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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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championship beginning june 9th on golf channel, saturday june 11th on nbc, coming up next except for west, it's your local news. tonight on assignment followed by back-to-back episodes of the carmichael show. and all new "american ninja all stars." saying so long from benton harbor. rocco is the winner!
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gone, but not forgotten. we will take you to today's rolling thunder parade and
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active shooters in a houston area neighborhood are dead. and what caused this fire at a montgomery county home? bikers honoring our veterans today. thousands of bikers riding through arlington and d.c. paying tribute and remembering those missing in action. we spoke to one participant whose father never came home. >> reporter: the sound of their bikes, the rolling thunder. once the term was applied to far off bombing, but it is now the sound of this annual demonstration, bringing attention to prisoners of war. >> it started with the eisenhower administration. it's been every single administration since then. it's just been policy that they don't want the families to know. >> reporter: his father never came home from the korean war. he's
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is a p.o.w. in north korea. >> i found photos in the archives. >> reporter: jim chambers holds a salute for all the passing bikers. >> over the years, it's evolved. >> reporter: this year there's something different about his e demeanor. >> i'm going to get married here in about five minutes. >> reporter: it was by necessity a very brief ceremony. >> i need to get back on my harley. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: mr. and mrs. chambers got back to the task of hand, honoring those who served. donald trump spoke at today's rolling thunder rally. he says u.s. leaders care for
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our nation's veterans. trump was warmly received at the rally which honors prisoners of war despite his comments about john mccain, saying he prefers people that weren't captured. >> our veterans have been treated so badly in this country. you have a secretary that last week said, no, the wait time country m doesn't matter. forget about wait time. >> robert mcdonald created a firestorm when he compared wait times at the va to lines at disney world. bernie sanders says he has a better chance than hillary clinton to beat donald trump in november. chuck todd asked sanders if he would be willing to be clinton's running mate, but sanders did not give
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rain from tropical depression bonnie is here across the area and some heavy rain along east 95. some heavy rain in the forecast tonight. that's really our only severe weather threat tonight on into early tomorrow morning, but that is leading to some flash flooding in parts of king george county, prince george's counties. you can keep up with me on twitter and facebook. right now, 74 degrees. we'll continue to track rain on into the evening and overnight hours. continuing to track some areas of moderate to heavy rain. otherwise muggy with temperatures around the low 70s at midnight and the mid to upper 60s tomorrow morning. i'll be updating rainfall throughout the day tomorrow in just about ten
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fire officials in montgomery county have spent more than seven hours working to fix a propane tank leak. the leak happened on meridan road in potomac. it weighed 1,000 pounds. crews had to weight until all the gas burned off before they could excavate and remove all of that. police say two men armed with assault rifles went on a random shooting spree. this happened in a west houston neighborhood this morning. police say four people were shot and one of them died. two officers were also wounded, but are going to be okay. police killed one of the suspects and the second is at the hospital with critical injuries. >> no, we do not know what started this, but we do know they were shooting randomly. just at whoever happened to come upon the scene. >> police say the shooters fired on one of their
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striking it five times. fire officials in montgomery county have spent more than seven hours working to fix that propane tank leak that we mentioned to you just a few minutes ago. the leak happened late last night outside that home. the underground propane tank weighed 1,000 pounds and crews had to weight until all the gas burned off before they could excavate and remove it. a woman desperately calls out for her child after the 4-year-old flips into the gorilla enclsure.o
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it sounded like a bomb went off. the firecracker lit at the front door of a home in river dale yesterday. police are still looking for the two guys in the video. darcy spencer talked to the homeowner tonight. >> reporter: this was an extremely frightening situation for these homeowners who were here. they were awake at the time when they heard what they thought was a bomb. take a look at the damage right next to their front door. you could see there was a lot of fire here. it's melted the siding right next to their door. this was glass. it shattered.
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siding from that glass during that explosion. let's show you that video taken by the cameras posted right here on the porch of this home here in river dale. it shows the two guys walking up. they lit an m-80. that's a very dangerous firework. in fact, illegal here in prince george's county. the homeowners trying figure out why they were targeted. >> the kids, they were laughing and things like that. we were like was it a prank. we didn't know what was going on. we didn't know why they targeted our house like that or why they targeted us. >> i live about a block away. it woke us all up. i talked to several neighbors. about 2:00 in the morning, they just heard this explosion. >> reporter: some people may see this as a prank gone bad, but it is being taken very seriously by the fire department. if t
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in the video, they can face serious charges, including reckless endangerment. anyone with information asked to call the arson's tip line. if you want to see that video in full, you can go to the nbc washington app. reporting live from prince georg
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the video is absolutely chilling.
