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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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know? he's so soft spoken. well-mannered kid. >> liz had her haircut for years by erick's mom. she said erick would chat with her during appointments. >> it's really hard, because you know, he would always sit there at the stairways and talk with me while his mom was cutting my hair. he is such a good kid. and for that to happen in his own home, where his mom would think he would be safe. >> last night around 8:45, a relative came home to find erick dead. police say he died from blunt force trauma to the head and upper body. sources tell news 4 he had also been bound. police investigation quickly led them to 17-year-old boy whose family rented space in the lower level of the townhome. he was later arrested and charged with murder. >> he was cooperative. taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: police won't say what motivated the attack. one
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became angry with erick. the younger teen was a student at mary g. porter traditional school. this letter went home with student, telling them of the story and offering extra counseling. we have what could be next for the 17-year-old murder suspect. >> thank you, julie. big changes coming to metro. if you take the rail home on weekend night, you have to start thinking of other options or head home earlier. starting june 3rd, all metro stations will close at midnight. seven days a week. the last 3:00 a.m. train will be on the saturday of memorial day weekend. that earlier closing time is meant to give maintenance cruise more time to clear a backlog of work. news 4's derrick ward is gathering details about the day's announcement and he is at the gallery place with information on that. derek? >> yeah. we are outside verizon center and how many times has this sta s
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times has that factored into your decision whether or not to come? you will have to rethink those decisions starting next month because that is not just staying open late. at least for a while. >> starting friday june 3rd, metro trains will stop running at midnight every night. that means they will no longer stay open until 3:00 a.m. on fridays and saturdays like now. nor open early for special event. >> i felt like it needs to be done so they can make sure metro is safe. >> it will allow crews more time for operation safe track. they will address safety concerns that came up with the wake of the fatal plant incident causing an electrical arc on a track in a tunnel and continued dangerous arcing throughout the system. still people, including restaurant and bars, and patrons have come to rely on the late hours. >> i guess it is the only day they can do it. >> i think
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metro stayed open 24 hours. d.c. is growing. >> that may be true and even feasible. some day. but for now about complying with federal directives to make metro safe and more convenient. >> metro has a lot of work to do. i guess we just got deal with it. >> there are month long closures on sections of track. now that work will affect rush hour runs as well. >> that will be a hassle but we will figure it out. >> metro says shuttle buses will get commuters around the track during service hours but bottom line is commuters will face challenges. >> coming up in the next hours of news 4, we will look at the business community and some adjustments they are making. live at gallery place, eric ward yb news 4. nrs. >> spectacular, we want to show you a live picture
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>> is that what that is? >> yeah. and we're all -- we don't know how to act. >> it was just incredible right now. >> it is. it is. it is. and guys, i have got some of the most amazing video of this. you just have to take a look at this. just check this out. this is what we've been dealing with for days and days. and days. and then, wait for it, wait for it, it's coming. oh, blue skies and sunshine, thank goodness. it has been -- we were at 15 days in a row of at least some rain in d.c. dulles today hits 17 days in a row. so they did get some yesterday. 17 in a row counting today. they will get 18 in a row tomorrow. at left this all pulled off and now we are dealing with sunshine again. abundant sunshine. and not just sun but warm
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wind out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. spectacular across the region. everybody in the 70s. 78 along capitol hill. if you are heading out tonight, i want to show you, tonight is a beautiful night. i told you this last night. eat outdoors. 70 by 9:00. clear skies. again just a beautiful friday evening. what about saturday? rain returns. i'll show you when in my forecast. >> doug, thank you. someone shot and killed a young man as children were walking home from school. sheldon robinson is the 18th person killed in the same part of southeast d.c. police have a plan to curb the violence now but the murder rate is also becoming a political issue. news 4's mark seagraves is live with details. mark? >> yeah. this is where shot rang out yesterday afternoon. over the past week or so, former mayor vincent dpra made the
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rising murder rate part of his campaign to take back his council seat. d.c. police are putting together a plan to curb the rise in murders here in ward 7. >> it was just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon as children were coming home from school. police heard shots. when they arrived, they found 28-year-old sheldon robinson dead. >> he comes from a good family. and i don't know somebody who want to do something like this to him. >> robinson's murder is the 18th homicide in ward 7 this year. three times as many as were recorded last year at this time. >> people have no regard for life. no respect for man. it just has to stop. >> police say they are working to reduce murders and catch those responsible. this area in ward 7 is part of the focus of the police department summer crime initiative. which includes prevention and strategic enforcement. identifying and arresting violent offenders. si
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address crimes daily. and conducting outreach by using youth and family programs. as police work to stem the violence, the murder race has become part of the debate over who should be the next councilmember forward 7. former mayor vince gray pointed to the spike in murders as one reason voters should choose him over incumbent alex an der. as people grapple with how to stop the violence for the 42nd time this year another family is grieving for a lot of love one. >> to get the news we lost a loved one it a senseless killing is -- it's hard wrenching. >> so as of yesterday, 42 murders in washington, d.c. so far this year. 18 of them right here in ward 7. police say as of now, they have no suspect in yesterday's murder. sources familiar with the investigation tell us that they do not believe it was random.
