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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now a baltimore police officer is on trial for his part in the death of freddie gray. >> and what we are learning about this morning's meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. we expect developments throughout the hour, including the chance the prowse talks to reporters. >> and still plenty of clouds around the area. here's a live look with our city camera. however, limited sun in the forecast today. i'll have the latest timing coming up. >> news 4 midday starts now.
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accused in the death of freddie gray is under way in baltimore right now. edward neario is one of three involved in gray's initial arrest. he has pleaded not guilty to assault charges. prosecutors say gray died for injuries sustained after being arrested. chris gordon is live in baltimore with how this trial will be different from the first officer's. chris, good morning. >> reporter: opening statements this morning lasted less than an hour with prosecutors accusing officer nero of assaulting freddie gray by shackling his legs and risking his life by loading him on to a police wagon face down on the ground without securing him with a seat belt. the lawyer, the defense lawyer for officer nero said he acted in a reasonable matter and it was the responsi
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driver, not nero, to see to gray's safety. nero chased gray on 2015. gray was on the ground and said he needed his asthma inhaler. prosecutors say he suffered a broke neck and died a week later. officer nero is not charged with his death. he is on trial for assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct. he lets the judge decide the verdict by having an bench trial and removes the motion a jury may have in this case. this trial is expected to last five days. the first baltimore police trial was held last december. that ended with a nice trial and a hundred jury. that was the trial of officer william porter. he will be retried this summer. the trial of officer edward nero now gets under way with the first witness being called here in balt
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that's the latest live, chris gordon, news 4, back to you. >> after a number of recent issues on metro, the federal transit agency wants metro to act now. the fta ordered metro to make immediate repairs to areas including medical center to vanness. the main part dealt with the explosion of the metro track caught on video. they want metro to make decisions based on safety rather than passenger and operational convenience. now all of this is happening as ridership takes a drastic drop in metro rail and metro buses. compared to the same time period last year, folks had made 12 million viewer trips. that's about 5%. met trove saro say one of the
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cost transit nearly $7 million and of course parking fees. >> currently our temperature is 60 degrees. our high yesterday only 61. we'll hit 70 with limited sunshine breaking out, maybe an isolated shower west of the d.c. metro area and scattered showers are likely during the later evening hours. i want to show you the timing of rain here on future weather. here we are at 2:00. notice future weather bringing in a lot of sunshine. i think we'll have some sunshine. nonetheless, clouds move back in around 5 p.m. i think future weather is a little robust here showing very heavy rainfall at 5:00 but notice how we are tracking some areas of rain at that point west of the d.c. metro area as we make our way to ward 730, we track scattered showers in louden county and frederick county and will track rain overnigon
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tomorrow's rain coming up at 11:25. these two teen-agers may be in maryland. if you see them, call police. 14-year-old rudy is on the left and 13-year-old facet lima is on the right. the two were seen taking a cab on wednesday night. >> and two men robbed a bank in alexandria. each time the robber has worn a different baseball hat. >> donald trump arrived on capitol hill early this morning to meet with republican leaders. he has sat down with speaker of the house paul ryan to talk about how to
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spa speaker ryan could comment within the hour. >> reporter: protesters gathered at the front door of republican headquarters. donald trump waved and gave a thumbs up as he walked in the back entrance to meat house speaker paul ryan. neither trump nor ryan spoke on the way into their closed door meeting but yesterday the speaker offered hope for unity. >> i really believe if we're going to be successful this fall, we have to unify our party, go forward with a positive message that americans see we have solutions to their problems. >> i personally don't think the rift is nearly as big as people imagine. i think there are some minor issues that can be resolved very effectively. >> as a self-described political outsider, trump may be slowly winning over traditional support. he just received endorsements from seven republican house members who chair committees. spa. >>
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party. there's no question about that. >> this as clinton criticized trump for not releasing his tax returns. we're -- >> you have to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them? we're going to find out. >> the deadline is monday to register as a democrat if you want to cast a ballot in the june 14th primary. that is because d.c.'s primary is a closed race, meaning only registered democrats will be allowed to weigh in. >> congressional lawmakers are expected to fire back this afternoon against an act of defines from d.c. mayor murial bowser. a house committee is meeting in an effort to better enforce laws that washington must send its budget plans through congress
