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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out-the-door forecast. >> good morning. fog and cloudiness here this morning. we will see brightening of the skies and maybe a few slivers of sunshine before more rain chances come back tonight. stormy weather likely for friday and potentially saturday, as well. i'm optimistic that sunday may be the end of the streak of consecutive rainy days. thick fog in spots this morning. advise alwavisibility only a ha winchester. next 24 hours cloud, fog, upper 50s thousanow. by 7:00, clouds moving back in and showers on the way. around 60 degrees tomorrow morning. a complete check of the weekend at 6:21. so right now looking nice and dry here top of the beltway. inner loop and out are loop here at connecticut avenue, no worries there here this morning. 270 south headed out of frederick, just a little slow pretty normal going about 29 miles per hour this morning. also taking a look at 66, again slow spo t
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and then also northbound as you're headed through woodbridge here this morning. taking a look top of the beltway, no major problems. and then the entire beltway here looking good no matter what side you're on, #41st at military, a tree blocking the road there. more be problems for metro this morning after a power cable problem at stadium-armory on wednesday. the federal transit agency is cracking down on the rail system. megan mcgrath is live with more on how the emergency repairs will impact riders. >> reporter: good morning. metro had just started working on a major overhaul and now federal transit officials say before that plan can be rolled out, they want to see some immediate repairs along three stretches of track. track that they are very concerned about for safety reasons. take a look at the areas we're
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medical center to van ness, that is on the red line. potomac avenue to the d and g armory. the third area is ballston to east falls church. and so federal transportation officials are calling on metro to tweak their plan, their long term plan, to deal with those problem areas first. now, we have been talking to metro riders here at the largo town center station, and they say that it's been a very rough time for metro this week. one gentleman got caught up in the mess that happened near the stadium-armory station yesterday and of course just recently we had the sparks in the flash that could be seen on security video along the platform at the federal center. and now the federal transportation folks getting involved. this could push the time line of this overhaul back a little bit so that the changes can be made. but talking to riders this morning, they say they're okay with that.
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be done. >> whatever is available to us. >> just needs getting fixed. work on it no matter that happens to us, we need a train. >> reporter: a lot of frustration among riders. they feel like we're hearing from them that it is something every day, some kind of a problem every day. we'll have more on that coming up later in the show. ridership is down on both metrorail and metrobuses. compared to the same time period last year, people have made 12 million fewer trips, that's about 5%. metro says one of the big causes, the january blizzard that forced them to shut down for two days. that cost the transit system nearly $7 million in fares and parking fees. two teens are missing. detectives want your help. 14-year-old rudy torzano is on the left here. 13-year-old facette
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the right. both are from the fairfax area and were last seen tuesday night. police say they may have run off and it's possible they took a cab to jessup, maryland. if you see them, call fairfax county police. the second police officer accused in the death of presenteddy gray is on his way to court this morning. wval has more this morning there baltimore on what we can expect to see in edward nero's trial. >> reporter: officer nero was one of three are arresting officers in the freddie gray case and he's opted for a bench trial. he's been on the force since 2012, he has been charged with reckless endangerment, assault and misconduct and at the center of the trial, whether police had probable cause to detain and arrest freddie gray. the state is contending that they did that have probable cause to make that arrest after gray made eye contact and then ran off. officers found a knife in his pocket, but only after gray was arrested and earlier this week the judge in the case granted
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regarding the lemmity of that knife that was found on gray. the judge is also limiting evidence and arguments or references to freddy gray's prior run-ins with the law. protesters are expected for the course of the trial which is only expected to last for a few days. now back to you. a man the fbi calls the bald cap bandit has struck again. he did hit a wells fargo in falls church yesterday. last month the same man robbed two banks in alexandria, each time the robber has worn a different baseball cap. members of district's lgbt community are learning how the city is working to keep them safe. the mayor's office held a forum last night at the reed center in northwest. last year more than 50% of all hate crimes in the district were committed against the lgbt community. the district says crimes against
