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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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northwest. two are murder cases. i want to draw your attention to that house down there on the corner here on 49th street in southeast. it's in the 100 block. witnesses tell me that a woman who lives in that house, a woman in her 40s, was coming home from the grocery store. they say she got out of the car and as she walked towards the house, they heard six shots and she fell to the ground outside the house. homicide detectives are now working this scene. a few hours ago around 12:30 over on texas avenue near the intersection of benning road and east capitol street, another murder. a 21-year-old man shot and killed after an altercation there behind a gas station. police were all over the place. they brought in search dogs. they brought in evidence technicians. they're trying to get clues and
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wrong there. this is ward seven. so far this year there have been 20 murders here in ward seven. last year at this time, only six murders. on the scene over there on benning road i talked to vincent gray. he is the former mayor. this is what he had to say. >> this is an outrage that this kind of thing would happen, period, but then happen in broad daylight. we're in the middle of a well trafficked intersection where pedestrians are going back and forth. when are we going to see somebody get killed just innocently walking down the street? it is time for this to be over with. >> reporter: again, police are working five shooting scenes in our city in recent hours. okay, four in southeast, one in northwest. it's unclear as to whether any of these are
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another. police are looking into that possibility. they're trying to get evidence and figure it all out. we're on top of it here. we're gathering information. i'll be back later with more. now back to you. >> pat, thank you. quickly, breaking right now, police are investigating a shooting near the petworth georgia avenue metro station. the shots were fired about a block away from the station. a man who was grazed by a bullet walked into the metro station looking for help. he is expected to be okay. officers are looking for who may have pulled that trigger. a math teacher in northern virginia's community college is in jail tonight. he's accused of sexually assaulting two of his students. julie carey joins us from manassas with reaction. >> reporter: well, that teacher was arrested about ten days ago at the end of the spring term. today as students are coming back, some are just catching up with the
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they are shocked a teacher is charged with such a serious crime. 27-year-old math teacher youssef taleb ended the spring semester in police custody, relieved of his duties. these search warrant documents spell out the allegations against him. a female student came forward on may 5th. her allegation, that two days earlier mr. taleb took her into an enclosed conference room to help her with several calculus problems. it was there he allegedly sexually assaulted her. she says it wasn't the first time. back on march 22nd, he allegedly raped her inside a classroom. a second woman also came forward to say she'd been sexually battered by the same teacher earlier in the semester. the two women attended different classes and did not know each other. >> is that him? >> yeah,
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>> reporter: this student hadn't heard about the arrest we told her today. jew receive taleb was her math teacher at the start of last semester. >> it is very shocking because i had him the beginning of the spring. he was very professional. he was very supportive in class. it is very shocking to find out he's involved in this. i would have never guessed to see that coming. >> reporter: this notice required by the federal government went out to students on the northern virginia community college website informing them of the alleged sexual assault. it does not mention the accused is a teacher, and these students hadn't seen the alert. >> how does this strike you to hear about this arrest? >> it's scary. >> reporter: now, i called and left a message for youssef taleb's attorney, but i did get to talk to mr. taleb's housemate. what he has to say about these charges. back to you in the studio. cold start to the week, wendy rieger. >> doug, when is summer going to arrive?
