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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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news 4 at 11:00 starts now. now at 11:00, we are working two big stories for you. a violent crime scene left a
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bystander and a party ends with pepper spray and arrest. thanks for joining us, i'm erika gonzalez. we begin with a terrifying scene in springfield. two crashes and a bystander injured. it started at lunchtime at a jewelry store in brookfield plaza. the suspect got into a shootout with police. darcy spencer joins us with the search for the suspect and condition of the victim. darcy? >> reporter: erica, police wrapped up here a short time ago. we were able to get closer to the jewelry store where this unfolded this afternoon. a bit of good news this evening by police that innocent bystander who was shot is expected to survive. tonight, police are searching for the gunman. the hold up happened here at dubai jewelers i
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shopping center. it was crowded on a rainy saturday afternoon. this man's mother heard the shots between police and the robber. >> the first time she heard four pops, pop, pop, pop, pop. the second time she heard at least six to seven shots, pop, pop, pop, seven times. >> reporter: an officer confronted an armed thief who just robbed the store. >> the suspect opened fire upon the officer, shooting rounds at the officer. the officer became engaged in battle with the suspect. >> reporter: many shots fired in the shootout, broken glass and store fronts across from the jewelry store. one of the rounds, believed to be from the suspects gun hit an innocent victim. are you concerned now? >> i am. scary. >> reporter: the gunman drove away in his own
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crashed here at spring village drive. it's about a mile and a half away from the shopping center. police say he carjacked another car there and crashed it a mile away, then ran. the gun battle forced several businesses to close in the shopping center. police kclosed it off. they are thankful more people didn't get hurt. workers are out here very busy boarding up windows that were shot out during the shootout earlier today. they say the gunman was wearing brown clothing. they believe, at some point, he changed clothes. the search continues for the suspect tonight. erika, back to you.
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>> right now, police are reviewing this video of the chaos and confusion at a university of maryland house party early this morning. police say it started as a call about noise and ended with officers using pepper spray, twice. some saying it went too far. a frantic crowd of people seen running out of an apartment at the courtyard in college park. at 2:00 a.m., university of maryland police were called about a loud party and a possible party inside. pepper spray was used after party goers were told to leave, but not all complied. an officer was surrounded by the crowd. the pepper spray was used again when a fight broke out in the parking lot. you can hear people screaming, crying, dropping to the ground,
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two people were arrested. 21-year-old brittany hunter and 20-year-old montay hunter face several charges, including disorderly conduct. they watched the video and understand the anger and frustration. i remain committed to fairness and tranans parn si. developing overseas, u.s. air strikes targeting taliban chief. officials are trying to confirm whether he was killed in the strike. president obama authorized the air strike along the afghanistan/pakistan border this morning. they tell news he was likely killed. if so, it would be a serious
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you can open our nbc washington app for background information on his influence, just search taliban. a man from hester, virginia was killed during a court ordered custody exchange. this man shot and killed austin at the exxon station on courthouse road in stafford county. during the exchange, he shot several times, then took off. police arrested him on jefferson davis highway. he faces first degree murder charges. prince george's county police are looking for a man who was shot to death. he was found with gunshot wounds at 4:30 this morning an rochel avenue. he died at the hospital. investigators are trying to figure out why egyptair sent messages minutes before they went down.
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on board. that could mean there was a fire, an explosion or technical glitch. meanwhile, crews are trying to find the black boxes from the planes. family members are still waiting for answers. >> i told them france put a disposal at the egyptian authorities to advance the search for the plane and the victims. >> investigators say it could be weeks, if not longer, before they know what happened to the flight. they are asking the victim's families to be patient. >> he has won the preakness stakes. >> a busy and tragic date at the preakness. exaggerator pulled off an upset. before that, two horses died at pimlico. more on that story. for a photo gallery of the race, open the app and search preakness. senator bernie sanders
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mexico today. he criticized clinton for support i supporting -- clinton was in south florida speaking to the trayvon martin foundation. he was killed in 2012. his shooting death sparked debate and protest around the country. clinton will meet with chuck todd tomorrow morning. clinton and trump have speeches for the christian leadership conference. trump promised hispanic voters he was on their side and said he would cut middle class taxes. we told you about high profile incidents involving teens and trains. find out what the transit authority is doing to reach a better understanding of young riders. a hole in the ground and a lot of
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we are going to update you on the status of the repairs in this situation. unfortunately, more showers in the forecast tomorrow. i'll show you the latest
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metro opened its headquarters to teens for the first ever youth empowerment summit. metro leaders listened to teens about the possible causes and solution to the violence. >> the information we get here is going to help us about messaging as well as strategy for how we can better communicate with the students. >> we need
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cities, not just here, but everywhere else. >> the theme of the summit was stand for peace. expect highs tomorrow about 15-20 degrees below normal. storm team 4 is tracking a big warm up. amelia is up next with the changing weather pattern. tonight, for the first time, we hear from somebody who knew the
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hello, good morning. people saw this when they walked out their front doors
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a water main break created a geyser. just under 20 customers were affected and crews were able to wrap repairs up by 5:30 today. a spectacle in the streets of los angeles. that is a space shuttle fuel tank making its way to the california science center. it will be disflplayed with the space shuttle "discovery." itis dubbed the e.t. comes home. tonight, we are hearing from neighbors of the man shot at the white house. he is from a small community in rural pennsylvania. authorities spent hours outside his home looking for clues. his home is 80 miles outside of philadelphia. a see crete servicredit servicet shot him after they found he was