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district's overall push for statehood and autonomy from the federal government. >> harsh criticism on social media this morning about the actions of george zimmermann. he shot and killed a teen-ager in 2012. why once again some are calling him a horrible human being. >> and you can expect to see the flags of [ soft music ] e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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> the form other neighborhood watchman was cleared of the teen's murder after claiming self-defense. the shooting sparked nationwide protests over race and gun laws. >> he was killed when he stepped in to defend a woman during those shootings in montgomery county. today malcolm winfell is being laid to rest. he was shot outside a montgomery
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>> the funeral mass began here at about 10 a.m. for 42-year-old malcolm winfell. we're at the st. rose of lima catholic church in gaithersburg. he was gunned down last friday when he came to the aid of a woman being carjacked in the parking lot of westfield montgomery mall. the gun man had shot his estranged wife the day before, was desperately trying to escape. carjacking vehicles tried to throw them off of his trail and he didn't know that. they say this is a warning or word to folks to cherish your loved ones. >> give him a hug. >> stick close with your family. >> give him a hug and forgive a lot of people that you -- that you're not talking to because you never know, you might not see them again. >> now, again, he is
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buried a short distance from the church once the service is over, the mass is over at the parish cemetery. he is the first to be buried now of the people that were shot in that two days of terror here in montgomery county. >> new this morning, more children are getting a head start on their education. the national institute for early education research found almost 1.4 million 3 and 4-year-olds now go to preschool. the only schools showing a drop were texas and wisconsin. and the grading scale in montgomery county could change your child's report card for the better. the school system says quarter live grades will be averaged and rounded up to determine a final grade. a student could get
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first quarter, a b in the second and still end up with a final grade of an a. >> it sad but many people still wonder what is and is not healthy? it's not easy to tell. the current fda definitions for healthy eating were written 20 years ago and a lot has changed since then. >> reporter: how is it possible a sugary cereal could be labeled healthy but not avocado, almonds and salmon. a a whole foods in washington today, we met a nutritionist. >> we used to believe that sugary
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as they were fortified with vitamins and minerals. now we want people to eat the whole foods, the whole grains. >> the simpler we can make it, the more we can make it very easy and accessible for the consumer, the more it actually ends up doing good. >> reporter: 25 years ago the folks was on a low-fat diet and we've since learned some fats are good for you and trans fats are bat. we now know almonds, salmon and avocados are healthy and low-fat muffins, lots of sugar. the fda is under pressure to define what a natural food is but there is no standard. >> with no standards and no verification in place that, label can pretty much mean
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any manufacturer or company wants it to mean. >> reporter: now defining what is natural and what is healthy is getting a 21st century makeover. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> president obama and the first lady will welcome the leaders of norway, finland, denmark and iceland tomorrow for an official state dinner. the leaders will take part in a summit to discuss terrorism, environmental and nuclear security as well. as for the state dinner, we should have a little more information on that in the next few minutes. the first lady is expected to give an update at 11:30 this morning. >> will it be raining for all the white house guests? amelia is back after the break with a look at the chance for storms friday and saturday. >> and it's being called a masr piecete
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>> severe storms rocked louisville, kentucky overnight. the storms so powerful it ripped the roof off of the louisville gardens arena. this is from athens, illinois as people there dealt with large hail. just incredible. >> but guess what? we don't have any rain? >> another dreary day. how much longer. what is this, day 15? >> if we get rain today, it will be the 16th consecutive day
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at reagan national, pretty unbelievable. but there's only about a 40% chance that you're dealing with rain, mainly later today. i think everybody is dealing with rain tomorrow. if we get rain today at the airport, that's going to be the 16th day in the district. more rain in the forecast tomorrow and saturday as well as we look to sunday and monday we have sunshine in the forecast but temperatures will be on the cool side. here's the latest check of satellite and radar. notice the rain back in the panhandle of west virginia. this is where we're pulling rain chances from later today. jump ahead to tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., when you're getting ready to head off to work, we're looking at overcast skies, showers back above the 91 corridor, this is when showers move into the metro area. we're tracking rain around the lunchtime hours. maybe thunderstorms
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i'm not seeing a huge chance for storms in the forecast tomorrow. guess what happens around the late afternoon and evening hours? some sunshine breaks out. if you have dinner plans tomorrow evening, you want to eat outside, i don't think it's going to be too bad by any means with companies in the upper 60s. yard work this weekend. it will be damp, kind of muddy on the lawn. the better day will be on sunday. outdoor exercise. the better day on sunday. saturday a high of 73. sunday we're cool but sunny, high of 64.
