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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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didn't think about it. kids don't know how to have a conversation, ask someone out on a date, nothing. >> if your 6-year-old is dating, that's a different story. >> no. there is a new scam saying you did not pay your parking ticket. the dmv says to watch out for an e-mail saying you have an unpaid ticket. .e hail says you have to pay more or they will impound your car. the whole thing is fake. dmv says you will not pay an e-mail, you will get a letter in your mail box. truth be told, i have a few of those. the scam also sends you to a dot dom web side but the real one ends in dot gov. 5:00 on the dot. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang p we love chuck bell, but the weather not so much. >> what did you have for us today? find a glimmer of hope there,
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buddy. >> it's not raining now, although as you can see, relatively thick fog across the area early this morning. visibilities down to only a quarter of a mile now in winchester, three miles in manassas and three miles in washington. so that is the main issue here early this morning. the overall weather impact on your day will be fairly low. fog and maybe patchy mist or drizzle early this morning. we will see breaks of sunshine today, it's not a guaranteed dry day, though. most of the rain is coming to an end for this morning, but there could be a shower chance coming in after 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. so the next 4 hours, foggy and 58 now. by 7:00 this evening, showers if not in the area will be on the way. temperatures near 70 today. and rain likely to get your friday started. but there will be improving weather as we get towards the second half of the weekend. weekend forecast at 5:21. so right now inner loop after new hampshire avenue, tw
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the only construction still hanging around town. taking a look up top, 29, route 1, 95, bw parkway, everything there is rolling along just fine. looking at 66 from fairfax county parkway to the belt way, going to take you thiyou nine m. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. and 95 north at 17, again looking a lot better than it was. we had earlier construction but the road work has cleared. still a little slow northbound. we'll take a live look at 270 coming up. he died a hero in the maryland shopping center shootings. today the family of hal cmalco n winffel will be laid to rest. he leaves behind a whif
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children. made hlaysian government sa debris belongs to flight 370 and that will bring the number of pieces found to about five. all of which found in various spots around indian ocean. the aircraft as you remember mysteriously disappeared more than two years ago with 239 people on board and these pieces are the only signs of it thus far. eun. your time is 5:03. and right now these young teens could be in maryland after they went missing from fairfax county county. take a look. fazefte lema and rudy torzano were last seen tuesday night. detectives say the teens may have taken a cab from the fair fairfax county area to jessup. they say lema is in need of medication. if you have seen them, call fairfax county police. in d.c., police want your help to find this man. police put out a silver alert
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he's 86 and last seen at the y in mca in the u street neighborhood on tuesday. he's considered critically missing. he was wearing a brown coat with a hood when he was last seen. second police officer accused in the death of freddie gray is headed to court today. edward nero has requested a bench trial. he's one of three bicycle offices involved this gray's initial arrest. nero pleaded not guilty. six baltimore police officers are facing charges in gray's death. nero's trial is expected to last five days. today marks one year since the derailment of an amtrak train in philadelphia that killed eight people. more than 200 people were injured when the new york bound northeast regional train entered a sharp curve at 106 miles per hour, that is
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limit. four who died were connected from our area. the "new york times" reports take congress mandated the installation of new technology called positive train control throughout the nation's railroad system by 2015, technology that could have slowed down the train and possibly prevented the accident. congress is now considering extending that deadline to 2020. today in decision 2016, we could see a major clash on capitol hill. donald trump is expected to meet with house speaker paul ryan. at t they are set to discuss how to unite the republican party, however trump has nearly clinched the nomination running squarely against speaker ryan and establishment party ideas. edward lawrence has more on the meeting plus others happening dwa today in just a bit. democrats are campaigning across the u.s. bernie sanders has e
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on june 7. hillary clinton is thin brookly while bill clinton campaigns on her behalf in kentucky. d.c. residents are at the center of what it calls an election year issue. we'll explain that in the next 15 minutes. new toinformation in this morning. this coming from the world health organization. air pollution levels rising in many of the world's poorest cities. so while all regions of the world are affected, populations in low income cities are the most impacted. according to the latest urban air quality database, 98% of cities in low and middle income countries with more than 100,000 inhabitants do not meet world health organization air quality guidelines. however, in high income countries, that percentage decreases to 56%. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. swing and a miss.
