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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ryan, a wonk, he says he is a won, and sources tell nbc news that ryan brought charts to his meeting here at party headquarters here with donald trump. sources say donald trump did not say, he already knows what he is doing, instead, he listened to ryan say those sources. but in the end, ryan still did not endorse. republican head quarter was a mob scene of protesters and cops. donald trump came to the washington he campaigned against to sit down with house speaker paul ryan. who afterwards was still not ready to endorse, but was encouraged. >> look, it is no secret that donald trump and i have had our differences. we talked about those differences today. >> reporter: ryan's core issues were not trump's style, the wall or the muslim ban. instead, abortion. taking supreme court justices and limiting presidential power. >> i was very encoud
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what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified to bridge the gaps and differences. >> reporter: trump posted their joint statement, saying while honest about our few differences, we recognize there are many important areas of common ground. party chair reince priebus ran the meeting. >> it was great. it was a positive step towards unification. >> reporter: but the party is still divided. >> many members are having a hard time rallying around the presumptive nominee. it is a tough spot. >> reporter: he met to meet texas senator, tweeting out this shot he held private meetings, financing the fall campaign is an issue. picking a running mate. a few hours after he came, trump was gone from washington. with so far saying nothing on camera, leaving the media spotlight on speaker paul ryan, which in the world of donald trump, could be a sign of respect. live from republican party headquarten
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steve handlesman, news 4. "meet the press" have a closer look at three questions coming out of today's meeting. chris lawrence continues our coverage, chris. >> sources pretty wired into the matter tells nbc news donald trump knew what he had to do to smooth things over and came into the meeting without his usual swagger. but that brings us to our first question. will ryan endorse him. the short answer, not today. although the speaker was open to the fact and en do you remember rang encouraged by what he heard. will ryan stay on as the gop clear man in july. too early to tell. if he doesn't endorse trump soon, he'll likely be replaced. even ryan admits the presumptive nominee is free to pick someone else. question three. is ryan making a play beyond november. there are a lot of theories why he hasn't been as
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colleagues, and that's one of them. if republicans lose in november, ryan will be picking up the pieces of what is already a fractured coalition. if you play that out, he could be well positioned for a presidential run of his own in 2020. either way, ryan's current stance buys time for other colleagues who are uneasy about trump, as they try to figure out how to handle what "the new york times" calls the political equivalent of a live grenade. >> chris, thank you. joining us now anchor lester holt, good evening, lester. >> good to back back in d.c. >> you've been covering all the ups and down we've never seen a presidential campaign like this one. how is this one different than others you've covered? >> i say chris just told us that you've got the presumptive nominee, come to washington and sit down with the speaker of the house to get his blessing, and still doesn't come away with it, that defines we're at in this campaign. you
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democratic side, you've got, you know, hillary clinton, who by all accounts seem destined to get the nomination on the delegate side, but she is still waging a primary campaign. nothing like it. >> we know donald trump, the candidate. we know a little bit about him, at least we think we do. but now he is the presumptive nominee. already calls for him to release his tax returns and all of that. can we expect every single minute of his life to be under intense scrutiny looking for something? >> i think yes, but you know, dan quayle was on, former vice-president on the "today" show this morning, and the question came up, will he have to release his returns, and i think his answer was something like he doesn't have to. he is somehow in a different category. i think he is going to be under pressure and the longer that we don't see them, you know, what you don't know is what you sometimes your imagination will take you to many places, whether it will hurt him, though, it is hard to think it will, given how many things he has s
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wouldn't have. >> the man said at one point, didn't he, i can stand in the middle of times square and shoot somebody, that's still my people. >> he said it, i didn't. >> and now, we look back at a lot of things that he said before he was the presidential candidate. being seen in a totally new light. >> in a new light, but i think right now, despite all of the things he said, he really would like some party unity. we have in the report coming here on nightly news tonight, we have insight about the meeting today with ryan and other party leaders, suggesting he was a bit conciliatory, and he came to listen. so maybe a different trump behind closed doors today. knowing that he needs to get some of this behind him in the party on board. >> we'll see you in a few minutes on nightly news. >> we invite you to stay tuned, following after this broadcast. thanks, lester. now to a developing story involving metro and more
