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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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neighborhood. >> we're getting drizzle in downtown washington. so the bike ride off with some drizzle. but steadier rain will be moving in, right now storm team 4 radar showing that coming in from the west and north and it's rotating from an upper lfl level low tha parked over us. you can see the rain tracking getting closer to washington coming out of loudoun county into fairfax, montgomery coming into prince george's county and the district. and then south prince will criminal crossing the potomac moving right into southern maryland. so it for the next several hour, we'll have this flow of rain coming right into the metro area. it wouldn't be heavy rain, but light rain moving on through all the way through much of the day ahead. new this morning, wet roads are making for hazardous conditions for driver. take a look at this accident that happened on the inner loop of the beltway there. these photos were given
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kevin, and you can see the moving truck crashed near georgia avenue and connecticut area. fire and rescue is urging drivers to slow down and avoid distractions and of course windshield wiper and headlights on. and a tree fell on tennessee avenue in alexandria. laegs poli the tree fell on a line and cut power to about a dozen homes. a traffic alert to tell you about. you will want to avoid most of downtown d.c. because of road closures. derrick ward is live in northwest with more on the first ever its kind event happening in the district. >> good morning. we'll take a look, is this bike d.c. or d.c. bike ride. you can go around. that's fine. so we're talking to those not actually participating, but trying to wind their way through the city. take a look at
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what the bike backup looks like. there is actually about 1500 -- they say 8,000 bicyclists taking part. it started over by the 3rd street, pennsylvania avenue, and that's where it will he saiend. it's winding its way through 17 miles. and they say this is the healthiest way to see the city. but no road rage here. this money from the event goes to benefit vision zero, the visions to see zero traffic fatalities in the district and also the washington area bicyclist association and their efforts to make a more bike friendly d.c. with infrastructure and changing lanes and things like that. d.c. is seen as one of the most bike friendly cities in the country. and of course we see this, you see why they say that. we're live in southwest, derrick ward, news 4. >> try to stay dry. police are searching for a man who went on a violent crime spree
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it all started at brooks field plaza shopping center when the suspect robbed a jewelry store. as officers arrived, they confronted the suspect as he was exiting that store. he start shooting at the officers who then returned fire. a bystander was hit by the flying bullets, but is expected to be ob. the suspect though they said got into a car and then drove off. >> seven to six shots pop, pop, pop seven times. >> are you concerned now? >> i am. broad daylight, that scary. >> the gunman crashed his car at spring village drive and this was about a mile 1/2 away from the shopping center. police saying that he ended up carjacking another person and then crashed that car about a mile away and took off by foot. an infant in montgomery county has suffered a draw h ee injury after falling several stories. it happened on roanoke avenue. the
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stories. not clear what that child fell from. the baby does not have life threatening injuries, but officials say that the injury was traumatic. officers used pepper spray to break up a university of maryland house party. and now police there are taking a closer look at video from body cameras. you can hear the chaos in this video that was posted on twitter. saturday morning police were called to a noisy party and responsible fight at the courtyards in college park. umd police say an officer was surrounded by a crowd at one point. pepper spray was used twice. police say that they are reviewing to see if the use of force was appropriate. we know two people were arrested on multiple charges including disorderly conduct during the incident. developing this morning, the afghan taliban confirms one of its chief mullah mansour has been killed in a u.s. drone strike.