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wendy, back to you in the studio. >> thank one mark. we have learned that one person is dead after a serious crash in prince george's county that injured seven other people. occurring last night on route 301 in brandy wine when two cars crashed near timothy branch drive. it brought traffic to stand still for hours. so far police have not released names or what caused the cars to crash. >> now to the race to the white house tonight. donald trump is defending himself against an audio recording and social media post. news 4's chris lawrence is in the newsroom working details for us. chris? >> donald trump's campaign is rejecting statements made by his long time butler who is now being investigating by the secret service for making threats against president obama. the statement saying the president should be hung from the white mosque,
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the white house. the trump campaign said we totally and completely disavowed horrible statements made. trump is also responding to a report that back in early 90s, he used a fake name and acted as his own publicist to brag about his business. the washington post obtained audio that includes exchange between a reporter and man named john miller. the post is reporting that miller is really trump himself. take a listen to part of the exchange talking about trump's divorce from his first wife. >> i've never seen somebody to immune he gets so immune to you know some people would say he got bad press three or four months ago now he's starting to get good press. i don't know what you call this. but i've never seen somebody so immune to it. he actually thrived -- >> trump went on the today show and disputed that report. he denied being the voice on
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>> the post said you acknowledged a couple decades ago that that was you but it was a joke. >> i don't think it was me. it doesn't sound like me. i don't even know what they're talking about. it doesn't sound like me on the phone, i will tell you that. and it was not me on the phone. when was this? 25 years ago? >> early '90s. >> you're going so low as to talk about something that took place 25 years ago about whether or not i made a phone call? i guess you are saying under a presumed name. >> trump went on to say he would much rather talk about more current topics. but says he would not disappointed that he today leave d.c. without endorsement from house speaker paul ryan. he said that's going to be a process. jim? >> thank you, chris. on the democratic side of the race, bill clinton stumped for his wife in new jersey while bernie sanders continued his four of the dakotas which don't have contests. until june.
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sanders held a rally in fargo, north dakota. another meeting in bismarck. next up is kentucky and oregon on tuesday. >> authorities in louden county say they arrested a number of men trying to engage in sex acts with underage girls. two of the men arrested tried to meet the girls at a hotel. in one case they say the suspect arranged a meeting at a library and inside the man's car, investigators found a firearm, pepper spray, stun gun, brass knuckles and drug paraphernalia. two other men are facing child pornography charges. all of these cases happened during one week span, last month. it's new been one week since police say man went on the shooting spree killing two people within wounding two others at shopping centers in maryland. police say tordil shot and killed his wife tuesday. the next day they say he shot three people at montgomery mall killing e
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another woman in as pen hills. we posted a link. if you would like to help the victim's families, just search go fund me. >> you can be the one who helps solve a hit and run. someone saw what happened after a man was hit in the hid el of the street. the driver did stop but it is what happened after that that has neighbors so upset. >> this is chris warden in baltimore. what a close friend of freddie gray with him at the time says about the police officer who is standing trial here today. >> and nbc 4 responds, truly working for you, how we've ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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tonight we hear from freddie grays childhood friend. he was there that fateful day when police arrested gray. gray died after suffering a broken neck in the back after police van. today is the secretary day of bike patrol officer's edward neuro's trial. chris is covering the trial for us today. hi, chris. >> brandon ross said he was with
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tackled a and thrown into the back of a police wagon today he is a prosecution witness at the trial of police officer edward nero. >> brandon ross tells us what happened that would have set a police chase of three officers leading eventually to his friend, freddie gray, being placed on the ground and handcuffed. >> this cell phone video shows what brandon ross testified he saw. ross identified bike patrol officer edward nero as one of the officers dragging freddie gray to the police wagon in handcuffs. according to ross they throw him in the van head first on the flr. brandon ross ran to a friend's house to call 911 and report an assault.