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swing and a miss! 20 strikeouts for matt scherzer! >> our content producer sam nassau was there, he said that was amazing, he was watching history literally. max scherzer tied a major league baseball record by striking out 20 batters last night. so let me give you a little bit of context here. that has only happened four other times ever in a nine-inning game. after the game scherzer actually said winning a world series was more important to him and the team. scherzer and the nats get the day off today and the team is back at nats park tomorrow
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scherzer won't pitch again until wednesday. >> all right. it's football but not exactly the way most of us know it. when we say it's played inside, we're not talking about a stadium with a dome. this is the afl, arena football, and it's played on a 68-yard field, about half the distance of your standard gridiron. on a field of that size, higher pace, higher scoring game and it's on its way to washington. here is the man who will be directing the action for washington's brand new arena team. it's so new, it doesn't have a name yet but it does have a coach. welcome. >> i'm excited to be here. >> this is not your first time coaching arena football. you had the alabama vipers, the georgia force, you went to the -- what kind of -- >> arena bowl. >> arena cup, arena bowl. it's changed names over the years. >> how many teams are there in the
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we'll be added next year and make nine and hopefully we'll keep growing the league. >> tell us how the game is played. >> well, first we play indoors. we play in an arena. we'll play at the verizon center. we'll have nets, 50-yard field. it's a different form of entertainment. >> that's an arena right there. it's hard to imagine, we won't be able to sit on the floor. they'll bring in a different type of seat or -- >> we'll use the existing seats. we'll have walls, they'll be padded. for our fan base, our fans, you're on the field because you're right down on the field as far as seating goes so you're part of the game. that aspect is a lot different than the outdoor game. >> in reading a little bit about this, i understand this is not washington's first attempt at having an arena football team. there was one back in the early 80s that only lasted a couple
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then dan snyder tried to bring a team in, the commandos, but that didn't last very long either. is the third time the charm? >> i'm not aware of the other teams. this is monumental sports entertainment. there's a rebirth for our sport. it's not only going to be a charm, it's going to be big for the future. >> it will compete with baseball because it's a summertime thing, right? >> it will overlap a little bit of the nba season, the nhl season but for us, it's fan friendly, family-oriented, great entertainment for our community at variety center. >> washington loves its teams, the caps, the wizards, the redskins. what's this team going to be called? any idea? >> to be determined. hopefully we'll get to broadcast that. >> will we get to vote on that? >> that's a question above me
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you get players for this kind of football? do you recruit from college, high school, former nfl players? >> there's a lot of different avenues. it's a great question, by the way. for us it's going to be current players playing in the arena football league. we'll research nfl camps and the cfl and really the big thing for us, we want local players, regional players that our fan base can identify with. >> how long is the season? >> we'll start training camp probably in march, go 16 games and our arena bowl will be in august. >> when will you kick off here in washington? literally kick off? >> a lot going on. we hope to have our first game probably first week of next april. >> next april. >> 2017. >> we can't wait and we can't wait to hear the name and what the mascot is going to be. >> it's all excited. >> dean, thank you very much for being with us. erica, back to you. >> right now at 11:30, we are
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ri ryan's live briefing. at any moment he could comment on his meeting with the presumptive nominee for president. the two republicans have repeatedly clashed about the future of the party. immediately after the meeting ryan said the pair was totally committed to working together. >> another trial in freddie gray's death under way. officer edward nero was one of the three baltimore officers under arrest. nero was charged with assault. he's pleaded not guilty. >> a high-speed chase through two states end with the driver in police custody but it's what happened at the end that's raising eyebrows. >> reporter: dramatic aerial footage captured it all. police officers repeatedly punching a suspect who appeared to be surrendering after