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>> 20 strikeouts. did you hear that? >> what? >> yes. max scherzer went -- had two no head e hitters last year. something that only happened four times in billion history. >> all of baseball. >> i mean 20 batters last night. he struck them all out. a major league record. scherzer says he has bigger goals. >> really what you remember at the end of the year is if you win or not. if you win the world series. that's the ultimate goal. >> there you go. scherzer says playing his former team the tigers helped him amp up his arm and get ready for that start. a little competition to fuel it. >> pretty impressive. and i think he tied a record, i don't think he broke it. other guys have done it. >> but i love how he says this is just the beginning. >> the next game is always the big challenge.
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if you're just getting ready to leave for work, you might want to give yourself some extra time. it's really foggy in some spots. is this a live picture outside. >> can't even see anything out there. >> you could have a longer drive to work. a closer look at that and whether you will need the wipers this morning as well. and it's a new grading system that would allow some students get a d but then wiped up with a b. the changes under way at some area schools. >> reporter: another tough week for metro and now federal transportation officials are getting involved. i'm gan mcgrath, a live mere
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5:11 our time. want to get a check on weather and traffic. >> amelia draper is live on our weather deck to find out if there is anymore rain. >> you don't need an umbrella this morning, but there isom
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be dealing with that as you head into work this morning. but eats not as cool as it was yesterday morning. temperature right now in the upper 50s. coming home, temperature around 71. some showers are possible by the late afternoon hour, but more likely during the evening hours. so not the best day to get the car washed. there is also more rain in the forecast tomorrow and saturday, a as well. chuck has the timing on that coming up. but for now, how are the roads looking? right now a couple of new issues here. outer loop ramp to clara par ton parkway, the ramp blocked because debris. so trying to get that out of the way. northbound xwchltgw parkway bef spout run, the right side blocked because of police activity 37 and inner loop road work should be wrapping up pretty soon. inner loop and outer loop looking quite good. 270 at montrose road, no worries there. a live look at 66 coming
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it's being's 5:13. federal transit authority is ordering metro to make immediate repairs to fix the tracks. megan mcgrath is live to break down what is in store for both workers and riders. >> reporter: well, you can see the entrance to the largo up to center station here behind me, the station opened its doors just a while ago and we're starting to see riders turn up. these reiders among those affected by the problems yesterday. take a look at the video. you can see workers on the tracks. this was yesterday. they were trying to repair problems, get things back up and running. but it took long enough that we saw all kinds of delays, single tracking. it's been a tough countple of weeks for riders, several disturbing incidents including one caught on tape. sparks and a flash happening right by a platform at the federal center. now the federal transportat
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they are calling on metro to make changes to metro's newly released safe track plan, that's the major long term overhaul plan that was just unveiled by metro. the fta says immediate repairs need to be made in three areas of track before the safe track program can begin. this is it the areas that we're talking about on this map. medical center to van necessary o van ness, on the red line. potomac avenue to the d and g junction between stadium-armory, benning road and men men aveni avenue. and ballston to east falls church on the orange and silver lines. they want the repairs made as quickly as possible and they're calling on metro to tweak their long term safe track plan. we will be talking to readers, give you their reaction coming up in the next hour. back to you. it looks both metrorail and metrobus are ow
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ridership compared to the same time last year, folks made 12 million fewer trips, that's about 5%. metro says one of the big causes was the january blizzard that forced them to shut down for two days. that cost the transit system nearly $7 million in fares and parking fees. d.c. police are investigating a triple shooting in southeast. police say around 4:00 p.m., someone started shooting on ninth street southeast. officers found two men shot at the scene there. another man walked himself to the hospital. you wi all three are expected to survive. the shooting was less thp haan a mile away from another deadly shooting yesterday. we're working to learn whether the two are connected. emotional moments for loved ones as they learned of a double murder in district heights. prince george's county police say kevin muse was killein a robbery yesterday morning and samuel page also died. a third man who was in the car
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a $25,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to a suspect. it is 5:16. today d.c.'s mayor will break ground on the new mew midtown center. that kicks off 11:30 this morning. when construction is complete, it will be the home of fannie mae. looking live at reagan national airport, we expect a protest today over an airline that could soon land flights here. the obama administration recently gave norwegian air the green light. but some organizations say the airline ignores u.s. trade policy and undermines fair competition by skirting tax and labor laws and hiring temporary workers from asia. protests are set to begin shortly after noon right in front of the white house. the new grading scale in montgomery county could make it easier to your ghild to get an "a." the school system says quarterly grades will be averaged and rounded up to