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>> we go through this every couple years in the month of may which is sometimes a lot colder. this happened to be one of those cold, wet months. take a look out there. what we saw this morning, these are the numbers you woke up to. 36 in gaithersburg. ft. meade at 34. 37 at dulles. that ties a record low temperature. to be that cold this late in the season, that's quite amazing. let's show you what's happening around the rest of the appearea. we have warmed. some beautiful weather across the northeast, even though we're still five to ten degrees below average. we'll take 67 and sunny any day of the week, but look what's coming our way. here we are back in d.c., but from omaha down towards the gulf, a lot of moisture. one more day of rain coming tomorrow. probably not just one, but two days ofai
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wednesday. umbrellas and jackets will be a necessity. not just the rain, but the cold air will move in again. better late week. that's coming up in just a few minutes. your commute on metro is about to hit another snag. speed restrictions are now in place for trains in three areas. speed restrictions in place for trains from grosvenor to dupont circle on the red line, from z rosslyn to minnesota avenue on the blue line. it is to reduce electrical power by trains. the slower speed is in place until further notice. in the race for the white house, democrat bernie sanders rallying with his supporters across puerto rico today. he's about to make his second of three stops on the island. earlier, he was in the capital of san juan. he told the crowd he does believe the citizens
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rico should have a vote on whether to become the 51st state. he says the federal reserve should restructure puerto rico's debt. they can vote in the primary election. they cannot vote in a general presidential election. hillary clinton today talked about what her husband bill clinton would do if she was elected and relayed he would have a role, but he would not serve in a cabinet position. clinton spent the day rallying with supporters across kentucky. kentucky and oregon have democratic primary contests tomorrow with more than 100 delegates up for grabs. on the republican side, donald trump is blasting "the new york times" for what he calls a hit piece about his relationships with women. news4 chris lawrence is in our newsroom working details on this story. >> reporter: trump is calling the article
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now one of the women at the center of it is calling it disappointing saying the times took her words out of context. the article describes a time when trump asked a woman he barely met if she wanted to change out of her clothes and into a swimsuit. he asked the crowd, isn't this a stunning trump girl? this supposedly happened at a party back in the early 90s. the model at the center of it told msnbc she considers the experience to be very positive and trump never asked that question. >> i never said he paraded me anywhere. he didn't force me to put anything on. he didn't take me out there and ask anybody what do you think. he didn't ask anybody anything. he said, now that's a stunning trump girl. i was very flattered. >> now "the new york times" put out a statement
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quoted her fairly and accurately, but she says trump was never anything but a gentleman who had extreme respect for any woman she met through him. beautiful day. you just want to see for miles and miles. you want to climb up the washington monument to the top and rutroh. disappointed because of that elevator in the washington monument. it will reopen tomorrow, folks. steps are being taken to prevent future mishaps. >> reporter: thousands of tourists were out exploring washington, d.c. >> i came in from houston a couple of days ago. >> reporter: but if the washington monument was on the list, they were out of luck. >> we saw the maintenance sign on the door, but weren't sure of the details. >> repairs, some of the maintenance.
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the problem again. >> they discovered a number of faults coming off of the control systems. >> reporter: he says the problem was detected on saturday morning and for the last three days tourists have been turned away. the monument has closed at least ten times. just a few months ago, 19 people were forced to walk down 20 flights of stairs after the elevator stopd working. last year this time, more than 40 people were trapped inside, including two pregnant women. >> it is a really nice day. >> reporter: the park service is working on a permanent fix. >> we're in the process of finalizing a contract to bring in a company for a deep and thorough assessment of all the operating systems on the washington monument. >> reporter: they'll develop an aggressive plan to fix the problem. >> y i
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but safety is important. we don't want people to get stuck or have any problems up there. i wouldn't want to be stuck up there. we also honor the more than 35 who have been given their lives in the line of duty so far this year. one of them, an officer in virginia named ashley marie guindon was taken from us on her very first shift. >> president obama paying tribute to that prince william county officer who died earlier this year. killed. he honored 13 officers for their courage. he presented the medal of valor, including one posthumous one for the officer who was shot and killed in a robbery in philadelphia. find out what
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singer in the chicago suburbs. ahead, why defense lawyers ask that all charges be dismissed today in the trial of the baltimore police officer charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. i'm tracee wilkins. ming up on news4, large portions of prince george's county are considered food deserts. we'll explain what it means when you have a lack of quality food