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transgender people is down. more than 30% since 2014. right now at 6:06, severe storms are being forecast through the day today from north central texas to ohio. and into the mid mississippi valley. those areas could face damaging winds, large hail and flash flooding. but there is good news here. forecasters say the sam system is gradually weak going. in louisville, roofs were torn off. and from athens, illinois, parts of that city dealt with damaging hail. the time is 6:06. today d.c.'s mayor will break ground on the new midtown center. the site housed the "washington post" for more than half a centu century. once completed, it will be the new home for fannie mae. congress is firing back against an act of defiance from mayor muriel bowser. a house committee is meeting in an attempt to enforce laws washington must
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plan through congress for approval 37 hair bowser decided to circumvent congress this year and move its part of the overhaul push for statehood and autonomy from the federal government. to maryland politics now. former anne arundel county executive will soon have the task of making the state government more efficient. it could be quite a big task. maryland state government has not had a reboot since the 1970s. robert neil is expected to start july 1. >> amazing, his information rig, matt scherzer struck out 20 batters in last night's scherzer struck out 20 batters in last night's game. drop the glove, walk off the field. >> what else can he do? >> is this onl
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league history. the last guy did it in 2001. he and the nats have the day off today. they will be back at nats park tomorrow fight. in wh in. >> what a feat. >> that was good, but i still have to keep working. he says this is not the end. there is a good chance you didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. story of my life. how closing your eyes just for a few minutes at the office could help make up for the shortfall. and a soggy and foggy start to your thursday as you look live into the district of columbia this morning. what you can expect on your way to work with your commuter forecast. plus making the grade. the changes being put in place at one local school district that could improve your child's report card.
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another cloudy and damp morning on the weather deck. as you head into work this morning, temperatures near 60 degrees. not as cool as it was yesterday morning. potentially dealing with patchy fog. showers possible by the late afternoon hours and then rain looking likely this evening. so you could be dealing with wet roads as you head home there work today. but a temperature around 71. probably not the best day to get the car washed. more rain tomorrow and saturday. chuck has that timing coming up in ten micnutes. overall pretty good right now. we still have a problem in northeast 41st at military road, broking t blocks the southbound lanes with a tree. taking a look at 270 southbound out of frederick, a little slow
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germantown. let's take look at travel times. 270 south thegermantown to the spur, back on time there. top of the beltway looking normal. 66 and 95 north, no major delays. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. two more pieces of debris, the malaysian government says it is almost certain they belong to flight mh 370. and that would bring the total number of suspected pieces found to five, all which have have been found in various spots around the indian ocean.air craft remember mysteriously disappeared more than two years ago with 239 people on board. and these pieces are the only signs of it so far. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. new hampshire's governor is calling for a full investigation into this arrest. yesterday a news helicopter captured officers punching a
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high speed chase from massachusetts to new hampshire. it does not appear that the man is resisting officers. the mass state police says it will cop dugt p an investigation. developing story about your grocery store shopping. giant food is going through a mempger and workers are worry that had will mean some stores will close. they held a protest outside giant headquarters and chris gordon was there. >> reporter: united food and commercial works union organized this protest here at the giant corporate headquarters in landover. they're delivering petitions with hundreds of signatures against the merger of the european corporations which operate giant and food lyon. the union fears nine giant food stores in maryland a virginia could be closed or sold. >> i have two kids, 9 and 3. and it will be terrible. plus it's like that's what i depend on. my hnd
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>> reporter: fooi says the federal trade commission is reviewing the proposed merger and it does not anticipate any store closures as a result of the ftc review. this is chris gorgordon, news 4. numbers this morning show more children are getting a head start on education. the national institute for early education research found nearly $1.4 million three and four years now go to preschool. the only state showing a fr ainn enrollment, texas, florida and wisconsin. the report also found an overall increase in the amount of money states spend on pre-k education. the grading scale in montgomery county could change your child's report card for the better. the school system says quarterly grades will thousanow be averag. for example a student could get an a in the first quarter and b in the second but then still get a final grade of "a."
