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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breaking right now, a small plane crashes in to he hudson. police are searching for possible survivors. news 4 goes on patrol with police as officers crackdown on the thriving illegal fake i.d. business. thousands of roll
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veterans honor the memory of those heros who lost their lives in the vietnam war. >> news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> breaking news is in new york city. a small vintage plane has gone down in the hudson river and the nypd says they have just recovered the body of the pilot. the plane crashed tonight about two miles south of the george washington bridge. witnesses shot this video that appears to show the plane hitting the water. our sister station in new york has learned this was a world war ii plane scheduled to perform at an air show this weekend. the plane was on a photo flight when it had a mechanical issue. police say the pilot was the only person on board. they are really tough to spot and a lot of them out there. police are cracking down on fake i.d.s. >> police had to step in to help the bar owners sniff them out. jackie bensen is in arlington where i guess t
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starting to make progress. >> well, they are. they say they have been recently encountering high-quality fake i.d.s in an alarming level. federal law enforcement tells us they are manufactured in large quantities in china. he has seen a lot of i.d.s over the years but recently noticed something new, high quality fake i.d.s. >> the last six months it's been getting real big. seeing people a lot younger and a lot of out of state licenses. >> arlington county police staff had special night life details on the weekend. sometimes a bar or restaurant can't tell if an i.d. is fake. >> we will run them and
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database it is a good indicator they are not a good idea. >> young people caught with fake i.d.s are often unaware of the serious consequences. >> what we like to say it comes with adult consequences. you can be arrested for identity theft, fake i.d., and it has other consequences, as well. whether their colleges find out, schools they are attending, affects their ability to get hired. >> reporter: police tell us they recovered 25 of those fake i.d.s just here in arlington last weekend. most of them with addresses in mk nk and south carolina. live in arlington, jackie bensen, news 4. right now the memorial day holiday weekend is getting underway. we are keeping a watch on the situation at the airport and on the roads in the area. >> traffic is going to be impacted by major events this weekend like the rolling
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let's start in the storm center and amelia draper. a lot of folks are wondering if their bash bu cane beach plans are good to go. >> the forecast is hot, humid and mainly dry. only a small chance of an isolated shower. sunday and monday, dealing with tropical moisture moving in to the area. what it is looking like on sunday. rain and storms move in and as late as the evening hours. the chance of more rain on memorial day. again these rain chances all from tropical depression. it will likely be upgraded to tropical storm bonny tomorrow morning. i will have more on how the moisture impacts the holiday weekend. new information coming in and i will have the latest at 11:18. sglm see you then. shomari stone is live on the national mall tonight where memorial
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part of a series of rolling thuner tributes. shomari stone? >> it is a somber mood out here as people pay tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. tonight a huge crowd of veterans from the rolling thunder honored 58,000 u.s. servicemen and women who died in the vietnam war. some have a moment of silence to honor the members of the u.s. armed forces who are unaccounted for during the war. they walk along the wall and read the names inscribed on the black granite. many parents brought their kids out to help them appreciate the soldiers who died for our freedom. we will hear those who paid tribute to our veterans this memorial day weekend. >> we came here as well every year. and the wall down there has been millions of times is a wall of healing and that's what we come here to do to hold on to each
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other, support each other and make sure we are in the process on healing. >> reporter: there are a lot of events and attractions this weekend. you can hear more about it on our nbc washington app. just putt in memorial day weekend in the search engine. here on the national mall, shomari stone, news 4. it is a disturbing crime that started at a metro station in montgomery county temperature a teenager boy robbed and sexually assaulted him in a popular shopping center. the teenager 16 years old said dominick simmons stole his phone as he was walking in to the metro station. police say simmons gave the phone back but told the teenager he had a gun. he allegedly forced the boy to ride to friendship heights and they say he was sexually assaulted in a mall bathroom. >> how do we not hear about these things when it happened, how did we not learn
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rape that happened until six weeks after it happened. >> the teenager didn't report the assault right away. a sad situation in a loudoun county courtroom today. two boys took the stand to testify in their dad's murder trial. castillo is accused of killing his estranged wife in 2014 and staging it to look like a suicide. his 8-year-old son zach and 11-year-old son jonathon testified. zach said he saw his father in the home the night his mother died because his father brought him a special blanket. he contradicted himself on cross-examination but later reaffirmed his original statement. his brother jonathon testified his father asked about the home security system and asked what the code was. the trial will resume next week. bright, cloudless morning death fell from the sky. p
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u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the president honored the people who were killed and called for an end to nuclear weapons around the world. new at 11:00, the prince georges county public schools is ready to release a report on the child porn at school scandal that rocked a community. she used to to work as a school aide and faces counts of exploiting children. prosecutors say he made videos of children having sex with him and each other at the elementary school and other locations. on tuesday, the district's student safety task force will release its findings and recommend changes to the current policies and procedures. the goal of the independent study was to ensure student safety. police arrested him in february and he had pleaded not guilty.
