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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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former virginia tech students accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl head to court. david eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder in the stabbing death of nicole lovell. the two got the teen to climb out of a window to meet them after midnight last january. a judge will decide after today's hearing whether there is probable cause to send this case to a grand jury. there is youts rais outrage accusations ripped off a local college for horn $34,000. a grand jury indicted ernest taylor jr. and his aunt tracie mixon. prosecutors say they stole the identities of four people and registered them as students at northern virginia community college. then prosecutors say the pair cashed in on excess student loan money in a loan fraud scheme. >>
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for these courses. so to hear that someone is ripping that money off and using it when they shouldn't, that doesn't sit well with me. >> the indictment says taylor and mixon used their own addresses for the student identities they created and that is where the college september any loan money that was in excess of required school expenses. college police say the college noticed the discrepancy and contacted them. federal health officials will meet later this morning. a $622 million bill to battle zika is on its way to the senate. president obama asked for nearly $2 billion to fight the virus. it is bike to workday. 83 pit stops have been set up across d.c., maryland and virginia with refreshments and prizes. the event has grown since 2001 as a healthier way for commuters to get to work. and weve
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the place. we have the capitol bike share program, too. >> and with the weather, today is the perfect chance to schedule this thing. >> yeah, good pedaling weather outside for today. 4 things you need to know about the forecast, number one, soak in the sunshine while you can. some heavy rain is likely coming our way for tomorrow as i already mentioned, our fifth weekend in the row with rain chances. but all indications are we'll be in the 80s by the middle of next week. for now it's a chilly one. 46 in manassas, 45 in winchester, 46 in gaithersburg, milder downtown, 54 at national airport. so bike into work today, nice and dry. 40s and 50s on your way in. mid-70s and sunshine on the way home. bikingoff the weekend, as long as you have your mountain bike and you're happy to be muddy, you can be outside tomorrow. but it will be raining pretty steadily. and bike day d.c. on sunday, we'll be contending with showers, as well, but the rain won't be as heavy as on saturday. traffic time with melissa. do you have a
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today and you're fine. tomorrow a little bit messy. p southbound bw parkway at 197, we had an earlier car fire. that is lifting the left lane only get by. they do have a tow on the way for that one. # northbound bw parkway after 197, we had a report of a crash on the shoulder. we were seeing the northbound delays. those just disappeared. so i wouldn't be shocked if that was clearing out of the way ear in the next couple of minutes. at the beltway, overall looking quite good.hear in the next couple of minutes. at the beltway, overall looking quite good. outer loop at university boulevard, a work zone there. and outer loop at pennsylvania avenue, left lane getting by the work zone there. 270 at montgomery village avenue, no issues. we'll take a look at road work on 395 coming up. this weekend the community will remember the first victim in the maryland shopping center shooting. restoration house international is hosting a community prayer
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leaders in the city of beltsville for eye point high school where gladys tordil was shot and killed as she waited for her daughter. the community prayer takes place saturday morning near the school at 4600 powder mill road. right now the fbi is asking for your help to find two missing fairfax county teens. the 13-year-old and 14-year-old have been missing since may 10. they both may be in need of medical attention. if you have any information about these teens, please call police. >> and look at how close a small plane came to busy route 50. this is in prince george's county. maryland state police say a student eye lot was flying with a trainer in the passenger seat. when landing, the pilot went past the run way and hit the fence that separates the freeway from the road. federal investigators are looking in to this crash. nobody was hurt. >> way too close.
