to curtail fights among students. now, mr. carson says that he has filed a complaint with the police, and he says that he has filed a complaint with the councilman, and now he is waiting for something to happen. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. new video of four men break into a d.c. school and stealing electronics. the police released the video of the robbery last month. four people broke into barnard elementary on april 2nd, and you can see them rolling a large printer down the hallway, and two of them are carrying large computer monitors. >> the fire ripped through a woman's home, and then
6:20 pm
tr contrack or the took all of the money out of her bank account. tonight, the news4 iteam is investigating and telling you what you need to do to protect yourself >> earlier we showed you a composite profile made from this person's dna, and ahead on news4 at 6 cc, we will show you what that person actually looks like, and you compare for yourself. if giant foods closes some of the stores in the area as a are sult of the upcoming merger, how is that going to affecthe t
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coming up in the next half hour, a high-tech tool could generate new clues in a cold ca case. how the police are using the dna evidence to come up with a composite sketch of a wanted man. new efforts to reunite the members of the republican party. we will look ahead of donald trump's meeting on capitol hill. >> and new questions of a grocery store merger, and why jobs could be in jeopardy and what it means for your shopping options. those stories are coming up at 6:30, but first, here is doug to check on the -- how many words can i use to describe it? >> we have used them all, haven't we. >> and all of of the ones on family television. you got anymore to add? >> you came up with a new one yesterday, and i forgotat
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we haven't heard. >> it is so good, i can't remember being so clever. >> i wish i could help. >> and all you have to say is crummy. >> good enough. >> some of you in the 15-day stretch were saying, hay, why are you guys acting so bad about the gloomy weather, because it is only a couple of days, but now everybody is in the same boat. we have seen so much rain, and well over the month of may 10th, so much of 2 inches already above may, and since march 1st, we are an inch below normal, and so we could use the rain? no, we have seen plenty of it in the last two weeks. and loobing at the spin in the atmosphere, and this is what is called the mesoscale feature making its way off to the north and the east here, and as it does that, that is going to enhance the rainfall. we saw good amounts to i da, and it is still raining in baltimore and a couple of
6:25 pm
most of us should stay on the dry side here tonight, and still showers over the west, and these should die out across the region, as we are looking over into the next couple off days, and looking at the rain over a third in the d.c., and gaithersburg, and baltimore, and right at an inch, and half an inch there with the nice dry weather, and a couple of nice sunny days. and now, cloudy and dealing with the drizzle, and 60 degrees is the high so far today. the average high is 74, and nowhere near that, and the temperatures around the region is still in the 50s, and low 60s with quantico right now, and martinsburg, and still raining at fort meade. and the future, not showing too much with the shower, and yes, we can't rule that out. we are not expecting too much, but lo
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there. it could hamper visibility. some thick fog early tomorrow morning, and watch out for that when you step out of the bus stop tomorrow, and showers, and some temperatures around 70 degrees, and you may need the umbrella only to be safe, but you are going to have 20 to 30% chance of rain, and friday, a better chance of activity with a high of 75, and one or two of the storms could be strong, but not looking at anything severe, and saturday, most of the weather is dry, and sunday, we expect it to be all dry with sunshine. it is still going to be cooler, and 64 and sunny, and we will take it any day of the week.