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course grade. for example a student can get an "a" in the first quarter and "b" in the second quarter but still earn a find grade of "a." this comes after the school system did away with final exams in favor of quarterly tests. you can take a look at the entire system on the nbc washington app, search "grades." 5:17. and i'm not -- working on a story. >> reporter: the united food and commercial workers union organized this protest here at the giant corporate headquarters in landover, maryland. they're delivering petitions with hundreds of signatures against the merger of the european corporation which operate giant and food line. the union fears
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could be closed or sold. >> i have two kids, 9 and 3. and it will be terrible. that's what i depend on. my husband went pack to school, so it will be rough. >> reporter: giant says the federal trade commission is reviewing the proposed merger. and at this point, it does not anticipate any store closures as a result of the ftc review. this is chris gordon, news 4. 5:18 right the now. this week we've been looking at sleep in our secrets to better zs series. this morning we're giving you the lowdown on napping. something we know a little bit about. >> that's right. here is the thing. when is the last time to take a nap so nap? theres at the university of maryland recommend sometime after lunch between 1:00 and 3:00. i don't know if they mean through 1:00 and 3:00. during that time
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can accomplish slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep. the next question is how long s should your nap be? take a listen. >> no more than 30 minutes. studies are consistent that longer naps run the risk of sleep in-ner srein-nerer sha. that's when you wake up and you're not quite awake and refreshed yet. >> i feel like that all the time. >> complaint fighan't fight ine. >> frequent napping can also protect your body from diseases. studies show it helps reduce alzheimer's and heart attacks. and coming up, we'll take a look at how short snaps can reverse effects of severe sleep deprivation. we've been wearing these fit bit things. and i did an hour and a half nap yesterday according to this. >> zero nap yesterday.
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parameters don't necessarily match for our schedules. we work such a weird set of circumstances. when we go to sleep, when we wake up. so i don't know. doesn't a nap sound good? >> i had lunch and a nap yesterday. it was a good thing. high problem yesterd my problem yesterday, the nap came way too late in the day and i had a hard time getting to sleep on time last night. so tricky. outside this morning, it is a foggy start. this is the view from our tower looking down. there is nebraska avenue. just barely making out the street lights here early this morning. overall weather impact on the day, it will be relatively low. most of the rain is out of here early this morning. still going to have a lot of clouds around today and there will be a chance for rain before today is done. most of it well after 3:00 in the afternoon. nothing heavy today. for tomorrow, another chance for rain mostly through the morning commute up to about 3:00 in the afternoon. i'm pretty optimistic if you have fridayht
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outside, friday night should be dry. friday morning another story. early today, here we are 240r7k, p its are in the mid to upper 50s. kind of soupy and clammy outside. visibility only a quarter of a mile in winchester. a mile and three quarters visibility there in gaithersburg. so stop team 4 radar shows the fading out of the early morning rain chance they're fredericksburg. we should be dry from this point forward for much of the day. by 9:00, still socked in with the fog. there should be breaks of sunshine between about noon and 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. peeks of sun. and then after 4:00, there is the rain chance now into the shenandoah valley. potentially as early as about 4:00. if they live long enough and get in here, we could have showers around 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. if that little round doesn't get us, there is another much better chance coming in later tonight in to tomorrow. so for today, fog on your way out the door. some amounts of sunshine, should allow temperatures up to away 70
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thinking about the weekend. saturday, showers maybe a rumble or two of hunter likely between about 11:00 in the morning and 5:00 saturday afternoon. saturday night should be dry, then sunday, that is the payoff, every. sunday will be the end of the rain y day stretch, but understansunday's highs only in the 60s. this sleep innertia thing, can i blame that on everything? >> everything. >> i said that happens to me all the time. outer loop ramp to clara barton parkway, the ramp blocked because of debris. 66 to germantown road, you can see don't have any big problems there. everything rolling along just fine here. inner loop and outer loop okay. still had that late clearing beltway road work top of the beltway there inner loop at new hampshire avenue. 270 northbound and southbound, looking quite good thorp. and 95 in maryland here at 198, don't have any worries will. live look in p
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county coming up. outrage after police nabbed the suspects who led them on a high speed chase. what they're accused of doing moments after his arrest. and the push to get the direct a state gets a boost. >> and age is just a number, you know that saying. what this 71-year-old woman just accomplished that will make you believe your goals are just as attainable.