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system it away with the final exams in favor of quarterly tests. so to you ever wish your kids could ride their bikes or play in the streets without worrying about traffic? the city of falls church is rolling out a new program called play streets. it will allow neighbors to temporarily close streets to create safe car-free places. the city is aiming to get more people outside and active. >> we are 2.2 square miles. we have 12 parks but we're also looking for opportunities to have children and families getting a difference, stay active and bond with their community. >> you can attend a pilot play street event from 10:00 to 2:00 this saturday between north virginia avenue and riley street this the city of falls church. the zika virus may be more dangerous than first thought. researchers in brazil say they found evidence that a new form of the virus may cause damage to
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defects. several other scientists published studies bagging up the new research. the virus also seems to be acting alone. other viruses or poor nutrition don't seem to be a factor. zika started hitting brazil hard about a year ago. right now in our secrets to better zs, we're talking about napping. a nice nap feels so good every once in a wil. in the last hour we told that you the best nap time is between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. and that your nap should not be longer than 30 minutes. >> doctors at the university of maryland say short naps leaving you feeling more refreshed. i can testify to take. and they also act as a reset button for your brain. >> if we're sleep deprived, naps can recuperate many of the negative effects. for example, they can improve our reaction time, help us make better decisions and probably most importantly they can help
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>> if you're not sleep deprived, the effects of a good nap are even greater apparently. >> google and huffington "post" have made nap pods available to employees to catch a little nap during the day. >> taking a nap can make you forget to do things. i remember i was supposed to call my mom back. >> and you can remember if we had pods? you have to wake back up. where is eun, where is chuck? >> right here. >> oh, there he is. >> no time for a nap here. >> we have a secret little room right here behind the weather office that we sometimes call the crying room, but it also can be a very good little nap. you know the room now. >> yeah, the crying room. >> sometimes you go like i'm just so tired, i could cry. outside this morning, we have a foggy and cloudy start. the rain is temporarily over. that does not mean you should put your umbrella completely away because we may need it before the day ison
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not going to rain on you here for the front part of the day. have a lot of clouds and fog to deal with. chances for rain begin to roll into the sven shhenandoah valle around 3:00 this afternoon. could be in the metro area around 6:00 or 7:00. tomorrow rain likely for the morning rush. could have a couple rumbles of thunder. we've had over 3 inches in the hospital of hey, but still since march 1st, still carrying a little bit of a rainfall deficit. how is that possible? problem is we haven't been getting a lot of rain on each and every one of the days. this morning fog is an issue. winchester, virginia, half mile visibility. keep your low beams on and your speeds down. temperatures are in the hid to upper 50s for now. future weather here is timing it out, any peek of sunshine gaid will be most likely between 11:00 or 12:00 this morning up to about 3:00, 4:00. heres
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there is that first little chance for a few showers rolling on through here, so your hour by hour planner then, fog and temperatures in the 50s now. little bits of sunshine early this much a. and showers moving back into the shenandoah valley. tomorrow morning, showers on the morning commute could lead to a thundershower early tomorrow afternoon, but we should be dry after 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. so your friday night is looking okay. saturday althounother chance of. sunday i think will be the end of the streak of consecutive days of rainfall. >> i ju want to see the end of it. 295 south between benning road and east capitol street, broken town car in the left lane slowing things headed into the district. 41st street at military road, still have the tree down. blocking the roadway. you can see overall there inner loop and outer loop look pretty good. 66 at jermantown
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hanging around. a little yucky here today. 95 north quantico to the beltway, slow through woodbridge and up to the beltway, looking pretty good. and then 270 south 29 miles per hour as you head out of frederick. once you get around germantown, things open up. spending too much time online. the potential problems our internet addiction is creating for our kids. and proof it is never too late to make your dreams a reality. how a local grand other found time to g her college degree. et
