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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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as she got out of her car and walked towards the house, they heard six shots. they say that woman fell dead to the ground. now about four hours earlier, about 0.4 of a mile away, another murder right down the street. a sea of sorrow at yet another murder scene on our city's streets. family and friends trying to deal with the loss of another life. >> it's happening every day. it's a damn shame. people are tired of it. i'm tired of mothers crying every day. >> reporter: the murder scene near the intersection of benning road and east capitol street. the victim a man about 21 years old shot and killed in an alley behind this valero gas station. they say there was an argument and then gunshots, and the man fell dead to the ground.
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seven this year. compared to six murders during the same time last year. on the scene today, former mayor vincent gray. he's a candidate for the ward seven council seat. >> people ought to be able to go out their door and feel like they can be safe going about their business every day. i'm sure that people don't feel safe when they see these kinds of things happen with good reason. >> reporter: crime dogs used to hunt down evidence and track trails of possible suspects. some men searched and brought in for questioning. fingerprints gathered. photos taken. there was a big crime camera here. maybe that will provide the key clue in this case. these broad daylight murders are troubling, are they not? >> all murders are troubling. >> but in broad daylight, that's
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i would agree with you. >> reporter: five shootings, two murders. are they somehow related? well, police are trying to figure that out. jim, back to you. and there was more. this was the scene in northwest d.c. late this afternoon as police were looking for clues after a shooting near the petworth-georgia avenue metro station. we're told the shots before fired about a block away. a man grazed by a bullet walked into the metro station for help. he is okay. an investigation is now under way of a college teacher accused of sexually assaulting two of his students. the attacks allegedly happened at the northern virginia community college manassas campus. julie carey broke the story and joins us with new reaction from the teacher's housemate. >> reporter: well, a spokeswoman for northern virginia community college tells me youssef
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no longer employed by the college, but she can't comment any further on this case because it is an ongoing investigation. i did find these search warrant documents. they provide startling details about two alleged on campus sex assaults. is that him? >> yeah, that's him. >> reporter: this nova student is starting her summer term with startling news. youssef taleb, the math teacher she had last semester, is behind bars. he's charged with raping one female student and sexually assaulting another. >> i had him in the beginning of the spring. he was very professional. he was very supportive in class. it is very shocking to find out he was involved in this. >> reporter: a female student came forward on may 5th. her allegation, that two days earlier mr. taleb took her into an enclosed conference room to help her with several calculus problems. it was th
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assaultassaul assaulted her. he said back on march 22nd when she came to taleb for help he allegedly raped her inside a classroom. a second woman also came forward to say she had been sexually battered by the same teacher earlier in the semester. investigators say the two women attended different classes and did not know each other. police executed the search warrant at this fairfax townhome where taleb lived. they seized clothing, a cell phone, documents, and photos. this family has rented a room to taleb the last two years. >> i'm speechless. i woke up one morning and my mother told me, hey, the police is here. they're asking him. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it at all. he always seemed like a really great person. >> reporter: this notice went out on the campus website may 5th, but it doesn't mention the accuses
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over at the anendale campus. we have not heard back. what i'm hearing from you, it's going to get lousy, miserable, stinky, and awful again. what's going on? >> this happens every couple of mays that we see these nice cold air masses. i say nice, sorry. it is here again. wait until you see the forecast tomorrow. right now 66 in d.c. 66 in philly. we're nice today. yeah, we've got the sunshine this evening. enjoy it if you're going to be out and about. now we've got the rain coming back in, and it will be here for the early morning rush. most of that rain well back towards st. louis and memphis, but we have a lot of it movi