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fnew hampshire's governor i calling for a full investigation into this arrest. a helicopter captured officers punching a suspect who led them on a high speed chase from mass has to new hampshire. it does not appear the plan is resisting the officers as they continue to punch him. the massachusetts state police says it will also conduct an investigation into the use of force. back to decision 2016
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washington, d.c. and its residents are now at the center of what the clinton campaign is calling an election year issue. newspaper op-ed for the washington informer hillary clinton wrote she will be a, quote, vocal champion for d.c. statehood. clinton also slammed donald trump for not taking a definitive stand on that issue. you will remember city leaders are petitioning congress now give residents voting rights. d.c.'s democratic primary is about a month away, but there are only a few days left if you need to register to vote. the june 14th vote is a closed primary. that means you must be registered as a democrat in order to cast a ballot. you have until monday if you need to dhaenk yochange your pa fill yags. kathleen matthews says she is not done running for office. in her first interview since her last last month, she said all options are on the table for upcoming races in 2018.
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in the making. a 71-year-old grandmother will graduate this weekend from the university of maryland with a bachelor of arts degree in humanities. 53 years ago, she left georgetown after one year to start a family with her husband. they had a baby and then four more kids. after her husband died ten years ago, she decided to continue her college career. she hopes this will inspire her 13 grandchildren and others to pursue their dreams. a big congratulations. she is certainly inspiring me. and you never stop learning ever. >> and it's never too late. p if you stop, you can still go back again and again and again. milder air now, but a big temperature change is in store for the weekend. a look at that and 4 things to know. a cheerful good by to the man some called tank, others a hero. this morning friends and family pay final respects to one of the victim
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five policemen are dead t l following twin suicide bombings in baghdad's western most suburb. iraqi officials say the explosion also left 12 policemen injured today's attack comes just a day after the deadliest violence in baghdad this year, 93 people dead across the
5:32 am
wounded in a wave of claimed by the islamic state group. 5:31 just now in the rearview mirror on your thursday morning. lots of row cloof low clouds an outside this morning and rain chances are not done completely. 15 down, 16 could be a stretch, 15 days in a row with measured rainfall today would be day 16. have to get rain before midnight. haven't had any so far yet dwaidwai today. a few peeks of sunshine today before more rain chances this evening. maybe a rumble or two of thunder both friday and saturday. taking your buddy out for an early morning walk or jog, a lot of fog. temperatures upper 50s. we'll get into the upper 60s and low 70s today. this evening grab the umbrella, rain likeliest to move in right away the time the sun goes dow
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there could be late afternoon showers, as well.the time the s. there could be late afternoon showers, as well. just in time for tee ball practice. >> sorry. >> may have to cancel. very sad about that. beltway at central avenue, inner loop and outer loop, everything is looking quite good here this morning. outer loop ramp to clara barton parkway, debris he there. and 66 and 95 looking fine. 95 northbound typical slow downs headed through woodbridge. and 270 south as you pass 85 there a little slow 41 miles per hour just your normal volume head southbound. travel times in ten minutes. he's been hailed a hero for saving a woman's life in the maryland shopping center shooting. malcolm winffel's family says that's just the kind of guy he was. always willing to help. and this morning final good-byes will be said at his funeral. derrick ward is live with more on today's service. >> reporter:
5:34 am
we're at the saint rose of lima church this gait will folks will be coming to say good-bye to a man described as a selfless individual and it was a selfless act that cost him his life. folks came here yesterday for the wake for 45-year-old malcolm winffel. he was killed friday at the westfield montgomery mall when he came to the aid of a woman who was being car jacked by a man police say was desperate to get away after he had shot his he is straestranged wife and an individual the day before. when folks came here to say good-bye to winffel yesterday, they described a person who was called tank, that was his nickname and he was apavid soccer fan. some of his teammates showed up in their colors and we spoke to his brother. >> when i got there, i knew that i was going to talk to meek for at least five minutes before we started to see how our week was doing, our my parents, you know. . and it will be tough to get back in th
