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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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northwest washington where he was sexually assaulted he believed at gunpoint. riders are concerned about the latest crime on the rails. >> it's crazy. it's sad that we're on public transportation pane there's also this crime happening. >> reporter: the 16-year-old boy tells police he was walking into the bethesda metro station when the suspect 25-year-old dot-cmn simons began talking to him. the boy allowed him to use his phone and then the suspect walked away with it. simons ended up giving the boy his phone back, but then allegedly ordered the teen to get back on metro. they got off at friendship heights. the suspect then told the teen to go to a bathroom stall at the chevy chase pavilion across from the friendship heights metro station where he is accused of sexually assaulting the teen. simons let the teen go when he threatened to scream. earlier this week, we
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moving red line train back in april. metro is being criticized for not informing riders right away when these crimes happened. >> how did we not hear about the rape that we learned about earlier this week until six weeks after it happened? >> reporter: metro tells me any violent crime will be reported to public on the same day if it doesn't hinder the investigation. in this case, because the victim didn't report the crime immediately, it took additional time to investigate and release the information. at d.c. superior court, darcy spencer, news4. a federal grand jury has indicted a taxi driver from virginia on charges of conspiracy to support isis. police arrested al hasan back in january. he is accused of helping a friend trying to join the terror group and then lying about it to the fbi. he drove that friend to the richmond
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join isis. as the nation gets ready to honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country, president obama went to hiroshima japan to call for an end to nuclear weapons. he did not apologize for the decision by president harry truman to drop two atomic bombs on japan during world war ii, but he acknowledged the pain of those who suffered during the war and afterwards. >> mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. but we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> after his remarks, the president met with two survivors of the atomic blast. this is the first time a sitting u.s. president has visited
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hiroshima. donald trump is holding his second rally of the day in california. right now, he's in san diego and hundreds, maybe thousands, of protesters are demonstrating outside. at least four organized groups have come together telling trump to go home. all of this is coming as trump abruptly backed out of the debate with bernie sanders. it's a lot to process. bro brian moore is on capitol hill. >> reporter: donald trump is looming large over that california primary, but for anyone who wanted to see the billionaire and bernie sanders duking it out on the debate stage, we have a bit of sad news. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and donald trump are on a collision course for the june 7th california primary. >> hillary is a disaster, folks. she has bad judgment. that was said by bernie sanders. he's given me a lot of my best lines. >> reporter: now that trump has
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he's doing his best to make life difficult for clinton. sanders was hoping a one-on-one debate with trump would help him push over the top. trump said no. >> if you're in first place, you don't want to debate a guy who is in second place. >> i heard that he was going to debate me. then i heard that he was not going to debate me. then i heard he was going to debate me. now you're telling me he is not going to debate me. i hope that he changes his mind again. >> reporter: clinton hopes california will make her number one. >> i want to be a champion for oakland and all the oaklands of america. >> reporter: last week's report on clinton's e-mails proved to be an untimely distraction. she's hoping this week will get her back on track. donald trump is vowing to do something that few republican presidential candidates would consider. he says he wants to win in
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live on capitol hill, i'm brian moore. news4. i'm pat lawson. we just learned a prince george's county teacher has been arrested accused of sexually abusing a student. police say vincent mcduffy is a teacher at a high school. a student reported to them that mcduffy had sexual contact with her in march and in april on school grounds during the school day. mcduffy was arrested yesterday and police say he admitted to being involved with the student. the folks who run prince george's county schools say they have placed mcduffy on unpaid administrative leave. new video tonight of a man who police say robbed a lululemon store in northwest. in the video, the man appears to be shopping around and then goes to the register. he handed ao
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announcing a robbery. he also told her he had a knife on him. the man took a cell phone and some cash and ran away. a pretty tragic start to the holiday weekend in montgomery county. the driver of this van died after running off the road and hitting a power pole and a fence. it happened in poolesville. police are still trying to figure out what caused the van to run off the road. darnstown road is closed in that area. right now, millions of people are heading out of town for the long holiday weekend. sort of marks the start of the busy summer travel season. lower gas prices mean more people are on the road and in the air. we have a look at how travelers are coping. >> it's definitely nice on the wallet. >> reporter: especially nice when gas prices hit an 11-year low just in time for the summer travel season. >> when you look at 89% of holiday travelers making the decision to travel by roa w