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high-speed chase. the man, 50-year-old richard simone was wanted on multiple warrants, including assault and battery, when officers in massachusetts tried to pull over his pickup truck wednesday afternoon, police say he refused to stop, igniting a high-speed chase. starting in holden, massachusetts, the chase ended nearly 50 miles away in nashua, new hampshire when two of simone's tires were blown out. but it was what happened after the chase that is raising concerns. simone exits the truck and appears to give himself up. as he lies face down on the pavement, officers start throwing punches. simone's sister is furious. >> it was very shocking, not the least disturbing to see when someone willingly gets out of the vehicle, goes to their knees, goes flat out on their stomach, it didn't seem there was anything apparent in his hands or anything like that. it was very shocking. >> the massachusetts state police said the pursuit like all
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pursuits that involve massachusetts state police will be reviewed by the department's pursuit committee. officials say they will also t investigate whether the level of force used to apprehend simone was appropriate. >> today mashrks one year since the derailment of a train that killed eight people. more than 200 people were also injured when the new york-bound northeast regional train entered a sharp curve at 106 miles per hour, that is more than twice the speed limit. the "new york times" reports that congress mandated the installation of new technology called positive train control throughout the nation's railroad system by 2015, technology that could have slowed down the train and possibly prevented the accident in the first place from happening. congress is now considering extending that deadline to 2020. amtrak released a statement
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"thoughts go out to the families who suffered the loss, the passengers and employees who were injured and to everybody on board the train." amtrak assured riders they work every day to strengthen rail safety. >> a piece of an engined and interior panel are the latest pieces of debris investigators are almost totally sure came from a missing plane, malaysia airlines flight 370. 239 people on board disappeared. so far only a handful of pieces of the plane have turned up. problems at airports involving security concerns and long wait times, today criticism of the tsa, as some received bonuses. >> under
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treats employees fairly and affords them every means to exercise their due process rights, we review controls regularly and fully investigate at adjudicate misconduct at every level. >> the tsa has been accused of retaliating against workers who spoke up by reassigning them. >> right now runners are gearing up for a race that takes them through colonial sites and land mash landmarks dating back to the nation's beginnings. runners from 45 states will gather to take part in either the marine corps historic half or semper five. wreck joins us to ta-- rick joi about the race. it's sunday but
11:34 am
weekend vaevent. are there other activities? >> absolutely. the goal is to get those who come with the runs are to experience our healthy expo, which has 70 vendors. it has something for everybody. so we really want people to come out, even though they're not in the race, you know, it might get them so motivated and so addicted to what's going on that they'll be on the starting line in 2017. >> well, we've all known about the fall classic, the full marathon that is run by the marine corps, but is this something new because the springtime one and of course you've added something to it, too. >> well, this is our ninth year. this is a good base for the marine corps marathon because you're right, we're in the planning phase for that event. but more importantly, it's really an opportunity for the marines who come out of marine corps based quantico to real
11:35 am
a lot of our marines and workforce live in frederic fredericksburg. >> not quite as grueling a race as the full marathon. this is a 13.5 mile marathon. and you've added a semper five, which isn't so bad. >> it's all about getting people out on the start line, feeling the enthusiasm and seeing, you know, the united states marines who are out there working on the course, our navy personnel are in the aid stations. if we can get them into the five miler this year, hopefully they'll continue with their training and healthy lifestyle and be on the 13.1. >> the semper five, which is the five miler and the half
11:36 am
the same place, right? >> it's on the same finish line. one of the things that makes the race special is what we call hospital hill. each, whether you're in the semper five or in the historic half, you get the experience because marines love hills. >> oh, my gosh. >> so it's uphill and then back down to the finish line? >> back down to the finish line. >> that sounds like a great race. you have a big finish festival at the end, right? >> we do. it's all about the celebration and the accomplishment that the runners come out. you mentioned about 45 states are represented. seven countries, people from international are flying in to washington, d.c. and coming into fredericksburg. that says a lot about the event. >> thank you so much for being here and telling us all about it. >> thank you, barbara. >> i hope it doesn't rain. back to you. >> thanks, barbara. hoping for good weather for the