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air strike along the afghanistan/pakistan border friday night. mansour led after the death of another senior leader last summer. two dead and nearly half a dozen hurt after a shooting at a concert. police in austria say an argument in the parking lot led to that shooting. this happened in the western part of the country on a property that is used by a motorcycle club. police say the suspect got a gun out of of his car, went to the concert venue and started shooting at random. he shot himself as police moved in. investigators are still trying to figure out why egyptair flight 804 sent automated messages just minutes before it crashed over the mediterranean. the messages indicated that there was smoke on board. aviation a experts say that it could mean there was a fire on board, an explosion or perhaps a technical glitch. meanwhile crews are still trying to find the black boxes from that plane and family members are still waiting for answers. >> i told them france has put at disposal
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authorities all the means available to advance the search. >> and investigators say that it could be weeks if not longer before they know exactly what happened to that flight. there were 66 people on board the flight from paris to cairo. the time is 9:06. let's look to decision 2016 now. and a new poll shows just how frustrated voters are with both leading presidential candidates. more than half of voters polled have unfavorable impressions of both hillary clinton and donald trump. this latest poll from the "washington post" and abc news has a margin of error of 3.5%. coming up laters find out why two candidates are waging a battle over guns. meanwhile hillary clinton's rival bernie sanders says if he is elected president, he would not reappoint florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz to head the democratic committee. he said he woua
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challenger. schultz has been accused of backing hillary clinton and using her influence to tip the scales in clinton's favor. so it is another cool day outside. stilled with showers. we need the windshield wipers on a couple of those shots. tom is tracking when the rain will finally end and how much of a warm-up we'll see next week. he has won the preakness stakes! >> it was a messy race and no triple crown winner this year. the upset and the tragedy at the preakness stakes.
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he has won! >> can don't expect a triple crown winner this horse racing season. exaggerator pulled off an union set at the preakness stakes here on nbc 4. that win was the first loss for nyquist who was
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race. but the win was overshadowed by a somber start when two horses died and a jockey was injured early in the undercard. one horse died of an appatie pp heart attack, the other broke his leg. a solar powered airplane touches down in the birth place of aviation. take a look, that is solar impulse 2 landing in dayton last night. this is the same place that wilbur and orville wright grew up. the plane doesn't use fuel. in fact it has thousands of solar cells and gets all of its energy from the sun. the plane will make one more stop in the u.s. and then sits's off to europe and africa. >> bon voyage. you have to take a look. 18 inches of rain this china in just 10 hours, this is what did to a city in south china. eight died, four others are missing. nearly 55,000 i'm were forced to evacuate after their homes were destroyed. get t t
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the riegion could get another 5 inches of rain. it is dreary outside now around these parts, but there is a silver lining. you can't even see the wheel. tom is updating the forecast. and the
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drizzle around the immediate metro area on this sunday morning. radar showing an area of increasing light rain across eastern west have a vargs havvv maryland. that is advancing from the northwest and tracking east right along the 95 corridor and heading right into the metro area. we'll see this this light rain off and off here as we get into the afternoon hours. this rain will be with us along with temperatures only in the 50s throughout the day ahead. promising news though tomorrow for tuesday and next week. metro opened its will headquarters to teens for the first ever youth empowerment summit. the goal was to reverse the trend of teen violence on the rail and bus systems. leaders listened to teens about possible causes and solutions to
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the violence. >> stand up for peace that's what we need in this community. especially for our generation. we need more of these in our cities not the just here, but everywhere else and besides just metro. >> no word yet if metro will do a followup on the summit for the teens there. if you have been near the washington monument down on the national mall, odds are that you've noticed a new major museum rising along constitution avenue. >> for way you can miss. it's arguably the most unique building on the national mall. as aaron gilchrist explains, even the outside tells a if story. >> reporter: long before it opens, it's become the standout building along the national mall, a massive monument to the impact black people have had and continue to have in america. these are panels of -- >> those are cast aluminum panels. >> reporter: we spent time with the architect whose firm is leading the design and building.
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african architectural form. >> reporter: caryatid is a traditional wooden building column like this and feature as crown or corona. >> that form was compelling to us as a design team and we thought this might be interesting to take that notion and develop it as a protector of the content inside. >> reporter: the material looks like bronze from a distance. in fact this is aluminum coated to look like bronze. he calls it a merger of modern durable materials and the lattice appearance of the back breaking iron work of yesteryear. >> it's reminiscent of places like charleston and savannah, new orleans where african americans freed and slaved africans did a lot of the work.