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officer nero was charged with assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. prosecutors say police detained freddie gray pu hadn't made an illegal arrest so by touching them they commit aid salt. law professor is watching this trial. >> in a high crime area, a suspect who runs, gives reasonable suspicion for officers to pursue and detain only so long as to either confirm or disspell their suspicion. >> coming up on news 4 at 6:00, we will look ahead to the first time encounter in a maryland courtroom where police officers hear who are charged and face trial in the death of freddie gray will be compelled to come in and testify at this trial against fellow police officer edward nero. that coming up. that the latest live in baltimore. back to you. >> chris gordon. thank you, chris. as you know, nero was one of six
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charges in connect with freddie gray's daek death. we have more about this in our app just search freddie gray. >> robert turner was the director of d.c. republican party and plead guilty in february to fraud. a d.c. judge gave him six months of in jail. suspending all the time giving two years probation and he has it pay back the money. >> mark zuckerberg is personally responding to allegations that facebook is biassed against conservative views. zuk areburg posted last night that being open it all viewpoint is at the core of what facebook wants to be. former employees claimed there were ideas prevented from appearing in the section. zuckerberg wrote quote today we have found no efdid
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report is true. if we find anything against our principles, you have my commitment that we will do whatever it takes it address it. >> we have returned thousands of dollars to viewers. >> a tremendous start in consumer report susan hogan is showing us how it is working. incredible susan. >> incredible beginning. viewers are following directions and calling us. we're super thrilled. $21,000, $3500, $800. this is the money our viewers got back after contacting nbc 4 response. their stories have all been trying to resolve their own problems and after weeks or months with no resolution they called us. >> we're thrilled with it, too. s >> yes. >> yay. problem solved. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. absolutely. >> doug and pam are
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and relieved because they are no longer stuck with a phone bill that wasn't theirs. they contacted nbc 4 responds and received $300 back. >> when did you find out she wasn't going to be buried? >> remember doreen knight? she was caught up with a a funeral home with her aunt. she cancelled the funeral the day before. she con spakted nbc 4 responds np. >> once you got involved things started happening. >> not only was she able to bury her aunt, she didn't have to use her own money to do it. >> thank you. i thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. my family thanks you. >> windows, siding and roof. >> and finally, carol reached out to nbc 4 responds because she couldn't get out of her contract with a local home improvementom
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she says she cancelled within the timeframe allowed. we called the company and got back her $21,000 deposit. >> here is how to reach us if you have a consumer problem. you can also find us jn line. all you have to do is go on-line, go to investigations, drop down, and 4 respond, click on that and you will see a form to submit with your consumer complaint. >> wonderful. >> thank you. >> people are relieved. >> i felt so bad for the woman whose aunt couldn't be buried. i remember when that story first came out. >> thank you, susan. >> thank you. >> oh, it's friday the 13th. some think this is a day with a lot of superstition. >> but one man in maryland says it is a lucky day for him. we will explain. >> and the next big attraction in prince george's county. find out what is bringing new life it upper marlboro. >> and just in case you need a reminder, folks, let me
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reintroduce you to the sun. doug has your forecast for th weekend ae nd
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oh, don't tell anybody. but we had to
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just -- oh -- >> vitamin d. >> oh my gosh. we just today come. we had to come outside. it is so nice. and at what point will we tell them we're not going back in? we hope you get to enjoy some of this finally, finally -- >> it's been 15 days. >> it has been 15 days. it feels like 15 years. doug, please tell us it will hang out for a while? >> you guys get to go outside. that's really nice ppt weather guy doesn't get to go outside in the beautiful weather. it has been 15 days. actually 16 days at least. some clouds i saw today. the weather game from the washington post. great stat. 91% of our days of the last couple of weeks have within cloudy at noon. so if you're getting lunch outdoors, look outcite side right now. good outside and enjoy the weather after, be after, after our show. after our show. right now, let's show you what is going on here. 76 degrees. wind out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. going to be a beautiful
