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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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down on the democratic party even as hillary clinton comes within 100 delegates of clinching the nomination. clinton has a lead of 274 pledged delegates when you add in superdelegates she only needs to win 10% of the remaining delegates to become the presumptive nominee. still bernie sanders is vowing to fight on and dismissing democratic calls to dial down his rhetoric. >> reporter: he's not dialing down. he is doubling down. he wants those so-called superdelegates that say they'll vote for her -- they're called super because they can switch. he wants them to switch to him. he vows to take his campaign to the convention in july. fresh off another victory, bernie sanders sounds driven. >> we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> reporter: in the california primary, he told the
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there. >> then we're going to take our fight into the convention. >> reporter: clinton beat him in kentucky, but barely, so they split the delegates. and she lost oregon, giving sanders the most delegates last night. she keeps the overall lead, but 488 are unpledged superdelegates, party insiders, the kind of process that enraged sanders' supporters in nevada. >> there's a pattern of conduct from the beginning of this campaign that has been hostile to bernie sanders and his supporters. >> reporter: now he sounds hostile. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party open the doors, let the people in. >> reporter: he means the democratic convention and clinton need to showcase sanders issues like free college and controlling wall street says a key sanders backer. >> this will resonate with americans and this is in complete
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charlton running on the republican side. >> reporter: donald trump released his list of 11 potential supreme court nominees. an abortion rights organization calls trump's list a woman's worst nightmare. any one of the 11 could vote to overturn roe v. wade. trump risks embarrassing most of the judges on his list. the public will know they get kind of passed over because they can't all be no, ma'minated. >> our informal nbc washington survey asks what you think bernie sanders should do next. drop out, stay in, or take it to the convention? right now, a slight majority of people say drop out. a security guard at a d.c. grocery
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now after a confrontation with a transgender woman who was trying to use the restroom. it happened at the giant at third and h streets in northeast d.c. jackie bensen joins us now with some new details about what happened there. jackie? >> reporter: this has all come into us within the last hour or so. we're going to tell you what we know. d.c. police confirmed they were called here earlier today and arrested a security officer for a confrontation with someone in the store. at one point during that confrontation, the security officer is alleged to have shoved or pushed the person, hence the charge of simple assault. several sources tell us it became apparent that the incident was prompted by the security officer allegedly telling the person who made the complaint, a transgender woman, that he did not want her to use the ladies restroom. the woman got upset, remained in the store. the security officer forcibly attempted to get her to lea,
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which resulted in the physical contact. now a short time ago we received this statement from a spokesman from giant. it reads as this matter involves a third party that provides security services for giant and there's an ongoing criminal investigation, all inquiries related to the incident at the h street giant should be directed to the local police for comment at this time. i can tell you what we're working on right now. we're trying to find out what company provides the security officers here at the giant and people ask why they would be here at all in the suburbs. it's not something you always see. this is an inner city giant. they have public restrooms. they sometimes get people who are disorderly, different things like that in there, so there are always armed security officers here at this location. live in northeast, jackie bensen. now to the rise in violence in the district. for the third time this week, somebody's been gunned down in broad daylight in southeast. it's a growing problem that
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struggling to solve. the latest shooting happened near morris road and mountview place. that's where we find news4's pat collins with the latest. hi, pat. >> reporter: hi, doreen. police have their hands full tonight. first of all, threats of retaliation for a monday afternoon murder and then today more daytime gunfire and another daytime shooting death. today's murder scene mountview place in anacostia. today's victim a 24-year-old man shot several times. his friends and relatives gathered nearby to console one another. police say it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. they say somehow the victim's car ended up crashed into the curb at the end of the street. sierra works with a training
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scene. >> some were rather emotional. obviously emotional myself in hearing that someone was shot. we have a day care center on the bottom floor and students were on a lunch break. >> reporter: monday, two people were killed in two separate daytime shootings in our city. one woman shot and killed outside her home. police have charged her son keith cooper to threaten to injure and kidnap a person. he said, i'm going to kill him, his father. i'm going to kill everybody. the police chief says she will not stand for these threats of retaliation. >> when you have somebody who makes threats to continue violence, we have to make an arrest. we're not going to allow people t to
