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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 19, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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and i'm tracking the fifth straight weekend with rain in the forecast. i'll have the latest timing on what you can expect coming up. we have
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two objects believed to be parts of that egyptair plane have believed to have been found. >> that debris that you just mentioned found near a greek island, something aviation experts anticipated happening rather quickly given the area where the plane vanished. this all started happening around 8:30 our time last night. the planes ms 04 with 66 passengers on board, french president francois hollande saying the plane crashed. here's something interesting. nbc's tom costello says the greek military reported picking up some type o
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motion from the plane, a 360 that could have signaled some cataclysmic happening. but keep this in mind, this happened tens of thousands of feet up with the aircraft going more than 500 miles per hour and the likelihood of survivors according to tom would be highly unlikely. >> thank you, erica. here's a little more about the plane and the people on board. there were 56 passengers on the plane plus ten crew members. the last measured altitude of that plane was 37,000 feet. nbc's tom costello says there are indications of whatever happened, happened quickly. if this plane broke up in flight or there was an explosion, whatever happened, there simply wasn't enough time for the crew to even say may
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radio. >> watch for updates throughout the newscast and on the nbc washington app throughout the day. >> now to breaking news out of mexico. the new work schedule for the metro program is out. >> this whole plan that metro has been warning people about starts june 4th. let's take a look at exactly what is happening here. the first major project is on the orange and silver lines from june 4th to june 16th. it will be 13 straight days between the boston and east falls church station. that's going to have major impact to 73,000 weekday trips. most orange and silver lines here will only run around every 18 minutes. that's around the clock. and a complete shutdown on the blue, orange and
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between eastern market and benning road and that will be from june 18th till july 3rd, 61,000 weekday trips impacted there. in total there are 15 of these major projects that are going to roll out one after the other over about the next year. if you want to see the complete list, i just tweeted out the information or go to >> thank you, adam. right now there's an increased police presence at a burnsville high school. montgomery county police say someone tweeted a direct threat from students at the high school. police say several people called 911 to report that tweet. we spoke with the principal this morning about the nature of the
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>> i think it's a poor decision by a child. i know that it's a threat to the safety of our community and we take the safety and security of everyone extremely important. >> police are investigating where that threat came from. the principal says testing will go on as planned today. >> here's the latest, not tracking any rain across the area. today and tomorrow looking like two dry days. not only that but some sunshine starting to make an appearance. these are clouds. notice in western maryland the panhandle of west virginia, we're starting to see sunshine break out by the darker color in here and down in parts of southern maryland starting to see sunshine come out as well here in the d.c. metro area, still plenty of clouds, increasing sun throughout the afternoon hours. by 2:00, a mix of cloud and sun and a temperature of 67. warmer today than yesterday.
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our high yesterday was 66. there is rain in the forecast this weekend. i'll have that at 11:25. >> thank you, amelia. >> it's got to stop. that's what neighbors are saying after another shooting in southeast washington. this was a homicide. megan mcgrath is live along southern avenue where people told her it's pathetic. megan. >> yeah. pathetic. that was the word that she used. a woman who lives in the area says all of the recent bloodshed, the violence, the lack of respect for you'human l. this comes after another deadly shooting. >> police pick up a piece of clothing and put it in an evidence bag. a nearby resident, who didn't want to be identified, said she heard a burst
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then -- >> i heard a man moaning, i looked out the peephole. the next thing you heard three more shots. >> the murder comes during a particularly violent week in the district. six shootings in broad daylight. three of them proved deadly. residents say they're sick of all the bloodshed. >> it don't make no sense that somebody getting shot every day, twice, three times a day somebody getting shot. it's pathetic. >> and police have not released the name of the man who was killed. they're still trying to notify relatives. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. a fatal crash snarled traffic for hours this morning. around 2:30 this morning police
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started getting calls about a disabled car and a few minutes later that car was apparently struck from behind. the driver was killed. investigators don't believe alcohol was a factor in this crash. the scene was cleared around 6:30 this morning. and closing arguments are under way in a trial of freddie gray. gray suffered a broken neck and the defense said he didn't put a seat belt on gray because the officer was concerned for his safety. the defense argued that nero lacked training on load deeg in detainees into the van. the judge will announce his verdict on
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chief -- andrew smool and his wife are accused of terrorizing her former boss in his home in 2014. alycia smool had been fired from his job. her husband's defense is that his mental state was impaired as a result of medications he was taking. >> drunk drive are pleaded guilty. >> the tsa will show house passengers have a role in the long lines of their checkpoints.
