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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that has never occurred in a maryland courtroom before. >> first at 6:00, new fall out for metro riders. tonight is one of the last fridays you will be able to catch a train after midnight. >> metro trail is going to shut down every night at midnight beginning on june 3rd. part ofity safety improvement plan. derek wolf joins us with a closer look at the impact of p derek? >> yeah, jim, we are here at gallery place. 7th and f northwest. things are picking up here and it goes well into the night. perhaps patronize the businesses, or perhaps your job relies on the restaurants and bars. coming up next month you will have to start making changes. >> it has become an important mover of the local economy. but as its aged, metro has become prone to delays an danger. now the system is asking those who rely on it to bite the bullet. starting june 3rd, the subway system will close a
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no more 3:00 a.m. closings on friday and saturday. those hours have become vital to the thriving hospitality in the city. >> we can't count high enough to describe how much metro contributed to the success of the greater washington area. >> a member of the greater washington board of trade says there hasn't been a region not improved but now there isn't one won't be affected. >> a lot of social stuff going on. but i guess it is the only day they can do it. >> board of trade and other business concerns through council of government will be getting together and come up with a plan. >> we've got have flexibility. we have more on car pooling, bike shares, zip car, you name it. only to be on the table. >> even businesses with transportation in some cases. and it is not just local. so many businesses across the u.s. and in other countries think this region for conventions and meetings. >> there is noise out there that sh
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should i bring my family, what about our convention. greater washington and washington, d.c. is not only open for business but efforts undertaken to make sure no one is disrupted. >> metro has a lot of work to do. a lot of work. and i guess you just got deal with it. >> and another industry that will be affected by this, taxicabs and ride sharing but effect on them is likely to be positive. live at gallery place, derrick ward news 4. >> thank you. metro has several projects under way to upgrade the power system. all porcelain insulators on the third rail in underground stations will be replaced with fiber glass versions by the end of june. porcelain insulator exploded at the federal sent are station last week that prompted that shut down of part of the blue, orange and silver lines. a scathing federal safety directive followed along with a threat from u.s. transportation secretary fox that he would shut down the entirete
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>> for a brash businessman in the 1990s, you may see a genius. build the trump brand by posing a as publicist. but for presidential contender, perhaps less so. tonight donald trump is denying set man caught on tape. with the "people" magazine reporter. brie brian mooar on capitol hill. >> looking ahead to the general election, washington post is dredging up what may be a colorful part of his past. back when donald trump was a mere millionaire was he doing his own pr under an assumed name? washington post says it happened and offers this phone call with "people" magazine as proof. >> what is your name again? >> john miller. >> what is your position? >> i'm handling pr -- >> post reports trump's publicist ag alter
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business and love life. >> living with mar la and three other girlfriend. >> most editors were in on this joke an some found it disturbing and some smaut it was playful. >> though trump said back then it was a joke on awry, today on "today" he denied it was him. >> it wasn't me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me on the phone. >> hillary clinton has a new pr heading. bill clinton says the attacks are nothing new. >> i went through the same thing. some right wingers were sending videos out accusing me of murder. >> the clinton global initiative charity, made a $2 million commitment that helps fof profit business owned by people with tie to the clintons. the clinton camp is dismissing the story say nothing laws were broken. they are committed to doing social good and the money in question did exactly that.
