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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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hurry, this offer is for a limited time only. see your ford dealer today. three people are killed after a crime spree, all linked to one suspect. tonight, an emotional farewell to one of the victims. >> where there's smoke, there's fire. the feds ordering
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troubled transit agency to take to the tracks right away. what it could mean for your commute. she has five children and 13 grand kid and still found the time to make her dream a reality. >> this is joan many, atu. she has made an extraordinary achievement. i will tell you about it tonight at 11:00. good evening. we begin tonight with shocking new video of police officers chasing then beating a man as he surrendered. >> he crossed police lines. >> this could be disturbing for some people to see, but we want to take you to the moment where the officers confront him. the pickup had blown two tires by the time the chase ended. the driver steps out of the truck and puts his hands immediately in the air. when he gets down on his hands and
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rush in. the video captures him winding up and punching. more officers pummelled the man repeatedly. he is a 580-year-old man who had several warrants out on him. he took off on an hour-long chase when the officers initially tried to pull him over. tonight the massachusetts state police released a statement which says they are reviewing the arrest to see if excessive force was used. >> chris lawrence, his soccer buddies called him "the tank" and malcolm winfell may have acted as one protecting a woman and paying for it with his life. he is one of three victims shot and killed during a shooting spree linked to a single suspect. family and friends remembered his life.
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andy talked about how much he will miss soccer games with his brother who loved sports. him and i paraded our skills around all of these soccer fields in the area. i wear this proudly, with his last anytime and mine on the back. >> he was jokingly called "the tank" because of his size and strength. assets that helped him to save a stranger's life. >> pain basically and sorry for the family. >> reporter: greg of the victims rights foundations knows there are many tough months and years ahead for the families of malcom in
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>> we have made a commitment to support them, spiritual support, counselling and so forth. in addition to that, fund-raising. >> reporter: the funeral service will be held at 10:00 tomorrow morning here at the catholic church. jackie bensen, news 4. >> two teenagers are missing in fairfax county. police are concerned for their safety. they are looking for 13-year-old facette lema and rudy torzano. last seen last night at their respective homes. facette did not take her medication with her according to family members. investigators think they may have taken a taxi to the jus sup, maryland area. a man the fbi called the ball cap bandit has struck again. this time he hit this wells fargo in falls church. last month, investigators is a i the same man robbed two banks in
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worn a different baseball hat. you are looking live at capitol hill. coming up, where when the sun comes up tomorrow donald trump will sit down with house speaker paul ryan for that highly anticipated meeting. >> ryan shocked many republicans last week when he said he wasn't ready to support the presumptive nominee. now trump has a chance to get him to change his mind. new tonight, trump announcing new endorsements from several house committee chairs in a joint statement. the seven lawmakers said the path for republicans winning in november comes through unity. during their meeting tomorrow, congressional aides say speaker ryan will warn trump not to minimize or mock congress. members of the lgbt community are learning how the city is working to keep them safe. representatives from d.c. police and metro were there. last year 50% of all hate crimes in the district were directed to people for their
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orientation. the district says crimes against transgender people are down 30% since 2014. more problems a the stadium armory metro station today. riders had to deal with major delays during the commute. delays in both directions on the orange, blue and silver line. metro said a power cable problem caused an issue on the tracks. a fire two days ago, noer the station, caused delays on four lines. now the federal transit agency is getting involved in a letter to metro today, the fta ordered the agency to make immediate repairs in three areas of the system and they must be done before metro begins the widespread maintenance plan scheduled to start next month. the three areas include potomac avenue to the d and g junction along the blue, orange and silver line. part of the red line near the medical center in van ness
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the orange line in ballston and east falls church. growing concerns about fighting in and around d.c. schools. a girl recorded this fight at mckinley middle northeast and posted it on instagram. a student we spoke to says she was involved in two fights near the school including one last monday. she said a man came up to rescue her after she was jumped by five girls. school officials won't comment on this case. she's done a lot in her life, except for graduate from college. but this weekend, all of that changes for a maryland woman. >> sure is. she is finally receiving her diploma 50 years after first setting foot on a college campus. shomari stone has her inspiring story. >> i'm very emotional. because i've waited so long for this. >> reporter: it's a moment joan has waited 50 years for. >> it is something i wanted to do all of my life. >> reporter: this 71-year-old grandmother, yes, i said 71,
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maryland with a bachelor of arts degree in humanities this weekend. >> you are finally here. that's pretty incredible. >> i know. i know. i'm very happy. i'm proud of myself. i really did it. >> reporter: you may ask yourself, what took so long? well, 53 years ago, joan left georgetown after one year to start her family with carlos mato, senior. the couple had a baby and then came four more kids. >> i thought i can do this. i can raise a family and work and go to school, but financially we couldn't. and just one thing after another, just snowballed. >> reporter: her husband died ten years ago and joan decided to continue her college journey. >> the last two years have been very hard because it is math, the four-letter word that i really dislike. >> mom, we are so proud of you. absolutely wild. college graduate. >>