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me. >> reporter: winffel leaves behind a wife and two children. the funeral starts at 10:00. derrick ward, news 4. it is now 5:35. the man accused of terrorizing metro rider during a deadly stabbing last year will be arraigned tomorrow. a grand jury indicted jasper spires on murder and other charges. prosecutors say spires killed kevin zuter land as the train approached the university station and robbed and assaulted other riders. spires face as maximum of life in prison. two people are in custody and charged in connection to a murder at the rockville red roof inn last month. the 21-year-old and 17-year-old are facing charges in the killing of a transgender woman. police say they stabbed key an blakeney to death, they bel
5:36 am
she was in the hospital tell lh in prostitution. howard university hospital is planning to lay off 110 employees. officials say the cuts are part of the effort to fix the hospital's finances. >> new legislation will soon allow female world war ii pilots to be buried at arlington national cemetery. the house unanimously approved the measure back in march. arlington national cemetery is managed by the army, so the law needed to be changed to let the female pilots be buried there. the acting army secretary says he wants to see the women buried at the cemetery, but it is filling up. >> 10 million veterans that are eligible to be inurned on the national cemetery. but there is less than 100,000 spaces. >> just more than 1,000 women were trained, but there are only 100 or so tell alive. the bill now heads to the white house will president obama is expected to sign it into law. today prince george's county ce
5:37 am
service for officers who have died on the job. the wreath laying will happen in largo. since the department's inception in 1931, 29 male officers have died on the job. most recently officer jacai colson was shot and killed by a fellow officer who mistook him for a suspect during a shoot-out. do you ever wish your kids could ride bikes and play in the street without worrying about traffic? the city of falls xhurmg is rolling out a new program called play street, it will allow neighbors to temporarily close streets to create safe places for kids to l s ts to play. the process of closing dwrourn street will be easy. >> apply for a permit to close down the street for a limited number of hours on a specific day and then the kids and families can come out in the street and get street hockey going, play hopscotch, build those childhood memories. >> you can attend a pilot play street event this saturday between north
5:38 am
riley street. we could see a break in the rain today maybe. . a closer look at that and whether the fog will burn off in time for the kids to head to the bus stop. and bizarre story unfolding in the search for a driver behind a deadly hit and run. what police say the victim did
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the birds are chirping and for the most part it's mainly dry. a bit of foggy mist. but the most of the school day will be dry. recess today definitely outside. maybe even some limited sunshine. after school sports potentially empagt ed emimpacted by a bit of rain. temps right now in the mid to upper 50s. how are the roads doing? >> we'll keep our fingers crossed about because overall we're looking pretty good on the beltway and everything in and out of town rolling along. a couple slow spots, but nothing reported in my system. 270 south from germantown to the spur, on time at 11 minutes. top of the beltway 95 to 270, 9 minutes this morning. 66 looks good. and so does 95 quantico to the
5:42 am
fm when you hop in your car. it's a growing concern for students and their parts. the recent rash of fights breaking out at area schools and what is being done. are you addicted to the internet? the new trend taking hold and why health firms armore than e j
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. lots of fog, clouds and dampness this morning, but you may see a little peek of sunshine today. we'll time it out coming up. overall right now everybody behaving themselves. to have a tree todown in northwest. military road is blocked. that and more coming up. florida today marks one year since the derailment of an amtrak train in philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200. four of those victims were connected to our area.