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officials at montgomery county schools are taking steps to deep your kids safe. cameras will soon be added to all county school buses. only 25 buses have the stop arm cameras to catch drivers who illegally pass buses. a company will equip
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. starting today, an extra number of maryland state troopers will be enforcing speed limits and looking for dangerous driving behaviors. this is the first of several efforts. last year traffic deaths in maryland went up to 520 compared to 443 the year before. some baby carriers are being called because the manufacturer says infants can fall right out of them. twin go says the carrier in question is designed to carry an in-fapd against a carry giver's body. it traps a baby using a waste band. but now they say the buckle can break. consumers can contact the distributor for a free repair kit. this is my favorite story of
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making. >> 71-year-old joan will graduate saturday from the university of maryland with a bachelor of arts degree in humanities. 53 years ago, she left georgetown after one year to start a family with her husband. they had a been and four more kids. after her husband died about four years ago, she decided to continue the career. in i'm proud of myself. i really did it. >> that's huge. she should be so proud of herself. jo joan will graduate on saturday. >> and she hopes this will inspire her 13 grandchildren and others to pursue their dream. wonderful. congratulations. a driver rolls his car, the quick positioningthinking of a
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his campaign to town. and outside today, yesterdayed
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marking one year sinceage accident on the northeast corridor that left eight amtrak passengers dead. we'll take you live to philadelphia with how the tragedy is being remembered there coming up in about 15 minutes. but first, here is storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with 4 things to know. is one of them rain? >> you betcha it is. 15 down, 16 could be tough. 15 days in a row with measured rainfall. today would be day 16. no rain yet. have to get rain before midnight tonight to keep the streak going. we may get a peek or two of sunshine today prks, not a hot, before more rain chances come in with a chance of a thunderstorm or two tomorrow and again on saturday. right now the first issue you have to deal with this morning are low clouds and fog. visibility half mile in winchester. we're in the upper 50s to near 6 60 now. lot
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afternoon before more rain chances come back early this evening. coming up, "7-day forecast" and there are at least two days on there that do not have the mention of rain. >> i see yellow. i'm just happy. is sounds good to me. a problem on the roads, 295 south between benning road and east capitol street, we have the crash there in the left lane slowing things down headed into the district. 41st at military road, a tree down blocking the road there. 66 through manassas, no problems, just a lot of volume. 95 northbound, outer loop near ritchey haie-marlbor ritchie-marlboro, that is old. prince george's county overall looking pretty good. inbound 210 a little slow. fwl today the map died helping a woman in a shooting will be laid
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the and derrick ward joining us now with more on how the familiar is remembering malcolm winffel. >> reporter: in a few hour, folks will come here to say good-bye to the 45-year-old malcolm winffel. he was a father of two who came to the aid of a woman who was being carjacked. now, folks came here to the wake yesterday and we spoke to his brother who says for the only is the world losing such a selfless person, this family and friends are losing someone who is just a good person to be around. >> yes, he was a lover of sports. he was a fanatic fan of the dallas cowboys, a prankster, a jokester. he made everyone happy. he always helped everyone. >> reporter: he leaves will behind a wife and into children and the funeral starts here at 10:00. we are live in gaithersburg. derrick ward, nes
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arguably the two most influential republicans will meet this morning on capitol hill. donald trump and house speaker paul ryan are expected to discuss how to unite the republican party. it could be a tricky conversation since trump has nearly clinched the gop nomination running scarily against speaker ryan and establishment party ideas. and you're rubbinning out of ti to register. the deadline is monday. you must register as a democrat if you want to cast a ballot in the june 14 primary because d.c.'s primary is a closed race meaning only registered democrats will be allowed to weigh in. a mother is distraught after what mississippi sheriff deputies say was a tragic departments. the woman found her 2-year-old daughter dead inside her hot car yesterday afternoon. deputies say the mother thought she had dropped the little girl off at daycare and when she went to