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disobeyed -- >> the last thing you would think they would be involved in anything with that. >> he remains in critical condition at the university hospital. d.c.'s inaugural bike ride means major closures around the national mall. it's a 17-mile ride. you can find out more on our nbc washington app. now, your storm team 4 forecast. we will be dealing with showers at times tomorrow. have the umbrella handy, the rain gear handy. we are talking light rain and we will have dry periods as well. overall, not a great weekend. this is the straight weekend with rain in the forecast. we start to transition out of this weather pattern on tuesday. wednesday, i can't believe this is the first time we hit 80 degrees this may. it's been t
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the last time we were at 80 degrees was april 26th. tomorrow, more showers in the forecast. it's cool. temps tomorrow, 15-20 degrees below normal. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. scattered showers showing up. patchy drizzle and fog out there as well. so light the radar can't pick up the drizzle. we continue to track drizzle and showers tomorrow. 5:00 a.m., tracking areas of rain and fog to deal with. 8:00 a.m., tracking showers. we are not dealing with rain, skies remain overcast. no sun in the forecast tomorrow. noon, showers impacting the area. much of the same at 3:00 tomorrow evening, dealing with rain. temperatures tomorrow stay in the 50s throughout the day. right now, low to mid-50s. 55 in the district, 54 in frederick and 54 in manassas. tomorrow, at 7:00 a.m., 54 with patchy f a
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we warm to 59 for a high. we'll hit that at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. scattered showers and a temp around 58. monday, showers looking likely, again. we warm up. a high monday near 70 degrees. maybe a limited peak of sunshine here or there. another day where the clouds win out. future weather for monday, 5:00 a.m., cloudy and mainly dry as we move toward the mid-morning hours. the best chance of rain on monday looks to be during the afternoon and the evening hours. here we are at 2:00. scattered showers impacting the area. 7:00, a rumble of thunder and heavier rain. tuesday, we are dry. a mix of clouds and sun, mid-70s. wednesday, 81. dare i say nice? plenty of sunshine in the forecast wednesday. thursday and friday, mid to upper 80s with the chance of a late day thunderstorm, would be isolated. the best chance
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washington from the heat and humidity of the day. humidity on friday. saturday, a high of 88. memorial day weekend, right now, looking mainly dry to warm or hot. >> now we are talking. thank you. the dreary weather didn't stop the four-legged type. they came out to bethesda today. they held the 11th annual stretch your mutt dog parade. where do they come up with this stuff? it featured fun, food and of course, plenty of canines. after the break, it wasn't the prettiest day at the races,
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chris miles here from the csn studios. two horses died today prior to the start of the preakness. it collapsed before making it back to the winner's circle. another broke her leg on the final turn in the first race, injuring her jockey. she was euthanized on the track. certainly the wet conditions were a concern before the start of the featured race. that didn't stop the fans from flocking to pemly coe. nyquist, the kentucky derby winner out front. nyquist led for much of the first half of the race. >> and they are into the stretch.
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nyquist in front. it is exaggerator, no, nyquist to the outside. xanlg ray tor down to the 16 pole. nyquist out of the second. an extraordinary wind. exaggerator turned the tables. he has won the preakness stakes. >> it is exaggerator that takes the second jewel in fact crown. it's a great moment for him and the jockey. >> slowing him down, asking him to wait. he just blew up. when i pitched him up, he did what he can do, he exploded. then, i thought, well, it's unclear. i might as well throw some mud in their face. i let him drift over in front of nyquist and hopefully finish the job and he did. >> next
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over the marlins, hoping for more of the same today. clint robinson, he gets the party started. that's a center to single. come on home. 1-0 mets. 1-1 in the sixth. turns. a mammoth two-run shot. ninth inning, 3-2 marlins. nats load the bases. grounds into a double play. jose fernandez is pumped. he wants that "w." to the first. the nats comeback. they lose 3-2. of the eight teams playing for the college men's championship are from the area. they face-off tomorrow. maryland and navy look to advance to the final four today.
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seed. john tillman facing off with syracuse and rhode island. second quarter, terps rolling. home. airbor airborne. nice. three goals of the day. 5-0. terps up four at the half. third quarter, terps down to three. firing a distance. four goals, two assists for the junior. in the fourth, maryland closes it out. pat younge. gets back up and scores one of his four goals. terps go to their fifth, 13-7 victory. the terps will face the winner of the navy/brown game next week. tight contest. navy down one. stays with the deflective pass and beats john. a four-goal two assist day. navy fighting back.
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one of five goals for the sophomore. cuts the lead to one. less than 30 seconds left. brown looking to close it out. connor makes the biggest of the 21 saves. 20 seconds left to score. just too far out of bounds. turnover, navy falls in a heart breaker, 11-10 final. familiar face made a big play in the nhl playoffs. >> st. louis, not once, but twice. the blues improved 6-0 in games. tonight, 6-3 win over san jose. in the process, commissary at two games a piece. cleveland cavaliers are no longer the only teams postseason without a loss. their unblemished record is 2-1 over the raptors. toronto
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and never let go. led the raptors 31 points in a 99-84 win. the mystics got their first win of the season as well. they beat connecticut, 84-7-6. congrats to them. >> thank you so much. good to see you. that wraps it up for us this evening. if i can get my words out. "saturday night live" is next. have a great one, everybody. see you again tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] well, bartender, i've done it many i've won the nomination. no, i haven't. i
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mathematically i've done it. to math. all right, i think i'm going to head home. don't you work too late now about. >> i won't. i'm actually closing up the bar right now. so everybody's got to go. that means you too sir. >> no freakin' way. [ applause ] >> i'm not going anywhere. i can stay here as long as i want. >> senator sanders, i'm sorry, but the night is over. >> no, no, it's not over. it's not over until i say it's over. >> oh, hello bernie. i didn't see you sitting behind me. so far behind me you could never catch up. >> you saw me. you saw me in your sleep, baby. i'm you're worst nightmare. >> my worst nightmare is a


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