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asking people to throw out anti-a met sa meemitic flyers t being handed out. these fly herheers have made th rounds before. the speech is protected by the first amendment. the debate over gun control takes center stage over the next two days in decision 2016. and the presidential frontrunners are on opposite sides here. donald trump is the headline speaker at today's national rifle association convention in louisville. tens of thousands of people are expected to be there. security is tight inside with booth secret service and local police working this convention. there is also a designated protest zone outside in anticipation of demonstrators. hillary clinton will appear tomorrow in florida with the mother of trayvon martin and other parents who have lost children to gun violence. she's set to have
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in austin, texas. nbc's tracie potts joins us at 4:45 with what to expect in the days ahead. for more than 40 years, joe's record paradise has been a montgomery count at the staple. financial problems forced the store to close two months ago, but now its most diehard fans are stepping in to help. local deejays, record collectors and other fans came out last night to help raise the money needed to reopen the store after its recent relocation. the store is now $25,000 in the hole. >> it was debt that i figured that i could pay pack, i just needed to open. so it was a high school step in timing. i didn't know the process took so long. >> the community has helped raise more than $10,000 over the last two months. the owner had a heating with the county in-speaking tors on monday, so he's optimistic that they will work out a
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the proper permit and at the time joe's record paradise back open. i bet could yyou could find a l treasure in there. i don't have a record player either. >> i don't know that i -- my parents had records. >> mine, too. >> you give me a cassette tape, though -- >> did you have mixed tapes? >> of course. >> i wish i kept my mixed tapes. >> i still have some in a box. >> you'll have to bring them in. 4:37 our time right now. we are starting off in the 40s and 50s this morning. but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says the 80s are on the way. when things will start to really warm up as well as your school day forecast in your next weather and traffic on the 1s. both sides rest their case. now the wait, when we could learn the verdict in the trial of one of the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. and it's something a lot of people do, buy and sell things on craigslist. but one local transaction took a terrifying turn. wht happened and how to ama
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coming up on 4:41. we've made to the weekend. off to a nice start. >> and i like how friday will look. i'm just going to focus on that, meteorologist chuck bell. >> focus on the positive at all times. today will be a great day to be outside. make your plans, get outside,
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enjoy. kids off to the bus stops, it is a bit of a chill in the air early this morning. a lot of the suburbs are in the mid and upper 40s to closer to around 50 down up to. school day forecast then, sunshine a-plus weather for recess today. and high today right around 75. so yes, poutity pus paul is no longer on the graphic. little miss with her sun glasses. it will be chilly, but all eyes to the warm air next week. your "7-day forecast" in ten. bw parkway troubles right now. >> troubles on bw parkway. looks like we could be clear on both of these situations pretty soon here. so again, southbound bw parkway at 197, last report was left lane getting by the car fire. it looks like it has now cleared out of the way. northbound after 197 perhaps somebody looking to the left crash on the right shoulder in the very same area.
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395 north and south, some work zones there. 95 north at fairfax county parkway, two right lanes getting by that work zone. live look in prince george's county coming up. decision 2016 is sure to heat up even more this weekend. the event donald trump is head lining that may raise some eyebrows. and the debate over transgender men and women using public restrooms continues. why things ght be extrami
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we're getting you ready for what could be a heated couple of days on the campaign trail. it's all over gun control.
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violence in america. tracie potts is live on capitol hill for us. touchdown taking a clear stand today. >> reporter: he will be speaking at the nra convention. only dcandidate to appear this year. he has said that he thinks we should have conceal carry permits in every state. he's often talked about his own conceal carry permit, flying directly in the face of hillary clinton and the democrats who complain and make the point that under a trump administration, we could see guns in the classroom and that could be dangerous. >> and i understand hillary clinton has new attack ads have been coming out. >> reporter: they are directed at donald trump, she's already looking forward to the general election. trying to pretty squarely create some differences. we heard it last night in her cnn interview when she talked about donald trump and foreign policy. she says he's