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the tsa has come under fire for long lines. >> and we have breaking news from the live desk. a pro athlete being accused of insider trading. >> the u.s. government is using the word
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golfers phil michelson in some hot water this morning. we're just learning he has been named in an insider trading complaint. the securities and exchange commission named the golf pro in a suit that claims he made nearly $1 million from info that was not made public dealing with a company by the name of dean food, a well known sports gambler who allegedly passed the information on to michelson, as well as the former head of that food company are also names in that suit. >> a transgender woman said she was attacked for using the woman's rest room. now she shares her story only on news4.
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ebony belcher said a female security officer spotted her working into woman's rest room and followed her inside. >> the rest room door came open and all i heard was, um, i know you are a man. >> belcher claims the guard called her derogatory names and dragged her out of the store. some transgender activists blamed incidents like these over the confusion that requires people to use the bathroom with regard to their birth gender. officers charged the guard with simple assault. >> expect to see police back out tonight near the scene arnear a hit-and-run accident. neighbors say people saw the crash. fairfax county police officers put an
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for witnesses in their community for help. officers will be out near capelle la avenue to look for clues. >> the school in st. mary's county has been closed since tuesday afternoon because of problems with its well. portable water cools are are being provided for schools and prepackaged foods are being used that have been prepared at another licensed facility. >> a $622 bill to battle zika is on its way to the senate after passing the republican-contrled house. the director of the center for disease control said the measure that recently passed the house is just not enough. >> the u.s. government is using
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the wore brea word breakthroughg to advanced melanoma. >> a new study says 40% of advanced melanoma patients were alive three years after taking the drug, a dramatic improvement. just five years ago the median survival rate was less than a year. >> it's made a huge impact. >> just look at erin. >> my outlook is
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>> and so good, she bought a house. two and a half years on the drug stabilized her stage 4 melanoma. >> i'm going on four years, five years, six years almost since being diagnosed. so pretty amazing. >> keytruda activates the body's immune system to attack the cancer. it is expensive, about $150,000 a year. while it is exciting progress, it is not yet a cure. >> i think we've made a big leap forward and that's our first goal is to improve, survival, quality of life. >> i think for me the drug has given hope and let me get back to more of a normal life. >> potentially commuting a death sentence to a manageable
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answer thompson, nbc news, jersey city, new jersey. >> that's great news. >> part of our weekend could be a washout. amelia is back after the break that will help you plan ahead. >> and a special guest in our studio. axacy brton.
