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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. now at 11:00, attempted rape on a metro train. why we're only finding out weeks later, and how police caught their suspect so quickly. sport the rained out. all this wet weather canceling
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games and costing parents. >> and we won't be able to make things up. and buyers remorse of an a costly search for love. >> i said excuse me? what do you mean nonrefundable. >> nbc responds to complaints about a local dating service. new the 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> new details about an attempted rape on a metro train. >> police tell us hicks attacked a woman. jackie benson found out tonight he was wanted for another crime on metro, less than two weeks before. jackie? >> reporter: that's right, hicks has now been charged with exposing himself to a woman on a metro train, and that happened ten days before the attempted rape. 39-year-ol
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was ordered held without bond for a shocking, vile crime that took place april 12th inside a metro train car at 10:00 in the morning. a metro train officer who reviewed security camera afterwards recognized hicks as the man suspected of exposing himself on april 2rd. >> they put together some videos and high-resolution pictures for the victim to identify the assailant, and that helped them narrow their search, and they were able to apprehend mr. hicks in a matter of hours. the public was really never at risk beyond that initial, unfortunate incident. >> reporter: court documents say the victim told police she fell asleep on the red line train and woke up to a nightmare as the train passed through the district and into maryland. the man approached her in the otherwise empty car, tried to engage her in conversation and produced a folding knife with the blade exposed. he grabbed
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knife point into the partition area and sexually assaulted her and attempted to rape her. the victim struggled at one point trying to grab the knife which cut her hand. the victim left t suspect left telling the victim to remain put. many people are shocked by this crime and shocked to be finding out about it more than a month after it happened. now obviously, if the suspect were still at large, it would be a very different case, but i do think it is important for people to know about thing like this, be aware of them so they can do the things they need to protect themselves jackie bensen, news 4. we have seen rain in all but four days of the month of may. here's a time lapse of what rolled through between 4:00 and 7:00 tonight. we know you're talking about
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to be dry? >> we are going to be dry. we have a very nice trend coming up over the next couple days. temperatures today got into the 70s early, and you're thinking hey, everything's great. but as we talked about. we saw a good deal of showers and storms. take a look at the radar over the last six hours. a lot of rain coming on through the area, even out toward the national's game. and a couple of showers. seeing a couple of showers, but that's it. most of this rain is on the light side. check this out. i love this. headlines tonight, good bye rain, a beautiful tomorrow and hello summer heat! yeah, we're talking about some real heat coming up over the next few days. >> all right, we're looking forward to it, thank you, doug. all this rain has put a big damper on the spring sports calendar, though, parents
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leagues, soccer leagues, and so far their kids have barely been able to play in a game. shomari stone is live with the cost of all this wet weather for some of us. >> reporter: well, i'm sure like parents and kids, we are absolutely sick of this wet weather. parents are seeing their money go down the drain because of wet fields like the one behind me in bethesda. many kids go to school, look out the window, see the rain and only find out that their practice is canceled. another day of rain in d.c., maryland and haveva. >> i got upset, i want to go to practice and get better. >> reporter: it has rained 19 out of23 days in may. c.j. has had about ten
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fields are too wet to play. his mother jen is disappointed. no refund for weather cancellations. >> they're trying to reschedule, but at this point it's you will dwight m -- all the way to mid june. >> last weekend we had to cancel 240 games. >> reporter: 240. >> 240, and we won't be able to make those up, because we are in the seventh week of an eight-week season. >> reporter: tonight rockville's track and field meet was canceled. >> this rain impacts everybody, because right now we've only managed to get about half of our sports leagues. we're about three weeks behind schedule. >> you're sick of the rain? >> yes. >> want it to go away? >> yes. >> reporter: yes, i know how you feel, c.j. i am quis
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reschedule games into the end of june. but the problem is some of the athletes won't be there, because they'll be on summer vacation or in camp. live in bethesda, shomari stone, news 4. here at the live desk we're looking at terry mccall allive's last campaign. the fbi is determining whether his campaign accepted illegal contributions. hundred dollars of donors contributed and gave mondaey to foundation set up by president clinton where mcauliffe once sat on the board. a chinese citizen whose company shipped soybeans through ports in virginia. it's illegal for foreign nationals to contribute to political campaigns, but wang
