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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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their home in montgomery county, but now a man from kensington has been charged with producing child porn and possessing thousands of explicit images of young children. >> scott macfarlane broke the story. he joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the fbi says the montgomery county man admitted downloading child porn. they say he is expected of doing so as early as 2011. though the fbi doesn't make any reference to a day care, but we found he operated a home day care until 2012. this yellow house in kensington is where steve baker's wife registered to operate a day care for four years. baker had computer equipment in his home where he kept some of the 50,000 images and videos of child pornography he possessed. it was this undercover fbige
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who helped trace suspicious online postings to an ip address in vienna, virginia, to this sign shop not far from the dulles toll road. the affidavit says this is steve baker's business. the person inside declined to open the door when we knocked there today, but the fbi affidavit details what happened when their agent knocked on the door a few months ago. the agents asked baker if he knew why they were there. his response, i have child porn on my computer. adding, i've been waiting for some to come. then saying i'm actually downloading a file right now. do you want to see? no answer at baker's home in kensington today either. our further review finds these cases are increasingly common. we found a huge spike in child exploitations in maryland in 2014 and 2015, which the fbi says comes from phones and portable devices.
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baker videotaped at least one young girl and shared those images, but didn't specify how many children are included in those 50,000 images they say they uncovered. scott macfarlane, news4. he showed up at the door with flowers, but investigators say his actions were criminal. tonight we're hearing how a neighbor helped police track down a delivery driver who is facing felony charges now. pat collins is in kensington with more on that. >> reporter: doreen, no one was home when it happened. a dlelivery turned into a take away. stolen from this house a credit card, cash, and an ipad used by a boy with cerebral palsy. >> he loves music and movies. the ipad i
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everything on. >> reporter: police say this man went on a buying spree the day before easter. the problem is the credit card he used belongs to this woman, stolen from her home in kensington. police say the suspect was a delivery man, bringing flowers to kelly's home. watch as he goes to the front and then to the back, checking things out. back in front with flowers in his hand. police say he went into the house and took a credit card, cash, and an ipad. this whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras by the neighbor bill baker. he has a camera here. he's got one over there and one over here. he's got more cameras out here than some tv stations. he was here to get the flowers from the delivery man before he left the scene. >> he handed me the flowers. i said do you want me to sign for them. no. that's all right. >> were you suic
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>> reporter: it took some time before she knew anything was missing. >> i thought i had cash, but i didn't see cash in my wallet last night. my debit card wasn't there. >> reporter: the suspect is anthony reeves of takoma park. do you think there are more victims out there? >> absolutely. detectives believe due to his position he would have had access to make deliveries at other homes. there are potentially other victims out there. >> reporter: look at all the charges that reeves is facing now and there may be more on the way. now back to you. >> pat collins. thanks. new details tonight in the murder of a teacher's assistant in fairfax county. today, police released a sketch of a woman to whom they'd like to talk. they say she was seen in the parking lot where tarreece sampson was shot and
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friday. it happened at an apartment complex on richmond highway in the alexandria section of fairfax county. sampson's girlfriend tells us he tried to stop some people from breaking into cars. sampson was a teacher's assistant at fort hunt elementary school. new questions about virginia governor's connection to a chinese businessman. he is a permanent legal resident. time reports that mcauliffe invited him to a fundraiser here at hillary clinton's house in washington back in 2013. three weeks earlier, an american company controlled by the businessman made a $60,000 contribution to mcauliffe's campaign. he wasn't sure he'd ever met the man, wong. >> i'm not sure i've ever even met the gentleman. went back and checked and our lawyers said this man had been fully vetted. >> the next day on the radio,
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comment. >> to mr. wong, who i probably met once or twice in my life, i'm not exactly sure, fine, upstanding individual. it is very unfortunate -- >> you don't have personal ties to him? >> no, no. zero. >> the fundraiser at clinton's house was one of at least three interactions between wong and mcauliffe. one meeting concerned an agreement signed by governor bob mcdonnell before mcauliffe took office to export soybeans from virginia ports to china. the justice department told him there's been no finding of wrongdoing on mcauliffe's part. the governor has withdrawn from a democratic fundraiser in june for an ohio senate candidate. mcauliffe says he does not want to be a distraction. surprised and rattled, that's how president obama describes world leaders and their reaction to the idea of donald trump in the white
