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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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about the reporting of violent crimes on metro. metro now says that they will do that the day that a violent crime happens as long as it doesn't hinter an investigation. that is a big change. the question has been asked constantly for the last 24 hours. how could metro not have reported a suspected rape on the red line for weeks? >> when did you know about it? >> pretty much, i think that day. >> reporter: that day. you knew about the rape that day and it wasn't released at least in a crime statistic fashion for a couple of weeks later. >> i'm not sure when it was released and we put in stats on this system. >> reporter: after facing many questions about what was and wasn't reported, metrotransity police tweeted that they'll now notify the public of violent crimes the same day as long as that notification does not hinder the investigation. meanwhile, as far as
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morning's awful commute it has to do with the issues with the medical center and water seeping into the tracks creating smoke. congressional leaders were grilling metro leadis about the disrepair in the system. illinois congressman dan lipinski says he regularly rides the red lierngs but not today. >> i said i'm getting on my bike to ride the 17 miles down to capitol hill because kwloen when i'm going to get in. i think metro in so many ways is unfortunately an embarrassment to our nation's capitol. maintenance teams haven't had a chance to have meaningful repairs and this morning it turned into one brutal commute. at the height of it this morning some delays were reported for over an hour and so far tonight everything looks back to normal. doreen? >> adam tuss reporting. thank you, adam. the race for the white house takes a surprise turn in virginia. a campaign
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mcauliffe is now under federal investigation and he calls for a strong supporter of hillary clinton and is denying wrongdoing and our team coverage begins with julie carey. julie? >> governor mcauliffe tells me he does not think that his investigation into his campaign donations will hurt his good friend hillary clinton in her bid for the presidency and he is here at the fairfax election office and he was also at an event in alexandria and the crowd of reporters that follow him. we were asked to reveal the federal probe. >> no one's alleged any wrongdoing on our part. terry mcauliffe facing reporters after news broke monday that the fbi and justice department are looking into whether his 2013 campaign for governor accepted illegal contributions. mcauliffe tells me he's 100% confident that he's never accepted a and he had a gene card from
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y is a contribution came in and they unequivocally said he was entitled to write a check. >> reporter: the investigation includes campaign done eggs from this man, a wealthy chinese businessman. wong also sits on the nyu board of trustees. mcauliffe says he's not even sure he's met wang. it's the success time his predecessor is caught, and republicans say the latest probe could hurt the commonwealth. >> it's sad for virginia that we have a governor that's under investigation by the fbi. >> questions also raised on over whether the mcauliffe investigation could paint hellry clinton for the presidency and she's one of her close friend s and many -- >> the more that her big supporters like terry mcauliffe get investigated by the fbi t
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>> the governor said he heard this about media reports and they've never contacted him about the investigation and his lawyers are reaching out now to see if they can address any issues. back to you now in the studio, jim. >> donald trump has not addressed that particular controversy yet. in instead, he's been reviving issues from the '90s for new attacks on the clintons. steve handelsman continues our coverage. >> jim, thanks. voter trust is a big problem for hillary clinton. every poll shows that. now her campaign fears that all of this new stuff could strengthen the scent of scandal that still clings to the clinton brand. hillary clinton today in california. her message drowned out again. close clinton friend virginia governor terry mcauliffe denies wrongdoing, but admits he's under investigation for his role in the clinton foundation and
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on instagram calling bill clinton an abuser of women and reviving conspiracy theory on the death of vince foster in 1993. trump calling it fishy despite six investigations that called it suicide. >> they can't stand it. >> some republican insiders who once warned those kind of attacks would turn off swing voters now support trump. >> he says it like it is. i think that will be very upsetting for bill and hillary clintons. i'm not sure the answers they gave 20 years ago are going to root anymore. >> he voted for the, people like me would go in and buy. i'm never going to let wall street bankrupt mainstream again. bernie sanders is saying don't buy it. >> secretary clinton voted for the
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>> reporter: donald trump living proof that the rules have changeded, defending himself against the clinton charge in 2008 that he, unlike politicians knows how to make money, knows how to get a good result out of a sad situation is promising to turn the heat even higher on the clinton personal issues. i'm steve handlesman, news 4. doreen? >> thank you. conflicting reports on the evidence of egyptair flight 804. human remains retrieved have burn marks and are very small in size that according to an egyptian forensics official. he told the associated press that the logical explanation is an explosion brought down the plane, but he cannot say what caused the blast. nbc news has not been able to confirm that report and the egyptian government dismissed it as baseless. 66 people were killed when that plane disappeared from radar last week