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>> reporter: the craftsmanship lets lights seep in, but it also has strategically placed windows, what they call lenses. >> a few points that are important to pause and look out, look toward the capitol and look back toward king memorial, et cetera. >> reporter: on the south side, visitors will find calm water on a grand porch, again, a place of welcome, a gathering spot. he says his team was also careful to acknowledge their neighbors. you can see the corner of the museum lines up with the top of the washington monument. >> 17 1/2 degrees, the exact same angle as the corona. >> reporter: one of the key features of the new museum is called the oculus. the light shines down on to a low level and on a sunny day, what you will see is nothing short of spectacular. >> reporter: the designers call
9:18 am
it a contemplative port. with all the meaning and history built in, he's very much aware of what has become a point of some is controversy, too. the building is dramatically and deliberately different from its surroundings and most other museums in town. >> we believe that it's important for the building, the museum, to make a statement of about what the institution is. not just to be a pretty wrapper around exhibits and artifacts. >> reporter: aaron gilchrist, news 4. fascinating stuff. it opens in september and will have solar panels to heat water and a rooftop garden. you can open up the nbc washington app to see our other exclusive behind the scene stories about the museum. in-you will agree that the
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from up top by that garden, amazing. >> very cool. and i know we always give aaron compliments, but that was a good piece. >> good job, ag. and speaking of behind the scenes, we're on our facebook arrive right now, we have hundreds of viewers talking about the weather. some people saying that they going south, they're going to florida. they're over it. >> wait a week because it's coming our way. st. lucia weather is coming our way and you can track it with the nbc washington app. it's coming from the west and heading right into the metro area. looking at radar, it's all part of this upper level system that has been stuck parked over us for the last couple of days. and that has been giving us the clouds and the cool temperatures and showers that are continuing moving in from the west and northwest out in the shenandoah valley across northern virginia, into maryland and the district. so this is about to move right into washington. right now we've only had a little bit of drizzle going on around the metro area,
9:20 am
moving on through. hour by hour timing here for the rest of the morning, we'll have that continuing to drag down from the north and north and west into virginia and away the bay and the eastern shore, as well. and we'll have this with us here 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon. all this area this color, that's where we'll get light showers. maybe moderate showers in western maryland, parts of west virginia as we get into the evening hours. this continues to rotate over us overnight tonight and at 11:00, they will begin to taper off. so the d.c. bike ride so far it's just been a few areas of some drizzle, but it's going to be more sprinkles and steadier light rain as we get into the afternoon and for the after ride parties in the afternoon, it will be upper 50s and just some sprinkles around. maybe a little drizzle, bus stop tomorrow morning waiting for the metro, by mid-morning, damp, cool, a little brightening of the cloud cover and upper 50s, sun breaks out in the afternoon on monday, highs they're 70. also a chance of a passing shower or thundershower mainly in the afternoo
9:21 am
summer, we'll be in the upper 70s tuesday near 80, wednesday into the 80s on thursday, friday and saturday. and memorial day weekend looking great. sunday though maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, otherwise feeling like summer. memorial day itself, mid-80s with thunderstorms around. a local mom had trouble coming up with ways for her kids to give back. the creative solution she came up with that is quickly catching on. and i'm mark murray this is something we might not have expected a year ago. republicans have wrapped up their nomination but democrats are still duking it out. bernie sanders vow to ing to ke his vit up. >> yes, he vastly outperformed expect takess, but the race is just not as close as it might seem. >> hillary clinton leads sanders by 762 delegates overall. and she need only 9% of the remaining delegates to clinch a majority and the na
9:22 am
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our next story is about a virginia woman whose mom and dad immigrated from thigh inchina. she says her parents modest up bringing inspired her to find a way to give back one box at a time. >> reporter: when she couldn't find an easy way for young girls to give back, she created one. >> we have boxes everywhere. >> reporter: she started little loving hands, a monthly subscription service with a twist. a box of kid crafts for a cause. >> every month we spotlight a different charity and in our kits we include all the materials and instructions for a child to create a craft and then it's sent back to the organization in need and handed out. these are the activity bags for the children's hospital. >> reporter: every project comes with a card that emphasizes who the kids are helping and why. one project was making snowman hand warmers for sick children.