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doreen? >> brian mooar, thank you, brian. 17-year-old boy will appear in court monday it face charges he killed a 14-year-old boy in dale city. police i have the victim's family rented part of their townhome to the alleged killer's family. northern virginia bureau chief joins with us new information about the prosecution plans for this case. julie? >> reporter: the alleged killer is charged as a juvenile tonight. but the common wealth attorney said he planes it try the 17-year-old as an adult. now the 14-year-old victim, luis eric coco-crisp, went by erick, i'm told, an eighth grader. his parents are flying back from bolivia. they went there last week when his grandfather pass aid way. this is 14-year-old k'
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boy than young man. >> he was such a good kid. who would want it hurt him? he is so soft-spoken. well-mannered kid. >> reporter: liz padilla had her haircut for years by erick's mom. she said erick would chat during appointments. >> it is really hard. he would sit there in the stairway while his mom was cutting my hair. it is hard it think it was such a good kid. and for it to happen and where his mom thought he would be. >> erick is being locked after by his older sister and aunt and uncle. one of them came home to find erick dead. he died from blunt force trauma to the head and upper body. sources say he was also bound. police investigation quickly led them to a 17-year-old boy whose family
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level of the home. the two families were distant relatives. >> he was cooperative and taken into custody without incident. >> police won't say what motivated attack on the older boy. the 17-year-old became angry with erick. the 14-year-old was a member of the mary g. porter traditional school. this is the letter that went home telling people of the tragedy and offering counseling. the accused killer will make his first court appearance monday morning. back to you in the studio. >> thank, julie. >> augustine jr was arrested in hanover, pennsylvania. he was arraigned yesterday. investigators say he used fake facebook accounts to entice teenage
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images. augustine worked in several montgomery county schools until 2003. in that year, he was convicted of watching young boys in the bathroom at a frederick key's baseball game. >> freddie gray's childhood friend took the witness stand in baltimore today. he talked about what he saw last april, officers arrested gray, putting him in the back of a police van. he comes on day two for the trial of bike patrol officer edward nero. we have a live look at what happens next in this trial. chris? >> reporter: doer even, what is happening, never happened before. two police officers charged with criminal charges in connection with the death of freddie gray are compelled to testify at this trial. edward nero walks to the courthouse daily. last december porter made the me
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death of freddie gray. who was injured while being transported in a police wagon. ending in a hung jury and now under a court order to testify against officer nero. >> officer porter was there as a witness when mr. gray was load need the van and that's a difficult term to use. because he is a human being. >> officer nero was working with baltimore bike police officer miller. cho chased gray and handcuffed him. miller is under a subpoena to testify against his fellow officers edward nero. >> officer miller's testimony from the prosecution's perspective will indicate that he made an arrest and app remention without necessary probable cause. >> officer nero is presumed innocent of reckless endangerment unless his case
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be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. warren zpt think that prosecutors have made a strong case. >> i think there will be an acquittal on the reckless and assault. there for asought quill misconduct. >> other legal analyst disagree. they think that prosecutors will be able to get convictions on some if not all of the charges. this trial resumes monday. that's the latest live in baltimore. doreen, back to you. >> thank you. go to our washington app and search freddie gray if you want it see it. >> to the weather now. we are seeing something that hasn't been evidenced in quite a while around here. >> actually sunshine. >> i did have to look up in my weather books to see exactly what this thing was. it is glowing orb in the sky.