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paris to cairo. tonight, the secretary of veterans affairs is not apologizing for comments that compared the length of time veterans wait to receive health care to the length of time people wait for rides at disneyland. >> he made the controversial comparison yesterday. today, nbc's andrea mitchell asked him if he regretted that comment. >> you know, wait times are important, but they're not the only measure of veteran experience and that's what veterans are telling us. >> if i was misunder stood or if i said the wrong thing that i've had the opportunity to correct it. >> secretary's statement sparked some intense criticism. the i team has been tracking veterans in or area. scott is ooh on at some of the local va medical centers we found long waits,
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two years ago. 10% of patient at the martinsburg va medical center and the forecast says they have to wait more than a month for an appointment, far later than 2014. 11% of the patients required to do so, too. we found little change at the d.c. va medical center and they showed some improvement. internal government auditors reported the va still suffers models and fail to reduce wait time. it's also experiencing an enormous surge of new patients. a million more this year than last according to d.c. >> we are making progress and there's significant work that lies ahead. >> reporter: a recent i-team investigation revealed another hurdle. a shortfall of va nurses
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we found one of every ten nurses retired or quit last year. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> thank you, scott. police say two men involved in a bold shopping center shootout and robbery heist are in jail tonights. federal agents caught one of the suspects trying to board a flight out of new jersey. david culver is in springfield, virginia, to explain where this case goes from here. david? >> reporter: doreen, right now we know officials are working to extradite both of those suspects back to fairfax county. one of them was arrested in waldorf, maryland and the other in newark, jersey. they're going to feel more at ease since the arrests were announced and police warn there could be more arrests. >> we hava i lot more interviews to do and other people to drag down. >> that's ed rossler announcing to
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they arrested these two suspects, 24-year-old william franklin in waldorf, maryland and 26 jezminder sefi. ? they shot at a police officer. they injured a community member this is huge. we've taken two violent offenders off the street and we're about to bring them to justice. >> sefi's arrest happened here in new jersey. the two are accused of the heist in brookfield mraz. an officer confronted one of the suspects and a shootout followed and a passing driver got hit with a bullet. after crashing two vehicles the suspects got away, so it seemed through through our investigative efforts with our detectives we were able to piece together who they were. >> i thank the fairfax cotton police and they did a very good job. muhammad ri
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a gun pointed at his race. >> want only for me, for everyone. >> we are following the evidence and if there are others who are involved, yes, we hope to bring them to justice. >> reporter: as far as that by saastander who was driving by the scene and was shot. we are told that that person is recovering and doing better tonight, in fact. internalal affairs will be investigating the officer that was involved in the shootout. according to him, that officer is a hero. vance? >> david culver, thanks, david. months of planning and hours waiting in line. tonight, we look at the challenges with the tsa's pre-check program. i'm darcy spencer in prince george's county. the fire department is considering firefighters wear ballistic vests just like the police officers wear. what the union it is needs to happen first. >> beyond
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charity group that's more like a cult. >> we hit 80 for the first time this month and there are more 80s in the forecast and maybe a storm for memorial day. hey d.c., guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪
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oh, boy. this is going to be aggravating. you may have to get
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airport even earlier if you're headed out o town for the holiday weekend. security lines are growing in the wake of tsa budget cuts. now travelers are being urged to sign up for the tsa pre-check program to avoid scenes like that one, but as mark segraves shows us, getting approved isn't easy. mark? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. with the summer travel just around the corner those tsa security lines are going to get longer and it turns out the lines for tsa security pre-check applications aren't much better. >> this is what ts asha lines h looked through, tsa pre-check allows you to go through shorter security lines and no need to remove your shoes or laptop. because of the growing security lines more people have been signing up for pre-check. >> i don't want to miss the plane. >> reporter: since april, the number of tsa pre-check applications has doubled from 8,000 a
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while you can do the application online, you have to show up in person for fingerprinting and documentation. the wait list to make an appointment can be up to a month. >> i made the appointment probably three weeks ago. >> reporter: tsa officials acknowledge the backlog in a statement saying if appointments are not immediately available at the enrollment center of their choice, travelers are encouraged to schedule appointments at one of the alternate centers in their area. all of them have backlogs of about a month. the closest center without a wait list is west virginia or baltimore. but you can do a walk-in like this frequent flier did. the wait time could be two to four hours. >> i went online and i saw what the wait was and i decided i'd rather wait now than maybe wait in a line when i'm traveling down the road. >> reporter: once you've completed the application the wait for approval can take another 30 days.