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i told you clouds and clear out and we see sunshine around 2:00 or 3:00. that's what happened today. now up to 77 in leesburg. 79 in frederick. 79 in warrenton. everybody in the 70s except for cambridge along and sorry cambridge, you're not there yet. you may get there. we're not done heating just yet. if you are thinking about dining out tonight, temperatures 67-73. that's how nice it is. i just love the comments on facebook and twitter. immediately i got a smile on my face, so many of you are talking about that. there is the rain we saw again coming through the area. tomorrow is 18 days in a row. here is our front back toward the west. you notice this severe thunderstorm watch. this is the next area of storminess that will come through our region. this is what we will be watching too during the day tomorrow. so tonight is clear. tomorrow morning, here we are, 9: 9:00 tonight. no
5:27 pm
region. and then we start to see something happen. here comes the next round of showers. noon we're fine. between 8:00 and noon, no problems in the morning. but afternoon we start to see showers come in around 2:30 inside d.c. metro area. say between noon and 6:00 good chance of at least some rain. thunderstorm activity, here it is here. we could see thunder storms around 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. some could be strong. we can see locally heavy wind. but those get out of here and behind it we see a nice evening. you might be able to eat outdoors again tomorrow night. sunny tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. 64 and sunny at 10:00. then stormy around noon, 1:00, 2, 3, on 4:00. that's what we continue to watch out for tomorrow. 73 degrees. 58 on your sunday. very cool sunday. little breezy sunday too.
5:28 pm
overnight low. 60 degrees tuesday. do we stay cool? i've got that forecast for you coming up. >> the electronics sign is up behind me, just hours after a man was hit and killed on this road. coming up, we will tell you what police are looking for as they tr to solve this deadlyy h
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i said guess what, i can see. he said, you can see. i said, yes! >> how at 5:30, she was blind for more than two decades. now she's learning to drive again. a medical miracle even doctors cannot explain. >> plus a fight over which student can use the bathrooms is going from a white house to the halls of northern virginia schools. >> oh, did you see that? the fall that's being played over and over again. ouch. how one singer had to shake it off and what she's saying now about this moment. >> that was nice. >> but first, neighbors tell us they can't believe someone could just drive off like that. >> virginia man was killed by hit and run driver tonight police are looking for that suspect and witnesses. this happened near the intersection of ka pella road and shiplett boulevard.
5:32 pm
a look at the message police are sending out right now. david? >> jim and wendy. look behind me. can you see that message blinking. police put this electronics sign up, just hours after someone hit and killed the 33-year-old on this street. and tonight they want to find that driver. paint on the roadway marking the tragedy. >> that is so close to my house. so scary. >> walking home, brandon saw police blocking his street just feet from his house. too close to home. >> just shocking. because immediately when i'm walking down the street and see that, i'm thinking, i live right over here, i'm thinking, is my family involved in this at all? i just got a little scared a little bit. >> it wasn't someone in brandon's family, but a neighbor. police say matthew was sitting on the curb here. for some reason, stumbles on to shiplet boulevard. >> the 33-year-old was in the middle of the street. one of the cars that came up
5:33 pm
able to swerve and good around him. the second vehicle, though, hit the man and pulled over to the side of the road. witnesses thought the driver would say but instead took off. >> i hear like, something heavy drop. like when they pick up my trash cans. >> he heard the crash. minutes later, sought investigation. >> there was a witness yesterday and they were walking their dog an talk to police. >> this sign up. police seeking witnesses to find the run away driver. >> unethical for someone to hit someone and run. >> hopefully they get him. >> i did speak to the victim's mom. understandably she is too distraught to speak on camera. but she did say she hopes someone saw something and tells police so they can catch the driver. >> coming up new, i will tell you the quick aks that neighbors took to save the victim's life. >> thank you, david. >> a montgomery county teacher is facing sex
5:34 pm
counts of child important and he is accused of creating a fake, facebook account or accounts so he could ask kids for sexual photos. he lives in york county, pennsylvania. in 2004 he received probation in frederick county maryland. >> psychologist says the man who killed an au student, a graduate, stabbing him more than 30 times at metro station is competent to stand trial. jasper spires is charged with murdering kevin sutherland while he waited for a train. sutherland was heading out to meet friends last fourth of july. spires was trying to steal his cell phone and repeatedly stabbed sutherland as by standers watched. >> suspected cocktail that may have included cold medicine is blamed for putting six montgomery student in the hospital this morning. they go to francity scott key
5:35 pm