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the road. >> reporter: but even the great american road trip requires some strategy. >> we tried to miss the peak driving times in the morning and the evening as best as we can. >> reporter: also a good plan at airports. this morning's rush at chicago o'hare was worse than the day before thanksgiving. >> we were definitely concerned. we heard about the lines. we wanted to make sure we anticipated these delays. >> reporter: despite the shortage of officers, the tsa has managed to improve wait times that have brought passengers to a standstill during the last few weeks. >> the average peak across the system is well below 30 minutes. >> reporter: passengers can definitely tell a difference. >> easy breezy. curbside is great. >> they're stepping it up. and everybody seems to be in a pretty friendly mood, so nobody's irate. i'm willing to go through it. >> reporter: whether you're going by airway or highway this
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need extra patience. nbc news, chicago. investigators are trying to figure out why a fire broke out on a railroad bridge between d.c. and virginia. it happened on the csx tracks that cross over ohio drive and parallel i-395. trains are moving on the bridge again, but officials held up vra, amtrak, and csx trains for more than two hours while firefighters put those flames out. the fire started on the railroad ties, but investigators are still trying to figure out how that could happen. the d.c. fire department had to use crews on land and also a fire boat underneath to get this fire under control. some people have already made it to their memorial day destination. the beaches are packed. we're actually paying doug kammerer to go down there and be in the middle of it. >> we weren't paying them, but somebody is paying him to go downre
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how are you, doug? >> reporter: it was today. >> yeah, we know. >> reporter: we all got paid today. isn't it great? >> beautiful. i love it. >> reporter: when you come down here, every day is payday. not a lot of traffic here in d.c. or here in ocean city, but we saw a lot of traffic toward rehoboth a little bit earlier. the weather has been great so far. i want to show you what's happening back at home and back towards the mountains. if you're thinking about heading towards the west tonight, there are storms around hagerstown and winchester. even a flash flood warning now for frederick county as well as shenandoah county in virginia. heads up there. down here, though, it has been on the nice side. as a matter of fact, very nice. what do you guys think, hot, cold? >> it's a little chilly, but it is nice. >> a little bit of wind. >> reporter: it is only 64 degrees gh
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>> it is tough how shy people are he encounters on the boardwalk there. it is a big weekend for the national museum of the marine corps in triangle, virginia. service members are there to pay tribute to the marines this memorial day weekend. they're expecting about 2,000 people at the museum. >> you reflect on what the guys who came before you and the sacrifices they made. you appreciate what they did to allow you to be where you are today. >> a medevac helicopter that was shot down in vietnam is on display in front of the museum through thursday. the art exhibit is called take me home, huey. the marine corps museum will be open memorial day. see the video that cost a bus driver his job after he got caught watching tv behind the whe
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witness stand in a murder trial. the defendant their father. the alleged victim their mother. what they had to say that might help the prosecution. the new effort to protect people in maryland from the zika virus, but it doesn't include mo
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we checked i
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sanders and donald trump. now we're going to take a closer look at some of the developments in the presidential race. >> chuck todd joins us now. no shortage of interesting things to talk about with you every single friday. what's up with trump? the debate with bernie sanders is on and now it is off. >> it started as a gag on "j "jimm"jimmy kimmel." what surprises me is trump is the one who pulled out. you debate sanders. you elevate sanders. it is two people -- and you aggregate hillary clinton. the person i would have expected to pull out of this would have been sanders because i think democrats would have tried to pressure him. what are you doing? so the surprising development is not that it is
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trump that nixed it, not sanders. >> speaking of hillary clinton, the state department inspector general this week blasted her for using that private e-mail server. is this something at this point that voters care about? >> i think there's a phrase that sometimes political consultants use called baked in, means there was nothing in this report that is going to somehow change people's minds about their feelings to this. this, i think, could have been a really bad week for her had trump not stepped on the story with a little bit with his own problems with party unity and stuff like that. ultimately, i don't think this report has any new impact on her. the fbi on the other hand that's a different story. when that finally gets sorted out, that is something that could actually change the course of the election. >> it seems like ages ago that bernie sanders was saying i don't care about her e-mails. >> i think he doesn't care about
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that other people do. >> we heard from marco rubio today. little marco as donald trump was calling with him. what's up with that? >> this feels orchestrated. there are a lot of senate republicans that believe the only one who can hold the senate seat in florida is marco rubio. the problem for rubio is he spent a lot of time dismissing the senate during his campaign and sort of trying to explain why he wanted to leave the senate because he wanted to -- it's not a place you get things done. if he backtracks here, i think he's going to have -- it will be a much tougher re-election fight. >> couldn't he spin it? under a republican president, the senate could be a very