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people don't want to be waiting in lines at the airport and it makes sense to be proactive and get on this pre-checklist. >> and that's the best advice we can give you. plan ahead is what we learned in looking into this story. tsa pre-check will cost you $85 for five years. if you want more information we have a link on the nbc washington app for the application process and just search pre-check. jim, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> firefighters carry an awful lot of equipment when they rush to fight a fire and now in prince georges county they may be asked to wear also what we used to call bulletproof vests. darcy spencer reports this is an ideal ready in effect in some other places. >> firefighters in fairfield california in the san francisco bay area have ballistic vests to wear to active shooter scenes and other high-risk calls. >> whenever we respond to a
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violence or any other type of assault or violent call to help protect us. >> prince georges county fire chief now considering buying vests for his firefighters so they're protected just like police officers. it's in response to the shootings of two firefighters after they forced their way into a home in temple hill. they were told the homeowner was in medical distress. the homeowner told police he thought they were intruders. firefighter medic john olm schneider died. >> do they feel safer with the vest on and will it provide them that protection if in the event should something happen again? >> the president of the union says he's not against the idea of firefighters wearing the vest, but he wants it to be studied first. >> andy pentelles says the union is against rapid knee-jerk implementation without the study of best practices and they have concerns about welfare check calls like the
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got shot. the chief tried on a shirt-type vest weighing up to four pounds as he looks into equipping 2400 career and volunteer firefighters with this added layer of protection. the chief says he'll look into what's working and get comments from within the department before moving forward. in prince georges county, darcy spencer, news 4. >> it happens really fast. sometimes it happens in your own driveway. thiefs have been ripping off high-dollar wheels from luxury suvs in our area. montgomery county police tell us they've had 35 wheel-related thefts since march. one woman in potomac says she had all four wheels taken from her escalade last night when she had it parked right in the driveway. in that case, thieves left the vehicle on sibd ecinder blocks. >> my husband works hard for his family and he works hard for us to have something nice is heart wrenching.
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>> reporter: an expert we talked to recommends keeping vehicles inside a garage when possible, having a gooda, large system and considering wheel locks to slow down potential thieves. sports cars are known for being fast. some question whether or not they're also safe. the insurance institute for highway safety put three of them to the test and none qualified for what they called their top rating. >> the chevy camaro, ford mustang, the dodge challenger. to get a soft safety pick, the car needs to get a good rating in five categories. the mustang came close and fell short in one category and same for the camaro and it was missing a front crash prevention system. the challenger had the most room for improvement falling short in three of the five categories. a lawyer on trial accused of terrorizing his wife's ex-boss.
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as we learned of the evidence collected from the crime scene. >> bill cosby will stand trial more than a decade after a woman first accused him of sexual assault. mapping out the first family a next mov e.
