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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thank you for joining us. just about 5:00 this morning. we have parades, tributes today, maybe one last cookout to get in. but we have the weather, tom kierein, to deal with, as well. good morning. >> good morning. i'm happy to report that those heavy downpours, the thunderstorms that we had overnight have pretty much dissipated, but the flow from the south continues coming in fro the remnants of tropical storm bonnie which is lurking along the coast. look at the showers that stretch all the way up to ocean city and along the coast. but for the most part the metro area has dried out now. getting a few breaks in the clouds. dry air is trying to move in, but we're not quite done with the showers yet. temperatures right now are mild, we're in the 60s from the shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. reagan national at 69. but you see breaks in the clouds as we approach dawn. a little bit
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i have hour by hour timing for showers on the way coming up at 5:11. we're gearing up for several major memorial day ceremonies today. one of the most moving scenes we'll see today is the president at the arlington national cemetery. he's got a few events lined up there this morning. derrick ward is live outside the gates now with more on what we'll be seeing today. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the more somber ceremoniesorial day. and that will happen at 11:00 when president obama will come to lay a wreath pe too many of t at the too many of tomb of the unknowns. remains from every conflict have been brought here after
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state and post hugh musly awarded the medal of honor. the plaque denotes the somberness and seriousness of the sacrifice all these men and women have made in this hallowed ground for which they will be honored here today. again, the ceremony gets under way at 11:00 a.m. live at arlington national cemetery, derrick ward, news 4. also here first 4 traffic, memorial day parade something to think about if you're driving through d.c. today. let's take a look at a map here. this is the parade route constitution avenue between 7th and 17th streets northwest, that is where it will be closed town. however parts of pennsylvania avenue and 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th and 15th streets will also be closed for most of the day. might just want it avoid the
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d.c. may be celebrating with that parade, but take a look at what they're doing in hawaii today. there is a lantern floating ceremony, a memorial day tradition there every year. thousands of lanterns are released over the waters off magic island. that is the actual name of the island. people light candles. look at that. so remember soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. beautiful. it's 5:03. now to a developing story out of georgetown water front. u.s. park police arresting this man after police say that he dropped his gun while running down the street on sunday night. moments before a patrol officer heard several shots go off on k-street. this all happened in that very busy area popular for outdoor dining and georgetown especially around this time. witnesses said the suspect had a gun. no one was hurt.
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tributes have been pouring in all weekend long. this was the scene last night as crowds gathered on the national mall for the national memorial day concert on the mall. it aired live on pbs. >> and another familiar sight this memorial day puweekend, th rolling thunder. every year thousands of bikers ride to d.c. in tribute to the fallen soldiers and remembering those missing in action. rolling thunder ride began at the pentagon going over the memorial bridge and into the district sunday morning. at thunder alley, we caught up with one man who won't let the memory of his father be forgotten. >> i found a film in the archives of my father as a prisoner. >> today thunder alley will be en
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virginia state police now investigating a fatal motorcycle crash in arlington county sunday. they say a group of motorcycl t motorcyclists were traveling on i-66 when they came upon stopped traffic approaching the rosslyn tunnel. the victim was not able to brake in time and fell from his bakik. he was wearing his helmet but later died at the hospital. presumptive nominee donald trump addressed the annual rolling thunder rally in d.c. sunday. he spoke about a number of issues he regularly brings up including illegal immigration and defeating isis, but he also praised veterans and criticized robert mcdonald. >> our veterans have been treated so badly in this country. you have a secretary that last week said, no, the wait time doesn't matter. forget about wait times. >> coming up at 5:,
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potts will have more on trump's appearance and how the democrats are gearing up for next week's big california primary. it's 5:05. pack an umbrella this morning if you are heading out to a memorial event. tom is tracking your hour by hour rain timing. i'm right here. >> and we can't stop talking about this, a terrifying situation for a young boy and his family. how he was able to get away safely after falling into a gorilla pit. the warning officials have
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i'm happy to report that we're starting off dry, but items wet at the beaches up to delaware. a few showers may track our way later are this morning, but right now we're all