5:46 am
midshipman attending the naval academy, and two businessmen from maryland. it's been a long year for the families of the victims of that deadly accident. matt delicia from our sister station in philadelphia joining us live. >> reporter: good morning. it was one year ago tonight right here at 30th street station where amtrak 188 made its last stop before derailing a few minutes later. the rain's engineer told investigators that he remembered pushing the throttle to speed up and then hit the brake when he felt the train was going too far into a coveurve. and he also said there are gaps in memory as to what happened. many of the victims are till deali de still dealing with the effects of that crash. and of course we can't forget the eight w l
5:47 am
families want compensation and accountability on the part of amtrak and the engineer. >> this has been a trying time and troubling time and difficult time for all of those who were devastated and who lost loved ones in the accident. >> they feel this pain not just on the day of the anniversary of this derailment, but every waking hour of their life. >> reporter: in the year since, there have been some changes to safety along the northeast corridor. there has been an activation of a speed control meck nechanism d positive train control who many believe if it had been activated last year, that will it could have prevented the crash of amtrak 188. and we're also learning that federal investigators are planning to meet next week to discuss the probable cause of that d
5:48 am
matt today lucia, back to you. >> just in,lucia, back to you. >> just in, brazil's senate has voted to impeach its president. rousseff will be replaced by the vice president and that trial could last several months. remember summer olympics are already in sight, they run from august 5 to the 21st. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. 5:48. a 2-year-old girl is noufound d this her car seat and the sheriff says it was likely a tragic accident. investigators say the girl's mother showed up at her daughter's mississippi daycare yesterday afternoon to pick up her daughter. employees told the mother that the girl was never dropped off. the mother reportedly rushed out to her car where she found her daughter strapped inside the hot car.
5:49 am
just terrible. a mexican security official is defending the el chapo was t to sitting they capable of keeping him from escaping about he had escaped from a prison last year. today a big step forward for transgender rides could happen in massachusetts. the state senate there will begin debating a bill which would bar discrimination and public accommodations including restrooms. the committee must decide whether they should move forward with the bill by monday. governor baker has not committed to signing the bill if it reaches his desk. coming up at 6:00 a.m., we'll tell you how d.c. is working to keep members of the lgbt community safe here. they look like a usual suspect sketch, but loudoun county sheriff is trying something new with this composite. take a look. it shows a man suspected of abducting and sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl from sterling in
5:50 am
it was nearly 30 years ago. investigators turned to a local company to use dna from the crime to develop the suspect proceed tile and give the cold case new life. deputies want to hear from you if either of these faces look familiar. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver looked into the local company hired to use this new science to find justice. >> reporter: incredible technology. we're in their office here in reston, virginia. they're working with local law enforcement including loudoun county sheriff's office to develop composite suspects in certain cases. even cold cases. the way they do that is through dna. they take that dna and they can develop everything from certain skin colors to eye colors to hair colors. even freckles. and then they're able to determine certain aspects of the face including the brows, how
5:51 am
you can see a lot more about in new technology and who it's being used right here in northern virginia, just go to the nbc washington app and search dna composite. i'm david culver, news 4. this is a big party. there is plenty of room for different policy disputes. >> and we expect some of those policy disputes to play out on capitol hill today. >> house speaker paul ryan is set to sit down with donald trump and other republican leaders. trump is hoping to convince party leadership he can unify republicans ahead of the general election. edward lawrence is live now with more on what to watch. >> reporter: to be a fly on the wall in that building when they meet. donald trump is bolstered going into this meeting by the large voter support that he has. he says that he has enormous respect for the speaker of the house. trump is meeting with paul ryan and other house and senate leaders to try to unify the
5:52 am
party, get everybody on the same page. as a self described political outsider, trump may be slowly winning traditional support here. he just received endorsements from seven republican house members who chair various committees. this is a closed door meeting that will happen here and we will not know what happens inside. however, at 11:30 this morning, the house speaker has an availability where he will talk to the media. you can bet that will be the first question that will be asked. donald trump now has the largest number of primary votes in republican history. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. let's head over to chuck bell now and get a look at the next few days in the weather. >> outside this morning, there this is not a big surprise here. clouds and fog and dampness to deal with here early this morning. thankfully i think the fog should be gone mostly between
