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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. 6r789 now at 11:00, detectives return to the scene where a local mom was robbed at gun point, right in front of her 2-year-old. the search for the gunman still underway tonight. one m more town got a fourth
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memorial day week. metro's board chair fires back at threats to cut the transit agency's funding. >> if you want to be helpful, help me get some money. if you don't, keep your comments to yourself. noo. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now sglun loading her car with her toddler in the backseat a local mother robbed at gun point. >> the gunman told her to give me everything you have got. all she wanted was to protect her child. jackie bensen is live with the search going on right now. jackie? >> reporter: jim, people are very concerned about this. detectives returned to 4th street northwest tonight. the crime happened 5:00 p.m. yesterday. it with uz broad daylight. a woman was unloading flowers from her car. her 2-year-old in the vehicle when a man
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face and demand her diaper bag, which she handed over. the man went to a waiting van. amc commissioner representing the area expects to field a lot of questions as news of the incident spreads. >> they want to know where were the police? that's always the first question. on a block like this, we're nearby we have had repeated requests for increased police presence, they are wanting to know where the police nearby? how did something like this happen so close to our homes. >> reporter: quinn says neighbors want to know details of what happened. >> they want to know if other incidents that happened like this nearby they should be concerned about. >> reporter: the police report says the diaper bag contained the victim's wallet and her cell phone. thankfully neither she or the toddler were injured. jackie bensen, news 4. back to you. here at the live desk, police have been forced to break
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donald trump rally. this time eight people have been arrested outside of l.a. the protesters clashed with trump supporters outside of the anaheim convention center. one side shouting in to a bull horn and the other side calling them racist and waving signs with slogans like stop fascism. police declared unawful assembly and were ordered to clear the streets. hotels in the area were put on lockdown while police got control of the situation. new mexico's governor is firing back at trump after violence broke out last night in albuquerque. trump took several shots at susana martinez, the first female hispanic governor in the country and a fellow republican. her office says she won't be bullied in to supporting trump until she is convinced he will be good for people in her state. martinez happens
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of the republican governor's association. tonight that group is coming to her defense and praising her leadership. >> thank you. republicans are stepping up their attacks on hillary clinton after the state department said today that she broke federal rules with her private e-mail server. iowa senator chuck grassley said the report undermine's clinton's claim the e-mail system had been approved and shows she circumvented laws. but barbara boxer dismissed the report as a nothing burger she said other secretary of states have used personal e-mails for work. new at 11:00, the head of metro's board of directors firing back tonight after threats from virginias governor to keep cash from the troubled transit agency. terry mcauliffe promising to withhold funding from metro if safety protocols don't meet virginia standards. we caught
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board chair jack evans tonight and he said he is frustrated by the threats to cut funding especially by lawmakers on capitol hill millimeters m of whom have been in office since the system fell apart. >> i'm getting annoyed by people in office who were in place at the time when this place went to wreck and ruined and did nothing. this is my system i belt built in the 90s. i'm not happy with what happened in the last 15 years anyone who had responsibility with that i'm not happy with. >> today, virginia, maryland and d.c. announced plans for a metro oversight commission. it would have the power too shut down rail service and fine metro if safety protocols aren't met. tomorrow is a getaway day for many of you heading in to the holiday weekend. sounds like if you are ready for a long stretch in the car bring
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>> temperatures most likely the warmest we have seen all day. going for 90 degrees tomorrow. i think we will get there in some locations. 86 was the high earlier today. 88 leesburg and fredericksburg. we weren't too far from 90 in some areas. tomorrow even warmer still. we are watching memorial day, watching what could be a tropical depression possible by friday, saturday and sunday. that storm could produce moisture up in to our area as we make our way to the memorial day weekend and on-shore flow may make for cooler weather. more on that forecast in just a minute. if you are ready to head out for the memorial day weekend, expect company, lots of it. aaa predicts a record number of people will celebrate the holiday. 38 million people are expected to hit the roads nationwe. the most in more than a decade. if you are heading to the beach, get ready, 377,000 vehicles are expected to cross our bay bridge between now and monday night.