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repairs. the transit system may be shutting down the blue, orange and silver lines earlier than expected. coming a dave after federal officials called for urgent fixes. adam tuss first broke the news on twitter. he joins us from metro headquarters, how soon it could start. adam. >> reporter: just a few weeks from now, doreen. get this, we are talking about a 16-day total shut down, apart of the blue, orange and silver line. might want to start planning now. metro's day track plan just got real. the agency planning on moving a big part of the project that was scheduled for late august up to june. take a look. parts of the blue, orange and silver lines, closed for over two weeks, between eastern marquette and benning road an eastern market and benning avenue. >> sooner we get out of the game. >> stressing nothing has been set in stone, but this plan may have to mo
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because federal inspectors have called for urgent immediate repairs in the section of track. meanwhile, today, for the first time, we heard from metro's safety officer, patrick lavin, he spent more than 30 years in the new york transit arena. >> when i started the job in 1983, we were in such a state of d disrepair, we were derailing a main line train every 28 darys. can imagine what it would take to turn that system around. >> reporter: and metro's problems are not insurmountable, meanwhile, will he be looking for strap changes. >> the perception is that you should get rid of the employees because look at the state of the system. however, you need to get beyond that, because if you're not getting -- giving your employees the chance to have track access, to get on the track, and make those repairs, then is it really that employee's faults? >> reporter: he believes changing the hours and track plan to unlock huge
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metro tells us they should have finalized safe track ready for everybody to take a look at next week, doreen. >> adam, thank you. we have posted the federal transit administration's letter on the washington app, including an explanation why they choose three areas for immediate action. open the app and search fta to read it during the break. a man killed during a shooting spree in maryland has been laid to rest now. a funeral mass was held for malcolm winfeld, who was trying to carjack a woman at the mall last week. that woman and another man were injured. the family remembered him as someone always willing to help others. >> he lived and died as a hero, and we'll always remember that. >> that's my brother. very helpful. he will go out and
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that asks. and if she did ask him, he will run over there and help her. >> winfeel was married with two children. he was laid to rest today. the man accused of killing him is in jail, charged with murder. police video shown in court today, reenacting the arrest of freddie gray. it happened during the first day of a bench trial involving a bike officer, named edward nero. he is one of the officers who helped load gray into the back of the police van, where he later died. news 4 chris gordon joins us live from baltimore with more. >> reporter: doreen, today we watched that video that shows what might have happened inside the police van to cause the fatal injuries, freddie gray suffered. but afterwards, some of the people who saw the video in court disagreed over which side it helped. >> at the trial of baltimore police officer, edward nero, prosecutors presented
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showing a police cadet the same size as freddie gray being handcuffed with his legs shackled placed facedown on the van. the cadet, now a baltimore police officer himself, testified it was tight in there, not much room to move. but he was able to stand up, turn around, and kick the sides of the van. >> the cadet that was sitting in there could easily raise his knees up, such that if i'm leaning over him to belt him in, he could definitely assault me. >> officer nero's defense lawyer said he acted as any reasonable officer would when he helped load freddie gray into a police van the morning of april 12, 2015. although police general orders say seat belting a detainee is mandatory, nero used his discretion not to, because he felt freddie gray posted danger to him. >> when freddie first got put and drug into the van, he
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his feet were being dragged. >> reporter: pros duecutors sai his neck was -- officer nero chose to waive right to a jury trial, letting judge barry williams decide the case. >> i think the defense feels will are legal issues better handled by a judge and the prosecution would probably prefer a jury are, and participation of the community. >> reporter: the community is watching, and waiting for an outcome in this case. you'll remember, the first baltimore police trial of officer william porter ended with a hung jury. they couldn't reach a unanimous verdict. that won't happen in this case with a judge will render a verdict on each of the four charges against officer nero. that's the latest live in baltimore. chris gordon, news 4. here at the live desk, we're following breaking news in prince george county. joint base andrews, the