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today, the candidate got a step closer by clinching the number of necessary delegates to win the republican nomination. steve handelsman on capitol hill now with our report. steve? >> reporter: jim, thanks. just plain surprising is this story in this year of rapid fire political developments. this is another one. a few unpledged delegates in north dakota jumped on the trump train. suddenly, trump had one more than the 1237 total he's been fighting for. with the north dakota delegates who put him over the top, donald trump celebrated clinching the nomination by taunting his likely next opponent. >> and here i am watching hillary fight and she can't close the deal. >> reporter: president obama in japan said world lied eaders ar watching. >> they're rattled by him and for good reason. >> reporter: rattled, trump said good. >> we're going to have great relationships with these countries, but if they're rattled in a fnd
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>> reporter: he's willing to debate democratic bernie sanders. >> yes, i am. h how much is he going to pay me? 10 or $15 million for charity. >> reporter: sanders is saying yes. >> hillary clinton has not agreed to debate me here in california. i look forward to debating mr. trump. >> reporter: sanders is hopeful because polls show him closer to clinton in california. she campaigned with union workers in nevada. >> help is on the way. >> reporter: clinton denied the scathing state department report on her e-mails will hurt her politically. >> i know people have concerns about this. i understand that, but i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer. >> reporter: as she struggles to unite democrats and trump struggles to consolidate his party. trump and sanders staffers tonight are trying to work out a deal for the debate, with trump insisting the millions hes
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revenue go to a woman's charity. i'm steve handelsman. tomorrow marks one year since the high profile murder of a reporter in the district. charnice milton was killed in a shootout by people riding on atvs. so far no arrests. milton's murder is not the only unsolved case in the community where she died. chris gordon is live with more. >> reporter: good evening, doreen. so far this year there have been 48 murders in the district of columbia. 35 of those murders happened here east of the anacostia river. many of them remain unsolved, just like charnice milton's murder. >> to say we're disheartened and disappointed is an understatement. >> reporter:
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cathy lanier once again today. >> all we want is really justice. >> reporter: a long-time community activist wanted to call attention to the more than 100 uninvolved murders in his community. he started putting pictures of the victims on display. >> it's basically a photographic morgue. it hits people because they do not realize that there are that many unsolved homicides just east of the river. >> reporter: each time there's a murder east of the river he adds another face to his display. his collection goes back to 2010. >> unfortunately, what has happened is because there are so many and it is so frequent that people consider it routine. >> reporter: lanier knows it is hard on the families of those killed to go so long without closure. >> we never give up. we never stop taking information. we never stop trying to close homicide cases. i t
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as i can to family members. as painful as it is, we don't want to give up hope. >> reporter: he hopes people who live in safer communities will see his display and take a lesson from it. >> i hope they'll continue to hope and pray and work to make sure their community doesn't become the killing field that east of the anacostia river has become. >> reporter: now he told me he wanted to create a memorial similar to the aids quilt that would memorialize and remember the victims. he hopes the d.c. government will use the d.c. cable channels to air their own d.c.'s most wanted tv show as a way to help bring closure to some of these open homicide cases. jim, back to you. that memorial day getaway is certainly under way. 38 million people are expected to be traveling this holiday. right now, no reports of in jo
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potential problems by checking the live first 4 traffic map that's in the nbc washington app. now, doug, got some fine weather out there to travel in, don't we? >> we really do, vance. we were talking about yesterday having travel problems on thursday. the bay bridge looked perfect out there right now. not bad at all. take a look at these numbers. 83 d.c. right now. 72 over towards ocean city. nice and mild here. 88 in philadelphia. we get hit. 88 degrees today. the warmest since september. nothing around the d.c. metro area, but a couple of storms back to the west. they should stay back to the west. tonight more 80s. tracking the weekend and the memorial day rain. will it come? i've got the forecast. we'll see you back here in just a minute. a daring rescue atop the chesapeake bay bridge today. a moment of compassion that convinced a man to get off the ledge.
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for the tsa. tonight the calls for change as tens of thousands of people get ready to head out for the busy memorial day weekend. as metro gets ready to unleash the safetrack plan on everybody, uber is reacting.
