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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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freeway airport in bowe. it would have taken it right into the middle of traffic along route 50. >> if you or someone you know is going past this area along eastbound route 50, traffic is moving slowly right now in the area. despite all this, we're not hearing about any injuries. we'll keep you posted about this all afternoon on news4 and on the nbc washington app. a charles county man indicted on charges, including making and possessing child porn. >> the suspect is a delegate for donald trump. let's go to the live desk and jim handly. >> that indictment includes several charges, including making and possessing child porn, possession of a machine gun, and shipping explosives. atv agents arrested arrested
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cause for a search warrant on his home. several machine guns were found and court documents say bailey was making and viewing child pornography. he is the chair of the republican central committee. another committee member says caleb has resigned as a trump delegate. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. she says she was trying to use the bathroom when a security guard burst into the bathroom and kicked her out. >> last night, our chejackie ben spoke with that woman about what she calls what was a humiliating experience. >> she came into the room and opened the door and started calling me derogatory names. >> between that incident at giant foods in d.c. and the growing department over transgender discrimination, ne
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our area. >> mark segraves spoke with experts over those issues today. >> 17 states have some type of specific law prohibiting discrimination, including gender identity. the district of columbia has some of the most progressive laws in the country. d.c. and maryland's law prohibits employers from discriminating for employment, housing, and public restrooms. governor terry mcauliffe issued an executive order protecting virginia state employees from gender discrimination. loretta lynch said title 7 does
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across the country. the d.c. office of human rights has ramped up its enforcement of equal access to bathrooms in the last two years. >> this is to help everyone understand we all get to use the bathroom we choose based on our gender identity. >> the government and the state of north carolina are in a battle over the interpretation of title 7. that has yet to play out. new developments in the egyptair crash. while there is no concrete proof of what went wrong, egyptian and russian authorities are starting to think the jet might have been brought down by terrorists. it crashed into the mediterranean this morning during a flight to cairo. so far no immediate signs of any survivo su
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made a series of abrupt turns before going down. there was debris in the water off the greek island of karpathos, but now they don't believe those items came from that plane. the passengers, friends, and relatives are gathering at cairo international airport. we have seen that a lot of them are clearly shaken and in tears. one of the women says her daughter is one of the flight attendants on board. tom costello is getting an indication that whatever happened on board it happened quickly. >> if in fact this plane suddenly came across or experienced a cataclysmic event, either it broke up in flight or caused by an explosion, there simply wasn't enough time for the crew to even say mayday on the radio. that would suggest this happened very quickly. >> you want to stay with us for continuing coverage, including thect
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that terrorism played a role. we'll send you breaking news alerts with any new information through our nbc washington app. closing arguments today in the trial of edward nero. it's one of six officers standing trial for their part in the death of freddie gray. >> reporter: today's closing arguments bring to an end the trial of baltimore police officer edward nero. prosecutors today argued that nero is guilty of assault for touching freddie gray without arresting him. they say nero is guilty of reckless endangerment and misconduct for failing to seat belt gray in a police wagon in which gray suffered a broken neck. the defense argues nero acted reasonably, that seat belting gray was the van driver's responsibility and that gray was detained, cuffed, and moved legally. >> i think anytime
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trial there is justice. how the verdict and the results come out, that's everyone's emotion emotions coming out, but justice is being done. >> reporter: we'll see justice barry williams render his verdict on monday. he had the longest run of anyone ever in primetime. morley safer died today in new york. he was 84 years old and had just retired from "60 minutes." just this past sunday, the network ran a tribute show. safer reported for "60 minutes" for 46 years. that's the longest stretch for anyone on primetime network television. safer was born in canada and became a u.s. citizen. he is survived by his wife, daughter, brother, sister, and grandchildren. how did you like it today? storm team 4 is tracking some changes today. >> doug, i have to tell you when i