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period for tomorrow and into the day on wednesday. what you need to know more rain tomorrow and right on through wednesday. the umbrellas and the jackets because we're not just talking rain. we're talking cold rain. temperatures will be 20 degrees below average tomorrow with the rain coming down. it will be better late week. there is a little good news in this forecast. >> weather is what it is, isn't it, doug? >> it is. i can't change it. to stay ahead of all the changes, we invite you to see to it that you have set weather as your home screen in the nbc washington app. turning to presidential politics now. donald trump has all but locked up the republican presidential nomination, but he's in damage control mode today after a series of high-profile public criticisms. there are democratic primaries in oregon and kentucky tomorrow. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are
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last vote. brian moore has our report on all this. >> reporter: donald trump may not have any opponents left in the gop primaries, but he's still facing plenty of opposition, especially from republican republicans with growing talk of a third-party mutiny. >> there are a lot of folks who are looking at this and saying if this guy our nominee, are we looking at an electoral wipeout. the answer is yes. >> i don't think i'm a divisive person. i'm a unifier. >> reporter: president obama called trump out over the weekend without ever mentioning his name. >> it's not cold. >> reporter: a former model at the center of a story says it is a negative spin job. >> i never saw or heard him speak illy of any woman or any man for that matter. >> reporter:
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of ill about hillary clinton as she tries to finish her fight with bernie sanders. >> republicans have been attacking me for 25 years and they're not going to stop now. >> reporter: likely true, but many in the gop aren't cutting trump much slack either. brian moore, nbc news washington. presidential politics popped up here in the district in an unusual way. there is a no trump anytime sign. it's not clear who posted it, but there is a bernie sanders sticker on the back of it. similar versions of this sign have been spotted around the district. trains will be departing stations more slowly and they will travel at a maximum speed of only 45 miles an hour in certain areas. they're going to do that in an effort to reduce the train's draw on electric power. metro says the restrictions
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result in congestion and increased travel time. the effected areas are the red line, the orange line, and the silver-blue line between rosslyn and benning road. new information on the cause of that deadly amtrak derailment in philly last year. a source tells nbc news the engineer may have been distracted by radio dispatchers. there will be a hearing here in washington to present the final report. that train was going more than double the speed limit when it rounded a curve and careened off the tracks. eight people were killed. more than 200 injured. tonight, friends and family are remembering a woman who was shot down outside a grocery store. molina was shot and killed at the giant in aspen hill in what police say was an attempted carjacking by a gunman on the
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run. jackie bensen in rockville where a visitation is being held for molina. >> reporter: jim, her family is still too devastated to speak publicly, but a biographical sketch they have released speaks volumes. molina was a mother and a grandmother. on friday, may 6th, outside the giant grocery store, she lost her life at the hands of a deranged gunman who killed two other people, one was his alleged wife. now not being able to see stopped tordil. investigators believe this ended his shooting spree. now this statement was in a biography provided to us by her family. it reads, she was a persistent woman who
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claudina was a fighter. indeed she fought until her final moments, perhaps saving the lives of others. h a very fitting statement about this woman who was a part of our community, who is being remembered here today. live in rockville, jackie bensen news4. a close call captured on video as we learned what caused this collapse in the district. a woman sexually assaulted in her own home near the busy shops and restaurants in arlington. police think the same guy tried to attack somebody else just a few hours earlier. ahead, how the prosecutors' strategy may have backfired when they compelled a fellow officer to testify here at the trial of officer ed
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today, you're riding down the street and all of a sudden this happens. that's not supposed to be. it happened yesterday in northeast. a wall came crumbling down. officials believe the high wind might have contributed to the wall of a former tomato packing plant collapsing right into the street. it
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street tonight. crews are inspecting that building. they're cleaning up the mess. the old plant was being redeveloped into retail space. the case of baltimore police officer edward nero charged in the death of freddie gray now turns to the defense. prosecutors rested their case today after calling a fellow bike patrol officer to the stand, but his testimony may have backfired for prosecutors. chris gordon explains what happened in court. >> reporter: officer edward nero's defense lawyer asked that the judge dismiss all four charges against nero, arguing that prosecutors have failed to prove their case. the judge, however, denied the request saying at this point he is required to view the evidence in a light most favorable to the state. >> it is absurd that he's sitting there having to fight for his freedom all because he joined in a chase. >> reporter: prosecutors thought by compelling an officero