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those massive repairs on metro just over a week to go now before they get under way. that means big changes to the way we get around. more people already turning to uber. will that mean you'll have to pay those surge prices? adam tuss is in boston tonight where the first phase of the safetrack plan begins. hi, adam. >> reporter: hey, doreen. first things first, if you hadn't thought about how you're going to get around, you really don't have much time left. as far as uber is concerned, the reality is when demand gets high, they're probably going to charge you more. just thinking about the delays because of this massive safetrack maintenance plan has some already talking about walking away from metro. when safetrack starts, will you look for an alternate option? >> most
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up after statements like that. it will be expanding car pool options for compumuters. >> surge is designed to ensure that people can get a ride when they need one. it helps ensure that drivers have an incentive to be exactly where riders need them when they need them. >> reporter: however you plan to get around, the first big part of this metro project is right around the corner. beginning next saturday, there will be 13 straight days of single tracking around the clock between east falls church and boston. intense repairs will be made along this section of track. trains will only run every 18 minutes. that's expected to lead to very crammed, crowded conditions with long waits. >> we would not be doing this unless we had to. that's where we are. >> reporter: metro gm extra met
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metro bus service will be added in the area. >> the first one is going to be the most difficult, clearly. it will be the first one for us. it will be the first one for the customers. it will be bumpy. >> reporter: in other words, it's time to put your game plan together. all right. so some other transportation options for you to consider, in fairfax county, they're going to be running extra fairfax connecter service. vre is also being offered as an option. we have a list of all your transportation options during safetrack in the nbc washington app. just search safetrack options. there's still no word on what caused a crash that sent 23 children and 2 adults to the hospital today. it happened on columbia pike near musgrove road in silver spring this morning. that accident involved two transport vans that were carrying children. one rear ended the other. the kids are between the ages of 12 and 14 and
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visiting from bermuda. 231 million of us will get on an airplane this summer. today, congress heard from airlines, airports, and the largest union that represents government workers. witnesses noted that some of the staffing shortages at the tsa are caused by a mandatory cap on the number of full-time employees. the attrition rate for part-time employees is nearly triple the rate for tsa full-time workers. >> it makes sense to take a lot of these individuals that are part-time now and make them full-time. >> people want full-time employment, so moving that money to getting them full-time would definitely help fix a lot of the problems. >> reporter: after the hearing, new york congressman introduced a bill that requires the tsa to evaluate its
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model. and an investigation by the associated press is revealing persistent problems with airports outer defenses. the ap says there were at least 345 perimeter security breaches at 31 of the nation's busiest airports between 2004 and mid february of this year. eight of them were at dulles. two were at national. airports say their security systems are strong and none of the breaches involved a known terrorist plot. we're hearing some promising news in the search for egyptair flight 804. investigators say airbus is receiving signals from the plane's emergency locater transmitter. now because it uses radio waves that transmitter is usually used to locate crashes on land, but experts say it is possible those signals can be picked on or investigators are actually receiving pings
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black boxes. either way, it will significantly reduce the search area, which has narrowed to a three-mile radius. egyptair flight 804 went down eight days ago. the last messages from the plane indicate smoke on board and computer failures, but no one on the ground received a mayday from the flight crew. he comes from a powerful political family. tonight a former donald trump delegate faces a judge on child porn charges as we learn what else investigators found when they raided his home. a suspect in a near deadly home invasion attack caught on video just days before the crime. i'm julie carey. coming up, i'll show you what weapons she was buying and why it adds to the evidence against her husbd. an
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oh, my goodness. this is the weather we've been waiting for, doug. >> now we're talking. >> now we're talking. we're going to be talking like this over the next couple of days. it's great when i'm able to give everybody some great news because after that gloomy start to the month of may we need some sunshine. we've had it out there today. we saw a