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17 days of rain at dulles. we got 15 days and it ended the streak yesterday. now we are seeing sunshine across the region. plenty of sun in a nice, nice afternoon. it is just gorgeous out there. look at these numbers. 76. 76 in the northwest at 16 miles per hour. that's the only thing we will see is a little bit after breeze. yesterday the coolest on the map in this 60s. what a difference a day makes. look at this. now warmest on the map. oh, we were. raleigh just beat us. 76 right now and everybody else cooler. we will see more rain come into the forecast period tomorrow. talking more about that and see you in a few. >> thanks. >> engaged to be married but his dreams cut short by violence. investigators now searching for clues in his murder. >> i'm darcy spencer
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county. the directive about transgender kids and use of bathrooms in public schools. coming up, you will hear from a transgender boy and why he thinks this may reduce suicide. >> long lines, tight security. but tonight a new approach to deal with the headaches taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches
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critics are promising
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fight president obama's new rules about transgender students. schools are ordered to let transgender students use the bathroom of their gender identity, not gender at birth. >> that is something that bep fits all student. and that's what we are looking for. solutions that protect safety and dignity of every single student in the school. >> this is troubling. this is a dramatic overreach of federal power federal government dictating policy about bathrooms. what's next? >> the guidance does not have the force of law. but it warns that schools that do not comply could face lawsuits or lose federal aid. back on monday, the justice department and the state of north carolina suit each other over a state law that
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>> in fairfax county we found leaders on both sides of the school bathroom issue. for some, the change could have a much bigger meaning. darcy spence are reports, one transgender student said it could save lives. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, how accepted are you at school? >> probably a 10. >> wow. >> yeah. >> it took a long time to get that point? >> it did. >> caden ortiz was born a girl but this 18-year-old high school senior has transitioned it a man. he agrees with the obama administration's directive to public schools that he and other transgender students must be allowed to use the bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. >> these kid just want to feel like they actually belong in their society and it is hard when they are told no all the time and thing like this make them feel worthwhile and it decreases the suicide that could potentially happen. amount of self harm. >> fairfax county school board member elizabeth schult
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federal mandate. school officials could face lawsuits or lose federal funts if they don't comply. >> if we don't follow it they will take away title 1 money. the title 1 moneys are the moneys meant for the poorest kids. for the hungriest kids. force lunch money. >> they say it is needed to protect student who susceptible to bullying. >> what it says to our kids is that trans boys are real boys, the trans girls are real girls. they are real kids. they can be accepted. >> fairfax county kids are reviewing the new director but they say they will continue to treat transgender kids and their parents with dignity and respect. darcy spencer news 4. >> we asked what you think about this on-line. should schools be required to led student use bathrooms consistent with their gender
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identities. take a lock at results of our flash survey. more than 40% of people who voted said yes they should. >> mothers, an experts gathered on capitol hill this week to talk about how to protect young athletes from traumatic brain injuries. there was a hearing on concussions. mother from pennsylvania was among those to testify. her son committed suicide at age 32. after playing football at dartmouth and through his youth. an autopsy revealed he suffered from cte, degenerative brain disease brought on by repeated hits to the head. >> we're learning the brain is a lot more fragile than we ever dreamed. it doesn't heal like a knee or like skin heals. there is permanent damage done to the brain every time. >> today's hearing came as pop warner youth football announced it was eliminating
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from its three youngest age divisions. >> we are learning more tonight about murder victim in d.c. as police search for the killer. it happened in southeast right as kids were walking home from school. as news 4 reports, now the victim has a lot to look forward to. >> when police heard shots they race to the scene, only to find 28-year-old sheldon robinson dead from multiple gunshots wounds. murdered just across the street from the district's youth baseball academy and just blocks from a middle school as children were walking home. robinson was on his way to his girlfriend's home. cousin telling pat collins the two were set to be married. >> engaged to be married. >> yes. and his fiance's birthday is today. >> and it turns out robinson had something else to look forward to. >> and he was going to start a new job tomorrow. >> yes. >> what do you