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right now we have no sign of the sun out there but it's not raining. >> the question is when can we expect that sun to return? >> a little later today sometime? >> the real sun? >> the actual sun. >> we haven't seen it in such a long time. >> so we are going to have cloud continue to diminish as we move on into the afternoon hours. we'll have a mix of cloud and sunshine this afternoon. if you're in parts of frederick and washington counties, you're already starting to see the sunshine come out down in southern maryland as well. as far as rain is concerned, we're going to have a dry finish to our work week. i know that's kind of hard to believe. rain moves back in on saturday, moves in during the morning hours and it's going to be hoar it looks like the entire day, very soggy day, still the chance of showers on sunday but sunday is looking like the better of the two weekend days right
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next week, warmer temps. 61 in washington as well as gaithersbu gaithersburg. might need to grab those sunglasses this afternoon, outdoor exercise comfortable, heading out and about. this afternoon you can probably leave the jacket at home with highs today near 70. tomorrow will be warmer. high tomorrow of 75 degrees. have lunch outdoors tomorrow. all in all, it going to be a really nice friday. the clouds are a good thing for your friday night. temperatures wouldn't be able to cool oof too quickly. here's the rain on saturday, notice 5, of 6 a.m., it already here. so if you're heading
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preakness, you'll want to keep that in mind. >> we are continuing our summer safety series. new sports consumer susan hogan had some very important information about those sometimes stylish helmets you might want to consider if you're a motorcycle rider. >> it could mean the difference between life or death. all motorcycle helmets are supposed to meet government standards. the government warns a group of helmets known as novelty helmets are poorly made and not approved. novelty helmets not certified are clearly marked. i
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between life and death. the u.s. department of transportation requires all motorcycle helmets sold to meet motor vook standards. approved helmets are dot certified but a group of novelty helmets are not dot certified. here at renegade helmets, novelty helmets are clearly marked. more than half of those injured in crashes and transported to hospitals with serious injuries wore those novelty helmets. >> the people put the helmet on thinking they're protecting themselves and it does not. >> and these are sold as
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motorcycle helmethelmets? >> absolutely. if you didn't know what you were buying and thinking what you were buying was cool and you didn't know what you were buying. >> you can learn more about helmet safety. just go to our nbc washington app and search helmet. i'm susan hogan, news 4. >> i want to have someone come over here and open the door for me. >> so what happens when a bunch of real life sisters team up for their own reality show? a whole lot of laughter apparently. it's a show that features the braxton sisters, who you may know from their music fame. but you may also know them because they grew up right here in
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they hail from southern maryland. with me is tracy braxton, local girl made good. your dad was a clergyman, i understand, your mother a cosmo toll gist, who had been an opera singer at some time? >> you got your soul from your dad and your singing from your mom? >> most definitely because my dad cannot sing. love you, dad but you can't sing. >> you got a contract to sing? >> in '89 and tony moved on by herself. and she has her sisters and then it was the braxtons and then back again to braxtons. >> you did all the singing backup for her, right? >> yes. what a life. you got a radio gig after that? >> yes, i do, xm, the heat. >> you've got a lot of sisters.
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>> yes! >> how do your fans deal with all that is. >> they just took deep breaths and we have a lot of girls and we have one brother but he provoked us the entire time. but we had a blast growing up. >> is he ever on the show? >> not all the time. he's a nurse so he likes to keep his life private and everything toe sew it's like, okay, nike. >> when did you guys decide let's try a life on reality tv? >> well, actually tamar was pitching the show and tony didn't want to do it and tony had to play monopoly and she lost so she had to do it. >> the show is called "braxton family values." >> is this real
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have writers? >> oh, no, this is real life. you cannot make this stuff up at all. >> how does it feel having the family watched all the time? >> at first it have kind of abrasive but now the camera is like one of the pictures is on the wall. we just say a lot of things, ooh, did i just say that? >> for some reason you guys are number one. a new season starting. >> tonight at 9:00 on we tv. >> thank you so much. >> and break a leg as they say. >> and we live tweet. so we don't see the show until everyone else sees the show. so we live tweet all the time. >> well, good luck. back to you, melissa. >> we're working to get new information on breaking ns,ew
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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the search continues at this hour for flight ms804, an egyptair crash, as france's president francois hollande was calling it. we understand president obama has been briefed.