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in the nbc washington app tonight, we have a live first traffic map to show you what you are in for before you hit the road. our holiday weekend hasn't gotten underway yet but tonight some people in maryland got a preview of 4th of july. the city of gaithersburg is testing a new spot for the fireworks show. shomari stone got a sneak preview. how's it look? >> let's say the preview is beautiful. i like fireworks. i'm sure a lot of folks like them, too. city officials want to make sure people can see them at 21 different locations. >> three, two, one. >> it was exciting. >> she got an early july 4th gift in gaithersburg. >> indeed we did. a special treat we didn't expect. >> many saw fabulous fireworks
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the city tested a new location for the show. >> here along those fence lines. >> people were at different locations to make sure they could see the fireworks two miles away. >> we have people in 21 locations throughout the city in areas we have identified as viewing to make sure they are before we put it out to the public. >> reporter: volunteer firefighters are here. >> fireworks are pretty dangerous. >> they are trying to figure the spectators. this spectator is ready to celebrate on independence day. >> we will be ready with our chairs and the long fireworks display then opposed to the very modest one now. >> reporter: but modest is better than nothing. >> absolutely. >> as you can see she seemed to be a fireworks fanatic and can't wait for the big show. right now, gaithersburg city officials are waiting for
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they want to let them know if they can see the fireworks or not. and the gaithersburg officials are waiting to hear from them before they make any changes. the big show is 9:30 at night on july 4th. live in gaithersburg, shomari stone, news 4. quick action after a news 4 i-team investigation. this evening, a u.s. senator is calling for better accommodations for young moms on u.s. capitol grounds. >> that would include more baby changing tables and lackation stations. in a letter to the u.s. senate rules committee today, bob casey wrote i respectfully urge you to take steps to improve the facilities available for parents working in or visiting the capitol complex. he cited last night the i-team report that the capitol complex has less than a third of the lactation stations
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the congress lags behind. it always does. what we have to do is shine a bright light on it. >> reporter: congress exempted itself from federal building rule and doesn't need to follow them. breaking news out of new york city. law enforcement sources are telling our sister station there three people have been shot outside of a concert venue close to union square. take a look. this is a twitter picture from inside the concert venue where rapper t.i. was performing tonight. we have pictures from outside of the venue where people were scrambling to get out of there after this happened. there's no word on motive, potential suspects or the condition of those three victims. we're going to continue to bring you more details on the breaking
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they had guns but he had yoshi. this video shows a boy taking on an armed robber in silver spring last week. the boy was in the store with his parents specifically to buy that nintendo character. eventually the robber got the boy to lie on the floor with his parents while he and an accomplice emptied the registers and took off. no one was hurt. police are looking for the two men. prince georges county leaders are discussing ways to prevent domestic violence. from january 2009 to december 2014, 16% of all homicides in the cou
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domestic violence. it makes prince georges number one in the state in domestic homicides. tonight, leaders discussed resources that are available to support families and individuals and answered questions from the audience. the forum was held at the prince george's community college. more than 70,000 people missed flights because of security delays this year. that's just on american airlines. american reps will testify on capitol hill tomorrow as the tsa works to reduce wait times at the nation's airports. one of the problems is the numbers. in the past five years, the tsa has lost 2500 screeners. 100 million more people are flying. the agency says it's making progress, including testing new automated systems to speed up those lines. >> tsa is dedicated to ensuring better efficiency and remaining focused on our counterterrorism mission. we can and will not compromise on the security of the traveling
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will sit down with matt lauer to talk about the problems. you can hear what he has to say on "the today show" tomorrow on nbc4. a 90-year-old man from d.c. becomes a social media sensation. in the time it took him to take a nap. the world war ii veteran posted a question on-line, took a snooze and woke up to find a world of strangers who wanted to connect with him. angie goff has his story. >> reporter: there are some things that ron laker has done the same way for decades. >> i think it is important to know what's happening locally. >> reporter: but lately -- >> to the left is linda's office. >>reporter: he's been changing things up. two flights, in fact. >> and one more. >> climbing daily to the top of his cleveland park home to a quiet attic where the 90-year-old. >> i so vividly remember 1940.