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>> it is senseless and it has to stop. >> 18th person to be murdered in ward 7 this year. marking the 42nd murder city wide this year. a not the first time a scene like this played out on the streets of d.c. >> we are all devastated. we haven't had this happen in our family in over 15 or 20 years. it is devastating. >> sources say the shooting doesn't appear to be random. mark segraves, news 4. >> hundreds of marijuana plants hidden in the basement of a home in maryland. we will tell you what police find in a drug bust. >> police are looking for witnesses in a deadly hit and run. just ead, whatah
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coming up in the next half hour. police are looking for clues and we are learning how new neighbors desperately tried to save the victim's life. >> thousands are expected on the national law later tonight to pay tribute to officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. >> and record-setting drug bust. tell you about the tip that led police to a marijuana grow house hidden in the basement of that house in maryland. >> those stories and more at
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first doug with a check on the forecast. have you noticed everybody's spirit have just sort of lifted in t last few hours, doug? >> i actually got applause when i came into the newsroom today. >> that doesn't happen everyday? >> no. i had stuff thrown at me that i had never seen before. anyway. let's take a look and show you what is going on outside today. yes we can finally look towards the sky and we have sunshine across the area. there it is. finally came out today and not only did it come out, tops are down, people riding bikes. i told you everybody would be out and about. my daughter has the exact same scooter. that's cool. as we move on through the night, it'll be a very nice night to get out and about no matter what you are doing. walking the dog, walking the baby. do that too if you think about walking around tonight. no problem at all and temperatures are still in the 70s. current temperature is 76 degrees. winds out of
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miles per hour. so nice to get back to above average temperatures. we are finally above average after what has been a very cool period. over towards annapolis at 72 degrees. dining out tonight, perfect night to do it. 67 to 73. what a night. as i heat outside, i'm sure those tables will be packed. might have to wait a little bit but it is worth it. we saw the rain earlier. that's all through the region. it is out of here. but i want to show you what is happening. there is one final boundary moving through big time storms off the carolina coast. but look back here. we have another cold front, severe weather, of wichita kansas city. towards st. louis. chicago. that's the next front that comes through the region tomorrow. so we have rain in the forecast tomorrow. let's take you through it tonight. 9:00. no issues at all. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. sunshine. no problems in the morning. get up and take that early run, you can do that.
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move in. nothing around d.c. through noon i think we're good. soccer games maybe it in tomorrow. baseball games. tough with wet fields. but look what happens in the afternoon. more showers develop. just showers. not everywhere. not going to be all day rain. what we will see during afternoon and evening, here is 4:00 to 5:00. notice the line of storms developing. any storms developing tomorrow could have locally strong winds. that is what i will be watching out for tomorrow. they clear out and we see a nice saturday evening as well. hour by hour forecast tomorrow. starting off nice at 58. 64 by 10:00 a.m. still sunny. stormy between 1:00 and 4:00. storms come on through here. high temperature around 73. that impact forecast is on the low side for sure. now next couple of days, 58 on sunday. much cooler sunday. with sunshine, isolated shower sunday. should be fine. 63 monday. cooler there too. and tuesday, a chance forn.
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yeah, clouds return too. we will talk about next week's forecast. more on this weekend coming u oh,
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police put up an electric sign just hours after a man was killed by hit and
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>> hoping that sign will help find the driver who stopped for a moment buttook off. it happened at about 9:00 last night on shiptt boulevard in burke. that's where we find david culver. >> david? >> doreen and vance, police tell me that someone hit the man a few feet from where you see that electronic sign blichking behind me. that is message where they ask for help. 33-year-old ended up dying. as we found out today, it came after a neighbor's decembsperat tried to save his life. >> it is crazy man. still shocking. this is a popular used road. people use it to get to work. it's terrible. >> just feet from the home where christian lived, the markings of tragedy. >> so close to my house. so scary. >> down the street, neighbor brandon minor was walking home. >> you saw what out here? >> i just saw
6:31 pm