the kids went to the school nurse with stomach problems at the start of the day. after drinking some sort of liquid. >> we believe that students ingested or drink a mixture of possibly alcohol, nyquil type substance and candy mix. not a good idea. >> an ambulance took the student to the hospital just to be careful. they are all expect recover. thanks it a record number of passengers and tsa agent walking off the job, today the government explained what it plans to do about it. homeland security secretary and head of tsa say they're increasing overtime. increasing bomb-sniffing dogs and adding 7 00 new agents. another thing homeland security want you to sign up for tsa precheck. >> president obama is taking a stand in the transgender bathroom controversy. all public schools are told,
5:36 pm
consist want their chosen gender identity. if not, they risk lawsuits or losing federal funding. schools could be in violation of title 9 which prohibits basing things on which sex. some say this goes beyond the bathroom. >> transgender education associate in northern virginia, holds bimonthly meetings with dozens of transgender kids and their parent. >> parents most of the time, first time they come, it is a moment of connection. they realize they are not alone. >> she said obama administration directed that transgender kids must be able to use bathrooms consistent with their jend are identity is a step in the right direction. >> i'm not sure what people think goes on in a bathroom
5:37 pm
these kids just want to use the bathroom for the purpose of the bathroom was created. frankly, let my people go. >> evangelical or muslim or catholic student who are asking for privacy or dignity in the bathroom or shower or locker room, whose rights prevail. >> fairfax county school board member elizabeth schultz is against the directive which she calls overreaching federal funding mandate. school officials could face lawsuits or face federal fund if they don't comply. >> if we don't follow it they will take away title 1 money. title 1 money is money meant for poorest kids for hungriest kids. meant for lunch money. >> those in support of the guidance say it is needed to protect a group of student who are susceptible to bully and assault if they use the rest room of their biological sex. >> what this says to our kids are that trans girls are
5:38 pm
girls and trans boys are real boys an that they are real kids that can be accepted. >> its legal team is reviewing this directive. it also says a trance jend are kids and their parent will continue to be treated with dignity even respect. in fairfax county, darcy spencer, news 4. >> you've seen our stories about problems with dirt bakes and atv riders on our area roads. there may be a park for a safe place for them it ride. can you open up the app and search dirt bikes for more information. >> horror movies all centered around friday the 13th. but one maryland man is striking it rich today. >> it was a surprising and sophisticated crime. just ahead, a discovery in a local baseme
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♪ today is the first annual go-go music day. that includes the chuck brown band which you see here, plans to release new music in brown's honor. go-go music day features events this weekend and monday marks four years since the death of brown, guitarist and innovator who cultivated d.c.'s own funk sound go-go during the 1970s. >> an
5:42 pm
tonight show with jimmy fallon last night. >> sort of literally. she sang beautifully but had trouble keeping her balance. take a look. she just finished singing her new song me to when she tripped up on her high heels. we can all relate. yes. we know what that feels like. grammy award winner was not seriously hurt and in a show of support fallon got down on the stage right beside her. trainer talked about that tumble on the "today" show. >> i was so excited. first time ever performing that. >> oh, my gosh. >> live. that was the first time. so when i got to the end i was like yes, come on -- i killed it. and i swung down too quickly and you can see my ankle is just -- >> trainor's new album dropped today. >> oh, you didn't. >> yeah, i did. >> yes, you did. >> yeah, i did. >> friday the 13th, folks, as you know, and when you're superstition or not, there is no yi
5:43 pm
lucky day. mark gregory won a scratch-off litry ticket at the exxon station and he intentionally bought it today. he is pretty partial to the number 13. he and his wife wore that number on his high school athletic jerseys. his mom's birthday is august 13th. wouldn't you know sticking with that number paid off in the form of $10,000. >> i add hunch. went to the gas station. bought a newspaper. bought a lottery ticket. and it ended up being the $10,000 winner. very, very happy. excited. feel blessed. fortunate. >> sweet. his wife had some scratch-off winners also. he also won a ticket last year. and the number on today's ticket stub was 13. >> the bids are soaring in that auction that they try to auction off the gun that killed trayvon
5:44 pm
but this story has taken an unexpected twist. >> coming up on news 4, why a pe
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
the high bid to buy the gun that killed trayvon martin appears to be a hoax. right now the auction stands at more than $65 million. but the account names appear to be fake. the bidding for the pistol began yesterday at $5,000. george zimmerman shot the unarmed team back in 2012. he said it was self-defense. he was acquitted of second degree murder. united gun group website is taking bids on the gun for four more days.