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that his positions are daper arerous when it comes to pulling out of nato and the spread of nuclear weapons. >> bernie sanders is still in this. he's saying he will be around for a while. but democratic leaders are talking to him. >> reporter: yeah, they are trying to get him to drop out so they can consolidate behind hillary clinton. the latest concession is giving him a seat on a key convention committee so he could have greater influence over the party's platform. in other words, will they come out with a nominee and a plat for, a series of ideas that the democratic party thinks are important. and he has millions of people behind him and he wants to be one of the key drivers of those ideas. so they're offering him a seat on that committee that will determine whether or not the democratic committee goes with with some of his ideas. we'll see if that's something that he goes for. he's clearly said that he will stay in this this past the last primary into the convention as a
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tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. a man who once severed as a delegate for donald trump now faces the possibility of spending decades in jail. caleb bailey was indicted on opposing and making child pornography. court documents show the investigation began when bailey tried to ship boxes of explosives back in february and one of them split open. gop leadership in charles county say them replace bailey as a trump delegate tomorrow. 4:47 now. a challenge to virginia's voter i'd .d. law has failed. a judge upheld a requirement that voters must show a valid i.d. at the polls. opponents says it suppressed some voter's rights. a judge ear verdict is expected on monday in the case of a baltimore police officer on trial in the death of freddie gray. insi
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prosecutors argued officer edward nero should be found guilty of assault for his actions. nero was also blamed for risking gray's life by putting him on the floor of the police vap instead of on a bench in a seat belt. nero's defense lawyer says nero acted reasonably and argues that seat belting gray was the responsibility of the van driver. attorneys for the map accused of terrorizing a mclean couple say pain meds left their client so impaired, he did not know what he was doing. andrew schmuhl's defense lawyers don't dispute that he was responsible for the stabbing and shoogt. they say his wife was calling the shots that thits. at the time of the attack, she had just been fired from the victim's law firm. a craigslist sale turns violent in the district. d.c. police are looking for the suspect seen in this video. take a look, they say last friday the suspect pretended he wanted to sell a phone in southeast washington. instead he pulled out a knife, took the buyer's money and fled. d.c. police chief
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>> you have to realize you're dealing with complete strangers and you're putting yourself at risk. do it during the daylight hours in a public place where there are others around. >> last month the district set unsafe exchange zones for online buyers and severals to meet. there are three located at d.c. police stations. this morning a d.c. fire captain is on administrative leave facing gun and drug charges. captain brian grace was arrested on wednesday by fairfax police. officers say he's facing three counts of possession of a drug and two weapons charges. the d.c. fire department released a statement saying it is aware of the arrest. grace has been with the department for more than 16 years. a female security guard says she is not guilty of assaulting a transgender woman at a d.c. grocery store. a transgender woman claims jones confronted her wednesday at the giant on the corner of 3
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8th streets. the woman claims the guard called her derogatory names afternoon dragged hand dragged her out of the story. ite it's the latest debate in the growing transgender. it's against the law to deny someone access to a bathroom based on gender identity. 17 states including maryland have similar laws that specifically protect transgender people. virginia does not and that is something d.c. experts say can lead to confusion on a local level. >> a local law gives people a sense of -- that their rights live and breathe in their community. >> the u.s. attorney general says title vii of the civil rights act protects transgender people from discrimination in all 50 states. authority care carry's controversial bill challenges the claim saying the civil rights act does not specifically mention transgender peel. all eyes will be on baltimore tomorrow for the 141st preakne s
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has a shot at the second jewel in the triple crown. >> it looks like a two horse race, but nyquist has beaten exaggerator all four times and no compelling reason to think the pecking order has changed in two weeks. >> nyquist and his competition are expected to head to the pimlico track this morning to train. more than 140 years, the race of course has served as a host for the preakness. you can catch the race coverage right here on nbc 4 starting at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> and they are going to be running in mud because it is going to be rainy and messy. >> they have run it in the rain before and they will again i'm sure. but i wish i had better news for everybody going outside. but it just won't be a pretty day tomorrow. so you have to enjoy today while you can. for your friday, look, everybody, it's the sun. yes, bright shining object in the sky for a rare appearance. all the sunshine we'll get this afternoon will make it they're perfect out there.