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of more showers moving in. by 7:00 a.m., dry and a little bit of sunshine out. through 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 this morning. but then showers start to move into southern maryland at continue on the eastern shore and northern neck around noontime, but still remaining mostly dry in the metro area. maybe a few showers in the mountains tracking a little bit farther to the east in the shenandoah valley. but still dry in the metro area. great news for the parade downtown. but have an umbrella handy. in the evening, cloud cover begins to break up and the chance if rain really quickly does diminish. i'll have a look at the next four days around 5:21. and still talking about the rain, we want to show you what the deadly storms are doing out in texas. they're really causing some dangerous situations and pretty widespread. this is there texas to kansas
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right now. two people still missing and six people have died. at this hour there are thunderstorms pounding dallas all the way to austin. the coast guard is using boat and helicopter crews to try to find people. also happening right now, rain on the east coast but the storm that is causing it isn't a tropical storm anymore. this is a depression, tom was talking about bonnie. it's covered roads completely in water if eastern georgia. and rip currents on the shore were reported. next the storm is supposed to move through north of the carolinas. it's a holiday schedule for metro. so riders will pay off peak fares. they will operate on a sunday schedule. shuttle buss will be at loring,
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there is no vre or marc service. there are more concerns about personal safety at metro stations after a teenage girl was shot the in anacostia. metro police say the girl was shot in the leg at the entrance to the anacostia station last night. the girl had walked up to an officer to say she had been shot. one person was taken into custody near the station, but it is not known about that person had anything to do with the shooting. metro says no arrests just yet, the shooting rattled passengers, though. >> i can't believe the changes that is going on with our youth today. it's just really shocking. what do we do? anybody got any answers? let me know. because i really would like to know what can we do. the teen was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police plan to review the surveillance cameras hoektsloca outside the station. a police officer
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from minor injuries after his cruiser was hit by a driver who fled the scene. the pursuit started in northeast before 5:00 p.m. police say that the driver hit two police cruisers, they then chased the suspect to the 3rd street tunnel near the massachusetts avenue exit. no one else was hurt in the chase. a man is in critical condition, an off duty officer shot him yesterday. the man was seen carrying several objects in the 300 block of h street northeast. the officer believed that the man was shoplifting and he told him to stop. police say that the man then pulled out a gun and that's when the off duty officer shot him. two people suspected of killing an 81-year-old maryland woman are behind bars this morning and police say one of the suspects was related to the woman. arizona state police arrested crystal stanley and jerry smith jr. after spotting their vehicle, police say they killed har g
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home in hancock, maryland on may 20th. the washington county sheriff's office said stanley is the woman's great niece. the suspects are behind bar this is arizona until they can be extradited to maryland. we're expecting to get new information later today on that incident involving a little boy that slipped through the barrier at the cincinnati zoo. he fell into the gorilla exhibit coming face-to-face with a 400-pound gorilla. erika gonzalez has more. >> mommy is right here. >> reporter: cellphone video captured the frightening scene at the cincinnati zoo when a 3-year-old boy whose mother was tending to other children fell into the gorilla exit and was grabbed by a 400-pound silver back. witnesses were horrified. >> and people were yelling, you know there, a boy in the water, there is a boy in the water. >> reporter: the video shows the 17-year-old
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harambe appeared to protect the boy at times. the witnesses also saw the animal drag and throw the child. the director of the zoo said the child wasn't under attack, but was in danger. >> all 10r9 sorts of things co happen in a situation like that. he certainly was at risk. >> reporter: more than ten minutes after the boy fell into the enclosure, the zoo's dangerous animal response team killed the endangered gorilla. >> they made a tough choice and they made the right choice. because they saved that little boy's life. >> reporter: the boy was taken to a local hospital with what police say were nonlife threatening injuries. a statement released by the family says he's now home and doing fine. >>. >> and the boy was in the kamg with the gorilla about ten minutes before the animal response team deemed the situation life threatening. we're just finding out about a woman's