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now, at 6:30, using dna to complete a composite sketch. we will show you how the cutting edge technology is being used in a decades' old case in our area. >> hdreds of jobs could be in jeopardy. >> we want to know where we are at and what we have to look forward to. >> how these grocery store workers are fighting to stay employed. >> and paying a tax to die out? that is part of a tax considered in northern virginia. >> when they were burned out they ugt it was the worst
6:30 pm
their lives. >> since then i found out it was not the worst day. >> and what you can do to protect yourselves. >> from the touch of the doorknob or the sip of a drink, there is new technology that is allowing law enforcement to build a realistic, and detailed human composite using dna. >> as reporter david culver shows us, louden county detectives are hoping it brings new clues in a cold case. >> this is a come poz is it is from somebody in the office. >> it was a sip of soda that all allowed the doctor to create this. >> we took a swab from a dr. pepper bottle. >> they came up with a detailed p profile of the colleague. >> this person has fair or very fair skin, and trying to emphasize that they have a wider jaw and chin, and narrower, and more protruding nos
6:31 pm
person whose dna was youed to make it. this is dr. steve arminja. >> and the similarities in the brow and the chin, and the lighter color as predicted. in the the past, the dna that has failed to produce a match was of no value. with snapshot, the investigators can now use the dna to narrow the list, and generate leads, and avoid a case from going cold. >> cold cases like this one that mike chapman wants solved. they paid $4,000 to generate this suspect profile. >> well, it is worth it, because it is a young girl who was sexually assaulted and abducted. >>er the crime goes back 30 years to 1987, and right here to east poplar road in east sterling. the deputy says that the man broke into the homes at 4 cc in the morn, and abducted
6:32 pm
9-year-old girl and abused her. and the invest fwa or the is hoping that will generate new leads by somebody's memory. >> we want to try it to see if we have some success with it. >> david culver, news4. a woman suspected in a robbery was killed today after she was hit by a car fleeing the scene on a bicycle. police say that a man and his girlfriend assaulted a woman, and grabbed her phone and took off on bicycles. the female suspect was hit and killed by a minivan. the police were able to arrest the accomplish ronald souers is who is charged with robbery. back to the presidential race, and the tension between donald trump and people like house speaker paul ryan.
6:33 pm
we have more from haley jackson. >> we are here on the hill where congressmen are looking forward to the donald trump and paul ryan, and the republican national chairman reince priebus, and the real differences that both the ryan side, and the trump side will wa want to talk about. and the speaker is looking to make sure that trump will commit to conservative principles, and take steps to unify the party as he is coming under new international fire for the remarks of a temporary muslim ban. we have more of it coming up on the nightly news. >> we invite you to stay tuned for nbc nightly news with lester holt right after "news4 at 6:00." and now, there is soon a decision to see if fairfax county wants to pay a meal tax. this measure would put a 4% tax on the meal when you go out which is in addition to
6:34 pm
already being charged. it would benefit schools and other things. and now, the parent companies of giant and food lion want to join together. news4 chris gourddon is live in silver springs to tell us about which store might be jeopardy in if the merger goes through. >> doreen, you remember the ads, for years it was "it is my giant" and tonight, workers are keshed about the possibility that stores will be closed and jobs losted an ta fear it is their giant. >> reporter: the united food and commercial workers' union protested losing jobs at nine stores that could be closed or sold in accokeek, la plata, salisbury, and fredks
6:35 pm
virginia. >> well, it a lot less tax money, and so you have to think of it in that aspect. >> the workers and the supporters march ed to giant fod headquarters in landover, and they are part of a proposed m d merger that will be determined if the stores can be closed or sold. the protesters brought petitions with hundreds of signatures into the office and invited to is sit down and talk, and they left unsewer whether they would leave their jobs. >> i worked there for 11 years, and i would have to start over and find something ta pays the same insurance and everything. >> giant said that the merger is unreview by the federal trade commission, but it the too early to speculate on thut
6:36 pm
we do not anticipate any store closures as part of the ftc review process. the decision on the proposed supermarket merger could come as early as next month. that is the latest, doreen, back the you. >> and she paid almost $300,000 to rebuild her home after a serious phi, bfire, and the wor never completed. what happened when the iteam tracked him
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
the number of homeless families in the district jumped 30% compared to 2015. counties in maryland and virginia saw numbers drop by doubt digits. this as increased numbers of