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if you looked up you may have seen the canadian armed forces snow bian
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aerobatiks team. they flew around the national mall on lunchtime before they headed out to dulles airport. >> they stopped at the smithsonian where visitors got to meet the pilots. today was a friendship salute to highlight the relationship between canada and the u.s. a lot of people were only too happy to step out of the office and take a look up in the sky on a beautiful day like this. >> they do kind of look like swans. >> they're just beautiful and couldn't have been a nicer day to go outside and look at them, doug. now we want to know how long can this hang around? this is wonderful. >> it really is. the canadians are supposed to bring us the cold weather. today they brought us the heat. it's actually 87 today in canada right now. 87 just north of the border and they're warmer than we are, but we got great weather across our region and it is about time. today is the first day above 80 degrees in the city and we have not seen that so far this may.
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we are finally seeing 80 and it's across the region and blue skies and plenty of sunshine and 83 and that's the high so far and check the hourly and winds out of the west. temperatures right now 79 and winchester and down toward quantico and pawtuxet at 83 and everyone on the mild side and no rain and no chance of rain for the next couple of days and our lawns will finally get to dry out and we'll mow lawns. rid now not much going on around our area and that storm, that pesky storm that sat over us for three days is now over boston and the current temperature over 55 degrees and they've got the rain up toward the region with the cloud cover and a nasty day for them, but we are finally done with that and we're seeing beautiful weather all across the mid atlantic and this is the best we've seen all month long and 84, virginia beach and with 77 earlier now
6:26 pm
little bit of an onshore flow there and the next couple of days and tomorrow, thinking of getting out of the bite. we haven't been out there without clouds or some rain. 90 or 67 degrees and 80 at noon around perfect and sunny and warm tomorrow afternoon around 84 degrees and i think we'll see a high temperature of 86 in the district and 87, culpeper and abundant sunshine once again, just gorgeous. you know what i'm talking about and a very low impact-type day and 86, plenty of sunshine and 87 on thursday and 89 on friday and some of you could hit 90. we've go humidity that will be on the increase on friday. hazy, hot and humid and could see the heat index into the low 90s and most of us will remain dry and no problem there and saturday, high of 87 and that's the start of memorial day weekend and memorial day lf
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at 6:45. >> testimony continues today in the andrew schmuhl case. the man who is accused of torturing a mclane attorney and leaving them to die inside their home. coming up, we'll see what investigators told the jury they found when they investigated this. >> the news 4 i-team investigated into the yellow donation bins. tonight, a closer look at the connection to a controversial group. >> house hunting, we'll take you to the d.c. neighborhood the first family could be calling home next year. >> and a local woman's personal crusade to find a kidney
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new evidence released today in the trial of a lawyer who has been charged with kidnapping and torturing a couple in their home in northern virginia. >> it's an attack that ended with a chase on the beltway and tonight we're seeing video of how it ended. we are also hearing from news 4's meagan fitzgerald about what one of the suspects told police the night he was arrested. meagan? >> reporter: doreen, and video we're seeing for the first time andrew schmuhl tells officers he had taken several prescription pills. we are also learning what homicide detectives uncovered from the crime scene. >> police dash cam video was rolling at fairfax county officers chased andrew
6:31 pm
wife alecia schmuhl on the beltway the night of november 9, 2014. prosecutors 2014 showed this video to jurors for the very first time and called up several officers who said just 30 minutes before the chase they were called to this mclane home. officers said when they arrived they found arlington attorney leo fisher and his wife stabbed and left to die inside. the first officer on the witness stand told the court that alecia was driving the getaway car while andrew was disrobing in the front seat. the officer said, quote, i can see both passenger and driver talking to one another. it looked like they were arguing. i could see the passenger discarding his clothing. homicide detectives told the court that a shirt with blood was recovered inside the honda cr-v. he told jurors some of the evidence included a bottle of prescription pills and a piece of paper with directions to the neighborhood less than a mile away from leo fisher's home. the handwriting
6:32 pm