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county. kathy lipp was found dead four days ago. officers found her at a building on seneca farm way, however they were not said how she died. tragedy on the tracks. a train conductor is dead after an accident along a railroad in colorado. investigators say that the 28-year-old woman fell from the moving train and later died from her injuries. there were about 100 passengers on board at the time. the ntsb is investigating the accident. the time is 5:16. a computer glitch caused massive check-in delays at jfk airport on sunday. the delays occurred in terminal 7. a spokesman for the port authority says a server providing internet service had problems around 4:00 p.m. on sunday which required manual check-in. at one point sunday night more than 1,000 passengers were waiting it in line to get checked in. t
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people leaving from the terminal 7 today to prepare for the possibility of more delays. bad news if you want to visit the petersburg national battlefield. part of it is closed because a portion of the virginia national park is now a crime scene. the national park service confirms several excavations were found at the civil war battlefield last week. there were a number of places where the ground had been dug up. officials say the thieves were probably looking for relics to sell online. >> you wouldn't go into the smithsonian and say the hope die honored is beautiful and i'll take that. it's no different walking into a national park.take that. it's no different walking into a national park. >> only a portion is declared off-limits as the investigation continues. along with the memorial day tributes around town today, expect to see some protesters, as well. demonstrators with the group "we the people for sensible gun
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gun violence. they will be protesting on the north side of the white house beginning at 11:00. the time is 5:17. and tom kierein is tracking our rain chances over the next couple days. >> and we'll have to have the umbrellas all day today, tom is this. >> no, i'm happy to report. i've got good news. >> that's great news. >> right back at you. does look like we're off to a dry start this morning. we'll have just maybe a sprinkle around by later this morning and right now around the region, we have some showers now beginning to track east of us, well east of us. so a big difference between here and the atlantic beaches. it's wet from the outer banks through virginia beach up to ocean city, lewis, delaware, they're getting showers there now. south of there though it's breaking up in the north carolinas. so we have a few scattered sprinkles here in southern virginia. these are on a track to get a little closer to us, but not
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afternoon. so between now and then, much of the region will stay dry. we'll have this flow coming in out of the south and west, but it will be rather humid. its track is sort of trapping this tropical humidity that has been coming up from the remnants of tropical storm bonnie. so we have this humidity in in the air and nothing is happening right now. didn't have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. in fact even getting breaks in clouds, that's a live view from tower camera. sunrise coming up at 5:45 and we'll see a little bit of sunshine this morning. so this is great news for all the events going on and off to a mild start, as well. in the low 60s send valley and mountains. close to the metro area, mid and upper 60s. around the bay, in the low 70s. so hour by hour forecast for the metro for the morning parades, 10:00, we'll be partly sunny and in the mid-70s. so a beautiful morning. and thp by 2:00, some showers east of the 95 corridor, bu t
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will be dry. so the parade downtown, should be dry. up away 80 degrees, maybe hitting 80, 81 or so around #:00, 4:00. then by 6:00 p.m., we do have showers likely moving in to the metro area and especially 95 corridor and to the east, that will be later this evening, we'll be back down into the 70s. and clearing out after that. waiting for the bus and metro tomorrow morning, we'll have sunshine back, a cool start, 7:00 to 8:00 in the mid-60s. mild, near 70 degrees. and then during the afternoon, should make it up into the low to mid-80s, lots of sun. then a chance of showers, small chance each day wednesday and thursday, highs low 80s wednesday, thursday into the mid-70s. tracking that rain this morning, we'll have another look at that, that is coming up in about ten minutes. thank you, tom. a routine traffic stop turned into an attack. how an officer was able to escape with his life
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a 2 mile stretch of beach in california shut down after a swimmer was bitten by either a shark or sea lion. it happened sunday afternoon. lifeguards found the woman with large bites on her upper torso and shoulder. she was taken to a hospital but no updates this morning on her condition. meanwhile officials are still trying to determine whether it was actually a shark that bit her. she couldn't find one in the water when all of this happened. next will can soccer star who was kidnapped on saturday night is now safe. alan was rescued on sunday night and tells reporters that he is doing well. no details of the rescue operation have been released so far. the 25-year-old is a forward for a greek soccer team and was part of mexico's 2014 world cup team. it's 5:24. donald trump launching
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attack. how his campaign is turning its attention ahead of the california primary. and thousands pay tribute for memorial day with flowers and services. how volunteers are going above and beyond the call of duty.
