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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. now at 11:00, major concerns about a kidnapping scam, spreading and scaring families in the d.c. metro region. a lifeline for overworked americans. why millions are about to see
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if i don't go all the way and if i don't win, i will consider it to be a total, complete waste of time, energy and money. those results from the latest presidential primaries just coming in right now as the democratic battle continues. >> first we want to go to chris lawrence at our live desk. he's keeping an eye on the results from oregon and kentucky kentucky. >> hillary clinton eked out a win in kentucky. who ill it is too earl will i to call, most are predicting a win for bernie sanders. >> thank you forri voting. oregon votes by mail and people have been dropping off ballots all evening. hillary clinton did not visit the state and sanders is drawing his biggest crowds there. nbc news is calling her the apparent winner in kentucky after she won 2,000 more votes than sanders. that means they will
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delegates which puts her closer to clinching this nomination and avoids her suffering an embarrassing sweep. clinton spent money on advertising in kentucky and made a dozen trips there the past few weeks. no i we're three weeks from the last big tuesday when new mexico, new jersey and california voters all head to the polls. back to you. >> thank you. new tonight, donald trump sat down with fox news anchor megyn kelly tonight to seemingly end their feud. he didn't apologize for the name calling over the past several months, but the two agreed to let bygones be bygones. she asked trump how khow parent can tell their kids no to tease and taunt when they see him
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in just about all cases i have been responding to what they did to me. it's not a one-way street. >> as you heard, trump 0 told kelly if he doesn't win the election he will consider the campaign to be a total waste of time, energy and money. rainy weather continues. so does the cold. don't put the sweaters and jackets away yet. doug has the forecast for the commute tomorrow and is there any sunshine in sight? >> we some sunshine the next couple of days but you mentioned the rain. we have seen it numerous days, 14 out of 17 days an the cold has been another thing we have been seeing, too. one of the coldest starts to may ever. the tale of two mays, wouldn't that be great if that was the picture we were seeing, but it is not. only one day last may below 70. also thear
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this year 12 below 70 degrees including four in the 50s. on the radar a few light showers. look at the wider view. one area moves ou and another moves in overnight. i will show you what it means for your morning commute and we will talk about this may. will we see warmer temperatures toward the weekend? that forecast coming up. thank you, doug. when you think of kidnapping, you probably think of criminals, physically capturing someone. >> tonight there's greater concern in our region over something called virtual kidnapping, a scam with no real danger but victims are made to feel like their lives or the life of someone they love depends on immediate payment. we told you about cases of this last month in montgomery county. now they are popping up all over our region. jackie is here with details. >> there have been three confirmed reports of this in the d.c. area. two victims at george
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university and another at an unidentified catholic school and may see another wave of this scam that plays on people's worst fears first reported by the news 4 i-team. >> several attempted in maryland in recent months. >> i got a phone call out of thin air your mother has been in a serious accident. if you don't g it the money to fix his car, i don't know what is going to happen to your brother. >> reporter: the news 4 i-team warned families being targeted by virtual kidnapping. a new post on the prince william county page says victims will receive a call saying a relative has been held hostage as a result of a car accident, gang assault or trying to cross the border. they demand money be wire transferred to them immediately. the victim's phone numbers appear to be dialed at random. the fbi issued a warning on the scheme in
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the criminal use fear to their advantage. they want you to send the money fast and they may have information about your loved ones such as the make of their car or what school they attend. information that can be 0 obtained any number of ways. in some cases they may have a partner scream in the background to make it realistic and frightening. the news 4 i-team has more information and what to do if it happens. look for it on our app. two police officers who tried to stop a man who left a hospital without being discharged are charged in his death. officers clinton montgomery and charles brown tried to stop 74-year-old james mcbride after he left med star washington hospital last year. they pulled him to the ground and mcbride had to be resuscitated. he died two days later from what the medical examiner called blunt force injuries to his
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merchandise charge s. police say a man believed he saw anthrax spread on a farm field in va v.a. collected it tone drove to the capitol to warn people. tomorrow, president obama will announce a change to the overtime threshold for salaried workers. right now full-time employees can't collect overtime if they make more than $23,666 a year. the new threshold would be more than $47,000 a year. some business owners criticized the change saying they will have to cut workers' hours to save n
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reality is first responders face life-threatening situations every day. >> today some of the men and women who put their lives on the line were honored and as shomari stone shows those they saved had a chance to say thank you. >> life-saving medical treatments were administered and both victims were raced to the hospital in critical condition. they are both here tonight, proof of the historic efforts. tonight, debra and michael are thankful for the firefighters who saved their lives april 15th of last year. >> i'm so happy because we get to honor these firefighters again. >> reporter: tonight, those firefighters were honored for their heroic work. >> if it wasn't for them, i would not be here, me and my husband would not be here. >> reporter: in this packed auditorium in northwest d.c., we learned their row house was going up in flames in southeast d.c. firefighters rushed to the scene and pulled