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doug's tracking changes, doug, we don't want changes. we like it just fine the way it is out there. >> we want the good changes, chris. we do have one of those tomorrow as we get into the mid 70s, but we don't want those changes going back to rain. this is the current picture out towards reston. a beautiful picture. bright blue skies. some sunshine out there. we saw the cumulus redevelop across our region. into the 60s, even close to 70. 70 hagerstown. yesterday, hagerstown only in the 50s. 69 in d.c. 67 just down to the south. tomorrow, more sunshine, but a washout on saturday. we'll talk about that and keep the umbrella handy for sunday. my forecast in just a minute. we are just getting started here on news4. in the next few minutes, a firefighter's sudden death the apparent result of online bullying. her husband
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believe it or not, memorial day is just a week and a half away. hear why you won't be alone as you hit the roads, but the reason could actually save you some money. the news4 i-team told you about a frightening trend involving local children. that story led to a new law that kell help
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right now, we're hearing some dramatic and tearful testimony at the courthouse in fairfax county. the trial of lawyer andrew schmul is under way. he and his wife are accused of attacking a couple and killing them at their home in mclean in 2014. schumel schmul's wife had just been fired. we'll have more details at 5:00. larry hogan signed into law a bill today that a lot of people have been fighting many months for. noah's law expands the state's interlock ignition law. it is named after noah
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leotta was killed by drunk driver last december while on patrol. after the bill signing ceremony in annapolis, we caught up with a representative from madd. >> this law reduces drunk driving fatalities significantly in all of the states that have it. it works. it saves lives. >> leotta's parents attended the ceremony. it's been a week now since a 75-year-old woman found out a deadly substance is filling up her home. first at 4, how the community came to help after watching our story. getting metro back on track. an updated look on how it is going to effect the
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metro released a finalized version of its huge maintenance plan called safetrack. it is going to be very disruptive very soon. >> yeah, this is going to impact your commute wihether you metro to work or just drive. adam tuss just spoke with the general manager. now he is live at metro headquarters. >> adam, what's the first project and when does it start? >> reporter: pat, the first project is going to effect orange and silver line riders. it starts in just over two weeks, june 4th. take a look at the
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this is going to impact everyone from boston and east falls church. and this is going to be 13 consecutive days of single tracking in this section of track. if you know anything about the orange line, what the commute is like in the morning or the afternoon, a single train getting through this particular area for so long is going to be very disruptive. metro says that trains will only be running about one every 18 minutes during this initial project which starts in about two weeks. take a look at the second project that follows that just a few weeks later. this is a complete shutdown on the blue, orange, and silver lines between eastern market and benning road and eastern market and minnesota avenue. and you are talking about a total shutdown with no rail service between those stations for about 16 straight days. this is the kind of impact that we're talking about with this safetrack plan. the general manager has said it is going to be a bumpy ride. now we're all about to experience
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obvious, but did the gm talk about some other ways that people can get around? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. what's going to happen is as this project goes forward, you'll be able to check the progress of what alternate forms of transportation there are available to you. we talked to the general manager about it. take a listen. >> those first two are very tough. in one case, we're single tracking in a very -- of course, this section has a lot of traffic. the next two weeks after that we shut down a portion of the system between stations. it is tough one. they'll be on the higher end of the seven and the lower end of the seven. >> reporter: what he was talking about there is he rated how disruptive this project is going to be on a
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it is going to be a high 7. it'll tell you which bus lines and routes that are available to get around. >> the day before this all starts metro ceases the late night service on the weekends. >> reporter: yeah, and that's another part of this whole thing that people need to remember. starting june 3rd, on the weekends friday, saturday, night, metro stays open until 3:00 a.m. that is going away until further notice. metro needs more time for their maintenance crews on the weekend to get in there and start setting up and breaking down the work. i don't think it can be understated how disruptive this is going to be and whether or not you take metro, you need to look at this plan and figure out if it is impacting your part of the region. if you don't take metro, people are surely going to drive or take the bus. it is going to be a long year for all of us. >> sounds like the buses are going to be more crowded and right in the summertime when we think we're going to get a break