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>> reporter: so far no named suspects, no arrests. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thanks, pat. the man accused of intentionally ramming his hummer into the sillver diner in tysons could face more charges. a 74-year-old diner has now died. the suspect is still in a hospital. right now, he's charged with malicious wounding and destruction of property. he had been a cook at the diner. he had taken bereavement leave just before causing that fiery crash. the man who drove a truck onto the national mall is now facing a $250 fine. his name is kevin osborn. he received a citation for driving onto public land without
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authorization. that happened yesterday. he told police he had been exposed to anthrax and he wanted to warn others. tests for anthrax came back negative. one day after that scare, we're hearing about another serious of security upgrades at the capitol. scott maacfarlane and the news4 i-team. >> reporter: these changes are unrelated to that truck incident, but there'll be new screenings for vehicles and for people to enter the house complex through the busy and crowded underground garages. those screenings are likely to begin within weeks. these are garages that are heavily used by many of the 15,100 congressional staffers. backups and slowdowns are expected at first. a u.s. house panel is planning a $16 million budget boost for its police next year. capitol's police chief has cited
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grounds. local members of congress says the force needs to be big enough to work off the campus too. >> the point is to be preventive, not to wait until somebody gets hit with a gun. there are various parts of the city that they can also go to make them truly a protective police force. >> reporter: and a final decision on whether to give the u.s. capitol that you are budget hike will be made in december. the labor department announced today it is doubling the salary threshold from $24,000 a year to $47,500 a year. more than 4 million workers will now be guaranteed overtime pay. the national retail federation predicts many companies will cut their employees off at 40 hours. >> these employees are going to have to clock in and clock out. they're going to lose a lot of
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flexibility. a lot of middle management jobs are going to be eliminated. >> to learn more about which workers could be affected, open up the nbc washington app and search overtime. still tracking the cool, damp weather across our region. storm team 4 radar right now tracking a couple of showers that are out there. not a lot, but some of us are still seeing some rain. a good idea to keep the umbrella handy just in case. the rain mostly to the west of d.c. around martinsburg and winchester. it's been just showers. in and around the metro area, not seeing a whole lot, but a few showers too. really just sprinkle. around winchester right along i-81 seeing the rain. we're not done with the rain just yet.
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then a nice few days. we're talking tomorrow and friday looking pretty good. then we have got saturday to talk about. we'll go through it hour by hour coming up in just a little bit. the driver who hit and killed a montgomery county police officer pleaded guilty today. he's facing up to ten years in prison. he'll be sentenced in august. that hearing revealed some new details about the case, and it prompted new reaction from officer noah lyoe lyote leotta'. >> reporter: that pain was alleviated for his family after the der
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because the outcome would have been the same. >> reporter: the suspect spent hours in a bar drinking beer and taking shots before he got behind the wheel. moments later, investigators say he slammed into leotta, sideswiped his police car before coming to a stop, never realizing he hit the 24-year-old cop. >> he spends the bulk of his time praying for mr. leotta and trying to seek amends any way he can. >> reporter: but the family says remorse and regret won't bring back their son. >> there are situations of why people do certain things at certain times. the remorse, it has nothing to do with it. >> reporter: reporting in rockville, meagan fitzgerald. bullets pierce through a man's bedroom and he should have
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tonight, the mystery of random gunfire in a northern virginia neighborhood. plus, growing frustration over those growing lines at airports across the country. merrick is calm under pressure, never really know what's going on in his head, and he's always 25 steps ahead of everybody else. >> the testimony yo mayu
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the summer travel season hasn't even kicked into high gear yet and already air passenger frustrations are sky-high. we've been telling you about delays of three hours or more in those security lines. some people missing their flights. others having to sleep in airports. tonight, the head of the transportation security administration says fixing the problem is a top priority, but it won't be easy. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: security lines and travelers' frustrations. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's unnecessary. >> reporter: are being stretched to their limits right now at airports across the country. >> this is just -- somebody needs to get their act together. >> reporter: a balancing act that is increasingly difficult, according to the administrator of the transportation security administration. >> we're still in a tough threat environment, maybe a tougher a
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same time we have to understand how to manage the system in a way that doesn't have large crowds of people gathering outside the secure areas. >> reporter: some of the biggest issues have been at chicago o'hare where the tsa has deployed a rapid response team of 58 officers and 9 canine units to get things moving there. analysts warn in chicago and other airports the crowds will only grow this summer. many predict record numbers with more than 2.5 million travelers every day, many with carry-ones. >> we have asked airlines to consider eliminate the check baggage fee. >> reporter: but the airlines say they're not cutting their fees and that tsa needs to ensure adequate staffing and equipment while passengers continue waiting. >> it is very frustrag.
