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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tonight at 11:00, the transit agency is preparing to implement a safety plan. live with how riders feel. breaking news, floodingn
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kills 4 people. donald trump prepares to speak at a rally. bernie sanders is making noise of his own. the major warning he has for hillary clinton. long delays on metro's blue line after a brake fire caused service to be suspended. metro prepares for changes. darcy spencer is live in china town with reaction from riders. darcy? >> reporter: erika, what happened today is another reminder of the problems plaguing metro. as one passenger told me, he hopes they can fix the system. a brake fire on the track shut down arlington cemetery metro at
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weekend. >> at this time, we are experiencing delays in both directions. >> reporter: riders had to board shuttle buses to get to the next metro stop. the fire was quickly put out, but delays lasted for hours. >> we saw a fire truck come through. definitely looked like it was a lot of commotion. >> reporter: the fire happened as metro began implementing the safe track program. it's a plan that will disrupt commuters for months. metro is hoping to change minds like this woman. >> i take the bus because metro is not worth it anymore. >> reporter: this is the last weekend metro will stay open until 3:00 a.m. starting friday, it will end at midnight. those who enjoy late games, dinner and clubs will have to find another way to get home. what does it mean
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>> get to metro and longer commutes and trying to figure out weekend plans for traveling. >> reporter: this this going to mess up your weekend? >> yes. >> reporter: reliability and safety on the rails and incidents that shake riders confidence. >> so often you hear the trains are not working because of a fire or because of a track problem. when you use the train to commute throughout the day for business, you can't do that anymore. you know? >> reporter: there's a lot of frustration out there. the first phase of safe track schedule to get under way one week from today. passengers are already making plans to use uber, lyft and in some cases get in their cars. that means crowded roadways as well. back to you. >> thank you so very much. i want to show you a live look at union station, a major
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know tr metro's safety initiative. open our app and search safe track. announcer: now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> we will be dealing with rain for the rest of memorial day weekend, mainly due in part to tropical storm bonnie. this is going to move over the area. it will help bring moisture into the region. you can see it on storm team 4 radar bringing rain to south carolina. currently, it's stationary with winds at 45 miles an hour. the storm system will move on shore tomorrow evening. you can see the path. this is through monday evening, not really making a lot of movement. a lot of impact on the carolinas and unfortunately, here in our area as well. i'm going to have your complete forecast coming up, that includes more on the timing of when we will see rain moving in and out. rain will move iner
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i'm seeing the potential for more rain on memorial day. the latest at 15 after. >> thank you. the devastating flooding that hit texas. officials say four people died in the aftermath of the storm. one of them, a texas national guardsman. as much as 22 inches of rain fell thursday in washington county northwest of houston. crews are working to check homes and make sure everybody is accounted for. 50 roads in the county are closed due to water damage. a bizarre story involving good samaritans to help a woman in need. she fell off the bridge in southeast d.c. this morning. when three men rushed to her aid, an armed man confronted them, told them to get away from his girlfriend and he pulled a gun on them. it went off as they tried to wrestle it away from him.
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one of them with his car before driving off. ♪ i know they have brought another hero home ♪ >> paying tribute to the fallen and those who sacrificed for our country. tonight was the dress rehearsal ahead of the memorial daikon sert on the mall. it airs on pbs. if you are looking for something to do this holiday weekend, we have found top events day by day. you can open the nbc washington app and search memorial day weekend to search for the plans. senator bernie sanders issues a warning to hillary clinton. in an interview with chuck todd, sanders says clinton's vp pick will be critical in
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his supporters. she must excite working families and young people. should clinton win the nominati nomination, pick a progressive. you can see him on "meet the press" tomorrow morning here on nbc 4. donald trump doesn't appear to be a fan of president obama's historic trip to japan. on twitter, trump questioned why the president didn't mention the attack on pearl harbor during his visit. >> taking care of endangered animals and don't want to be in a situation where they have to be killed. >> find out why zoo officials had to shoot and kill one of its star attractions. an nba player is killed. what he was doing right before the fatal shot. you will be sharing the road this weekend because rolling
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new developments from texas on an nba player shot and killed in dallas. his agent now says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. bryce jones played for the pelicans. he thought he was going to his girlfriend's apartment this morning. he tried to enter the wrong apartment. the homeowner got
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the pelicans issued a statement calling it a, quote, tragic loss. go to our nbc washington app. the proud ones in society inspired by real-life tragedy. "there's a stranger in my house" is a play at blue high school in d.c. it was inspired, in part, by the death of washington, the 15-year-old shot at the metro station. the play hopes to educate people about how to avoid violence in society. the show is june 18. part of the proceeds will go to the washington family. the president and first lady decided to get out of the white house tonight. they enjoyed dinner in washington. they have been at the restaurant before. it's owned by a celebrity chef. president obama returned late last night after a week long trip to
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a jam packed weekend in our region. amelia is up next with what you can expect with mother nature the next few days. a 3-year-old boy fall sboos the cage of
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a sad day at the cincinnati zoo today. a little boy crawled through the railing and then fell into the gorilla cage. that 400 pound male gorilla started violently grabbing and throwing the child around. the 3-year-old's injuries are
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described at serious. this is a picture of the gorilla. they shot the gorilla to save the boy's life. zoo officials say it is a huge loss to the gorilla population, but the tactical team made the right call. >> it seemed to be a life-threatening situation, so the choice was made to put down or shoot the gorilla. so, he's gone. >> he was a low land silver backed gorilla. they are considered a critically endangered species. the gorilla exhibit will be closed until further notice. the roar of motorcycles echoing throughout the dmv this weekend. cameras captured these bikes riding down constitution alley. the ride for freedom is tomorrow
