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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a relatively quick liz. afternoon highs today mid-60s. if you're going out tonight, temperature 62. back into the chilly 50s by 8:00 and 9:00. rain comes back tomorrow. we'll time out which part of the day is likely to be the soggiest. come on lucky 7. >> east bound 7 slow this morning. breaking news. right at colvin run road, a crash that is a one mile backup building already. we just got off the phone with police and they say a single car crash. they're hoping to get it out of the way. 7 of course is so used in the morning he is peshl lit eastbound lanes. so we're slow there. 95 north after 610, northbound, southbound okay, but the northbound lanes a little slow because of the earlier crash there they're garrisonville. poplar mill at kellogg mill, that accident. and 270 southbound, you can see a little slow headedhr
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down to the clarksburg area after that it opens up. the two women who died in the maryland shopping center shootings will be remembered today by their loved ones. derrick ward is live in riverdale with more on how students at park dale high school plan to honor gladys tordil. >> reporter: she was a teacher here, an advanced placement chemistry teacher. and later today there will be a vigil here at park dale. this is for the wife of 62-year-old eulalio tordil. gladys was killed at high point high school on may 5 as she waited for her daughters to come out of that school. and what will happen here is there will be a vigil held by students, staff and family members, friends of gladys tordil.
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claudina molina in a failed carjacking attempt. her funeral will be held at st. jude's catholic church in rockville. eulalio tordil was arrested shortly after that second shooting just across the street. he now faces murder and weapons charges. meanwhile gladys tordil's family is struggling to get her body back to the philippines where they expect her to be buried. we are live in riverdale park. derrick ward, news 4. today we expect to learn what led to a 14-year-old's death in dale city. the suspected 17-year-old killer will make his first court appearance today. police say he killed the 14-year-old last thursday at a toem home on brazil circle. the suspect lived in the same town home community as eric's family. neighbors are upset with the ongoing violence after a little boy was
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but thankful that an off duty emt was close by to help. the 7-year-old was shot in the shoulder in his neighborhood but is expected to be okay. the first one to arrive on the scene was that off duty emt. she was at a baby shower at a nearby church and sprang into action. >> i ran it my car, got my bag and i went to work. >> meanwhile the folks would live in that area near the scene of the shooting are calling for a crime camera to be put up in that neighborhood. the trial for the second baltimore officer accused in freddie gray's death continues this morning. edward nero is accused of assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. nero was one of the officers who helped put freddie gray inside the police van where he allegedly suffered a fatal spim inju spinal injury. chris goon
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latest for you on air and onl e online. deputies are asking for your help to find a missing man. take a look. 81-year-old ronald eugene jackson has been missing since sunday morning. he was last seen wearing a yellow t-shirt, dark blue pants and a black baseball cap. he's driving a 2009 ford escape with virginia plate kv 1666. if you have any information, contact spotsylvania county sheriff's office. good morning. we're following an unfolding situation in afghanistan where there are thousands, thousands ever protesters in the streets of kabul, a city that is on lk do lockdown. they're mad about the rerouting of a power line through a poor part of the country. the massive protests reflect their grows
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government. that's the latest from the live desk. aaron, back to you. it's 6:05. verizon and its workers will return to the bargaining tail. they have been picketing for more than a month. unions believe verizon wants to freeze pensions, cut benefits and rely more on contract workers. both sides have agreed to resume negotiations. the antonin scalia law school could soon be a reality. they will vote will week on final approval for the name change at george mason university. we're waiting to hear what is next for this building that began to crumble because of high winds in northwest washington. look at that hole. d.c. fire says the partial collapse happened in an old tomato packing plant that is under renovation. it happened yesterday. no one was hurt. you ask expect the washington monument to remain closed this morning as it undergoes repairs to the elevator power supply.