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i think he's a talented campaigner. there's no doubt about it, but the other problem you have here if you're him is you're not in control of your own destiny. senate races that correspond in battleground presidential states, the presidential race dictates the direction of that senate race. it is very hard if you're a republican to win in a swing state in the democrat carries that state or vice versa. i think that's what makes -- at the end of the day, rubio has to count on trump getting him over the finish line. obviously, he didn't think donald trump was qualified to be president. is he really going to put his political career future in the hands of trump? by the way, if you lose this, it is hard to come back. >> who do you have on the program this weekend? >> we have bernie sanders and around schwarzenegger. >> that's interesting. >> former california governor. we're going to talk to him not only about celebrity and politicians, but
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struggled with. >> we'll catch you up on "meet the press" on sunday morning. want to get another check on the weather. hot, humid. >> french fry laden. >> i'm running out of words. doug is still out the beach having a great time. how is it going out there, buddy? >> reporter: it's great. doreen just said french fry laden. my photographer had never tried thrasher's french fries. what do you think? can you give me a yes? yes. a great day down here obviously. a lot of people here already. whether it is looking inland or right up toward the boardwalk, we have a lot of people who have made their way down. met some people from pennsylvania, from maryland,
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it is going to be a nice evening tonight and most of the weekend looking really, really good. no matter where you go whether it is to the ocean city area or dewey or rehoboth, it's great. we talked to the mayor of rehoboth. he's been the mayor since 1990. >> this is official kickoff of summer. yeah, we're ready. we have a good staff and that's what it takes to get ready. and our people know what they've got to do. they start around the first of the year hiring for the summer positions and that sort of thing. get the benches out, the life guard stands out, hire the life guards. we're ready. >> reporter: yeah, they're ready. ocean city ready too. i'm going to head back to the sunshine because it is a little chilly out here. temperatures along the water and the boardwalk it is onl i
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60s. if you're coming down towards the beaches, make sure your bundle up. at least get a sweatshirt. take a look at the temperatures around the area right now. a very warm afternoon. that heat index was into the low 90s in many locations earlier. currently 84 degrees with a heat index of 88 degrees. first off, the radar. notice that storm back to the west. nothing around d.c., but back towards -- thank you, my friend. thank you, my friend. sorry about that, everyone. back toward the west. storm team 4 radar tracking those storms down towards winchest winchester. those storms making their way off towards the east to shenandoah valley. let's take a look at show you the radar and the satellite. notice that storm by the way coming through. looking at some showers coming through the region. as we do, down to the south we're looking at this system down toward the bahamas. that system is now a tropical
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its way toward the coast. as it does, it will bring us some tropical moisture. right now has winds of 35 miles an hour, but it is expected to become tropical storm bonnie and bringing moisture our way. now what are we expecting for that? saturday no problem. sunday we're going to have some issues as we make our way through the next couple of days here. monday is the day we're going to see cool and cloudy conditions. the next four days, showers likely on monday. monday could even see some rain. looking pretty good for that whole forecast right on through the next couple of days. saturday, sunday, great. monday is the day i think we're going to see some rain. send it back into you guys. i get to stay down here. i'm working for another 25 minutes. >> okay. we want our money's worth out of you, doug. could you cell phone make you sick? the results of a new government study that is
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cancer. this is a sure sign of the season. the mayor of ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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three, two, one! >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser kicking off
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season with a splash. >> she had sort of a half cannonball. we have more from the oxen ride pool. >> reporter: the kickoff just wrapped up moments ago and the mayor was here along with officials from d.c. parks and rec. they were out here. this pool was filled with kids. everyone excited about the opening. there was some speculation on whether or not the mayor was going to jump in, but take a look at the video. she did take the plunge and swam for a little while, so the tradition lives on. here's a bit of what the mor had to say earlier today. >> that you can get swim classes at dpr. how many people say i don't know how to swim? i don't want to learn how to swim. i'm scared to swim. you can fix that today. >> reporter: starting june 18th, the pools across the city will open on a six day a
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life guards will be on duty, but the city is encouraging parents and urging them to keep a close eye on their kids. reporting in southeast, meagan fitzgerald. the state of maryland taking action to combat the zika virus, but one local county isn't part of the effort. a man accuse on trial accused of killing his wife, then making it look like a suicide. what the couple's young son said on the stand. plus, justice served
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now at 6:30, a man accused of murdering his wife and staging it as a suicide. the emotional testimony from the couple's young children. stopping the zika virus before it hits our region. >> the main concern is protecting everybody from being exposed. >> what local officials are doing to protect us. a second chance for veterans who find themselves in trouble with the law. >> dwis
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>> the local program that's changing lives. plus, a closer look at the government study that is rekindlingthe debate about cell phones and cancer. >> we're at a point where most people ought to be taking some precautions. an unusual scene at the loudoun county courthouse today. two young boys from ashburn took turns testifying today in the murder trial of their father. >> he's accused of killing their mother and staging it to look like a suicide. julie carey has details on why their testimony could be critical to the prosecution. >> reporter: because of his age, 8-year-old zach castillo testified via closed circuit tv. 11-year-old jonathan walked to the witness stand in suit jacket and tie. it was march 20th, 2014, when the boys and two other siblings walk up one morning to find their mom missing, her body later found in the basement. her estranged husband is charged with her mother. the couple had been in the midst
