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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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watching developments from our live desk. what do we know about all this? >> we're getting some new information from nbc's pete williams, including the fact these allegations involve a chinese businessman and politician. law enforcement sources say the fbi is investigating whether governor mcauliffe's campaign accepted some illegal contributions three years ago. now mcauliffe used to be a board member on a foundation set up by former president bill clinton. reports show that more than 100 contributed to clinton and mcauliffe's campaign. foreign nationals are into the allowed to contribute to campaigns, but the governor's spokesperson says wayne luang has permanent status in the u.s. neither the governor nor his former campaign has knowledge of this matter. contributions to this campaign c
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cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it. we're going to continue to follow this developing story on our app and tonight straight through news4 at 11:00 at the live desk. breaking news tonight about an attempted rape on metro. transit police arrested this man last month. they say his name is john hicks. a woman says hicks held her at knife point and tried to rape her on a red line train on april 12th at 10:00 in the morning. the woman says he forced her to perform a sexual act on him. police quickly identified and arrested hicks. they charged him with attempted rape. they say he may also be responsible for an unrelated sex assault in montgomery county. now to our weather. some strong storms have been popping up across our region, but the rain isn't out of here just yet. let's get the latest on all this from doug in the weather center. >> right now,
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towar towards calvert county and prince george's county. it is now going severe as it intersects with an outflow boundary from other storms we have seen. this is the storm right here. northern portions of calvert county. you can see that orange watch box or warning box. that is for eastern portions of calvert county and extreme southern portions of prince george's kouncounty. huntingtown under the gun. moderate to heavy rain continues to be likely. we'll have the latest with storm team 4 radar and we'll show you what's coming
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baltimore is calling for patience as the legal process plays out. >> a second officer charged in t in the death of freddie gray was found not guilty. it comes more than a year after gray's death in police custody. chris gordon joins us live from baltimore with the ruling and the reaction that's still coming in. chris? >> reporter: well, officer edward nero chose a non-jury trial. today, the judge kacquitted him of all charges, including assault and risking freddie gray's life. officer nero is not guilty of reckless endangerment or misconduct for failing to seat belt freddie gray in the police transport wagon a year ago april. judge barry wa
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officer nero could reasonably expect that the van driver would be responsible for seat belting freddie gray. gray suffered a broken neck that led to his death. the trial of police waha wagon r caesar goodson will begin in just a few weeks. >> we'll have to see whether or not there's a change in the judge that handles these cases. >> reporter: other legal analyst's says the judge's decision is so skillfully crafted it won't be questioned. >> we learned very little about how this judge would decide future cases. >> reporter: freddie gray's funeral last year resulted in rioting and protesting. >> i think we have a right to be upset, but don't hurt yourself and your community and don't do anything to get locked up. protesting a fine. >> reporter: the lawyer for freddie
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are satisfied with the verdict. >> the judge did an amazing job not only of correctly applying the law and the evidence, but of explaining in detail. >> reporter: although officer nero was found not guilty of all criminal charges, he is still on desk duty at the police department and faces the possibility of disciplinary action. that is the latest live in baltimore. caesar goodson is the next officer to go on trial. he was driving the police transport van where prosecutors say freddie gray was critically hurt. his trial is supposed to start two weeks from today. two more officers head to trial in july with the final two trials scheduled to start this fall. for more in-depth coverage of the case, open up the nbc washington app to see minute-by-minute timeline of freddie gray's arrest. service back to normal on the
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trains had been single tracking for an hour this afternoon after a report of an arcing insulator. that insulator has since been removed. the transit agency says it won't be able to fix a section of track near mcpherson square as quickly as first thought. that means another slow roll for passengers on the blue, orange, and silver lines. >> reporter: that's right. the issue has to do with a section of rail around a tight curve here at mcpherson square. that means another week of working on the problem. on metro, the red blinking platform lights now take on new meaning. stop and slow. >> i think metro needs to get it together like yesterday. >> reporter: riders feel yet more maintenance pain as a piece of rail known as a