6:39 pm
families found permanent housing. they say that one reason that d.c. has higher number than in the suburb is because by law nobody can be denied shelter in the winter months, and families are turn -- are never turned away. and fan duel, and draft kings say that the companies are effectively running unregulated online gambling operations, and do not provide protections. but fantasy says that offer games of skill and not chance. four states have legalized the gambling for those, fan duel and draft king, and other fantasy sports did not send anybody to the hearing today. the parent company comcast is one of the investors in fan duel. and sadly, the quest for the cup is over for the
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quest for the best playoff beard. doug cammand adam went in to ge straight razor shave, and they raised about $1,000 for the initiative. and doug raised $150 more than adam. >> yes. >> pretty close. pretty close. not too shabby. >> well, i will the tell you that you have probably had that done before, but i have not, and that is fun stuff. it is almost worth growing the beard. >> and the towels around you? >> yes, three rounds. >> that good, too. >> and that is a lot of fun. obviously, very standup about the capitols, and getting
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>> my wife, my wife and kid finally last night said, you know, dad, it is looking okay, and now, today, it is gone. >> after we say in the d.c. area sport after sport, year after year, maybe next year. >> well, maybe i can talk about the end of the rain coming up in a minute. thank you. >> and now, also tonight, her home was gutted by flames, but the nightmare did not end there. we will tell you how one woman ended up paying a contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars for work that was not completed. >> i was told that i would be made whole after the fire. he
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
first, the house is burned down, and now the family tells the iteam they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> and they it is is because of a local company ta promised the rebuild the hole, and no we find out that time is running out for the customers, and what you should know if a fire happens in your home. >> reporter: we saw what happened to her home. >> they saw a lot of smoke. >> reporter: the fire was so intense it made our newscast in november of 2014. >> i thought it was the worst
6:45 pm
not the worst day. >> gardner says that the day game this february when she got a letter saying that the contractor had filed for bankruptcy. she say s ts that the insurance company had referred her to the company, and the owner jim martin to reare pair her home. >> i thought that after investigating his work, that it would be a good choice. you can see here that he left all of this exposed. >> reporter: but a year and a half later, this is the only work that is completed. >> i paid him two installments. one was $156 and the second $143 for a total of $299. she says this the insurance company is going to stop paying for her temporary housing in july, and now she has to go to works because she says that the project restoration is holding all of her money as an asset in the proceeding. >> for this guy to c
6:46 pm
>> we sent some letters to jim martin at project restoration, and ask them what happened. hello, can we talk to you for a minute? >> we saw a man peeking out to see us, and then went directly behind the wall. i can't see him anymore. we called multiple times. i can hear my phone ringing. >> the woman put us on hold for 2 1/2 minutes before she hung up. >> i want to talk to somebody who can explain what happened here. >> and they said that ta wanted to do the right thing and enter bankruptcy and recover the debt and they have sent out letters to inform them of to bankruptcy, an offered to do outstanding work on the homes,
6:47 pm
the people accepted. >> february, 10th, and since that day, no substantial work. >> this is is a daunting process, but we are here for them, and working with the home yoown er. >> dean finerran says that prompt restoration is under investigation and would not elaborate on the details. we found that they had their license rejected because of faulty work. >> if you are abandoned, you will file a complaint with the commission commissioner. >> and she is going through the process now, and hoping that the money she paid prompt will be refunded, and get her home built. >> i was told that i would be made hold after the fire, but he is not making me hole. he is just taking advantage of me. >> coming up tonight at
6:48 pm
we will tell you about the little known state fund that can remedy their situation if they have a specific contractor. so if you have a story you want us to check out call 202-885-4444 or go to now, it has been raining 15 days in a row, and we wanted to know how it has influenced your mood. loobt -- look at the flash survey that says that more than half are feeling grumpy. and doug, are you noticing a change of the colleagues on the set? >> who are the 16% who liked the rai rain? >> well, some people, hey, doug, how are you? and it is this time, know
6:49 pm