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>> for five educated kids are excited. >> i could not be more happy and proud of my mother. >> reporter: she hopes to inspire her 13 grand kids and others to pursue their dream. >> you are never too old. when you set your mind to something, you can do it. >> such a wonderful story. joan will have her graduation on saturday at 3:30 in the evening. she will put this cap and gown on. she is so excited and i must say, congratulations. in bethesda, maryland, shomari stone, news 4. >> what an inspiration. way to go, joan. >> what a great example for the grand children. it may have gotten easier for high school students to get a's in montgomery county. quarterly grades will be averaged and rounded up to determine a final course grade. for example, a student can get an a in the first quarter and a b in the second but still get a final grade of a. this comes after the school system ditched final exams in favor of quarterly tests. you can take a look at thi
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washington app. search "grades." right now, huge, huge hail remains a big threat across missouri and illinois. a strong storm system continues to move east. look at this. pictures of baseball-size hail is in from st. louis tonight. meanwhile, a huge swath of the country is still cleaning up from at least 47 tornados since saturday. this one from oklahoma was upgraded to an ef-4 today be possible winds up to 200 miles an hour. >> hard to complain about our rain after seeing those pictures, but it's been raining 15 straight days and it could be coming to an end tomorrow. >> yeah. >> doug, can we put the umbrellas away? >> no. no. the streak may come to an end tomorrow but keep the umbrellas handy just in case. radar not showing any rain this this d.c. metro area but tracking the storm system, over to dover here, the swirl, the
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because of that a couple more showers coming through. clark, warren county, fauquier county and culpeper county, heads up in those areas. that's about it. these will try to make their way to the fredericksburg area. most rf of these are light. one thing to watch for is the fog. to the west, severe thunderstorm watching and warnings going on to kentucky. that's not going to move our waif. tomorrow, here's what you need to know, breaking the streak -- i think we could do it tomorrow -- we'll talk about that and keep the umbrella handy. the rain moves in and we will talk about the chance of storms and the best chance of storms moving in just a minute. i'm carol maloney at the live desk. a historic night at nats park. matt scherzer strikes out 20. fans on their feet. in the mound, 19 strikeouts so far. here
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number 20 against justin upton. that ties the record. scherzer, the first to strike out 20 batters since kerry wood in 1998. he thanks his former team for the inspiration. at the live desk, i'm carol maloney. have you ever been ripped off by a contractor? we'll tell you how to get up to 20 grand back with the one thing you must do before you sign the contract or else. >> you are losing your protection. >> reporter: what does healthy really mean? a push for the fda to settle big argunts in the shopping aimesl shoppingor
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the definition of healthy eating has changed since the food and drug administration wrote the current guidelines, about 20 years ago. that may mean you may need to make adjustments to yo you are diet. before healthy foods had to meet five government criteria on fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol and nutrients. now the fda is beginning the process of redefining what healthy really means. >> the mpsierl we can make it, the more we make it easy and accessible to the consumer the more it ends up doing some good. >> reporter: >> reporter: contrary to the old guidelines we now know almonds, salmon, avocados are healthy with unsaturated fat but the next time you drink a glass of o.j. be aware of the sugar. the turkey sandwich could be loaded with salt and muffins and yogurts can have a lot of sugar. a grandmotheray
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to help rebuild her home after a fire. there's help available from an unexpected source but only if you make sure to do one thing first after a fire. >> reporter: laura patterson's home is piled high with boxes of furniture waiting for her home to be fully repaired. >> basically everything was burned and hanging or melted. >> reporter: patterson received $62,000 from her insurance company. soon after a man showed up at her door. >> she said i know you don't want your neighbors to see your house looking like that. so as soon as i get the contract i will get it retired. >> reporter: she hired him in 2010. >> he didn't begin the work. i cancelled the contract and then he, in turn, sued me. >> reporter: patterson said he sued her because she didn't decline his services within
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three-day period specified in the contract. sh is countersuering. >> i think i got ripped off. >> reporter: she paid a second contractor who only did some of the work. six years later, you can still see smoke damage on her windows. patterson says she's out of money. >> never pay them all of their money before the work is finished. >> reporter: maryland's home improvement commissioner agrees. >> we don't want the money to get ahead of the work. >> reporter: he says they get 2,000 complaints like patterson's a year. and wants home owners to know it is critical to hire a licensed contractor because they pay a fee that goes in to a fund you can access if something goes wrong with your project. >> this guaranteed fund is there to financially compensate the homeowner in case a contractor has taken advantage of them. >> reporter: he says the state can give you up to $20,000 if they find wrongdoing by a licensed contractor. other wieds you are on yur
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not hiring a licensed contractor. >> she filed a complaint with the home improvement commission and is waiting to hear what will happen next. with have a checklist on what you should do before hiring anyone to work on your home in the nbc washington app. tap on investigations. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. what happens when a contractor won't let you out of your contract? our consumer reporter susan hogan is tackling that angle here tomorrow. stay with us for that. we'd like to break our contract with this weather forecast. >> might happen tomorrow. >> really? >> i'm going a little more optimistic. i've added some sun to the afternoon forecast. >> great. >> i'm trying to help everybody out. it is we have not seen much sunshine the last 15 days with the exception of the past weekend. remember mother's day was not that bad. today we saw the clouds, e
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rain and half an inch to an inch of rain in some locations. right now tracking the rain across the region, no much going on. still looking at the storm, the spiral that came in, moved up and moving to the south around dover. still rap wrapping shower activity around it. these showers in warrenton area, they will go through warrentonton and close to manassas before heading in to southern maryland. to the west we mentioned this severe weather. baseball sized hail, tornado reports, flash flooding to the west. it's been a mess back here the last couple of days. for us it has been a mess for a different reason. the clouds, cooler weather and rain. not much going on. the clouds and fog will be the biggest issue. notice no showers here. keep the umbrella handy just in case. around 11:00, no showers showing up here. also notice some clearing. i think we will see a little sunshine.