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keeping neighborhood streets safe for children and pedestrians. extreme measures being taken parts oinf
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do you ever wish your kids could ride bikes and play in the streets without traffic? play streets will allow neighbors to apply for a permit to temporarily close streets to create safe, car-free places for kids to play. the city says it's aiming to get more people outside and active by making the permit process very simple. >> adults need to sign for the per met and sign for the barricades at their streets and letting residents through as well as emergency vehicles. >> you can attend a pilot play street event from 10 until 2:00 this sur
11:40 am
virginia avenue and riley street. >> let's talk about the weather. we hope you have a great weekend. >> at love of people are ready to -- it makes you want to stay inside, makes you feel lazy. >> sunday by far is going to be the better weekend day because it's going to be dry. we'll have plenty of sunshine, though. both days are going to be quite breezy, saturday as well sunday. so so far we've had 15 consecutive days of rainfall here at reagan national. if we get rain today, it will make it day 16. lauren and i have been talking a lot about the forecast this morning. are we going to see any rain at reagan national? if so that, would make it day 16 of rain. with more on those stats, i'm going to toss it over to lauren. >> we are at wtop, right next to the glass enclosed nerve center,
11:41 am
i've been here all morning, right behind channel 4 studios, which is where you can find amelia. let's go ahead and talk about where we can find that sunshine. it might be a little while. we've had almost 4 inches of total rainfall in just 15 days. that is more than april and march combined. so today will be day 16, as amelia was saying, and we still have a little ways to go before we get over this deficit. we didn't see much rain in march and/or april. we only saw about an inch in march and just about two inches in april. so we got a little ways to go. but of course we've got rain in the forecast, a little bit of chance of showers today, isolated more tonight and tomorrow. so amelia is going to show you more on that right now. >> i think most of the day as we were talking about this morning is looking mainly dry. we'll have limited sunshine, starting to see the clouds starting to break up.
11:42 am
weather is having a low impact on your day to day. some damp, wet roads during the evening hours. really not too bad today. heading out and about. have the small umbrella handy, probably won't need to use it. currently we're in the low 60s. 60 degrees in the district. today we'll see temperatures warm into the low 70s with a few showers between 6:00 and 8:00 this evening. the car wash forecast, probably best to hold off on getting the car washed. tomorrow the timing of the rain moves in during the mid-morning hours and moves out during the mid afternoon hours. some thunderstorms are possible, maybe some stronger storms, a high of 77, 73 on saturday with rain mainly during the later afternoon and evening hours, maybe a few rumbles of thunder once again. on sunday we cool down in a big way from saturday's rain, a high
11:43 am
[000:42:58;00] it's blustery saturday and sunday. monday full sunshine, not bad at all, keeping it dry on tuesday with a chance of showers next tuesday. >> you can call it a graduation 50 years in the making. joan will graduate saturday with a bachelor of arts degree in humaniti humanities. 53 years ago she left georgetown university to start a family with her husband. after her husband died ten years ago, she decided to go back to school to get her degree. >> i'm very happy. i'm proud of myself. i really did it. >> she did. joan hopes her graduation will inspire her 13 grandchildren and others to pursue their dreams. >> good lord, i'm already in tears. it's a wonderful story. >> it really is. >> yes, it is. coming up, many women suffer in silence.
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>> after the break, important speaker of the house paul ryan calls his meeting with donald trump this morning encouraging. he just spoke to reporters. >> i think this is going in a positive direction and i think this is a first very encouraging meeting, but again, in 45 minutes you don't litigate all of the processes and all the issues.
11:47 am
>> trump is more on that meeting at news 4 first at 4:00. >> it is national women's health week. today we are focusing on a problem that many women face but seldom talk about. dr. iglesias is here to talk about health below the belt, especially bladder control, especially after child birth. a lot of women have perhaps the misconception that this is normal for an extended period of time and that's not really the case. >> no, one out of three women have a pelvic floor disorder and most commonly occur after child birth. >> so that part is almost routine perhaps that some women experience this. >> well, as the baby is coming through the birth canal, there can be changes to some of the muscles, connective tissues and nerves.