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due to some power issues. the monument has been closed several times in recent months because of elevator problems. officials say this will reopen as soon as repairs are complete. we're working to keep you safe this summer. simple steps you can follow in the yard to avoid a serious accident with your lawnmower. >> and whopper 4 headed to eastbound 7 at colvin run road, we have a crash there. sounds like an overturned vehicle. backups building. plus an emotional story this morning as a young girl tries to make a bedtime a little more enjoyableor a fba
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good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. chilly start this morning. frost advisory level cold across the shenandoah valley, so turn your seat heaters on for the ride into work and school this morning. very chilly. some spots in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees here early this morning. it will be a mostly sunny and dry day. highs today staying cooler than average, only in the mid-60s today. our average high is 76. it will be dry today, but rain chances come right back as soon as tomorrow and wednesday. and could have some showers on the weekend, too. your seven day forecast is coming up in ten minutes. breaking news continues now in first 4 traffic. it take a look, we are sending chopper to this problem. we're talking about eastbound 7 here at colvin run road. detoured right now. everything being pushed off to faulkner drive. so again a 2 mile backup already. this is an overturned vehicle. they're trying to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. 270 south there germantown to the spur,
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top of the beltway, no big problems. 270, 95, you're okay. 66 inbound and 95 northbound looking good as well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. when we're back in ten minutes, another look at the problem in the great falls area. happening today, the man whom police say shot two new hampshire police officers last week will appear in court. ian mcpherson faces two counts of capital murder charges and rye cysting arrest. both officers are expected to survive. the mayor of manchester england is calling for an investigation into the fake bomb scare that caused a high profile soccer match to be postponed. p this happened sunday just before than chester united's last game of the season was about to begin. an employee found the device in a bathroom forcing thousands to evacuate the stadium.
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orderly. >> got everyone safe away from the stadium. >> police determined that it was a training device accidentally left there by a private company during an exercise. the match has been rescheduled for tuesday. there are no metro delays this morning, but that was not the case yesterday at the l'enfant plaza station. fire crews extinguished smolders debris on the tracks and the red line, crews had to replace a problem inside later. m insulate tore. there was never smoke or fire there.tore. there was never smoke or fire there. today a program will be launched called "man the block." they will monitor streets through the eight wards to make sure students have a safe route home. the program starts
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afternoon. and thois morning investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire on a high rise building. despite about 30 mile-per-hour winds on sunday, firefighters were able to quickly get it under control. no one was hurt. 6:13. today we're kicking off an entire week of summer safety tips. susan hogan has important ways to keep you and your family safe. today we start in the yard and a warning about on you a simple chore can possibly turn deadly. this morning we're talking about lawnmower safety. the numbers are staggering. 35,000 people are injured in lawnmower accidents every year. and on average 90 people actually tie from their injuries. most attributed to riding mowers. the fatal incidents usually include lawnmower tipovers where the victim falls uner
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or the victim is thrown from or falls off the riding mower unfortunately oftentimes the victims are children. >> child can fall off, the lawnmower can go over them or if they're playing in the yard and you back up your mower, especially a ride-on mower, you don't see where you're going and time and time again we see kids being run over and have very serious injuries. >> the cpsc says toe amputations are common with homeowners cutting grass to cut down on injuries, they developed federal safety standards for power mowers, foot shields, blade brake control and warning labels are all part of the mandatory stand a dards. if you want more information, just go to our nbc washington app and search lawnmower. the federal government is using volunteers to help track zika-carrying mosqui