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lockdown, and they're telling all base personnel and folks who live in the area to avoid that area for now. federal officials are telling us that a woman walked onto the base, claiming that she had an explosive device. the base tweeted out that there was some sort of ask you are too he incident, right at the visitor control center about 5:15 this afternoon. that's the area where visitors have to show an i.d. and determine if they're to be allowed on base. there are thousands of people on that base. when i was in the navy reserve, i spent several years going to drill there. we're trying to find out what happened and when the main gate may reopen. anything we learn, we're going to push out on the app. for now, on the live desk, i'm chris lawrence, news 4. right now, a pretty nice evening across our region. we have not seen any rain today. that means our streak, 15 days, mayo efficiently co
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today. storm team 4 radar tracking some rain, so we are seeing some down to the south. we've been watching the showers back to the west. more potent earlier. watch how they died out. we talked about this at 4:00, they would not make the way our way. it looks like the dry side tonight. make the streak ending. the streak has not ended, 65 in d.c., 74 in new york, 81 in charleston. we're the coolest on the map. why? we'll talk about that and talk about the chance for a thunderstorm and changing pattern, finally, coming in a minute. >> thank you, doug. we're following breaking news tonight, a man shot dead on the street, just blocks from a middle school. 12 students suspended, parenting saying it was too severe. what they're trying to do to get the school board's attention. why some people are upset about what the man who killed tre
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me george zimmerman is auctioning off, or he is trying to auction off the gun that he used to kill treyvon martin. zimmerman posted the weapon to an online auction site. he asked a starting price of $5,000. at last check, there were no
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second degree murder back in the 2012 shooting death of treyvon martin, down in florida. the posting said to be written by zimmerman, calls the 9 millimeter pistol a piece of american history. today marks one year since the deadly amtrak accident. it was traveling more double the speed limit and careening off the tracks. eight people killed, more than 200 injured. robert hewitt was in the first car. >> i woke up, laying on a pile of rocks. all my clothes had been ripped off. p i couldn't move my legs. i couldn't see out of my right eye. fires were starting. and i couldn't move. i couldn't get away. i started yelling for help. when the first responders did arrive on scene, one of them
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head. and yelled for help and i remember him saying this guy has got to go now. the whole back of his head is coming off. >> hewitt believes this picture shows first responders carrying him from the scene. a aware later, he is still trying to find them so he can say thank you. we're following breaking news in the district tonight. police are on the scene of a deadly shooting, a young man shot down in southeast. it happened late this afternoon, along eli place. just down the street from susan middle school, near a youth baseball field. pat collins is on the scene now. >> reporter: jim, the murder scene down eli place, near one of the apartment buildings here, across the street from the parking lot of the nationals youth baseball academy. family members of the victim have identified him as 28-year-old sheldon robinson. he has a t
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today was his if fiancee's birthday. he was supposed to start his job as a dietary aide tomorrow. friends and relatives of the victim gathered to console each other. police chief cathy lanier was there as well to pay respects. sources say the victim is about 28 years old, engaged, planning to marry soon. he was shot dead this afternoon near eli place near the apartments. the scene is close by the washington nationals youth baseball academy. which then mayor vicent gray, helped bring here to the neighborhood. gray, who is running for the ward 7 council seat, was on the scene this afternoon. >> the idea was to create a situation in which they felt safe and we're doing something important. >> reporter: then to have a murder so close to this
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>> well, it's horrific. you know, again, hopefully we'll be able to gather more facts than we have now. what really is happening in this situation. >> reporter: vincent gray says so far this year, there have been 18 murders in ward 7. the same time last year, there were only six murders. he says he wants to know what's going on. now back to you. >> a lot of people do, i'm sure. thanks, pat. we want to have you stick with us, just a couple of minutes. after the commercial break, we want to take a look back at a big milestone that we're sharing with pat today. this is a special day. next, but we're going to go back to the live desk with chris lawrence. >> we're updating the breaking news we just brought you from prince george county. the main gate on lockdown after a woman walked onto the base, claiming that she had some sort of bomb.