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donald trump will be a speaker at a rally. it's a powerful reminder of how many of our nation's war heroes have died serving our country. veteran ben king started the, quote, mindful memorial daye vent. ribbons are hung from the rafters and they have the name of the service member killed in iraq or afghanistan. each person who visits takes the ribbon home as a constant reminder of their service. >> it is our responsibility and we honor the fallen with our intention because that's what we do. >> the organization armored down to help sponsor the event. announcer: now, your storm team 4 forecast. here are your latest headlines for the weekends. rain is looking likely late tomorrow into the first h
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for the big rolling thunder event tomorrow at noon, the weather looking to cooperate. if you are in town for that or visiting family, welcome. heavy rainfall is possible from tropical storm bonnie. we could see heavy rain early monday morning. we are going to continue to track this storm system. it's a tricky forecast on memorial day. updates tomorrow morning, updating the forecast. tomorrow, the weather having a low to moderate impact on your day. more clouds in the forecast. moderate side of the impact comes from thunderstorms moving in mainly during the evening hours. if you have plans tomorrow night, plan for rain and be able to move indoors. here is the tropical system we are watching. you can see in the immediate area, not tracking rainfall. a spectacular picture on my twitter page. here is future weather tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. sunshine acrosshe
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noontime clouds increase. then we track rain. i think 3:00 p.m., the d.c. metro area still mainly dry. the early evening hours, we start to track areas of rain and thunderstorms, potentially for everybody. noti notice the brighter color. rain impacting the area. monday morning at 5:00 a.m., future weather is going to differ from what i am thinking. i think we will see widespread rain across the area. i think the rain could linger into the noontime hours, then maybe limited sunshine. if we see that sunshine, that could help storms fire up for memorial day evening. tomorrow, a high of 83. 3:00, storms south of washington. by 8:00, the likelihood we are tracking rain more here than the metro area. the chance of thunderstorms. most of the daytime looking go
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memorial day, a high of 77. tuesday, the chance of showers east of 95. d.c. metro looking dry, 82. i want to break down memorial day for you hour-by-hour. we start off at 7:00 a.m., rain likely. even a chance of rain, a thunderstorm at 4:00. by 8:00 p.m., most rain is going to be east of washington. we'll hit the high temperature of 77 at about 4:00 in the afternoon, then next weekend, erika, more rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. >> thanks, amelia. still to come, bryce harper unleashes another home run. was it
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here from the csn studios, two runs not going to get the job done. the nats lost two of the last three. a lot of pressure put on the starting pitcher. a bad outing friday night where he gave up his first grand slam. the nats needed a bounce back performance. he had the worst outing. things aren't going well when the opposing pitcher laces a double left and helps the
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another tough day for geo. the nats trying to pick up the pitcher. ryan zimmerman has been around for awhile and we know why. the first of two homers cuts the lead in half. gets ahead in the sixth. harper wants in on a home run derby. crushes this one. straight away center field. nats trail, 6-3. worse in the eighth. down the right line, another two runs come around to score. nats drop the second strait nine for the final. orioles power to a 6-4 win. looking to do the same again, this time in cleveland. the vibe in the first. two runs come in to score. quickly the os in the hole. worse three batters later. a single to right, another two
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tough start continues in the second. jimenez serves up another. gives up six runs, orioles lose, 11-4. we have seen it happen before, on the basketball court, uconn has done it twice. the men and women won the national championship in 2004 and 2014. maryland men and women lacrosse program have the opportunity to claim that this year. tar high schoeels and the terps. the men play monday at 1:00. terps winners of 15 straight games, hands full against brown. terps up, 4-1. second period, an empty net
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takes advantage. one hop and in. yeah. surf side up at eight. maryland clinging to a one-goal lead. the game is tied at 14. overtime. here is the big moment. collin open in front. ball game. maryland back in the titling game for the fourth time in six years. >> we stare down tough situations all year. i think when things have been at their worst, our guys have rallied together. it says a lot about the group. we have a lot of work to do, a lot of prep. we'll do our west to bring home the title to the state. that means a lot to them. >> unc had to take care of loyola. come out on a mission. chris scored 29 goals this season in 16 games. that's less than two a game. this is his first
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tarheels up. foot on the gas, patrick kelly firing home. destroying loyola ahead by 10. greyhound is making a run. remember this. he had himself a day. he ended the comeback with his ninth goal of the day. that's more than seven goals more than he averages. earned the team a shot at the title for the first time since 1993. 18-13 the final. finally, the u.s. men's national soccer league getting ready for a big summer. one final tune up tonight, just what the doctor ordered. a 4-0 victory for the stars and stripes over bolivia. t u.s. opens tournament next friday against columbia. pce
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native kevin durant is playing against the golden state warriors. currently, his team is ahead, 97-96. in the fourth quoarter, they hod on to win. a chance to take lebron james and the cavs. >> thanks so much for joining us. "saturday night live" is coming up next. have a great one, everybody.
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>> and now a message from hillary clinton, following her recent string of losses. >> [ laughs ] yes. yes. hey. hello, america. it's true. i have not been winning as of late. in fact, i have not won a state in almost three weeks, because that was the plan. i didn't wto
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so i didn't. it doesn't bother me one bit. i'm not rattled. like the old adage says, you win some, you l-- excuse me. you l-- sorry. you win some, you l...ose some. close enough. besides, who can remember how many states i've lost in a row? is it two or is it three? i don't know. >> hey, miss clinton. i'm here to fix seven holes in your wall. >> come to think of it, it might have been seven. and that's fantastic. it humanizes me. i'm the underdog now. i'm this election's rudy, and i like that. after all, i don't want to be a big old "b" and win every single state. that's no fun. but enough about the past. it's time to look forward to the future, and right now, my focus is here in new york! [ cheers and applause ] ah, yes. god, i love being back in the


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