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barred from her home. on the witness stand, key testimony for prosecutors from little zach. he says he saw his dad in their house the night before his mom was found dead. zach testified during the night he went to get into bed with jonathan, but left his special blanket behind. asked the prosecutor, did you see your gigi again that night? yes, said zach, my dad brought it in. zach contradicted his initial testimony. castillo broke into tears, wiping his eyes. but prosecutor got the final questions and zach reaffirmed his initial statement. asked whitman, zach, that night when you were sleeping in jonathan's bed, did you see your daddy in jonathan's room that night? yes, zach said. the older brother was asked about the homc
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by his father. the boy also testified his father asked for the alarm system numbers. one time offering him a gold coin if he revealed them. defense attorneys were able to spotlight many inconsistencies between what jonathan said earlier and what he said on the witness stand today. a man accused of performing illegal butt injections pleaded guilty in connection to a case that turned deadly for a maryland woman. he admits he bought and sold misbranded silicone. taylor told his clients the silicone was medical grade and safe. he performed the injections in hotels across the country. a woman died just days after an injection. it's justice done a different way. that's what the judge said about overseeing fairfax county's new
6:33 pm
this time last year. now david culver is there to see its first graduates. >> reporter: it is a courtroom experience like i have never seen before. a judge conversing casually, comfortably, with a defendant who in these cases is a veteran accused of a non-violent crime, accepted into the program to get his or her life back on track. it can be emotional, deeply personal, but very rewarding. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: if it wasn't for the bench and seal, you wouldn't think this was part of an official court proceeding. >> thank you. >> reporter: steven daniel shaking hands, smiling for phot photos, feeling loved. >> enjoying every minute of it. >> reporter: in the past, steven's legal troubles never had him smiling in the courtroom. >> i've been in and out of the court system. >> reporter: his offenses non-violent, but still illegal.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: it was his years of army and national guard service that made him eligible for the veterans treatment docket. >> everything happens for a reason. there was a reason i was put on the docket program. >> reporter: it is a strict 12 to 18 months that includes treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, community service, hearings every two weeks with the same judge. in steven's case, it is a judge who every hearing makes a point to call these veterans turned defendant his heros. >> when i say they're my heros, they're my heros because they have not only served the country with valor and courage and on the field of battle, but even harder they came home, had problems, and fought some battles here. >> reporter: helping steven accept it all, this guy. >> that's my mentor. >> i don't give him orders. i don't do anything like that. i just encourage him. >> reporter: his military service repaid with love and justice. >> this is my second chance
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life. >> reporter: and now lasting friendships. >> i'm not going away. >> reporter: in fairfax county, david cullivveculver, news4. talk about driving distracted. the fallout after this video surfaced showing a bus driver watching tv behind the wheel. and could your cell phone raise your risk of cancer? we'll break down the results of a new government study that's adding fuel to a longstanding debate. a pretty nice day here at the beach and a pretty nice weekend for the most part. we could see some
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪
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♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. a virginia woman is going to spend her holiday weekend in jail in an unusual case. prosecutors say she ripped off high-end department stores and made a million dollarsed
6:39 pm
high-end handbags. investigators say she bought $2,000 handbags from high-end retailers and then returned fake bags to same stores pocketing the refund. they say she later sold the real bags online pocketing that cash too. no comment from her attorneys. she is back in court on wednesday. we're seeing some stunning video tonight of a bus driver watching tv on his phone while taking passengers from d.c. to new york. our news partners broke the store. you can see the phone right to the lower left. a passenger on the tripper bus noticed it during his trip yesterday and started recording. the video shows the driver repeatedly looking down at the screen during the drive. now the bus did arrive safely, but the passenger contacted the company right away. the owner told wtop that driver was fired this morning. massive government study has found a possible link between cancer and cell phones. the study
6:40 pm
toxicology program which is part of the national institutes of health. researchers exposed 2500 rodents for cell phone radiation for nine hours a day. they found low rates of brain and heart tumors in the male rates, but not in females. >> most people ought to be taking some precautions and need to be thinking about how they're using their cell phone, especially when we talk about children. >> reporter: the nih stresses that previous studies have suggested that the risk in humans is limited. ann thompson will have a closer look at the study and some steps you can take to protect yourself tonight at 7:00 on "nightly news" with lester holt. we haven't even made it to memorial day and your summer vacation could be shrinking. the school district that is thinking of starting school two weeks before labor day.