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little sun. best chance of rain is west of the blue ridge during the day tomorrow. how about fog? watch this, 5:00 a.m., near zero visibility in many areas. that's what the computer models are saying here. this is something to watch for tomorrow morning. we could see dense fog. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, even 7:00 a.m. near visibility of zero. a tough commute potentially. areas of fog, maybe a shower but either way the roads will be wet. 57 tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, sun if we are lucky. i think we will get kind of will you can i can tomorrow, 68 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. the impact forecast on the low side as we will not see much in the way of rain. rain returns on friday, 90% chance of rain on friday. on saturday, a 40% chance of afternoon storms. i think we have a good chance of seeing those an then a lot better. sunday cool in the low to
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mid-60s. with sunshine it will be nice. monday, tuesday, wednesday dry. but a couple of dry days. so we will break the streak. may break it tomorrow. >> i think i can still find the sunglasses. thank you, doug. coming up, more history for (vo) how can we really improve health care? bring back the housecall? open walk-in clinics in convenient places? help more moms get prenatal care?
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this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. what a night for the nats. did we need this
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>> in the worst way. >> a day after the caps are eliminated. sorry to bring that up but max scherzer the talk of the town. all this guy wants for his birthday a curly w. nats facing the tigers. the night started with the return of zimmerman. first career start against his former club. facing harper in the third. the start star of the night max scherzer throwing smoke against his former team. martinez, hello and good-bye. a dusty bakers dozen, 13 strikeouts for scherzer. in the seventh, trouble for max. two on an two out and he's chasing. now we will speed things up. in the eighth, 16, 17 and breaks
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cabrera, no chance that is 19. slow it down for history, scherzer one strike away from tying the major league record and upton, sit back down. scherzer ties the record with 20 strikeouts in nine innings. allowed two runs in the complete game win. nats win it 3-2. afterwards, scherzer describes what is special tonight. >> we won and there's 20 punchouts. that's an unbelievable fete. the win was the most important thing. and like i said the strikeouts are sexy. that makes it special. the 20 puts a stamp on it. >> he likes sexy strikeouts,er i think. other nats news, bryce harper suspended one game and fined an undisclosed sum for monday's confrontation returning to the field after his ejection or few choice words for the ump that got him ejected.
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the good times continue to roll for the orioles. skip ahead, top 0 four. birds up. two on for the man they call chris davis and you can call him crush as he crushes it. davis four for five with four rbi in the game. o's up one. while crush and his teammates celebrate the next batter is mark trum bow, and jumbo for trum bow. third straight game. the o's hit back to back homer and win their fourth in a row. 9-2 the final score. good news for the o's who had 25. baseball is the headline sport
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tell us what time we can plan to see the sun tomorrow? >> 3:48. >> i think that's about the time. tomorrow morning we will see fog and could be dense. right new the showers down to the warrenton area, to fredericksburg. tomorrow we may break the streak, as long as we don't get 100th of an inch we will be okay. if not tomorrow this weekend for sure. >> thank you, doug. the end of the caps playoff run meant the end of the duelling playoff beards around here. doug and adam have been growing beards to raise money for charity. they helped to raise more than $2700 as those whiskers grew. sad to see it go, a lot of us. tonight, you notice they are both clean shaven. both guys visited hell's bottom barbershop in d.c.
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for the record, doug raised $150 more than adam. i suspect you put that 1 a $0 in because you are so competitive. >> not there is competition there. thank you, mom and dad. >> doug was trimming it which gave us bad
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well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable. right now you can drive a new escape and get 0% financing for 72 months plus $500 cash. hurry, this offer is for a limited time only. see your ford dealer today. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jada pinkett-smith. andy cohen. musical guest, gallant.


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