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right now at 5:27, a solemn day of tributes for
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made the ultimate sacrifice. thousands mark memorial day. and storm team 4 is tracking showers that could impact your plans for cookouts, parades and other ceremonies. good monday morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm molette green. thank you for joining us. we have a lot in the day ahead, but you may not need your umbrella all day. >> got great news especially for this morning. we have breaks in the clouds starting off here at dawn on this memorial day morning. live view from the tower camera looking east. there is the northeast washington there in the lower part of the screen, but some nice breaks in the clouds. sunrise is in about 15 minutes at 5:45. we'll see some sunshine in and out this morning. pavement is drying out after the overnight showers passed well east of the metro area. right now storm team 4 radar scanning the sky, don't have any rain anywhere in our vicinity. the wider view though shows rain tracking from the outer banks right along the atlantic seaboard all the way up into the ey
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and that does include the nearby beaches in delaware and in maryland all the way up to ocean city. more showers tracking through there. but staying dry in the met troer ap. 69 now at reagan national. i have your memorial day parade forecast coming up in about ten minutes. d.c. police on the scene of a deadly shooting on 24th street. police are calling it a homicide but didn't say anything about a suspect. kristin wright is on her way there and as soon as she gets there, we'll bring you her live report. turning to decision 2016 now. the presidential candidates are honoring veterans and making the final dash to
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for the democrats that means winning california. tracie potts joining us live with the very latest. this is key, tracie. >> reporter: it is especially for bernie sanders and that is where we find him today at a community event later this afternoon in oakland. hillary clinton will be home in new york and donald trump is taking the day off, at least off the public schedule, after spending already part of his weekend with veterans. politics focusing on veteran this is memorial day. donald trump promises they will get better treatment than immigrants. >> thousands of people are dying waiting in line to see a why. is that not going to happen anymore. >> reporter: the clintons mark in their hometown parade this morning on defense about her e-mail as supporters urge bernie sanders to read the handwriting on the wall. >> if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. >> reporter: but sanders is fighting for california's primaries one week from tomorrow. he is standingwi
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workers. >> conditions exist today for our farm workers. the people who feed us that should not exist and have to change. >> reporter: and chiding donald trump for backing out of a possible debate. trump's campaign chair now says they will wait until clinton or sanders wins. >> when there is a democratic nominee, mr. trump will debate whoever emerges from the system. >> reporter: and i could face more competition this fall. will i be teariance nominated former new mexico governor gary johnson and conservatives are promising an impressive independent with a strong team and a real chance. so who will that be, rubio, romney, someone else who may split the republican vote? donald trump responding on twitter saying that the people behind it are as he put it lightweights. >> things are about to get even more interesting, right?
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the libertarian party wrapping up their convention and nominating former new mexico governor gary johnson as the presidential candidate. he's hoping to capitalize over the unpopularity of both clinton and trump. he was also by the way just to remind you the party edith back in 2012. he got the 1% of the vote against obama and mitt romney. john sochb wson was picked on cd ballot. school officials have gone back on a graduation ban for a group of high schoolers. the six seniors banned for allegedly drinking alcohol at prom can now participate in the ceremony. according to our news partners at wtop, after their principal set the punishment, interim
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decision. while the superintendent assumed the decision to punish the students, the so-called blanket commencement ban policy violates district policy. new research shows that students in virginia who are minorities or who have disabilities seem to face suspension morning others. our news partners at wtop say the laette findings shows that statewide african-american students were 3.6 times more likely to be suspended than white students. and students with disabilities were 2.4 times more likely to be suspended. however, the report also shows that suspension rates are declining. northern virginia had fewer suspensions than the rest of the commonwealth. it's 5:33. we've learned the name of the man killed early sunday morning in a double shooting. d.c. police say that william arthur wells jr. was shot on blaine street in southeast. a second man was also shot and is still recovering in the hospital. they have not said what may have led up to the
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no arrest has been made so far. it took more than seven hours to put out a 1,000-pound propane tank leak. it is finally fixed now. the leak began late saturday night outside a home in potomac. crews had to wait for the gas to burn off before they could remove it. and it took more than 70 firefighters to put out a restaurant mall in prince george's county county. it started sunday morning on queens chapel road. d.c. firefighters were called in to help prince george's county. investigators say flames did $750,000 worth of damage. it's not clear how the fire started. well, two houston officers are out of the hospital after a dramatic shoot-out at an auto shop. four others remain hospitalized including a person police say is a possible suspect in this case. three others still in the hospital have told police that they were in their cars wh
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shop was killed sunday morning when a man walked in and began shooting. the gunman was killed by a s.w.a.t. officer. we're counting down to rio and this morning we're exactly 100 days away from the pair olympics. only about two thirds of the tickets have sold so farm. far. the rio government is planning to buy more. two years ago the rio mayor criticized expensive world cup ticket prices that kept people there seeing the games. if you plan on visiting arlington national cemetery today, you will notice a sea of flowers gracing the graves there. volunteers have placed roses and c car nations at every headstone. it honor sacrifice of all the follow unheros.