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looks like that might not be the case this year. >> all right, adam tuss. thank you. >> reporter: pretty tough for everybody. >> we want to know if metro's maintenance plan will affect your commute and which alternative are you most likely to try. call or text the number on your screen or vote on the nbc washington facebook page. you know, the one good thing about all this metro trouble is we think by the time this all happens in early june we are going to be settling fully into that t-shirt weather, doug. >> finally. >> you mention that and a lot of you on my facebook page and twitter page say the same thing. as cool as it has been so far in may, i'm predicting an extremely hot july and august. all the years i've looked back on, july and august could be a top 15 warmest ever july and
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august look hot. if you're waiting for the heat, i think it's coming but not today. 69 degrees. perfect conditions right now. partly to mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the southeast at about 3 miles per hour. 72 in frederick. 72 in leesburg. fredericksburg coming in at 72 degrees. look at how the clouds have disbanded. and they'll continue to so. a very nice night tonight. a very nice sunset. late fog tonight, but not too worried about it. tomorrow morning temperatures around 55. 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, temperature about 75 degrees. everybody into the 70s. 79 charlottesville. 76 winchester. a very nice afternoon. we will see some high clouds at
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times, but that's it. saturday is the day we see the rain move back in. only in the 50s. saturday a washout. now we have some shower activity on sunday. we talked about a 30% chance yesterday. we bumped it up to a 50% chance on sunday. still a chance of showers mostly east closer to the chesapeake on monday, but a little bit unsettled saturday, sunday, monday. wait until you see next week's forecast. not just the 70s. we're talking about the 80s. the news4 i-team first told you about a scary trend affecting youngsters in our area. now results. the new law inspired by our
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the sports authority is going out of business and its liquidation sales will pick up within the next week. the sports retailer failed to find a buyer and will have to close all of its 450 stores nationwide. the going out of business sales will start may 25th at the latest and run until the end of august. fiat chrysler is recalling more than half a million jeep wranglers because of problems with the air bag. the recallec
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model years. fiat chrysler isn't aware of any injuries or crashes because of this. the company will contact you if you're an owner. one pitch at a time. it's a mantra that allowed the sherwood high school softball team to achieve an unthinkable milestone in montgomery county. >> the girls just won their 100th consecutive game. as shomari stone found out, they say they are just getting started. [ cheering ] >> reporter: they earned it. >> this is like another state champion to me. >> reporter: the sherwood high school girls softball team made history. 100 wins in a row. >> triple digits. so exciting. not many people have done this and we did it. it just feels so good. >> reporter: the warriors dominated, beating howard high school 6-0 in seven innings. >>
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all these different emotions. i'm really excited. >> reporter: head coach. >> a lot of the alumni came to see it. >> reporter: the assistant coach says we can all learn from this team. >> there's no limits to what you can succeed if you put your mind to it. >> reporter: what's a sweet victory without cake? after all, they earned it. >> certainly did. did you see those smiles on the girls' faces? >> yeah. >> right now, they're battling for their fifth consecutive state championship. >> they're on a roll. i'm betting on them. the next game is tomorrow. what happened and more importantly why. the theories swirl about what happened to egyptair flight 804. we'll tell you how washington is weighing in. >> we've been telling you for days about how the tsa has been under fire about the long lines
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ow we have a first lno
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breaking right now at 4:30, a small plane crash at freeway airport in bowe. it ended up in a fence just few feet from busy route 50. nobody injured. edward nero has been charged in the death of freddie gray. we expect to