11:48 am
most of the time that can regenerate. but most of the time, if you're still having problems after your six-week healing process and it's limiting your ability to do normal activity, you can't do sports or having accidental bladder leakage because your organs are dropping, that is not normal. >> if you have to circumvent the way you go about your daily exercise needs you probably probably seek advice. what should women do? >> you should talk to your health care provider and if necessary refer you to a specialist like myself who is a reconstructive pelvis surgeon, it's a sub specialty of gyn. we can go into major rehabilitation to work on the
11:49 am
muscles, get pelvic floor trainer. the bottom line is i don't think you should be limiting your ability or resorting to pads to handle these kinds of problems because it's really treatable. >> if i go to you, my doctor, is the first course of action going to be some type of rehabilitation to try to work this out myself perhaps with a physical therapist or is surgery an immediate thought process? and perhaps that's what also scares women about coming forward with their doctors about this because they think surgery. >> i know. and surgery should generally be a last resort. in general we try to be as conservative as possible. sometimes women are breast feeding, there may be hormonal issues and that needs to be sort of alleviated. certainly trying to help with losing the baby weight. but rehabilitating the muscles. but sometimes, particularly if there are changes on the connective tissue.
11:50 am
now that's like a hernia. you can want in the world for that but that may not solve the problem but there are certain devices we can use. generally speaking we'll do surgery after you've completed child bearing. >> if it's affecting your quality of life, your ability to be intimate, seek help. this is not something you should be suffering for in silence when we have treatments that are very, very effective. >> thank you very much for joining us. we will send it back over to you. >> thanks, erika. thank you, doctor. >> our wednesday's child today is an adorable 4-year-old who had a challenging start in her life, arriving as a tiny preemie
11:51 am
with no family to celebrate her success in overcoming her birth. favorite color. >> at 4 years old, hope has been in the foster car system her whole life. >> hope's been in the foster care system since 2012 due to the traditional reason is of abuse and neglect. >> look at this. it's a pony you get to paint. >> paint? >> look. what color do you want to start with? pink? >> pink. >> can we write your name? >> hope is a fitting name for a little girl born prematurely who struggled to survive and who has come a long way in her development. >> she is getting support. her teacher says she doing well. she has come a long way and she's progressing. >> good job. >> hope worked on making some flowers and some stripes on the pony. >> see? >> those who work with hope say her developmental delays are sure to improve with a
11:52 am
permanent, loving family in life and to love her. >> i'm hoping to find a single parent or a dedicated couple to love her. >> next month she'll have a birthday and it's hoped that one day she'll have a family to sing this song along with her. ♪ happy birthday dear ♪ hopy ♪ happy birthday dear hopy >> if you have room in your heart and your home for hope, please contact us.
11:53 am
we're hoping for her. after the break, morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover
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visit annapolis and create your moment if you're sleep deprived, naps can recuperate many of the negative effects of sleep loss, for example, improve reaction
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ti and learn. >> and if you're not sleep deprived, the effects of a good nap are even greater i understand. you're a napper. >> yeah, but my naps are for hours. >> that's why companies like google have nap pods for people. >> meanwhile, the "today" show has hosted a lot of weddings throughout the year. about 90 minutes ago, another couple tied the knot live on the air. >> the couple was from alexandria. they met outside rockefeller plaza six years ago. >> as a minister of the church, i pronounce you husband and wife. >> and with that jen mendes and
11:57 am
lane stowe became newlyweds. when kathie lee and that the couple first met on the plaza and then they got engaged after that, they invited them to come and have their ceremony on the show. friend and family from d.c. were there to witness it all. we congratulate them. >> it's very cool to have that memory that people have a piece of video that shows the first time you ever met. >> isn't that amazing? >> yes, very cool. amelia? >> you can see dry in the immediate area but i am tracking thunderstorms starting to fire over the mountains. there is a chance for storms later in the day as the activity continues to move towards the east it, will continue to fizzle. tomorrow 77 with rain, especially from the mid-morning on into the mid afternoon hours, maybe some storms and more rain on saturday. >> thanks, amelia. thank you so much for joining us.
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we will be back on the air close to 4:00 t >> and you can get news and weather upda ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪
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