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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, more fallout from the police response to an on campus umd party. another day in the search for a man who went on a violent crime spree during the streets of springfield. more reaction to the attack pouring in. and a brand-new nbc news/wall street journal poll gives us a clearer picture of where the race for the white house stands now. there is chaos on campus has a graduation party goes terribly wrong. tonight, investigators are in
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should have used pepper spray to break up an on campus party at the university of maryland. darcy spencer talked to police and she's live tonight in college park. >> reporter: some students are criticizing the police department for that use of pepper spray. the president of the university and now the chief of the campus police department promising a thorough investigation. today, we learned several of the officers involved were wearing body cameras and they're expected to release some of that video. >> first of all, let me say i'm very concerned about the perception that my students have of what happened. >> reporter: the chief of university of maryland police commenting for the first time since his officers deployed pepper spray during an early morning confrontation at a graduation party. this twitter video shows the chaotic scene inside the courtyard apartment building. the police had gone there to break up a lar
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there was a report that somebody had a large baseball bat. >> so far what i see causes me concern in some cases on both sides. students who should have just left and perhaps we could have performed better in a couple instances. >> reporter: one officer used pepper spray in the hallway when a fellow officer was surrounded. he felt threatened. the second time was outside. he says party goers again confronted officers. >> pepper spray was discharged there, a short burst, and that was it. >> reporter: the chief is acknowledging that using pepper spray during these types of calls is unusual. he's promising a thorough review to determine if police used proper force. >> of course the question is, was this reasonable use of pepper spray. that's the question we have. >> reporter: and that's the
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to answer. police did make two arrests that night. one of them a university of maryland student. just to clarify, police are saying they rarely use pepper spray because usually when they bust a college drinking party everybody disperses no problem. there's not usually a confrontation. back to you. tonight, two women are in the hospital recovering after being shot early this morning near minnesota avenue and east capitol street southeast. police say two men and a woman approached them, shot them both, stole their car, and then took off. still no sign of the man police say caused chaos at a busy shopping center and possibly wounded an innocent bystander during a shootout with police. he robbed a springfield jewelry store and then shot at an officer who returned fire. the bystander is expected to be okay.
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carjacked somebody, crashed the second car, and then took off. let's go to the campaign trail now. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows it is a statistical dead heat in the race for the white house. more on the shrinking gap between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> good evening. >> reporter: a hillary clinton and donald trump matchup in november would be a tight race according to a new poll. it shows 46% of voters supporting clinton, 43% backing trump. a big drop from a month ago when clinton held an 11% lead. >> polls this far out mean nothing. they certainly mean nothing to me. >> reporter: that same poll shows bernie sanders beating trump decisively 54% to 39%. >> i am the stronger candidate because we appeal to independents, people who are not in love with either the democratic or the republican
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>> reporter: trump is now hunting for a running mate, meeting monday with bob corker. >> donald trump has said multiple times he would like a republican insider, someone with perhaps congressional experience to help him on the republican ticket. >> reporter: another brash billionaire says he's consider being trump or clinton's candidate but not running as a third-party candidate. >> just to shake things up. >> reporter: but that same poll found 47% of americans would still consider a third-party candidate. that's because the poll shows both clinton and trump both have high unfavorable ratings. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. president obama arrived in vietnam today. the first leg in his week long trip to asia. the president's mission is to build stronger economic and security ties with
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japan. to learn more, you can open the nbc washington app and search president obama. party balloons drifted over the gray skies and over the white house grounds and then landed this afternoon briefly sending the secret service on aler ale alert. this comes two days after the secret service shot an armed man who approached the security checkpoint. afghanistan says akhtar mansour was killed yesterday, but the white house has not confirmed his death. the death of monosour's predecessor was confirmed two years after he was killed. the taliban calls the attack a violation of its sovereignty. a traffic stop turns deadly for a massachusetts police officer. how his fellow officers are mourning the tragic loss. shocking video shows what