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jay gray, nbc news. a new twist today in the battle to force republicans to hold confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee merrick garland. today, senate democrats held a mock confirmation hearing. the first witness worked with garland at the justice department on the oklahoma city bombing case. >> there were a lot of people that had very strong personalities, and watching merrick literally-and-a-ha navi way to make sure everybody had their voices heard was just remarkable. >> clerking for judge garland was the
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career. a first of its kind meeting in california as facebook defends itself against accusations of political bias. right now, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is in a room with more than a dozen prominent conservatives. he's addressing accusations that the site's trending stories feature is biassed. facebook came under fire after a former employee was quoted as saying it deliberately ignoring conservative news stories in its trending topics feature. the company denies that allegation. opening statements could get under way tomorrow in the trial of the loudoun county businessman accused of murdering his wife. castillo is accused of killing his wife and making it look like a suicide. jury selection began yesterday. michelle castillo was found dead in her home in ashburn, virginia, back in 2014. the couple had been going through a
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she had accused him of abuse and threats. the couple had five children p.. a restaurant owner caught a burglar by surprise this morning. just after midnight, cameras picked up images of the would-be burglar of the indigo restaurant. the owner lives above the restaurant and went downstairs when he heard a noise. >> he broke the door, the back door. i went down. he was not expecting me inside obviously. as he was trying to enter, he saw me standing in front and ran out. >> security camera video has been turned over to the place. tonight, there's new reaction from the victim's mother as a man is sentenced for murdering a kidney transplant survivor. a huge fright in a manassas neighborhood last night
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bullets come niflying into a hoe and into a next door neighbor's car. i'll tell you what police are looking for just ahead. how do you define a hero? today in annapolis, a number of emts and paramedics are awarded for the work they did to save nu
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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a neighborhood on edge after bullets pierced through a family's home. what people saw moments before the gunfire that could help police track down the person responsible. some firefighters in a battle of their own. we're telling you what they're now saying about allegations of bullying inside their own department. local heros honored for going above and beyond the call of duty while responding to a deadly crash. we'll have those stories and more coming up at 6:30. first, here's doug with a look at our weather. >> some good news. >> what's that? >> some sunshine the next couple of days. >> that's very good news. >> you're normally coming to me, doug, gloomy, ugh. we have seen the clouds today. we're still dealing with some dreary conditions. it is still cool, but there is some better weather coming. right now out towards reston and fairfax county as we look out towards
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that's where my fairfax county friends have moved to, downtown looking pretty good. 64 degrees. no rain right now downtown, but we have seen those numbers come up into the low and mid 60s across most of the area today with the exception of back to the west. winchester 55. 56 over towards hagerstown. the clouds and showers have remained back to the west. tomorrow it will be on the cool side at the bus stop. tomorrow will be dry. if you want to take the umbrella, fine, but you probably won't need it all that much. much nicer tomorrow afternoon. 69 degrees around 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. this is the last four hours. not much around the metro. a couple of light sprinkles here, but most of the activity you could see as been back to the west. then it has died as it has moved off to the east. hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, a
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in and around the frederick area. here's urbana. heads up around damascus and gaithersbu gaithersbu gaithersburg, around sandy hook and shepherd's town all seeing showers. it is not moving through all that fast. you can see the clouds from new york all the way back down to the south, so we have more cloud cover to move through. tomorrow, we'll start off with the clouds, but then we'll start to see some sunshine by the afternoon. 57 around 10:00. temperatures climbing to around 67 by 1:00 with some sunshine. more sunshine by 4:00 in the afternoon with a high temperature of around 69. we'll call it mild. average high is 76. i don't think we're going to be anywhere near that number. low impact for tomorrow. clouds still around with an isolated shower possible, but not probable. i really think most of us should be dry. evenet