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chopper 4 was just up over that scene, within the last few minutes. but, remember, joint base andrews is restricted airspace. the chopper was forced to move out of the area, as officials on the ground start to deal with the scene. but you can see, just a bit of what was captured, emergency responders are there on the scene. the base says the security incident happened at the visitor's center. that's the control center where you have to show an i.d. and they determine whether it's okay to get on base. we're still trying to find out exactly what happened and when that main gate may reopen. for now, avoid the area, and we're going to push out any alerts on the nbc washington app. for now, live desk, i'm chris lawrence, news 4, we'll be
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doug is back with more about our weather. i found my sunglasses today. i had them ready. i never needed to use them, though, doug. >> no? >> did i miss something? did the sun come out after i got inside? >> doreen, i saw it. >> you did? >> yeah, right at 3:48. carol maloney saw it at 3:18. i was off by a half hour in her neighborhood. it was a few and far between the sun that did come out, but we
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northern virginia and areas to the south didn't see much at all. most of the areas stayed in the cloud. that's why we've stayed on the cooler side of things. 66 degrees at the airport, down to 65. plenty of cloud cover, yeah, we continue to see that. the numbers today, 60s all across the area. notice, frederick, maryland, 72, we get some clearing into the area. that's why we saw some of the sunshine. so doreen, if you are here, if you were here, if you were right here, the sun would have been -- anyhow. you can actually see, look right here. that's the clearing we saw come through, but it did not get into d.c. for the most part. into virginia. i want to show you the clouds. look at the clouds lining up along the blue ridge here. that's that cold air damning. it is called a wedge, a cold air wedge. you get an area of high pressure to the north and it brings in very moist air off the atlantic feeling more like seattle. that's what we've been dealing with with the cool
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up towards new york. 80 in vermont. yeah, that's true. 80 in vermont today. cool for us in this northeast early flow comes in and hits the mountains. once it hits the mountains, it forms these clouds and they stay to the east of the mountains all day. we see showers and drizzle. but the pattern breaks tomorrow. what do we need to break it, we need a front and we're getting it tomorrow. shower activity trying to move our way. i don't think we'll see rain. it has died out. we'll end the rainy day streak at 15. will is more rain here, but look at the storm back to the west. you can see the fin coming up towards cincinnati. that will come through tomorrow. we'll show you when. overnight tonight, not much going on. 11:00 a.m., the rain is back across the area. more rain and even a couple of thunderstorms around 1:30, 2:00. but here is the best part of the forecast. tomorrow night, it ge
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beautiful out there. we're going to see temperatures that are into the 70s during the afternoon tomorrow, if you're thinking about eating outdoors, no problems at all. 71 on saturday, but in the morning and evening are okay. much more on the weekend forecast coming up at 6:45. >> thanks, doug. we are celebrating here at channel 4 today. we are celebrating. can you see that? we're celebrating. it says pat. that's what it says. >> 30 years ago today, pat collins started working here as a reporter, and today, we celebrate him. >> i'm known for covering crime. >> covering washington football. >> the weather. >> and you don't want me walking up your driveway, unless i'm covering weather. >> yeah, we can all imitate pat collins around here but he is an original. nobody can do it like he can. the entire tribute on the nbc washington facebook page.
6:28 pm
it's really something. pat, you you're looking at good today as you did that day, 30 years ago. now, i agree, you won't necessarily agree with that, right? >> yeah, a few more chins, and a few more pounds, but i'm still hanging in there. you know, it's not all sunglasses and limousines. i mean, this is where i work. i work out of a live truck. we go around, we cover the news, we try to tell the stories as best we can. i love this job. and i'm fortunate to work with so many talented people. i work with camera people who would walk through a wall of fire for me to get that story. i appreciate that. i work for some people who give me the opportunity to come out and tell those stories to the people at home. and most of all, i love our viewers, the people who have stuck with us through the years, watched me cover stories help me measure snow, competed in th
6:29 pm
i hope to be around, well, for a few more years. i love this city. i love my job. bless you all. >> don't you know, the other side is, we all and they all love you. i don't know of any reporters in the shop who go out on the street and people bring them food. as well as hot drinks and cold drinks, and whatever else is in those cups that they bring you. >> pat, you know i've been in the grocery store with you before, i pushed my cart through the aisles, i watched one person after another stopping to talk with you, take pictures with you. thank you for 30 entertaining and informative and fun years. >> take care, everyone. >> all right. you're one of a kind, man. other news ton
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heyadded more nonstop airline straight-shot flights than any other out of reagan national last year?