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monday. metro has released the final version of its huge maintenance plan called safetrack. it starts june 4th and it begins with delays on the orange, silver, and blue lines. we have the complete plan on the nbc washington app. more now on our top story. this hour the crash of an egyptair jetliner. the jet en route from paris to cairo went down in the mediterranean earlier today after authorities call a mysterious series of extremely abrupt turns. >> so far there are no signs of the passengers or crew members on board or the plane itself. it is too early to determine a cause, but egyptian, russian, and some u.s. officials believe it was likely brought down by terrorists. >> the crash raises questions about airport security here at home. >> steve handelsman has been tracking that side of the story live from reagan national airport. what are you hearing, steve? >> reporter: chris and pat, thanks. in the wake of this
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mysterious crash, u.s. government officials are insisting americans should remain confident about flying here in the u.s. and to the u.s. from paris where this doomed flight took off before it crashed into the sea. a u.s. navy plane joined the search for bodies, wreckage, and clues to what looks like possible terrorism. this egyptair airbus 320, 66 people aboard, no reported americans, flight 804 left paris for cairo but suddenly swerved, went off radar, and crashed into the mediterranean. u.s. surveillance video had detected an apparent explosion. there was no distress call from the experienced crew. seven months ago, isis blew up an airliner leaving egypt. with terrorism suspected today, police are talking to ground crews at charles de gaulle airport in paris. american intelligence is
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check the passenger list for terror suspects. what about the risk of travel to the u.s. from paris? be confident, says the white house. >> flights that originate from charles de gaulle that are bound for the united states are subjected to additional screening. >> reporter: despite tsa understaffing, tsa insisted today security will not be compromised. >> we're not just going to let people walk through security. there's still going to be that process. >> reporter: the number one question is why did flight 804 crash. to answer that, the key is finding the airbus's black boxes on the sea floor. experts say it is doable, but difficult and could take weeks. live from reagan national, i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> here in d.c., verizon workers are back on the picket line as negotiations continue between the company and union officials. rl
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on strike for more than a month now. union officials says verizon wants to outsource more work to contractors and send jobs overseas. the local workers are rallying in lafayette park this afternoon. if there is any way you can get an early start on memorial day travel, this is probably the year to do it. aaa is predicting a huge jump in the number of people getting away for the long weekend. barbara harrison has more. >> reporter: with aaa seeing higher numbers this holiday, it's no mystery as to why. >> gas prices are so low. >> reporter: americans are paying a lot less for a gallon of gas than they did even a decade ago. >> today's average is 2.26. that is about 50 cents cheaper than it was last year. >> reporter: lower costs is what is driving up the people o
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the most since 2005. >> i travel every year, but it definitely helps my pockets. >> reporter: the holiday weekend kicks off what is supposed to be the busiest summer ever for air travel. fliers can't ignore that domestic flights are 26% cheaper than just a year ago. >> ticket prices are down, so we see a slight increase here in air travel. >> reporter: but projections of a busy holiday ahead is all some need to know. >> last time i traveled memorial day weekend a four-hour drive took seven hours. no thanks. flying dog brewery is launching a free speech organization with the money it won in a censorship legal battle. it is called first amendment society. the brewery is based in frederick, maryland, and it won a six-year battle with the liquor con
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last year after that commission rejected a brand name that included a crude term for a female dog. we are learning new details about the arrest of a u.s. capitol police officer. canine officer daryl banks and his wife were arrested at their home in frederick county. the sheriff's department went to the house trying to track down a man allegedly linked to a honduran drug ring. police say they provided false information. reyes walked out of the front door and he was taken into custody. banks and his wife are charged with harboring a fugitive and obstructing justice. temps will stay in the 60s. more importantly, no rain in the forecast. 7:00, the temperature around 67
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evening. 9:00, 64. 11:00 p.m., mainly clear to partly cloudy skies and 64. the allergy report coming in. trees coming in at high. grasses coming in at moderate. mold spores also coming in at moderate. i'll have the latest timing coming up in about 15 minutes, pat. high school scare. why police are stepping up security at a local school. and remember this? a 75-year-old woman finds out carbon monoxide was in here ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free,
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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♪ ♪ sometimes at night you can't escape the running man. jimmy fallon took his turn after a little inspiration from the maryland basketball team. you can watch the whole thing over on the nbc washington app.