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rail along a curve at the mcpherson square section needs more work. these repairs expected to last through the end of the week and that is in addition to trains that are already going slower here to reduce the draw of electricity from the third rail and reduce the risk of fire. you know how metro trains usually just shoot out of the station and then go pretty fast? take a look what's happening here right outside mcpherson square. the train leaves and then it kind of slows down to a slow roll. goes into that tunnel there. then almost comes to a complete stop and just slowly rolls along as it goes through this section of track. these are the speed restrictions that are in place right now. >> yeah, there is just so much maintenance that has to be done. i'm not sure how they're ever going to catch up or if they're got the money. >> reporter: a lot of pain felt this week will be similar to the upcoming huge safetrack maintenance plan. the general manage
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about the need to get all the maintenance up to the right level. >> the key is once we do this we cannot slip back to where we were. we have to continually do this. >> reporter: metro opening to turn a corner, but for right now a slow process. again, so another week of slowdowns here near mcpherson square on top of the slowdowns that were already in place for the orange, blue, and silver lines in the downtown core. back to you. tonight, there's new information about voters and their concerns with donald trump. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows that 6 in 10 voters are very concerned that trump doesn't have any experience in either government or the military. nonetheless, the same poll shows trump closing the gap with hillary clinton. brian moore is on capitol hill now with more on all this. >> reporter: jim, hillary clinton and donald trump have a lot in common right now, but not all of
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on friendly turf in detroit with the service employees national union, hillary clinton slammed donald trump. >> we're not talking about any ordinary anti-union, anti-worker republican. a lot of republicans themselves say donald trump is a disaster waiting to happen to america. >> reporter: she hit him hard on immigration, the minimum wage, and his economic plans. >> how can anybody lose money running a casino, really? >> reporter: the latest poll shows trump is gaining ground. the two are locked in a statistical dead heat. still 60% are concerned about trump's lack of military or government experience. trump is courting conservative skeptics and his search for a running mate is key. senator bob
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short list. >> this was a meeting between two people who didn't know each other except over phone calls getting to know each other and that's it. >> reporter: clinton races bernie sanders to the primary finish line. >> clinton voters do like sander. >> reporter: sanders says he's not giving up. democrats are handing sanders a huge olive branch. five seats on the convention committee to draft the party's platform. two of virginia's top republicans are asking the state's highest court to block hundreds of thousands of felons from voting in november. they say the governor's executive order restoring the voting rights of convicts who have served their sentences is an unconstitutional abuse of power. they also believe it is a political move to help democrats win the white house in november. the order impacts more than
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their time. as of last week, nearly 4,000 had signed up to vote. the question remains was it terrorism or technical failure. tonight, lingering questions five days after an egyptian airliner went down in the mediterranean sea. surveillance video captured the attack as police look for clues if this is connected to another crime involving a d.c. high school student. an attorney and his wife were terrorized for hours inside their mclean home. the trial continues today for the suspect andrew schmuhl. coming up, one of the victims talked about how his life has changed ever since that night. and not one severe thunderstorm warning, but now two. the second issued for culpeper county. this one moving off to the south and west. another around southern prince george's county, charles county, northern st. mary's
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police are looking for the suspect in a string of violent crimes. it started with a robbery at a jewelry store, then turned into a police shootout, and ended with a carjacking. pat collins outside dubai jewelry store in springfield, virginia, where the wild scene
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pat? >> reporter: jim, by my count, this guy is good for about five felonies in just a matter of minutes. it was a jewelry store robbery that led to a gunfight that had not one, but two getaways that ended in crashes. and today the suspect is still at large. this is what it sounded like on the police radio. >> shots fired. brookfield plaza. black male, face covered. >> reporter: the dubai jewelry store in springfield, virginia. they say a masked man wearing what looked to be a ups outfit comes in and robshe place. >> he shouted don't move, i'll shoot you. >> reporter: the robber goes from showcase to showcase dumping judump ing jewelry into a duffle bag. the robber here, the cop over there. someone driving by gets injured by one of the
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another round ends up going through the plate glass window of a vacant store. they patched it with plywood now. the gunman drives away, but he doesn't get far. he crashes here at spring village drive about a mile from the robbery scene. then he carjacks a cadillac and makes what you might call a second getaway. back to the police radio for another lookout. >> subject is going to be described as a black male in a ups uniform wearing all brown. we don't have a direction of travel at this time. >> reporter: the second time he didn't get very far either. you see, he cracked up that cadillac in these woods about a half mile from where he stole it. the gunman gets out of the car, grabs the duffle bag, and continues to run away on foot.