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high of 73. increased clouds on friday ahead of saturday. saturday, a high of 58. more rain on saturday. this will be the day we'll be back into the gloomy conditions. if you're headed to the preakness, a dismal forecast with the exception around the time the race starts. maybe a shower, but a drying trend around race time. 'll be right back rigweht
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somebody went around shooting up manassas last night. prince william county police are trying to find out who that guy was. >> a home, a shed, and a truck were hit on a manassas street as julie carey discovered. it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: lucky for christopher lopez he was out late last night bowling with friends because while he was away somebody sprayed bullets into homes along westmoreland street. his sister was home downstairs with her baby. >> i heard five, six rounds of shots. then i ran upstairs to my mom's room and everybody heard it. >> reporter: it wasn't until her brother got home and went into his bedroom that the family realized the full scope of the danger. two bullets had come flying right into his room tearing into the drywall. it went right through this pillow. you can see the
6:31 pm
pillowcase. it blew the fluff out from the inside and this is the wood from the wall. this pillow is where christopher usually lays his head. >> if you had been asleep, what would have been happened? >> reporter: i don't know. that's literally the same side i sleep on. >> you could be dead if you had been home. >> yes. >> reporter: police think the first shot was fired into the next door neighbor's antique pickup truck, then coming into rest in a backyard shed. what do you think explains it? >> just random. >> reporter: the incident leaves the lopez family shaken. >> scared. very scared. my mom wanted to move already. >> reporter: police do not yet have my clues to work with to find the shooter. witnesses do report seeing a black sports car type vehicle driving by without its headlights on just before the gunfire. a
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years in prison for the murder of a kidney transplant survivor. a judge sentenced him today for killing jonathan harris back in 2014. harris was strangled during a home invasion in silver spring. harris had been part of a kidney transplant that was featured on the "today show." today, his mother says she believes justice had been served. >> knowing him, he would say, mom, stop worrying about me. and that's what i'm going to try to do. >> harris' ex-girlfriend was also arrested for the murder. prosecutors believe she wanted to get back at him for breaking up with her. she died of brain
6:33 pm
bullying has been in focus since the suicide of a firefighter named nicole mittendorff last month. after her death, vicious comments about her came to light on an anonymous online platform. some of the commenters claimed to be her colleagues. yesterday, the county board of supervisors announced the hiring ofan outside consultant to look into the fire department's work environment. >> as a woman, i'm not afraid to come to work and i'm not ashamed to be a member of this fire department. >> reporter: the fire official in charge of professional standards was placed on leave last week after posting inappropriate images and comments on facebook. it was a hit-and-run that ended with a church van engulfed in flames and five people dead, but it could have been even worse if first responders hadn'
6:34 pm
some of those paramedics and emts were honored today. >> you put the fire out and you look over and you see chaos everywhere. >> reporter: it happened in november of last year. >> i definitely felt bad for the families realizing how big of an impact it was for the church and what caused it. >> oh, my god. there's little babies. >> reporter: it was near the end of the shift change when the call came in. >> the call came out. we were like this is bad. we've got to go. >> we put the fire out. we had to start taking care of the people who were out there. >> reporter: it was a church van of more than a dozen church goers that exploded into flames. >> started doing ems care on everybody, deciding who was hurt, who wasn't hurt. >> there were just bodies
6:35 pm
>> reporter: two grandparents, a child, and an unborn baby died in that accident. >> it's always tough when you respond and there are little ones. nobody ever wants to see that. >> you know, your mind -- you go into another state. >> reporter: 11 people survived that crash. today these first responders were awarded the maryland star of life award in annapolis presented by the maryland institute for ems systems. it's a high honor. >> i don't normally expect stuff like this because we do it all day every day. >> reporter: because the driver died in in the crash, so did a lot of the answers for exactly what happened that night. in annapolis, i'm tracee wilkins. news4. now that the streetcar on h street northeast is running, transportation leaders are looking to expand it to georgetown. a new proposal would have the streetcar go through downtown
6:36 pm