9:26 am
claudia lewis with ronald mcdonald house charities says teaming up was a win/win. >> it's a wonderful opportunity to raise visibility for the charity and bring a smile to the child's face. >> reporter: the whole experience is hands on teaching children empathy and compassion. and for busy moms like carrie, it's also convenient. >> the fact that it shows up in your mail box without much thinking about it is very helpful. >> reporter: they finished a tote that will be filled with canned food for seniors. this charity is geared to children ages 3 to 9. >> parents love it because there is no clutter but they know that it's going out for something good. >> since they launched in the fall, they have shipped more than 1,000 will boxes everywhere from alaska to hawaii. please join me and eun yang at 11:30 this morning for a special that celebrates asian american pacific islander here
9:27 am
and there is rain in front of the capital wheel. it's every are. but there could be an end in sight. yeah, it will be damp today, but tom has a reason to look up in the weeks ahead. a new battle in decision 2016. the growing problem for donald trump and hillary clinton. what they're facing in the race for the white house. and honoring a little girl's legacy. the mission to teach others an important lesson.
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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it is 9:30 and here are some of the top stories that we're following right now. right now there are dozens of road closures around the district for the inaugural d.c. bike ride going on. the 17 mile ride goes through the district and runs into virginia. for a full list of closure, head to our nbc washington app. fairfax county police are searching for a man who went on a violent crime spree in springfield. the suspect be robbed a jewelry store, got into a shoot-out with police and then car jacked a ca
9:31 am
expected to be okay. university of maryland police investigate to go see if the use of pepper spray was appropriate after officers used it as a house party the use of pepper spray was appropriate after officers used it as a house party incident. they will take a look at police body camera footage and other video. well, take a look. >> you can't. there you go. >> swofomeone is working this sunday morning. >> what is this? >> i have no idea. but if you look out your window, this is likely what you will see. rain drops and dreary weather. good morning, i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. and on top of that, it's pretty cool outside too. tom kierein is seeing all of it p he's outside on the weather deck. >> and i'm seeing what you're seeing. drizzle here, getting a steady drizzle, so you do need the umbrella. we've had light rain coming through, it's moving in from the west under this
9:32 am
northwest washington. everything is ireland green on this sunday morning. so is radar. light rain all coming in from the north and west. that will continue to track our way here and move its way in on through here over the -- during the afternoon hours coming in from the west. so getting some of that steadier rain that will begin to move on through. and as it does move through, temperatures will be holding steady in the mid and upper 50s. so the umbrella, poncho and rain boots. do what you can to stay dry if you have to be out for a length of time for the rest of this sunday. programming news though is on the way. a look at that this half hour. at 9:32, today is national learn to swim woodbridge, theree a memorial event and water safety assembly. the memorial will remember a 7-year-old who died last memorial day after drowning at the lorton station community
9:33 am
she didn't know how to swim. after the memorial, swim instructors will teach students rather safety tips and what to do in a water emergency. we're just learning this morning that it could be a dead heat in a general election contest between hillary clinton and donald trump. new results from an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll show that clinton's advantage has narrowed to just a few points over trump. here is chris pollone. >> reporter: with polls showing the race between hillary clinton will and donald trump tightening, both candidates made a pitch to a voting group which could be pivotal in the general election. hispanics. the ad libbed speech recorded on his airplane, trump talked about bringing back jobs, improving education and cutting taxes promising to keep some drugs from pouring over the border, when you he did not mention the wall he vowed to build. >> we will stop drugs from pouring in to our country. we will strengthen our borders. >> reporter: clinton's pitch more direct. she didn't mention trump by name, but made clear who she was talking about.