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department of agriculture is recruiting high school science teachers and students to clegt mosquito eggs and they will uploaded right search data online. the invasive mosquito project is trying to line up volunteers quickly so research can begin. teachers in stafford can concerned they're being paid less than what they were promised. budget plans suggested teachers with nine years of experience would get salaries with those with ten years under their belts. contracts went out last week. they expected the mistake, but it appeared to many teachers as a pay cut. the school superintendent feels the confusion came up because the change was not explained. how is that for a special little girl. 7 years old and she showing love i don't understand her years to a family in alexandria. shall she spent a year putting together a book of bedtime students for a baby she never met. those stories we
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the daughter of an officer who died in the line of duty this time last year. just a day before she was set to go on maternity leave. cheyenne was so moved by her story, she asked everyone from police officers to school principals to help her create an audio book for baby olivia. >> i thought that olivia might be one of the kids who would like their parents reading to them at nighttime or p someone reading to them before they go to bed. >> just so sweet. and genius really. olivia's relatives gave cheyenne the officer's old girl scout sash as a memento and cheyenne says she wants to be pen pals with olivia when olivia gets older. how sweet is that. >> some of the officer's family was here in town this weekend for the police week and so that's how they were able
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connect and give her the sash and make a life long connection with that little girl. >> what a role model she is already. 17 after 6:00. chuck bell has been keeping us abreast of this chilly weather. i about put on a coat this morning. >>ian whether i want the rain or the chill. the choices rbts really great here, chuck. >> well, don't you worry. summertime is a coming, everybody. it won't be wrong and we'll all be sitting here saying it's hot and humid and when come do we get a break from the heat. so i personally am soaking in the coolness and taking it. great outdoor running weather for this late in the season. outside early this morning, there our monument 5'55"5 inches tall to be exact help and that is chilly outside. 30s and 40s this morning. plenty of sunshine. just like yesterday, but without any near as much wind as we coped with yesterday afterno
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couple of fair weather clouds. temperatures near 40 degrees now. we'll be in the upper fefr50s b lunchtime. our high 66 degrees, ten degrees cooler than average but staying dry dwaid. so nothing to worry about today, but tuesday and wednesday, your outdoor plans may need to be moved indoors. is this the rain coming our way. it's in st. louis right now. show me your misery is what they have on their license plates out there. their hiz rmisery is coming our. more rain chances by tomorrow. about the time we get to the tail end of the tuesday morning commute, showers off and on through much of the day. not expecting heavy rain. a better chance of steadier rain coming in late tomorrow into the day on wednesday. it looks like wednesday morning up to about noontime is likely going to be when we have the maximum amount of rain. and then right back to sunshine again for thursday and friday. so we start dry this week and
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middle and then another dry finish. a little concerned about the coming weekend, have a chance of rain both days, but it's only monday. we'll try to get the rain drops out so you can have a all your outdoor plans. breaking news right now, chopper 4 over the problem. eastbound 7 there in the great falls area, right there at colvin run road. so take a look. it is an overturned vehicle on the right and that police car is blocking the right lane. we have had two mile backup now inbound seven because of this problem here. it is a long backup. so you can see the backup s, though delays. 395 south nearduke, we still have the right lane blocked because of a survey crew southbound. don't see any delays there southbound, but northbound of course have the normal volume as you're headed inbound here this morning. taking a look at 66 and 95, you can see no major problems there looking very typical inbound on 95 and
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poplar road at coal kellogg mill, that crash still hanging around. beltway moving pretty well. tiny slow top of the beltway. we'll take another look at the problem on 7 coming up. at least their heart was in the right place. the troublesome visitors at yellowstone national park found themselves in after trying to help an animal. but first new numbers raising concerns about the safety of teenagers when they're driving. the steps you can take as parents that could dramatically reduce their risk of being involved in an accident.