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charges of officer nero. miller worked with nero and faces the same charges. he is scheduled to stand trial in july. he testified today with immunity. >> it was miller who made it abundantly clear that officer nero neither handcuffed, nor did nero participate in the detention at all of freddie gray. >> reporter: neroa today, offic miller testified that gray was no threat. >> he did not resist. he wasn't rude. he didn't holler. he didn't cuss. he stood there and did exactly what the police asked him to do. >> reporter: a verdict in the trial of officer nero is expected this week. in baltimore, chris gordon, ne
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for leads after a body was found in a neighborhood pond this afternoon. it's near an apartment complex along ridge pond road in centerville, virginia. a neighbor walking by noticed a woman's body in the water. police have not been able yet to identify that woman. the news4 i-team has learned a virginia transportation official has admitted to being part of a bribery scheme. scott macfarlane broke the story. >> he was ceo of virginia regional transit. mark mcgregor admitted he approved $380,000 in phony work orders for an auto repair contractor and then accepted half of the money back in kickbacks. he entered the plea where the contractor had already admitted his role in the scheme.
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summer. virginia regional transit is a non-profit bus service. the u.s. department of transportation and federal prosecutors took mcgregor to court today for the screheme. a renewed push to train thousands of eyes in the sky. a group of flight aten -- attendants are calling on the house to pass a bill to require all attendants to undergo train to recognize suspected human trafficking. >> to save lives every day and these traffickers still lives. 12 million every year. many on our
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it, recognize it, and report it. >> the senate overwhelmingly passed the bill last month. the house is now drafting its own version. you can call her dr. muriel bowser now. the d.c. mayor was awarded an honorary degree in public service today. the mayor told the crowd when she attended chatham in the 80s she attended with a typewriter. the supreme court has avoided taking a stance on obamacare. we'll tell you what that means for that controversial birth control mandate. coming up on news4, a woman wakes up in this neighborhood to find a sexual predator inside her bedroom. i'm mark segraves. and we'll tell you why police are investigating whether this incident is related to another incident that happened the same da
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trash has been piling up in some parts of prince george's county, and residents want to know why te countyh ♪ stand by me
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smaller shelters around the city, but phil mendleson -- the mayor and the council agree that d.c.'s general should close, but bowser's plan has been
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now at 6:30, a woman sexually assaulted in her own home. why the attack could be connected to another incident in the same neighborhood. the trash is piling up and people are turning to news4 for answers. >> they said they were coming this particular day, but they never showed. the supreme court sends the obamacarir
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what happens next and why both sides are claiming victory. and the changing landscape in northern virginia is taking a toll on local farms. >> we're growing houses in stafford county, not cows. >> the emotional end to a decades old tradition. first tonight, a woman in arlington, virginia, says she woke up on sunday morning and found a man in her bedroom who then sexually assaulted her. >> it happened on north edgewood street in the lion park neighborhood. mark segraves is at the scene where police believe this attack may be related to another incident the same morning. mark? >> reporter: that's right. as you can imagine, residents really shaken in this neighborhood. police tell us this is the only active case they have right now of a victim being assaulted in their home, but they say they have reason to believe that this victim may not have been the first person that this man targeted sunday morning. she arrived home about 2:30 sunday
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street just a block away from shops and restaurants on washington boulevard. the 25-year-old victim told police she saw a suspicious man behind her home, but he took off in the tan sedan. the woman went inside and went to sleep. about two hours later, in her home, in her bedroom, she is attacked. a man sexually assaults her and then takes off. police say it is unusual to have an assault like this inside a home. >> absolutely you feel safest in your home. that's why we're using all the resources we have available to investigate this incident. that's why we need the help from the public. if they saw anything that evening that was suspicious, please come forward. >> reporter: police don't have a suspect or even a description, but they say he may have tried to attack another woman in a nearby neighborhood a few hours earlier. >> we did have something that was also reported late to arlington county police department that occurred in the same time frame.