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this is chris gordon. how often you have to empty standing water from dog dishes and potted plantsn order to i jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face.
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so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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students in montgomery county may head back to school a week earlier than usual next year. the school's chief operating officer says drafts scheduled to a school board meeting. the school year would start on august 21st. that's two weeks before labor day. the district usually goes back one week before labor day, but parents, the kids, they're all going to have a chance to weigh in on the chances before the school board votes on this calendar in the fall. mosquito control trucks are out spraying across the state in maryland in an effort to prevent the zika virus, but montgomery county is not part of that spray operation. chris gordon reports from bethesda on what the county
6:45 pm
>> reporter: maryland is spraying to control mosquitos in 14 counties. the areas include southern maryland and prince george's county, but not montgomery county. the county's director of the office of emergency management explains the state will be asked to spray if there's a confirmed case of zika in montgomery county. >> they'll be spraying in a localized area around that identified case in an effort to prevent mosquitos from biting that person. >> reporter: the maryland department of agriculture says mosquitos breed in standing water around our homes. >> empty anything in their yards that is going to hold rain water. they should do that every five to seven days. >> reporter: new findings show zika-infected pregnancies and the risk of birth defects may be as high as 13%. for the general population, zika is now considered more dangerous than originally thought. >> in regards to pregnant women, there's definitely the concern
6:46 pm
infants that may be born with that. so the main concern is protecting everybody from being exposed. >> reporter: that's why the state's mosquito spraying program is so important. even though none of maryland's 17 zika virus cases originated here, local mosquitos who bite someone with zika can spread it here. to find out if and when maryland is spraying mosquitos where you live, you can open our nbc washington app and search mosquito spraying. that's the latest from montgomery county. chris gordon, news4. unfortunately, our weather this spring really created prime conditions for mosquitos with all that rain we got. >> indeed. doug is about ready to start his memorial day weekend. >> probably no mosquitos at the beach. >> not yet. it's almost all good news about our weekend weather, isn't it, doug? >> reporter: yeah. almost all good news. thi h
6:47 pm
saturday, sunday, monday. it starts tonight. we have great weather tonight, but we are tracking that potential tropical storm. it's a depression right now, but it could become a tropical storm by this time tomorrow and eventually make its way up our way. take a look at what's going on across our region. looking very nice tonight. look at these numbers. look at all the people here. they have really shown up in droves over the last hour or two down here along the boardwalk. temperature right now sitting into the 80s. camp springs coming in at 85 degrees. as far as the radar is concerned, we have seen a couple of thunderstorms. all of those were back towards the west. hagerstown seeing some of those storms. if you're driving out 70 westward, expect some showers. also down around the front royal area. those will continue to die off as they head off towards the
6:48 pm
it did become a tropical depression earlier today. tropical depression is just to the north and east of bahamas making its way to the north and west. it is expected to become tropical storm bonnie tomorrow. as we make our way towards the next couple of days, first off memorial day in the city. if you're heading down toward arlington national cemetery, temperatures are going to be on the warm side tomorrow. 87 degrees. hot and sticky. monday is the day to watch because we expect rain on monday. cooler with temperatures in the low to mid 70s. if you're heading down towards the beaches, a little bit of a different story here. saturday just like today. beautiful, 74 degrees. a little breezy. 71. late rain possible on sunday with clouds. monday not the best beach day. i think we'll see some rain. we're definitely going to see some cloud
6:49 pm
next four days, inland we're looking at some nice warm temperatures. and even into next week the real only chance for rain is unfortunately on monday, on memorial day. may effect some holiday plans. 74 on monday. then look at next week. tuesday coming in at 84. wednesday at 84. thursday at 81 degrees. still coming in at 80 degrees next friday. a beautiful forecast there with the exception of memorial day. we'll be watching out for that. right now behind me, that is johnny roger. they have already started the rides a little bit earlier today. let me get back into the sunshine because the sunshine makes everything better. we're going to see a lot more of this sunshine during the day tomorrow. doreen and chris, i want to thank you guys one more time in the planning meeting when you did say, yes, doug can go down to ocean city. >> we're so happy that your weekend is beginning. we will be back for the 11:00 news, do.