5:53 am
visibility will improve there after. we may see of all things a little bit of sunshine today. outside this morning though, a cloudy and foggy start. what to expect then? a glimmer or two of sunshine today. it will be a little milder. winds are coming back around to the south, so yesterday's high was 61. today will be up closer to 70 degrees and it will be dry as far as rain free for much of the day, but we're not completely out of the woods. we could have rain here before the day is done. thick fog this morning, thickest out here towards winchester with gone one quarter mile visibility. there are pockets of thick fog this morning, low beams and lowered speeds while the fog is around. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s now. as you plan out your day then, temperatures upper 50s now, low 60s by 9:00 a.m. the fog gone by 11:00. by noontime, here are the breaks of sunshine out towards the shenandoah valley at noon. those breaks of sunshine come through the metro between about
5:54 am
afternoon. but then the rain chances at least an opportunity for showers rolls back in maybe as early as 5:00, 6:00 this evening. so if you're planning to go out tonight, have your umbrella ready to go. temperatures upper 60s. showers likely by this evening and rain likely again for tomorrow and saturday as well. there is your seven day forecast. about 72 today. really depends when we get any extra breaks of sunshine will be in the 70s. thunderstorms tomorrow and saturday. sunday will be the first pure t dry day. 41st street at military, a tree blocking the roadway. 270 at old run rohundred road, g pretty normal. 66 a little slow through plan manassas, 95 north through woodbridge, nothing happening there.
5:55 am
looking pretty good. have a little bit of a slowdown there near livingston and beltway as you're headed inbound. i'll see you this a few minutes. fights like this one in and around d.c. schools are becoming a growing concern for participants and the xlparents and the community. this video was shot and put on instagr instagram. we talked to a student who was a victim in two fights and jumped by five girls. she says a man came to wiher rescue. >> she was driving by, he got them off me and asked me if i was okay. >> destiny carson was suspended for ten days for fighting after she says she hit a girl who threatened her. a woman suspected in a robbery is dead and police say she was hit by a car as she fled the scene on a bike. investigators say a man and his
5:56 am
grabbed her phone and took off on bikes near potomac mills. the female suspect was hit and killed a few miles away by a minivan that did not stop. suspect's accomplice was arrested. at this point prince william county police have charged him with robbery. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. apple is denying reports it's planning to phase out music downloads on itunes. downloads have been in steady decline. but apple may have plenty of reasons to keep selling them. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. we all love our cellphones, right? there is still growing concern people especially children are not developing basic communication skills because of those phones. a recent study
5:57 am
american spends 90 minutes every day staring at that little screen. some doctors suggest families consider a digital detox. they say it's important for parents to have face-to-face talks with their kids and peers so children will learn that that is the appropriate way to communicate. another tough week for metro and now federal transportation officials are getting involved. i'm megan mcgrath, a live report coming up. >> reporter: and a victim of last week's shooting spree is laid to rest. i'll have the details coming up. overhauling the grading scale. the changes one district is make that could improve your child's report card. plus we're unlocking the key to better sheleep. how closing your eyes for a few
5:58 am
5:59 am
immediate repairs metro is being ordered to make to keep you safe. swing and a miss, 20 strikeouts. >> making history on the mound. the record night for nats pitcher matt scherzer. but first, chuck spell hbell
6:00 am
out-the-door forecast. >> good morning. fog and cloudiness here this morning. we will see brightening of the skies and maybe a few slivers of sunshine before more rain chances come back tonight. stormy weather likely for friday and potentially saturday, as well. i'm optimistic that sunday may be the end of the streak of consecutive rainy days. thick fog in spots this morning. advise alwavisibility only a ha winchester. next 24 hours cloud, fog, upper 50s thousanow. by 7:00, clouds moving back in and showers on the way. around 60 degrees tomorrow morning. a complete check of the weekend at 6:21. so right now looking nice and dry here top of the beltway. inner loop and out are loop here at connecticut avenue, no worries there here this morning. 270 south headed out of frederick, just a little slow pretty normal going about 29 miles per hour this morning. also taking a look at 66, again slow spo t


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