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holds permanent resident status. an attorney says contributions to the campaign from mr. wang were completely lawful. the governor will certainly cooperate with the government if he's even contacted about it. in fact, governor mcauliffe is scheduled to be in northern virginia tomorrow. and our julie carey will be there to ask him about it. >> chris lawrence, thank you. new tonight, a shakeup at this tsa, aimed at fixing those long security lines. in a memo to staff today, tsa's peter necessaryinger says they are creating a center to track times. cause for calm and patience in baltimore. earlier today, a judge acquitted an officer. he ruled that officer nero
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not guilty. judge williams said nero could reasonably expect the officer driving the van to be responsible for securing gray. gray died from a broken neck while being transported, you recall. despite the not guilty verdict, an attorney for the gray family says he was satisfied with the decision. >> he did an amazing job not only of applying the law correctcorrec correctly but explanling in detail. >> another trial for another officer begins june 6. the news 4 i-team has learned that full funding will be required for maintenance issues. it had been argued to be
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they will also answer questions about how the agency is spending money. meanwhile, a slow roll for tens of thousands of riders along the blue, orange and silver line. repair is requiring trains to go more slowly than normal. the idea is to minimalize the risk of fire but causing delays. tonight nbc 4 responds to the high price of finding love. one woman's search cost her thousands of dollars. when it didn't work out, she called our susan hogan for help. virtual kidnappers at it again. a new warning about a scam the i-team exposed last month.
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it's been five days since a passenger plane went missing over the mediterranean, and right now crews are searching an aria the size of connecticut for egyptair flight 804's cockpit and voice recorders, meanwhile greek reports about the final moments are being refuted, suggesting that it never made rapid turns or a rapid descent. they claim it remained on course until suddenly going off radar. fairfax county schools are the latest to warn you about a growing phone scam. someone is calling parents and telling them that their child has been kidnapped. the caller then asks parents to pay ransom via wire transfer. in each
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if you get a call like this, you should call fairfax county police. we told you about a similar scam in prince william county last week, and it's not just schools. news 4 exposed this new trend on so-called virtual kidnapping and an i-team investigation. watch the full report on our app, search virtual kidnapping. tonight nbc 4 responds to the high cost of finding love. a woman searching for a mate cost her thousands of dollars, and when it didn't work out, she called consumer reporter susan hogan for help. >> she signed up for a dating service, and by a couple hours lautser she had buyer's remorse and called the company immediately to cancel, but it wouldn't let her out of her contract that cost her $7,000, and we learned, she's not alone. s shalena is looking for love in all the wrong places. she recently
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singles that uses a comprehensive search process to help thousands of singles find love. but shalena says her search for love broke her heart and budget within hours of signing the $7,000 contract. she regretted her decision and called the company immediately to cancel but was told it was nonrefundable. >> there's no way i can believe that if you have not started service on me that i cannot cancel my contract. >> reporter: we learned there are an um in of complaints similar to hers with the attorney generals' offices in both virginia and dc, including theresa. >> she told me it's non-refundable. i said excuse me? what do you mean non-refundable? >> reporter: theresa paid $3,000 to dc singles and tried to cancel hours after signing her contract and was told it was too late. dc singles contract discloses the fee is non-refundable. hough, both ladies say no service was ever performed, be
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day they signed up. although neither attorneys general office will confirm whether or not there's an investigation into dc singles, the consumer affairs office in dc says it's always a red flag when they start seeing a pattern of complaints with any business. >> if we see a pattern or practice of consumers who feel luke they a like they're not being dealt with fairly it's always a concern. >> reporter: neither wanted to go on camera, but both paid thousands of dollars and gave the service a try, they said the company fell short and asked for refunds and were denied. nbc responds dug deeper and found the same owner runs similar dating services nationwide, with numerous complaints of dissatisfied customers. the company tells us it makes no guarantees of a match that meets all of the criteria, and it will, if warranted, provid