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beautiful shot down towards gravelly point right there. plenty of greenery out right now. temperature actually dropped to 83. a little bit of an onshore flow from the river helps too cool things down. we were 88 last hour. still at 90 back towards leesburg. 84 ft. meade. annapolis coming in around 80 degrees. not a lot going on. we talked yesterday about best chance of storms back towards the mountains. that's exactly where they are. let's zoom in and show you around martinsburg and winchester. around middleway, pretty good little downpour right here. nothing strong. i'm not worried about these. these will all continue to move on. satellite and radar not showing much in our region. we have clear skies down to
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south. we have some clouds with those showers just back to our north and west. farther west, tornado watches. colorado, kansas, nebraska, missouri. the kansas city airport was evaclat evacuated last hour as a confirmed tornado was making its way towards the kansas city airport. the next thing i'm watching is down towards the tropics. 60% chance from the national hurricane center to become a tropical depression. if it became a storm, it would be named bonnie. as it does, it will bring a lot of moisture from the atlantic in here. we're talking a chance of shower activity for the weekend. for tonight, not much. isolated showers. not much around the city. tomorrow same deal starting off with sunshine. watch what happens in the afternoon. just a couple of pop-up scattered showers and storms. at the bus stop tomorrow
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morning, 67. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. 3:00 to 4:00, 89 degrees. a much better chance on memorial day of rain. temperatures back into the 70s with more cloud cover. 89 tomorrow. beautiful on saturday. most of sunday also looking very, very good. if you're headed towards the beaches, i have that plus the extended seven-day forecast. new developments in court as a former donald trump delegate is indicted for child pornograp pornography. new video evidence has been released in the trial of a man who attacked a man and his wife in mclean, virginia. we'll tell you what the gun stores salesman says about the woman who bought a taser in the attack. a tense situation and how it is changing the rescuerescuers'e
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the old guard honors ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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new developments tonight in a case of a former delegate for donald trump who is facing charges involving child pornography and explosive items. >> caleb bailey was ordered released from jail during his appearance at the federal courthouse, but he won't be going back home before next week at the earliest. >> reporter: well, doreen, the government plans on appealing the judge's decision. they say they haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to combing through all the evidence when they raided caleb bailey's home back on may 5th. his defense team told the judge their client is not guilty on all charges. >> i know caleb. i know the bailey family. >> reporter: the court was packed with close
6:32 pm
of 30-year-old caleb bailey. they hashed out details about his case. the government said on may 5th when atf agents raided the home, they found projectiles and unlicensed machine guns. bailey was making some of the weapons and selling them to licensed dealerships and family and friends. they found videos of child pornography. >> things that were caught on a neutral surveillance camera. >> reporter: the defense argued that surveillance cameras are all around bailey's property and the one positioned inside a bathroom was rolling when a minor stepped out of the shower and was using the restroom. >>
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ridiculous. he's been there almost a month with a perfectly clean record. >> reporter: now if prosecutors lose their appeal next week, bailey will be released to his sister's home. some of the terms and conditions of his release are staying away from minors. caleb has resigned as a trump delegate. he was replaced last saturday. a man from maryland has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for killing his 3-month-old son. he was originally convicted of murder back in 2002. he won a retrial and was convicted for a second time this past march. today, a judge in
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county sentenced him to life with all but 50 years suspended. prosecutors say he killed the baby to collect on a $750,000 life insurance policy. tonight, jurors are getting a more complete picture of what led up to a violent home invasion attack on a mclean couple. this is part of the evidence revealed today. it's surveillance video taken just days before the attack. julie carey reports now from the fairfax county courthouse. >> reporter: it's andrew schmuhl who is on trial first, accused of carrying out the bizarre and violent attack that began with two shots from a taser. but today prosecutors showed jurors this video they say shows the preparation. november 7th, 2014. just two days before the near deadly home invasion, schmuhl's wife, alicia, is captured on video at a gun store buying a taser. the clerk told jurors she later returned to buy more taser
6:35 pm
cartridges. it was this taser later recovered in the schmuhl's getaway suv that probation report -- prosecutors say began the two hours of terror. prosecutors believe the schmuhl's plotted the attack to seek revenge after fisher fired alicia schmuhl. but defense attorneys hope to show andrew was just carrying out his wife's orders, that he was so heavily medicated at the time he can't be held responsible. on cross-examination, the defense attorney underscored that it was alicia buying the weapon. asked the defense attorney, did you see my client? he wasn't there that day. no, replied the clerk. prosecutors worked today to connect the dots between the three weapons recovered, the taser, a gun, and a knife, and andrew schmuhl. the forensic report show there were no fingerprints on the taser and the one on the gun not useful for