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she was never there. and she role lealized her tragi escape. these sketches show a man suspected of an abduction almost 30 years ago. loudoun county investigators asked a local company to use dna from the crime to develop this profile. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver shows us how the new science could give cold cases new life. >> reporter: this is one of those stories that will make you say how incredible technology is. we're in the office here in reston, virginia and they're working with local law endorsement including loudoun county sheriff's office to develop composite of suspects in certain cases. even cold cases. the way they do that is through dna. they take that dna and they can develop everything from certain skip colors to eye colors to hair colors. even freckles. and then they're able to determine certain
6:35 am
face including the brow, how predominant that is, even the chin. you can see a lot more about this new technology and how it issing used right here this northern virginia, just foe to the nbc washington app and certainly dna composite. david culver, news 4. a lot of people are addicted to our cellphones. but now there is growing concern that people especially children aren't developing basic communication skills because of them. a recent study found the average american spends 90 minutes every day staring at the screen. some theres suggest families consider a digital detox. either limiting the number of minutes or filtering the kind of activities they're allowed to use them. it's especially important for children to know how to communicate. andt'
6:36 am
you have to put it down. >> kids are watching everything we do. well, facing new pressure to keep you safe. the immediate repairs metro is being ordered to make. plus the quick thinking good samaritan able to pull this driver to safety after a fiery crash. and two problems. 295 an issue there and 00 new one
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a man is recovering this morning after he was pulled from a car that rolled over and went up in flames. rescue all caught on camera showing a good samaritan pulling take man to safety. police say the accident may h bn linked to street racing, this is in l.a. the good samaritan says he would do it again. amelia draper is out the storm team 4 weather deck and it's not raining yet. >> looks okay out there right now. >> yeah, it's a little damp. and patchy fog to deal with at the bus stop. but recess outdoors, even some limited sunshine.
6:40 am
but after school activities could be impacted by some rain. showers are possible by the late afternoon hours and likely during the evening. this will be our 16th consecutive day for rain. temps in the mid to upper 50s right now. brand new problem here, inbound 14th street bridge, disabled vehicle. so we're a little slow. another new issue, southbound 95 to 175, a crash on the shoulder. hopefully that won't slow things too much here this morning. d.c. 295 south between benning road and east capitol, we still have that crash. but it's now on the shoulder. still have some delays hoping folks can start getting by that a little bit more easily now. southbound 270, no problems. top of beltway typically slow. 95 over to 270. 66 inbound, 95 north look pretty normal. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car.
6:41 am
metro's safe track plan. a live report coming up. also ahead, we're taking you live to philadelphia as that city marks one year since a deadly derailment on amtrak's northeast corridor. a showdown over d.c.'s independence. how congress is respond to go mayor muriel bowser's refusal to send them the city's budget. swing and a miss. 20 strikeouts. and a historic night on the m
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we're remembering that train derailment in philadelphia that left eight amtrak passengers dead. >> it is one of the stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. but first, weather and traffic. >> good morning. i'm chuck bell. cloudy, foggy and damp outside this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s now. maybe near 70 today before more rain chances come back. we'll time out when you will need the umbrella next. a disabled vehicle on 395 causing slow downs on the 14th street bridge add to goiing to headache there. and crash on the shoulder 59 at 175. slow there as well. there is major track work ahead for metro. the federal transit agency is
6:45 am
after a power cable problem at stadium-armory on wednesday. megan mcgrath talked to passengers about the emergency repairs this morning. she's live in largo now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. metro had just released a draft of tsafe track plan to overhaul the system and now federal transportation officials are weighing in and they want changes. specifically they are calling for immediate repairs to lee areas along the system. take a look. the medical center to van ness section of track, potomac avenue to the d and g junction, the stadium armory benning road and minnesota avenue station, and then a third area, ballston to east falls church. now, the changes may push back the rollout of the safe track program. some are concerned about that. i spoke to one woman this morning here this largo and she says these repairs can't be made efficiently. she may stop riding the rail.