6:50 pm
>> that pregnant pause. >> all right. thank you, doug. great job. have a good weekend. whether you're headed to the beach or staying close to home, we found the top events day by day. open the nbc washington app and search memorial day weekend. kirk cousins is getting paid sports card mon money, but he s drives a conversion van. here's lester holt. >> hi, doreen and chris. why donald trump is now backing away from a debate with bernie sanders. a new study resurrects an old fear. cell phones and cancer. plus a rare inside look at america's
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last night the nationals got off to a good start in their series with st. louis. a lot of people are hoping bryce harper can go on a hot streak. >> chris miles joins us now from the csn studios. it would be great to see harper get hot again, wouldn't it? >> it would be excellent. while we have dealt with a lot of rain in the area, bryce harper, he was dealing with a drought. he brought the thunder out on the diamond yesterday. he's looking to keep it going tonight against the cardinals. the nats were down 1-0 to st. louis last night. harper's struggles took a backseat. last season someone sold a fake game worn bryce harper jersey online from the infamous choking incident. to avoid someone selling his batting gloves, harper is cutting them off after his home run on thursday night. confused? let's have bryce
6:55 pm
sell them on ebay to tell you the truth. they were ripped on the top of the hand. had the batboy come in and give me another pair and put them on and ripped them again. came back and cut them up so guys don't come out of the trash can and grab them and sell them. it's happened before. just cut them up now and we'll see. the maryland men's lacrosse team has won 15 straight games. if they extend that streak to 17, they'll be crowned national champs. a title that's eluded them since 1975. they've been to the final four 19 times since then and come up short. that includes a loss to the national championship last year. they look for redemption this weekend with their matchup against brown on saturday. >> it would be unbelievable. that's what drives us sinc
6:56 pm
august. that's the reason why all of us are here is to win a national championship and ending that drought. as we see it, it would be absolutely phenomenal. the maryland women are looking to cap off an undefeated season. they face syracuse tonight in the national semifinals. they have developed a dominate program. the key to their success, that's a simple one. >> it's a new year. it's a new team. the past is the past. we can't change anything. we can't win the 2015 championship again. it's in the record books. already did it. we're focused on this team and these girls. i wouldn't be on the field with anybody else. >> $19,953,000, staggering amount for kirk cousins to make this year. the redskins quarterback drives his grandma's conversion van. he doesn't own a mansion. he lives in a townhouse.
6:57 pm
with some local kids. not the way you'd expect an nfl quarterback to kick off his memorial day weekend. cousins visiting bowie high school in prince george's county to teach kids how to be smart with their money. valuable lessons from the frugal football player. >> i think it's an important topic to not just high school students, but just about everyone in america could benefit from. >> i could have went out and bought a sports car. i'm not going to do that. the decisions you make now have consequences. >> saving money isn't that hard. it is about what you want to do with your money and stuff like that. when i have that money in my pocket, i want to go spend. i know saving is easy. >> kirk is money for the skins on sunday. chris, doreen, back to you. >> sets a great example for the kids. >>
6:58 pm
hasn't bought a new car. >> thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is coming up
6:59 pm
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tonight, deadly flood emergency. an epic deluge swelling rivers to historic heights, and breaking news, a tropical storm warning with trouble now off the east coast. mad rush. on those overwhelmed security lines, as millions hit the road. rails and airports, one of the busiest travel days of the year. reversal of fortune. late word after the $10 million challenge, donald trump now says he won't debate bernie sanders. cell phones and cancer. the new government study reigniting a heated debate. how safe are the devices that rarely leave our side. and spellbound by a pair of champions


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