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some people are calling teacher abuse and what these images don't show just as disturbing. and another day and more rain unfortunately. tracking more showers tomorrow. coming up in
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a former special needs teacher now faces child abuse charges after newly released surveillance video captures a disturbing confrontation. th
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13-year-old autistic boy through the hallway of the wisconsin high school and at one point it appears the teacher douses the boy with water. the incident happened in january and the school fired the teacher a month later. today he was formally charged with child abuse. tonight, in massachusetts local authorities all the way up to the federal level are investigating the death of a police officer, officer ronald jr. he was shot during a traffic stop this morning. officers lined the streets to pay their respects. offic the suspect still on the loose. a driver is recovering tonight after a csx train hit the car she was in. this happened at railroad avenue and oak lawn avenue in gaithersburg. emts rushed the driver to the hospital. she is expected to be
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the train was carrying coal and that crash is under investigation. get ready, folks. hot and humid, it is coming our way. amelia is tracking the big change in our weather pattern. the nypd under fire after what witnesses are calling police misconduct. tonight, the department is responding to this video. nearly a year after tragedy, local students are teaming up
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oh, oh, oh! >> an nypd officer is off the street and under review tonight after he was caught on cell phone video handcuffing a man and pointing his gun at bystanders and later punching one of them in the face. witnesses say it was completely unprovoked. the nypd says there's more to the story than meets the eye and is conducting a thorough investigation. a louisiana family is without their 5-year-old daughter tonight after deputies say she shot herself in the chest. her father was in the shower getting ready to take the girl and her two siblings to see a movie when he heard the single shot. the man told deputies he left his gun out on the table instead of putting it in a safe place. a deadly swimming pool accident last may has led to
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renewed push for water safety. some kids in woodbridge spent part of their day learning from the experts. >> reporter: it's a leap of faith for a young child, faith in their ability to swim or at least to know what to do should they find themselves in the water. these kids, students from an elementary school, are lining up to jump in for a purpose borne out of a tragedy almost a year ago. >> we had one of our second grade students who drowned in the community swimmi inming poo. >> reporter: she was just 7. she was on a playdate at the pool when she drown eed despite the efforts of life guards and others to save her. she couldn't swim. these classmates are all here in her memory. >> i'm proud of living in fairfax county. i'm very happy to be here. >> reporter: in the wake of the tragedy, some of her young friends wanted nothing to do with pools or the beach. >> we don't want to discourage them from getting in the pool. we just want them to be safe. >> we wanto
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some tools to help them to feel more comfortable when they do decide to go back to the water this summer. faces out of the water and you can breathe and call for help if you need to. >> reporter: some of the little ones are helping with the instruction. others are eager to learn. others are already comfortable in the water. >> i had swimming class for about two months. >> reporter: a little primer on water safety can go a long way and even save a life. avid cyclers participate in the d.c. bike ride. proceeds go towards bike safety and making d.c. more bike friendly. we have created a gallery of the ride in our nbc washington app. just search bike ride. unfortunately, not the best day for a bike ride or whatever your outdoor plans were. it was soggy.
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our high about 58 degrees. normally highs this time of year should be in the upper 70s. we are going to be warmer tomorrow. highs around 70 degrees, but another day to have to umbrella handy. some showers in the forecast. it's not going to be as damp as it was today. we will get some breaks into the action tomorrow. tuesday's our transition day. i promise better weather. we're going to keep it dry for most of the day on tuesday. then after that, hazy, hot, and humid weather enters the area. right now on storm team 4 radar just tracking a rainy evening across the area. we'll continue to see a steady rain for the majority of the evening hours. notice some heavier rain back around the hagueerstown ar
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tonight. scattered showers. some patchy fog as well. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., it could be a mainly dry start, but plenty of clouds around. maybe some limited sunshine starts to come out, but that's going to help showers bubble up for the afternoon and evening hours. you'll notice that trend. here we are at 3:00. showers across the area. maybe even a rumble of thunder. no severe weather in the forecast, but brighter color at 3:00 just to the north of fredericksburg. tomorrow evening still some scat sho -- scattered showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. tomorrow, the weather having a low to moderate impact on your day. we'll start off at 55 degrees. some patchy fog. by noon, the area will be mostly dry. 66. a high tomorrow of