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the prosecution rested its case this afternoon in day three of the trial of a baltimore police officer edward nero. he is one of six. the defense immediately moved to have all the charges dismissed. chris gordon reports on what happened next. >> reporter: judge barry williams denied the defense motion to dismiss all four charges against baltimore police officer edward nero. the judge said at this point the law requires him to view the evidence in the light most favorable to the state. prosecutors thought that by compelling fellow bike patrol officer garrett miller to testify he would help prove the charges in
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nero, but it apparently backfired. >> i think officer miller did a tremendous job on behalf of the defense. i'm not sure what the state has been able to elicit favorably for the state through officer miller. >> reporter: officer miller testified with immunity, meaning nothing he said can be used against him because he will stand trial in july on the same charges as officer nero. miller testified that it was he, not nero, who stopped and handcuffed freddie gray after a foot chase on april 12th, 2015. nero is charged with assault, but miller says he moved gray, not nero, who only touched gray to help him find an asthma inhaler. miller testified he thought the patrol wagon driver is responsible for belting a detainee in the van, not officers on the street. >> the problem for the state and now it's become a problem for these six defendants is they
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what happened to freddie gray inside the van. >> reporter: ahead, how strong is the prosecution's case against officer nero as the judge is asked to render a verdict later this week. that's the latest from baltimore. chris gordon, news4. just into the live desk, we've learned the ntsb will cite a cause for the deadly amtrak derailment outside philadelphia. a source says the final report will be released tomorrow and it will say the engineer was distracted by radio dispatches. that engineer told investigators the last thing he remembers is pushing the throttle to pick up speed, then hitting the emergency brake when it felt like the train was going too fast to round a sharp curve. eight people were killed in that crash last month. 200 others were injured. it's an annual part of
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it is called the rise christian police conference near haymarket. members of law enforcement from as far away as canada attended the conference. >> we felt there is a need. the community with law enforcement, there's been a tough time with the families, with the coworkers. >> we often have a hard time asking for help. this organization offers officers from all over the country an opportunity to connect. >> organizers hope officers will be able to share the coping skills they have learned with o coworkers when they go home. amazon is going to have its own brand for products and more. the online retailer plans to rapidly expand its private label offerings. according
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journa journal", amazon will have perishable foods and household products. there is growing concern over the lack of healthy grocery options in prince george's neighborhoods. we take a look at the potential long-term health impact on the community and what the county is trying to do to fix it. >> reporter: in some prince george's county communities you can drive for miles before seeing a proper grocery store. >> there are some communities where the only access to food is a gas station. >> reporter: it's why the usda has declared the entire county a food desert, with individual neighborhoods leavinge ining 10 7500 residents without proper food. this se
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considered one of the food deserts in prince george's coun county. in just a short period of time we were here, we met one man who is dealing with the health impacts of living in a food desert. >> i am a diabetic. >> reporter: derrick albert has lived here for 20 years. he was diagnosed with diabetes last year. he comes to this international food market for snacks, but for groceries he leaves his neighborhood. >> i have 15 to 20-minute drive. >> it hurts all of us because the entire community's health is affected. >> reporter: he studies racial and ethnic health disparities and says eliminating these deserts often depends on local legislative prierorities. >> the elected officials need to be aware that the demands
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there. we need to be more intentional in seeking what does a community need to be healthy and thriving. >> reporter: he's making the hard pitch to grocery retailers to move to prince george's. >> i think there's one that they don't see the footprint there to make money and sustain the business there. i think on the other hand some of these communities have some reputations not being friendly to business. >> reporter: meanwhile, residents like derrick -- >> that's all we have around here. >> reporter: -- are hoping permanent solutions come sooner rather than later. >> that i have to build something that is substantial for all of us around here, not just the few. we have some new developments on the whereabouts of sinead o'connor. the singer has been found and she is safe. >> they've been looking for her since yesterday morning. investigators tell us she was
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around 2:30 this afternoon, but would not give any details about where they found her. o'connor went for a bike ride this morning. police got a call from a concerned person when she didn't turn. arsenio hall sued o'connor when she posted something on facebook insinuating hall supplied prince with drugs. plus, she's the woman being credited with stopping a shooting spree. ahead, a look back at the life of a mother who gave up her life and fought bac against ank
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and we actually have a beautiful day across our region. at least a beautiful afternoon after what was a very cold start to the day. now with plenty of sunshine, we're looking really, really nice. abundant sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. temperatures today into the 60s. if this was the middle of april, you would be saying what a great afternoon, but of course we're talking the middle of may. average temperatures 75 degrees. yesterday those winds were gusting over 30. it was a very chilly sunday. today a lot nicer.