5:47 pm
>> it has been a rough couple months for a law enforcement in our region. tonight there will be a candle light vigil to give support for officers. jackie? >> reporter: this year's national law enforcement officers memorial candle light vigil has found significance in the d.c. area. three names will be added. montgomery county police officer noah liotta died last december after being struck by a drunk driver at dui checkpoint. in march of last year prince george's county police offer brandon killed in on-duty car crash. he was 26. and the name of carolyn cross, deputy director of d.c. department of corrections will be added. she was murdered in her alexandria home back in 2014. we are joined now by steve gren ger from national law enforcement memorial. big change. 28 years. we're
5:48 pm
tell us why. >> we are here this year because we started construction of the national law enforcement museum. right across the street from the national memorial. part is under control. we needed bigger space to accommodate our large aud yaens tonight. >> you certainly got one. >> sure did. >> this will be a very, very dramatic vigil here this year. it begins, candle light vigil begins here on the national mall at 8:00. back to you. >> jackie. >> wow. just counting down to just a -- look at jackie out there. been out for 15 days with umbrellas in a row. >> yeah. i heard the place from the newsroom when the sun came out. amazing. i couldn't post anything. something is going on. >> we did see clouds for so long around the region and we just want nice weather. we are definitely getting it tonight. take a look. we see clouds. few of them left. mostly sunny
5:49 pm
right now out toward reston. you can see the nice greenery going on. downtown, same deal. few clouds but still beautiful conditions. i will take this any day of the week and the sun goes down after 8:10. how about that? 76 degrees. temperatures dropping down to 65 degrees. very nice night. 75 gaithersburg. 79 in leesburg. 79 warrenton. 74 towards huntingtown. we did see rain earlier today. that moved on through the reej yop. you can see the cold front moving out. we are getting warmer. you can notice the next front we are watching. severe weather around kansas city. down towards st. louis. that comes in tomorrow and yeah that could give us a chance for strong thunder storms. that is what we are watching for. bike riding forecast tomorrow. if you want to get out and exercise, g
5:50 pm
right around 10:00. temperature around 69 degrees. around noon, we start to see clouds move in. see rain develop around noon, 1:00. 73 degrees. temperatures fall with the rain a little bit. and maybe storms around 4:00 or 5:00. tomorrow is one of those days where it starts off early. then we see storms after 6:00 we get better. going out saturday night, you will not need umbrellas after about 6:00 tomorrow night. 58 degrees on sunday. sunday very cool day. rather breezy sunday too. and we are talking about some overnight low temperatures that could be in the 30s in some of these coldest locations here. that's something we will watch out for as well. look at temperatures in the afternoon. i'm on the wrong graph. see if i can get back to it. yes, this is it. seven-day forecast. 58 sunday. 63 monday. then upper 50s to around 60 tuesday. so we do get back in the cold air situation where we have le
5:51 pm
and thursday. clouds on wednesday. showers on thursday. 73 next friday. this forecast, a lot better. still a couple cooler days. but even on sunday with the cooler temperatures, still seeing a lot of sunshine. much more on this coming up at 6:00. >> see you then. doug, thank you. >> in a few hours, prince george's county church breaking ground on a brnd new building. it hopes will also break through some of the health issues in the county. >> first baptist church of glennarden is building a $20 million family life center. it targets physical health and teen mentoring. prince george's bureau chief tracy will kins gives us a sneak preview. >> moving from italy to maryland, she brought her favorite form of transportation with her. >> we are used it riding bikes whenever we can. our city's structure is a different way so it makes it easier on us. >> in this county, aot
5:52 pm
lanes limits how far she and her daughter can safely go. an example of the infrastructure affecting health in the county. >> i've been asking around. on the internet looking for children's physical fitness programs. nobody has them. >> we will pray, talk about what is being built here. >> the church in glennarden say these health concerns motivated him. not just to help spiritual help but physical help. >> how to exercise. how to get your blood pressure right. how to get your diabetes under control. it is going to be a place to help educate people. >> 63,000 square foot renewable energy building will have three regulation basketball courts, indor track, weight room and multiple classrooms and serve as meeting place for county youth. >> it is a place it help connect people and to help them do somet