ending in georgetown under the whitehurst freeway. the district would have to give it its own dedicated lane on k street. if everything goes as planned, you can hop on a streetcar to georgetown in ten years. an urban park opens. it is a bit larger than two acres. it includes benches and some nice landscaping. a developer donated to fairfax county parks. more growing pains in northern virginia. why development is causing a deep divide for people who live and work in tyson. i'm mark segraves. coming up on news4, i'll tell you why more than a hundred people showed up for a funeral for a man none
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the rain almost gone. at least for a
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the mass kidnapping that sparked the bring back our girls movement may have a happy ending, at least for one family in nigeria. a 19-year-old girl says she escaped from the terror group boca haram has been found. she was found with a baby on the edge of a forest. the kidnapping of 276 girls back in april of 2014 sparked an international outcry from world leaders that included first lady michelle obama. >> there are nearly 83,000 service members who died in wars overseas who are still listed as missing, but the military is now using technology to b
6:40 pm
closure to some of those families. today, one of those servicemen returned home to maryland 75 years after pearl harbor. mark segraves was there as his family held a funeral today. >> it's very touching. and i think this is the sendoff he deserves. >> reporter: ronnie kissinger always knew she had a cousin who was killed at pearl harbor. alber hayden enlisted in the navy during world war i and was stationed at pearl harbor in 1941. >> he was aboard the oklahoma at the time. >> reporter: when the oklahoma went down, hayden and 24 others on board died. they were buried in a mass grave. last year, the military excuse me --
6:41 pm
identified each ones. hayden's remains came home. nearly 100 relatives who never knew hayden gathered to give him a hero's sendoff. george owens helped the family arrange for his remains to be brought home. >> this is just unbelievable. >> it is. it is. >> reporter: in the past year, the military has identified nearly 100 service members. >> the wounds may be sealed and closed over by now and healed, but it doesn't ease the pain of what had happened to them, whether they died in afghanistan, iraq, vietnam, the beaches of normandy. it's still a family member who has perished and this is right and it is due to families. >> reporter: today chief petty officer albert hayden was laid to rest next to his mother and father. >> beautiful ending to a wonderful story here.
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tonight a closer look at the changing landscape and what's being done to ease the gridlock ahead of even more construction there. this wet weather is certainly taking a toll from attitudes to fine wines to slower internet service.
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in t
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will transform into a massive downtown with an identity all its own, but mixed in with all the optimism there's concern about a community growing out of control. new at 6:00, transportation reporter adam tuss reports on the growing divide in tysons. >> reporter: recognize this? this was tysons corner, a simple crossroads, a general store at the intersection of routes 123 and 7, but this, this is tysons today, a transforming urban goliath. >> any development raises concerns. >> reporter: john lee is retired. he lives on the edge of tysons in vienna. for him, it is not making sense just yet. >> there is a
6:46 pm
talks and all the other things that make a real town. it is an overgrown shopping development. >> reporter: poor planning made tysons the way it is and he hopes new planning missteps aren't being planned now. you can't just throw a rail line and a road and a bunch of buildings together and hope that it all works out. it has to make sense. as the head of an organization that studies transportation and growth plans all over our region, stewart schwartz has studied tysons a lot. his group, the coalition for smarter growth, believes that the right kind of growth for tysons has to be centered around the metro stations. >> we're building up on those spaces rather encroaching on neighborhoods and farmlands. >> reporter: the communities agreed to it. now it is up to fairfax county
6:47 pm
developers to make sure it happens. >> if it doesn't work, it will make a lot of people unhappy. it will stall. >> reporter: michael kaplan is the head of the tysons partnership. that is a group working feverishly to transform tysons into a better place. >> it's always been a primary goal to ease the congestion. the congestion of traffic was diminishing the quality of life, so we needed a solution. >> reporter: the solution is to encourage people to live, work, and play here rather than drive. in essence, capturing people. in a short amount of time, kaplan says that is working. his team just finished its traffic study. >> traffic on route 33 was down 9% in one year. >> reporter: for john who isn't part of the commute anymore, all of this is also about a place that makes sense, a place that you want to admire.