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>> i thmade sure my students ca out to understand the true meaning of the day. >> flowers were placed at more than 280,000 gravegraves. timing is everything when it comes to the rain today. tom is undating his forecast, if you'll be in the clear for the parades and barbecues this afternoon. that explosion right there, yeah, neighbors said that they heard it a block away. this is as cameras catch two people taking off. and then a terrifying attack on the peabeach.
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good morning. we have dried out since you went to bed last knignight. there is a live view from the capitol camera. the flag flapping in a gentle breeze. the good news is all the pavement has tried out and we have breaks in the clouds thousand. right now radar, i'm happy to report's
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mountains all the way to the bay. but on the eastern shore, they are getting showers right at the atlantic beaches. but we're all dry here for this morning and for the memorial day event. forecast here for the day ahead for the parades going on, partly sunny and warm i'm happy to report for the morning and into the afternoon hours. however, it's late afternoon that we'll likely get perhaps around 5:00, 6:00 p.m. some passing showers moving in that may linker into this evening. so have an umbrella handy if you're heading out especially late afternoon. a look at the rain chances next seven days is coming up in about ten minutes. unbelievable video from prince george's county as people setting off fireworks in front of somebody's home. this happened saturday in riverdale. the homeowner posted the video on youtube and it did cause a lot of damage to the house in the front side i
5:41 am
off and take a look at the door right there, charred by all the smoke. the homeowner did not want to be identified. >> and the kids, they were laughing and things like that, so was it a prank, was it -- we didn't know what was going on. >> i live about a block away and it woke us all up. i talked to several neighbors and they all say the same thing. about 2:00 in the morning, they just heard this explosion. >> nobody was hurt. the prince george's county fire marshal is investigating. a high flying stunt that is better left to the pros. the risky stunt that sent a man soaring at more than 120 miles an hour. a year long celebration at the kennedy center, the special honor ahead of a major
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day, thousands are getting ready for remembrances at arlington national cemetery. >> if you do have to go to work, there are some major metro and traffic changes to watch out for. we will break it all down for you coming up at 6:00. at sunrise on this memorial day morning, we have some breaks in the clouds. a little bit of sunshine in and out this morning. a look at our rain chances for later today and the next 7 days is coming up in a few minutes. right now at 5:45, we do have breaking news out of northeast washington. moments ago we told that you a man was shot on 24th street northeast. well, kristin wright just arrived to the scene. kristin, what is going on? >> reporter: well, police do say this was in fact a homicide and one man is dead. we pulled up just a few minutes ago and saw a couple of detectives walking down 21st street here. look behind me, this
5:46 am
here. you see police car here blocking off the street. and then down as far as you can see, you can't really see much of anything there, but we know detectives are in the area trying to figure out exactly what happened. they got the call at about 2:00 this morning, a quarter after 2:00 came and found a man who had been shot on 24th street and he has died. so we know it's a homicide investigation. we know that police are still looking for suspects and a motive. back to you. >> kristin wright for us live in northeast, thanks so much. even shallow water can be dangerous. this morning a boy is recovering after he was bitten by a shark while standing in 2-feet of water. this happened outside jacksonville. police say the 13-year-old was bett bitten on the leg. tla thankfully there was a lot of help right on the beach. >> there were nurses here, there was like i'm a nurse,m
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doctor, everybody helped that poor child. >> that man's son was in the water with the other boy and helped rescue the boy. the boy has serious but nonlife threatening injuries. a trap has been set for a raccoon after a man said he was bitten by one on saturday. the man says that the attack was unprovoked. according to police, the man was bitten and received lacerations to his hands, they say it's unusual for a raccoon even one that is sick to attack a human. opponents of the purple line may be happy to see increased problems on metro. the "washington post" reports that those against the 16-mile light rail line that would connect montgomery county to prince george's county say maryland cannot afford to build it at a time when in the troh needs money for repairs. a federal lawsuit also argues that the line won't have enough riders to make it worthwhile. the maryland transit administration is set to begin construction this year.