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now they say the bystander who was wounded in the shootout here has nonlife-threatening injuries. as for the suspect, that suspect is still at large. jim, back to you. a man shot outside a white house security checkpoint last week is still in critical condition tonight. the secret service agent shot a man named jesse olivieri on friday after officials say olivieri pulled out a gun and then refused to drop it. investigators searched olivieri's house in pennsylvania. they found no connection to terrorism. they believe it may have been an attempt at suicide by cop. internal e-mails obtained by news4 shows the u.s. secret service is testing its new fencing for the white house. the agency is planning to raise the white house fence by five feet so it is 11 feet tall to prevent future fence jumping incidents. the news4 i-team obtain
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e-mails detailing the plans for that fence. some of the equipment was tested april 20th in quantico, virginia. it's scott macfarlane at the live desk. information shows it is going to be a very big day on capitol hill tomorrow for d.c. metro rail. information into the news4 i-team says a powerful u.s. house appropriations committee is going to recommend d.c. metro rail be given $150 million in the coming months to deal with safety and maintenance issues. that same committee this time last year recommended cutting the funding down to 75 million. members of congress at the time arguing d.c. metro rail has too much unspent federal money. the committee will recommend full funding. $150 million for metro rail to tackle its safety issues and maintenance problems. the u.s. house transportation committee 10:00 a.m. to answer questions about how the agency
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money. an egyptian aviation official says search crews are still far away from finding the wreckage of flight 804. the flight from paris to cairo disappeared from radar five days ago. 66 people were on board. some debris and human remains have been recovered. u.s. intelligence agencies say there is still no hard evidence that terrorism is involved. we have the developments now from cairo. >> reporter: today egypt general prosecutor reached out to his counterparts in france and asking them to provide any relevant information regarding flight 804 to egyptian authorities. they're requesting any documentation and recordings that
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air traffic control. they think that information may help with their ongoing investigation here in egypt, but central to the overall investigation it really comes down to that black box, trying to find both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. >> we're far away from closing in on the fuselage of the aircraft. what we have found is only small pieces and there is a lot to be done. >> reporter: egypt's president says they have deployed a submarine to identify where the wreckage might be and try to identify that black box. they believe it will be critical in trying to answer some of the lingering questions about what brought this plane down. families continue to deal with their loss. very much the question on everyone's mind still
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what brought down this plane. chances are you've seen those yellow planet aid donation bins. tonight in an news4 i-team investigation, we'll report why the government is giving this controversial charity millions of dollars. in just a matter of weeks, two students have been attacked. one with a knife, another one beaten. i'm mark segraves. we'll show you the video of the most recentttack and a ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪
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a man was stabbed over and over again, but he lived to face his accuser. tonight, we'll hear the emotional courtroom testimony and learn how life has changed for a lawyer who was terrorized inside his own home. plus, a student beaten up and robbed outside a d.c. high school. what police are saying about a possible connection to another crime just days apart. also tonight, the public with the first look at plans for a future metro project that's been years in the making. those stories and more coming up at 6:30, but first here's doug with a check on our weather. what's happening with those storms? >> still rumbling on through our area. we're getting so sick of pictures like this one. we have seen the rain across our area. i'm sure the nationals going to
6:25 pm
take a look down towards reagan national airport. the rain continues to fall. it is just nasty out there across the area. temperatures were in the 70s. now down to the mid 60s. a couple of storms, a couple of strong storms. one severe thunderstorm warning, calvert county. another warning for culpeper county and madison quantity. let's take a look at a couple of these. see the rain around the d.c. metro area back to the west. some very heavy rain there. back towards bowie and annapolis. this is a storm we have watched come all the way across the eastern portion and the bay. look at all of the lightning with this. there has been some hail reported with this too. this is moving down to the south and east. you can see
6:26 pm
mechan mechanicsville, prince frederick. heads up in this region. if you don't have to go out, you might want to wait a little while. culpeper county, notice the enhanced lightning. this one moving down to the south and east. a strong storm just south of culpeper and then we're watching this area of rain that'll again come right down i-95 into the d.c. metro area. we're not done with this just yet. nothing strong or severe with those storms. this is all part of the same system that brought us rain this weekend. what that does is allows that moisture and these little areas of convergence to come together and bring us those storms. more of the same tonight right around through 7:00 and 9:00. then it gets down by around 8:00, 9:00. we'll start to see things settle down. tomorrow morning at
6:27 pm
no problems. we'll start to turn a corner. that one is going to be one that we've been waiting to turn for a long time. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, temperatures around 78 degrees. look at the next couple of days. we get into the 80s. we see march-like weather this weekend and july-like weather later this week. 87 on your thursday. 89 on friday. chance of showers and a couple of thunderstorms on thursday and friday. once again turning a corner finally back into the warmer air. we'll continue to keep our eyes on the radar when we come right back.