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gorilla cage at the cincinnati zoo and coming face to face with a 400-pound gorilla. horrified people watched as the gorilla violently dragged the little boy around. the family released a statement saying they are thankful that he's safe and that he's home doing just fine. we have more on the video and the zoo's response. we do want to warn you it is quite disturbing. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the frightening scene at the cincinnati zoo when a 4-year-old boy whose mother was tending to other children fell into the gorilla exhibit and was grabbed by a 400-pound silverback. witnesses very horrified. >> people were yelling. there's a boy in the water. there's a boy in the water. >> reporter: the video shows the 17-year-old primate here to protect the boy at times. witnesses also saw the animal drag and throw the child. the child wasn't under
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>> all sorts of things can happen in a situation like that. he certainly was at risk. >> reporter: more than ten minutes after the boy fell into the enclosure, the zoo's dangerous animal response team killed the endangered animal. >> they made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the statement from the family says he is now home and doing fine. tropical depression bonnie dumping up to 8 inches of rain in parts of georgia and south carolina. the storm made landfall just east of charleston this morning. ni
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tonight, so more rain tomorrow. tomorrow's a difficult forecast. the computer model is not in agreement, but i'll have my latest coming up in just a moment. after tomorrow, we head back to work and school with fairly quiet weather. we see a drop in the humidity by wednesday. there will be some rain tomorrow and thunderstorms around. really they're possible at any point throughout the day. however, i think they're going to be most likely during the early morning hours and again during the later afternoon and especially the evening hours. it's not looking like a washout, so some good news there. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. here you can see that rotation from bonnie and it is throwing moisture up into our area. notice the bright colors here in virginia and maryland. that's moderate to heavy rain impacting the region. you want to be cautious for ponding on area roads. by 6:00 a.m., notice how
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weather has a lot of the activity only to the east of 90. this trend continues on future weather throughout the morning hours. however, i do think 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m. a lot of the area will be dealing with some rain. we'll get a break at noon. we'll see some limited sunshine at 3:00. that helps to fuel the showers and thunderstorms over the mountains. here is 6:30. a broken line of showers and thunderstorms moving through the d.c. metro area and some pockets of heavier rain. it is still going to be muggy tomorrow, but plenty of clouds in the forecast. 7:00 a.m., 68 degrees. the steadiest rain will be east of 95. by noon, this is our best chance for some dry time around the midday hours. 74 at that point. maybe some limited sunshine. scattered thunderstorms at 3:00, especially west of town. 78. by 8:00, still tracking scattered thunderstorms and temperatures
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currently, we're mainly in the 70s across the area right now. 73 in washington. a high on tuesday of 83 degrees. a mix of clouds and sun. still humid on tuesday. on wednesday, mostly sunny, a high of 84. for thursday, partly sunny skies. a high temperature of 79 degrees. our average high right now around 80. temperatures this week looking to be on track. the chance of rain returns to the forecast on friday. maybe a few rumbles of thunder, but nothing serious. a high temperature of 76 and right now next weekend looking good. 82 degrees, partly sunny, and more importantly the humidity levels look to be very refreshing, very low, if you will. some rain in the forecast tomorrow. i'll have updates tonight on news4 at 11:00. coming up in sports, two undefeated teams center stage. one had the thrill
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the other the agony of deeat.f
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i guess you could say it is a good day to be a nats fan. >> yes, it is. you heard roger over there. so many thrilling moments. it was last home game for nats for almost two weeks, so it was a good one to end town on. the nats provided some serious eye candy for baseball fans. it starts with steven strasburg. he is earning his money. best start for a pitcher in franchise history. he hasn't lost a start since early september of last year. strasburg scatters six hits over six innings giving up just one run. the run support, yeah, that was there too. bottom four, game tied at one. ramos takes this pitch into right field. they both come into to score. nats take a
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r ramos 3 for 3. jason worth, he is on to pitch hit. five grand slams in his career. this is number six. the bearded one with the second ever pitch hit grand slam in nats history. curtain call. nats take an 8-2 lead. they go on to win 10-2. nats start a series in philly tomorrow. to cleveland. we're going to pick this one up top seven. game tied at four until this. first career major league home run. kim, a big pick up for the o's this off-season. gives the o's the 5-4 lead. check out the reaction in the dugout. nothing. 6-4. i just hate the next story. the maryland women, they were undefeated. all good things must come to an end. unfortunately for the women,
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taylor cummings, arguably the best player of the game. it was a tough start for the terps. mccool beats taylor. cummings misses on that check. back come the terps. second half down to guess who. slices through the d and scores. maryland within a goal. 7-6 is the score of the game at this point, but the heels would not back down. path ahead to reed. the alexandria native fires and scores. unc does not look back. tar heels hands maryland its first loss of the season. 13-7 your final there. jas jason pugh picks up our coverage. >> reporter: no perfect season for the
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lacrosse team. unlike last season, the terps were unable to complete the comeback. >> that was definitely going through my head. we had been in that position before. we were hoping that we could turn it around like we did last year. unfortunately, we didn't. >> my six girls this year, seniors, who have had the success they've had, the records they've had ever season, they've won lots. >> reporter: in the final game of the season, maryland had their worst performance scoring a season low seven goals. yet these seniors have nothing to hang their heads about. >> i'm sad that is the way my class went out and that was my last game, but i couldn't be more thankful to have been part of it. >> reporter: taylor cummings
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two national championships. she goes down as one of the all-time greats in women's lacrosse. news4 sports. >> thank you. we're like crying with taylor. look at erika. the men's side. it is maryland and unc in the title game too. jason will have reports from that game tomorrow in philadelphia. maryland going for its first men's lacrosse championship since 1973. a 100th running of the historic race. lady gaga, you have to trust me. that's her. you recognize her nose, right? 300,000 people watching. they're going to pick it up 64th lap. he's running mid back when he spins out. that brings the second caution of the race as his car comes out to rest on the infield.
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rookie driver alexander rossi. he pulls up the upset. the greatest spectacle in racing. we want to get into the spirit here. that's what they do. they win and they drink milk, so we're drinking milk. i can't. i'm allergic.
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shooting rampage. violence at a houston neighborhood during this memorial day weekend. eight people shot including two officers. deadly storms sweeping up the east coast tonight, bringing drenching rain, high winds and flooding. in texas, the search for the missing continues. a bridge too far. major questions about judgment and wasteful spending to replace part of a california bridge. how a seemingly simple infrastructure project costs billions and american jobs along the way. and the human arrow, a daredevil in a w


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