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female advised she was walking home when an unknown male subject followed her and knocked on the door of her residence. we're investigating whether these two incidents are linked. >> reporter: once she locked herself in her home, he banged on the front door repeatedly until she called police and then he took off. no description yet except the man was wearing a dark jacket with a hood pulled up and is possibly driving a tan four-door sedan. >> have you heard do the police have any clue how this man got into the house? >> reporter: they don't. there were no signs of forced entry. he is being wanted on unlawful entry. he wasn't a friend or known to the victim. there were no signs of forced entry on this house.
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people. you have to keep your windows closed and your doors locked at night even when you're inside your home. new details tonight reveal why two preschool teachers have been charged with assault. it allegedly happened last month at mcneil preschool academy in the mount vernon area of fairfax county. teaching assistant sherry diggs and lisa campbell have been charged with assault and battery after a minor found bruises on her 4-year-old daughter. court documents reveal that video shows diggs flicking the little girl on the forehead. the video shows campbell violently grabbing the child by the arm when the child was seated and then pulling her across the room. jury selection will continue tomorrow for a man using a bizarre defense. andrew and his wife alicia are accused of terrorizing and nearly killing a mclain couple
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2014. his defense is involuntary intoxication. he claims his mental state was a result of his medication he was taking. alicia is being tried separately. we are getting a lot of phone calls and e-mails here at news4 for people who want to know when their trash is going to be picked up in prince george's county. the county recently changed the trash pick up schedule. now some residents there say they're being missed or overlooked all together. bureau chief tracee wilkins looked into the problem and talked with county officials about what they're doing to fix it. >> reporter: he is getting used to hauling his full trash cans out and then in again. at the beginning of the month,
6:35 pm
its trash pick up days from two to one day a week. since the change, some folks have complained they're being missed all together. >> some neighbors said they're not coming. they took their things back up. they come the next day or two hours later and they're still stuck with it. >> reporter: it's been a rocky start, but still better than expected. >> this is a transition period. sometimes the residents aren't getting the right information. sometimes the haulers are learning a new street or a new route. >> reporter: if there is a problem, his office needs to know. >> the important thing is that we're out there and responding as quickly as possible. we want residents to communicate with us. >> i still think we might be better off twice a week. >> reporter: all debris will be picked up all areasnt
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if you are not getting your trash picked up, call 311 and let the county know so they can correct the problem. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. a surprise move by the supreme court. what it means for the future of obamacare. and above and beyond the call of duty. incredible stories from some of the officers honored today with a medal of valor. don't we wish we could keep this picture all week long? just beautiful out there. not a cloud in the sky, but, yeah, that's not going to be the case tomorrow. rain moving back in and that's not the only rain i see in the fo
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four years ago, the u.s. supreme court saved what we call obamacare. last year, the court saved the health care law again. but this year, the justices punted instead of tackling a challenge that
6:39 pm
contraception and nuns. they handed it off to the lower courts. >> reporter: thanks. good evening. you could call this a 4-4 split here at the u.s. supreme court, the liberals and the conservatives. because they could not decide, they unanimously agreed to throw this controversial case back to the lower courts. the issue obamacare and its birth control mandate that guarantees free birth control coverage to all emplees. since the lower court rulings stand, that mandate is not changed. down at the white house, they're celebrating that as a health care win for millions of americans. but the plaintiffs in this case led by little sisters of the poor, the order of nuns who run nursing homes, who didn't want to get involved even the littlielittle
6:40 pm
bit, do not have to fill out the form, so they're calling this a win. at the u.s. supreme court where this case could come up once there's a ninth justice, i'm steve handelsman. nbc news. today, president obama bestowed the medal of valor on 13 public safety officers. that medal is the highest national award given to police and other first responders. it is presented to those who risk their own safety to protect others from harm. one officer honored today was stabbed a number of times while trying to stop a man from setting off a gas explosion. another officer stopped two terrorists who tried to attack a mohammad cartoon contest in garland, texas. >> some on duty, others off duty, all rising above and beyond the call of duty. >> president obama had to reach high to place the medal on an lapd officer donald
6:41 pm
thompson ran across two highway dividers and endured second-degree burns while pulling an unconscious man out of the car just before it was engulfed in flames. he was off duty at the time. a drastic change in a once thriving industry. >> views like this becoming more and more rare here in northern virginia. i'm david culver just outside of fredericksburg. just ahead on news4, we're going to show you the reality when it comes to the future of farming and cattle raising and it's not looking positive.