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a source familiar with today's meeting between house speaker paul ryan and donald trump. describes the tone of that meeting as very courteous. the source told nbc news a follow-up meeting is expected, but none scheduled yet. ryan told reporters that the two talked about their differences on issues, such as abortion and the supreme court. he said he was encouraged by what he heard, but he stopped short of endorsing trump today.
6:33 pm
page ahead of the november electi election, but as tom sherwood reports, some virginia republicans still deeply split over their presumptive nominee. >> donald trump's plane using washington, full unity, not on board. former virginia yan, backing ted cruz, say true conservatives aren't pleased with trump or capitol hill leaders. >> they're looking to them as a sign of everyone coming together with donald trump is reay very incomplete. >> he lost the race for governor, suggested conservatives might simply stay home in november. >> ask mitt romney what happens when your key voters stay home. >> such talk, irritating prince william county corey store wart. he is leading virginia for trump. >> any ele
6:34 pm
republican nominee, the people, the person that the people have chosen for the republican nominee, those people do not belong in our party any more. >> but long time northern virginia david ramadan, who also backed cruz, told julie carey, trump is not conservative and he would never vote for him. >> with heavy heart, i suspended my membership of the republican party. and i will not participate in anything republican for as long as donald trump is on the helm. >> tom sherwood, news 4. other news tonight, a dozen students were suspended for a year. some apparents in culpepper, virginia, are worried they're facing extreme punishments. bureau reporter shows us how the fellow students are taking action. >> this says no 365. >> the colorful bands on her wrist show her support
6:35 pm
>> the tension in the school is extreme right now and i know one of the moms described it kind of as a witch hunt and that's how we feel. >> the students suspended she says because of allegations of locker room misconduct, not serious enough to be criminal. >> their future is down the drain because of these allegations, and it is just not fair. >> 365 suspension is -- >> she is hoping the school board will reconsider. >> i support teaching the kids a lesson, educating them, but i do not support them expelling them for that length of time. >> in a statement, the school system said it was made a war in march of misconduct involving some of the student athletes, 12 altogether. adding the division cannot and will not comment more specifically about the disciplinary actions or the nature of the alleged conduct. tracee says if the allegations are more serious, the school system should at least communicate the severity to the parents. otherwise, she worries
6:36 pm
do more harm than good. >> they're going to see it is tearing the school apart. >> they've handed out more than 300 wristbands to supporters. >> the parents of the students accused did not want to go on record. many of them are in the midst of appeals, and have hired attorneys. i've reached out to the sheriff's office, and they've not gotten back to me. no question, we're following up on it. if there are details you think should be added, we invite you to contact us. in culpeppeculpepper, virginia, tricks of the trade, how the course could help hundreds land a job ahead of a new casino opening. ♪ born in the city the godfather of gogo. tell you how his band and others are keeping the legacy of chuck brown alive.
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prince george community college strikes a deal with mgm to help the casino train employees ahead of the fall's grand opening. today was an open house at a teaching site. mgm didn't move to prince george county expecting to find experienced dealers, especially since table games are new in maryland. they're looking to hire 700 dealers, and about 3,600 new employees overall. according to the agreement with the county, 40% of those workers will come from prince george's county. a tribute this weekend to the godfather of gogo. ♪ born in the city ♪ chuck brown raised me that tune is called
6:40 pm
love", from the chuck brown band. you're hearing it for the first time here. time flies. news 4 reports, his legacy lives on in his family and with a whole lot of new music being released as part of a huge go go weekend. >> reporter: chuck brown was larger than life. created a brand of music that became the d.c. sound. his daughter kk shared the stage with her dad for years and carries on today. she says emotions still run deep, when she sings her dad's songs. >> always, like a cry baby. i cry all the time, because i remember, before he passed way, he told us he didn't want us crying. you miss him. that's the emotional side. but yeah, i get emotional. >> the band will release the first original song in more than two years. it is a song that hits home for
6:41 pm
the man who now fronts the ch uk brown ban ♪ born in the city ♪ chuck brown raised me ♪ some people said we couldn't make it ♪ >> it is so much of a struggle for a lot of the inner city youth. >> friday will be the first day, and several brands will release new songs. they'll approximator form the howard theet. >> it's really big. it will be time for my dad, but he would talk about how he would want the bands to, you know, do more original music and now it's finally happening, you know. it's just, you know, i know my dad is looking down smiling. >> he is smiling, that's his concept. that's what he wanted, you know what i'm saying. wanted us to keept music going. >> more honors ahead for chuck brown, including being included in the national museum of african-american along the national mall.