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now at 6:30, a lawyer details the horrific night he was stabbed repeatedly in his home as he takes the stand in the trial against his attacker. a high school student robbed and beaten in broad daylight. tonight, there are new questions about the possible connection to an attack involving another student. controversy tonight surrounding the charity behind those yellow planet aid clothing donation bins. find out what the i-team uncovered. it's an easy and convenient way to get around, but what's hitching a ride with you when yo
6:31 pm
vehicle. a victim today testified about threats in an attempt to kill him statement he thought his wife had been killed. >> that emotional testimony. meagan fitzgerald has our report. >> reporter: several fairfax county police officers just finished up testifying, but it was leo fisher who spent the majority of the day answering questions about the night he says andrew schmuhl forced his way into his mclean home. fairfax county officers described a gruesome scene when they entered leo fisher's home. leo fisher and his wife sue were suffering from multiple stab wounds and were struggling to stay alive. leo fisher told the jury that once inside andrew schmuhl tased him, tied him up, and then tied up his wife. schmuhl never identified himself, but fisher said schmuhl
6:32 pm
started questioning him about why his wife alicia was recently fired from fisher's law firm. the questioning went on for hours until fisher says, quote, the next thing i know he knocked me over backwards. he puts the pillow on me. he cuts my throat and starts stabbing me. then fisher says his wife starts screaming and that's when he says, kwoequote, schmuhl brough a gun and i saw him shoot her. he remembers his wife covered in blood while they struggled to call 911. fisher told the jury his life has significantly changed saying, quote, my tongue now moves to the left. i can't feel or move anything to that side of my mouth. leo fisher was able to tell police officers when they arrived on scene it was andrew
6:33 pm
again tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. meagan fitzgerald, news4. university of maryland police promise to review and then release body camera video of their response to a graduation party over the weekend. a twitter video shows a chaotic scene at the courtyards in college park early saturday. police were called to break up the party. some people are criticizing the officers because they used pepper spray twice before they arrested two people. a few days after a wilson high school student was stabbed and wounded another student was beaten up and robbed in the same d.c. neighborhood. both incidents happened in northwest d.c. in the second police district. this most recent attack happened last month near georgetown day high school. mark segraves is there with more. mark? >> report
6:34 pm
seen a spike in crimes like this in a confined neighborhood, it's typically been a small group of suspects committing those crimes, but police don't believe that's the case in these tinnily town attacks. it was a school day. 1:30 in the afternoon. surveillance video from georgetown day school shows a student walking toward the camera and three suspects walking toward him. the suspects slow as the victim gets closer. then one of them attacks, beating the victim to the ground and kicking him. then they rob the student as he lays helpless on the ground. >> students should not have to worry that they cannot walk from their school to their home or to wherever they're going and not be subject to an attack. i'm very disturbed by this. >> rert
6:35 pm
wilson high was stabbed on his way to school in the morning. >> what we need and i've asked the npd, greater police presence, whether it be on bicycles or police walker or the cruisers going around. we need our institutions like gds or wilson high school to have their security officers out and about and visible. >> reporter: while police have no suspects in either attack, they don't believe they're related. >> there is no correlation between the incidents. >> reporter: officials at georgetown day school sent home letters to parents saying the student was not seriously injured and police came to the school to give kids tips on being safe. >> try to walk in groups, be alert of your surroundings, do not engage the suspects, and call the police if you're aware of any unusual persons or activities. >> reporter: in those cases of the armed robberies
6:36 pm
done at knife point, police have made arrests in those cases. as for the two students that were attacked, they say those students are expected to recover from their injuries. jim, back to you in the studio. new revelations about the charity planet aid. tonight, an i-team exclusive looks into its possible ties to a controversial group and a fugitive on the run. plus, a dirty little secret inside some ride hailing services, but first here's doug. >> rain still coming down. some strong storms too. still that severe thunderstorm still south of the culpeper region. watching more storms and a very rainy area across
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right now, you can get a look at the designs and you can give your input on the future potomac yard