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this investigation. we also know of course the search for survivors at this time continues, but with this plane flying at an altitude of some 37,000 feet going more than 500 miles an hour, nbc's tom costello was saying this was highly unlikely. the objects that have been discovered are very close to a greek island there in the mediterranean. still 66 people on board that flight that have gone missing, ms804. >> now to decision 2016 where donald trump's campaign meets with lawmakers today to announce his list of potential supreme court nominees. traciie potts explains what's ahead. >> here's how donald trump explains a
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allegation against bill clinton. >> it's about exposure and fondling -- >> and rape. >> the woman initially said there was no assault. then she recanted. bill clinton denied it and was never charged. a clinton campaign spokesman said trump is feeling attacked and licking he is wounds. trump even joked the list might put people to sleep. hillary clinton has no public events again today while bernie sanders stands with labor protesters in california. >> if i were a citizen of california, i would vote to legalize marijuana. >> sanders under pressure to drop out and endorse clinton says he's in it till the convention. >> let bernie run his race. i'm confident that bernie will be supportive if hillary
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which the numbers indicate will happen. >> for now sanders is focusing on california's 475 delegates. and the clinton campaign is weighing in on donald trump's supreme court choices saying there's not a person of color anywhere on that list and that recent decisions on same-sex marriage and health care would likely be rolled back if any of those jurists are appointed. >> verizon workers will be back on the pickett line here in d.c. today. that's as 40,000 work verse been on strike more than a month. verizon wants to skrend send more jobs overseas and outsource more jobs to contractors. >>. ♪ it's time to unwind yourself >> very nice musut
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if you were there last year, i'll bet you're planning to be there this year. the guy running the show joins us. you're a former football player and an athlete. >> i'm a triathlete. >> what people may not know is that you're also a music producer, a music show producer. >> yeah, we do this project called music at the monument. the program is geared towards veterans and youth. those who are recovering from or treatment of
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service initiative and they call it healthy parks, healthy people. tell us why. >> the healthy parks, healthy people is a national park service initiative. it's about to get people back in the park exercising, diabetes, credibility. we want to utilize the parks as part of therapy, rather than just run to the doctor and getting a medication. >> they will tell people how to go and get checkups and things like that. >> absolutely. there will be people on the mall, talking bekser sizing, how to take better care of yourself, what to eat and how to get great exercise. >> that's fantastic. you've got a lot of musicians participating. >> all the musicians are local. some of them have veterans in their families. we're going to have bill
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lot of great music, all different kinds of genres, the country, jazz, it's going to be fantastic. >> how did they get you involved? are you a music enthusiast? >> it's a combination of both. i was blessed enough to play professional football. while playing, somebody has to be watch being the gate. that was our servicemen and women of the u.s. armed forces. this a way to give back, music on be the on mumt, really therapy, you have the capital on one end, the leaning on. >> starts tomorrow, runs through october. >> it runs through october. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> consider this a warning where the next speed camera will be
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welcome back. here's your warning to watch your speed in the district. a new she'd camera will be located in the area of queens chapel road. in the first 30 days, drivers will get warnings and not tickets. so we are also warning you right now. >> how about telling that sun to come on out early. >> yeah. actually, it's starting to come out as we take a live look at the capital right now. we're starting to notice the clouds breaking up. from here on into friday, for the rest of the work week. temps will be comfortable, specific sunshine and in rain
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about 4, 5:00. this evening not too bad, around 8:00, the temperature around 65 degrees. tom -- tomorrow a good 75 degrees, five degrees warmer than today. you definitely want to have the umbrella saturday, the better indoor day, the better day to go grocery shopping. sunday about 30% of a midday and afternoon shower but comfortable with a temperature of 73 degrees. monday we continue to warm, 74 on monday, partly sun see skies, tuesday and wednesday looking spectacular. haven't said this in a while, mostly sunni on tuesday, a high of 78. if you're redding to
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and saturday temperatures in the mid 50s by noon. as we move into the afternoon and evening hours, about aing about so a killy saturday in store fofr everybody, i think. julia tootoo and and they'll be tested on their fitness and their skills. . they do well enough, i'm afraid my dogs will