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repairs have been made now and the washington monument will be reopen tomorrow morning to guests. it was closed today for the third day in a row. the national parks service says once again it was because of an issue with the elevator. this is at least the tenth time in the last year that elevator problems have forced the monument to close. it is virginia's largest industry, but farmers in northern virginia tell us the land that provides our food is becoming increasingly overrun by development. as david culver found out, the changing landscape also means an emotional end to a decades old fredericksburg tradition. >> reporter: it's a life that seems so removed from the rest of northern virginia. on his family's silver ridge farm just north of
6:45 pm
fredericksburg, every morning mike silver feeds the cattle both by hand and on tractor. looking after his dad, jerry. >> i enjoy talking about the farm, showing people what we do. >> reporter: both father and son watching the landscape around them quickly change. >> that's 18 acres there that we farmed for a long, long time. we've lost it this year. sold for houses. farm on the backside of us, 300 acres all in houses. >> reporter: the silver family has been farming this land for nearly 200 years. jerry silver tells me they reached their peak in the mid 80s. since then, they've lost about 1/3 of the land. >> you know, we're growing houses in stafford county, not cattle. >> reporter: the cattle business here feeling
6:46 pm
fredericksburg livestock exchange. >> it used to be full. i mean, the stands here where people used to watch the sale, it would be full. now you have a handful of people coming. there's just no farms in the area. it's really sad. >> reporter: at one of the exchanges last auctions, they brought a bull from their spotsylvania farm. the final bids aren't what they used to be. >> the purpose was to have a place for local producers to sell their cattle. there's not just as many local producers anymore. >> when i saw it in the paper, i almost started crying because it was that emotional. it is someplace we've been coming so long. >> reporter: families like the bennetts say the children of many farmers they know are choosing different careers. >> they're just not
6:47 pm
it's a hard life. you don't make that much money. it is just hard. >> this one is a monster truck tractor. >> reporter: if a 3-year-old's playful spirit is any indication, they may have this place for a sixth generation. he'll have to do without the local exchange. in fredericksburg, virginia, david culver, news4. >> beautiful, beautiful scene out there. we don't see enough of it anymore. >> it is all changing all around us. >> it is. i guess farmers who are busy taking advantage of the little sunshine opportunities we've had. >> back in april, i heard from some of the farmers talking
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rain. that was answered. now they just want to be able to work out there. now we see plenty of sunshine today, but it is just today. yesterday was sunny, but it was cold. highs only in the 50s. we had winds blowing at 30 miles an hour. today was a nice day. look at that. a beautiful shot out there towards reston. looking really good across our region. plenty of greenery as well. trees are in full bloom. 66 degrees. 64 at 7:00. 60 degrees at 9:00. storm team 4 radar not showing anything now. we will be dry tonight, but the rain, it is not too far off. it is just back to our west here. you can see it is moving our way. we'll see that rain in here by early tomorrow morning. sunrise tomorrow 5:44. the sun goes down at 8:15. how about that? 52 tomorrow morning. starting off with some rai
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an isolated shower around 4:00, but this is the time we have the best chance of seeing drier weather. 58 degrees, that's going to be as high as we go tomorrow. highs about 20 degrees below average. 60 degrees on your wednesday. good chance of rain mostly early on wednesday. thursday and friday looking good. 71 thursday. 73 on friday with some sunshine at least. mostly cloudy on friday with increasing clouds. ahead of our next storm which could become a nor'easter here on saturday, sunday, and monday. only 58. so many of us have had games cancelled. that could be the case for some of us again this weekend. coming up in sports -- >> we see each other every week.