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alexandria, virginia. it's a $270 million project. it will serve riders on the blue and yellow lines between the national airport and the braddock road station. scheduled to open in the spring of 2020. the meeting just started. it runs until 8:30 tonight at the charles houston rec center. where you can find more germs than a toothbrush holder or a coffee pot reservoir or a toilet? on the door handles of a ride sharing vehicle like uber and lift. that's the finding of an insurance company study conducted in south florida. swabs taken randomly found them to be a hotbed for bacteria, even worse than taxis. researchers suggest using hand sanitizers when hailing a ride-sharing vehicle. coming up tonight, new questions about what maryland charity planet aid did with
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million of taxpayers money. the news4
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you've probably seen those yellow bins around town asking for your clothing donations. the federal government is also giving millions of dollars to what's called the
6:43 pm
charity planet aid. >> tonight in partnership with reveal at the center for investigative reporting, tisha thompson and the news4 i-team shows how the federal government continues to shell out money. >> reporter: planet aid brings in almost $50 million a year from your clothing donations and from grants it receives from the u usda's foreign agricultural service. >> a lot of what they do is distribute food around the world on the condition that it will be sold to finance schools, to finance programs to educate farmers. >> reporter: the news4 i-team partnered with reveal at the center for investigative reporting and discovered the usda allocated at least $133 million to planet aid in the last 12 years to feed, educate, an
6:44 pm
afri africa. but internal e-mails obtained show usda officials have been repeatedly warned about planet aid's connection to a controversial danish organization some european countries label a non-religious cult. it's called the teachers group led by mr. petersen on the run for interpol after being charged with charities fraud and tax evasion in denmark. some are asking for an in-depth investigation in 2012 because of hints of potential fraud and abuse and the number of complaints we have been receiving, but the usda kept awarding planet aid money, even after the group's main fundraiser acknowledged to usda staffers that she was a member of the teachers
6:45 pm
a crime. court records obtain she is closely tied to petersen, named as a possible character witness in his extradition trial and listed in danish court records as one of the six high ranking members of teachers group. meredith crocker says she worked for the woman at planet aid headquarters in 2015. >> if they are sending all that money to africa, i think the results would be better. >> reporter: she made this promotional video showing one usda official who privately worried about planet aid publicly applauding the group's work, but says she left a year later when she became uncomfortable with the grant writing process. >> my greatest concern when writing the grants to notice as
6:46 pm
the up to date information, the extra numbers. they need to see there's some sort of improvement or where the money is going. if they're going to go off the numbers from two years before -- >> it sounds like you're saying they may just be making numbers up. >> yep. >> do you believe those results are accurate or truthful? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: crocker questions results like these when planet aid told the usda in 2015 it installed 500 water pumps, distributed more than 4600 pigs and goats. >> what little livestock was there had died. the demonstration plots that were supposed to be revolutionizing were abandoned after everybody left. >> reporter: matt smith and amy walters went to malawi. >>
6:47 pm
they had been part of what they said was a totally fraudulent piece of propaganda. >> reporter: it made them buy the rest another prices they could not afford and only gave them one pump. >> what was supposed to be a benefit turned into a money m e making scheme. >> reporter: no one from the usda would talk on camera, but told us the agency admitted it did not have the authority or means to conduct background investigations that worked for private organizations like planet aid. the usda told the i-team we take these allegations of illegal activity very seriously and have asked the office
6:48 pm
we greatly value our relationship with the u.s. government and the success of our work with u.s. government agencies has been well documented. we'll cooperate fully with official audits of our products, but we're unaware of any pending investigations. the big question is where did the money go if it did not end up in africa and what about all those clothing donations you make. tomorrow at 6:00, we're going to continue our investigation into planet aid by looking at the history of petersen and the teachers group and why employees here say it's developed a reputation for being a cult. you can see it tomorrow at 6:00. >> a lot going on behind those bins. if you have a tip for the i-team to check out, we've got the contact information for you in the nbc washington app. tap on investigations. doug is back with more about this stormy weather. is it done with
6:49 pm