schmuhl. they also saw the video of the couple being arrested and andrew was placed in the back of a police cruiser where he told officers he had taken several prescription pills. >> did you take too much of your medication today? >> reporter: officers testified that when they arrested andrew schmuhl he was only wearing a diaper. his wife alecia will be tried separately and court is expected to resume tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. doreen? >> meagan fitzgerald reporting. thank you. bill cosby's attorney says no crime was committed and the case should end immediately, but today the pennsylvania judge disagreed. she said there was enough evidence to try cosby for an alleged assault in 2004. a woman says the comedian drugged her at his home, but cosby insists the encounter was consensual. dozens of women have accused cosby of molesting them, but this is the only criminal case
6:33 pm
against him. cosby is set to be arraigned in july. >> more than 200 people are expected to protest the suspension of a dozen lockal high school students. 12 student athletes from culpeper county high school in virginia have been suspended, pardon me, for a year over misconduct in a locker room. the school will not release any specifics on the allegations. some parents say the punishment is excessive. they plan to protest outside the school administration building on radio lane tomorrow from noon to 7:00. >> on the move, the first family only has a matter of months left to live in the white house. we know that they plan to stay in d.c. for a couple of years and tonight we're taking a closer look at the upscale neighborhood that is said to be a big contender. news 4's tom sherwood takes us to sheridan colorama. >> the homes of sheridan colorama, big, beautiful,
6:34 pm
>> two years ago visited the white house gardens. >> they grew up in this neighborhood between connecticut and massachusetts avenues. she's not surprised that unconfirmed reports president obama's obama's family is looking in the sheridan color a ama area next january eight months away. real estate agents tells news 4 they check for security and privacy. >> it's a perfect size. it's very comfy inside. very comfy inside. >> secure in the back? >> yes. >> the national journal this week secured that the obamas have picked this neighborhood, but no specific house. they have privacy despite being close to the curb. it has off-street, hidden away parking. the lease, $9500 a month. it suddenly went off the market last week. when news 4 called asking about the house the phone line went dead and then no answer. >> the number you are calling is temporarily unavailable.
6:35 pm
anything, but neighbors would welcome the obamas. sally burke is a historic preservationist who has lived in the neighborhood 36 years. >> well, since i live here, i think it's a good choice. i suspect there are other neighborhoods that would do just as well. >> the area above the park filled with embassies is already heavily patrolled by federal law enforcement. tom sherman, news 4. >> a local woman is hitting the streets to find her perfect match. a unique approach she's taking to find a new kidney. the warning about the zika virus ahead of the summer mosquito season. >> speaking of summer. summer like temperatures moving in across our region and the first day in the 80s today and a lot more where that came from. we'll talk about that and a tropical system for
6:36 pm
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the zika virus is likely to begin spreading here in the u.s. within the next few weeks, that's according to public health experts who say now is the time to prepare. there are already more than 500 known cases of zika in the united states, but they are all linked to travel outside the u.s. experts say there could be thousands of cases here that they don't even know about because 80% of the people with zika do not show symptoms. another challenge, the mosquitos that carry the virus are difficult to kill and mosquito control measures vary from town to town. a local military wife who needs a kidney transplant is taking a unique approach to finding a donor. her name is pamela allison and she and her husband have placed nearly 100 signs around the d.c. area. they live in springfield and she's on a personal crusade to find a donor on her own before her kidney disease progresses. she says a
6:39 pm
>> i love my wife. i really want to see her healthy. her energy levels are low right now. she's always tired, and i hate to see her like that. >> it's emotional. it's someone that could save my life. >> no one has called the number yet, but she's not giving up hope. >> still ahead, the i-team looks into an fbi file on the man connected to a ntroversialco
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millions of shoes and shirts are dropped into bright yellow bins promising that those donations will help people in developing countries. tonight the news 4 i-team working with an organization called reveal at the center for investigative reporting continues its in-depth look into the charity called planet aid. >> as tisha thompson reports former planet aid employees working in maryland and africa say the non-profit may be cashing in on your kindness. >> reporter: meredith crocker. >> they get a ton of clothing. >> reporter: said it seemed like a perfect job. >> training to be a manager. >> everyone in the warehouse felt that as well. >> reporter: at planet aid headquarters in maryland. >> that they were working for the
6:43 pm