6:46 am
>> because there are limits to your patience. >> there are. >> reporter: and metro is reviewing the fta's letter. they will modify their final version of the safe track plan, but probably won't be ready by may 16th as originally planned. that was the original target date. back to you all. and it looks like both metrorail and metro bus are showing a significant decrease in ridership. compared to the same time last year, folks have made 12 million fewer trips. that's about 5%. metro says one of the big causes january blizzard that forced them to shut down for two days. that cost the transit system nearly $7 million in fares and parking fees. today marks one year since the derailment of an amtrak train in philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200. it's been a long year for the families of the victims.
6:47 am
matt delucia from wcau joins us live from philadelphia this morning with more. >> reporter: good morning. it was right here at 30th street station in philadelphia one year ago tonight that amtrak 188 made its last stop before continuing on for new york. it derailed just a few hints la minute he is later. the train's engineer remembers pushing the trolgts hrottle to p and then hit the brake in to the curve. he also says there are gaps in memory as to what happened during 240es final moments. many of the victims are still dealing with the effects of that crash. some may never work again or walk again. and of course we can't forget the eight who lost their lives. and what they want is compensation, but they also want accountability on behalf of amtrak and the train's engineer. and since the
6:48 am
have been changes to safety on the rails along the northeast corridor. there is now a system that will automatically slow the train if it is going too fast. that was what was missing in terms of that curve where this derailment happened. it was not activated at the time. and we've also learned that next week federal investigators are planning to meet to discuss and layout the properbable cause ofe derailment. so perhaps we'll get much needed answers. live in philadelphia, matt delucia, pack back to you. four of the victims had ties to our area. a midshipman was attending the naval academy, a george washington graduate and also two were businessmen from maryland. right now these young teenagers could be in maryland after they went missing from fairfax county. 14-year-old rudy torzano and 13-year-old facette
6:49 am
last seen tuesday night. they may have taken a cab from fairfax to jessup. lema is in need of medication. if you think you've seen these teens, call fairfax county police. second baltimore police officer accused in the death of freddie gray is headed to court today. edward near rro has requested a trial by judge. he's one of three officers involved in gray's initial arrest back in 2015. prosecutors say gray died from injuries he sustained after being arrested. today d.c.'s mayor will bre ground on the new midtown center. the site housed the "washington post" for more than half acompl is the new home for fannie mae. also mayor bowser may have to deal with push back from congress. the house committee is meeting in an attempt to enforce laws that require the district to send its budget plans to congress for approval.
6:50 am
circumvent congress this year, the move is part of district's overall push for statehood and autonomy from the federal government. new this morning, brazil senate has voted to impeach its president. dilma rousseff is accused of breaking budget laws. rousseff will be suspended and replaced for up to six months by brazil's vice president, this as the summer olympics in rio are already in sight. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. right now north central texas, oklahoma and the mid mississippi valley all bracing for the potential of severe storms. they could see damaging wind, large hail and flash flooding. the forecasters say the system is gradually weakening. while those areas prepare for storms today, thunderstorms rocked louisville, kentucky last night. storms were on powerful, they store the roof off the louisville gardens a renap
6:51 am
had to deal with damaging hail. chuck bell is here. i guess we should be grateful that we're not getting hail. >> true. remember a week ago monday, we had the big hail producing storm. 2 to 3 inch deiameter. unfortunately, our streak of rainy days is likely to continue, but we're getting to that time of the year where at least there is more daylight to take advantage of. sunrise before 6:00 a.m. now. we're at 5:58 for sunrise every day from now through july 20th. what to expect for this fine day though? plenty of clouds and fog this morning. you'll get a glimmer or two of sunshine. milder today with temperatures up close to 70 degrees. and we're dry now, we'll be dry most of the day. but i do think we'll have rain before midnight tonight. first issue to deal with is fog.