9:34 am
>> we have a candidate who wants to tear families apart and forcibly deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: a day after the national rifle association endorsed trump, clinton blasted his position on guns. >> this is someone running to be president of the united states of america, a country facing a gun violence epidemic and he's talking about more guns in our schools. that's no way to keep us safe. >> reporter: while polls show republicans are starting to coalesce behind trump, clinton still hasn't secured the democratic nomination which is why rnie sanders continues to hit the trail saturday in new mexico. >> and i hope that this incredibly beautiful state will go on record as saying that we need a political revolution. >> reporter: new mexico, california and new jersey are
9:35 am
votes. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. former secretary of state hillary clinton will sit down exclusively with chuck todd this morning on "meet the press." you can see that interview right here at 10:30 after "news 4 today." president obama is on his way to asia for what is expected to be a historic trip. he will arrive in vietnam this morning to meet with leaders and spend three days touring that country. then it is off to japan where he will become the first sitting u.s. president to tour hiroshima. president obama will also attend the g-7 summit. we're hearing from the neighbors of the man shot near the white house on friday. jesse olivieri's home is in ashland, about 80 miles outside of philadelphia. the secret service agent shot him in the chest after they say he approached a checkpoint armed with a gun and disobeyed commands. neighbors say this is a complete shock.
9:36 am
>> the last thing that you would think of would be something from the olivieris that would be involved in anything closely concerned with that. >> olive he reminds in the hospital. dwloo it's a rainy and cool start, but tom is updating the forecast and how you can plan to spend monday morning's commute. he hop order his harley for a cross-country mission. the touching reason this 89-year-old vet van hitng the rotiad
9:37 am
9:38 am
morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment nothing is stopping an 89-year-old vet rachb from making a cross-country trip for memorial day. bruce heilman is on a coast to coast ride on his harley to honor fellow military members who never made it home. he's a world war ii
9:39 am
also serves as the university of richmond chancellor. today he stops in ohio and plans to reach richmond by the holiday. here at nbc 4, we never give up on find being ing anne adopte for a child. >> so today we want to reintroduce you to a child. barbara harrison gives you another chance to get to know xavier. >> good to see you. i want you to meet xavier. >> welcome to our office. how are you? >> he wants to be an architect. >> he was impressed with a huge map showing all the architectural projects that this firm has designed. >> so all these are places you've been part of? >> these are completed projects. >> reporter: a new project was under way at the computer and a staff architect moved over
9:40 am
let xavier try his hand at creating. >> this is like right here, right? >> yes. >> reporter: he said this kind of work seems like fun. >> it seems so fun do something that you love do like draw. >> yeah, there is a good end result, so you get to build things out of it and you get to make an impact on the community. >> reporter: safe krxavier says wants to build good homes for people to live in. >> because i was raised in not such a good place and i want to make a difference. >> he came into foster care when he was a young child and he was adopted and five years ago that address don adoptive placement was no longer an option. >> reporter: through no fault of xaviers, there were problems in the adoptive home and he ended up back in the foster care system. some kids are shy about trying again. >> would you like to find a permanent home? >> reporter: i would love to. >> how about adoption, what do you think about that? >> reportwe
9:41 am
it. it's just i don't want to get hurt again. >> i'm looking for a family that will absolutely 100% commit to him. he only has a few year before he will go off to college bs but he needs that family to go home on breaks, to go home on christmas breaks. >> i need somebody who will always be there and say i'm proud of you. >> he needs a cheer leading squad behind him. >> reporter: these architects think xavier has a bright future as aparchitect. and they gave him a hard hat to take home, encouraging him to make good on his dream to build a better future. with that family he so hopes to grow up with. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. well, if you have room in your home and your heart for xavier or perhaps another child who is still waiting, please call our special adoption hotline, the number on your screen,
9:42 am
to o. to and search wednesday's child. it is 9:41. and surprise, it is dreary out there. but guess what, there is a silver lining. tom is updating his forecast with when scatters showers will be gone. development is on a torrid pace in tysons, but is it happening too ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪
