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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 22, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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heading in to the 10:00 hour and right now on "news 4 today," a major travel impact could slow you down this morning. you're looking at a live pic. dozens of road closures for first of its kind event. >> rain, rain and more of the same. storm team 4 tracking another day filled with showers and finally an end in sight. two parties, one problem. what a new poll reveals about a big challenge facing donald trump and hillary clinton. >> don't worry, there are blear brighter days ahead. >> what are we calling it? drizmal. can we vocoin that on a immedia lod meteorological term? >> i'
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the rain does continue to rain. beginning to move in in a steadier area after mostly just drizzle all morning. now moving out of the shenandoah valley across northern virginia. and into maryland. all this area in green is light rain and it's steady across northern virginia. just now coming into fairfax out of fauquier, prince women yim. a couple areas of moderate showers coming into the afternoon and evening hours, but brighter days ahead. we'll look at that and a warm-up on the way this half hour. new this morning, wet roads are making for some hazardous conditions out there for drivers. take a look at that accident on the in-are loop of the beltway. kevin sent these photos this. the moving truck crashed. mo
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rescue is urging drivers to slow down, avoid distractions. of course windshield wipers and headlights on. dominion virginia power is still work to go restore power after a tree fell on tennessee avenue in alexandria. now, alexandria police tweeted out this photo. you can see how many damage that tree actually did cause. it cut power to about a dozen customers in that neighborhood. a traffic alert to pass along with you. you're going to want to avoid most of downtown d.c. this morning because of road closures. derrick ward is live in northwest with more on the inaugural d.c. bike ride. rain didn't stop a lot of people today. >> reporter: no, it didn't. probably cooled them off a little bit. ire see being the bikers along main avenue. is this t this is the last leg of their trip. it gives you a sense of how many bicyclists are
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8,000, but they could be twice as many. and it all goes for a good cause. registration fees help to benefit the washington area bicyclist association and also to help further the vision zero initiative in d.c. it's a nationwide initiative to reduce the number of traffic fatalities to zero and specifically these folks concerned about that involve bicyclists. again, this race started at about 8:00 this morning. went through the district and they say this is actually the best and most healthy way to see the city. of course seeing it at ground level with the wind in your face, rain at your back, what could be better on a sunday morning. we are live in southwest. derrick ward, news 4. also right now, fairfax county police searching for a man who went on a violent crime spree in springfield. police are working three crime scenes. it all started at the brookfield plaza shopping center when the suspect robbed a jewelry store. and as officers
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exiting the store. he smart started shooting at officers. they returned fire. a bystander was hit, but is expected to be okay. the suspect then got into a car and took off. >> seven shots, pop, pop, pop. >> are you concerned now? >> i am. in broad daylight? that's scary. >> the gunman crashed his car at spring village drive about a mile and a half away from that shopping center. police say that he then carjacked another person and crashed that car a while away and then took off by foot. an infant has suffered a traumatic injury after falling several stories. this happened on roanoke avenue around 7:30 last night. montgomery county fire and ems says the infant fell three stories. the baby does not have life threatening injuries, but the injury was traumatic.
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officers used pepper spray to break up a university of maryland house party and now police are taking a closer look at video from the officers' body cameras. well, you can hear the chaos seen in this video. just before 2:00 saturday morning, police were called to this noisy party and a possible fight at the courtyard in college park. umd police say an officer was surrounded by a crowd at one point. pepper spray was used twice. police say they are reviewing to see if the use of force was appropriate. meanwhile two people were arrested on multiple charges including disorderedly conduct during that incident. developing this morning, the afghan taliban confirms mullah mansour has been killed in an air strike. president obama authorized the air strike. mansour led the taliban after death of another senior leader last summer.