6:52 am
montgomery county. future weather carries the low clouds and fog out of here. here is 4:00 this afternoon. so between noon and 4:00, there may be a break or two of sunshine before the another the chance for rain comes in on us during this evening. rain quite a bit more likely after 10:00 tonight and during the overnight hours tonight, cloudy skies and raindrops briefly coming to an end, but 10:00 for him mornins morning, chance. and then we will see improving for friday night. so today clouds and fog giving way to at least a peek of sunshine. your "7-day forecast," 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. another high chance for rain and thunderstorms midday on saturday. sunday and monday looks like those will be the first two dry days in forever. here is melissa. >> finally time for flowers. in-pound 14th street bridge, right now a little slow because of a disabled vehicle. southbound 95 at 175, have a crash there on the shoulder. looks like it's really not affecting folks
6:53 am
290 south between benning road and east capitol, still have the crash on the shoulder causing some slow downs. branch avenue, 5, indian head highway, a little slow. on so is pennsylvania avenue as you can see on the map. 66 east at the manassas rest area, right shoulder blocked by police activity. you can see the slowdowns there as you're headed inbound. 270 at shady grove, no problems but a little foggy. 41th street at military, a tree still blocking the roadway. and today is the first tune funeral for the three killed in the shopping center shootings. >> malcolm winffel died trying to prevent eulalio tordil from carjacking a woman at montgomery mall. derrick ward is live now in gaithersburg with more on this morning's service. >> reporter: yeah, just a couple of hours folks
6:54 am
the saint rosa lima catholic church to say good-bye. he was killed trying to come to the aid of a woman being car jacked. folks that knew him say this was totally in character for him. they describe him as a selfless individual who was just fun to be around. he was killed by a man who had already shot his estranged wife and would go on to kill another person all in an attempt police say to get away. winffel leaves behind a wife and two children. his funeral starts at 10:00 here this gaithersburg. derrick ward, news 4. a man the fbi called the ball cap bandit has struck again. he hit a wells fargo in falls church yesterday. last month the same man robbed two banks in alexandria. each time the robber wore a different baseball cap. members of the district's lgbt community are learning how the city is working to keep them safe. the mayor's office held a forum last night at the reed center northwest. last year more than 50% of all te
6:55 am
committed against the lgbt community. the district says crimes against transgender people are down more than 30% since 2014. max shcherzer has five more years on his contract, but do you think he will ever top this. >> swing and a miss. 20 strikeouts. >> 20 strikeouts. he's only the fourth pitcher ever to throw 20 strikeouts in nine innings of major league billi baseball game. it ties an mlb record. the last time someone can it, back in 2001. congrats max scherzer. very impressive. >> nats are off today. i wonder if -- do you think he's just watching that in replay over and over again? >> he said this isn't it, i have more work to do. >> moving on. good for him. coming up
6:56 am
morning. today marks one year since the derailment of an amtrak train in philadelphia a that killed eight and injured more than 200. four of those victims had ties to our area. the malaysian government says two more pieces of debris are almost certainly from that hissi missing flight from back in 2014. trial of edward nero begins today, he's requested a bench trial. the federal transit agency is ordering immediate track work. repairs will take place haefahef the scheduled maintenance. and there is a likelihood of more rain coming in late this afternoon and into this evening. showers and thundershowers midday tomorrow and another chance for showers and thunderstorms saturday. but friday night, saturday night and sunday are looking rain free for your outdoor plans. >> sounds pretty good. d.c. 295
6:57 am
road and east capitol, still a crash on the shoulder slowing things a bit. prince george's county, you can see we're slow on indian head highway, branch avenue and pennsylvania avenue here this morning. and then 66 inbound at the manassas rest area, remember here the right shoulder blocked by police is really slowing things there quite a bit this morning. 270 not so bad. top of the beltway look normal. aaron, make another face. >> i was paying attention. just happened for look your way. fine. >> thanks for joining us
6:58 am
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good morning, face to face. donald trump heads to capitol hill this morning for his highly anticipated meeting with house speaker paul ryan. can they reconcile their differences? will trump walk out with an endorsement? this morning former vice president dan quayle weighs in in an exclusive live interview. brutal arrest. police officers repeatedly hit and kick a suspect after he led them on a high-speed chase in two states. did their actions cross the line? this morning the investigation is underway. controversial auction. george zimmerman allegedly selling the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. the bidding open


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