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running man. organizers of the fire fly music festival have released the complete schedule. it is a four-day festival that kicks off june 16th. they put out a schedule already, a daily schedule, but fans didn't know the exact times. now you can get a chance to see if any of your favorite bands will be playing at the same time on different stages. for example, the set being done by mumford and sons overlaps with major laser. we have a whole fire fly schedule on the nbc washington app. you can open it up and search fire fly. well, you may have been watching news4 last week when we showed you a day of service project that helped fix a woman's home in fairfax county. >> volunteers from tysons, keller williams, and contractors renovated phyllis price's home. trouble came when a repairman was servicing the heating unit. >> at that time, we learned
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her system was leaking carbon monoxide and could potentially kill her. >> we've got a program called helping hands. we thought she would be an awesome candidate. we're going to send somebody here tomorrow. they're going to do a survey and we're going to put a new system in for her next week. >> i truly thank them from the bottom of my heart for all that they have done to help me with this. >> ms. price is 75 years old and she cares for an adult grandson who has special needs. that was a special gift for her. >> so nice to see them pitch in and fix that problem. that was scary. the news4 i-team gets results in a big way. the new law that was just signed today was inspired by one of our stories and how it could protect kids. also, he recently lost his life. a firefighter who disappeared and was later found dead. you'll hear from the only reporter in town who spoke to him for the fir st
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we've got a lot of big stories coming on the air for the first time. first at 4. >> here's a look at what's coming up. a new distinction for the nation's capitol. a big shift in who is living here that just bumped us up in the ranks. a firefighter's husband is breaking his
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a huge weekend is coming. a festival about to get under way. who is going to be there and will the weather cooperate. results and a new law inspired by a news4 i-team investigation. >> maryland governor larry hogan just signed a new bill to crack down on child predators and pornography. scott macfarlane went to annapolis to report on a spike in cases. >> reporter: the new law signed here today is called alicia's law. the sponsor of the bill said she was motivate bid the findings of the news4 i-team in november 2015. our investigation found a huge increase in the number of child exploitation cases maryland state police have been handling. >> it will increase their staffing, r
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technological capability so they can rescue these children. >> reporter: an estimated $200 million more will be funneled to state police. it comes from unfunded lottery winnings. more on the story coming up at 6:00. for now at the state house, scott macfarlane, news4. there is an extra large police presence at a montgomery county school. police say someone sent a tweet threatening to hurt students at paint branch high school. the writer threatened to shoot up the place at noon today after morning exams. the message has since been taken off twitter. >> we have been working since yesterday evening with the police and throughout the night. safety and security of all the
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primary concern. >> the principal says she appreciates all of those of you who called 911 to report that tweet. in our newsroom and across the region, we're working on some big stories that are just minutes away here on news4. >> kristin wright and susan hogan are here to talk about what they're working on. >> i'm susan hogan. imagine getting a water bill in the amount of nearly $200,000. yes, you heard right. almost $200,000. ricardo torres told us the water company insisted he owed the money for using 1.5 million gallons of water. sounds ridiculous, i know, but the water company threatened to shut off his water if he didn't pay up. that's when he called nbc 4 responds for help. kristin wright is working on a story about a big change to local
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>> reporter: that's right, susan. we've been telling you about noah's law for months named in honor of a montgomery county police officer killed by a driver suspected of downing a drug cocktail. in the next 15 minutes, i'll tell you about interlocks, the device that could be installed and save lives. learn how it works and who is paying for it next at the top of the hour. so today we started off with plenty of clouds. as you're peeking out the window, noticing more sunshine, the opposite will start tomorrow. overall, a nice day. a touch warmer than today. highs in the low to mid 70s. the weekend less than perfect. we're talking about a soggy saturday with around an inch or more of rainfall and a few showers still likely on sunday. but after that, we do start to warm up next week, especially tuesday on into wednesday. currently we're around 70
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degrees. 72 in frederick. 69 in the district. 70 right now in culpeper. temps fall into the 60s and tomorrow morning at the bus stop a temperature of 55 degrees, so comfortably cool once again. i'm giving recess an "a." it is going to be dry. we'll have hazy sunshine out there and temps near 70 degrees. by dismissal, lovely. temperatures in the mid 70s, hazy. if you're dining out tomorrow evening, you'll probably want long sleeves and a light jacket with temps in the 60s. no rain in the forecast tomorrow night. not the case though on saturday morning. 8:00 already tracking showers in parts of the area. by 9:00 a.m., everybody is seeing rain. notice the bright colors in the mid-morning hours on into the afternoon hours. this is moderate to heavy rain in the area. then it will sta
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saturday evening. if you're headed to preakness, it is looking very muddy with rain. yard wowork this weekend, the b time period will be this sunday morning. you can get the mowing in sunday morning, but showers will help that grass grow sunday afternoon. the preakness, potentially dry. also a little bit cool this weekend, especially on saturday. temps not even making it out of the 50s. a high of 58 degrees. notice our average high now 77. sunday we flirt with 70 degrees for a high, and a good chance that you're dealing with some rain. about a 50% chance. best time would be during the midday and afternoon hours. still can't rule out an afternoon shower or two on monday. we do start to warm up, 70. near 80 on tuesday. 84 on wednesday and 86 next thursday. okay.