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media by storm. you don't care how long it takes you will get back to everyone. >> i will do it whether they read it or not. >> reporter: ron known for his rants and raves on his d.c. blog became a star after posting this, i'm 90 years old, an officer during world war ii, retired educator. ama, ask me anything. they did. first by the hundreds and then the thousands. >> they asked me about my unfavorite style and i said the zute suit, what i thought of trump, the meaning of life, best period of life, what do you think of the atomic bomb. >> reporter: ron was 17 when he joined the marines during world war ii. born in 1925, there were no computers, cell phones, camera rolls but there was that thing called living in the moment. >> out of all of the presidents you have lived through, who was your favorite. >> reporter: an educator for 30 years he loves that most are
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>> i think thoughtful young people really understand eventually that i need to know more about the past. so i can see and improve for the future. >> reporter: with his dictation machine, ron spent up to three hours a day answering everything from politics to personal matters. >> how is sex relate now to what it used to be. >> reporter: as uncomfortable as it can get sometimes, he said talking with strangers has given something, too. >> i feel youth, by 'being with young people. >> reporter: off line there is more happiness and volunteering and spending time with his partner linda, his four kifds and nine grandchildren. >> this is one of the best years of my life. >> reporter: more memories to share with the world with time. >> i can't wait for six months to pass so i can do it again. >> reporter: in cleveland park, angie goff, news 4. >> mr. laker, what an inspiration, huh? >> sure is. so coolto
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people asking him so many questions and i understand he understands technology better than some of us do. any way, so we're looking good as we head in to the early start. >> i put this question out earlier today. what do you think of the temperatures getting in the upper 80s, 90 after being 50 last week. many are like i'd rather be cool than 90. >> which people are those? >> there was john g, naomi. show you what we are dealing with right now. 68 degrees currently at the airport. very nice and mild. winds from the south at 7 miles an hour. a great night after a beautiful day. on the warm side. highs in the 80s everywhere and now the 60s. 64 winchester, 64 quantico. on the radar, nothing to show you. anytime you see the circle like this that is ground clutter. it doesn't mean anything in our region, just the
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picking up the ground. what are we looking at? clouds trying to move over but thin clouds. you will be able to see the moon throw the clouds. we will see a few more clouds tomorrow and a chance of a thunderstorm or two. who's going to see the chance? it won't be waldorf or quantico, how about frederick and winchester. watch what happens tomorrow afternoon, nothing going on but this is when the heat develops. watch what happens with the storms, developing over the mountains. 6:30, we are still dry. tomorrow evening, here's a couple of storms. they rumble to the north and west of i-95. and then they are about out of here. i think we will get the nationals game in tomorrow night, no problem. it will be a good one for that but rather hot tomorrow. temperatures on friday also hot. biking forecast, it is warm. i'd go early tomorrow. 67, nice around 8 a.m., perfect at noon and then after that could be the first 90 day day of the year.
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91 fredericksburg. up to 8 frederick , maryland. the next couple of days, 90 tomorrow, 89 on friday. 30% chance of storms. most of us are dry on thursday and friday. 89 on friday with more humidity and that's going to create a heat index in the low 90s. 87 on saturday. more cfortable on saturday. sunday looking good for most people. 85 degrees, a slight chance of a storm. if you are heading to the beaches, i'm watching a system that could be a tropical system. bringing in some showers on sunday and monday. beautiful on saturday. nice on friday, too. a chance of showers on sunday and then a rain chance on monday. i don't think it will be a washout but rainy, cool temperatures could be in the 60s if in the wind is strong enough. next week, memorial day looking good inland, high temperature of 81. no problem for any of the festivities going on monday. any chance of storms will be in the afternoon. tuesday and wednesday we are still in the 80s. after all of those 50s in may we finally get to 80
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too. >> i like the 80s. coming up, maryland fans can stay melo. hear from the terp's coach what
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this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. sigh of relief for maryland basketball fans. >> a lot of fans from this area. melo is from this area. he stars for the terps. now we are waiting for the deadline. it was to declarer
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terrapins have been waiting all day to hear from melo, the point guard for the terps. the coach said he wasn't sure about what the decision would be until two hours ago. but it was melo saying i am going to come back for my junior season. nba draft experts predicted he would be a late round pick this year. he's returning to a program in the coach knows is even better after that phone call but the best is that this is what melo wants. >> i think 9:29, 9:30, maybe earlier. he said he wanted to come back. and you can hear in the kid's voice that he was with it and melo is at peace. i want him to be happy with his decision and he seems to be that way. adding a great piece back to
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one of the greatest players to ever play at maryland. you know, going to the third year will help him establish that. >> meantime at redskins park, the coach pumped up redskins otas -- he got one in. >> organized team activities. don't make me laugh. kurt cousins today my favorite moment, they checked out their fingertips. davis already feeling a great new vibe with the group along with the starting quarterback. the last time the redskins won back to back title was the early to mid-80s. we'd love to develop sustained success where it is not a one year flash in the pan. >> to be in this locker room and prepare, prepare for a great season, great upcoming season with these guys. great locker room. probably the best i have
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it is a positive locker room. everybody is happy and gets along with each other. with a team like that, i'm not trying to make a prediction but it would be nice in february. >> everybody's feeling good. nats and mets, bryce harper given a mental health day off after struggling at the plate. solo shot to left. second homer of the game. mets up 1-0. on the other side, bottom of the four. zimmerman watching this one. seven strikeouts in eight innings. matts down. men on the corners for ramos. he could be the hero but mets take the game and the series. the nats won last week at citi field and the mets
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coach gruden, if he is watching, ten in on think. >> we showed one. nt show the teh.
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tonight we know 45 spellers will advance to the next round of the scripps national spelling bee. >> two from hour area. 6-year-old was the youngest of 300 contenders but he's out of the competition
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misspelling -- lighting. >> we can't even say it much less spell it. >> the winner will get a savings bond and a trip to new york city. >> say that word again. >> say that word again. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- adam sandler, karlie kloss, musical t


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