>> not done yet. more moving through. this is 19 days so far in the month of may that we have seen some rain. the record is 25. we may get to 21. one area where they don't want the rain down towards nats park as the nats take on the mets later tonight. the game is supposed to start at 7:00, but no way that's going to happen. they do have a delay. i expect that delay to last for a little while. temperatures 65 degrees. it's going to be a cool one and it's going to be wet. this will come right down i-95 back down towards the game. i'll expect that delay to be awhile. the heaviest storm is in culpeper. severe thunderstorm warning for culpeper county and madison county. there's still some more rain in and around that area. another strong storm southern portions of charles county right along 301 down towards the bridge and king ge
6:50 pm
this is the rain that i'm talking about around bowie around 50 and 301. 66 seeing some very heavy rain. that rain is just down to the south. warrenton, get ready. all part of the same system that's been rotating around our region the last couple of days. you can see the rotation right in here just off the coast. it will continue to sit there, but eventually spin off. as it does spin off, we'll see a big change in the weather. 80 tomorrow with sunshine. 83 on wednesday. thank you, doreen. 87 on thursday. vance is not clapping. 89 on friday. just making sure. >> i said i'll believe it when i see it. >> okay, i got you there. look at the 80s every day of the next seven in the 80s. even memorial day weekend with the exception of memorial day. we're watching a possible system right
6:51 pm
we'll talk much more about that in the next couple of days. >> good news. sports coming up. mets, nats, getting ready to face off here in d.c. tonight's
6:52 pm
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doug says we're going to play some baseball tonight. >> we hope to play some baseball tonight. the game has been delayed. we'll see just what time they'll get this one in. unlike in year's past, it will not be a two team race in the national league this year. the phillies and the marlins playing good baseball. they'll have a say in who plays. the nationals and mets, they are still clearly your favorites. if the weather holds up, they'll start another three-game set at nationals park. >> reporter: the wait is on. we do know if they eventuy
6:55 pm
starting pitcher is up for the challenge. gio gonzalez has the best e.r.a. with a 1.86. this is not surprising to the nats manager. >> you tell me what's impressive about gio. everybody is saying it is a new gio. i'm going on what i've seen from gio so far. he's a pitcher. he likes to pitch and he likes to compete. >> he's working fast and pounding the strike zone. he seems confident hitting his spots. >> when he can throw that curveball for a strike and go to the low zone for a strikeout, that's when he's tough as nails. his fastball plays off that and his changeup hits the brakes. >> reporter: if gio keeps up this pace, he's going to earn another one of these bobble heads. tonight is max scherzer's
6:56 pm
everyone will be beyond thrilled if they get this game in. news4 sports. gio gonzalez and bartolo colon going for the mets. the redskins really dive into their off-season program. organized team activities get under way tomorrow. today a lot less stressful for the players as they were out on the golf course. jay gruden and others were participating in the charity golf classic. doug williams almost close. nice effort there. one of the newest redskins out here, vernon davis. the golf game may need a little bit of work, but davis happy to be back on his hometown team. >> back in the dmv. no, it's good to be here. so good to be here. i'm elated to just get started. it is a dream come true. i always dreamed of pla
6:57 pm
my family is extremely excited to have me back in the area. i get a chance to see my grandmother and go home for some nice home cooked meals. >> reporter: what's your favorite? >> sweet potatoes. the yams. turkey wings. stuffing and greens. >> reporter: grandma, invite me over. i'm coming. elsewhere, this play has everyone talking about a possible suspension. last night in the western conference finals, green fouled by adams. green kicks him in the midsection there. a lot of debate about whether there was intentional. this was intentional. this guy should be ejected. >> please. don't give him anymore attention. >> they won by 28 points. that green
6:58 pm
>> that'll be the
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tonight, dead heat. our new poll showing donald trump getting neck and neck with hillary clinton. and it's getting nasty. trump's scathing new attack on bill clinton's past. not guilty on all charges. the second trial for an officer in the death of freddie gray, again prosecutors fail to get a conviction. the mystery deepens in search of what brought down that doomed egyptair jetliner. what we've just learned about those final moments as they race to find the critical black boxes. death on everest. four climbers killed in four days. an alarming start to the season on the world's highest peak. and home cancer tests. for one of the deadliest kinds. it's survivable if caught early. tonight, the test that could save your life. "nightly news" begins right now.


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