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teacher is on administrative leave and charged with sexually abusing a student. vincent mcduffie taught at a high school. a student said he had sexual contact with her on the school ground and during the school day. police say he admitted to being involved with the student. the district is in the process of firing him. to politics and protests. this time in california, against donald trump. hundreds if not thousands have been demonstrating. one group tried to rush at police barricade and a lot of them came out because of trump's stance on immigration. >> bernie sanders is asking donald trump why he's afraid after trump said he would not debate sanders after all. the two have been going back and forth about a debate before the california primary but today trump said it would be inappropriate to
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in second place. a tough week for hillary clinton but the democratic front runner is trying to get on track. the state department released a report on her use of a private e-mail server. an untimely distraction. clinton took part in a round table in a restaurant in oakland. it's the unofficial start of summer and the holiday travel rush is on. find out how tsa is making it easier for you to get through airport security lines. caught on camera, a tree weighing two tons nearly falls on top of a police officer trying to clear the road. he showed us how to save lives but the 96-year-old man who invented the heimlich maneuver has never done this one thing, until now.
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talk about a close call in new jersey. an officer was trying to remove a fallen branch from the middle of the road when the entire tree came tumbling down. you can see the officer started to run and. police say he broke his wrist and had what bunch of scratches. the tree weighed about two tons. look at this video for a moment. everything seems to be normal at this 7-eleven store in oregon this morning and then an suv suddenly crashes through the front door of the store. authorities say nobody was injured in this accident. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. >> trees on one hand and suvs on the other. a crazy night. >> er
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town for the holiday week, it's not going to be easy. >> no. 38 million of us are expected to travel over the memorial day holiday weekend. as nbc tom costello reports gas prices are rising and the tsa is trying to avoid massive -- >> kickoff to the summer travel season and after months of records tsa waits, today signs of improvement. in atlanta intimidating lines this morning but most travelers through thru in less than 30 minutes. the tsa said 90% of the wait time were urn 15 minute. the tsa chief today. >> ideally how long should someone have to wait in a tsa line? are we talking a 20-minute, hour wait. what would you consider normal. >> the average peak across the system is well below 30 minutes. >> what happens to the two hour waits, part-time screeners are shifting to full time,
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officers on overtime dogs sniffing passengers more quickly and officer airline staff is helping out. 4 million passengers expected to fly this weekend. traditionally this weekend far more people drive than fly. nationwide this year, gas prices are headed north. the national averages $2.32 a gallon, up 18 cents in a month. though we found 2.57 in yonkers, new york, 2.89 in chicago. the reason, a pipeline in chicago is down, refineries cut back, oil trading above $50 for the first time since november and in michigan, an energy emergency with demand outstripping supply. >> cheapest gas in the gulf. if you are heading south you will see cheap in texas, oklahoma and louisiana, low $2 a gallon range. >> reporter: on the west coast a family driving 300 miles in the van this week will save $15 a tank compared to last year.
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be one to three dollars a tank and summer is just getting started. a woman from virginia will spend the holiday behind bars accused in a high-end handbag scheme. prosecutors say she ripped off high-end department stores and made a million dollars. she bought 2,000 handbag and returned fake bags and pocket the refund and sell the real bags on-line and pocket that money, too. feds say they have evidence she brought a ruby red bag like this one, returned a phony and sold the real one on ebay. so far her attorneys reason talking but she will be in court on wednesday. three, two, one. >> that's our mayor reviving the tradition of the mayoral cannon ball. some may say it wasn't a full
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cannon ball but impressive. starting june 18th, schools will be open six days a week. lifeguards will be on duty but the city is encouraging parents to keep an eye on children. we have an interactive map of the d.c. pools near you. search d.c. pools. props to the mayor for getting out there. >> very much so. >> props to the weather for being warm enough for everybody to jump in the pool today. >> nice out there today. it was hot and humid. high of 88 degrees. similar tomorrow. it will be hot and humid, mainly dry. maybe an isolated shower. the difficulty comes, though, sunday and monday. with what will be tropical storm bonny. right now tropical depression and the moisture it brings in. here's the latest. by this i mean the latest. i was sitting at my computer until i ran in here. hot and humid tomorrow, that i know for sure. mainly dry, as
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and or monday. more on the timing coming up and after that mainly dry and warm next week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday looking nice. temperatures in the 70s. it is balmy outside. 76 degrees in washington. starting off your day tomorrow 71. 83 at lunchtime. 87 at 4:00. that will be our high for the day. grilling out tomorrow evening, looking nice, 8:00, still 81 degrees. future weather, a.m. 8 a.m. on sunday. already some rain in the area. it moves from the south. potentially pockets of heavier rain, rumbles of thunder sunday afternoon in to the overnight hours. there's still a chance of some rain on monday. mainly earlier in the day. you can see future weather bringing rain in the midday and afternoon hours. here's the latest information. just coming in on the, more clouds and rain in the forecast on sunday, especially during the midday, afternoon and evening hours.