police cars. i guess they were investigating what happened last night. >> press say matthew was sitting on the curb here. then for some reason, stumbled into shiplett boulevard. >> one of the cars that came up was able to swerve and go around him. they say the second vehicle though hit the man and pulled over to the side of the road. witnesses thought the driver was going to stay but instead took off. witnesses and neighbors tried to save him. >> i did hear that someone came out and tried to do cpr, everything except for mouth to mouth. >> i know there was some witness where they were walking their dogs and they talked to the police. >> the police still lacking details to track down the driver. so they got up the sign asking for help and putting out the number to call. >> just a few minutes before we came live on air one of the victims friend walked up to us. pulled up on the scene and wanted to know details. became teary-eyed
6:32 pm
at the scene. >> i also spoke with the victim's mom. clearly too distraught to be on camera. she said someone will say something. the number is tweeted out. >> a drug bust in maryland. police found a marijuana grow operation in the basement of a house. police say it is the largest one they ever discovered in howard county. there were hundreds of plant there. shotgun and about $75,000 in cash were also found in the house. daniel sims and casey fowler are the names are the people renting the house. they are facing charges. police say that house was recently sold at auction. the new own are called police after he noticed a suspicious van in the drive way. investigators say they could smell the marijuana from the drive way. >> robert turner was the executive director of the d.c. republican party. now he is a
6:33 pm
today a d.c. judge sentenced him to two years probation and suspended six-month jail term. in february, turner pleaded guilty to fraud for stealing more than $7,000 from the republic can party as part of the plea agreement turner is required to repay stolen money. >> about two dozen federal police officers who say they were recorded by secret cameras can push forward with their lawsuit against the department of veterans affairs. the federal judge dismissed the request by the v.a. to throw the case out. last summer the news 4 i team reported those at the medical center accused their boss of installing hidden cameras and microphone inside a private employee work room. their lawsuit claims it is a violation of their constitutional rights. the nextene is expected in a few weeks. >> threme
6:34 pm
will be added to the national law enforcement memorial following a candle light vigil tonight. this year's event will be held on the national mall between 4th and 7th streets. jackie benson is there now with why this year's tribute is different from others. jackie? >> we want to show you what is going on here as people prepare the thousands of people who attend the national law enforcement event prepared to experiment yens it here on the national mall for the first time but a the memorial itself is undergoing construction from a miami. three names added have a solemn significance for the d.c. area. montgomery county police officer noah liotta was killed last december. he stopped one suspected drunk driver when he was struck by another and killed. in march of last year, prince
6:35 pm
on-duty car crash. he was 26 years old. and the name of carolyn cross, deputy director of d.c. department of corrections will be added. she was murdered in her alexandria home in 2014. family members of all three officers are expected to be here as this vigil tonight and candle light part of it will start at 8:00. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thank you. still ahead, washington post columnist is swallowing his pride and eating his words when it comes to donald trump. >> from wine tasting in loudon county to the caverns. we will look at treasures worth a trip this sum per. >> i love those caverns. i also love the national wheel -- or capitol wheel. will the sun last? wil the rainl
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we are lucky there is so much to see and do across our area. over the next three weeks, first 4 traffic melissa mollett will take us on little jaunts. perfect for day-long summer get away with family or friends. tonight melissa shows us a few spots in virginia that are worth the trip. >> reporter: a perfect sunny day, countryside of loudoun county is about as beautiful as it gets. who needs mappa when dozens of award winning wineries has a lush rand escape here. a gem along luscious greenery. it is an aantique buyers dream. then you can head to leesburg for lunch. lots to do all over virginia stanton. 160 miles, totally doable in one day. main street lined with shops and restaurants. american shakespeare center is a
6:39 pm
jackson hotel. p then the hounted clock tower. later rest your legs on the trolly. 400 millions years in the making. luray cavern, red and yellow, magical peaceful, shade in the shows of summer. just off gp parkway, it is easy to hit and here is gradually point. >> the planes overhead, thrilling for kids. >> i like when they fly over us. >> and little kid in pu. >> they are so close you can almost touch them. >> perfect for picnics and pictures. >> we sent grandma home. so we are watching her take off. >> riding along the mount vernon trails. >> nice place to relax and just rest for a little bit before i good back again. >> rainy day or stay in the shade, you can look just like me at ifly
6:40 pm