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a drippy and chilly sunday morning. storm team 4 radar, light rain coming in from the north and west. going to be sweeping right into the metro area here over the next few hours. and be with us off and on throughout much of the rest of the afternoon. looks like summerlike weather on the way, though, by the end of the week and for your memorial day weekend. a look at that coming up. well, check this out. a sinkhole swallowed up several cars in china. take a look at the security camera that caught the first collapse on video. and then a car and tree went into the hole. the sipping hole widened to about 16 feet wide, 10 feet deep and in the end four cars fell in. luckily no one was hurt. we could have a verdict tomorrow in the case of the baltimore police officer on trial for the death of freddie gray. prosecutors argued that edward nero should be found guilty of assault for his actions. nero was ao
9:46 am
gray's life by putting him on the floor of the police van instead of on a bench in a seat belt. nero's defense lawyer said nero acted reason pably and seat belting because the response of the driver. a divide is growing in tysons where new development is absolutely booming. but mixed in with all the optimism is concern about a community growing out of control. >> reporter: recognize this? this was tysons corner. a civil cross roads, a general store at the intersection of routes 123 and 7. but this, this is tysons today. a transforming urban goliath with its open metro stations and transportation network. and as some look out their back windows, this is what they now see and they aren't entirely happy. >> any development raises concerns. >> repr:
9:47 am
vienna for three decades, and he knows change is coming, but for him, not making accepsense just. >> the distinct lack of things that make a real town. it's an overgrown office development. >> reporter: he hopes new planning isn't being that thousand. so with all the transportation and the development that is happening here in tysons corner, you can't just throw a rail line and road and a bunch of buildings together and hope that it all works out. it has to make sense. ask head of organization that studies transportation and growth plans all over our region. stewart schwartz has studied tysons a lot. his group, the coalition for smarter growth believes that the right kind of growth for tysons has to be centered around the metro station. >> we're building up in those places rather than encroaching on the neighborhoods or rather than encroaching farther out
9:48 am
>> reporter: that was a promise to the surrounding communities and they agreed to it. now it's up to fairfax county and developers to make sure it happens. >> does it doesn't work, a lot of people will lose money and it will stall. >> reporter: prafs no one is as knowledgeable about what is happening than the head the tysons partnership, a group much business, civic and go. leaders working feverishly to transform tysons in to a more appealing place. >> the plan has always been to help the traffic, right? >> yes. it's always been primary goal. in fact it was the congestion of traffic was diminishing the quality of life. and so we needed a solution. >> reporter: and the solution is to encourage people to live, work and play here rather than drive. in essence capturing people and in shortment of time he says that plan is working. his team just finished its own traffic study. >> traffic on route 123 was down 9% in one year. >> reporter: declining traffic a
9:49 am
part of the commute anymore, it's about a place that makes sense, a place you want to admire. >> machiner planners expect 80 to move in in the coming years and about 200,000 overall jobs in that area. so it will get pretty big. but that's what they're trying to help, they're trying to make sure that you don't have to drive there, just live, work and play there. but they need park, buildings and all sorts of things that make it a real sense of place. >> and i've been here 33 years. i remember when tysons corners was a sleepy thorp havenorthern town. >> it's transforming fast. we have the drizzle and light rain around the metro area. here we are again, this upper level system parked right over us and it doesn't want to leave. but it does look like it will gradually by tomorrow. there is the capital camera showing the gray clouds
9:50 am
over the dome and it's beginning to rain right in washington after we've had drizzle throughout most of the morning. but this heavier rain now cruising across northern virginia, maryland, coming right into the district here over the next couple of hours. and then it will hang away as well, so have the umbrella handy if you're about to head out the door, have your rain gear as we'll have this wet pattern with us here the rest of the day. we're in the 50s from the bay to the mountains and atlantic beaches, as well. reagan national now at 54. hour by hour forecast, we'll have off and on light rain and sprinkles all the way into the afternoon. we'll stay in the 50s peaking in the upper 50s around 3:00. metro tomorrow morning, there is a chance of a drizzle. we'll be in the low to mid-50s. by 9:00, the cloud cover should lift a bit, we'll be in the upper 50s, but still cool and damp. but late morning on monday, into the afternoon, a little sun may break out, highs reaching near 70. maybe a passing shower or thundershower tomorrow afternoon.