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heavier rain and temperatures warmer on monday. you will see that reflected in the seven day. i think monday afternoon and evening could be actually completely dry. best chance of rain on memorial day will be the first half of the day. if you are heading to the beach, the latest beach forecast, tomorrow 74. nice late-day rain on sunday afternoon and monday 70. and showers on memorial day at the beach. back here at home if you are visiting, welcome. i hope you enjoy your stay. 82 for a high temp on sunday. mostly cloudy skies. we will be tracking rain during the afternoon and evening hours. a few rumbles of thunder, as well. rain on sunday night. i think we will have rain in the forecast on memorial day, but favoring the first half of the day. what the latest forecast is, rain moves in during the afternoon on sunday. moves of it in the
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potentially dry monday afternoon. whatever your plans are. tuesday, wednesday, thursday keeping it dry. friday a chance of showers and high of 80. of course tom will be in tomorrow morning with even more information updating the forecast. right now though overall the week not too bad, especially tomorrow. >> have fun outside as soon as possible. >> absolutely. >> thank you. pool opening in the nick of time. max is capable of striking out 20 batters but gives up his own share of home
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. max scherzer and the nats back in action tonight against the cardinals. >> chris miles is joining us from the csn studios. how did it work out? >> not so well for mad max. as great as he has been this year, his issue with giving up home runs cannot be overlooked. given up the most long balls in all of the majors, 14 so far this year and one tonight. that achilles heel showed up and cost the nats. gave up 21 runs, those numbers increased on thispitch. a grand slam in the top of the third. 5-0 st. louis sleed leads. a lot of confidence for a comeback.
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proposes. his second straight with the homer. nats 5-1. top of the 8th, garcia launches this one in to the cards bull pen. the nationals fall 6-2. >> there's no explanation. it wasn't a home run pitch. it was the walk before the home run pitch. probably was on his mind and had to come more than he wanted to. >> the orioles looking to end their four-game losing streak and visit cleveland. first inning, bases loaded, and baltimore up 3-0 after one. game tied at three. in the seventh now, chris crushed. rbi number 28 on the year, drives home machado. birds up a run. trumbo going the other
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15 home runs of the season. tied for most in the majors. orioles winning 6-4. time to crown a champion. maryland taking on the women's lacrosse semi finals. megan scores her 70th goal of the season. she had four on the night. maryland up 9-2. second half, two-time national player of the year taylor charges toward the net for her fourth in the game. maryland advances to the fourth straight final. they will face unv on sunday afternoon looking for a repeat. lebron james headed to the nba finals for a sixth straight year and seventh time many his career. the cavaliers won 113-87 to win the series 4-2. james scored 43 points the first time he scored over 30 points in a game during the 2016 playoffs. they will face the
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series. return to action for d.c. united. weather issue and they were a only able to play 45 minutes due to lightning. bk to you. ac>>
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it's a life-saving technique we all know about. it is designed to save people from choking. this week, the man who invented it finally used it for the first time. he is now 96 years old and he saved a woman at his retirement co
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piece of hamburger. >> just having saved. >> god put me in that seat next to you, dr. dr. heimlich, so you can save my life. >> they are all fighting who gets so sit at his table. he produced the technique in 1974. decades later, right place and time. >> what are we looking at on saturday and sunday? >> hot and humid tomorrow. 87 for a high. rain moves in. i think an the lunchtime hours on sunday. thunderstorms potentially as well. rain on monday, the first half of the day will be dry. >> great. thank you. that's going to do for us. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is coming up next. >> thank you for watching. we will see you over the weekend. hope you have a great weekend and a safe one, too.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- maya rudolph and martin short. leslie odom jr. musical


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