an insane rush in skydiving. >> training, reassurance, then into and up the wind tunnels. >> the perfect family spot, who doesn't love laughing at your parent. >> huf never seen your pairant do anything close to this, so seeing them laughing an hair going crazy, it awesome for the kids. >> all these virginia spots definitely worth a trip. melissa mollett, first 4 graphic. >> i want to try the skydiving. do you know some place in our area that's worth the trip? tweet your pictures and ideas to @first4 traffic. can you check out more on our washington app, just search, worth the trip. >> just about an hour from no with you president obama and first lady michelle obama will toast to five
6:41 pm
nordic region. we are looking at a picture now where some of the early arrivals have been entering. earlier today at the white house, the obamas hosted a welcoming ceremony for the nordic leaders and their spouses. for the dinner menu, guest will enjoy beef short ribs and ahi tuna. they will sit at rustic wooden tables styled with columns of ice. and bees wax candles. >> seriously, people were arriving moments ago. right before the live shot. washington post kol em any of the is eating his words literally. in october he wrote if donald trump secured the republican nomination he would eat the page on which his column was presented. there he is. the head chef prepared an eight-coursal
6:42 pm
was a central ingredient in each of eight courses. he was a good sport about it. he later washed it all down with wine from where else, donald trump's vineyards. >> good sport. >> i'm sure they made it delicious. >> still to come, government fund to help alleviate long wait times at the airport without compromising security. >> they beat the odds and won powerba
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6:45 pm
if you're planning to fly anywhere this summer, get ready tore long lines at airport. a record number of passengers are expected. tsa agents are walking off the job every week. that could lead to waits as long as three hours at security. nbc tells us what government is doing about it. >>. >> reporter: at airports across the country this week a preview of what is looming this summer. security screening wait times of one, two, even three hours. as tsa struggled to cope with fewer agents and more passengers in the sky. >> you know, i find it takes longer to get through the airport than the actual flight to where you want to go. i really do. >> in the wake of whithering criticism from congress -- >>
6:46 pm
recruit. they don't know how to train. certainly can't maintain and certainly can't manage. >> homeland security secretary and head of the t is says a pran is in place to make things better. more overtime, more bomb-sniffing dogs, more than 700 tsa agent in june. urging people to sign up for the trustee travellers program tsa precheck. still, passengers should be prepared for the worst. >> three hours is not ideal. we want to reduce that as much as possible without pro comprising the safety of the american people. >> expressing unhappiness with tsa wait times, encouraging passengers to use hashtag i hate the wait on social media and threaten government screeners with a private work force. >> you need to treat everyday this summer like it is a holiday travel. >> passengers' patients are running short
6:47 pm
ever longer. nbc new york. >> you may want it take note if you plan to drive around arlington. streets will be closed for the taste of arlington. roadblocks will go up noon saturday and will be removed at 8:00 sunday evening. more than 50 restaurants are participating thissaer. we have the hours and a link where you can buy tickets on the nbc washington app. go there and search taste of arlington. all right. this afternoon we met the winners of saturday's big powerball jackpot. the smith fally came forward today at lottery headquarters in new jersey. yeah. quite a few. seven siblings and mom. pearly mae smith. oldest child is valarie
6:48 pm
arthur said her family did not use birthdays or anniversaries when they hand picked winning numbers. she said the only way to explain it is divine intervention. >> god is my life coach. i guess y'all are thinking you wish you was me right now, right? >> boy does she have a lot of new friends. >> valarie bought the winning ticket at 7-eleven in trenton, new jersey. as what the family plans to do with the jackpot of nearly $430 million. they say they plan to tithe 10% to the church. and they will use some of the money, they say, to help some others. >> let's hope that family is still getting along with well a year from now. >> well things are looking up around here, doug. >> we haven't seen this. sun going down over the washington monument. >> you can tell the time here --
6:49 pm
>> i predicted 2:47. i that's was about the time -- >> i can tell you 3:30. right about the time i was walking in -- >> but we saw sun. i saw you with sunglasses. haven't used sun glaglasses lat. >> no. >> maybe tomorrow morning. we do have rain coming in. nothing but sunshine across the area. there's the silver line going in towards ruston. and towards downtown. i have not seen the washington monument lit up by the sun this time of night. sunset, 8:13. sun doesn't go down until 8:13. still an sure and a half to deal with the sunshine. dropping to mid 60s by 11:00. great night to be out and about. 78 for bell four. rain is out of here. i want to show you what is happening. here is one front. we have another front back west.