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>> i was told i expired upstairs trying to get out of the window. >> once they pulled him out, they found me on the floor and they pulled me out. they brought me down. >> reporter: also tonight, the mayor gave an award to lieutenant kevin mcrae's family. he died after battling a fire last may. debra appreciates all firefighters for sacrificing their lives to help the community. >> they don't get the recognition they need and deserve. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. to breaking news right now, police in prince georges county are searching for a one week old baby. >> officers tweeted the newborn was last seen with 16-year-old bernard hunt jr. he is said to be the baby's father. they were last seen on watkins park drive in upper marlboro. if you have any information, call police. for the first time a must military branch has an openly
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the senate confirmed eric fanning as the secretary of the army today. fanning has a long history at the pentagon serving as undersecretary of the air force and navy. he was also chief of staff for defense secretary ash carter for a short time. he was nominated eight months ago but a debate over closing guantanamo bay held up his confirmation. if you had your clothes dry cleaned at super cleaners here in silver spring, you can finally get them back. the landlord evicted the store owners who hadn't paid rent for two years. the store was shuttered with clothes still inside. they will open up the store from 3:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon and on saturday from 9:00 to 1:00. be sure to bring an i.d. or receipt if you have clothes you need to pick up. today the ntsb blamed the deadly amtrak disaster in philadelphia on a
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a distracted engineer and the lack of a fail safe technology. federal investigators say the engineer that day was so focused on radio traffic about a rock that hit another train he lost track of his speed and location and accelerated to 106 miles an hour on a sharp curve. eight people died, you'll recall, in that crash last year. amtrak has since added automated braking technology to the northeast corridor. >> that's why the ntsb has been calling for positive train control for so long to provide that protective layer of redundancy to keep a single human error from becoming deadly. >> the engineer is on unpaid leave with prosecutors considering criminal charges. new information about alcoholism tonight. a new study finds a strong connection between marriage and a reduced risk of developing drinking problems. the study credited
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watching out for each other's health as one of the main reasons for the trend. but researchers say marriage will not reduce your risk of alcoholism if you happen to marry someone who is already an alcoholic. hundreds of thousands of women in the u.s. experience postpartum depression every year. many are left to battle it on their own. >> this is not your weakness or, you know, something about your character that you can't handle this. it is truly your body's chemistry. >> tonight we are changing minds. don't get burned this summer by your sunscreen. which ones just don't asure umep?
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we are changing minds with news coverage for mental health. >> i just felt very down. i felt i had 2340 energy. >> reporter: 33-year-old woman is describing how she felt when she was pregnant. >> lack of self worth, energy, wanting to do nothing but burrow in better. >> reporter: the centers for disease control reports one in ten women will suffer from postpartum depression, one in ten. between 14 and 23% of women will experience depression during pregnancy. those numbers make scree
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crucial. >> earlier this year, the u.s. task force issued updated guidelines. dr. davidson was on the task force. >> it is particularly important that we ask all women who are pregnant and all women who are postpartum if they have any depressive symptoms. it affects not just a woman's mental and physical health but that of her family and newborn. >> reporter: but women who have not yet given birth can sometimes attribute symptoms of depression to pregnancy. >> sometimes the patient doesn't recognize the things they are suffering from might be something that can be treated if they talk to their doctor about it. >> reporter: talking about it can feel intimidated. >> this is not your weakness or, you know something about your character that you can't handle this. it is
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chemistry. >> there's a lot of guilt with that. you know you are not depressed or if you are depressed it's something else or you can't do anything about it. how can you feel like that if this is the most wonderful thing you can do? >> reporter: in her second trimester she found relief with a mild antidepressant and going to talk therapy. as soon as she had her daughter she felt like herself again and credits her therapist with saving her life. >> there is help. >> we often get referrals from care providers, nurses, hospitals, we do individual psychotherapy, home visits. we have support groups. >> reporter: support is something that aida lacked but she is glad she went to a local maternal center. >> i'm happy and i'm thankful that i could -- that i got the help that i did. >> it's important anyone suffering from depron
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the best course of treatment, whether that is medicine or talk therapy, support groups or a combination. every woman's pregnancy experience is different. as we head toward summer in search of sunnier days, a new study shows many sunscreens on the market aren't doing the job as well as they claim. consumer reports tested 65 water-resistant sunscreens claiming an spf of at least 30. ful researchers found 43% of them didn't measure up. the fda doesn't regularly test sunscreens themselves. they also don't require that the manufacturer send their test results to the fda. >> there you go. just think of the money we're saving on sunscreen right now. >> we have plenty of time to find the perfect sunscreen before we see the sun again, right? >> before the sun comes out. we're not going to see the sun much the next couple of days. tomorrow definitely not.