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if we could continue on this great stretch, that would be great, but not going to happen. this is hurricane preparedness week all along the east coast. we expect 14 named storms. about 8 hurricanes, 3 of which could be major hurricanes. most of the time it is about 12, 6, 2, and 3, so a little bit above average. the last week of august, the last week of august, has always had something right off our coastline in a situation like this when we're going from an el nino to a la nina. make sure you have a plan. storm team 4. not much going on across our region. nothing around our area today, but you notice the clouds starting to move. th'r
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storm system well back to the west. 11:00 tonight, just some cloud cover here, but look at tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. just about everybody seeing the rain early tomorrow morning. it gets heavier around 10:00, 11:00, even around noon. we'll get a little bit of a break around 4:00 or 5:00. then another batch of rain comes through tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. we're in for a fairly rainy 24 to 48-hour period. temperatures tomorrow morning around 52 degrees. 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, just cool. temperatures only around 58, but not a bad afternoon. not as bad as the morning, i should say. 58 and cloudy, that's bad for this time of year. temperatures around 60. we do get better thursday and friday. looking pretty good. highs in the low 70s, but even that won't last. tom is here wit
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news for the weekend coming up in just a little while. >> throw tom under the bus. should your employer have to way for your birth control? obamacare rules say yes, but even the supreme court justices couldn't agree today. find out what that means for your health care coverage when nbc's pete williams joins us live next. the giant food shopper that stopped a shooting spree. how family and friends are honoring that montgomery county mother tonight. and doctors perform the
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she was the last victim on that awful terrifying day in montgomery county just a week and a half ago. she was gunned down while she tried to fight back against the man who was trying to take her car. tonight the grandmother is being remembered. >> jackie bensen is live in rockville. >> reporter: family and friends are gathering here at the shrine of st. jude church to remember a hard working woman who loved her family. molina was a mother and a grandmother. on friday may 6th, outside the giant grocery store she lost her life at then
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gunman who had already killed two other people, one of them his wife. police believe tordil shot mrs. molina while she was trying to carjack her suv. she was working as a home health care nurse. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we're going to hear some words about mrs. molina that were written by her own family. really the first time we've heard anything from them in depth. very, very touching. jim, back to you. the dump truck driver who rammed two prince george's county police cruisers will stay in a mental health facility. gene thomas brandon pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted first-degree murder. he was found criminally not responsible for his actions. back in january of last year, he confronted two officers in glen arden and accused them of killing his brother.
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view. that decision, if you will, today regarding a controversial part of the affordable care act, birth control. the case brought up by the little sisters of the poor. they run nursing homes. they say they should be exempt because birth control runs counter to their religious beliefs. now the case heads back to a lower court for a decision. let's get the latest from pete williams. how much of this is about numbers and the fact that there are only eight justices on the court? they have not filled the late justice scalia's seat. >> reporter: all of it. the court did take up the case. they did hear argument. today, their decision was basically to punt, to send it back to the lower courts. in doing so, the court endorsed
5:34 pm
argued. under that compromise, religious affiliated groups would not have to tell the government that they don't want to provide coverage for contraceptive care. they argued in the supreme court that even telling the government or their insurance company that make them play a role in the process made them complicit in a sin, which is providing birth control. to be decided down the road if this case comes back here again or if it goes through the appeals courts, what form would that coverage take. can it be inserted into the current plan or does the insurer have to come up with something new?
5:35 pm
>> what happens during this limbo, if you will? >> reporter: yes. faculty, staff, students at georgetown, they chose not to contest this. they are providing the coverage. most are. the 24 or so that sued in the supreme court, the government says the employees should get the coverage, but to be determined is what form it is going to take. >> okay. thanks, pete. st there will be more on "nbc nightly news." doctors in massachusetts tonight are celebrating a historic surgery. they performed the nation's first ever penis transplant. 64-year-old thomas manning had to have part of his genitals removed because of cancer. doctors at mass general successfully performed a 15-hour surgery. they say manning should have full function in a couple of months.