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at the live desk, we're watching developments on capitol hill. the senate just passed a $1.1 billion plan today following the passage of a $600 million u.s. house bill last night. the house plan would only fund research through the end of september on zika becau. the senate wants to declare zika an emergency and not tie the funding to spending cuts. president obama said he would veto the u.s. house plan, but approve the senate compromise. you're looking at a live picture of washington, which is getting a bit more crowded by the year. in 2015, the district's population surged past boston's making d.c. the 22nd largest city in the country. the census bureau just put out some new numbers today. d.c.'s population
4:52 pm
around 672,000 compared to 667,000 in boston. rising real estate cost in urban areas are making the suburbs a lot more attractive. ♪ if you were there last year, you're probably going to go again. music at the monument kicks off tomorrow on the national mall. you may recognize the guy running the show at the theater. he's now a top iron man try athlete and works as a music producer. >> the program itself is geared toward veterans and youth. those who are recovering from or treatment of ptsd, it's a great program. >> it sure is. to see the entire lineup, including
4:53 pm
washington app and search music at the monument. his wife never showed up for work at a fire station, but what really happened to her is still a mystery. >> nicole left behind a lot of positive energy that will hopeful hopefully facilitate some great change in the fire department. >> the man who is breaking his silence for the first time since his wife, a firefighter, was found dead. we're the only television station with reaction. we're wrapping up summer safety week on news4 today. >> tomorrow, we'll have everything you need to know about day camp and sleepaway safety. >> the best questions to ask be
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the fairfax county fire department is dealing with the fallout after a firefighter committed suicide last month. nicole mittendorff's death has led to an investigation into cyberbullying within the department. her husband is talking for the first time about the suicide and whether online bullying played a role. we have an exclusive interview the family. you've learned some new details about the bullying allegations. what is the family telling you? >> reporter: this is the first time steve mittendorff and jennifer, nicole's
4:57 pm
talked at all about the allegations. neither of them believe that there's any evidence that she actually killed herself because of the online bullying. >> i don't think we'll ever know whether or not the online bullying had a significant impact on the decision that she made. nicole left behind a lot of positive energy that will hopefully facilitate some great change in the fire department and in other public servant agencies or anywhere in the world. >> reporter: both jennifer and steve believe that the overwhelming majority of the fairfax county firefighters do a great job. they say that there's probably at least some bad apples in that bunch, but they do believe that the majority of the firefighters do their work professionally and courteously. they believe that she had a lot of the same pressures that
4:58 pm
steve mittendorff and jennifer came to the realization that there were parts of nicole mittendorff's life that she did not share, including some of her worries and concerns. i think steve mittendorff is thinking back what could i have possibly done, what signs did i miss. i think that he was trying to be there for her and i think that the family is trying to come up with a positive way to keep her positive attributes going. >> all right. thank you so much. we have a link to the complete interview with the mittendorff family at right now at 5:00, a plane from paris vanishes from radar without a distress call. now, world leaders say terrorism is more likely than a mechanical failure. also a donald trump delegate in southern maryland is facing a
4:59 pm
making child porn. in the last hour, we learned what he plans to do about his position with the local republican party. good evening, everybody. first tonight, whether you drive or take metro to work, you'll want to hear about the transit agency's new safetrack plan. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. it's going to have a major impact on the commute of nearly every person in our area. the details have just been finalized. it starts in just a little over two weeks. the first major project on the orange and silver lines. you need to start making your alternate plans right now. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss just talked to the metro general manager about it. adam? >> reporter: wendy, he says it is going to be a bumpy ride. we are talking about all of this starting on june 4th. and yeah,
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continuous single tracking and complete shut down of stations. disruptive may not even begin to describe what's coming. safe track gets on track. it starts with 13 consecutive days of single track at all times between boston and east falls church. over 70,000 weekday trips impacted. trains only running about once every 18 minutes. this first one, trains every 18 minutes on the orange and silver lines during rush hour this is going to be brutal. >> it is, but i think it underscores what we're up against. again, we would not be doing this until we had to. >> reporter: after that a complete shutdown on the blue, orange, and silver lines on eastern market and benning road and eastern market and minnesota avenue. safetrack would be a 7 on a scale of 1


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