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two dead and nearly half a dozen hurt after a shooting at a concert in the western part of austria on a property used by a motorcycle club. police say he got a gun out of his car and started shooting at random. and he shot himself as police closed this. investigators are trying to figure out why egyptair crashed. experts say there could have been a fire on board, explosion or technical glitch. crews are still trying to find the black boxes from the plane it could be weeks if not longer before they know exactly what happened on that plane. 66 people were on board the flight from paris to cairo. in decision 2016, popularity may be hard to come by for the leading presidential di
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journal" poll out today shows hillary clinton and donald trump are the two most unpopular likely presidential nominees in the poll's history. 54% of registered voters have a negative opinion of clinton, while for trump, the number is 58%. the poll has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. meanwhile clinton's rival bernie sanders says if he's elected president, he would not reappoint debbie wasserman shuttle to head the d thinc but would back her challenger. sh schultz has been accused of backing clinton and using her influence to tip the scale for hillary clinton. we're in for another cool and drizzly day with showers mixed in. tom is tracking when all this rain will finally end and how much of a warm-up we could see next week. he has won the preakness
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stakes! >> well, it was a messy race and no triple crown winner this year. the upset and the
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he has won the preakness stakes! >> don't expect a triple crown winner this horse racing season. exaggerator pulled off the upset at the preakness yesterday. that win was the first loss for nyquist who was favored in the race. but the win was overshadowed by a somber start when two horses died and a jockey was injured earlier in the undercard. one horse died of an apparent heart attack and the other broke its leg. developing in china this morning, take a look at what more than 18 inches in just 10 hours did to a city in the south part of that country. eight people died, four others are missing from the flooding. nearly 55,000 people were forced to evacuate after their homes were destr
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region could get another 5 inches of rain. also developing, rescuers found more bodies in that deadly volcano eruption in western indonesia. the death toll is at six. the volcano unleashing hot clouds of ash as high as two miles. all of the victims were working on their farms about 2 1/2 miles away from the eruption. florida grab your umbrella and raincoat, your rain boots. tom is updating the forecast and how soon temperatures will be back into the high 70s. and in the meantime there is a lot to do inside. we reveal some of the less traveled locations hidden in the nation's capital.
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rewind to marchlike weather with temperatures only in the 50s. we are getting steadier light rain, the area in green all tracking in from the north and west coming right through the metro area. it will be with us here through much of the afternoon. and then we'll fast forward to july weather coming up this week. just in time for the memorial day weekend. i'll have that forecast for you coming up in about five minutes. this morning we continue our worth the trip series with a jaunt through the district. from anacostia to a hidden spot in the middlet
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>> and with the rain thooe weather, some of the indoor spots may be the perfect place to take the family. melissa mollett takes us on the journey. >> reporter: so much history in the district, sure, you can get lost in museums or monuments or your secret favorite spot. >> i love the national arboretum. especially for kids. we have picnics. >> reporter: but what about the less traveled locations like lincoln cottage in northwest? it was president lincoln's summer house. here he wrote parts of the emancipation proclamation. fascinating relics inside, it's only been open to the public since 2008. >> lincoln first came out here a couple days after his first inauguration and was last seen riding the grounds the day before his assassination. so it bookends his presidency in many ways. >> reporter: now to southeast. how does a tour a
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tasty and kind cool. every chocolate bar sold helps save 20 square feet of brazilian rainforest. now over to anacostia and the frederick douglas house. go back in time. the statesman called it cedar hill, a tribute to its sweeping views of the city. and jump off gw parkway, this trail is perfect for hiking and biking and spectacular roosevelt island. >> you can hear the hum of traffic in the distance but apart from that, i feel like i'm totally in nature. >> reporter: this couple comes here for a one hour walk every day. >> nobody would ever figure it out here is this place. >> reporter: the dirt path per foegt a jog in the miflgtd islands argues tree. a statue of the island's namesake. from the banks you can see all of georgetown.
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why not catch your transportation at the boathouse and cross the river. all these d.c. spots definitely worth the trip. melissa mollett, first 4 traffic. >> even more day trips are in our nbc washington app. just search "worth the trip." so to the type of ride. politics. it has been crazy. a new poll shows just how much we may or may not like the presidential candidates. >> more toward the not liking side. joining us how to break it down, chuck todd. you have a new nbc wall street journal poll and it has some unfavorable ratings. >> i'll say glass is half full. in look at you. >> which is these two are bringing the country together. donald trump and hillary clinton have brought the country together in one respect, they are united against them about that's the most remarkable finding. hillary clinton on her own, her unfavorable rating would be the highest for a perspective nominee.
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trump who is actually the highest. the two of them -- what is interesting being we were able to slight up there is about one in five voters that have they go difference views of both of them. and boy, do they prefer bernie sanders by a lot. these folks are less likely to vote if he's not on the ballot. they slightly lean republican when you see where they're going, at the same time, they're younger voters. so that is your swing vote. that is really what you sort of see there, that some some are saying they're supporters, some are labibertarians, soft republicans. they would like a third option, but we haven't offered them one. >> and that was striking to me. 47% said they would are consider a third party candidate. so we're definitely not looking at model turnout with this election. i mean are we looking at four different -- >> i go back and forth.