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new results are showing the dangers of teenage driving. safe kids worldwide reports six teens are killed every day in a crash and nearly half of those accidents the victims are not wearing seatbelts. survey shows teen drivers with parents who have established rules are ten times less likely to speed, text while driving, drink and drive or skip the seat belt. >> it's not enough to have an informal discussion. you need to have a formal agreement, you have to enforce it and you have to model good behavior. >> three quarters of teams who die in car accidents are young men. prince george's county schools are struggling to get students vaccinated. this week they're offering free evening clinics, the first at
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oxon hill high school today 4:00 to 7:00. a second clinic will happen at northwestern high school on thursday. parents need to bring their child's vaccination records. two recalls to tell you about this morning. they both involve the risk of listeria which can make you very sick. first it could be in frozen veggie burgers. dr. praeger's is recalling its california veggie burgers. they're sold at giant and have best by dates in early 2018. second recall involving cape cod cranberry trail mix. it's sold under several brand names and that by hms host. if you bought either of those, you can get a full refund from the store. so do you know how you can go to a petting zoo and they say don't touch the animals, right? the sam applies out in the wide open spaces. take a look. for example, this is a baby bison. in the back of an suv. >> stop. >> a father and son were ticketed after they wrangled the bison into their suv. this was at
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captured this photo when the to tourist pulled up to a ranger station. they were they were worried the calf was too cold and was going to die in the park. >> i'm not a zoologist or anything, but i think bison are made to withstand some of the cold weather. i think your moms and dads teach them how to tough it out, right? >> i will say i think the father and son were not from this country. so maybe they thought it was okay. i think the park service says you can't get closer than 25 feet to any big animal. not that you should want to. >> they grow up to be huge majestic animals. they're beautiful creatures. honoring those who
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you safe in the day ahead. plus a setback overnight in the search for the cruise ship passenger missing in the gulf. and here we are in may and we're talking about a frost advisory out towards the sv
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great falls area, chopper 4 over eastbound 7 at colvin run road. we still have the overturned vehicle in the right lane there. and so right now almost a three mile backup. it is very, very slow as the police officer blocks that right lane. take a look at 7 there this morning. poplar road at kellogg mill, we have the crash again this is the one in stafford that has been hanging around.
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slow as you're passing 109 through hyattstown. it is pretty typically slow here, but we're seeing a little bit more of a slowdown than we normally do. taking a look at 95 from 32 down to the beltway, you're on time on 95. mr. chuck bell, good morning. >> good morning. nice looking monday to get your week started. off to a chilly/cold start here first thing this morning. 30s and 40s first thing you need to know, frosty chill early this morning. our second dry day in a row. it's been a long time since we've had two dry ones in a row, but rain chances are back tomorrow and no real soon of any warm air coming our way anytime soon. so off you go, sun was up a while ago at 5:54. already early morning rays of sun right near the national cathedral. 39 degrees now at dulles airport. we'll being in the low to mid-60s by later on this
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but again rain chances back tomorrow. more coming up. prosecutors say a fairfax county lawyer terrorize the a mclean couple for hours and nearly killed them. kristin wright is here to break down the bizarre case. >> and it is an unusual defense, involuntary intoxication. schmuhl's lawyers will argue take his mental state was the result of medication. prosecute are tors say schmuhl tased, stabbed and shot leon duncan and leo fisher. schmuhl's wife had just been red from fisher's law firm. she's also being charged but tried separately. >> julie carey will be in the courtroom. she's covered the case from the start. you can follow herat
6:32 am
carey nbc. d.c. police say antoine pitt cut off his gps ankle monitor while on probation and sexually assaulted a woman in her southeast home. the assault happened last october. the judge is expected to rule on motions today and jury selection could start as rmly as tomorrow. the university of maryland is urging students to be cautious after a student was robbed off campus. prince george's county police say three men one armed with a knife assaulted a male student and stole items from his house after he answered his door saturday night. police think the student was targeted. 6:32. later today, president obama will award 13 law enforcement officers with the medal of valor. the officers or their family members will receive the awards at a special ceremony in the east wing of the white house. the president of the from a ten al order of police is calling on officers and their families to push for greater protections for law enforcement.
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national peace officers memorial service yesterday. for the 35th year, officers from around the country gathered on the u.s. capitol west lawn to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> take up of the issue of violence against police by including law enforcement officers in the hate crime legislation. >> a wreath laying ceremony immediately followed yesterday's memorial service. slippery wet roads may have contributed to an accident that is being called one of the worst in a decade. nine people died and 43 others were hurt in this charter bus crash saturday morning. we're learning that an 83-year-old is among the victims. federal investigators arrived at the scene yesterday to begin looking in for what went wrong. community leaders in northeast washington want to make sure local railroad tracks are safe. the advisory neighborhood commission is focusing on the recent csx derailment. the group is
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and department of energy and environment. 16 cars derailed near the rhode island avenue metro station. csx removed the soil affected from a leak tank car. if you've ever dreamed of becoming a casino dealer, this might be your chance. classes begin today for mgm casino dealers. the cass scasino still needs to hire about 1,000 dealers. the classes will happen at the county employment center in oxon hill. tuition starts just under $400. we're waiting to see whether anyone getting suspended to one of the most violent fights at a baseball game this recent memory. take a look. the texas rangers and toronto blue jays had an all out brawl. look at that. this is all happening because the rangers thought a blue jays player showed them up in the playoffs last october.