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knife, the print on it, a match with andrew schmuhl's right thumb. after hearing five days of testimony, jurors get a break. trial testimony resumes next tuesday. transit officials are working to make five major intersections in the district safer for cars, for bikes, and pedestrians. among the problem spots are georgia and kennedy, 14th street and columbia road, and 18th and adams mill in northwest. also on the list, others in southwest d.c. city officials say in some cases they may need to add bike lanes. in others it could be as simple as having traffic lights change after pedestrian signals. it's a decade's old tradition. how our nation's fallen heros are being honored at arlington national cemetery. imagine dangling off the
6:37 pm
side of the bay bridge. a man did it this morning. ahead we'll hear from two people who stopped to help him. one despite the fact that he's deadly afraid of heights. and we're talking about a couple of showers, even a couple of thunderstorms back to the west. most of us dry tonight. but will we stay dry for that memoriaday weekend? l
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a major boost in stafford county's effort to honor its fallen heros. there was $100,000 donated to an armed services memorial. that memorial is planned for the government campus at the stafford courthouse. a funding campaign has been going on for the past two years. they still need $200,000. if you visit arlington national cemetery this memorial day weekend, you wilee
6:41 pm
american flag at every grave site there. kristin wright was there today. >> reporter: arlington national cemetery feels different today as they carry on this tradition of honor. it's a memorial day tradition at arlington national cemetery. one that never gets old. >> it's one of the most purest places in america in my eyes. >> reporter: there is a single american flag at every single grave. >> every person i walk by, i like to look at their name and understand who they are and where they come from. >> reporter: 230,000 headstones as far as the eye can see. the tradition started when the old guard was designated the army's official ceremonial unit in 1968. the number of graves at arlington grows with every passing memorial da
6:42 pm
was thankful to come home from afghanistan. >> there are still soldiers continuously giving their lives for this country. >> reporter: each flag a life and a sacrifice to honor. >> memorial day means a lot to me because i've had people fall. >> reporter: today the soldiers also placed flags at the u.s. soldiers and airmen national cemetery. >> we posted a list of places in the area where you can take a moment to reflect on those who have served. for more information on that, we invite you to open up our nbc washington app and search memorials. still ahead, inside a dramatic rescue. hear from the pizza delivery man who jumped into action as a man was threatening to jump off the bay bridge. also the high sta
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okay. here's a live look at the traffic on bay bridge tonight. no major problems. more than 377,000 vehicles are expected to drive through here to get to the beach for this memorial day holiday weekend. traffic on the bay bridge came to a halt earlier today though when a man climbed over the rail threatening to jump. it also led to a dangerous and de daring rescue. >> reporter: the man dangled from the highest point on the bay bridge. motorist jason hayes stopped to help him despite the fact that jason says he's afraid of heights. >> as soon as i locked eyes with the gentleman, i knew i had to push that aside. >> reporter: chopper 4 flew beside the bay bridge as the drama unfolded this morning. the man climbed over the railing on the eastbound span. lieutenant kevin brenner was
6:47 pm
his way to work. >> i was able to radio into our dispatch center that we needed additional units. >> reporter: they both teamed up and talked to the man for 45 minutes until help arrived. the fire rescue squad used rope and rigging to lower a rescuer down to the man below. the rescuer gave him a big hug and they were both pulled to safety. >> it's great when you can help somebody and know that we had a positive outcome and we were able to successfully rescue the individual and get him back onto the bridge deck and get him to the hospital. >> reporter: jason hayes who now works at a pizza parlor says today's incident may change his life too. >> maybe i'll go into some type of fire or ems profession. >> reporter: we have more information on suicide prevention. just open our nbc washington app and search changing minds. reporting from the bay bridge, chris gordon,
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45 young spellers started this day hoping they would not hear that dreaded bell at the scripps national spelling bee at national harbor. >> y-a-k-a-t-e-v -- v-r. >> oh! heartbreaking. spelling bee officials promised this year would be the hardest yet. they came through with that. half the semifinalists were eliminated on their first word this morning. now the field has been whittled down to ten. you can watch the finals live at 8:00 tonight on espn. >> makes you so nervous just watching. >> imagine if that was your child.