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men, especially injured army veterans. >> we'll be able to open this up to other patient populations such as wounded warriors returning from iraq and afghanistan who suffer these incredibly devastating injuries that can leave them so despondent that they consider taking their own lives and they often do. trash troubles are piling up in prince george's county. we've gotten call after call after call since changes have been made to the collections schedule. find out what the county is doing now about your pick ups. a sex assault in a busy neighborhood in arlington. what yo
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tiger woods sure made a big splash in bethesda today. actually three big splashes. after undergoing two back surgeries last year, we haven't seen the superstar in quite a while. will he play at congressional next month? if he does, it will be like seeing a ghost. >> i get asked that a lot. it's great seeing you. i thought you were dead. no, i'm right here in front of you. >> the quicken loans control is back here at the congressional country club. after taking a few swings here at media day, it is safe to say
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>> that's in the water. >> the overriding question i keep hearing, when are you co coming back, when are you playing. if i knew, i'd tell you. everything about my game is coming around. now it is just a matter of being consistent with it. >> reporter: what has been consistent? the support for the armed forces tiger's tournament has provided. a special moment for a retired army colonel from virginia. >> thank goodness no one is watching. >> reporter: he was part of the group teeing off the shot for the heros campaign. >> we just want to say thank you for what they do for us, keeping us safe here at home. look at the life we live here and what we're able to do on a daily basis where in other countries it is not like that. we need to honor that more. we need to say thank you more often. >> jason mentioned shot for
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you could win 10,000 if you make a hole in one at select montgomery county courses this month. search shot for heros on our nbc washington app. the group that owns the site of the famous preakness stakes wants to buy rosecroft. tim national bought rosecroft in november. some people in prince george's county are complaining now about how the county reduced trash pick up days from two to just one. the change happened at the beginning of the month. some say their trash hasn't been picked up or they don't know the new trash pick up day. county officials say in some instances trash collectors have been making mistakes, but wherever the problem lies, they ne
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truck misses your house. to find your trash pick up day, go to nbc4 and search trash pick up. i'm tom sherwood in the district. graffiti be gone. how you can help get rid of graffiti in the city. i'll have the story coming up. i'm mark segraves in arlington where a woman was sexually assaulted early sunday morning. why police are saying they're putting every resource they have into catching this guy. it's been a delightful spring day. big changeon our way ands
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a woman says a man sexually assaulted her in her bedroom in her bed. now police in arlington are hoping to catch the suspect before he strikes again. mark segraves is in arlington with just more on how this happened. >> reporter: this is north edgewood street. we're right off washington boulevard here in arlington. neighbors say they've had issues with people being robbed and even a house fire in recent memory. but to have one of their neighbors attacked in her own bedroom has everybody concerned. the victim is a 25-year-old woman who had come home alone
5:46 pm
>> when she arrived home around 2:30 in the morning, she witnessed a male subject walking from the rear of the residence. he entered a four-door tan sedan and left the area. >> reporter: she went into her home and went to sleep. a few hours later, she woke up to find a man in her bedroom attacking her. >> she wakes up in the middle of the night to a male sexually assaulting her. how exactly he ended up inside the residence that's still under investigation. >> reporter: the suspect took off and the victim called police who used dogs to search the area, but the suspect got away. >> nothing inside the home was taken, so all we have right now is an unlawful entry and a sexual assault. we don't believe there was a robbery that was part of this crime. >> reporter: the only description police have is a man wearing a dark jacket with a hood, possibly driving a tan four-door sedan. police say if you were in the arlington area early sunday morning andaw
5:47 pm
suspicious to please call them. coming up at 6:00, why police are investigating the possibility that this incident may be related to another incident that happened nearby also on sunday morning. let's make a deal. that's what lawmakers in virginia and maryland are trying to do. the line would likely connect the king street or eisenhower avenue metro stations with prince george's county. the goal is to provide added access between the two tourism h hubs before the new mgm casino is finished. well, it can be art, but graffiti can also be an unwelcome blight on neighborhoods. tom sherwood reports on the six-week cleanup campaign that's now under way in the district to help get rid of some o
5:48 pm
some of it art. some of it is pretty well done, but it is still illegal graffiti or tagging. neighbors and building owners like thomas hart, who has owned this building ten years, don't like it. >> over those ten years, i've been tagged or graffitiized about 25 times. >> reporter: the native washingtonian says he's seen neighborhoods improving for decades. >> it's been a regentrification process in this shaw area, but one thing has been constant. graffiti. >> reporter: district officials today launched what they're calling the great graffiti wipeout near u street. >> we know when people see graffiti and it is pervasive in the communities they think the city doesn't care. >> reporter: it includes scraping away thousands of stickers and pasted signs.