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positive or stressing about, oh, no, am i going to make the team or not. so i have to be positive and play my game. >> the teens are excited about the opportunity to compete. >> it luchbtime and the studio tell now at havertys furniture, it's our annual memorial day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through may 30th, take an extra hundred dollars off every thousand dollars you spend. plus, enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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we're early! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary. havertys.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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in jurs four years it has opened 14 locations and michael is the ceo. it nice to see you again. for people who haven't tried your pizza, how does it work? >> you'll have the opportunity to choose one of our signatures, which we're calling the hit or guests choose between various different doughs, soft, cheese, vegetable, protein and finish
11:47 am
century pizza shop. what does that mean? >> i have to give credit to "the washington post" that joined that phrase. so 21st century is just elevating everything, different design, different pizza different experience. it all matters to us. >> and talk about how you elevate something like pizza, which is a comfort food, a basic food we all know and love. >> a couple ways. you can still get the type of peets that you've always probably known or fallen in love with. if you're more experiential and you want to try something different, you can get different flair profiles. >> and speaking of classics and me
11:48 am
what you brought something here. >> i recognize the o.g. >> you do? that is similar to the margarita. >> these two here, it's our big coming out parties. >> i get to try your pizza? >> you have pineapple, talked with salami and a cherry bomb barbecue sauce. we roll it out every summer. we've turned it into a barbecue sauce. p prt. >> they're seasonal and they're not seasonal. we're constantly
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exploring new things, different things to keep the men you fresh at all times. >> something else that was interesting. you call the workers the tribe, not employees. what does that term mean for you? >> the way that we think of the word tribe, it's a group of people that are connected to each other, connected to a leader and connected to a purpose. we pride ourselves on being a purpose-driven company and evidence of that is ampersand tattooed on their body in ink. >> what is the message you want them to communicate in. >> that we're more than a pizza shop. that we are incredibly passionate about everything that we do, that we stand for
11:50 am
innovation, we stand for change, you can come to am pizza and we accept you. we're big into inclusion. >> right on news4 midday, i get to try an am pizza pizza for the very first time. michael, thank you for joining us. you have to try some am. >> the internet doesn't recognize the ampersand. >> here it is. we never give up on finding adoptive homes for a
11:51 am
you to a very bright teen-ager that we featured last fall in wednesday's child. >> those it's always did pointing for the child and for us, too, today we give you another chance to get to know xavier. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> barbara good to see you. >> welcome to our office, xavier. >> 16-year-old xavier was impressed with the huge map showing all the architectural projects that this firm has designed. >> so all these are places that you can -- >> these are completed projects. >> a new project was under way at the computer and the architect moved over to let xavier try his hand at creating. he said this kind of work seemed like
11:52 am
>> it seems so fun to do something that you love to do, like draw. it like good. >> there's a good end result. you get to build things out of it. you get to make an impact on the community. >> xavier said he wants to be an architect so he can build good homes for people to live in. >> i was raised in not such a good place but i want to make a difference. >> he came in and he was adopted and after five years, that home was no longer an option. some kids are shy about trying again. would you like to find a permanent home? >> i would love to. >> how about adoption? would you think about that? >> i'm open to it, i just don't want to get hurt again. >> a
11:53 am
him life long. he's only got a few years before he goes to college. he's got a bright future and he needs that cheer leading squad behind him. >> these architects feel he has a bright future as an architect and this gave him a hard hat to take home. if you have room in your home and your heart, please call our special adoption headline. or you can log on to our home pa page. >> maybe
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td vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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>> wow, congratulations to them and good luck. >> let's check out the weather. >> actually tomorrow is going to be a nice day. this afternoon not too shabby either. clouds will continue to diminish. high tomorrow with 75 with clouds increasing throughout the day tomorrow. soggy weather on saturday with rain from start to finish, chilly as well. the chance of a midday or afternoon shower on sunday, mainly dry, 73. after that we do start to warm up. currently temperatures are coming in in the low 60s. 63 in washington, as well as gaithersburg. i just received the latest allergy report. i'll be posting that on my twitter and facebook reports. >> we're back on afternoon this afternoon first at 4:00. >> and get news and updates any time with your
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app. sound like it's not going to
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