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record high turnout, trump will galvanize the american voter positive or negative. when i looked at these numbers and first of all looked more conventional than ever, basically generic d, generic r is a three point gap and hillary clinton/trump is a three point game. for those who don't like either one, there is less enthusiasm. soo we may end up with a lower turnout. and in that case, you'd probably rather be the democrat. >> do you see anyway that someone else comes into the race? >> mark could ykcuban was someb was floated. he says, look, he wasn't ready for this cycle. items something that he would like to think about in the future. but later this coming week, libertarian party, probably gets on 50 plus stateh
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their convention, their nominee would be gary johnson and pill we bill well. you never know. i don't think that they will break through as a competitive three-way race, but as a none of the above option that get 10%, that keeps an eye on. because that impacts both candidates in different state. you make the winning number 45% instead of 50%, that changes the math and calculus of the electoral college. >> and you have hillary clinton and markcuban. >> pretty good show. fun stuff. >> thanks for stopping by. and reminder, you can see "meet the press" every sunday right here on nbc 4. it airs right after "news 4 today." want to turn our attention to the weather now and all of this drizzle and you're looking more -- i like your optimism, as well. chuck was optimistic about
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uniting the country and you the forecast. >> cloudy today, but then, yes, promising hughs. sunshine and welcome summerlike weather is on the way coming up. right now though we're still dealing with this rain that continues to fall and actually getting a little more widespread on storm team 4 radar out of west virginia, thonorthern virga and into maryland. getting a couple pockets of moderate showers. the areas you see here in the yellow and orange in the central shenandoah valley, those are downpours now just to the south and east of winchester and south of front royal. these will be tracking off to the east and fauquier county and right now it's all light rain across loudoun and montgomery. and that will be advancing right into fairfax, the district, prince george's county shortly. so have umbrella, poncho, rain boots. and you'll needed a jacket and slacks, too, because it will be cool. a little bit of a breeze around. temperatures are hover in the 50s and for the rest of the day
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with occasional sprinkles and light rain through the afternoon. paegi i peaking just in the upper 50s. tomorrow morning at the bus stop or waiting for the metro, i think lingering drizzle possible. but by 9:00, we begin to dry out and late morning, a little sunshine tries to break out and then during the afternoon, partly sunny, up near 70. might get a passing shower or thundershower though on monday afternoon. sunshine tuesday, upper 70s. near 80 wednesday. and then this warm pattern thursday, friday, saturday and into the memorial day weekend each day a small chance of afternoon storms and highs in the upper 80s. here comes summer. will you dwanance with me? >> i'm not going to dance but. >> i'll give you three superdelegates. good yeah, let's dance. new classic for snl
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fun at hillary clinton and rsrnie sande
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you know the presidency? i really, really want it. >> you don't say. >> yeah. and you know what else? i don't really like people. i only talk to them because i want to be the president so bad. please don't l,
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>> i think they know. >> for its season finale, "saturday night live" reunited a classic couple, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. larry david made one last hilarious appearance alongside kate mccon nonand they worked out the differences over a few drinks and dance. something that the real democratic gits are probably unlikely to do. time is 10:26. here are the 4 things you need to know. some road closures are starting to wrap up around the inaugural d.c. bike ride. that 17 mile ride went through des and into virginia for a full list of the remaining closure, head to our nbc washington app. fairfax county county police are searching for a man who went on a violent crime spree in springfield. he robbed a jewelry store, got into a shoot-out with police and then carjacked a person. university of maryland police department is reviewing body camera footage from officers after pepper spray was used at a huge house party on saturday night. two people were arrested in the
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know if the use of force by officers was appropriate. today in woodbridge, there will be a memorial event and water safety assembly. the memorial will remember a 7-year-old who died last memorial day after drowning at the lorton station community pool. she didn't know how to swim. get the umbrella one last time? >> a drippy day, but sun on the way and summerlike temperatures just in time for the memorial day weekend. >> we'll get there. that will do it for "news 4 day." "meetot
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this sunday, now, it's the democrats who are fighting in public. >> we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> this morning, my sitdown with hillary clinton. on bernie sanders. >> het me shea i don't think he has had a single negative ald against him. >> donald trump. >> no evidence he has ideas s about making america great. >> if you listen closely, it appears she has a new slogan. >> we're stronger together. we're stronger together. >> plus, the new findings from our new poll just out this morning. how much is bernie sanders damaging hillary clinton's chances? >> also, donald trump claims he's bringing in countless new r


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