9:51 am
have big change in our pattern. we'll have upper 70s on tuesday afternoon with lots of sunshine. they're 80 on wednesday and, yeah, feeling like summer. hot and humid on thursday, friday and saturday. small chance of afternoon storms both of those days and for the memorial day weekend, sunday chance of an afternoon storm, otherwise partly sunny, upper 80s. memorial day looking like dwlatdwlat greater chance ever storms away. mid-80s and rather humid. so a wig change is on the way.e. mid-80s and rather humid. so a wig change is on the way. coming up, a unique approach with successful results. meet the classroom addition helping special needs students build their confidence.
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9:54 am
developing this morning, more violent wind or rain could still hammer the cyclone battled coast of bangladesh. already at least 21 have died, many more injured. officials say some were killed when homes collapsed or landslides happened. roughly 500,000 have been moved in to shelters. take a look at this incredible footage that we got out of australia. boaters saving some hot air balloon passengers. the balloon was trying to land in melbourne when the strong winds pushed it out over the water. the pilot was able to lower the balloon on to the tedeck of the boat and get the people out. once the balloon was light enough, he could move
9:55 am
to safe ground. >> good for him. hard to do. this next story, great. unique classroom visitor is helping local kids with special needs. >> it's not a teacher or a parent, but already bringing a lot of success. david culver shares this story from sterling. >> reporter: as the click of her shoes echoed through the hole, all eyes on little miss popular. >> all in all she's great. >> reporter: this is fionna, a mini horse. at first these students each dailying with different special needs aren't quite sure how to approach fionna. >> are you willing? no? >> reporter: fionna likewise hesitant. and it may just be tha
9:56 am
timid behavior that allows for this. >> very nice. approach slowly, hold your hand out so they can say hello. >> reporter: suddenly a connection. much of it flows from darcy's tender approach with the students. she loves kids. and her horses. >> and to have the opportunity to kind of have my two passions combined, couldn't be any better. >> reporter: she founded project horse in 2008 to help those coping with a variety of needs. three years ago, she and several volunteers began trucking the mini horses to schools. and amber sees the impact. >> joy. lots of joy. >> reporter: a recent graduate of park view high school, amber says this program changed her life. >> i seemed to open up more, i was able to cope with my anxiety better. >> it's amazing and i don't think we were first sure what might happen. >> reporter: and this teacher sees the change in her students. >> they're more
9:57 am
>> reporter: david culver, news 4. >> love it. all right. it is a wet and soggy sunday of course. and tom is updating his forecast. and a major warm-up is in store for next week. >> reporter: might not be the best day to be out, but a great day to ride a bike. d.c. bike ride under way in d.c. i'll tell you more coming up.
9:58 am
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heading in to the 10:00 hour and right now on "news 4 today," a major travel impact could slow you down this morning. you're looking at a live pic. dozens of road closures for first of its kind event. >> rain, rain and more of the same. storm team 4 tracking another day filled with showers and finally an end in sight. two parties, one problem. what a new poll reveals about a big challenge facing donald trump and hillary clinton. >> don't worry, there are blear brighter days ahead. >> what are we calling it? drizmal. can we vocoin that on a immedia lod meteorological term? >> i'


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