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hardly even a breeze to bother you. car washing forecast, could you get it washed, i actually washed high car yesterday. you could do it, but it will rain oeft pu over the weekend. if you can put it in the garage, you can keep the clean car until next week. right now radar devoid of any rainfall close to us, but here is the moisture coming our way. one batch rain here on the western end of the ohio valley and this little curly q of low pressure here, that is the main driver of our rain chances, it makes the turn and comes up the coastline. so rainfall tomorrow could be heavy the a times. 1 inch to maybe as many as 2 inches of rain will be poll. so tomorrow borders on washout level amounts of rainfall. and then on sunday, this should go down to showers, but showers likely. a little bit of sunshine on your sunday, but not a whole lot. here is 5:30 this afternoon. sunshine for everybody. clouds roll in after 8:00, 9:00 tonight. re
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still the rain well down to our south and west. by wake-up time tomorrow morning, though, here comes a batch of moderate rain and the heaviest of the rain here likely mid to late morning up into the early parts of the afternoon. so about 10:00 in th morning to about 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, that is the heaviest and steadiest of the rain. then it tapers back. they're running the preakness right around 6:00, looks like pretty steady rain chances at the racetrack. so today get out and enjoy. 75 and great. tomorrow in the 50s with rain most if not all of the day. sunday also filled with rain chances, but not quite as much as saturday. and then rain chances taper off even more on monday. but there they are, melissa mollett, 80s on wednesday, thursday. and even friday going into next weekend. >> i love it. let's keep it just like that. southbound bw parkway has now cleared, so has northbound, all lanes open after those two earlier problems there at 197. as wede
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earlier road work that we had on the outer loop at pennsylvania avenue is gone. outer loop at university, two left lanes getting by that work zone right now. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, as you're traveling in on 66, going to take you nine minutes just like it should. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car and beltway at good luck road, rolling just fine. >> at one point he was one of the hain suspects in chandra leave have i's death. now somebody is trying to put the spotlight back on gary condit. why police name is resurfacing. and some think bullying p i played a role in her suicide, and this morning what her family has to say about her death. and it's a reminder to never drink and drive. suspected drunk driver crashes her car on camera. but that's not the only thing that will shock you. who was in thear at the time. c
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i'm know let green on my way to alexandria right now. fairfax county police are in the 6,000 block of richmond highway this morning for a reported shooting. we have a report that one person possibly shot here. we will give you the latest information as soon as we get more. all we know is this happened sometimes after 2:00 a.m. shortly after 2:00 a.m. in the 6,000 block of richmond highway. much more coming up on
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today. amazing video. everyone issing on. troopers in ohio were chasing the car when it crashed, flipped over and caught fire. it wasn't until they were leading the driver away when they realized there was a baby inside. >> he is upside down in his car seat held by the car seatbelt. >> the baby was four months old. the trooper cut out the car seat and freed the baby. police charged the woman with driving while impaired, reckless driving and child endangerment. it was a case that gripped the nation, 2001 disappearance of former washington intern chandra levy. and now defense attorneys for the happen convicted of killing her, ingmar guandique, they are saying they will point to evidence pointing to gary condit. cop candida condit was
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in a motion argued yesterday, defense attorneys say condit had a, quote, powerful motive to kill levy and cover up her death. an update now about a body found in a centreville pond. the woman is a 43-year-old. they don't suspect foul play. nicole mittendorff's family says they have stayed out of the spotlight following her death until now. her husband and sister spoke exclusively to wtop. the 31-year-old career firefighter took her open life last month. after her death, fairfax county fire chief launched an investigation into cyber bullying. her family says they may never know whether bullying played a significant role in her death. it is a loss they still to drug well. >> certainly a struggle trying to find the new normalcy in my life without my
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hardest part is getting up in the morning, but i know it's something i have to do. >> steve told wtop that he is part of the fire chief bullying task force. her family wants to honor her life by raisinge ag waing aware suicide prevention. you saw pw molette on her w to this scene that happened just about an hour ago. police responding to the scene of a person shot. is this on the 6,000 block of richmond highway. at this point this is all we know. not sure if this happened just in the last couple of hours, if this is something that happened overnight, but again, molette green on the way to the scene thousand. and as soon as we get a live picture from her, we will bring that to you with the latest. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. it's 5:00 a.m. now. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. and i'


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