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>> the question is perhaps when or whether tiger woods will be back beating his competitors' brains in. some insight coming up with david. >> but first, here's a look ahead. ahead for us, our exclusive reporting on americans who left to fight for isis overseas and the reaction of those they left behind. we have the story every parent of a teen should see just about how often young people are dying while texting behind the wheel ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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tiger was roaming around today. are we expecting to see him back anytime soon? >> we get to talk about it. what do we like in d.c.? we like to debate. >> absolutely. >> that's right. we like to keep things going. welcome to capital queries. when will the sun come out? it is back for a
6:54 pm
engagement. what about tiger woods' future? he still has a tournament here in d.c. today the quicken loans national media day at the congressional. tiger underwent two back procedures last year. his game is progressing, but this didn't look good. in fact, he hit three balls in the water on the tenth tee with cameras rolling. woods says he's hoping to play next month, but doesn't know if he's going to. needs that game to be more consistent. what does he miss? the competition from his friends on the tour. >> it's guys being guys. we see each other every week. we try to beat each others' brains in every week. it's a close brotherhood. a lot of the guys that i know, it's been a bit of an
6:55 pm
interesting experience. i've missed competing. i've missed being out here and coming out on a stretch be the guys and feeling that rush. >> we have to wait and see. we're taking advantage of this weather with more golf and for a good cause, but first some business. redskins quarterback and the coach sounded optimistic about chances of a long-term deal. after they talked, they joined other skins and golfed to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. players always look to impress their coach. a long drive competition came down to offensive lineman spencer long and head coach jay gruden. >> damn! congratulations. >> i was watching him warm up and i was a little worried. he's a little more consistent than i am. might have came away lucky with that one. >> reporter: admittedly not very good at golf for a good cause.
6:56 pm
denison. >> i was diagnosed with acute leukemia in high school. >> he is a lacrosse player. because of his diagnosis, he missed out on a year or two of lacrosse. just being a guy that plays sports, that kind of hits home with you. to know he's doing well now and coming back stronger from it, it's a pretty cool thing. > >> it's my hope for the future that kids diagnosed with cancer or anyone else will have a better experience than i did or not get cancer at all because we found a cure. >> reporter: sounds like a good day no matter what. >> you'll be winners to me because of all your support. >> a great day. sadly, there is time for golf for the capitals. eliminated from the playoffs. now the question
6:57 pm
capitals general manager is who will be a part of that future. we know about key players under contract, but decisions have to be made about the free agents. one of the guys is jason chimera. age is a concern. he wants to stay here in d.c. and does not want to think about moving on from the capitals. >> if they win a stanley cup next year and i'm not part of it, i'll go into a deep depression for a couple of weeks. maybe months or years. it's tough. it's all that my family knows. it's tough to leave. it's tough to, i guess -- it's tough because you rip your whole family apart. >> a real emotion.
6:58 pm
bar, i want jason chimera to have my back. >> thank you, dave. >> "nightly news" coming up ext.
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tonight, over the line. new outrage over a growing crisis at america's airports. a chaotic mob scene at o'hare. the latest nightmare, passengers waiting hours at security. tens of thousands this year missing flights, some sleeping on the floor. deadly amtrak disaster. breaking news tonight. what the feds think may have caused that crash in philadelphia. isis in america. fallout from our investigation revealing the u.s. citizens now fighting for the enemy. were they plotting right under the noses of their friends and family. tragedy at sea. a beloved mom vanishes after falling from her cruise ship in the dark of night. silent killer. an alarming new winner about heart attacks. nearly half of them striking without the usual symptoms. manyon


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