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take part in the annual festival. kathy stewart providing these pictures of the event. things wrap up today at 3:00 p.m. nasa is celebrating the success of a new experiment. they successfully inflated an experimental room at the international space station, eats call it's called the big low expand activity module or b.e.a.m. it could lead to an even bigger inflatable room. the six astronauts at the space station won't enter it for at the least a week. nasa wants to make sure it's air-tight before letting anyone inside. now to a heartbreaking story, this one out of california. a mural honoring more than 2,000 vietnam veterans was destroyed ahead of this memorial day. vandals painted over most of the
5:49 am
names, each one is a missing vietnam veteran. there was significant cleanup already planned after extensive graffiti covered the mural since 1992. city officials say that the cleanup won't be easy and sandblasting the graffiti will damage parts of the mural. it could actually cost more money to keep clean water in flint, mitch. according to the detroit free press, new report shows the average cost for replacing a service water line in the city through a pilot project that ended this month was $7500. that's almost double the average cost for each replacement estimated by the state department of environmental quality. the actual cost could even be higher. that's because calculations for permit fees were not included in that amount. ocean city taking steps to keep your children safe at the shore. with schools letting out soon, a lot of teens are heading to the
5:50 am
passes to help them get around. it gives you ride for his the entire week. they are also offering dozens ever play it safe events including paddle boarding, mini golf and a pizza eating contest. >> thin crust of course. >> of course. >> isn't that the best? not the best weather for being at the beach today. >> but tom is seeing some some breaki breakis in the clouds. >> it's raining at the beaches, but we're happy here to report that we have dried out overnight after we got the showers coming through last evening. and now we have dry pavement around, no travel problems weather-wise. all around the entire metro area. there is the capital wheel national harbor, a live camera in prince george's county. look at the calm waters of the potomac river there like a mill popped mere other reflecting breaks in the cloud cover here at dawn on this memorial day morning. radar scanning ou
5:51 am
all the way to the bay. however, it's on the eastern shore where they are get something showers. this all associated with the remnants from bonnie. it's this track of tropical rain that is coming from the outer banks, virginia beach, up to ocean city, dewey beach, all the areas getting showers and they will continue to move north and east there at the beaches here for much of the day ahead. and much of the rain chances here as we get in to the afternoon hours will be east of the 95 corridor. areas west likely going to be dry here for much of the day ahead. cool morning in the shenandoah valley, only around 60 degrees there. out in the mountains, as well, upper 60s to near 70. reagan national at 69 degrees. at 10:00, i'll be the emcee at the rockville parade. i'm honored to do
5:52 am
we'll be in the mid-70s, a little sunshine in and out. just a slight chance of a sprinkle this morning and during the afternoon, so have an umbrella handy. but for the 2:00 p.m. parade right on constitution area of, should be 80 degrees. showers just east of washington. and then showers likely moving in to the metro area this evening perhaps around 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 p.m. and then it will clear out after midnight, waiting for the bus tomorrow morning, sunshine, cool in the mid-60s. and then 8:00, 9:00, we'll be up around 70 degrees. and then the four day forecast shows sunshine and mild temperatures tomorrow afternoon, mid-80s. should be in the low 80s on wednesday. a small chance of showers wednesday, thursday, friday and into the weekend, maybe a greater chance of afternoon storms, high 70s thursday, friday into the 80s overne next weekend. we'll tell you right off the bat, everybody made it out of this okay. and a woman is now facing a dwi charge this morning after she drove into