people at the same time seemed really cool. >> reporter: they make $42 million a year by selling the clothes you drop into the yellow bins. according to financial filings submitted to the internal revenue service indicating the money goes towards feeding and educating impoverished communities in africa. the news 4 i-team found planet aid is connected to a controversial danish organization called the teacher group founded by this man, mogens pedersen. danish records said pedersen founded the group in 1970 recommended they give over control their money, their time and the decision to start a family. petersen had international companies and charities including planet aid. in the file investigators state little to no money goes to the
6:44 pm
controlled by the teachers group who divert the money for personal use. petersen is now on the run, wanted by interpol after the danish government charged him with charities fraud and tax evasion. >> i can definitely see that there are cult-like aspects to it. >> crocker says several months into her job she was sent to michigan for training where she was housed with other employees and as a requirement of her job said she had to give back almost 20% of her $28,000 salary to pay for those training sessions at one world center which, according to the fbi file, is also controlled by the teachers group. >> they were, like, okay, well you have to be on 24 hours and that's not really alone time and we do everything together and then when they start to say that we're going to send you out in these groups to go out into the street and all of to money will be for the group raer
6:45 pm
get that money together and it was starting to get a little weird. >> they're telling you you have to panhandle? >> yeah. >> people who have left the teachers group describe themselves as having felt trapped. >> matt smith a reporter at reveal for the center of the investigative reporting also interviewed former employees in malawi about working to planet aid in its connection to petersen. in africa the term he was used was he's the owner of the teachers group. >> reporter: smith said people who work for planet aid showed him the deeds of contribution and other contracts they say they were required to sign if they wanted to keep their jobs, promising to donate 20% to 100% of their salaries to teachers group. >> in the language of the contract it talks about pledging their time, that's all their time, pledging their money, and pledging the right to live where they want to live over to this
6:46 pm
is the teachers group. >> smith says some planet aid employees told them they were cut off from their families. as a reward, a few of the africans said they were even sent to this 494-acre property in baja, mexico. >> by the account of a number of people we talked to is the home of mogens petersen, the leader of the organization as well as this inner circle. >> mexican property records indicate the complex is worth an estimated $25 million and a ared according to the fbi file, petersen owned condominiums in miami worth $10 million and hid potentially millions more in offshore bank accounts. several european countries have expelled charities connected to teachers group including denmark, great britain and france which labeled the organization there and non-religious cult. >> here in the united states, planet a
6:47 pm
non-profit status meaning it doesn't pay any taxes. >> crocker says after a year with planet aid she secretly packed her belongings and left and she says she was able to eventually get her money back. >> what would you tell people who were thinking about donating clothes to a planet aid box? >> i already told them to not do it. >> the u.s. department of agriculture has also given millions of dollars to planet aid as part of its international relief program. based on what the i-team found they've asked the office of the inspector general to conduct an investigation. planet aid did not agree to an on-camera interview, but did tell us in a statement planet aid managed projects that strengthened education and prevent diseases in the world. we will always cooperate with audits and reviews of our projects and we are unaware of any proposed or pending investigations. you can
6:48 pm
the bins investigation by using the washington app and send the i-team any tips for us to check out. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. >> thank you. doug is back with more about our weather and everybody's got a little bit of a spring in their step and a smile on their face today and it's a good thing to see the sunshine. >> it's amazing when you make it to 80, isn't it? >> degrees or years? >> 80 degrees. >> happy birthday, vance. you have a few more. you're not even close. let's not even go there. beautiful day today, plenty of sunshine, probably one of the best days that we've seen so far this month and that's not a hard thing to say, because 19 out of 24 days it had rain, today, none of it. plenty of sunshine out there. look at the sun set tonight going down at
6:49 pm
8:22, the sunset and it will be 8:30 by next week and the temperatures dropping through the 70s and just beautiful all night long tonight. no rain to talk about and 85 right now and 83 fort belvoir and 79 toward baltimore and there's the storm team 4 radar and no rain to talk about and we'll not see rain any time soon. so at the bus stop tomorrow, no problem. no umbrella needed and the kids can wear the shorts and the t-shirts and whatever and a great start, 63 degrees by afternoon around 85 and i'm going for a high temperature tomorrow of 86 degrees and let's talk about more important things and first off, you get into the 80s and rather humid on friday. a little chance of a shower or storm. i'm not worried about it and nothing too big there. saturday 87 and 85 on sunday and then we get to memorial day and 76 inland. if you're heading down toward the beaches and a lot of us are, backyard weather. friday ocean