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these grudges. they hit him with a pitch yesterday and a hard slide into second base. and the fight broke out. >> see it again here. glasses come off, the helmet. that had to be hard. >> i don't condone fighting, but that photographer got a great shot. >> and the fact that he didn't fall out is the only thing that sort of gives him a pass. >> six players ejected. well, it's not just on the field where people are being hurt. another incident at the ballpark that left a fan in the hospital. why new protective netting wasn't enough and the concerns being raised this morning. breaking news, a three mile backup on leesburg pike. where you will have to add extra time coming up. . a great view of the washington monument. the view of the outside is all you're going to get though as new robs have forced to close to visitors.
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developing this morning, a carnival cruise ship will return to texas without one of its passengers. the u.s. coast guard has suspended its search for a 33-year-old, foot age shows her falling off after climbing a deck rail. the ship was on a four day mexican cruise. chuck bell, what is going on with the weather? it's been bizarre to say the least. >> after a long record crushing stretch of continuous rainy days, we finally got rid of the rain ont to find out it could be really cold.
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morning at 37 and it's back down to 39 again this morning. a little milder in town, because seat heater morning for sure. a beautiful looking way to get the day started, but put your jacket on. temperatures in in the mid-50s to upper 50s with noontime. pretty little miss sunshine will need the jacket and long sleeves. coming up, a check of the "7-day forecast" and i though we'd all like to see some 80s on it. it will stay cooler than average much of the week. here is melissa mollett now with more breaking news. breaking news again still have this problem on eastbound 7 there being reported at colvin run road. so you can see this is an overturned pickup truck. tow truck is on the scene. but a 3 mile backup.
6:41 am
it is very slow. had blue line delays, but i'm hearing that they have just cleared out of the way, so you can ignore that. taking a look on 270 germantown to the spur, you're on time. top of the beltway getting typically slow 95 over to 270, outer loop going to take you 17 minutes. 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 16 minutes. 95 mort quan if you company to the beltway going to take you 24 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car especially to figure out what is happening on leesburg pike this morning. right now an urgent plea from sheriffs deputies where the search for this man is under way. where he was last seen and why they are concerned. plus new concerns being raised about your safety at the ballpark after another fan is hurt. why new netting wasn enough to 'tpr
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free,
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me family and friends are remembering the victims of the deadly shopping center shooting. how they are honoring the lives of two women killed in the attack. but first, your weather and traffic. it is a cold start this morning. temperatures between 35 and 45 degrees. at least it's still dry, but we won't be dry for too much
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up. and leesburg pike at colvin run, you can see an overturned vehicle. they are trying to get it out of the way. a 3 mile backup still hanging around. some delays on georgetown pike as well. details on all of it coming up. today we could learn whether a 17-year-old charged in a dale city murder will be tried as an adult. the boy will make his first appearance today this juvenile court. the 17-year-old allegedly killed eric last thursday at a town home on brazil circle. police say the suspect lived in the same town home as the victim's family. an off duty emt is being hailed a hero after helping a 7-year-old boy. he was shot in the shoulder in his southeast d.c. neighborhood this weekend. the first one to arrive on the scene was veronica, she was at a b
6:46 am
when she heard the shots and sprang into action. >> even when you're off, you're on duty if somebody is help, you heart th help them. that's our job. >> people are calling for a crime camera to be placed in that neighborhood. a man shaken up after a pbl b basketball bat hit him at a game. joe fryer is in boston to talk about what they're doing about it. scary situation, joe. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. it happened here at fenway and part of the reason people are paying attention is because the bat actually went over the protective netting hitting the fan just above the right eye. it's making headlines because this park like so many others around the country during the offseason extended the netting behind home plate. the nationals actually have netting that goes even beyond what major league baseball recommends. the goal is to try to protect as many