6:48 pm
news4. no doubt about it. the weather we've had the past few weeks has been downright weird. depressing for some us. you the gloomy skies and persistent rain are effecting more than just your mood. wineries are having a tough time. some virginia vineyards are saying their grapes are suffering because of the unseasonably cool weather. your internet connection may be slower. more people are spending time indoors streaming shows and movies. are your allergies bothering you? chances are it is mold you're experiencing. watch out for mosquitos. standing water provides prime breeding ground. we have one in the studio right now it sounds like. >> not anymore. >> we have six more ways the weather is affecting your life. search for weird weather and thank you, vance, for those side
6:49 pm
last night it was the beaver imitation. tonight the mosquito noises. we do need something to laugh about with the weather we've been having. now we have something to smile about, right? >> we have a couple of really nice days out here. we have another day in the 50s with some rain on saturday. tomorrow and friday much nicer days with friday being the best day of the week. take a look outside right now. it is all clouds down towards national harbor. if you've been out there on the capitol wheel, not the best visibility. you can still see quite a ways up the potomac. around 8:17, sunset. temperatures 64 degrees. temperatures dropping. cool, cool, and cool. it's be very cool. one of the coolest mays so far. we are going to warm next week. 63
6:50 pm
hagerstown, frederick, leesburg, all seeing some showers. we are going to see these. they are going to try to move across the d.c. metro area. don't be surprised if you need to pull the umbrella out for five minutes. we are going to see a chance of these showers, but this is it. this is finally the end of this band of showers. getting out tomorrow temperature-wise will be much nicer. by 1:00, 67. i think we'll see some sun. next couple of days, 73 on friday. friday looks good. then here's the rain on saturday. saturday kind of a washout. much better on sunday, a high of 73. look at next week. there we go, guys. monday, tuesday, wednesday, looking good. 80s on wednesday. >> we might start liking you again. we have sports coming up. robert griffin
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6:53 pm
jason's got sports. if you thought you were done here wit
6:54 pm
it is never going to end. >> we're going to talk about robert griffin iii playing football. this is what football related, vance. >> go ahead. >> we'll try. on the same day robert griffin iii hits the field, the new quarterback's tenure with the redskins still being talked about. a very interesting piece in an article. he explains griffin and how the relationship with the coach fell apart. griffin was out on the field with the cleveland browns. showing off the speed there. griffin signed a two-year deal with the browns back in march, but he can't escape his time with the redskins. according to that report, griffin called his coaches into a meeting where he demanded changes to the offense, one of four bullet points. simply stated, unacceptable. today from cleveland, robert says he's moved
6:55 pm
>> man, i'm so far removed from washington now and focused on this opportunity here in cleveland that i don't even worry about those things anymore. you know, i can only focus on what i can control and that's here in cleveland being with the dog pound. being with my teammates every single day. i just focus on those things. i didn't even see that story. we're going to keep it cleveland here. lebron james and the cavaliers absolutely cruising in these playoffs. they're my favorites to win it all this year. the cavs dominate in their first game in the eastern conference finals taking on the raptors last night. a 31-point victory. the largest playoff win in cavs history. lebron turned into a slam dunk show. the cavaliers have now won 16 straight. 16 straight. >> remember when you could do that? >> i remember that. >> eastern conference. >> dream on. >> you like the cavaliers to win it all over the warriors,
6:56 pm
>> the cavs are better. that's amazing. >> these games look like scrimmages for lebron james and the cavaliers. >> i would be happy for cleveland to get it. >> besides d.c., if any city needs a championship, it's clevel he nationals in new yo continuing their series with the mets. dusty baker's team currently going through a three-game skid. the top of the lineup really strugglitwng to runs in their l three games. tonight, gonzalez is on the mound. gonzalez, let's just sayislike . he has an impressive 6-1 record4 a no-c
6:57 pm
day was the draw for the preakness. the derby winner nyquist was the favorite. he has won all eight of his races so far in a workout this morning. 11 horses in the field for the preakness. eight of them did not run in the kentucky derby. trainer doug o'neal says nyquist needs to keep up the good work. >> we're just looking for him to continue what he's been doing here since he's been in baltimore. keep his appetite up and stay injury free and stay loose. when he saw some people along the rail, he wanted to gallop and show off a little bit. he went around a full two times. he's fit and happy and ready. >> looking forward to the preakness this weekend. the sherwood softball program, they're going for 100 consecutive wins today. right now,
6:58 pm
they lead that game 6-0. >> looking good i'd say. >> i don't want to jinx it though. t> saturday, ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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developing news tonight. cancer break-through. stunning new results about the treatment that saved jimmy carter's life. a common form of cancer once a death sentence, tonight doctors say patients are living a lot longer than they ever expected. supreme surprise. donald trump's appeal to win over conservatives, doing something no other candidate has done in modern time. inferno on the tracks. a fireball crippling one of the nation's busiest rail lines triggering commuter chaos. late word about what caused it. pay raise, the controversial new move which means millions of americans are about to get more money. and run for the ages. a stumble, a fall, and an amazing 100-year-old woman who got back up to set a


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