6:50 pm
you know. 80 degrees on saturday and beautiful weather. sunday still looking nice and monday watching a storm it could become a tropical storm and that's something we'll watch closely and for right now, let's keep our eyes on the prize in the 80s the next couple of days. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. we're keeping an eye on the deadly plain plane crash in virginia. and this is south of culpeper. chopper 4 just got to the scene. the virginia state police got word about an hour ago there was a plane crash on the tender lane. a crash right in the roadway. i did a search just a couple of minutes ago. not much around there and there's a small market maybe a couple of miles up the road, but in that area, nothing really in that area. they are confirming right now that two people onboard have died. state police are on the scene looking into it and they
6:51 pm
ntsb. state police working to try to find out who these people were and exactly what happened to that plane. we'll bring you any new information and push alerts on the nbc hey d.c., guess which airlin
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er out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪ [clap, clap, ding]
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfini xfinity. your home for the most live sports. we have harper not doing well against these guys. >> no. he hasn't been doing well his last 20-plus games or so, but he'll break out. >> that's compared to what a streak he was on for a while. yes, those first nine or ten games of the season he was lights out. >> you can call it a slump or just a bad stretch, but bryce harper, he isn't getting a lot of pitches to hit lately and his last ten games just six hits for the slugger and tonight five hours before game time, harper was taking batting practice and we will see the extra time in the batting cages pays off with matt harvey with more on tonight's game and carol maloney is standing by with n
6:55 pm
gorgeous day at the park all year and it makes you forget about the 7-1 loss. strasbourg is 7-0 this season and maybe it's the summer like temperatures and dusty baker says his motto when it comes to strasbourg's performance is hang tough. >> whatever he's doing, he's just riding it. it's like surfing. you ride the wave to the beach and jump off and catch another wave. if you think about falling you will fall off. don't think about falling and don't think about when it will end. >> bryce harper's average at the plate. batting average 1.25. the manager isn't fooled by his numbers.
6:56 pm
he's still bryce harper and i think we'll make pitches and we'll get him out. >> you heard him mention starter matt harvey who last week had his career worst outing against the nats and bryce harper against him just 1 for 22 lifetime. from nats park, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> first pitch just after 7:00. we'll move out to football because out in ashburn, the first team of activity took place and this was not monday tore for the players. jay gruden getting the first look at the 2016 redskins and great attendance and the $19 million man, quarterback kirk cousins and hoping they can get a long-term deal worked out before the july 15th deadline and also quarterback, josh norl an and the
6:57 pm
this off-season attendance and they signed him, five years with a $79 deal last month and the firstround draft pick and a nice catch and we'll hear from the players for the first time tomorrow. we'll move on now to the association and what a job by the toronto raptors and making this a series against the cleveland cavaliers and he had another great game and big-time block on kevin love and he had 14 rebounds and kyle lowery stole the show after struggling to start this series and 35 points to spark toronto last month and the pressure on lebron james as the series heads back to cleveland. they have a tough decision to make after bradley biel. if the wizards can't reach those terms, he may sound elsewhere. the restricted free agent can
6:58 pm
the wizards can match. >> i hope so. >> they need him. >> it is. bottom line. that's our broadcast for now. nightly news comi upng ♪ stand by me
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tonight, bill cosby ordered to stand trial on charges he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman. what prosecutors are revealing and what his defense is saying about his accuser. tsa shakeup. outrage grows over long lines and his big money bonus. a widely debunked conspiracy tory. about the death of one of the clintons' closest friends. trump attacks bill clinton's history with women, what we found in the archives. out of line. the va secretary compares veterans waiting for care to people waiting on line to disneyland. tonight, calls for him to resign. living with a mystery illness. not knowing what's wrong. tonight, celiac disease and the test


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