5:49 pm
afterwards. >> this is the gym right here. >> reporter: the city's six-week offensive will touch all eight wards. you can call in graffiti complaints to the city's 311 help line. the district spends about $500,000 a year on. -- >graffiti removal. news4. the rain is a nuance. tom is here to get rid of it. >> put it in the truck and it can drive south. go away. my lawn was looking like the amazon jungle the last couple of days, but wendy came over with her weed whacker. she is amazing. >> i did it from my kayak. >> a wendy rieger weed
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look at the new paint job on the capitol dome. they did a great job. they're going to take down that scaffolding soon. if you go out this evening, you will need a light jacket. it will be getting cool again. slacks. need your sunglasses. it is well into the 60s. turned into a delightful afternoon after we had that cold morning. 67 now at reagan national. good evening for a run. we'll have temperatures into the 60s, mid to low 60s. then after sunset back into the late evening hours down into the upper 50s by 11:00. post your pictures like this one of the gorgeous sunrise over the potomac river. post your weather and nature photos on facebook, twitter, and instagram. we're all dry here now, but out west in
5:51 pm
here comes rain. that stretch is right alone the mississippi river valley. it is tracking our way. the area in green is rain. by 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, here it comes across virginia, west virginia, into maryland and the district around 8:00 tomorrow morning. off and on showers through noontime. the shower activity starts to break up a little bit and move east to the chesapeake bay by 4:00. another shot of rain does move back in as we get into late tuesday night through midday wednesday. a little sun may break out on wednesday afternoon. high only just near 60 degrees. tomorrows temperatu tomorrow's temperatures only into the 50s. then just to make jim handly stop whining, we're going to have it up around 70 -- >> i'm with that. >> i know. it is going to be clearing out beautifully on thursday and friday up into
5:52 pm
days. a nice end to the week, but the weekend -- i don't want you to see the weekend. >> don't even. >> looking like rain. off and on showers on saturday and sunday. that may linger into monday. how about that? is that great? >> oh, lord. now news4 responds. >> some viewers tell us they haven't received their electronic gas bills for months. susan hogan joins us now. this problem sounds familiar. >> news4 responds cannot fix the weather just so you know. >> that's too bad. >> you are absolutely right. this is something that we actually reported on back in february, but even after the gas company told us it was close to being fixed we're now in may and viewers continue to contact us with complaints. bob tilman and amy
5:53 pm
they have not received a gas bill in months. tilman has been told he is delinquent more than $400. whalen has her gas turned off. >> i remember a story you did back in the winter. i thought this would have been all been f fixed by now. >> at 11:00, we'll let you know the update and what's going to go on with all those fees associated with delinquent bills. since we posted this promo on facebook, we have been inundated with complaints. we have an answer for everyone. >> this is going to be huge. >> absolutely. she's the kind of gal who steals the show and she's the most popular girl in school. coming up next, meet
5:54 pm
a big impact. new tonight at 6:00, the changing
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5:56 pm
well, we're learning more about two preschool teachers who are charged with assault in fairfax county. some new court documents say there is video of shari diggs and
5:57 pm
one shows diggs flicking a child on the forehead. another shows campbell grabbing a child by the arm and pulling her across the room. it's a unique classroom visitor that is helping local kids with special needs. >> the students are able to find comfort so they can open up and gain some confidence. >> david culver has the story now from sterling. >> reporter: as the click of her shoes echo through the halls of parkview high school, all eyes on little miss popular. >> it's gone to her head a little bit, but all in all she's great. thank you. >> reporter: this is fiona. fiona fudge, a mini horse. these students each dealing with different special nee
5:58 pm
quite sure how to approach fiona. fiona likewise hesitant. it may be that shared timid behavior that allows for this. >> approach slowly. hold your hand out so they can say hello. >> reporter: suddenly a connection. much of it flows from the tender approach with the students. >> what you did was perfect. >> reporter: she loves kids and her horses. >> to have the opportunity to have my two passions combined, it couldn't be any better. >> reporter: she founded project horse in 2008 to help those coping with a variety of needs. she and several volunteers began trucking the mini horses to schools. a volunteer sees the impact. >> joy, lots of joy. >> reporter: a recent graduate of parkview high school, amber says this program changed her life. >> i seemed to open up a little more. i was able to cope with my anxiety better. >> it's amazing. i don't think we were quite sure when we first started what might hae
5:59 pm
cloweman sees the change in her students too. >> they're more confident. they work better as a team. >> reporter: in sterling, virginia, david culver, news4. an awful lot of violence in the district today. two people killed in at least five separate shootings today. >> a man was shot and killed this afternoon along texas avenue in southeast. then just hours later, a woman gunned down a few blocks over on 49th street. >> pat collins joins us now with the latest on all this. >> reporter: jim, a lot of bullets in the air. a lot of blood on the ground in our city today. police investigating five shootings. four in southeast, one in northwest. two murder cases. i want to direct your attention now to this corner house on 49th street southeast in the 100 block.
6:00 pm
as she got out of her car and walked towards the house, they heard six shots. they say that woman fell dead to the ground. now about four hours earlier, about 0.4 of a mile away, another murder right down the street. a sea of sorrow at yet another murder scene on our city's streets. family and friends trying to deal with the loss of another life. >> it's happening every day. it's a damn shame. people are tired of it. i'm tired of mothers crying every day. >> reporter: the murder scene near the intersection of benning road and east capitol street. the victim a man about 21 years old shot and killed in an alley behind this valero gas station. they say there was an argument and then gunshots, and the man fell dead to the ground.


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