6:42 pm
how to get the new songs, we have links, search gogo. news 4. living with a debilitating disease, up next, b. smith, in a candid n
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different.
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the woman who walked up to the joint andrews base, claiming to have a bomb is now in custody. the main gate is still on lockdown. we'll have updates on the washington app and tonight at 11:00 clock. we all know b. smith as a food fashion and lifestyle model. but her latest role as an auth are, isbittersweet. she and her husband are opening up about how they're taking aim and dealing with b.'s alzheimer's diagnosis. >> i walked into her restaurant, and asked her out for a date. >> b. smith and dan are still very much in love. >> do you remember the moment? >> i remember this gentlemen, who was great looking, and seemed to
6:46 pm
>> seem to be? >> they still laugh at each other's jokes. the smiles are real. authentic, not masking, but accepting the faith they've been dealt. b. smith was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's disease. she recalls many grand successes in her life, as one of the first african-american cover girls, author, television chef. >> lifestyle maven as they say. >> she is a maven. i didn't know you have maven. i thought just an expert. oh, that's another moniker, okay. >> sitting here, no question b. smith couldn't respond to. but sometimes, it is a challenge trying to organize her thoughts. like when asked about long distance dating, when she lived in new york and dan on the west coast.
6:47 pm
lived up the street here, and i felt during that time it was a great time for me, because i could go a little further away and come back and be -- and still be -- >> and that's where sweetie, what happens with sweetie is another idea will come in, and she'll take it, you know, it's like it jumps. >> their book is called "before i forget." they have written it in what dan describes as a ranging terrorist, afflicting tens of millions of people. >> writing this book, is it you're giving people the ability to understand what its's like. >> exactly. >> i think for many people, they don't want to ask questions. because they don't know -- >> they're afraid. they don't know what they're doing. >> we talk about this, when i asked these questions, does it bother you? >> no, it doesn't
6:48 pm
you know, it -- it seems to be apart of me. >> she cries. but you know, that old song, i fall down but i get up, she never stops trying to getup . >> but they also accept each day as it comes, with a message for their readers. >> it's about her, but really about you so that you understand the differences that happened and the transitions that go through the journey that the person who is living with alzheimer's, and the caregiver that has to be there. >> and b. has no intention of backing down from the battle. >> because i'm a fighter. i am who i am. i have been for a long time. >> while she still seems to hold it together, we know that b.'s diagnosis him home for the family when she went missing in new york and was finally found at a restaurant after having
6:49 pm
manhattan. taking the ferry to staten island and found by a friend of hers, sitting in a arrest rant, after all of that. she did it all. >> ruby red heels. >> ruby red, high heels shoes. >> she is is a gazelle, she did all those miles in ruby red, six inch heels. theirs is a love story like few others that i have ever heard or could imagine in my life. dan and i talked about that and a lot more. dan is a long time friend of mine. he was very honest about his love for b. and how being a caregiver and an advocate in the fight against alzheimer's has changed him. that discussion is coming up tonight, right here on news 4 at 11:00. >> so many facing this diagnosis and being caregivers. >> he said this is not a tv show. it is not for everybody to talk about, except to say how do we
6:50 pm
all right, thank you, barbara. we'll look forward to that at 11:00. doug, you've got good news for us. >> yeah, sunday looks good. >> i heard you say tomorrow night, dinner out? >> if you want to eat dinner, on me, because i've been giving you a lot of clouds and rain, tomorrow night. it will be a beautiful night. neither one of you said yes. out there right now, you know the clouds are still there, we're dealing with the clouds, dealing with them all day, city camp showing you the clouds, but not much of a sun set for most of us. dropping to about 60 degrees by 11:00. we stayed dry today. i told you last night, we may end the streak today. i think we've done it. i don't see any rain on the radar. i have not seen any rain at the airport. but we'll start another streak tomorrow, but it will be a lot smaller streak. hereth