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you can see how the counter just moved forward knocking a man over. this happened in the western part of new york in a town between rochester and buffalo. no word when the store might be fixed. it's a stunt that takes precision and skill, a whole lot of courage. maybe a little bit of crazy. the world famous jumper successfully performed this. sunday he jumped out of a helicopter at 6,000 feet and flew through the air at 120 miles per hour. eventually hitting a target that was suspended over the wall. >> wow. had to be some major science that goes into that. 5:53. memorial day is typically the start of the summer grilling season. but there is a warning today that you do need to know about. here is more from chris clackum. >> reporter: whether you do it before or after a cookout, it turns out a
5:54 am
your grill could present a bigger hazard than not cleaning at all. researchers at the university of missouri who supplied some of this video say grillers need to be aware of the risks when cleaning with a wire brush. >> be aware the possibility that there might be a bristle in your burger. >> reporter: and creates a serious hazard for grillers like matt hale. >> the last thing that i want is a metal piece to end up in their food and cause complications later on down the record. >> reporter: complications that doctors say can't be understated. >> one little bristle could get lodged in to various areas of the body, whether the throat, tonsils, neck. >> reporter: or lodgeded further down like the stomach or intestine. so a worn out wire brush should thrown away or better yet, use only a nylon bristled brush
5:55 am
use all summer. chris clackum, nbc news. so what are americans doing to mark this memorial day? travel and booking west side trip adviser asked more than 2200 people about their plans. based on this survey, half of the people said that they would be going to a cookout. 22% say that they would swim or spend time in the water. and another 18% will be shopping. >> yeah, fun churniture is on s. new numbers on the my grant crisis just in and we're talking about big numbers. thousands of migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean sea in just the last week alone. however, more than 700 died in the same time. we're finding out that those numbers from those ships come from ships that sank while packed with migrants off the coast of italy. some of the people who died were babies or pregnant mothers. the united nations says
5:56 am
migrants have tried to cross the mediterranean this year, thousands of them children who arrived without their parents. pope francis awarded medals to richard gere, george clooney and selma hyatt were given awards as ambassadors for an arts project. the pope was also addressed by a group of youtube creators from different parts of the world who asked him thousahow to construc better world. the kennedy center is kick off a year long celebration of john f. kennedy. the 35th president of the understand would have been 99 years old on sunday. and the kennedy center is now planning events right up until his 100th birthday next may. kennedy's grandson and other celebrities including buzz aldrin were on hand for a special
5:57 am
>> there are a lot of different ways that we can celebrate john f. kennedy and his passion and belief that art and artists are central to who we are as human beings and in our society. >> yesterday's event ended with the unveiling of these 99 illuminated glass bowls route sig right outside the entrance. and as kristin wright mentioned, we're following breaking news in northeast d.c. where police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. and just minutes ago, we also learned about another situation in prince william county. the latest on both investigations under way, that is straight ahead. >> reporter: a memorial day tradition continues. i'll have more coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news on this memorial day, a homicide investigation in the district. just hours ago, a man was shot and killed. d.c. police are on the scene on 24th street northea
6:00 am
and that's where we find kristin wright and we'll check in with her coming up. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm molette green. thanks for being with us. we know at some point many of you will be honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom. >> a lot of people including president obama will be doing that from arlington national cemetery today. and that's where derrick ward is this morning. but first we want to start things off with tom kierein who has a look on whether or not the weather will hold out for today's event. >> it will be this morning i'm happy to report look at the sun, it is now coming up and it's visible. we have some nice breaks in the clouds and we have dried out since those showers we had rolling through on sunday evening. and pavement is drying out now away the region and storm team 4 radar showing that we don't have any rain anywhere from the mountains all the way to the bay. but on the eastern shore, th


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