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refund, although it has no legal obligation to do so. the company told us after carefully reviewing the circumstances involving the four women we spoke with, it resolved even of their complaints for a total of more than $14,000. susan hogan, news 4. tonight controversy over plans to could allow national parks to display the logos of big corporate donors. >> they are nearing a final plan to increase private and corporate donations which it says discrete credit to the donors. this plan is expected to boost donations since budgets from congress are tight. but some groups say public land should remain free of influence. >> this isn't about philanthropist. it's about marketing. >> we're trying to join the world of philanthropy that people are
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zoos and universities. >> it should be in place by late this year. we asked you about this new plan on our flash survey today. almost three quarters of you said bad idea. >> hmm. back to doug with more about our weather forecast. we are ready for some good news, ready for an end to this rain and a little warm sunshine, doug. >> you can finally come to me with smiles. >> about time. >> instead of one of these guys every time i see you guys. that's the way things are going to be. over the last several weeks it has not been nice. for the month of may, 19 of 23 days have seen some type of rain. some locations upwards of 8 inches. look at this. zero days at or above 80. ready to change that? we're going to change it in a very big way over the next couple days. not a good game, but they got it
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delay. winds out of the west at 3 miles per hour. 58 down towards warrenton. not much rain left. now we've got shower activity along i-81. up around the baltimore area. this is just to the north of annapolis. so if you live in northern areas of the county, you will a see some showers. this will come right down over prince georges county as it continues to die off. it's all because of this area of low pressure spinning here. but the spin's finally starting to move away. and once it does, we're going to get into a very nice air mass, the best we've seen so far this season. looking really good. 59 degrees early tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds, but a very nice start. how many times have i said that in the month of may? zero. 78 degrees during the afternoon. high temperature, i
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getting close to 80. look at these numbers. 77 martinsburg. 80 in d.c. for the first time this month. and 82 down towards fredericksburg. you but wait, it gets better, if you act now -- finally nice out there. this one's great for the kids. i know my son's excited about this one, what are you wearing tomorrow? it's not umbrellas or the jeans or rain coat. it's the shorts and tee shirts. that's the kind of nice weather we have coming on in here. let's talk about this. 80 on tuesday, 83 on wednesday. both days plenty of sunshine. thursday, 87, a heigslight chanf a storm. this is like summertime storms, maybe one here or there. temperatures could hit 90 for the first time. same deal on saturday on sunday. six out of the next seven days at 80 degrees or above, well above arm. da
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day. coming up on friday i'll be in ocean city, for our first back yard weather of the season, monday, memorial day, watching a potential coastal storm. we'll have to talk more about that the next couple days. but right now, we're all smiles. >> looking up. coming up, a rainy, rough night for geo gon sazalez. but first here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, guy, jennifer lawrence, john oliver are here for true confessions. plus
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> they almost wish it was rained out. >> geo gonzalez wished it had been rained out. maybe we can blame the weather delay on geo's bad performance. however tonight gonzalez had his worst outing since 2014. he's only allowed three home runs all year, he gave up that in five innings against the mets. a rainy start to this game delayed by an hour and ten minutes. geo gone saul ez has seen better nights. top of the third. david wright takes him out of the park here. this, a three-run blast. and the mets, they're up 3-1. things went from bad to worse in
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tonight. later on, 5-1. yoenis cespedes, 15 home runs on the season, puts the mets up 6-1 with that long ball. next batter, neil walker gets in on the action, back to back jacks for new york. his worst start since 2014. mets win this one, your final score 7-1. the cavaliers lost their first game of the 2016 playoffs trying to bounce back in game four against toronto. throwing it up, lebron james throwing it down. late in the game, raptors clinging to a four-point lead. nice take by lowry. he had a game high 35. we have a series, we are knotted up, two games apiece. the capitals contri
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brower of st. louis. the blues paul stasni. nice job by troy brower. st. louis up 2-1. joel ward kind of one ups them here. he would also add an empty net goal. san jose goes on to win by 6-3. they lead that series 3 games to 2. the charity golf classic. head coach showing off the driver there. redskins alum jacoby on hand. the newest red skin, vernon davis, he is a much better tight end than golfer, i promise. >> don't judge! >> bad day on the golf course. better than a great da
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office. >> the otas start next week. they're ready to get this going and build off last year's success. >> you just want to get that first practice under your belt, get the feeling against going against the guys back. we're just a lot of anticipation, a lot of excitement, and i think we're hungry. we're ready to get going. >> i should not be making fun of
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