6:49 pm
>> our local kids, we don't have anymore local kids in the spelling bee. that's the way it goes sometimes. it is kind of nice to be out at national harbor right now, right? >> yeah. >> that's the weirdest segue i've heard you make. >> i don't know where that came from. >> where are you going with this? >> i don't know. >> very nice day to be there. you and i are like this. out there right now a very nice day. a very warm day too. 88 was the high today at the airport. 88 as well down towards can springs. look at leesburg coming in at 91. 90 culpeper. 90 in frederick. yeah, it was warm for sure. the evening planner, sun going down tonight at 8:24. once again, just beautiful all night long across the region.
6:50 pm
leesburg. 78 camp springs. 87 towards baltimore. that rockville guy, that's too warm. 93, i don't think so. that's always been on the warm side of things up towards rockville. probably around 89 degrees. nothing around d.c., but back towards the martinsburg area and winchester, seeing some storms. memorial day weekend we could see a tropical system develop, maybe a depression, maybe a storm. it could bring us some moisture up towards the beaches. ocean city, but maybe even in the d.c. metro area during the day on sunday and monday. not a washout, so don't cancel any plans. beautiful 80s. 87 on saturday. 85 on sunday. memorial day looking good, but cooling. still not too bad next week. we've got sports coming up next. last day of the otas. i'll tell you why these workouts
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your home can be, even when life isn't. the neighbor's back. oh, no. this is my husband, gibby!
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i like it! you wanna come in? oh no. that would be weird! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys.
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talking football again up here tonight. there are some guys who really need what they're doing now. >> and they cherish these moments, like miles paul and injured playered for the redski redskins. last season the redskins placed 15 players on injured reserve. after being injured, it was reed who took over and took off. he never looked back from then. the redskins wrapped up their first ota session this week. it's been about more than just practice for guys like miles paul. he's the tight end that didn't get the multimillion dollar deal this off-season. just another chance. miles paul, better known for
6:55 pm
blocking skills and snagging touchdowns, missed the entire 2015 season with a broken ankle. >> you hurt at first. i just got to watch logan go through his rehab. i wanted to progress just like log logan. to see him working hard and back right was a driving force for me. >> just having those guys back, they're not going to be able to show me that much attention anymore. >> reporter: while otas may not matter that much to veterans, it is a priceless week for paul. >> it's been amazing. i told them i was ready. you can't keep me from football. i appreciate it so much more now that i've taken that loss. i'm not going nowhere. >> great to see miles paul back on the field. the next set of otas will take place tuesday of next week out in ashburn.
6:56 pm
get under way tonight. go ahead and ignore st. louis's record. they always play well here in d.c. winning seven of the last ten games in the nation's capital. the cardinals have the nationals full attention. >> this team is very resilient and unaffected by tough losses or even consecutive losses. after the game, it is very -- you can hear a church mouse run across the floor in our clubhouse. then the next day you would know nothing ever happened. it's a sign of some pros. we've got to move on to college basketball now. big 24 hours for the maryland terps. the biggest news, tremble returning for his junior season. he's decided to pass up on the nba draft. the wizards forward marquise morris
6:57 pm
philadelphia national airport for possession of marijuana. we'll have later at news4 at 11:00. the national spelling bee is in town taking place. our local athletes have some of the toughest names in all of sports. we put vance, doreen, and doug to the test earlier today. first up, matt ionidis. you were asked if this name was of greek origin. you were right. he got the i and the o right. everything else was a mess. next up, daniel winnick, forward for the capitals. it was a sneaky name. everyone failed on this one. doreen, you were
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then kuznetsov. you got this one right, van. yoceu ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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tonight, a relentless outbreak of tornados demolishing neighborhoods again. tens of millions on alert as new twisters touchdown right now. tonight a rare look at the power from inside a tornado. the sex assault scandal rocking baylor mishandling years of acquisitions against football players. the football coach fired. the university president ken star, the former nemesis demoted. the nightmare super bug that hospitals have been fearing is here and our most powerful drugs can't stop it. let's get it on, donald trump says he'll debate bernie sanders then demands $10 million to charity to make it happen. are we in for an epic clash? and e-mails from work, now banned on the weekends. how does that sound?


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