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the afternoon. tracking areas of rain. more scattered showers at 8:00 and a temperature of 65. currently, we're in the mid to upper 50s. i wish we were in the mid to upper 70s. 57 right now in washington. 56 in hagerstown. i'm already thinking about tuesday, wednesday, and the remainder of the week. a high on tuesday of 78 degrees. recess gets an "a." wednesday a high of 82 degrees. mostly sunny skies. 86 on thursday. you're noticing the chance of thunderstorms on here. it's a very small chance. only about 20% to 30%. very isolated, but because of the heat, because of the humidity, we can't rule out a late day thunderstorm thursday through sunday. i think we'll be near 90 degrees for memorial day with the chance
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finishinmay off with a very hot and humid note. >> bring it on. we'll take it. thank you, ma'am. all right. the next wave of great inventors could come from montgomery county. westland and parkland middle school sent many of their students to the kid museum in bethesda. today they showed off some of their inventions, including a wind-powered cell phone charger, remote control car, and a new type of flashlight. still ahead, ben comes up big for the nationls in miami.a
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looking good today. >> our goal for the season is to win each series. they've done such an amazing job of that. today was the marlins. they know each other so well. they're very familiar with each other because they wrapped up their fourth series with their
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coming into today, they were tied at six wins apiece. ey don't meet again until september. today it was definitely one you can savor. the nationals starting to pound on those fish today early. good news for the nats. ben revere, he is looking healthy. heading for third. slides in ahead of the throw. one of the two stolen bases in the game for revere. murphy taking this one right up the middle. no chance of a play as revere comes in to score. the nats out to a 2-0 lead. revere not just getting it done. lines this one through the gap and into right. ramos coming into score. 3 for 5 in the game. nats up 6-0. max scherzer, loving his run support.
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giancarlo stanton stealing some smoke. in the eighth, max scherzer still on the hill. scherzer gets a piece of it. final out of the inning. two runs allowed, eight strikeouts, and eight innings for scherzer. nats take the series with a win. >> our igniter had a big day. the first two runs were actually him. like i was telling everybody, he just had to play and get his timing and, you know, get his confidence back because he wasn't hurt anymore. that's the hardest thing about being hurt. you're always fearful you may hurt again. he's off and rolling. hopefully he'll be hot in the new york series. different story for the orioles visiting the angels out in california.
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trumbo 0 for 4 today. calhoun comes home to score, puts the angels up 3-0. part of a five-run inning for l.a. only getting worse in the seventh. good-bye. only question about that one, which rock is it going to land on way out there. angels 10-2, and that is your final. o's still 26-16 on the season. it is the beginning of redskins otas, which is a series of voluntarily practices that last until next month. every single player on the redskins roster is in town for these workouts. he's thrilled to be back with the skins and ready for the secondary to have a big year. >> now that i'm back here and i'm familiar with players organizations,
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know me. just continue to challenge each other. our defensive back end is very powerful. everyone is cool. everyone is mature. everyone is truly pushing each other. if anyone is slacking off or slowing down, we're going to call them out. that's important so we can elevate our play and make a lot of plays. >> more from will tonight on "sports final." we're going to talk about his possible position change, his thoughts on practice, practice, and his cool jacket, which i think he borrowed from the fonz. >> hey. >> all that tonight on "sports final" at 11:35. to college lacrosse, mens quarter finals. skip ahead third quarter, loyola up 2. tigers are within one. later in the
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loyola. not much the goalie can do there. loyola moves on with a 10-8 win. they'll move on to north carolina. on to the women's side. maryland dominating from the start. one of four goals on the day for her. they were up big and they went on to win and they are going. 18-2, the final. theare moving on.y
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on this sunday night, dead heat. donald trump and hillary clinton now neck and neck, the key results of our new national poll while the feud intensifies between clinton and bernie sanders. search for answers as the victims are remembered. authorities step up the hunt for that doomed egyptair jet andmportant black boxes. >> terror target. confirmation that the leader of the taliban was killed in a u.s. drone strike as we hear more tonight from a young american who joined isis. call of the wild, with yellowstone's grisly bears back in healthy numbers, the debate grows over whether they should be called threatened. class of 2016, the inspiring story of main who went from


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