5:53 pm
congregation of more than 11,000 active members made it possible. >> some of them have been praying for this rit here. praying for years. >> the church dedicating resources to help the teen recreation. >> it goes into the total well-being of the person. mental health, physical health, spiritual health, they all fit together. >> fitting behind the main building here, they will begin construction monday. and expect to be in the building by the end of 2017. i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. >> something is greing in the basement and it ain't mold. police make a historic drug bust in maryland. and it was something they have never sn beeefo
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a woman in florida is seeing things for the first time after surgery. accidentally restored her eyesight. mary ann franco went blind more than two decade ago after a bad crash ruptured several disks in her spine. a doctor said she add stroke on the operating table and went blind. but after a recent fall, this time when she woke up, she could see. >> wow. >> there was so much -- [ inaudible ] in our area this weekend. over the next three weeks, first 4 traffic's melissa
5:57 pm
show you all of the spots worth the trip this summer. we will start in virginia, lo v loudoun county. >> the largest indoor marijuana growing operation ever found in howard county. >> only discovered after the house was sold at action. wbal's barry sims with that story. >> surprising and sophisticated. description from howard county police who released this video of the 600 marijuana plants growing in the basement of a home. >> what we discovered is the largest ever indoor marijuana growing operation in howard county. >> arrested and charged with multiple counts of manufacturing, producing, and distributing marijuana, a 48-year-old casey fowler
5:58 pm
investigators are checking for documents to see if sims rented this four bedroom four and half bath home. the property sold at auction in early april according to home how long the growing operation has been going on? police aren't sure. this is what led to the discovery, a van parked in the drive way, raised suspicion of the new home owner who purchased the house in an on-line auction. police say when officers arrived they noticed a strong odor of fresh marijuana as they walked up the drive way. >> which just got stronger when they went near the ventilation system for the air conditioning unit. >> according to a court charging document, police gat weren't and enter the the house where they found substantial three-stage marijuana growing operation. basement divided in separate rooms housing plants in different stages of growth. lighting, watering and vent racing systems. empty jars, boxes and packaged marijuana ready for sale. they also found prescription
5:59 pm
medications, suspected crack cocaine and heroin. 12 gauge shotgun and more than $75,000 in cash. but it is these plants that really got the attention of investigators. >> we're of the mating, though this is early, that street value of the drugs we recovered could be as high as $270,000 just for this one grow cycle. >> at 6:00, controversy on the campaign trail. stems from a phone call made decades ago. metro is scaling back its hours in order to improve safety. what you need to know ahead of those changes coming next month. >> a 17-year-old boy charged with killing a 14-year-old boy. they lived under the same roof. coming up, whether prosecutors plan to charge the older teen as an adult. >> white house calls on schools to let student use the rest room of the genders they identify with, regardless of what may be on their birth certife.
6:00 pm
that has never occurred in a maryland courtroom before. >> first at 6:00, new fall out for metro riders. tonight is one of the last fridays you will be able to catch a train after midnight. >> metro trail is going to shut down every night at midnight beginning on june 3rd. part ofity safety improvement plan. derek wolf joins us with a closer look at the impact of p derek? >> yeah, jim, we are here at gallery place. 7th and f northwest. things are picking up here and it goes well into the night. perhaps patronize the businesses, or perhaps your job relies on the restaurants and bars. coming up next month you will have to start making changes. >> it has become an important mover of the local economy. but as its aged, metro has become prone to delays an danger. now the system is asking those who rely on it to bite the bullet. starting june 3rd, the subway system will close a


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