do? >> well, i am not going to be changing for you, and now, it is raining across the area, and not all of the days, because a couple of them, 15, where we received 0.011, but it is going to go into the official rain day forecast, and so the i dashgs we saw more of that, and an inch to half an inch of rain, and in reston, not too bad, and the clouds are starting the rise here, and that is meaning less drizzle. we are still seeing some drizzle around tourngs and still out there with the lower visibility. 60 degrees right now, and the temperatures are dropping the cool, cooler and cool. yes, we know that i am. and now, the low pressure is spinning through the region, and what is bringing us is a couple of the light showers, and not changing all of the weather, and we hope for the strong front to come through, and that going to clear things out, and give us some sunshine, and ta is not the case. this is a line of storms that is going to bring us through the region,
6:50 pm
see. 60 at 11:00, and 65 at 3:00, and 67 at 7:00, and we are not expecting rain and maybe not any at the airport, so it may officially end the streak at 15 day days that would be a record. 66 tomorrow, and 75 friday and bring your umbrella, but not a lot of rain expected at all. better chance of rain and thunderstorms friday and slight chance friday, and here you r vance, beautiful weather, buddy. 60s and sunny most of next week. >> all right. don't change your mind about it. >> all right. >> we know how you roll. >> we have sports coming up. oh, there is knotting the be smili -- nothing to be smiling about there. and the fallout of bryce ha harr's emotional outburstpe,
6:51 pm
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words a few choice words. >> yes, choice words. and he had something to say, and he wanted a little confrontation, and tonight, i have been looking forward to it all week, and bobblehead night. everybody who comes to the game, they have a bobble hehead and fa while i thought that they were not going to be seeing him, because mlb disclosed a one-game suspension, and so, he is going to be appealing, and so they will see him and get this bobblehead. now, the discipline stems from the incident that he was e jeked after voicing a displeasure of a strike call against danny espinosa, and then two pitches later, he turned to the field and shouted something that we have to block out at the umpire, and he is appealing it, and so he is going to be able to play in the game tonight against the tigers, and maybe you will notice the chak tonight, and daniel murphy batting cleanup behind harper.
6:55 pm
night. and jor ddan zimmer after signi an off season deal will now have to take the mound against his old team. >> i thought that i would be here my whole career, but it didn't work out. >> and he has got it, and it is a no-hitter for jordan zimmermann. j-zimm is back, the two-time all al all-star, and the one they let get away. >> i was a little disappointed at the time that we couldn't reach something and be able to stay here, but i have moved on, and i'm happy where i am right now. >> and so are the tigers. zimmerman is 5-11, and sporting the best e.r.a. in baseball. he might be on the other side tonight. but still, nothing but love from the former squad. >> jordan is the real deal. he was a great teammate. we miss him over here like
6:56 pm
crazy, and he did so much for this organization. and no matter what, he is, win, lose or draw, he is still family. >> and many fans saw the writing on the wall for szimmerman when the team signed former tiger max scherzer, and as luck would have it, the two face-off tonight. >> and the way it could have shook out, it has to be this way where i am facing jordy and he asked for a fastball right down middle, and i definitely said, no, you will not be getting that. >> something to watch out for tonight. and earlier today, the orioles asked for a day game against the twins. a man on for khris davis and in case you don't know why they call him crush, a visual reminder. 4 of 5 with the four rbis in the game. and while crush and the teammates celebrate, the next batter mark trumbo, and it is a
6:57 pm
and the second homer in a game in a row. and we are just so sad and shocked that it is off. expectations never high forecaps, and the best regular season record, and the vezina trophy, and painful ending to the playoffs, and how close was it? pens had 16 goals in the ovetime winner, and vech with 15. >> well, it is -- i don't know. i am proud of my team, but you know, it is hard to say s something. >> it is closure in a lot of ways that that group will never be the same again. >> you don't get to be a part of the teams like this too
6:58 pm
set in right now. >> nothing else to say. >> terrible. >> and we have the bobblehead tonight. >> oh, ♪ stand by me
6:59 pm
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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tonight, deadly explosion bombshell. a catastrophic blast that leveled part of a town, killing 15, wounding hundreds more. tonight a shocking new turn in a baffling mystery. planned parenthood rampage. late word of a twist in the case. why the accused cold-blooded killer may never face trial. what's in trump's taxes? will he or won't he release them before the election? a new uproar, and new pressure for the billionaire to open up the books. royal reprimand. the queen caught on tape. what she said on an open mic that has the palace doing damage control. and healthy foods. how is it that the government says sugary cereals are healthy while salmon and avocados don't make the cut.


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