6:50 pm
this is the one that comes in tomorrow. this is racing our way. because of that i do think we will see a chance of a storm tomorrow afternoon. 1:00 rain. but by 5:00, that when i think the storm will come in. if you want to get out on the bike, you want it do it earlier tomorrow, around 10:00 a.m. high of 58, only 58, sunday. with sunshine not too bad. maybe a jacket sunday. then we get cool again tuesday. high of upper 50s to around 60. gotcha. >> thanks, doug. sports coming up.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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comcast sportsnet studios. baseball, huh? >> that's right. matt scherzer sure makes his act a tough one to follow. tonight you have to feel a little sorry for geo gonzalez. he is
6:54 pm
last time didn't good so well. gave up season high-five hundreds against the cups. marlins has been a thorn in the side this year. note the key to the series is limited miami's giancarlo stanton. >> these guys, when stanton has been on it, the big boys can carry you just like harve did us in april. if the guys are hot in the middle of the lineup then they got a good clans it win. and so even though big guys are hot you have it keep the little guys off the bases. >> maryland men's and women's basketball teams coming off of impress you've seasons. but that's nothing compared to the men and women number one seed for upcoming ncaa tournament. men fresh off victory. tournamt
6:55 pm
14-2. getting things started sunday against quinnipiac. mareland men haven't won a national title since 1975. not the case for women bp two-time defending champions. finishing 19-0. heavy favorites no matter who they play. >> they are winning all the time, every year. it is funny. they are always number one seed. always winning championships. almost like we are trying to strive to be like them. trying to win a championship here. >> we are thrilled they are number one seed and thrilled we are number one seed. >> i don't think there is added picture. just a bubble of excitement here for our school. >> we picked up things from them and learned from them. it's been great to see them have success. we are certainly pulling for them. >> proud of what the guys accomplished this year. looking forward to see what they do in the ncaa tournament. they are playing well and i know they've got a lot of positive energy ratating throughout their program too.
6:56 pm
men basketball players. tied for the most invites from kentucky. proving he not only can make a run in the ncaa tournament but also develop players into legitimate nba prospects. >> we got four guys here. if mello stays in the draft, he will be drafted. that's good. 16 in our history have been drafted. we want it increase that number over the years. i'm happy for these guys. >> i've been playing a long time. it's fun. hopefully the scouts are impressed with my game a little bit. and i'm able to find, like i say, find a team. i just need one team to believe in me and i'll be fine. >> mini camp begins tomorrow. third round pick fuller still has not signed with the team so he is not expected to attend. as far as guys that will show up, all
6:57 pm
draft pick josh stockton. big play making ability, littered with undrafted players look to earn a spot. we should have a clue there is an under the radar guy ready to contribute. jim, doreen, scot, very busy man these days. maybe he can dig out diamond from this. >> maybe. but i'm thinking nfl training camp in may. that's a little wild. and also i'm thinking, we're hoping here on the -- we've decided, chris, you agree, don't want to go back it school for another year. >> next year's draft will be very deep. so even though interprets would love to have mello for another year. looks like this would be a better year for him to come out in the draft. >> interesting. i didn't know that and that's great. >> i didn't know that. >> that's why we turn to you, my man. >> that's good stuff. >> all right.
6:58 pm
thanks. >> i saw it. thanks for joining jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
6:59 pm
t couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
7:00 pm
tonight, caught in a lie. a bizarre bombshell. apparently donald trump posing as his own publicist, bragging about his business success and his relationships with famous women. trump angrily denying it's him even though he previously admitted it. bathroom fight. the obama administration sends a sweeping message to schools across the country. let transgender kids use the bathroom of their choice, or else. alarming rise in murders in some big american cities. what the fbi director thinks might be behind it. emergency room shocker. first, a medical crisis. then a crisis from the bill. how to protect yourself from a painful surprise. and a dream come true for a woman and her seven children.


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