6:51 pm
in the atmosphere, bringing up thunderstorming, moisture down here too. we're going to see a chance for rain tomorrow. sunrise tomorrow, before 6:00 now and well after 8, and 63 at 9:00, 67 by 1:00. that's when we're going to see some storms. the rain moves in about 11:00, and then in the afternoon, it is beautiful. 75 degrees, beautiful if you want to take your friends and coworkers to dinner, tomorrow is a great night to do it. saturday, early looks good. late looks good. middle of the day, that's when we see more rain on saturday, chance of storms. cool sunday and monday, and really kind of cool all next week too. the warmest day being wednesday at 70. >> thanks, doug. we got sports coming up, emotional, some of them a little angry as well, as they clean out their lockers. making history, how a
6:52 pm
heyadded more nonstop airline straight-shot flights than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪ [clap, clap, ding]
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>>announcer: in is the xfinity sports desk, your home for the most live sports. okay, i didn't see the game, but i heard this thing where
6:55 pm
strikesout. >> yeah. >> that by itself, it was just compelling. >> so cool. >> you guys will remember it forever. >> you didn't see it, but we might all be telling people. >> i was at that game. >> that random light in may. we watched history unfold. so not physically there, didn't matter. we were there and thank you, max. let's relive the historic night in 30 seconds. max scherzer, first few innings, striking out five of the first 11. then jump ahead, some of our favorites in six, dusty baker's cool dozen, right there. starting to believe here, when he strikes out in the 8th, all on called strikes. he breaks his own franchise record. history, tying the record with number 20. 20 in 9 innings, but max scherzer had the fewest pitches,
6:56 pm
96 strikes, even left scherzer in awe. >> it won't sink in rights now, but it's an amazing accomplishment. i meerngs tan, the strikeouts a, to be able to have 20, it's sexy. >> i was like, oh, no when they put it on the board. and then at that point in time, how often do you have a chance to make history like that. >> four game set against the marlins tomorrow. a little confession, traded shifts with jason today so i didn't have to attend the washington caps interviews, too fresh, too painful. here is hoping his report makes us feel better. jason. >> instead of getting ready for game seven tonight, the capitals are making off season plans. head coach clearly had a better team and two on the job, but the end result remained the same. there was one thing different. >> last year's hurt a
6:57 pm
that i think you got a bunch of angry players that will be really ready for next year. >> when you lose in the finals or second round, you lost. i know the goal here is to win a stanley cup. so i can tell people you know, you don't feel any better losing in the finals. >> this play, he says we have great leadership group, and you know, we're going to have to learn from this in order to move forward and give ourselves a chance next year. >> there is a different sense of where you think you can be, and i think organizationally, i think we feel that we can be that team. >> 56 wins, a president's trophy, still not enough to satisfy them. the core of the group will be back for another run next season. from ice plex, i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> it didn't work for me either. i
6:58 pm
i feel for them. it will be a long off season. >> a good season. i have to say one thing. you have to know everyone of the batters, doing everything they possibly could not to let him do that. that was
6:59 pm
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tonight, behind closed doors, a wild day in washington. nbc news learning details from inside the meeting of gop powers at odds. donald trump and paul ryan. can the party unite? new fallout from a police beating caught on camera. the shocking scene after a car chase. officers pummel a man on the ground. up in arms. george zimmerman sparks a furry auctioning off the gun used to kill trayvon martin calling the weapon a piece of american history. >> breaking news in the death of joan rivers, late word of a major settlement between the doctors and her daughter, melissa. an alarming rise in strokes, striking people in 20s, 30s and 40s. why is it happening? the risk factors everyone should be aware of.


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