6:47 am
balls and broken bats. one analysis finds more than 1700 spectators are injured each year at major league games. some fans are wondering if the net should be expanded even more to protect more people. so the flip side, those say it takes away from the game day experience having to watch through the mesh netting. at the end of the day, all the major league teams including the red sox say it's important that fans pay attention while they're sitting in the tstands, watch ot for foul balls and especially this day and age when so many fans are looking up to at their phones. and if you're thinking about this sort of thing that could happen to you, don't forget joe mentioned the nationals were one of a handful of teams that added more protective netting. the team said major league baseball recommend extending to keep people safe. joe will have more on the safety concerns coming up on
6:48 am
show. 6:48. and it is day three he in the trial for the second baltimore police officer accused in freddie gray's death. edward nero is accused of assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. he was one of the officers who helped put freddie gray inside the police van where he allegedly suffered a fatal spinal injury. today officer garrett miller is expected to testify against nero. chris gordon will be back in the courtroom and will have the latest for you this this afternoon on air and online. deputies are working to find a missing man. 81-year-old ronald eugene jackson was last seen sunday morning. he was wearing a yellow t-shirt, dark blue pants and baseball cap. we're told he's driving a silver 2009 ford escape with plate kv 1666. if you have any information, contact spotsylvania county
6:49 am
closed once again this morning for repairs. officials closed it under is could you d due to power issues. the monday oomt ument has been several times this year. strong winds are likely to blame for this partial building collapse in northeast. d.c. fire says the building is an old tomato packing plant. no word what is next up for that building. and we're hoping that the wind will be diminished today so it's not as cold. >> yesterday very blustery. >> saturday morning like a brief 40 minutes when it was warm. do you remember that? was that just a dream is this. >> good weather down at the beach this past weekend. nice and mild on saturday. then showers. but yesterday was cold, cold, cold. and no, i did not get in the ocean. it's only like 53 degrees. so not uswh
6:50 am
it just yet. what should you expect here in our fair city for your monday? you should expect an awfully chilly start outside this morning. 30s and 40s out there first thing. plenty of sunshine, but unlike where he had when we had independent withes 35 to 40 miles per hour, today that will not be the case. there is a frost advisory out towards the shenandoah valley. temperatures in the mid-30s out there early this morning. so a cold start. but dry for now. rain chances 60, 70, tomorrow and wednesday. back to the dry weather thursday and friday. and i'm a little concerned about the weekend. could have more rain chances to deal with by the time we get to saturday and sunday. here is all the moisture in the middle of the country. these raindrops near st. louis are the ones that will come down i-70 in our direction here. they will be arriving during the day tomorrow. doesn't look like a lot of rain, but an awful lot of cloud cover around. so today enjoy the sunshine. cooler than average. we'll stay in the 60s for today and here is fut
6:51 am
skies are already cloudy by then and a chance for a couple of showers for the tail he said evoig of the morning commute on and off through dinnertime. steadier rain moves in late tomorrow evening and likely the steadiest from about 8:00 tuesday evening up through about noontime on wednesday before things start to dry out once again by late wednesday afternoon and again that will take us to dry weather on into thursday and friday. so there is your 7 day broadc"7 forecas forecast". 66 and sunshine today. 70% rain chances for tuesday and wednesday. dry thursday, friday. highs in the 70s. and our average high is 76 and no mid-70s on the forecast at all. breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. breaking news chopper 4 still over the problem eastbound 7 at colvin run road. we have a 3 mile backup through that section of leesburg pike. it is still very, very slow through there as they have the overturned vehicle on
6:52 am