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more shower activity. right now clouds. current temperatures on the cool side. you know, this happened to me earlier. notice how nothing is showing up there. the airport is not coming in with the temperature. a lot of areas not coming in with a temperature. i have to check that out. 52 frederick . 52 annapolis. we are on the cool side. high temperatures only in the 50s. i want to talk about hurricane season, starts in a couple of weeks. going back to 1998, i think this year could be similar, slightly above average as far as hurricane numbers go. look at the track from that yaoer ayaear and a lot of other years i looked at. watch for the third or fourth week of august, remember that. 7 to 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, showers. take the umbrella. not expecting a lot of rain and between 3:00 and 4:00 i don't have it in there. temperature 60 degrees. could we see a shower, still possible at that time but not
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lot. a couple of showers on the. look at the radar, not much going on. a couple in hagerstown and prince georges county, a little light rain. this is our first system that moved out. now we are watching the next system. notice here, kind of moving in this general direction, to our north and west. that's what future weather depicts for us by tomorrow morning. look at that. overnight tonight through 8:00 tomorrow morning, notice d.c. on the dry side. wet to the north and west. it stays back here for most of the morning. a couple of showers, that's going to be about it. take the umbrella. we're not going to see much in the way of rain but don't get caught without that umbrella outside. the hour-by-hour forecast, a few showers. temperatures in the 50s. maybe up to 60 degrees as you move to the 4:00 hour. next couple of days, here's where you need the sunscreen, thursday. that's it. 69 on thursday. partly sunny skies. more clouds coming in on friday. a high of 71. a couple of nice days
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as a matter of fact, i'm calling it a washout. look at the high on saturday, 58 degrees. sunday a little better. rain saturday, some heavy, not as wet saturday night if you have plans, but then sunday, sunday a couple of showers and looks like we will see some sunshine on sunday. a much better day. and then it gets warmer next week. tuesday a high of 78. wednesday, thursday, friday, 80s. >> good to know. >> coming up, thor's hammer just too much for the
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. carol is joining us now. nats taking on division rivals and not so hot. >> they are having trouble at the plate basically. they started the day a game and ahead of the mets and tonight, now a half game up. it is early may but it begins. the nats and mets face each other 19 times this season. the first matchup what many consider to be the marquis matchup in all of baseball. murphy back at citi field. spent seven seasons with the mets. nice ovation from the crowd. murphy went one for three in the gam game. max scherzer has given you will multiple home runs in this game.
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mets take the 1-0 lead. in the third. >> michael -- another solo shot. ten strikeouts. mets up 2-o. smooth sailing for the one they call thor. in the fourth, a battle of the hair. jayson werth, he has to sit and think about it. in the fifth, anthony strikes out on three pitches. next up, the reigning bryce harper looking like an eager beaver out there. ten strikeouts in seven shutout innings. 2-0 mets win. nats need the offensive spark and fast. >> they happen to be in our division, so we're going to face them off and on all year long. so we have to figure out
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to hit them. he has good stuff. that's some of the best we have seen this year. >> manny's orioles are starting a three-game series against the mariners. seattle making it rain early. two on. former oriole nelson cruz smacks this one in to right. a fan favorite when he was in charm city. not so much tonight. two-run single for cruz. after hitting an rbi single in the fifth, cruz continues to show fans what they are missing the broom stick doing work. a two-run shot. cruz three for three with five rbi. in the game mariners bash the birds, 10-0. that's the final. to the court, game one of the eastern conference finals. the cavs look to stay perfect the season. king james throwing down the huge alley-oop. lebron giving people what they want. james tracks down the loose ball. get out of the way. huge drive
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third quarter, more of the same kyrie irving will come away with the steal and they go on the run and who else is there but lebron with 34 points for him. cavs win it. biggest playoff win in franchise history. cavs a perfect 9-0 this sean. so
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bike race, but the tour de california is a fun bike race. take a look. one fan dressed as the pope sprayed riders with holy water as they went up a mountain. dorothy, complete with toto and the ruby slipps and haser
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- miley cyrus, josh


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