a lot of people taking georgetown pike as we talked about an alternate. georgetown pike also quite slow. hoping they get that out of the way. poplar at kellogg mill, still have take crash. 66 overall and 95 overall looking fairly typical this morning. 95 right now north after garrisonville, we had an earlier accident. doesn't look so bad there anymore. taking a look at prince george's county, slow in all of the normal spot. indian head highway, branch avenue. right now to whip of the beltwa looking normal. south approaching 197, just a tad slow. 270 at montrose, no major problems there. it is now 6:52. a woman killed in the maryland shopping center shooting will be remembered today as a beloved chemistry teacher who pushed her students to do their best. today there will be a vigil for gladys
6:53 am
two weeks ago her estranged husband eulalio tordil shot her outside the high school in beltsville. and also a funeral today for claudina molina. she was killed 24 hours after tordil was shot. her funeral is at st. jude catholic church. she was a nursing assistant who planned to retire within a year. we're working to learn the details of an arrest of win tell pierce. he was arrested early saturday morning on simple battery. pierce was in atlanta filming a new movie. he's had a long movie career. most recently he played clarence thomas in the hbo docudrama. i'm angie goff at the live desk with a developing story northwest of phoenix. this is where crews aret
6:54 am
the scene where a house good motion happened that killed a man. he was in his garage at the tim time.the blast may have been chemical in nature.he was in hi time.the blast may have been chemical in nature. neighbors have been evacuated. a law cool couschool could renamed for antonin scalia. education leaders are discussing approving the proposal today. faculty have already approved the name change. verizon and its workers are resuming negotiations to he sen strike. nearly 40,000 workers have been pick ketding. the union believes they want to freeze pensions, cut benefits and rely more on contract worker. it's report card time for the major airlines. department u.s. department of transportation is set to release the hochtsly air travel consumer report card. the report will contain march fly delays, tarmac
6:55 am
mishandled bag reports and other consumer complaints. good morning. i'm pllandon dowdy. amazon set to expand the private label goods it sells on it site. it will launch several new lines in the coming weeks including tea, coffee, baby food, diapers and laundry detergent. they will only be available to prime members. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. here are 4 things to know before you head out. president obama will award 13 law enforcement officers with the medal of valor. the ceremony happens in the east wing of the white house. spotsylvania sheriff's office is asking for your help to find a missing man. you see the photo right here on your screen. this is 81-year-old ronald eugene jackson. he's been missing since sunday more than. jy
6:56 am
accused of terrorizing a mclean couple. andrew schmuhl faces abduction charges for the 2014 attack on another lawyer and his wife. today there will be memorial services for the women killed in the maryland shopping center shootings. claudina molina will be at st. jude catholic church in rockville. and at park dale high school, students will hold a victim i will at 6:30 for gladys tore till. >> another day of sunshine around here that will make two days in a row without rainfall, but those will be the only two in a row because we have two more rain kn more rainy days tuesday and wednesday. the real story is the real cool weather. tied a record at dulles international yesterday. we're down in the 30s in n. some spots this morning. and taking a look at this problem chopper 4 over the issue in the great falls area. eastbound leesburg pike there 7 at c
6:57 am
mile backup. a lot of people taking george town pike which of course is typically a nice alternate, but it is slow this morning here because of the folks bailing out on 7. it should be out of the way soon. so if you're leaving within the next 20 minutes, might want to chance it. i don't know. but don't blame me. >> she's like i'm not -- >> how lucky are you feeling. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. oh, the places you'll go. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> president obama takes a not so veiled shot at donald trump in a commencement address, as the republican's presumptive nominee fires off a surprising new tweet this morning. encouraging bernie sanderso run as an independent. round two. 28 million people in the flood-weary south, bracing for more heavy rains today. how bad will it get this time? search suspended. the coast guard calling off its three-day effort to find a young mother who fell overboard on a cruise. why her family is still holding out hope. and cover up. a los angeles meteorologist handed a sweater during


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